Homeland S3E1 Script

Tin Man Is Down (2013)

Previously on Homeland...

Suicide bomber almost blew up Vice President Walden.

He made a tape.

My name is Nicholas Brody.

People will say that I was turned into a terrorist.

I was right.

You were right.

So you wanna follow Brody.

Surveillance equipment, a few good men. And Carrie.

And Carrie. But I'm sending you a guy.

Peter Quinn. Brody has a meeting this morning at the CIA.

We wanna throw him a jolt, which is you.

Are you back here? Yeah, in a way.

Carrie Mathison was at the CIA.

We knew the relationship.

You still have your twisted theories about me, don't you?

Not theories anymore.

Get down. Get down now. Get down!

Here's what you're facing, a trial with all the attendant publicity... followed by a long prison sentence... or you help us, and all that goes away.


What's wrong? Saul, what I need... is to make my life not just about you.

Take the new job. I can come with you.

I wanna go alone. I need to go alone.

For how long? I don't know.

Abu Nazir? He's here. He's in America.

And he's planning an attack.

I got him! I got him!

Remember that day that that lady came? Carrie?

What she said about a bomb, and you wanting to hurt people...

I don't want to lie to you.

So you were gonna do those things.

But I didn't.

And I wouldn't now.

It was Bill Walden who coined the phrase Fortress America... and in the process transformed the very way we defend ourselves here at home.

That's weird. Somebody moved my car.

Oh, fuck.

I didn't do this. It was in your car.

It wasn't me.

We have to go.

Go where? No one else will believe you.

The whole disappearing act? Passport, driver's license.

David Estes, also deceased. You're in charge.

My action this day is against such domestic enemies.

People will say I was broken, I was brainwashed.

The border's in a few miles. You're not coming, are you?

I can't now.

I solemnly swear that my testimony today will be the truth, the whole truth... and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

Would you state your full name?

Carrie Anne Mathison. And would counsel identify herself?

Erin Kimball, Mr. Chairman.

Ms. Mathison, we're holding this hearing behind closed doors... in order to avoid burning former networks of yours... still active in the Middle East.

I appreciate that, Mr. Chairman.

It's been 58 days since the attack on Langley... in which 219 Americans lost their lives.

Since then, this committee has been trying... to get to the bottom of what happened.

We've heard from dozens of witnesses... some who go so far as to accuse the CIA... of covering up its own negligence in the days and weeks leading up to the attack.

If that's the case, Ms. Mathison...

I can assure you the judgment of this committee will be harsh.

It's beyond argument that the Agency is now crippled... its managerial ranks decimated, and its reputation in tatters.

The question before us is plain.

How can the CIA be expected to protect this country... if it can't even protect itself?

You'll be questioned by majority counsel, then minority counsel.

Then each member will have 15 minutes to question you. Mr. Portillo.

Ms. Mathison, I'm David Portillo, majority counsel.

Good morning. Good morning.

How long have you worked at the CIA?

A little over 14 years. And in what capacity?

I'm a case officer in the National Clandestine Service.

There was a break in your employment last year. What happened?

I was fired, Mr. Portillo. For what reason?

Conducting an unauthorized surveillance operation... and taking home classified documents.

But that wasn't that the end of your tenure at the CIA, was it?

No. In fact, you were reinstated... and most recently asked to join an off-book task force.

Yes. Whose primary mission was what?

To expose Abu Nazir's network here in America.

And why were you asked to join this task force, do you think?

I was the Agency's point person on Nazir.

The point person? What does that mean exactly?

It was my responsibility to try to track his whereabouts... and anticipate his next move.

Anticipate his next move? You mean stop an attack?

If you're asking did he outsmart me... yes, he did.

If you're asking will I ever forgive myself... no, I won't.

What time is it scheduled to start? Ten minutes ago.

I should be there myself, sitting right beside her.

No, you shouldn't. For moral support.

It would've sent the wrong message. Fucking Lockhart.

He's had a hard-on for us since Abu Ghraib. He'll go right after her.

Yeah, he will. What if she can't handle it?

She can. But what if she can't?

Either way. What's that supposed to mean?

Only that her history of insubordination and mental illness... might be more useful to us... than a good performance in front of the select committee.


I won't do that. I won't throw Carrie under the bus.

Then just jump up and down on her really hard.

I'm serious. So am I.

What do you see out there every morning when you come in to work?

That's right. Not a crane, not a jackhammer, not a hard hat in sight.

Just one ugly-ass hole in the ground.

I was up on the Hill yesterday, and there's funding for us...

Bullshit. They started repairs on the Pentagon the day after 9/11.

So we're being punished. Maybe we deserve it.

