Home by Spring (2018) Script

[Burt] Susan, how'sit sounding out there?

[Susan] You sound great Burt.


Check check check.


I have been lookingeverywhere for you.

Am I that hard to find?

Everything's falling apart.

Nothing's fallingapart Gretchen.

What about the ice, the music?

The catering truck?

The ice is goingin the deer freezer, Burt is organizing the music, and Turner is cuttingbranches to make room for the catering Truck.

Look, it's all planned out.

Your grandparentsanniversary will be perfect.

Excuse me.

[Loretta] Hey mom.

Oh hi sweetie.

Aren't those azaleas beautiful?

They are mom, but Ithought we were using cherry blossoms forthe centerpieces?

You don't think theseazaleas are pretty?

No I do, it's just, well azaleas are justso common around here.

Aren't you a littlebored of them?

No, not really.

I have an idea, wecould put the azaleas by the photo booth.


It's just I hadthe cherry blossoms shipped in from Oregan.

Please use them forthe centerpieces.

Okay of course.

Have you seen Wayne?

I think he's finishingup with a guest.

Have you told him yet?

I'm going to.

Oh Loretta.

I can't wait for him forever.

I've been trying for weeks mom, he keeps changing the subject.

But this timenow it's for sure?

Honey you have to tell him.

[Wayne] Hey Abby.

Good girl Abby.

[Turner] Hey Wayne,can you give me a hand?

Yeah what do I pay you for?

You can always fire me.

Give my job to Abby.

I'm not sure she wouldtake the job and salary.


Hey, you mightwanna schedule regular maintenance for that gear.

[Wayne] When somethingbreaks let me know.

It ain't a crime tothink about tomorrow.

[Wayne] And miss today?

Hey I'm just your employee.

But you own the inn now.

It's a lot of responsibilities.

You sound like Loretta.

Smart woman.

Smart man would alreadyput a ring on her finger.

Yeah, I'm just waitingfor the right moment.

Speak of the angel.


You know how muchI miss you today?

Things go wellwith the guests?

It's a great, fishare biting all day.

I hear Gretchen'sparty was a blowout.

Oh it's only 30 guests.

Now it soundslike plenty to me.

You know what, I wasthinking, this winter when things slow down weshould refurbish the old barn.


We could redo thewood, put in a bar, you could use it for events.

We can't avoid talkingabout it forever.

Yeah fine, fine,let's talk about it.

Well it's a hugeopportunity for me.

There aren'topportunities here?

I'd be working forone of the biggest event planners in the country.

Yeah in Los Angeles.

Loretta we can build theSundown into something special.

This is your hometown.

Doesn't that meananything to you?

Of course it does.

You took it.

I leave next week.


And what does that mean for--

You have no idea how hardthis decision was for me.


If I don't do this, I'll always wonderwhether I'm good enough.

Yeah fine.

You do whatever you got to.

I'm sorry Wayne.

Good morning Ms. Bennett.

Good morning.

Feeling okay?

I'm fine.

If you're getting sickI could always do the--

I don't get sick.

Now, what do wehave for tomorrow?

Zack Carroway'sbirthday party.

Beverly Hills, invitation only.

Bouncy castle arrives at8 am followed by cake.


Yes Ms. Bennett.

This isn't apresidential inauguration, it's an eight yearolds birthday party.

Which we are only doingso Zack's mommy and daddy will hire us forthe Richmond Ball.

I just like to be prepared.

And that is wonderful.

But remember, no plan survivescontact with the enemy.

(loud sneeze)

Still, I appreciateyour hard work.

Especially now thatDee Dee has retired.

Right, have you chosen anyone to be the new lead planner?

I don't know.

You have someone in mind?


Oh hi Lori, I hope I'mnot interrupting anything.

Oh no no, I'm justfinishing dinner.

Pretty casual.

So, how is the City of Angels?

Yeah, everything's great.

Well you know, the SpringFestival's coming up.

I sure wish you'dcome home to visit.

As soon as thingsslow down I promise.

I know honey,you work so hard.

Well I think it'sfinally paying off.

I think Ms. Bennett'spromoting me to lead planner.

Oh well that's great!

You deserve it.

I mean, I know they missyou here at the Sundown.

How is everything over there?

Well you could calland ask for yourself.

I tried calling.

[Susan] You triedtwo years ago.

Well Wayne doesn't wanna talk.

Well maybe he'll surprise you.

Yeah maybe.

Look, I gotta run,I love you mom.

I love you too honey.

I'm on my way, they tookforever with your dry cleaning.

(loud sneeze)

Ms. Bennett are you okay?

I might be comingdown with something.

Oh if you don't feelup to making the party, I could totallyhandle it on my own.

Loretta you sure?

Absolutely, it's an eightyear olds birthday party.

How bad could it be?

I will remember this.

Don't worry, I haveit all under control.


(faint applause)

There's no need to rush, there's plenty ofcake for everyone.

There ya go.

Could you move thegifts inside please?

Thank you.

Oh this is Adelayand Adelay gets the special cake with no nuts.


There ya go.

[Girls] Oh no,the bouncy house!

[Michelle] Is anybody in here?

(indistinct shouting)


[Loretta] Oh thank god.

Thank you.

Of course.

Oh, so sorry, headin the clouds.

Hold on a second.

You might be looking for this.

Oh my planner.

Thank you.

Hope you don't mind.

I took a peak inside.


Are you always so thorough?

Afraid so.

It's very impressive.

I'm Paul Perenti.

Perenti like the law firm?

You've heard of us?

Yeah, Adelay's your dau--

Adelay's my niece, and this is my fianceMichelle Wellerson.

The party is amazing.

And the way that youfixed the bouncy castle.

Oh well, thank my dad.

He had me fixing engines soonas I could lift a wrench.

Tomboy huh?

Yeah big time.

As a kid I practicallylived in the woods.

You grew up in the woods?

Not literally.

