Holiday (2018) Script

Oh, I think it says declined.

Do you have another card?


Hello, Sascha.



Everything okay at the airport?


Okay, I'm outside.


White car.

See you out, I'll come down now.

See you soon.

Okay, in a second, bye.


There is this one little thing, I had to borrow just a little bit of the money.

Well, it was just, it's a little over 300 euros, and yeah, I know it's really stupid, it just.

Yeah, really stupid, I know.


I was in the shop, and I couldn't pay, and the lady, she just looked at me I was...

How fucking old are you?

Pretty girls, everything's for free, and nothing is, no consequence, not really.

Just a little smile, maybe sucking off the right guy.

That's the way the world works, huh?

You're not gonna be sucking me off, if that's what you're thinking.

That, what is gonna happen, I'm gonna tell Michael that this new girl is too stupid to be trusted in anything at all, and he's gonna send you flying out the window, all right?


Sorry? Please, I'm so sorry.

I don't give a fuck.


Look at me.

Look at me.

Look at me, take your hand down.

I said take your fucking hand down now.

Look at me.

Can you see, something even remotely like this will never happen again, do you understand?

Do you understand?

Yeah, never, never.

This is your one and only warning.

Thank you.

Damn right, now, give me the money, and get the fuck out of here.

There is 49,600 euros in here...

Get out of the car.

It is a white diamond, and it has a very nice color, you can see there, these were custom.


It was made in.

You can put that one away for me.

If you like it, it's 20,000 pounds.

20,000? That's not too bad.

Yes, this is a nice gift, maybe, what do you think?

What do you think of this?

You would like them?

Oh, all right.

That's pretty.

There's something.

Oh, yes. Well, how much would...

Mastic, what is mastic?

I feel so boring now. Yeah.

You know?

Yeah, no, I was gonna order vanilla, but now, I mean... Really?

Yeah, yeah.


You don't look like vanilla at all.


You don't look like vanilla, at all.

I don't? No.

And what do I look like, then?

Yeah, I think that's good, thanks.

Let me see.

Do you have some sauce?

Strawberry cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake.

No. No?

What would you say?

I would say strawberry champagne sorbet.

So I was right about the strawberry?


And almost champagne?

Hello. Hello, I'm Tomas, hi.

Oh, hi. This is Frederik.

Hi, Sascha, you said? Sascha, yeah.

Hi, nice to meet you. Tomas, Frederik.

Frederik, yes.

He's a real estate agent, I used to be in marketing, but now I live on a boat. Okay.

Just sail the seven seas.


Yeah, and you, you're on a holiday?

Yeah, me and my friend, yeah, we are on holiday, just a bunch of...

Where do you stay?

A bunch of friends together in a villa, yeah, in the mountains, yeah.

Oh, wow.

Yeah, it's beautiful.

Barbecuing, the pool, right?

Yeah, nothing else, yeah.

Really, sounds great.

Yeah, we're just barbecuing all day.

Ooh, sorry, sorry.

Go away, please, go away.

Go away.

Go away!

Welcome, welcome.

Thank you, how are you?

I'm good, good to see you, good to see you, you look good.

Thank you very much, a little present for the friends.

Wow, some sandals?

Just... Right on.


So how's the driver, is he good?

He's very good, he's very good.

I'm so glad, this is our new guy, yes?

Can you move on?

And you remember Sascha.

How are you?


Hey, how are you?

Good, you, good.

And this is? This is Emil.

Emil, hi.

Yeah, it's a little one. How are you?

Thank you very much.

For the princess, make a little drink here.

That's gonna be fun.

Would you excuse me for one second, while I just serve my girlfriend a drink?

Yeah, I'll just, yeah, I'll just.


Oh, hey. Hi.

Hey, how are you? I'm good.

Hi. Hi.

What are you doing here?

Well, I'm just, I'm having, hi.

Hello, hi.

Were you standing here a long time?

Yeah, I heard how amazing you were.

Oh, God.

No, no, no, no. That's interesting.

