Hollywood Horror House (1970) Script

Grauman's Chinese theater in Hollywood, here comes, yes, I believe it is.

It is, it's Katharine packard.

Turning to the local news, another dismembered body of a Hollywood woman was discovered in the Hollywood hills, late yesterday.

Homicide investigators believe she was the victim of the same psychopathic killer who has murdered and dismembered a number of middle-aged women in the Hollywood area.

Property owners voiced their disapproval of the disclosed increases in property tax.

Today, an angry administration is adhering to the state bill that's happening.


She never gets sick, except one time, on the flight to Detroit, she had one of those breaded hot dogs, you know.

Folks, this is the home of Katharine packard, one of the most famous stars of the motion picture screen.

Happily retired from the glamor of the motion picture world, she now devotes her days of leisure to benevolent social work and her pet Hollywood charities.

This home was built at a cost of over half a million dollars, once a scene of lavish Hollywood parties.

But she never gets sick unless she has apple juice.

Just as much now that I'm gonna be a star, again, as I did before.

Everyone in Hollywood's gonna be, absolutely everyone, and it wouldn't be right without you, would it, darling?

It's a real comeback.

So you see, you simply must come to my little party.

Yes, oh, yes, darling, Ava, Clark, yes, oh!

Must run!


J Dee, Dee, Dee, dah, dum, da-dum, Dee, yah, yah oh, just one more glass of personality.

What happened to you?

To my dear, loving, loyal friends.


Let's go!

J Dee, dum, dum, da, la, la, la, la oh not like a start, like a star.

Oh boy, you came.

How wonderful of you all to have come.

I can't tell you how happy I am.

I can't believe that you're all here.

Every one of you, I'm glad that I had found you.

Oh, it's so wonderful to see you.

Dickie, you did fly in from Europe.

Oh, she looks divine.

Thank you, all!

And to you, Felix, you know I gave her the brush, just for my carpet.

I'm so happy I could cry.

She looks stunning tonight.

She looks lovely.

Oh, Lee, I'm glad I caught you before you left.

How is she?

Well, she's broken her lower tibia.

Oh, what does that mean?

Well, she'll be in a cast for a while, but she'll be all right.

She was drinking?


Now I've ordered a wheelchair and the registry is sending over a nurse.

We'll get her on crutches and keep her as active as possible.

Well, I'll see if I can cheer her up.

Thanks, Lee.

Hello, ira.

It's cold in here.

For god's sake, why don't you turn on some heat?

I think you should know that Katharine... - I know.

Lee's already told me.

Well, I can't watch her every moment.

If I may say so, I don't think it's good for her to stay up in her room, all the time, like she does.

Well, let's get her some films to see in the projection room.

Leslie, I'd be careful about the pills.

Don't leave anything up there that she could use to harm herself.

I've thought of that.

There's nothing.

Well, I better get up and see her.

Katharine, please.


I'm only interested in... Ira.

I'm tired.

I'm awfully tired.

Forgive me.

I was going to say that I am only interested in your, in your welfare.

I know.

You've always been so damned interested in my welfare.



You're an angel for coming by.

Nick, take me to the club, will you?


My name is Hardy, Laurel n. Hardy.

Are you from the registry?


Oh, uh, come in, Mr. Hardy.

Miss packard's secretary will interview you.

I didn't know that Katharine packard was still around.


Well, she's very much around.

She's got a lot more youth about her than all the young people you see in films and television nowadays.

They're all so callow.


Yeah, callow and disgusting.

I take it you don't like the modern generation.

Self-centered animals.

I don't think you like me in particular.

I'm not the one that does the hiring and firing.

Well, cheer up, sweetheart.

I may not get the job.

Miss Blair, Mr. Hardy is here from the registry.

Why don't you sit down, Mr. Hardy?

I'll be right with you.

She got the name wrong.

It's valance.

Miss packard has broken her leg.

You'll have to help her with her wheelchair.

The elevator is out of service, so she will have to be carried up and down the stairs.

Do you drink?

Now and then.

Is there a decent interval between the now and then?

Well, I can steer a straight line with the wheelchair, if that's what you mean.

You see, miss packard is an alcoholic.

We don't allow spirits on the premises.