This is gonna be perfect.

We have to go but we would love todiscuss an event with you.

Can you stop by myoffice tomorrow?

Yeah, I thinkI have some time.

Great, I'll havethe garage reserve a space for Amy Bennett.

Awesome meeting you, and look forward toseeing you tomorrow.

Excuse me madam, I'mhere to offer you my eyes.

Because after seeing you, I won't be needing them again.

Hey Howard.

Hey honey, I'm sorry I'm late.

Audition went well?

Well, you just saw it so, what'd you think?

Oh stirring.

Oh good.

It was for a soap, sostirring was the goal.

Go over the menu?

Yeah, they'restill serving brunch.

Ah great, I love brunch.

Is brunch sopopular in LA because no one's up intime for breakfast?

And mimosa's are fantastic.

Speaking of fantasticI'm loving this suit.

Oh it's my bosses.

Why are you wearingyour bosses clothes?

Long story.

Have you heard of Paul Perenti?

I don't think so.

Well he's one of the mostpowerful lawyers in the city.

Go on.

He mistook mefor my boss today and I didn't correct him.

Well look at you.

He wants me, orAmy Bennett rather to come to his office tomorrow.

[Howard] You have to go.

[Loretta] Howard--

Babe, this is whypeople come to LA.

Okay, to becomesomething we're not.

I mean this couldbe your big break.

Look, I'm seeing Amytomorrow morning anyway.

I'll talk to her about it then and then we can go together.

Okay fine, but I'm telling ya, I don't think that's the way...

Crepes florentine.


Congratulations on the party!

Zack's parents were thrilled.

They just called to hireus for the Richmond Ball.

That's wonderful.

What's this I hear aboutyou fixing a bouncy castle?

Oh it was nothing.

Actually, funny story.

I met someone at the party--

Wait, before wetalk about the party, I have a surprise for you.

You know I've been lookingfor a new lead planner.


Well, Elizabeth, canyou come in here please?

[Elizabeth] Sure.

Elizabeth Nash,meet Loretta Johnson.

Hi, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you too.

Elizabeth is ournew lead planner.

Amy tells me you're great.

Elizabeth hastons of experience.

You're gonna learna lot from her.

So what were yousaying about the party?

You met someone?

It's not important.


I have some swatchesI wanna show you.

Okay, it wasgreat meeting you.


Hi this is Amy Bennet,I just wanted to confirm my appointment withMr. Perenti this afternoon.

Thank you.

Sorry for thewait Ms. Bennett.

Please, come on in.

[Loretta] How'syour day going?

Great, great, and you?

Yeah fine, thank you.

Please, have a seat.

Thank you.

[Michelle] Hi Amy.


Let me tell you first off Amy, even though I'm alawyer, I hate liars.

Mr. Perenti,there's actually--

So I apologizefor lying to you.

I told you Michellewas my fiance and technicallywe're not engaged.

I'm not sure I understand.

My father, Arthur,he's a bit old fashioned.

Paul has received hisblessing to marry me yet.

That's where you come in.

You want me toask him for you?

No, no, nothing like that.

It's just, he's very hard to impress.

Well if Paul Perentidoesn't impress him I'm not sure who could--

My dad is not impressedby stuff like this.

He's an outdoorsmanand Paul is--


Wait, Michelle Wellerson,your father is Arthur Wellerson the billionaire?

Well he prefersArthur Wellerson thephilanthropist, yes.

Arthur and I haven'texactly hit it off.

And I think it's because we'redoing things that I like.

So I would like to plana, what'd you call it?

A retreat?

A retreat is fine honey yes.

Yes, a weekend outdoors, with hiking, and fishing, and get him in areally great mood.

And if you can make Paullook more comfortable, all the better.

He's very hard to impress.

Yeah you mentioned that.

Most LA eventplanners spend even less time outdoors than I do.

But we were blown awaywith Zack's party.

And when you mentioned thatyou grew up in the woods?

We thought thatyou might be perfect.

Okay so, just for my own...

You want me to plan a retreat to make Paul looklike an outdoorsman so that your fatherwill give him his blessing to marry you?

It sounds crazy whenyou say it, but yeah.

Well tell herabout the wedding.

Right, the wedding.

Now we haven't chosen afirm to plan our wedding, if you can do this, I don'tsee why we can't hire you.

To plan the WellersonPerenti wedding.

Our wedding, yes.

That will beone of the biggest wedding's of the season.

Yeah you flatterus, but we do expect it to be a pretty good party.

So, can youplease help us out?

There's somethingI have to tell--

Sorry, sorry.

Everything okay Amy?

Yeah, I have to tell you, I can't wait to get started.


Thank you so much.

You have no idea whatthis means to us.

Well great.

What have I done?

You told a white lie,it's not that big a deal.

I pretended tobe my boss to get work from a highpowered attorney.

He could sue me for fraud.

Okay fine.

A gray lie.

Oh my god.

You can't forgetthese alright.

You're gonna need your energy.

Where do you keep your heels?

Back of the closet.

Don't think ofit as lying okay?

Think of it as savingyour boss a lot of work.

Well if I pullthis off Ms. Bennett will get to planone of the biggest weddings of the year.

Ah, you see, it's a win win.

And this can justbe a funny story we tell the companyChristmas parties.

That's my girl.

Alright, try these.

It's a hiking lodge Howard.

I can't wear high heels.

Honey, see you're thinkinglike Loretta Johnson though.

Okay you need to startthinking like Amy Bennett.

Hey what if I came with you?

Oh I could be Amy's assistant.

I don't think weshould stack anymore lies onto this than we have to.

Look, I gottashoot in Memphis this weekend anyway okay.

And it's been six months.

I gotta see yourhometown at some point.

There's not much to see.

Well if it produceda woman like you, I'm sure it's wonderful.

You always did love azaleas.


Oh my goodness!


Why didn't you tell meyou were coming home?

Are you here forthe spring festival?