No, I just, I just came, I'm having dinner with some friends, and... Oh, sit down.

Oh, okay, oh, you're having dinner.

Yeah, exactly, so, but yeah, I just wanted to say hi.

That's so sweet, well, hi. Hi.

Where are you guys from? We're Danish.


Yeah, and you're Dutch, right?

Yes, we are.

Yes, you are.

Yeah, but we met here, actually, Frederik is working here, he's from Bodrum.


Hi. Hey, Sascha.

I was just texting you back.

Hi, hi. Hi.

It's good to see you again, you look beautiful.

Thank you.

So you were bored?

You know when they, like, when they put this really big bottle of alcohol and fancy, on the table? Yeah.

And it's supposed to be, like, so exclusive, and then, then at a point, you realize, this is the same shit that I used to drink when I was, like, 15, to get drunk really cheap.

Yeah. So, yeah.

I don't like these kind of folks at all.

No? No.

I like, you know, it looks beautiful, right?

Shall we go? You want to go?

Yeah. Yeah, sure.

So glad you texted me, I fell asleep on the boat.

Oh, so did I wake you up?

Yeah, but, but thank God you did, otherwise it would have been a very, oh?

I think I have to take these off.

Yeah, your shoes.



Can you even walk on them?

A lady knows how to wear high heels.


You stay here with friends, right?

Are they, they're good friends from back home?

Yeah, I mean, they, they all know each other

'cause they all lived at Ama, which is this place near Copenhagen, and some of them are friendly or something, and two of them have a kid together.

MDMA. Oh, wow.

You want to do some?

Sure. Sure?

Yeah, I'm sure. Let's do some.

I like this so much, it's so nice when you.


Is this too much? No, that's fine.


Oh, fuck, this is so.

I kind of like it.

I kind of like the taste of it.

So now we just wait? Now we just wait.

Will you dance after her?

Yeah, sure, do you want me to?

No, both naked.


Maybe, for the right price, I might, for you.


You want me to sing?



You know Torba?

Torba's this way?

Thank you.



Sorry, I don't.

Oh, shawl, okay, thank you.

Thank you, bye.


Ow, ow, ow.

Oh, fuck.




Really, Alka?




Do you have a telephone?

Can I write my number?

Go ahead.

Can I?

Go ahead.

Do you have it?

What's your name?




Hey, wait, but push it now, push it now.

Who is it?

I don't know.








Wow, wow, you're actually here.


That's so nice.

Hi. Hey, how are you?

Hey, I'm good.

I didn't think I would see you again.

No, you didn't? No, no.

Hello, Sascha, nice to see you again.

Hi, hi.

You look beautiful.

Do I? Oh my god.

Wow, how did you get here?

Yeah, I was at the restaurant.


And then, then I thought I would just go look for the boat with the Dutch flag.

With the Dutch flag. Yes.

Just across there, it's.

Were you standing here a long time, or?

No, no, I just came. Oh, okay, great.

Yeah, yeah, I just came.

We've got white wine, and cheese and crackers, would you like to join us, please?

I do. Nice timing.

Please? You enjoy, well, I think I have to get back to...

No, no, not again. Oh, come on.


No. I'm sorry.

It's nice white wine, tangy and peachy and oak-y, and Turkish, and cheap, and , but it's supposed to be really nice.

Okay, okay. It's the best you can get.

Yeah, yeah. Please?

So after you? Please, let's go.

Yes. Come on.


Hey, what happened to your neck?

It was just a small accident in the scooter, it was, it was really nothing.

Wow, that's...

My lady, can I have your hand?

It looks insane, right?

Wait, now, this is a little bit unbalanced, but there you go, there you go.




So this is where the party is at.


How are you guys?


I'm sorry, can we help you?

This is, um...

I'm Michael.

Hello, Michael.

Hi, I'm Sascha's boss.

Oh my god, oh, really?

Don't worry, I'm not a party pooper.

Oh, hi, hi, nice to meet you, I'm Tomas.



Nice to meet you.

Very nice to meet you.

We've got white wine and cheese, and...