No spirits.

Please make yourself look more presentable.

You'll have to get a haircut and wear a proper uniform.

You mean I got the job?


Yeah, how does anybody have too much success?

I'm unhappy because I haven't had enough success.

Well, we should all be grateful for what we have.

Thanks for the advice.

I'll remember it next time somebody hands me a bedpan.

Hey, um, what's that?

Oh, it's an egg timer.

That's miss packard.

She wants her lunch.

I'll take it.

Oh no, I don't think...

1 guess it's about time for her to meet her babysitter, right?

Look, I don't think miss Blair...

Uh, where do I go?

Top of the stairs.

Chop chop!

Take it easy, Greta.

Too bad, sweetheart, the callow youth got the job.

I did not mean to imply that you're callow, Mr. Hardy.

I never judge a person until I know him.

Well, it won't be so bad.

A broken leg is usually only good for a couple of months.

I'm sure we'll learn to get along, Mr. Hardy.

You can call me Laurel.

Laurel, Laurel n. Hard...

Greta, is that you?


You must be the ice cream man.

That's right.

What flavor would you like?


Sorry, all we got is tutti-frutti.

Get out, get out of my bedroom.

You don't like tutti-frutti.

I don't like you.

I don't you, and I don't want to know you.

Mildred, will you get him outta here?

You best leave, Mr. Whatever your name is.

I'll see what other flavors I can find, right?

It's Mildred or Greta who serve meals to miss packard.

If you're incapable of fitting into our routine, we'll make other arrangements.

Any questions?

Yeah, can we get the elevator fixed?

No, the service charge alone is $50.

Anything else?

You could've told me you were the nurse.

But I had my nursey costume on, right?


In the mornings, I like to sit by the pendula.

And in the afternoon, I like to sit by the pool.

Sometimes, I sneak in a nap after lunch, but don't worry, I'll ring when I want you.

There's a buzzer in my room, right?

Oh for god's sake, why do you end every sentence with a question Mark?

The buzzer's in the pantry, I think.

You mean, you ring the buzzer, and you don't know where it rings?

It's not my concern where it rings, as long as it rings.

In other words, I hang around wherever the buzzer rings around three, right?

You make it sound dreadfully difficult.

You know, man, your house is so big.

Maybe I ought to put a taxi meter on your wheelchair, instead of being paid by the week.

That's up to you.

Where does that go?

Where does that go?

To the heart of this house, the very heart.

After my husband died, and I came back from Europe, I closed those rooms, and I stopped entertaining.

You know, it's a shame, the state these gardens have gotten into.

We used to have a wonderful man who did everything, and then one day he was gone.

Perhaps you could do something about the gardens.

Do you have a green thumb?

Yeah, I'm pretty good at grass.

You'll have to figure it out.

Oh . - Say!

I remember you from the silent movies.

You must be fatty arbuckle.


Oh, wow . - Yeah.

Actually, I picked up those jokes from the encyclopedia britannica.

Hey, it's dark in here. Shh!

Why don't you use the light?

Be quiet.

Where are we going? Shh!

Vic, are you sure we should go in there?

This goes to the heart of the house, the very heart.

Hey, what if miss packard finds out we've been here?

Don't worry about it.

I have never been in this part of the house before.

And this is where Katharine packard entertained in the elegant opulence of her Hollywood home.

It's only a dummy.

This way to the rathskeller.

Don't be afraid.

And this is where Katharine packard did some of her most dedicated drinking.

Hey, Vic, what is a rathskeller?

I give up.

What an interesting room.

Ah, chartreuse.

She got here ahead of us.

Imagine being perched up here in baronial splendor on a cloud of gin fizz and doing exactly as you like.

Most people who do exactly as they like die.

Aren't you a clever little fortune cookie.

You know, Vic, I don't know anything about you, not really, I mean.

What do you want to know?

Well, tell me about your past, what you've done, what you've learned, what you want to do.

Look, I'm not interested in the past.

All that counts is now.

But the past is many, many now, and you're a collection of all those nows.

All right.

My mother was a lush.

She slept around.

She ran off with a pimp, and they put me in a foster home.

Is that the kind of stuff you mean?

That's a beginning.


That's the end.

