Hollywood Dirt (2017) Script


Our quiet town of 7,000 residents holds more than a Southern manners and prize-winning fried chicken recipes. We also hold discretion.

The biggest indication of which lies in our bank's coffers and buried in our dirt.

Cash - lots and lots of it. In our small town, we have 45 millionaires and 3 billionaires. That's a rough guess. It all depends on how stupid or smart the generations have been with their Crown Cola stock - that's where it came from.

Crown Cola. Say Pepsi or Coca Cola in this town and you best watch your back on the way out. It was Cole Masten, Hollywood award-winning A-list actor. The man women would think about in the dark of the night. Who read a little Southern novel that no one had ever heard of and he was fascinated by it.

A novel about our town. A novel that exposed the plantation homes for what they were. The camouflage of millionaires.


God sent his son to remind... What? Now?

Sorry. Excuse me. Sorry.

Where is everyone? Why, hello?



Sunday, only Yankees would think that would be an appropriate time to thrust themselves into our lives. Summer, I'd imagine you're ready for your big day tomorrow.




Hello -Hi. What can I do for somebody stopping by unannounced? Please tell me you're the owner of this fabulous estate. No. why? - Do you have owner's number? Oh, I can't give you the Holden's number known that you're a stranger.

Why do you want? -I'm not really at liberty to discuss. -Oh, well, good luck.

But, what? God.


Feel free to take a seat, Mr. Payne It is hot out.

How do you know my name? The way you've been stomping around town? The cows in Thomas County can even know your name. -Is that why I've been so unsuccessful? Because I'm as you so politely put it, stomping around?

Itís two-fold.

Youíve been stomping around town but you've not been telling people what you want.

This is a private town and we don't like strangers.

I was instructed to be discreet.

Were you instructed to be successful?

Because you can't be both.

Iím Summer. Summer Jenkins. Bennington Payne. My friends call me Ben and at the moment, you're looking like the only friend I have around Here. Lets not label this relationship just yet.

Now, what do you want in Quincy? Iím a location scout from Envision entertainment and I'm here to Procure your spots for- The movie.

How do you know? Everybody in Quincy knows about the movie. The mayor got the call.

Caroline, the new secretary she called her sister.

Within five minutes, it had spread like wildfire. You see there are two types of secrets in Quincy. The ones we keep close and then we have the really juicy one. And the movie news is juicy.

So there shouldn't be a problem. No one Is gonna let you film in their home. Why not?

They get money, fame and bragging rights.

People in Quincy don't need money.

Present company excluded.

This is the old South. Bragging is a sign of weakness. Please, all the mansion's all the big gates. Mm-hmm. All old money.

This movie is starring the Cole Masten.

Academy Award-winning actor. Quite possibly, the most beautiful man to grace Hollywood in the last decade. The man women dream about in the dark of the night.

Really? Not all the women.

So what do I do?

I need a mansion preferably two and a Bar or tractor, a cotton field in 15 other locations.

What I think you need? You need a local somebody from Quincy. Somebody who can negotiate with the landowner and someone that can make all the necessary Arrangements with the locals. But thatís my job.

How much they are paying you for this job?

120,000 -I'll do it for 25. Ė15. Ė20.

And Iím the only hope you have.




Okay. Are you ready? Let's do it. ĖCole, tell us about your wife. I don't she Needs an introduction I am pretty sure you're familiar with her. Well, you've been married now almost five years, which, in Hollywood is quite a feat. Tell our viewers what is your best advice for a successful marriage? Thatís a good question.

I think a lot of elements elements make for a successful marriage.

But if I had to pick one, I would say Honesty. Honesty is crucial. Nadia and I have no secrets. We tell each other everything.

Our philosophy is to get everything out in the open, no matter the Consequences. I think that's great. I hear you're going to my home state of Georgia for your next project. I am, yes.

The Fortune Bottle. It's a story of the early days of this soda and the wealth that created in a small town called Quincy. and how a young feisty secretary played By Minka was very instrumental in the Development of the product. It's based on a book I read and it's also the very First time that I'm in charge of the production.

We're gonna start filming soon.

Iím looking forward to seeing The Fortune Bottle when it hits the screen.

So good to see you, Jenny.

Thank you so much for having me.

Come back any time.

Minka can't make it.

She wants to reschedule the read-through tomorrow.

Her heart's not in this project, Cole, which is going to make it more difficult for me to direct her especially if she keeps rescheduling our meeting. She said she's in.

I can't think of anybody else Who fits that role. We need an Ida, Cole. Canít make the movie without her. I'll handle it.

Okay, uh, do you want me to schedule a massage for you later today. No, take me home.

I want to surprise Nadia. Oh, and, uh, what's going on in Quincy?

Oh, the location manager was a real hot mess.

But he has turned it around and he's securing locations as we speak.

I liked my hotel. It has a pool and it's hot here in Georgia.

Why did she just looked at you like she'd been into a bad piece. Quincy and I have history.

Good afternoon, Mrs. Wright.

This is Mr. Bennington Payne.

He's in town scouting for locations for the movie. That'd be the one with Cole Masten?

That's right. The Fortune Bottle.

Mr. Payne would like to stay with you if you have room, of course.

Oh, would you now? He'll be in town for quite sometimes while, he prepares things for the movie and of course he's working very closely with Cole Masten. Oh, is that so?

169 00:10:04,769 --> 00:10:09,300 Well, I might just have a room for you?

Mr. Payne.



How bad is this?

Gargantuan bad. Is the movie gonna crash? No, The Fortune Bottle isn't crashing, okay? Movies don't fall apart over this. We should be more worried if this is the end of Codia.

People love Codia. Cole and Nadia are the glue that holds our picture-perfect world together.

They buy each other extravagant gifts and have ridiculously hot sex together.

Codia canít fall apart. They can't get divorced and we certainly canít have Cole attempting murder on Nadia's lover.

Sheriff called and he's worried if Cole Mastenís violent. He's had a lot of calls from voters. This is an election year.