Hi there.

Please, please.

I'm Frederik.

Hi, nice to meet you.

What do you want to drink?

White wine is perfect.

White wine it is, man, white wine it is, welcome.

I ended up in sales, which was, like, this huge mistake, I mean,

the way they pressure you to perform, it's like, it's important for the whole world that people use this green toilet cleaner instead of the blue one, you know what I mean?

Yeah, and it's really addictive, you know, the rush, the physical rush of lying successfully to someone, it's really dangerous, it's really awful.

And I started thinking that the whole world was like that, lying and deceitful, and I got really filled up with this feeling of hate, and then just one day, I,

I just walked out of there.

And I don't know exactly what happened, but

I decided that, you know, whatever I would do with my life, I would never, ever be this careless with my soul.

Your soul?


Your soul?


What do you mean?

Well, a soul.

Is that hard to?

Whatever. But there's...

I sold the apartment, and I bought this boat,

And I sailed the seas, and I know it sounds corny, I know it does, absolutely, but it worked.

She gave me everything.

I feel so free, and.

Can I get you something warm?

You're freezing. It's fine.

You're sure?


You want, can I take, a blanket or something?

Go get her a blanket.

Yeah, sure, why not? Come on, be a.

No, it doesn't even smell bad, so there you go.

Thank you.

There you go, that's better.

That's good.

So tell me, all right. Yeah?

You were in sales, and you feel this emptiness, right?


Yeah, it's like everything is, doesn't give meaning.

And then you buy this boat. Yeah.

Did it take away the emptiness?

Well, that's a good question.

It does most of the time, I guess.

But you don't, you don't seem like this guy that is completely full.

No, and what do I look like?

A guy that gets a lot of pussy out of having a boat.

Oh, wow.

It's a great... Really?

Fellatio ride. Oh, okay, okay.

I don't know, it's just, you know.

I hope he's right. Well, well, you know he isn't right, right?

No, not really.

I'm sitting here every night with him.

Does that mean... And that's true?

True, absolutely. That's true.

That means you actually get a lot of pussy.


Yeah. Yeah?

Hi, hey, Tomas, this is Michael from the other night, the grumpy old guy.

Yeah, I was thinking about buying a boat, and you seem kind of the guy that knows about boats.

I was just wondering if I could tempt you, if I threw a couple of really juicy steaks on the grill tonight, I hope you're not one of these fucking vegetarians.

And I've got some wines, and they're not bad at all.

And he gets into his truck, and he just drives out the, the, it was the little pathway, and out comes this little dude with a big fucking gun, you know, and points at the truck.

And the guy gets out of the truck, and he points the gun at him, and so, like, all right, "Do it with yourself." What?

"Do it with yourself."

And the truck driver's like, "What, what the, what?"

"Do it with yourself," you know, he's standing there with a gun, so he, you know, unzip, you know, and takes it out, and starts jerking off, you know?

And it's very hard situation to jerk off to, you know, this guy's just pointing at him.

And finally, he, like, he's really working on it, and then finally some, a few drops comes out, and he says, "Do it again."

Fuck, no, oh, shit, you know, it's the second time, you know, and he's just, and he's red, and he's, like, sore, itching, really, and he finally squeezes a few drops out, and suddenly he goes, "Do it again."

He goes, fuck.

He really goes at it, and a third time, he just finally gets a little drop out.

And then this beautiful woman comes out of the bushes, beautiful, with big breasts, and brawny, and beautiful.

And this little guy with the gun says, "And now, you take my sister to Napule."

Sometimes this works.

I didn't get it, was that... That was the end?

That was the end?

Yeah, "Now, you take my sister to Napule."

He'd just jerked off three times, you know?

Yeah. Yeah.

But I once told it to an African guy, and he was like, he was looking at me, going, "Well, give him 20 minutes, he can fuck her anyway."

By the way, have you seen, have you seen this big, fucking monster boat at the end of the harbor?

The one with the blue thing on it?

Yeah, the Russian one.

The Russian, okay, the Russian one, yeah.