Turn off the lights, Victor.

Come back.

Now, Victor, lean back next to me.

Now put your arm around me.

Now say something just lovely to me.

Like what?

Can't stand that horrible cacophony.

Miss packard's looking better today.

Maybe the poor dear's health is improving.


Would you care to look these over before I send them out?

He does bring some life

perhaps noise would be the better word.

Oh, you don't like music, darling?

I love music.

It's noise that offends me.

What are those papers you want me to read?

I wish you'd told me you asked him to clean the pool.

We had quite a scene about it.

You made me look foolish.

Oh, Leslie, let's not have any difficulties today.

It's such a lovely day.

Here, I'll take care of that, tomorrow.

Uh, tell me, what was the name of that publicity man, Jerry or something?

Jerry Flynn.

Yes, Jerry Flynn, call him.

Tell him I've been in Europe, that I want to get in the columns again and do a few personal appearances.

I'll even do television.

He can put me on one of those vile talent shows, if he likes.

I'll even do the Christmas parade.

You don't really mean it.

Of course I mean it.

And have a trunk sent up.

I'm going to get rid of all my old rags.

I'm going to get a whole new wardrobe.

Now, Saturday night, we'll have dinner in the east wing.

Call ira and Josef and ask Mr. valance to join us.

Mr. valance?

Well, why not?

He's staying here in the house.

It would be rude not to ask him.

Mildred will have a good deal of cleaning to do.

Oh yes, yes, everything must be cleaned.

I want it all cleaned, all the cobwebs brushed away, the silver polished, the crystal chandelier cleaned so that it sparkles we'll but the candelabra on the table, and Vic can cut some flowers from the garden.

Did you know the roses are all blooming?

They're just beautiful.

J here I go again j I hear those trumpets blow again j all aglow again j takin' a chance on love j things are mending now j I see a rainbow blending now j we'll have a happy ending now j takin' a chance on love you know, your mother has good taste.

But if you don't get out of here, I'll have to call the police.

Oh god! You again!

Anybody in there?

Come on in, George is back!

Did you do anything any good over there?

You touched my masterpiece.

Well, there's a lot...

Uh, what do you call it?

"Gastronomic rhythm."

This sort of work, George, is unquestionably...

I used to be marvelous.

Right no the nuance.

Now will you get him out of here!

You, uh, you want a drink?

Makes me sleepy.


Try one of these.

What is it?

It's a painkiller, man.

A painkiller?

Well, what do I need a painkiller for?

'Cause you're in pain, man.

You sure?

Come on, Vic, stop it.

No ticky, no washy, huh?

There's a place for everything.

I know where that is.

Oh, Vic, there's more to life than sex.

No kidding. Hmm.

I was dying of some mysterious illness, and poor George Brent didn't know about it.

I guess I missed that one.

Mm, that feels marvelous.

Now remember the dinner party tonight, sit up straight and don't slur your words.

Oh, honestly, your manners are atrocious.


That's too hard.

Sorry. Victor, that, that hurt awfully.

Sometimes, you forget how very strong you are.

I didn't realize I was hurting you.

Kiss me, Victor.

Yes, you do have the eyes of a raven.

Now don't forget, dinner's at eight, cocktails, seven, of course.

I'm sure you're gonna like ira.

He's really a darling.

You know, I think he's always been secretly in love with me, but he's never done or said anything to me.

Hollywood was a glamorous place, then.

It was glamorous.

Now it is just past now.

Yes, bitter.

I am bitter.

I needed time to direct my pictures.

Creation is like vintage wine.

First, all the elements must be right, and then it takes time.

That's why my grapes are sour.

Mr. valance is interested in acting.

I tried to explain to him it isn't easy.

But like most young people, he has an idealistic point of view.

Well, Hollywood is no place for an idealist.

Better for a masochist.

Yeah, that's what they keep telling me, down at the unemployment office.

Well, it takes dedication and perseverance.

As in everything, one must know one's goal and go after it.

I'm sure Mr. valance knows what he wants and will persevere.

Isn't that true, Mr. valance?

I'd like to show Mr. Valance my gallery.

That's where Katharine keeps her mementos.

I'd love to see those old things again, Katharine.