Votes are everything. Of all the things I'm worried about Cole Mastenís risks to townsfolk is not one of them. Itís not The townsfolk he's worried about.

Heís worried about your California golden boy.

This is the carry state. We value our personal safety here. We don't want him getting himself shot. Shot? They canít shoot the Cole Masten. No one is shooting-

Okay. Okay! Just simmer down. I think you got a wrinkle.

[Music] On your forehead. Yeah.

The moment youíre yammering about Cadia. Codia! Not Cadia.

Codia. Whateveria.


Cole. Ė Got the divorce papers. Honey, just hold a second. Iíll be right back.

Letís go somewhere private.

I'm sorry, Cole.

You should have called. I got our lawyers involved.

It's over.

We're over. ĖNo. -I don't love you anymore.

I don't know if I ever really did love you.

I mean, I think, I just like the idea of you. but, how? That weíre equals and you're no longer Bikini Babe Number 3. Yeah.

I'm sorry. It's not personal. This. This makes it personal. Never caring about The Fortune Bottle and now you want it.

Itís a joint asset. No, it is not. I purchased it.

I am producing it. No one's gonna think it's a joint asset. I think it is and, Tony agrees. Ė Tony, our lawyer? He's not my lawyer.

How quickly you moved from an apology to business? How long have you been planning this?

I need a lawyer. The best damn divorce lawyer in the country.

That would be Brad DeLuca. He handles every big celebrity divorce. Get him here I don't care the cost. All right. Iím on it.

Wait where do you want to go? Anywhere with alcohol and women. Okay.


233 00:15:40,899 --> 00:15:43,899 Shit!

Thank you.

You're late. Sorry. Business to attend.

Bullshit! Pussy isnít business, and this, right now, is the most important thing in your life.

So when we make an appointment, keep it. You know you work for me, right? here. This is Leonard McCloud.

Heíll put up with your bullshit and cover your ass in court.

Oh, so they're the best. ĖExactly. -I've paid you your advance. And, Iíll refund it. Sit down and hold on.


Sit down.

I'm sorry. Iím late.

Sorry? I'm sorry.

250 00:17:08,220 --> 00:17:11,520 Look, you've been a celebrity for a long time,

but in a courtroom, against your wife?

Youíre equals to each other.

Youíre, youíre nothing to the judge.

Youíre normal. If I'm gonna represent you, you have to know that life as you know it is over.

You're not a bachelor yet, not until this divorce is final. You are my bitch, and I will say if and who you fuck, what you say to whom, and when and how you work.

If you want to keep this film as yours, you will leave this shithole of a city and go to Georgia.

Youíll keep your dick clean and that pretty-boy head of yours down and do your jobÖ nothing else. I've buried five, five of your indiscretion since Sunday.

My team doesn't have time for the popularity contest your dick has entered.

We are gonna paint you as Hollywood's Golden Boy. You listen to me, and I promise you I will keep The Fortune Bottle of yours and any other shared assets you want.

I just want the movie. She can have the rest.

Okay, I need you to commit to my terms.

No sex. No relationships. No women.


Oh, and, let's go.

Go where? ĖQuincy. -Morning, Masten. ĖThis guy is fucking lunatic.

Weíre getting in a jet right now. Heading to Quincy.

Now, now? Ė Yes. Now, now. Itís a fucking Bradís idea.

Youíll be there in a three and a half-


Hey, you're that movie star? Well, what you doing in Quincy?

You got engine trouble?

No, has my assistant not called? Nope.

Nope, nobody's called. Is my car ready?

Nope. Bad news. Your assistant been in an accident.


Posted on TMZ. He's alive, but he's pretty beat up. We got to get back to LA.

No. No. He's been my assistant for 13 years.

I gotta go see him.

No, you're not going anywhere. Oh, the LA hospitals are gonna be a zoo, waiting for you. Mean to a borrow a vehicle?

That worked for you? Sure thing.

I'm checking the local contact now.

Youíre going to burn. -No, Iím not. ĖYes, you are.

You didn't put on any sunscreen.

I donít wear sunscreen. You do realize the Sun is literally aging you before my eyes.

You do realize you're in Georgia and not the Wild West and you've completely ridiculous in that cowboy hat. I look fantastic. You look stupid.


No days off for important people. Bennington Payne. Where am I right now? Quincy. Iím sorry. Who is this? Yes, sir?

Yeah, I thought that- okay. Okay.

Whatís your address?

4 Darrow Lane. 4 Darrow Lane. Okay, yeah.

Thank you so- ciao! Cole Masten is here.

That was his attorney wanted to know where I was Heís bringing Cole Masten, here. Now.

How far away is the airport? Five. Maybe 10 minutes.


They're not going to come inside. They're just coming to pick me up. Theyíd probably won't even get out of the car. Okay.

Are you sure this is the right place?

Yep. Yep, Yep.

Hi. ĖHi. Is Bennington there?


Is Bennington here? Yes, heís been expecting you.

Uh, would you be a dear and fetch him for us. Sure, I'll just get it.

Thank you.

No! Hi, Iím Ben. Bennington Payne.

Itís so lovely to meet you. Bennington, will you get Mr. Masten settled in his hotel now?

I'm so sorry but because we weren't expecting Mr. Masten so soon, the estate where he'll be staying Ė Kirklandís house won't be ready for a few more days but there are other options in town.

Sorry, what? it turns out the Kirkland house isn't available yet but Bennington here-

It's Ben. Yeah, has a few ideas where he can house you for the time being.

Sorry to ruin this delightful porch party, but can we take this inside?

Air conditioning? Sure, if you have a second, can I get yíall some sweet tea.

Actually, I gotta get going. My wife will have my head if I don't come home in time for dinner. Iím afraid, I didnít catch your name?

Oh, Summer. Summer Jenkins. It's nice to meet you. I could fix you sweet tea for the road. No. That wouldnít be necessary but I appreciate the offer.

Nice meeting you. Behave!

How about that tea? Sparkling water, please.

We don't have sparkling. Still is fine.