Punished? Saul, they want to put us out of business.


What is it? Just got word from Peter Quinn.

Last piece of the puzzle. Caracas is a go.

Set up a briefing. Inform the White House.

Yes, sir.

And the red light is on, so I'll yield the floor back to Chairman Lockhart.

Ms. Mathison, I'd like to use the time before our first break... to get some clarification... on what the Agency knew about Congressman Brody and when.

Okay with you?

Sure. When did you first meet him?

After his rescue in Afghanistan.

I was part of the team that debriefed him at Langley.

I've read those transcripts... and it seems to me you were the one who was pressing the issue.

Which issue is that? That he had been turned in captivity.

I was just doing my job, sir. I was covering the bases.

One moment.

Mr. Portillo, would you mark as DOJ Exhibit 2... a memorandum offering the congressman immunity... in exchange for his help in capturing or killing Abu Nazir?

I show you DOJ Exhibit 2, Ms. Mathison.

To your knowledge, did the CIA have such a deal with Brody?

No, sir, not to my knowledge.

How do you explain this document then?

I can't, sir.

Well, assuming he did have immunity... can you at least tell us immunity from what?

I have no idea. Well, it wasn't overdue parking tickets.

This is a Department of Justice memorandum... signed by the attorney general himself. Well, I can see that.

A victim of the very same attack we're investigating.

I can't ask him, so I'm asking you.

At what point did the Agency know Brody was a bad guy?

Let me handle this. Ms. Mathison.

Mr. Chairman, a worldwide manhunt is under way for the congressman.

I'm aware of that. As a condition of appearing here... you promised not to compel my client... to give testimony which might compromise that effort.

I'm not asking her to compromise a damn thing.

I'm asking her just how cozy the CIA was... with a traitor who went on to kill 219 Americans.

What if I told you I don't think he did it?

Carrie. Did what?

Kill all those people.

I don't think Brody knew the bomb was in his car.

Mr. Chairman, my client would be the first to tell you that hers is a minority view.

A minority view?

A minority view? What's she gonna say next?

We never landed on the moon? I think we're overdue for that break...

No, I'm curious now. It's our prerogative...

Just what is it you're smoking, Ms. Mathison?


We'll take a 15-minute break. A word, Mr. Chairman.


I told him you weren't feeling well... and asked for a recess until after the holiday weekend.

What did he say? He gave us until tomorrow morning.

What the hell were you thinking in there?

I was thinking I just committed perjury in front of Congress.

Carrie, we talked about this. The suicide vest.

It's the one thing the committee can never know.

It would bury the Agency.

And please, you have to stop making the case for Brody in public.

Well, he's innocent.

Nobody wants to hear it, and it undermines your credibility.

I need some air.

I had it in my hands. The actual memorandum?

Somebody leaked it to the committee, Saul.

Okay, Carrie. I'll get to the bottom of it. Calm down.

Don't tell me to calm down. I feel like I walked into a propeller.

Well, you got out alive. Yeah, barely.

There's a thousand people in this building standing with you.

Find the leak. I will. You okay otherwise?

You must be kidding.

So today we're gonna talk about reentry.

As you all know, this is Dana's last day.

I'd like to invite her to share her thoughts on going home... and what that's gonna look like.

Afterwards, please feel free to contribute any constructive ideas of your own.

I don't know.

I guess that I will try to remember the things that we talked about.

The tools that I learned here.

Not to mention the tools you met here.

What coping mechanisms come to mind?

One day at a time... and all that.

Meditation. Scheduling.

Asking for help.

We talked about really slowing things down... so that they're not so overwhelming.

Right. Making lists. I wrote that down somewhere.

Okay. Who else wants to share?

Dana has made great progress over the last month.

Her eating and sleeping patterns are normal.

She participates in group.

She's doing well.

You mean for someone who got in a bathtub and slit her wrists?

Yes, that's what I mean.

What can I expect?

How closely do I have to watch her? This isn't just a Dana problem.

I recommend regular counseling for the whole family... in addition to her follow-up treatment here.

We don't have any insurance. Or any source of income.

My mother had to reverse-mortgage her house just to pay for this.

There are county programs.

I can give you a name at the Department of Children and Families.

What is that? A grad student? A volunteer?

Mrs. Brody...

I'm worried that you're losing focus of the real issue.

There's a real issue other than my daughter tried to kill herself?

Yes. That you missed it.

Dana's gesture is the kind we don't often see. Clear-eyed, determined.

No substances distorting her judgment. She meant business.

She was under a ridiculous amount of stress.

We've had death threats, bricks through our window.

I had to pull her out of school.

We're not even welcome at our church. I understand.

And that stress will still be there when she goes home.