Not exactly.

[Susan] Wow.

[Loretta] Yeah.

And I have to call you Amy?

Only in front ofPaul and Arthur.

Are you sure you justcan't tell them the truth?

If I tell the truthnow they'll call my boss and I'll get fired.

Oh wow.

Think Wayne will go for it?

I'm not sure he'sgonna have a choice.

What do you mean?

Well, don't tellhim I said this, but since you've been gone, Sundown's not doing so well.


Well Wayne, he's greatwith the outdoors stuff but you know Wayne.

He's just not organized enough to keep up with the events.

No, you two were a great team.

Do you still helpout over there?

No, not so much.

I think Wayne's afraid thathe can't afford to pay me.

I had not idea the innwas in this much trouble.

Oh honey, it's not your fault.

What could you do?

You're out there living in LA.

Hello Wayne.

You shouldn't bewearing high heels.

Could stick in the mudand twist an ankle.

Good to see you too.

And you Abby!

Trouble with the engine?

Nothing I can't handle.

If you want, I couldtake a look at it.

[Wayne] What are youdoing here Loretta?

I have some work for you.

Feel free to callour booking line.

You mean your cellphone?

It's a small operation.

You never answer when I call.

Can you blame me?

Two clients, threedays, deep pockets.

You have been inLA too long if you think I care about deep pockets.

They already gaveme the deposit.

Why did theygive it to you for?

You don't work here.

I'm their event planner.

Actually that's complicated.

Complicated how?

Well they think I'm my boss.

So all this getup issome sort of disguise?

And all you'd have to do is call me Amy.

I am not interested.

Safe travels Loretta.

I'm glad you found yourselfout there on the coast.

How's the inn doing Wayne?

What is that supposed to mean?


Okay it's three days.

You could use the money tofinally refurbish the old barn.

I'm sorry, but weare all booked up.

Have a safe trip home.

It was good to see you Wayne.

I mean it.

That barn is long pastdue for some renovations.

Sure is.

I don't see whywe couldn't fit in a couple more guests.

Great, I alreadytold them yes.

They'll be here Friday.

So what'd you tell your boss?

I was going homefor a quick vacation.

And she believed that?

I should visit more.

That's fine.

We'll see you every timeyou pretend to be your boss.

Obviously my clients willstay in the main house.

Oh really?

Yeah for what they're paying?

Fine, we have the Millers but I guess they can stayin one of the cottages.

And I told my momwe'd hire her back on for the weekend.

And here I thoughtI owned this place.

Well we need her help.

It can come out of my cut.

When was the lasttime you dusted?

I leave the windowsopen on Sundays.

Yeah that's nothow dust works.

Fine, we'll, we'll do some dusting too.

And now you don'tlike my coffee.

Well, these guys drinkFrench press coffee in an actual French cafe.

They're not gonna drinkDoug's Mellow Brew Mud.

Well that's a shame'cause Doug makes a mean cup of coffee.

What is all this?

I'm working on theitinerary for the weekend.

[Wayne] An itinerary?

Yeah a schedule.

Yeah I know whatan itinerary is, why do we need one?

Well, there's a lotriding on this weekend.

Not just for mebut for Paul too.

You mentioned thatPaul's gonna ask this billionaire Andrew--


Paul is gonna ask Arthur if he can marry his daughter andhe wants to do it out here?

Arthur's an outdoorsman.

Paul wants to show that he'scapable in the outdoors.

But he's not.

That' why we need a plan.

We need to put Paul in positions that make him look comfortable.


You might be the event wizard, but out in the woods,that is my domain.

I have never used an itineraryand I'm not gonna start now.

I need to makea shopping list.

Do you have any pens or arethose not part of your domain?

Drawer under the telephone.

Thank you.

No stamps.

[Wayne] What?

You got a passport?

Once you left I thoughtit would be a good idea.

So you would leaveSaint Francisville?

It's just a passport.

So that's a no.

You know, maybe Idon't see much of a reason to go anyplace else.

Well you must ofthought about it.

Didn't you say we'vegot some work to do?

Let's take a lookat that truck engine while we still have daylight.

I told you Icould handle that.

Oh Wayne, areyou still insecure about my superiormechanic skills?

[Wayne] Look just,don't get electrocuted.

[Loretta] Do you knownothing about engines?

Honestly I justhope for the best.

It works most of the time.

Well maybe if you focusedon the details a little more stuff would work all the time.

Want me to start it for you?

(loud grunt)

(engine turns)

Hey sounds good.

What do you say we takeit for a test drive?

No, no, I needto wash up before Turner and my mom get here.

Come on Lori, quick spin.


Well it seems to be working, so if I could justget back to the inn...

What are you doing?

You don't ever justwaste 15 minutes?

Look at where you are.

The sky.

These trees, this town.

Saint Francisville is in myblood, you don't feel that?

We should get back.

Yeah sure, okay.

So there we were lost, hungry.


Dog tired.

And Wayne wants to call Loretta.

Oh I have had towake up Loretta.

That is not a decisionyou make lightly.

So we're arguing, and who should appearbut Loretta herself.

You two, talkabout a sad sight.

Wayne says, "Honey,how did you find us?"

And she says "Well you twoare making so much racket

"I heard you clearfrom the tree line."


So, Wayne says, "Honey,you said you wanted

"wild violets for your party.

"And if it takes me all nightI'm gonna get you some."

And Loretta says, "WellWayne, that's very sweet

"but when I said Iwanted wild violets

"I meant I wanted youto go in my mom's store

"and pick some up."


Loretta, we're lost without you.

It's great to have you back.

Oh, Turner.

I'm not back back.

What do you mean?

I'm only here for work.

I go back to LosAngeles next week.

Hey Turner.

Hey, staying with your mom?

My old room.

Coming back home can be one heck of a thing.

Everything good in LA?


Yeah I mean, my job's a little crazy, but I'm seeing someoneso that's nice.