But, uh, I'll run off and fix my face.

Yes, by all means do.

So you're interested in films, Mr. valance?

Oh well, yeah.

I was in an Andy warhol movie, the other week.

War who?

Hol, warhol.

Oh, interesting.

What part did you play?

Oh, I just sat there in the movie.

He forgets that she was a mere puppet, and I was the master.

What you see is really a product of my imagination.

Oh please leave me something, Josef.

After all, it was my legs they admired, not yours.

Oh, now that's the costume I wore in "samokhan."

Oh, yeah, that was with Ronald Fairbanks.

Ronald colman.


So vivid in my memory, as if it were yesterday.

Thank you.

Oh, Greta, you're an astute person.


If an older woman showed a great deal of generosity and indulgence to a younger man, wouldn't you think they were having an affair?

I'm afraid I don't know anything about that kind...

Excuse me, please.

Why don't you sit down, huh?

I told you I don't want to.

What's the matter with you?

This place gives me the creeps.

What are you talkin' about?

You and Katharine.

Come on, she's old enough to be my grandmother.

Well, that doesn't seem to make much difference, does it?

I don't intend on pushin' the bedpan the rest of my life.

Do it my way, and we'll have all the bread we want.

I don't want that kind of money.

And I don't my child to have that kind of a father.

You're pregnant.

You really are a bastard!

Greta, come back here!

Come back!

What do you think you're doin', huh?

What's the matter with you, huh?

Let go of me! Look, there's nothing to worry about.

These things can be fixed. Let go of me, no!

Greta, I meant all those promises I made.

You're just upset.

Gimme some time and we'll get outta this dump.

Greta, come back here!

No, no.


Greta, what is it?

Miss Blair, I'm afraid I must go.



Well, I'd rather not discuss it.

It's just that I can't stay in this house another day.

It's Mr. valance, isn't it?


It hasn't been very pleasant for any of us.

I'm packing.

I'll be leaving in the morning.

Before you go, tomorrow, won't you come upstairs with me and tell miss packard why you're leaving?

Well, I... Please.

It could solve all the problems in this house.

It's best miss packard know what kind of man Mr. valance is.


Yes, I will.






Vic, are you there?

Listen to me, Vic.

I think I understand now.

Vic, you've got to understand yourself.

Things between you and miss packard could, could only go badly, Vic.

She could never give you the things that you've never had.


Vic, I know you're there.


Get out!

Get out.

Well, are you burying your conscience or trying to turn over a new leaf?

Meaning what?

I'm talking about Greta.

It seems that Greta is leaving us, this morning, because of you.

Oh, it was, uh, just a few kisses behind the bushes.

You might not find it so amusing when she tells miss packard why she's leaving.

Well, I'm sorry to ruin your day, miss Blair, but Greta has left.

Sleep well?

No, horribly.

You didn't ring for breakfast.

I didn't want any.

You know, a little food might make you feel a little better, you know.

I feel all right.

You know it's past 10 o'clock?

Where'd that watch come from?

Well, you bought it for me, Katharine.

I did not.

Look, I told you I needed a watch.

You said I could charge one to you at Tiffany's.

What else have you bought?

What else have you bought and charged to me?

Katharine, you said I could have a watch.

Where's Leslie?

I never seem to see Leslie anymore.

Tell her I feel she neglects me.

Of course, darling.

Maybe, uh, you should get a little fresh air, huh?

We'll go for a drive, this afternoon.

We could stop... - No.

No, I don't want to go for a drive.

Oh, listen, we could go down to Malibu.

And we could stop and have a little drink on the way home.

How 'bout a little drink?

Go slowly, Vic.

It's so long since I've been on the strip, I want to see things.

I guess it's changed.

Oh yes, it has.

It was so glamorous once.

Say, how would you like to go to a party?

A party, I'd love it.

I haven't been to a party for ages.

Atwater Kent used to have such lovely Sunday afternoon parties, oh, with the most interesting people, strolling violins.

Oh such a tacky thing, tacky New York fairy.

J go back-back, go back-back j go back isn't that Katharine packard?

Who's Katharine packard?

Oh, thank you.

Katharine packard, I have a painting of you.

Thank you very much.


I remember you.