How was your flight? You do know it's rude to ignore someone when they're asking you a question.

I've booked you in a motel room for a couple of days until your estates ready.

Start over I wasn't listening. I found you a motel room until your state's ready in a couple of days. Who are you?

No offense but how are you involved in this?

She's been helping me. No offense, Mr. Masten, but you stood in my living room, sucking up my air-conditioner, drinking my still water. That's why I'm here and I'm not involved in anything, Mr. Masten. Ben here is my friend. We were having a pool party when your attorney called and bulldozed yíallís in here.

Youíre all Southern fight and spitfire attitude. - Yeah, get out or I swear to God, I'll shoot you.

She means it. She has gun in her coat closet.

She's fantastic.

Pardon me?

Thereís only a month before filming it's impossible.

Minka is dying to get out of this movie. I'm telling you, this girl is perfect.

Get your ass on a plane and come to Quincy.

You're an actor, Cole. You know everybody can't do this. The last thing I want is is to stick a wooden face on the screen.

That's the beauty of it, Don.

She won't have to act at all. She just has to be herself. No. I am NOT throwing this whole movie in the can just because some wannabe starlet sucked your dick. cornfield.

Cotton field. Didnít you read the book? And I am not in love.

This girl completely blew me off but she was Georgian as hell doing it.

Pure frigginí Southern charm. I'm telling you you come here. Meet the girl, and if you you don't like her, all right. Tell me to go to hell tomorrow.

Alright, I have a plane waiting for me Van Nuys in an hour. Yes!

Alright, let's turn this baby around.

Let's go back to the girl's place.

What was her name again? Summer. You want to cast cast her in Minkaís role. ĖYep. But thatís the lead.

Sheís perfect for the role. Maybe, you should let me bring it up to her.

She can be a little headstrong.

Yeah, I got that. I donít think she likes you very much.

Good. Thatís a good thing. Summer!

He wants you to star in the movie. Oh, come on. Bennington Payne, are you yanking my legs?

No, Iím not. He wants you to take Minka Priceís role. He says youíre perfect.

Authentic. He said authentic. ďSheís perfect for the roleĒ. How much does it pay?

No idea but Summer, nobody gets opportunities like this.

Girls in LA theyíd screwed. They kidnap, they kill for something like this. No, seriously. How much does it pay?

No idea. I donít know. Ask Cole. Heís in the car. Díyou mean waiting in the car? Ė Yes.

You must be Cole Masten. Oh, howíd you know?

My daughter left me a voice message said don't come home. Cole Masten is here.

And nothing makes a mother come home quicker than to tell her to stay away.

How do you know Summer? I just met her today.

419 00:28:04,899 --> 00:28:10,340 A few hours ago. I came here to meet Ben. Oh, you work on the movie also?

Iím an actor.

An award-winning actor. Well, that's nice.

Iím Francis Jenkins. Would you be a dear and help me inside with this stuff. Of course.

An actor, you say? Yes, ma'am.

We need to work on that Southern drawl.

Mama. I see you ignored my voicemail.

Oh, you called? I must have missed that. Thank you.

So did Ben talk to you about the part?

He did. ĖAnd? And Iíd be curious what kind of conversation you'd be offering.

What kind of compensation would you like?

I don't know. I don't know what would be fair. That's why I'm asking you.

And you trust me to be fair? Well, I trust you to give me your honest opinion about what the size of the role in this type of movie for someone of my experience would be worth.

A hundred thousand and that's being generous.

Your name is negative box office weight.

I'll have to spend a fortune to get you camera ready. but I like you Summer and I think you fit the part. - Don't do that. Do what?

That smile thing. It's really creepy.

Millions of Americans would disagree.

Are you interested or not? No.

No, I'm not. -You're not?

No. Not for that amount.

I'm worth more. -The toe of your shoe all together by duct tape. The amount of money I have is not indicative of my worth.

If it was, it would indicate the lesser of us two individuals on this porch.

455 00:30:14,049 --> 00:30:15,640 Youíre saying youíre nothing lesser the individual. I'm saying that right now the only one of us being an ass here is you.

So you donít want the part. No.

Not for that amount.

Goodbye, Mr. Masten. Thatís what we say, in the South, when one person leaves.

Itís called valediction. What is it called when one person makes a huge mistake? Itís called life.

Gosh, sheís infuriating.

465 00:31:05,000 --> 00:31:12,890 Bad day? He's very handsome.

Yeah. Want to talk about it?

That eggs already been laid. It can't be put back in the chicken now. -He's very handsome.


He's also very married.

Night, Summer Itís late.

I know how anal you are about calling before I come. Summer, Iím picking up Don Waschoniz, The Fortune Bottleís director, in this pisshole you called airport in 20 minutes.

Then, weíre coming to you. So meet us outside in 30. If you can sell him on your sweet demeanor, then, the role is yours. You can name your damn price.

Five hundred thousand that's what I want and then, I'll do it. Fine, 500,000 it is.

Is that, uh- Apple cobbler? It is. I was gonna make pie but I didnít have time.

Hope thatís okay for you all. Oh, Mr. Don Waschoniz. Itís nice to meet you.

Iíll have you out here on the porch because my mom is asleep and she has to be up early in the morning.

I don't want to wake her.

I thought we could all talk out here.

Iíll get you all the cobbler.

So you live with your mama. Yeah, my whole life. This is where I learned to make cobbler.

I donít like cobbler. You'll eat it and you'll like it, Mr. Masten.

AhhÖ thereís my girl.

Coming? -Yeah.

Sheíll be out in a minute.

Hey, yíall. Ben, can you grab the door? There you go. Weíre short on time, Summer.

Would you like some cobbler? I know that you said in there that you don't like cobbler I'm good.

Summer, can you stand over here?

Oh, sure. Like this? How old are you?

29. Never married. Turn your head to the left.

Turn your head to the right.

Say something. ĖLike what? Whatever comes to mind.

The brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Tell me about the cobbler.

Cobbler? Well, I would have made pie.