Have you told Wayne?

Well is hasn't come up.

Wonder why that is?

(clears throat)

I need a hammer and nails.

Do I wanna know?

The signs crooked.


Wayne, it's hangingfrom a piece of twine.


The first thingyou see you go okay at the Sundown Lodge Idon't need to be perfect.

Paul and Arthur aregonna be here any minute.

I don't have time toargue with you about this.

Check the barn, there shouldbe some nails in the toolbox.

[Loretta] Thank you.

Put your shoes on.

Hey you find anything?


You said you werelooking for nails.

Oh yeah yeah, I found some.

Well that'sgonna have to wait.

Your guests havearrived Ms. Bennett.


Hello there.

Mr. Wellerson?


You must be Amy Bennett.

This is Wayne Hendricks,he owns the inn.

Great to meet you Wayne.

Looks like you'vegot a beautiful piece of property here.

Thank you Arthur.

And I'm sorry we're late.

I wasn't driving.

What's that?

Oh, oh okay.

Mrs. Johnson, could you showMr. Wellerson to his room?

Of course Ms. Bennett.

It's right this way.

Oh no no, I couldnot let you do that.

Lead the way.

Mr. Perenti, soglad you're here.

Glad to be here Amy.

Oh, you have a--

Oops, I must have missed one.

I'm Paul.


Are those new boots?


Guy at the store saidthey were top of the line.

Well new boots canblister your feet.

I'll find you some old ones.


Well I just want you toknow I'm a little nervous.

After this weekend Arthur goesto Tanzania for two months.

This is my lastchance for a while.

Don't worry, we're gonna showArthur the time of his life.

Was the journey okay?

So we're supposedto make that guy look like an outdoorsman?

He looks like a mannequinin a hiking catalog.

Please, don't embarrass him.

I'm sure he'll do plentywell of that on his own.

Alright, I'll seeyou outside Amy.

I can't help butnotice you've had your eyes up in the trees.

Yeah there's abird I'm looking for.

Which one?

You ever hear of apileated woodpecker?

The same one asWoody Woodpecker?

Very good.

Yeah I hear yougot 'em down here.

Well not real activethis time of year, but, one morning we can makea mission of finding one.

Were the bootsokay Mr. Perenti?

It was fine.

How much further?

(heavy breathing)



Trade packs withme, mines lighter.

No really, I'm fine.

The hike's at leastanother couple miles.

Can we switch backonce I catch my breath?



Come on now.

What, are you laggingbehind already Paul?

We're just getting started.

Oh no, Mr. Perenticame back for me when I fell behind.

He's like a gazelle.

Arthur and I were justdiscussing the route.

Aren't we takingthe Gullawack?

No Gullawack's barely a hike.

Well as I saidin my itinerary, the Gullawack's a goodwarmup for the hike.

The Gullawack isn't gonnapush a gazelle like Paul.

Right Paul?

How ya feeling Arthur?

Hey, fresh as a daisy.

What do you saywe try a real hike?

No trails, see wherethe trees lead us.

See, that sounds likean adventure to me.

All settled then.

Let's go exploring.

(heavy breathing)

Can we take a break?

The gazelle wearing out?

No, no, it's me.

I have weak ankles.


Come on Paul.

[Arthur] So did yougrow up around here Amy?

What, why do you ask?

You seem to know yourway around pretty well.

I brought a lot of clients.

You sure you didn'tgrow up around here because I had an ex-girlfriend and you are her spitting image.

Must have one of those faces.

Well that must be it.

Well, if the lady'sankles have recovered, we should be heading home soon.

Oh hey, how was the hike?

Paul barely madeit, the poor thing.

Well I'm glad I made extra.

There'll be some hungry boys.

[Loretta] What'd you make?

Spam sausage.

Mom you didn't.

Well we always usedto serve spam sausage on the first night.

I don't want Paulto look squeamish in front of Arthur.

Well he'll justhave to make do.

Okay don't lie, justdon't get specific.

Oh boy.


[Michelle] HeyAmy, it's Michelle.

[Loretta] Ohhey Ms. Wellerson.

Soon to be Mrs.Perenti I hope.

Oh sure, Arthur and Paulare really hitting it off.

Oh god, that's such a relief.

My father can bevery hard to impress.

I better head back inside.

We're about to sitdown for dinner.

Amy, please.

I know this whole thingcan seem antiquated, but promise me you will get Paul my father's blessing.

I promise.

Thank you.

I'll talk to you soon.

Well it soundslike Amy Bennett has everything under control.


[Arthur] Thank you Susan.

Sorry, still workhours on the west coast.


They work in LA?

Some of us actuallywork pretty hard Arthur.

I know you do Paul.

Just kidding around.

This sausage smells great.

Thank you, it's old recipe.

While we have a moment, I thought we could gothrough the itinerary for the next couple of days.

(clears throat)

Well, this looks, very detailed.

I think what Amywants is for us to get the most outof our time here.

What do you say weplay things by ear?

I need to narrow things down.

Now there's a manafter my own heart.

You know what, I'll lookover this later on alright?

There's nothing wrongwith having a few ideas.

Sure I can't helpwith those dishes?

Please, you're our guest.


See y'all tomorrow.

Goodnight Arthur.

[Arthur] Goodnight.

Hey careful,those are antiques.

Come on, I calledyou Amy all night, I took your clientsout for a great hike, what more do you want?

You've beentrying to humiliate Mr. Perenti since he got here.

I am not tryingto humiliate Paul!

Keep your voice down.

If this is how you treat guests no wonder the inn is in...

No wonder the inn is what?

Don't worry about it.

You don't worryabout anything right?

Just play it by ear.

Even if Paul gets Arthur'sblessing, then what?

He spends the rest ofhis life pretending to be someone he's not?

Why does that sound familiar?

Loretta, I'm sorry.

My dad told me younever see more stars than in a SaintFrancisville sky.