You look divine, darling.


My son saw you in the Philippines when you entertained the troops.

Oh, your son was in the Spanish-American war?

Want coke, lady?

I'd much prefer a deep-dish Martini.

No, I got coke, speed, smack, grass and acid.

No, thank you.

The only trips I take are to Europe.

I'll get you a vodka Martini, miss packard.


Wow, I'm Katharine packard's pusher.

Where'd you find old Sarah heartburn?

In the classifieds, baby.

Under business opportunities?


Hey, my man!

Where you been keepin' yourself, huh?

You mean, who has been keeping yourself?

You know, I'm not in the habit of crashing parties.

But I must say, this whole thing is absolutely fascinating to me.

Oh, here comes my sweet Saint Bernard with my antifreeze.


J come to mama-do mm.


You're mine now!

Hey, dig this!

Woo! - It will make you crazy!


It's heaven.

It's Louis xvi.

Oh, it's Louis v. Bear!

J love by you, by you j but nobody else but you I want this one to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on!

Oh, look at them, aren't they wonderful?

And agreeing with them. Take my love.

Take my love.

Take my love. - You are kind.

Take my beard!

You can have my beard.

Oh, look at you!

You look just the same as you did in "the bride of Frankenstein."

Thank you.



Where are you?

This is my room.

And you have no right to be here.

What right do you have to bring those horrible people into this house?

They're Katharine's friends.

She invited them.

Mr. valance, you have taken advantage of a vulnerable woman, and I am going to use every means in my power to see to it that you leave this house and never come back.

But, Leslie, she really, she really needs me now.

She'll never send me away again.

This time, it will be different.

What do you mean?

I always knew she'd need me.

I amuse her.

[, uh, help her with her wheelchair.

[, uh, serve her her meals.

She'll never listen to you.

I service all her corpulent needs.

Why, les,

I do believe you're jealous.

Oh, thank you!

Thank you.

Queen, yes, I'm a queen.

I'm the queen of the may.

No, I'm the queen of the Christmas parade.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and all is well, well, well, well.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Yo, ho, ho, ho!

Yo, ho, ho, ho!

See, he heard that.

Happy new year!

Now ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here's that moment we've all been waiting for.

Here he is, all the way from the north pole, it's Santa claus and the queen of the Santa clause Lane parade.

Ah, I wonder who the queen is.

The one with the beard, silly.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, a face familiar to Hollywood, the queen of the Santa clause Lane parade, miss Katharine packard.


Uh, well, it's so wonderful.

It's, it's simply wonderful, all, all these wonderful people.

1, 1, I'm sure this is reminiscent of other evenings for you on Hollywood boulevard.

Yes, I've had glorious nights here.

Sid grauman, poor old sid, he was a good friend of mine, you know.

We always had our premiere's at grauman's Chinese.

But the boulevard has changed since then, all these hoodlums and queers, oh!

The boulevard has gone downhill.

It's gone downhill!

Boo! I'm tellin' you the truth.

Thank you, thank you, yes, uh, uh, and there, ladies and gentlemen, you have miss Katharine packard, a great actress, a great star.

Katharine, Jerry Flynn called.

Do you want to talk to him?

No, how did you like my performance, last night, on television?

It was obvious that you were drunk.


I'm not one to lie to you, Katharine.

Well, at least I didn't fall off the float.

Now please go, I don't want to see you or anyone.

You've been a great star, Katharine.

You're an exceptional human being.

But now don't destroy the past by making a fool of yourself over that Mr. valance.

Let's face him for what he is, a vulgar opportunist.

Please, please, Leslie, just leave me alone.

Will you?

I'll thank you to wipe your feet before coming in.

You're welcome, Mildred.

And it's miss Leslie that goes through the mail.

Things change.

They certainly do, Mr. valance.

I hope you haven't been disturbing Katharine.

She's feeling ill.

Yes, quite ill.

Oh, miss Leslie, there's been so many problems since that young man arrived.

Don't worry, Mildred.

I think our problems are solved.

Why, Victor, where have you been?

I've been waiting for you.

1, uh...

Come over here and sit close to me.

You know, all afternoon, I've been thinking and planning.

We'll go away, soon, won't we?

