Holiday Highlights (1940) Script

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Holiday Highlights (1940)

ANNOUNCER: Tonight we present a pictorial review...

...of some of the well-known holidays of the year.


First, we welcome the little New Year.


Say, he's a cute little fella, isn 't he?

Hey, little man. Can 't you say something to the folks here?

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!


February 14th, Saint Valentine's Day, the sweethearts ' holiday.

Hi there, Tommy. Will you be my valentine?

Will you, huh? Will you?

Oh, my darling. This is so sudden.

I don't know how to say it, but you're so tender, so lovable.

Your eyes are blue, limpid pools.


Hey there. Just a minute. You're a little crossed-up, aren 't you?

Don 't you realize this is leap year?

[IN NEW ENGLAND ACCENT] Oh, my darling. This is so sudden. That it is.

You're so sweet, so tender, so lovable.

And this is so silly, don't you think?

February 22nd, Washington 's birthday...

...which brings to mind the story of young George and the cherry tree.


George, my son, thou tellest me the truth.

As man to man, didst thou chop down yon cherry tree?

Didst thou?

Mm... Couldst be.

March 19th, Arbor Day.

This day has been set aside for the planting of new trees.

MAN: Over to the left. Little more.

Down. Up a little now. Over to your right.

Just a bit. More. More.

There, that's it. Right there. That's okay.

March 24th, Easter. Here is the Easter bunny hiding Easter eggs...

...for all the good little boys and girls.

But wait. All is not well.

A villainous fox closes in on his unsuspecting victim... an attempt to satisfy his ravenous hunger.

Hey, Mr. Easter Bunny, have you got one for me too?

April 1st, known as April Fool's Day.

Now, here is a....

April Fool. Fooled you, fooled you! There ain 't no picture!


May 12th, Mother's Day.

Here is a sweet little mother patiently awaiting the return of her long-lost son...

...whom she hasn 't seen in 22 years.

Listen. Footsteps.

He hasn 't forgotten his dear old mother in all these years.

What a joyous reunion this will be.

Hello, Ma.

Hello, son.

Bye, Ma.

Bye, son.

June. The graduation month for students throughout the land.

We're just in time to witness the presentation of diplomas... the hopeful graduates.

Now, McGee...

...since you have been chosen the student most likely to succeed... gives me great pleasure... present you with this diploma.

You are now equipped to take your place in society.

Good luck, McGee.

Take it easy, McGee.

October 3 1st, Halloween.

Symbolic of Halloween is the old witch riding her broom across the sky.

Here she comes now.

Thanksgiving, turkey day and a day of feasting throughout the land.

When everyone has a turkey for dinner.

Thank you...


And thank you for this lovely turkey.

Turkey? What am I saying?

December 25th, Christmas.

Everything's so peaceful, so beautiful... all await the arrival of old St. Nick.

Listen. Sleigh bells.

Why, it's good old Santy.

The end of the old year and the beginning of the new is celebrated... Pasadena, California with the annual Tournament of Roses parade.

Here in gorgeous Technicolor, we show you a few of the prize-winning floats.

This is the beautiful entry from Santa Barbara.

Popular with the kiddies is the float from the Encino Chamber of Commerce.


The entry from the state of California is also very popular.