That's kinda hard toargue on a night like this.

But how would he know, he never left SaintFrancisville his entire life.

That last summer I was here, I didn't wannalive my whole life and think I'd missed mychance to see the world.

Don't stay out here too long.

We got a big day tomorrow.

I love these lateharvest berries.

They're like candy.

Mom is everything okay?

You should tell Arthurand Paul the truth.

I want to, I do--

Then why don't you?

Your father and Iraised you to be honest.

No matter the consequences.

I'm going to tell them.

I'm just waiting forthe right moment.

You don't need the rightmoment to tell the truth.

I mean, you know.

Something on your mind?

I mean I remember you being bad but I don't rememberyou being this bad.

Throwing arm muststill be asleep.

Yeah, must be.

You ever think aboutleaving Saint Francisville?

Well I went to theBahamas last December.

You never told me that.

What do you think I do whenyou shut down for the winter?

Do you think I just roastpecans and twiddle my thumbs?

I guess I'm crazyif you're thinking this town is all I need.


Look at where I'm standing.

Home isn't where you go, it's where you come back.

That's pretty good.

Read it off a bottle cap.

(loud grunt)

Good morning Arthur.


[Loretta] Morning.

What is this?

Mi Esperanza,it's from Honduras.

It's delicious Arthur.

Mi Esperanza.

This stuff's like35 bucks a pound.

Well we wanted to make sure you're as comfortableas possible.

I appreciate the gesture but, I just like my coffeea little simpler.

I think we have simplercoffee lying around somewhere.

Oh, hey you guys needto get ready to go.

Why, where are we going?

Port Hudson.

Yes, it's partof Spring Festival.

They're giving toursof civil war sights.

Well yeah, it wason my itinerary.

Itinerary yes.

I told ya I'd look it over.

More walking.

Would you be joining us Amy?


I'll change into somethingmore comfortable and then--

Actually Amy and I havesome errands to run in town.

We'll catch upwith you in a bit.

Doug's Mellow Brew Mud.

I'm gonna have togive this a try.

What are you doing?

Well there areclassic cars this year so I think if we go around the--

Why don't you look with youreyes, not your itinerary.

[Burt] Well I'll be.

Good morning Burt.

Loretta Johnson.

I'd heard rumors.

Good ears.

News travels fastin a small town.

Wow, truck looks great.

Don't she?

Yeah, see what happens whenyou take care of something?

Remember Loretta's old car?

You used to cruise aroundthat little red Miata.

I can't believe youremember my Miata.

And your mom drives a two tone teal green Subaru station wagon.

And your dad, he drovethat 68 Chevy Nova SS, big block 396 rock crusher,four speed two door coupe.

Got some work coming your way.

Fixing up that old barn.

Finally, you'veonly been talking about it for like two years.

Well Lorettabrought some clients and they're overpayingfrankly so--

Don't sellyourself short Wayne.

Sometimes, the good guys win.

Y'all have a fun day.

And you come back and see me.

I will do.

So good to see you.

See ya bud, have fun.


Gosh, I haven'tseen Burt in so long.

[Wayne] Oh wow!

What a spread!

You're so sweet.

And Loretta, I haven'tseen you in ages.

Smell these pecans.

I have got to get a jar.

Of course.

Alright, how much do I owe ya?

After what you did forus, they're on the house.

Thank you.

Hey Wayne.

Forgot to show you something.

Come her real quick.

Sure thing Burt.

I will be right back.

I wish you'd letus pay for those.

Oh no way.

When my husband broke his ankle, Wayne stepped up and helpedout with our harvest.

Free of charge!

We would have beensunk without him.

Sorry, Burt was justshowing me pictures of his new plane.

Burt has a plane?

Yeah, yeah, this littlecrop duster he fixed up.

He's been volunteeringit to hospitals.

Back and forth betweenBaton Rouge and Dallas and that sort of thing.

Wow, Captain Burt.

I know right?

Well, we have botheredMrs. Wilson long enough.

Let's get moving.


Don't forget your pecans.

How could I.

Thank you Mrs. Wilson.

You're welcome, bye bye.

Good to see you.

Enjoy the festival.

Wow that was verysweet of you to help Mrs. Wilson like you did.

Well this isSaint Francisville.

We help our neighbors.

[Vendor] Thank you Wayne.


Oh we can catch up withPaul and Arthur if we--


Can I grab one of these?

Wild violets.

Took me a couple of years, but I finally found you some.

Okay, what is this?

Well it's the Spring Festival.

No, this.

I feel like you're playing mea Saint Francisville mix tape.

After what you said aboutyour father never leaving town I wanted to remind youthat Saint Francisville isn't the worst placeto spend your life.

Well that's very sweet.


Five bucks.


Oh man.

Everything okay Mr. Perenti?

Yeah yeah, just got a, I don't...


Any progress withArthur on the walk?

Not an inch.

I don't mean toadd more pressure--

I know.

Michelle would marry me withor without Arthur's blessing.

I just don't want to puther in that position.

There's still time.

Hey there'sgetting it out there.

Yeah, a little better.

It's kind of all onthe rod tip isn't it?

So what do you think of Paul?

I think he's anice enough guy.

Yeah he is.

Just not the kindof guy I pictured marrying my daughter I guess.

[Paul] Need anyhelp with that?

[Arthur] I got it.

Sure is a pretty day huh?

Yeah, sure is.

Get any bites?

Yeah, yeah.

Lot of fun fishing.


Yeah it is.

At least he's trying.

Maybe that's the problem,he's trying too hard.

You should tellhim to be himself, he'd get a lot further that way.

You know, I amout here every day and still I forgethow pretty it can be.

It's like I'm seeingit for the first time.

A little knotted up.

It came from Paul's reel.

Oh boy.

It's not that bad.

You think you couldgive me a hand?

You know the secretto untangling a knot?

A knife?

Yeah sure.

You could always giveup, cut it loose.