Oh yeah, sure, we'll go away.

Well, I was thinking, you'll need some summer clothes.

Yeah, yes, I will.

And a car.


Well, we can't take the rolls.

You'll need a smaller car, something you can run about in.

You mean something like a Maserati?

Yes, something like that.


Do you know, Victor, that's the first time you've ever kissed me without my asking you to?

Was it the Maserati or the clothes?

What do you mean?

I must've been a very lonely, miserable woman not to have imagined what an opportunist you are.

I must've been very lonely.

Now, for god's sake, please just get out of my house.

What's the matter with you?

Get out!

Get out of my house!

Oh god.

You're not to disturb Katharine.

I don't intend to disturb her.

She's sleeping, and you're not to come up here.

Oh, well, I'll come back later then.








Victor, where are you?


Vic, I know you're here.

Operator, operator, operator, I need help.

I need...

Oh somebody, somebody help me, help me, help me.

Oh god, oh dear god, help me!

Help me, help, help, help!


Miss Blair.

Yes, Mr. valance?

I suppose you want your paycheck.

I haven't made it out yet.

I seem to forget that you're an employee here.

Katharine doesn't want to be disturbed.

She suggests that you take the afternoon off.

Katharine doesn't know that I have some bookkeeping to do this afternoon, which I'm sure she will find of interest.

Oh, Vic, how nice.

Well, what time is it?

You know, I think I'm hungry.

Has, has Greta fixed dinner?

Greta's gone.


You made her go.

No, no, I didn't.

Where's Leslie?

I want to see Leslie.

She's not here.

Vic, I'm, I'm frightened.

I'm frightened!

Your nerves are bad.

Maybe a little drink will help, uh...


No, I, I, I don't.


Listen, my mother was a lush.

She couldn't help herself.

No, I don't, I don't want...


And we'll, uh, we'll make a little toast, hmm?

Here's to lonely, rich, old bags.

= take it, please, take it.

Now, uh, why don't you sing me your little song, huh?

I can't.

I couldn't.

I can't... - Sing!

J here I go again j those rainbows blow again oh, no, no, no, that isn't it.

That's wrong.

[, I can't, I can't remember it.

Maybe a little drink will help you remember, huh?

Now sing.

J here I go again j here I go again louder, louder.

J I hear those trumpets blow again louder!

J all aglow again j takin' a chance on love j here I slide again j about to take that ride again j all aglow again

j all aglow again, aglow again

Don't be stingy, Mildred.

Thank you, love.

His royal highness is having Brandy and cigars.

Mildred, where's the egg timer?

Humpty dumpty?

It disappeared mysteriously along with Greta.

What do you mean?

I can't find it anywhere.

I mean about Greta.

You said mysteriously disappeared.

Oh, that's what she did, didn't she?

Mildred, I notice you haven't been polishing the silver.

Tarnished silverware is so depressing.

This is a big house, Mr. valance.

There's too much to do for one housekeeper.

Yes, I understand.

It must be quite difficult for a woman of your age.

Perhaps a younger woman could handle it better.

Oh Mildred, would you tell Leslie I want to speak to her about the screening?

But I do wish you'd come by, ira.

She doesn't seem to listen to me anymore.

Oh, I don't think things can be as bad as all that.

Hold on a minute.

Leslie thinks it's important that I talk to Katharine.

Apparently, there's some difficulty with that young man.

If you think I'm gonna let that woman ruin our holiday again, you're mistaken.

Leslie, we're going out of town tomorrow, but I'll, I'll drop by at the end of next week.

Yes, ira, good night.

Vic, yes, you had nothing, remember?

You came here, and you had nothing, and I helped you.

And I loved you, a little, I think.

I have to watch you like a hawk, don't I?

No, no, no.

Did you think I was somebody you could buy with your little handouts?

Was I to be another one of those mo-mentos for your collection?

No. You'd like me stuffed and put in a glass case for all your dinner guests to admire, wouldn't you?

No, no, Victor, why are you doing this to me?

You were gonna throw me out.

No, listen, listen to me.

Victor, Victor, listen to me.

I'll give you anything you want.

My money, I've lots and lots of money, and my jewelry, all my jewelry.