Pies much more popular around here but it takes a great deal longer.

Look at me now. Follow me when I move. Itís all about the apple.

Honeycrisp or Granny Smith.


I need to see some fire in you, Summer.

Can you get angry for me? Give me some edge, Why do you want to know what goes into my apple cobbler, Mr. Waschoniz? Are my homemade desserts not good enough for you?

Don't come into my house and insult my cooking.

I will trot your testicles up, wipe that California for a smile right off your face. I will poison your taste.

Okay. Okay.

You can do crazy? I get it.

Summer, honey, are you okay?

I heard voices. I'm sorry to wake you, mama.

The movie people came. Ė Oh, They want me in the movie.

In the movie? You mean, with that good-looking young men. Ė Donít smile like that he just wants me for the movie.

You saw? -Mm-hmm, if you say so, honey.


This is a joke, right?

This isn't actually where I'm supposed to be staying for the next three months.

Please tell me, it's just this room.

Curtains with chickens. Really? -Theyíre roosters. You can tell by the red comb and the wattles.

I want this chicken shit out of here. Oh, come on.

Itís cute and homey.

We can't change any of the dťcor.

Actually that was a very firm stipulation in renting the Kirklandís house.

We can't move or change anything.

And who exactly agreed to that bullshit?

We did and that bullshit is the only reason you're standing in some cockroach infested motel. Ben here, Ben is working his ass off for you.

I think you know about it all the way in California with all you-

Whatís wrong with you? -What wrong with me? Are you kidding me? Youíre just-

Kiss you. Yeah. Big deal. You wouldnít shut up. You didnít ask me to shut up.

You donít usually ask people to shut up. You tell them to. Hell, Iím telling you kiss me again like that and Iíll rip your eyes out from their sockets.

Well, donít worry princess. I have no desire to repeat that experience. Iíve had better.

Much, much better.

where's she going? Home. Holdenís plantation and Kirklandís house. Theyíre neighboring estates.

She was living right next? How pissed is she right now?

Never mind.

Don't answer that. Letís go, uh, weíll see some locations. -Youíre okay?


What the fuck is wrong with you? What? It's 8:00 in the morning?

Iím well aware of that. And my wife has come three times so far this morning, so get your ass out of bed and be productive. Iím on California time.

I was very clear on my instructions to you.

You were to go to Quincy and behave.

Not run around grabbing the first single woman you find. And then you made her your co-star? How do you know that?

Deadline. It hasn't hit any press. But it will.

And Nadiaís attorneys are gonna crucify you with it. You canít put your new girlfriend in the movie that weíre trying-

Sheís not my new girlfriend. Iím sorry. Your new fuck No.

She is nothing and I didn't cast her Ďcos of-

I cast her because she is Ida Pinkerton.

Sheís perfect for the movie; she was born for this role.

And youíd be proud of me because Iím behaving. I havenít thought about Nadia once I settle down here.

Then why did you kiss her? How did you know that?

The scout told me. We hired him. There was nothing. That kiss was nothing.

This relationship with her worth half of The Fortune Bottle because that's what is at stake here.

There is no relationship. Can I just go back to sleep now?

Sure. At least when you're sleeping I donít have to worry about you.

Check your email when you wake up. I sent over the response we filed against Nadia. Itís brutal;

Iím just gonna warn you. I don't want to punish Nadia. I just- Weíre only being aggressive about The Fortune Bottle, though I think you're being a fucking Saint about everything.

Pop you later.

What? I brought you something.

Is it breakfast? Are you just going to holler down at me in the rain, or are you gonna let me in?

I could have waited for you to put some clothes on.

I don't think so.

You seem very persistent with those rocks.

What do you have for me? Can you please put some pants on?

Itís rude to waltz around with your junk out.

I know yesterday was a little rough so I wanted to make it up to you with the housewarming present. A housewarming present.

597 00:41:32,260 --> 00:41:38,150 To mend the fences. Between you and me.

You want to kiss and make up.

In a metaphorical sense, yeah.

What you get for me? ĖRight. Are you crazy?

Is that a serious question? What normal person will get someone a fucking bird for the housewarming gift. Itís not a bird.

He's a baby rooster. Oh, come on. I thought it would be funny.

Itís hilarious. What am I supposed to do with him? Eat them? No, heís a pet.

I'm serious, Summer. I can't have a rooster.

I don't have time. I'm too busy.

I don't know anything about chickens.

Itís a rooster. I've had Fred sexed him for me.

You'll be able to tell by the little spikes on the top of his head. Now I need you to line this with newspaper. Make sure the lamp stays on all night.

Baby chickens need a lot of warmth. You are taking this thing home with you. No, Iím not.

It's a gift and you do not refuse gifts. Itís rude.


Oh and Cole? Welcome to Quincy.


Hey, arenít you the guy, that, uh I just got a baby rooster, Cocky. I set the most original name but- Why'd you bring it with you?

I don't know. I mean, doesn't it need to be checked out or I don't know if I could leave it alone?

You know, it's a chicken.

It ain't a pet. I mean, you don't need to give it a name or put up a bedazzled collar on it.

What does it eat? Corn.

Corn? That's it? Yeah, it's a chicken. I mean we ain't got no Chef Boyardee nine flavors rainbow got a crap.

If you want to get fancy, You can use that FRM formula over there and cost twice as much. They don't make a squat shit a bit of difference.

Anything else I might need for him?

Vitamins? Shots? medicines? It's a ch-

Chicken, yeah. Got it.

Hello. Special delivery from Miss Ida Pinkerton.

Here's a script Thank you.

Love that dress would look better on me.

You sign that contract yet? It's eight-two pages long.

There can't be anything good to say in that many pages.

Then get an agent like a good little actress and have them look it over. And have them take a percentage?

No. Summer, I can't even with you.

Either sign the thing or pay someone to review it.

Hell, get a lawyer.

Pay him an hourly review. My ex is a lawyer.

Do you trust him? I hate him but, yeah, in business, I do. Great. Give him a call.