Or you find wherethe lines starts.

If you find wherethe line starts you can follow it all the way to the end.


I found the ringin your toolbox.


You were gonna propose?

Maybe it's a goodthing I didn't.

What do you mean?

Well your bigopportunity in LA, you would of had to choose.

That wouldn't be fair to you.

But you didn'tknow I was leaving.

Why didn't you propose sooner?

We had a good thing going.

And it never really feltlike the right moment.

What if there's no suchthing as the right moment?

What if that's justan excuse we use to put off doing hard things?

I need to tell Pauland Arthur the truth.

Are you sure?

It's gonna comeout sooner or later.

It might as well be sooner.

That takes guts.


[Amy] Hi.

Who is this?

Well who's this?

[Amy] This is Amy Bennett,I was looking for Loretta.

Where did I put that phone?

Looking for this?

Oh yeah thanks.

Everything okay?

I'm a little sore.

Came in looking for some ice and then you got a phone call.


From Amy Bennett.

Don't worry I covered for you.

Mr. Perenti I am so sorry.

If this weekend hasn't beenembarrassing enough for me--

Look, I was gonna tell you--

Why did you lie to me?

I was mad at myboss for passing me up for promotion.

I thought if I didthis on my own, she could see thatI could be more than just an assistant.

You're her assistant.

Oh that's just perfect.

I'll talk to Arthurin the morning.

And accept full responsibility.


That'll make me look even worse.

What do you want me to do?

I guess just keepup the Amy Bennett act for the rest of the weekend.

And then when we get back to LA we'll have a muchlonger conversation.

[Loretta] I need youto keep calling me Amy.

What happened totelling the truth?

Paul found out last night.

He's afraid it'llmake him look bad.

So Arthur's the onlyone that doesn't know?


You better hopehe doesn't find out.

I don't think he'dlike being the only one not in on a secret.

We are going to splitup into groups of two so we can cover more woods.

Arthur, you andSusan stick together.

Paul, you're with Amy.

Maybe Arthur andPaul could go together.

I want one person ineach group that knows the woods so nobody gets lost.

I gave each one ofyou one of Abby's old dog trackers.

If you see the wood peckerwe don't wanna spook him so hit the button on the side.

It'll come up on my phoneand we will come find you.

Now you could hookit on your belt and let's do it.

After you Mrs. Johnson.

Come on Paul.

I'm sorry Mr. Perenti.

I know this weekendhasn't exactly gone according to my plan.

No it hasn't Amy, Loretta.

But I tell you what.

I would spend a thousandweekends like this for Michelle.

She's lucky to have you.

You ever felt thatway about anyone?

Or anything?

I'm not sure.

Well you did lie tofurther your career so you must wantthat pretty badly.

Hey, somethingthe matter ma'am?

Are you always soset in your ways?

I'm not so set in my ways.

Oh I don't know about that.

I think it's good tochange the way we think from time to time.

At least the way wethink about people.

Oh you mean Paul.

I think you shouldgive him a chance.

I just want what'sbest for my daughter.

And how would you knowwhat's best for your daughter?

We do the best we can but, at some point, theybecome their own person.

So if Paul makesyour daughter happy, maybe that's what'sbest for her.

Oh shoot.

Oh don't worry, ithappens all the time.

Would you pleasestop doing that?


Telling me everything's okay.

I mess up I mess up.


Wait wait wait.

Do you hear that?

Pileated woodpecker.

Got him!

You're a wisewoman Mrs. Johnson.

Well maybe wisdomcomes with age.

Yeah, we both oughtto be pretty wise then.


Any luck?

Awe no woodpeckersbut, you know, a day spent in thewoods is never wasted.

I'm sorry Arthur.

I thought we'd find one.

Where's Amy and Paul?

Oh we haven't seen them.

Maybe I should.

One sec.

And that was Paul's tracker.

He probably fell downand pushed the button.

Or maybe he found a bird.

Alright come on.

You're absolutely sure?

I'm sure.

'Cause a lot of differentbirds sound the same you know?

Loretta, I know youthink I'm helpless.

In your defense I've givenyou plenty of reason.

But in this case I am sure okay.


Oh good.

Hey, you find anything?

Paul thought he heard--

I know what I heard.

It's around here somewhere.

It can be tough.

The way the bird callsbounce around the trees.

There it is!

There it is.



Well I'll be.

Well look atthat little cutie.

Paul how'd you know?

I knew what I heard.

I looked up the callonline this morning.

Sounds almost like a monkey.

Boy Paul!


Awe you shouldsee Tanzania Paul.

Impalas, far as the eye can see.

Herds of them.


Oh you've seen Impalas.

Only in pictures.

Well, picturesdon't do 'em justice.

I don't know whatyou told Arthur mom, but it did the trick.

You have to tell Arthurthe truth about who you are.

Mom please, Arthur and Paulare finally getting along.

She's got a point Ms. Johnson.

Oh what, now you too?

Alright, I'm gonnago start dinner.

See you two inside.

She's right, this wholethings gotten out of hand.

If Paul alreadyknows the truth, then Arthur, maybeI'd wait until he signs the marriage license.

God this weekend, I would never have beenable to do without you.

Be careful, you aint'out of the woods yet.

[Loretta] Are youexpecting more guests??




Well hello darling.

I tried to call, believe me but, you know, servicelooks a little, a little spotty down here.

Oh hey man, Howard Hodgekiss.

Wayne Hendricks.

I thought you werefilming in Memphis?

Yeah yeah I had theevening off so, you know, road trip.

Yeah I missed you, Amy.

Oh wait, Wayne knows who I am so you don't haveto call me Amy.

Okay, got it.

Our little secret huh?

Wait a minute uh--

Loretta's boyfriend, yeah.

Yeah, I just hope she doesn'ttalk about me too much.

[Loretta] Things aredelicate right now.

Delicate how?