That is awesome. You think?

That's the kind of boat I want, I want that shape, I want that size, that's exactly a boat like...

That's not ready a boat I know much about, but if it's the Russian one, you mean?


I heard they're making really a lot of trouble.

A lot of trouble? Yeah.

Don't worry about that, don't worry about that, 'cause trouble is what makes the world go round, my friend, yeah, without suffering,

we have no will to live.

What, ha? Now there's a joke I like.

You think so?


She's nice, isn't she? Yeah.

You think you're gonna fuck her tonight?


Well, maybe you already have.

Maybe you fucked her when you did MDMA on the beach, I don't know.

No, well, she says no, but.

I have a hard time believing that, you know, it is a love drug, isn't it?

I'm really sorry if there has been some sort of misunderstanding, Michael, but...


Yes, I thought she was available, I, I didn't know. Of course.


Yeah, well, you know what I mean.

Well, of course she is, come on.


Of course she is, it's a free world, she can do whatever the fuck she wants.

I mean, look at her, she's beautiful.

She's beautiful, she needs attention of men, and she grows from it.

Can I ask you a question?

Why did you invite me here, you want to buy a boat, really?

You want to talk about a boat?


Tell me.

Actually, I don't know why I invited you.

Maybe, you just got me in a soft moment, and I, you know, you're this,

you're this good-looking guy, you know, young.

And I'm, like, this

fat, old rich guy on the sofa, so I was just, I don't know, I just have a lot of experience with women, you know, and I just see your innocence, it just, it just.

Maybe I just want to teach you a little, how to win a woman over. Really?

Yeah. So show me.

You want me to show you? Sure.

All right, Sascha? Yeah?

See this, she's all wet.

You know, this little power game we're going, that's really turning you on, she's got her juices flowing, right, you want to smell?

Come on, smell.

What? No, I don't want to smell.


You're not interested? No.

Good, 'cause let me just get one thing straight here, so there's no misunderstanding, you need to crawl back to that little suburban hole you came from before I hurt you.



Good, get the fuck out of my house before I really hurt you.

Oh, Jesus.


I'm so sorry.

Yeah, so am I.

What about the mark on your neck?

Does he hurt you, does he abuse you?

No, no.

You're, you're sure?

Then what the fuck is wrong with you?

Is this some stupid game you guys play?

No, no.

No, are you sure?

Yeah, no, I...

Don't, don't touch...

Oh, fuck. Are you okay?

Jesus, fuck.

You okay?

Don't touch me, what the fuck is wrong with you?


How can you let yourself be treated that way?

It's fucking disgusting, go see a shrink, you fucking psycho, Jesus Christ.

You and your friends are all gonna be dead or in prison in five years, really, trust me.

Now get the fuck out of here, you stupid cunt.

What the fuck did you expect?

I was gonna sail away with you, and live happily ever after?

Get the fuck out of here, stupid, stupid, stupid.

Do you speak English? A little.

What? A little.

Are you okay?

Hey, Frederik, hi.


Hi, Frederik.

Sascha, hey.


How are you?

I'm fine.

What are you doing here?

Actually, I'm just waiting for Tomas.

Okay, he's not here?



No, no, he's not here, I mean, I've been waiting for him for two hours.

Two, did you try to call him?

Yeah, there's no answer.

Okay. No.

That's strange, yeah, I had the same, I tried to call him, so I came out, and, you know, see if he's here. Yeah, and he's not.

No, for two hours, are you okay?

Yeah, maybe more, actually, I feel like I've been waiting for all morning, I'm just.

Okay, that's a long time. Yeah.

I know I'm okay, I'm just, I'm hungry, actually.

Okay. Have you had lunch?

Can I take you out? Yes, please.

Yes, really? Yes.

Let's go. Thank you.

Here we go.

And excuse me for my broken heart, now I already feel better.

Your broken heart? Thank you.

Well, tell me, what's up?

What's up, I don't know, I just, I'm just, just being stood up.

'Cause where would you like to go?

Maybe somewhere with a view?