I gotta run. Mwah! Bye.

Hi, Scott. Summer, how are you?

Fine, thank you. I have a contract that I'd like you to look over.

If you good. Okay, yeah. I can do that just, uh, send it on over to Shelley, my assistant.

And she'll make sure I get that today.

I know who Shelley is. She was one of our bridesmaid.

Of course you do. Something I'm used to saying.

It's a talent contract for the new movie they want me to be in.

Really? Cole wants me for the lead.

Cole? I've got to run, Scott and uh, I'll send it to Shelley.

There's have been a lot of curiosity about you in town. You work in the movie.

That's just distracting facts from their original business toward me.

Well, I was thinking that you want to leave.

And that's why you wanted the job.

For the money and a fresh start.

Oh no, don't you worry about me. I mean, that is what you do or not.

Yeah, right? This little- you feeling guilty?

Quincy was a great place for you to grow up, Summer. But you're a woman now.

And you you need to find your own place in the world. I know that and I wouldn't be a good mama if I tried to hold you back.

Where will you go? I don't know, but I know I want to be somewhere different.

I want to be someone different.

Someone without a path. Someone without scorn.

I want where I want to be is someone with a future.

Will you come with me?


No sweetie. I won't. But you will always have a home.

Right here, with me. So let that give you the confidence to go right out there and take some risks.

You deserve that, Summer.

Deserve that.



Can you believe they cast Summer as the leading lady? And she had the nerve to call Scott and ask for his help.

Hasn't she done enough to that poor boy?

Maggie! Hi. How's that husband of yours?

He's got one foot on a banana peel and the other on the grave, honey.




Nice truck. Brand new. Bought all by myself without my assistance help because he's in the Hospital.

Did you put him there?

What did you want? I'm trying to call you for the past three hours. You're not picking up your cell phone. I don't have a cell phone.

No, you've been calling the house phone. I've been out here working. You don't have a cell phone.

Nope. You need to get a cell phone.

At least for the next couple of months until the movie wraps then you're welcome to go back to your life of reclusion, if you like.

Why were you calling me? You got media training tomorrow Are you building this fence?

Mm-hmm. Isn't there someone more-

Don't you dare says- I'm more qualified.

I'll help. Hey, City Boy. You stay in the truck.

We don't want you getting dirty.

I know how to fix the fence, Country.

You called me City Boy. Stay.

Cocky. Just set him down on the tailgate and roam around.

You brought the chicken. I'd figure you want to see him.

He seems to like it.

Where did you ever build a fence before? Didn't you ever seen the Legends of Montana?

Nope. Spent six months on the ranch. Bought the damn thing afterwards. So yeah, I know how to fix a fence.

Thank you for your help. Got a lot of chores to do before the movie starts. Yeah.

See you around.

See you at the media training.

I'm Brecken Nichols, media consultant in charge of PR for the fortune bottle. You will be required to help promote the movie so we need to make sure that you handle yourself with confidence and professionalism. We're going to review posture, smiling for the camera, jargons and abstractions. Set up straight. Okay.

Hold yourself with poise. It just-


Relax. You, literally, look like you have a stick up your ass.

Glad I'm not the only one she hates. Grab some lunch.

I'll work with her for a bit.

You know, I don't eat. Neither should you by the way. Who is she?

I'm going to turn of the camera.

How many you guys have worked on so far? Uh, something about jargon and abstractions. As you can see it's gone real well. You don't have to worry about jargon.

You're Southern, that's okay. Okay.

We don't need you to change that. Ordinance, though, might be a problem for you. Rambling.

Don't ramble. Abstractions. The verbal fillers, that 'you knows', the 'uhhs'-

I know, I know. The fidgeting, blinking, Summer, look at me.

Forget the rules. Just ask me a question.

What kind of question? Any kind of question.

Are you in pain?

You don't seem upset about her leaving.

Don't ramble. Be concise and don't look away.

That indicates shame.

Nadia and I were together for a long time.

Whenever you lose someone after a long time, it hurts. But I think it's for the best.

She's happier in her new relationship.

And that's what I want. For her to be happy.

That's what I would say if a reporter asked. It would put me on the high road and subtly turned everyone against her.

Is it the truth?

No. Feel very odd about Nadia. I feel stupid.

I feel off balance.

I feel taken advantage of.

I like that answer better. So would the press.

The truth is always more interesting but it's also much more dangerous.

Do you feel closer to me now?

Having heard that? Yeah.

If the public knows you, Summer. They will destroy you.

I can't help themselves. They love our weaknesses so much, that they dig deeper, they feast and pillage on our exposures until we ask people- you as Summer, me as Cole-are gone.

And all there's left is what they want to see. Any other questions? What?

Ask it. Were you telling the truth when you said, I was a bad kisser?

No. -No. Be concise. Don't ramble.

I suppose being evasive is one of the rules also, right? Yeah, actually it is.

Anytime you can be evasive, you should. Wait!

Thank you. It's been a while I needed to hear that. -It's been a while since you were kissed?

Don and I are meeting at my place tomorrow morning early to go over the script.

You should be there.

Sure. What time? but I'm 8 a.m. Don't be late.

Okay. We're ready to get back at it.

Yeah. Sit. Not like you're milking a cow.

Where's summer? I don't know. Her line's been busy.

Busy. Is everything okay.

Yeah. I'll go get her.








I pass your door. It's unlocked.

Your phone's been busy.


For the love of God, Summer. If you want me to stop, you'd better tell me right now.





830 01:03:25,720 --> 01:03:40,369 [Music]

Wake up, Summer.



That's a mistake. That was not a mistake.

It was. Stupid!

Is this something that you do? You'd go psycho after you fuck someone.

I don't fuck people and I'm not a psycho. I just don't want to cuddle with my co-star. Co-star?

Pretty high on yourself, aren't you? Oh, you really are an asshole.

Summer, am I missing something?

Did I do something to piss you off? Yeah, you're married.

My wife fucked half of Hollywood while we were married. Oh, that's what marriage is to you too.