Well Mr. Perentiand Mr. Wellerson are finally getting along.

Well what do youthink I'm gonna do?

I just don't want a scene.

Honey, why wouldI make a scene?

Though I was thinkingon the ride down here, would Amy Bennett reallybe dating an actor?


Just hear me out.

Or, would she be with, Pierce Bonham, galleriaowner and aficienado.

When Ms. Bennett first strode into my art gallery, it waslike a masterpiece come to life.

What was it you came in forthat first night my love?

Was it a, oh a Monet print foryour charity auction yes?

Oh you rememberit better than I do.

And just like that, we fell in love.

Where's your gallery Pierce?

Small neighborhood.

If you aren't fromLos Angeles you--

Silver Lake,Venice, Beverly Hills?

Ms. Johnson, could youshow Pierce to his room?


Pardon me.

Right this way.

Take your time.

As much as you need.

Well he's quite a character.

Character's right.

So you're dating Loretta.


Oh it's okay I'mLoretta's mother.

Oh, oh hi.

Wow, it's so niceto finally meet you.


How long have youtwo been dating?

Well April makes, about six months.

Six months.

Wow that sounds serious.

Yeah, we're takingit pretty slow.

Yes, I'd say very slow.

She hasn't even mentioned you, much less broughtyou home to visit.

Well look, I'vebeen wanting to come, but, you know Loretta.

She just works so hard.

Yes she does.

Enjoy your stay.



Wayne talk to me.

What's there to talk about?


He seems like a great guy.

I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

I don't care.

You might want to tell himto tone down the act though.

So Howard's an actor, hecan be a little dramatic.

Oh he's an actor.

'Cause Pierce Bohnamreally had me fooled.

You know you'rekind of being a jerk.

You never even askedif I was single.

Kinda how Arthur never askedif you're really Amy Bennett?

That's not the samething and you know it.

You're right, I'm sorry.

You've got your life inLA, I've got my life here.

I get that now.



You didn't thinkthat Pierce Bonham might have been alittle bit much?

My boyfriend.

I didn't ask him to do that.


If a story starts with a lie, does it matter if ithas a happy ending?

I don't know Mr. Perenti.

Neither do I.

I don't know if Arthur'sever gonna think I'm good enoughfor his daughter.

This weekend has been hard.

But the hardestpart by far has been being away from Michelle.

Ask him for hisblessing tonight.

What if he says no?

Then he says no.

But you can wasteyour whole life waiting for the right moment.

You have to ask him.

You a picker?

Yeah, I might of hada band back in college.

Fire's going.

You should come outand play something.


I couldn't do that.

Arthur, I could sure use a lovesong right about now.

I might have one.

Well I might be a littlerusty so hang with me.

♪ Some things likediamond rings ♪

♪ They cost a lot

♪ What I have to offer you

♪ Can't be bought

♪ To some it mightnot seem like much ♪

♪ But someday girl you'll see

♪ Even little children know

♪ Best things in life are free

♪ I'll give you barefoot days

♪ With nothing to do

♪ Long lazy summer days

♪ Where the smallest dreams

♪ Come true

♪ We'll find a vision oh

♪ And a volcano

♪ Sunny skies so blue

♪ I'll give you barefoot days

♪ Spend them with you

♪ Ain't it funny how

♪ People try to put a price

♪ On everything


Very nice.

[Arthur] Thanks.

Wow, is there anythingthat you can't do?

Well, I'm not avery good dancer.

Actually that's not true.

I'm a great dancer.



Yeah Paul.

There's somethingthat I've been wanting--

I'm sorry to interrupt.

I just, I simply can'thold it in any longer.

I was going to do thisback in Los Angeles but, after hearing Arthur'ssong I just, I can't.

I can't wait another minute.

Amy Antoinette Bennett,

will you marry me?

Is this for real?

[Paul] Congratulations.

Yeah, I guess loveis in the air huh?

Was that real?

What do you mean?

Well was that Pierceproposing to Amy or was that Howardproposing to Loretta?


You know, I got lostin the character.

[Both] I can't marry you.

Oh I'm so glad you said that.

I've been hiding away.

Not just from youbut from myself too.

I'm so sorry.

Yeah it's been six months.

Never thought to bring me here.

This is your home.

I guess you never sawme being a part of that.

You know I think I got lost in Pierce and Amy because inside I kind of knewthat Howard and Loretta--

Weren't meant to be.

It's alright.

Alright, I'm gonna head out.

Sorry Pierce is leavingya with a bit of a mess.

Oh don't worry about it.

I could do with aplot twist anyway.

We'll always have brunch.

We'll always have brunch.


Pierce had to headback to Memphis.

He's sorry he couldn'tstay for dinner.

Oh well that's too bad.

Hey Paul, before Piercestole the show out there, it seemed like therewas something youwere trying to say.

There was.

I mean, there is.

Well go ahead.

Excuse me.

Before I bring out supper, I would like to propose a toast.

First, to Arthur and to Paul.

We sincerely hope that youhad a really good time.

It could not havebeen any better Susan.


And to Ms. Bennett.

I know your own mothercould not be here for your engagement so, I would like to congratulateyou on her behalf.

Now I can only saywhat I would say to my own daughter which is, you are my whole world.

And I wish you the happiest life that you can ever imagine.

I'm sorry, I can't do this.

I should have donethis a long time ago.

My name is not Amy Bennett.

It's Loretta Johnson.

I grew up in SaintFrancisville Louisiana and this is my mother.

Come on, what areyou talking about?

I pretended to bemy boss so Mr. Perenti would hire me to plan this trip.

I don't understand.

You know about this Paul?

Not at first.

So you did know about this?

Arthur, I eventuallyfigured it out.

Please, I would doanything for your daughter and I didn't wannadisrupt this weekend.

Oh so you were all in on this?

Well you must think I'ma pretty big joke huh?

Hope you had a good laugh.

Arthur, it's not like that.