On, I'll, I'l, I'l, I'm give you everything I've got.

Too late for that!

You're going to hurt me.

Oh no, Victor, please.

Oh no, please, don't hurt me.

No, please don't hurt me!

Victor, don't kill me, don't kill me.

Victor, don't kill me.

Victor, please, don't kill me!

Oh, I don't want to die!

I don't want to diel



Why, Mr. valance, are you leaving?

Miss packard wanted me to put some of her stuff in the basement.

See that you don't Mark the floors.

Miss packard would like her breakfast.

She's feeling better, this morning.

Oh, Mr. valance, you frightened me.

Your nerves are bad, miss Blair.

You look pale.

My nerves are quite good, thank you.

Tell Mildred that miss packard will have her eggs soft boiled, this morning.

And I'll have my breakfast in the sunroom.


I'll take it up when it's ready.

Apparently, the poor dear's feeling better.


The other night, I thought I heard her scream.


Yes, I was asleep, and it woke me.

Perhaps I was having a nightmare.

Haven't been sleeping well.

This house just isn't the same.

Mr. jaffee will be back soon.

Perhaps he'll be able to do something.

You know, I think she's drinking again.

Why, what makes you think that?

She stays up in her room there now all the time.


Yes, perhaps you're right.

Well, I see miss packard didn't want cream after all.

What do you mean?

I forgot to give her cream.

I thought you'd be down for it.

As a matter of fact, I drank the coffee.

She didn't want any.

You know, I shouldn't have to ask for my check.

Perhaps you'd like me to mail it to you.

You can put it under my bedroom door.

That'll be fine.

Which bedroom door?

Oh, just a moment, Mr. valance.

Would you have miss packard approve and sign these papers?

I would like them returned in the morning.

They happen to be your charge accounts.

I don't think I could send out checks in such large amounts without miss packard's approval.

Katharine, don't be alarmed, it's me.

We must be very quiet.

Oh, thank god you're all right.

I've been so worried.

He wouldn't let me come upstairs.

We've got to get out of this house, tonight.

That man is dangerous.

I'm awfully frightened.

Oh, oh no!

No, oh no, no, no!

Oh no, no, no!


Miss Leslie!

Miss Leslie!

Leslie thought you were in the trunk.

She didn't know you were in the flowerbed with Greta.

But you told her, didn't ya?

Didn't you?

You know what happened the last time you talked to Leslie about me.

Are you awake?

Are you awake?

I love you.

I know you love me.

That's why I came back after all those years.

I knew you'd need me, one day.

I feel I can trust you now, can't I?

Get out, get out!

You know, what you need is some air.

Just ring if you need me.

Good morning, Mildred.

She's not feeling well, this morning.

An omelet and some orange juice.

Yes, sir.

I'll take it up when it's ready.

Mildred, are you ill?


Of course I'm not ill.

I've never been sick a day in my life.

I'll thank you not to imply I'm ill.

You know, uh, I think you could do with a holiday.

Why don't you, uh, take some time off?

Why, I don't know what I'd do with myself.

Mildred, when Leslie returns from town,

tell her I want to see her.

Miss Leslie?

I was just another one of your crusades.

You have people up that think anything great about you.

You know, it's true you never loved me.

You know what?

I think you thought you had me fooled, huh, you and your righteous friends?

And how do you think I'm suffering about this, all the time, cozying up with your stupid friends, huh?

I know better now.

The truth is you only had time for those drunk friends of yours you slept around with.

You never really wanted me, and so you thought you could order me around.

You, oh yeah, tell me how to behave, tell me how to dress, tell me about my manners, tell me about how to speak, huh?

You thought you could tell me what to do.

And then you thought you could throw me out, huh!

Mr. valance!

Mr. valance!

Good evening, miss packard.

I brought your tray.

I think it'd be nice if you had it over here, at the fireplace.

And [I'll light the fire.

My goodness, listen to that rain.

You'll catch your death.

You should have something around you.

I'll get your shawl.

Folks, this is the home of Katharine packard, one of the most famous stars of the motion picture screen.

Happily retired from the glamor of the motion picture world, she now devotes her days of leisure to benevolent social work and her pet Hollywood charities.

This home was built at a cost...