She cheats so you cheat? Everyone goes away happy and even?

I never from the day I met Nadia, kissed another woman, slept with another woman.

Not until she served me divorced papers.

Now there's a long list of my name on top of her.

Please leave, Cole.


God sent his Son so we might- What? Now? I'm sorry.

Sunday. Only Yankees would think that would be an appropriate time to thrust themselves into our lives.


Come on. Summer, I imagine you're ready for your big day tomorrow.

Don't you mind them, honey. I don't. I just don't feel great.

You're probably going to help me anyway.

I'm an idiot. You're not an idiot.

No, I'm an idiot. You're not gonna get pregnant, are you?

Because that would make you an idiot.

No. I have a morning-after pill. You bagged a movie star. You should be bragging on Twitter and throwing a fucking party.

Seriously, Ben. How much if I did mess this up? By screwing your co-star?

Honey, you wouldn't be Hollywood if you didn't bang a co-star at some point.

It's nothing. Don't let it affect your performance?

I won't. It's a good thing my character hates it and we started filming more now. I just want to get this movie out the way and leave town. Forget my past and forget Cole.


When do you leave? A few days. No more beer.

Now let's bring you into the 21st century and get you a cell phone.

Cocky tried to crow this morning.

I was in the kitchen when I heard him in the yard.

First, I thought it was hurt.

I know I've heard it when they learn it.

Takes him a while to figure it out. Yeah.

It was pathetic.

I was embarrassed for him. Oh, he'll learn.

And when he does, he'll do it all hours of the day.

Not just at dawn like in the movies.

Gotta love Hollywood, right?

Do you need something?

Are we good? Stay out of my way and we'll be just fine.

I don't chase, Summer. This is not a game!

I'm not saying one thing and meaning another.

Leave me alone. I was wrong about you.

You're a terrible actress.

It's my money, and I think I know how I want to spend it.

Honey, you don't want to invest in refreshments.

Let the boys downtown give you a Certificate of Deposit for that money.

Or bonds. Bonds are a great safe place for your little inheritance to sit.

Don't talk down to me. If I wanted to let my money and smoke it like your cheap cigars, I'll do so. I believe in this product, just as much as you and all the other investors. I want in.

Thank you, Mr. Mitchell.

Some of the investors aren't wild about having a woman on board, Miss Pinkerton.

And what would your opinion be on the matter?

I love women. Then again, you already knew that, didn't you, Ms. Pinkerton? I have no idea what you're talking about, Mr. Mitchell.

Don't touch me! I'm sorry, Country. I thought you liked it when I touched you.

CUT! What the fuck was that? Ask your golden boy here.

He put condoms in my suitcase.

Is that too racy for you Southern belles?

Relax, Summer. It's a prank.

Stop it, you two!

I did not sign on to referee. Let's wrap for today.

It's fine. It's funny. Look at her.

So did we get it? I think so, despite your best efforts.

She needed her feathers ruffled a little.

She's getting too tense.

It's my money and I think I know how I want to spend it. Honey, you don't want to invest in refreshments. Let the boys downtown give you a Certificate of Deposit for that money.

Or bonds. Bonds are a great, a safe place for your little inheritance to sit.

Don't talk down to me. If I wanted to light my money and smoke it like your cheap cigars, I'll do so. But I believe in this product just as much as you or any of the other investors. And I want in.

Thank you, Mr. Mitchell. It's good. Beauty changes when she's mad.

Another reason to push her buttons.

Do want to show him the other cut? Yeah, roll it.

What? What cut? I have no idea what you're talking about, Mr. Mitchell.


So? What's the purpose of that cut?

It's hot.

I mean, I've got a hard-on just from watching it. Look, Mr. Masten, The other stuff is good but this stuff has emotion.

It's got heat. You two look like you're moments away from banging right there on the desk.

He's right. I hate like hell to say it, but he's right. We can't use this. It's too-

Real? Ida and Royce hate each other. Thatís already in there. But if we can use that hatred to make sexual tension, it'll bring up a whole other element into the film.

And it would bring in the female viewers who, right now, we have no draw on, other than your pretty mug.

She would never go for it. Since when does that matter?

She doesn't have script approval.

Okay, let's do it.


Hi, Gus. Hey, Summer.

Is that Cocky? Friendly thing. You know, I heard Cole Masten keeps him in the house.


Where'd you hear that? Around. Drove him here this morning in his truck.

Good morning. I've put the Sides and updated Call sheet in here. Great.

Thank you.

There is a new scene so you want to review it before your call time. Okay.

There's a kiss. There is no love story between Ida and Royce. I have read the book.

Three times. I saw that in the damn book.

It's the movie. Writers are adding the excitement. If you're in the business, you know.

It's normal. You know I've read the script.

Ida and Royce hate each. Why would Royce suddenly pushes Ida against the file cabinet and kisses her passionately. It is stupid.

The passion from their hatred will make it hotter. No, it doesn't make it hotter.

It makes it stupid. I swear if he kisses me.

I'll be losing. Yes you will. You'll fall apart under my mouth, baby. Please.

Don't flatter yourself. I don't even like you.

Stupid side!

Well, that went well. What did you expect? We threw this on her without warning.

I told you. We should meet with her this morning go over the changes to prepare her. But no, you wanted to dump it on her via call sheets and sides. Dump it on her. I was one of the hottest man alive last year.

It's not like she has to mentally adjust to a war camp.

How hard can it be to kiss me?

It's actually three kisses and a grope.

I'll go talk to her. No! With my luck, you two would make up and any authenticity to the scene will disappear. Just stay away from her.

Cole! Cole!


I want blue. Red is punchy.

Red looks iconic. Red is patriotic.



All right, yes! Come on. Come on, people. Time is money.

Yeah? I need in California tomorrow morning. You've been summoned. It's an initial play mediation. I've arranged it with your director.

Shoot your scene then get you ass to LA. Good.

This is stupid. What's the problem, Summer?

Royce gives Ida a car, and in return, she kisses him.