I'm really not in themood for I told you so's.

Actually I'm impressed.


This is a disaster.

Yeah it's a disaster.

But before it turnedinto a disaster, you showed thoseguys a great weekend.

God, I don't know what to do.

Well you know wherethose answers aren't?

In that binder.

The plan's kaput.

And that leaves you withone option, to improvise.

But I'm not like you.

I don't just improvise.

I plan things out.

Loretta, listen to me.

You are the smartestperson that I know.

If anybody can figurethis out, it's you.

Hey Wayne.

What's Burt's phone number?

Good morning.

Loretta Johnson.

I think we've met.

You met Amy Bennett.

Now you're meeting me.

Well nice to meet you Loretta.

There's someone herewho wants to talk to you.

I don't wanna talk to Paul.

It's not Paul.


Hi dad!

Well how--

Fresh off a red eye.

Oh there's a redeye from Los Angeles to Saint Francisville?

LA to Dallas.

My friend Burt pickedher up in his plane so she could see you beforeyou left for Tanzania.

You flew an airplanein the middle of the night from Dallas Texas?

He's from Saint Francisville.

Neighbors help each other.

I'm exhausted.

So if you could hearwhat I have to say that would be great.

All ears.

I am going to marry Paul.

And I'm not asking you,I'm letting you know.

I love him dad.

And he loves me.

He came with you this weekend and he hates the outdoors.

If you can't see whata great guy he is then,

I'm sorry, we're gonnahave to get married without your blessing.

Come on out Paul.

Are you gonna makemy daughter happy?

Yes sir.

And I never meant anythingmore my entire life.

Well, I knowyou don't need it, but you have my blessing.

[Michelle] Thank you dad.


Good morning Ms. Bennett.

Loretta, I hopeyou're well rested, we have a lot of work to do.

Actually there's somethingI have to tell you.

I pretended to be you so thatMr. Perenti would hire me.

Things are a whole lotsimpler when you're a dog huh?

But he has given us thePerenti Wellerson wedding.

So that's what happened.

If you want to fireme I understand.



You put at risk theintegrity of my company, everything that I've worked for.

I know, I'm sorry.

Younger me would'vedone the same thing.

So you're not firing me?

Oh I do admit that thePerenti Wellerson wedding does soften the blow.

Oh my god I can't believe it.

I always knew that youwere great with a plan.

Very smart Loretta.

I just needed to see yousail uncharted waters before I made you lead planner.

You're making me lead planner?

I know, shocked myself.

I must be loopyfrom the flu meds?

Wait, what about Elizabeth?

She took a job doingOktoberfest tours.

Beer crazy that one.

Thank you so much Ms. Bennett!

You and your southern manners.

You're coming back today right?

My flight's in two hours.

Great, I will see youin my office tomorrow.

Lead planner.

See ya there.

Oh my god.

Thanks for everything mom.

Sweetheart, don't wait twoyears to visit next time.

I won't, I promise.

Heard you gotthat big promotion.

How did you--

I might havebeen eavesdropping.


On behalf of everybody fromSaint Francisville Louisiana, let me just say congratulations.

We couldn't bemore proud of you.

You deserve it.

[Loretta] Thank you.

So you see your lady off?

Yeah, shouldn'tbe on a safari?

Tanzania's not going anywhere.

I wanna see if there's anyfish left in this river.

Sundown fever.

I've seen it happen tobetter men than you.

You have have you?

You've traveled a lot.

Seven continents.

Well in all your travels, you ever feel like youlost track of home?

Wayne, you know, when I was a kid I was sweeton this little girl Lucille.

Lucille huh?


Me and Lucille were walkinghome from church one day and she pointed out a bird.

Now we didn't have aclue what it was but, we just knew it lookedlike Woody Woodpecker.

And that's not the best part.

While I was looking at the bird, Lucille gave me a kissright on the cheek.

Arthur you dog.


Must have been quite a kiss.

Lucille ended upbecoming my wife.

Wayne I've traveledthe world over.

You know I never forgotthat pileated woodpecker, Lucille,

or my hometown.

Hey you better go get her kid.

She's something special.

We are gonna be burninga lot of midnight oil to plan Paul andMichelle's wedding and keep up withthe other events.

Yes ma'am.

I had a thought.

You take over the Richmond Ball.

You're kidding.

2,000 guests, paparazzi, one night, all eyes on you.

I was expecting a little bitmore jumping up and down.

This is your dream right?



Alright, so what doyou think about this with this?

Yeah great.

(loud knocking)


Can I come in?


You got on an airplane?

Security is...

And is LA's weatheralways like this because that woulddrive me insane.

What are you doing here?

I wanted to see the ocean.

And your mom toldme about Pierce.

You mean Howard.

Guess things didn't work out.

You flew across the country to talk to me about my breakup?

No, no I flew acrossthe country to tell you that I am crazyabout you Loretta.

All that wide open space, it feels empty without you.

Now maybe I'm too late,maybe I missed my moment but,

I just wanted totell you how I feel.

And now I have.


I quit my job.

But you love your job.

I know, it was everythingI thought I wanted.

So what's the plan?

I don't have a plan.

I don't know what'sgonna happen next.

All I know is,

I wanna be with you.

I wanna come home.

Hey there beautiful.


So glad Paul andMichelle decided to have their wedding here.

Oh me too.

And these azaleas, beautiful.

They were mom's idea.

Locally grown too.

You nervous Arthur?





Don't lock your kneesand you'll be fine.

She's all yours Paul.

Thank you sir.

Come on, I wannashow you something.

I don't know what'smore beautiful.

This lake or you.

You brought me all the wayout here to tell me that?

No, I brought outhere to give you this.

Now I don't know ifthe timing feels right.

I just know that everymoment with you feels right.

I love you Loretta Johnson.

I love you tooWayne Hendricks.

I wanna show you the world.

As long as wealways come back here.

Will you marry me?

Yes, absolutely.