It's a peace offering.

I would never accept a car. She certainly wouldn't be jumping up and down doing this whole pathetic routine, you guys, have all these screwed. It's not pathetic.

It's how women in the forties acted.

You have to realize she's a divorced woman looking for a man. Royce is giving her a very generous gift, and when she hugs him in gratitude, he goes in for the kiss.

It's logical. It is logical if she's a woman sits at home all day knitting. It is not logical for Ida Pinkerton, one of the Original 67. Am I the only one that read the book? Script aren't the book. It's an adaptation.

Summer, I gotta get on a plan in two hours. Please, don't fight me on this.

You're leaving? Yeah, I gotta go home, rather, Los Angeles for the night. My home is under the control of my ex. Are you gonna stay?

That came out wrong.

Nevermind. I'm at the hotel. I'm meeting with the lawyers tomorrow about the divorce.

Can we just please, say our lines and get this baby wrapped up? But it's not real I don't want to do this. This is not a character.

Then ad lib it. Just like you did in the office.

But in return I need a kiss.

Yes. Yes, I know, painful. Trust me, Country. I'm not looking forward anymore than you are. Liar.

Yes, baby. And so are you.

Let's roll. Lock it down.

Do you mind watching Cocky for me while I'm gone?

Of cource. Just don't want him to be alone.

I could take him over to my place.

Or I'm cooking over yours. Yeah, if you don't mind.

That's better for Cocky.


And, action!

Well, Miss Pinkerton, what do you think?

Very impressive.

Do you decorate all your new cars, Mr. Mitchell.

It's for you. Me?

Yes. It's red. I'm a woman, Mr. Mitchell.

Not colourblind. You are also not very appreciative. It's soda bottle beer. I had a dealership mix the colour just for you.

How very generous of you. Where's my car?

This is your new car. I'm not deaf, colourblind, or stupid. I can see that the car is red.

However, you are of some misunderstanding that I would be happy to accept this from you. Well, indeed. That is my misunderstanding, Miss Pinkerton. But I'm glad that for once today we are on the same page.

Where's my car? The black Ford. Well, I'm not entirely sure. Could you focus at the matter at hand. Get it back.

You don't want it back. You don't know what I want.

I know you want this.


I mean what I said, Mr. Mitchell. About what?

I don't want it. And us?

I don't want the car and I'd appreciated it if you got mine back.

Understood, Miss Pinkerton.

Enjoy your long walk home.

And cut! great job. Go catch your plane.


Hey, it's Cole. Just wanna check and see if your new cell phone's working It's working.


Mm-hmm? Did you just fall asleep?

Uh-huh. Do you know how many girls would kill for me to call them? Studios run giveaways and shit like this all the time, and million's girls would sign up. Girls. Not women.

You know I used to want a belly button ring.

I am NOT a belly button ring. Where are you right now?

Which room? -Yours. I hope that's okay.

What are you wearing?

Cole Masten, I am not doing this with you. -I am asking purely out of concern for cocky. He's never seen a naked woman before. I worry about his poultry hormones. Poultry hormones. Cocky's just fine. I'm not naked.

I'm wearing an underwear.

And a tank top? No.

I was hot and I'm going to sleep.

No, you shouldn't. Uh, this is wrong.

Summer, I am a rock hard and all I can think about is you in my bed. Please, don't torture me by hanging up the phone.

You're thinking of me? I've been thinking about you all day.

I wish you're here so you can reach over and feel me right now. I've never done this before and I don't know what to say.

You don't have to say anything just touch yourself. Have you ever touched yourself before?

Oh, yes. I've been single for 3 years. I can cum myself to orgasm pretty quickly.

I want to be with you so bad.

I wish it didn't end so quickly. I've thought about it all the time.

You have? Yeah.

Tomorrow night, stay at my house. The minute I get off that plane, I'll drive there, and I will pin you down on my bed and I'll worship you.

And I won't let you up until my mouth imprinted on your mind and your taste is my middle fucking name.

It's for the movie. No. This is different.

I've known you for 13 years.

And how serious are you about her? Serious? She's my co-star.

Please. Nadia's team breathing down my neck, and that Rottweiler of an attorney you tied me to threatening my nuts in a jar if I so much as unzip my pants.

What is this? Some sort of rebound or-

I wouldn't do that to her. To Summer?

Fuck me. Are you in love?

The mediation is starting soon. We should go.

Well, who let you in? This is supposed to be a private cafe. Get the fuck out of here.

And let me talk to my client alone.

Let's just go outside and make sure no one gets in here. Okay.

I really don't want to listen to one of your lectures today.


Was your assistant correct? I mean if it is something else and just let me know.

We can attack it from a different side.

What are you talking about?


I've been told to stay away from someone before.

Made me chase her down like she was some kind of wounded gazelle.

She ended up being my soulmate. So now you're saying that I can date her? I'm saying that I need to know what's going on so I can control the media. More importantly, the judge and Nadia's take on it. I can't do my job if you're keeping things from me. Honestly, I don't know what's going on with this girl?

That's the truth.

Cole will get the boat, plane, the Montana ranch in the Fortune Bottle. Nadia will get the California and Hawaii real estate. All bank accounts will go to their respective owners with joint accounts split evenly. Nadia do you agree with the basics of this agreement?

I suppose so, yes. Cole, do you agree with the basics of this agreement? I do.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to get back to set.

Shooting a movie with a no-name and nobody.

I guess I did hurt you more than imagined.

Best of luck to you, Nadia.





I can't do this.


Summer! Summer!

Miss Pinkerton, it seems to me that you have a bit of an attitude problem.

Coming to my office telling me how to run my business isn't quite how we do business here at Quincy, is it?

I must tell you after every time you've been in here, I've felt, oh- this is bullshit! Learn your marks and stay on them.

You've changed your marks five times in the past two hours. If you make up your mind. It won't be a problem.

You touch me again, I'll put you in your mark and hold you there. Cut! Okay, Summer, Cole, Let's, uh, let's take five. Brecken, not now.

We're filming. Press issues can wait.

No. No. This cannot wait. What's the problem?

It's not with you. It was Summer.

How did I not know this? How did we not know this?

We didn't think we needed to do a full workup on her. I mean, look at her.

We ran background criminal, porn searches- did the blood work. Everything came back clean. It wasn't a big deal. It was a long time ago. So this is something you already know about? My Rehearsal Dinner?

No. The Rehearsal Dinner from Hell!

Why didn't you tell us about this? Clear the room.

I need to speak to Summer alone.

You should have told us. We can control something that we know about. This, we can't control. Right now, every tabloid in America has somebody getting it on a plane to Quincy. When they get here, they're gonna find every single friend of yours, and every Chatty Cathy and talk to them.

I don't care. You will care. You may not care right at this very second but trust me you will care. I have been an outcast in this town for three years. You think I care about what some soccer mom in Nebraska thinks of me. It's not just soccer moms in Nebraska. It's everyone in the industry.

You know what I think, this industry is bullshit.

It's the one-off thing for me. After this, I'm leaving.

You get a lead role in a feature film, and you're just gonna disappear?


You're not like any other woman I have ever met.

Thank you.

Whether you value your reputation or not you need to talk to Brecken. Let her do her thing.

You may have to go on a couple of talk show.

Just tell your side of story.

No. I don't want to talk about it.

You don't want to talk about it on camera or you don't want to talk to me?

How do you care?

I need to know if I should have ambulances on speed dial for my crew.

I'll be worried about the crew.

I'd be more worried about yourself, Mr. Masten.

Don't do that.

Don't call me that. Not here.

Then where, Mr. Masten?

I'm not playing this game with you. I showed up for the house last night with an erection the size of Texas.

And you weren't there. I'm here right now.

Not here. I did a half-ass job with you the last time. I'm not gonna make that mistake again.

And I do care, Summer. Just stop pushing me away. You could use a friend right now A friend?

Will you stop hating me for just 10 minutes and let me-

I don't hate you.

You liked me? It terrifies me.

Perhaps, you and I more similar than I thought.

We both react, rather, passionately to betrayal. I did try to kill a man with a porcelain elephant. [Chuckles]

Tell me what happened.

It's crazy. What I did that night?


Three days before my wedding, I found out my fiancťe was sleeping with my maid of honour.

Turns out I was just about the last person in town to find out.

Should have called off the wedding.

But I didn't.

If a kid, or stupid adult or an animal eats something that they shouldn't, they feed them Ipecac.

Oh, it caused a violent vomiting spell that got out all the nasty.

So it was very easy to set up.

The restaurant was serving crŤme brulee for dessert, topped with a medley of berries.

I like to say I hesitated but that'd be a lie.

Two days of pent up anger, an hour of polite dinner

conversation with false friends.

It all pushed me to my actions.




It was evil what I did. In front of everyone.

Especially Quincy where appearances matter.

The town never forgave me.

That was my last moment of glory and the Quincy sun.

You don't need them.

I know I don't.

And that is why I'm taking my money starting a new life.

That's why you asked about the money right away.

Get out of here.

One of the most appealing things about you, Country.

Means your freedom. I was infuriating as it has been.

You always say and act I feel.

I want to propose something. It's Friday night, We don't have to work tomorrow.

Spend the night with me and for the next

24 hours, no fighting. Just us together.


Cole! Summer! We need to deal with it!

Tonight. My place. I'll handle this.

You came.


I brought condoms.

I have condoms. Thank you.

Where is your bag?

I didn't bring mine. I thought-

You're staying the night.

Are you hungry? I grilled up some steaks.

Steaks? We don't have to-

No. No, steaks are great.

Yeah. I can make some sides.

Do you like okra?

Never had okra.

Oh, you're in for a treat. City boy.


She definitely seems to recognize me when I take her treat.

When I ask the feed store about the treats, I got laughed out of there.

You just leave these. Girls come on Monday.

Monday? It is Friday.

I'm not leaving a sink full of dirty dishes.

Let's just clear the food off and set the plates down on the counter.



How do you think this thing's going between us?


Come here.


I've been dreaming of this moment for two months.

Summer. Summer.

I want dessert, City boy.

And you for dessert.

I want something sweet.

You taste sweet.

I want chocolate and whipped cream.


I think Cocky wants to go out.


You're incredible, Summer.

Scott just got scared of your beauty. Your strength.

And that incredible fucking mouth of yours.

I think he felt insecure so he choses a woman that he felt superior to.

I just won't ever cheated on you.

Cole, I see you.

My God, you put up a lot of layers of assholes just to keep people out.

But I see the real you.

It's not an asshole. It's me.

No, this. This is you.


I love this you.

And I love your asshole self too.

I think I'm addicted.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about your system the moment you open your door.

I've been thinking about this.


But most of all I'm addicted to you.

And I can't stop.

I don't think I can ever stop.

Ready for Brecken's lesson to use?


First rule of Hollywood, babe.

The gods don't ask permission. Be yourself and don't forget to smile.


I'm assuming, since you've squatted yourself on this personal property, that you know this beautiful woman beside me.

But what you don't know is that she's mine.

And if you fuck with her you fuck with me.

And if I'm ever so lucky, ask her to marry me, everyone here is invited.

We'll be serving crŤme brulee so make sure you eat up.

A joke, babe.

Except for the marriage part because I love you.

Well, look at all these visitors.

Y'all hungry for some tea and biscuits?

Cuz Imma bring some out lickety-split.

And you're in this huge movie now. You're just-

Everything seems so- Good luck.

I'll see you at the Oscar this year. For sure. Thank you.

Thank you so much. I love you. It's Hollywood.

They're great. They're great.

Did you hear The Fortune Bottle is up for several awards including Best Picture?

Summer made that movie what it is.

Mm-hmm. Oh I ran into Shelly and she said she think Scott and Bobbie Jo are getting a divorce.

I wouldn't be surprised if he cheated on her just like he did to our poor Summer.