You have to address it head-on. You can't afford to be in denial.

Let me get you that information.

When can I see you again?

I don't know. I'm gonna be under complete surveillance.

Your mom? No, the FBI.

Oh, right. Shit's for real.

Your mom's here.

Got it.

Hey. Call me.


How did you...


There she is.

Go, go, go. Mrs. Brody.

Come on. Why was your daughter in the hospital?

Does she have a drug problem? She tried to commit suicide?

Did you try to kill yourself because of your father?

Do you know where he is? How are you feeling?

How has this affected you, Mrs. Brody?

Were you trying to commit suicide, Dana?

Any type of comment?

Keep your seats.

Afternoon, Mr. Director. What do we got?

A window. How big a window?

Twenty minutes. Starting tomorrow 1950 Eastern Standard Time.

Twenty minutes is narrow. Twenty minutes is what we've got.

All six targets are vulnerable in that time frame?

Yes, sir.

What's your assessment? There's a lot of moving parts.

But I don't think we're likely to get an opportunity like this again any time soon.

So the plan is to take them all out at once?

We get everybody before they get a chance to warn each other.

And Brody? I'm assuming he's not on the kill list.

We don't know where he is, Admiral. Is it worth waiting until we do?

Brody already knows we're after him. The other six don't.

Look, the president wants closure for the American people, Saul.

As his representative here, I'm telling you, Brody's the poster boy for this attack.

No one wants to find him more than we do.

What about this Iranian we've been hearing so much about?

The mastermind of the operation? Is he also beyond our reach?

For the time being.

Scott? His name is Majid Javadi.

He's a commander with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps... and deputy minister of its intelligence directorate.

He hasn't been seen in public since 1994... when Mossad identified him as the man behind the bombing... at the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires... which killed 85 people.

He's also directly tied to the Mykonos assassinations... and the attacks on the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia.

By coincidence, the director had some dealings with him... in Tehran in the late '70s.

Back then, he worked for SAVAK. We knew him as the Magician.

The Magician? He liked to make people disappear.

So he was the shah's man before he was the ayatollah's?


Go ahead.

The other six make up the network he put together... to plan and carry out the attacks on Langley.

This is fast work, Saul. Impressive.

Thank you, Admiral. So do we have a green light?

Do I get the president to sign off?

Are we decided?

We're still deciding.

You did us no favors in there. Meaning what?

Meaning we can't be seen hand-wringing in front of the national security advisor.

I'm just trying to make the correct call here.

Then make it. I will.

You brought every agency resource to bear... on identifying and locating these guys.

What was that for if not this?

The admiral's right. Javadi's the guy we should be chasing.

Nobody, not even the Israelis, know where he is.

Our own analysts believe he died in the 2005 purges.

He's not dead.

You know what I think? I think you're scared.

Six separate ops conducted on three different continents... an untested command-and-control team and a short clock.

You heard about Carrie today? Yeah, I did.

She's blowing it. She got ambushed.

It's a distinction without a difference.

Somebody's leaking documents to the committee.

Who? No idea.

Well, what we need right now is a big honking win to take the pressure off.

Yeah, a win would be nice.

Another fuckup would be fatal.

Hey, Dad. Hey.

What's this?

All the places Brody may or may not have been in the last two months.

You mean reported sightings of him? Yeah. The more reliable ones, anyway.

You're off your lithium, aren't you?

Have been for some time. No.

All right, I am. But it's all good. I feel good.

Really? Yeah.

I'm medicating myself in other ways. Exercise, meditation.

Tequila. I saw the empties in your recycling.

I'm following a program, Dad. A doctor-supervised program.

Oh, yeah? Where'd you find this doctor?

I read about him, for your information, in the Journal of Alternative Medicine.

And he opposes the use of drugs for psychiatric illness why?

No, he doesn't oppose them, per se. He just believes in self-reliance more.

Great. Let him come get you when you're strapped on a gurney... screaming bloody murder.

Look, I'm running six miles a day. I'm sleeping eight hours.

It's working.

You think it is.

Two hundred and nineteen people died at the CIA.

I understand. You... No, Dad, you don't.

I let it happen.

No. Yeah, I did.

I wasn't myself, Dad. I was only half there.

Sweetheart, those people didn't die because you were taking your meds.

It was right in front of my eyes, and I never saw it coming.

I see the babysitters are still here.

Just ignore them.

Ignore them more than that.

There she is. There's our girl.

Hi, Grandma. Oh, you look so pretty.

And so skinny. Did they feed you in there?

Mom. They did, but it was awful.

I've been looking forward to your... Chicken Divan.

I'm gonna make it tomorrow night. Great.

Hey, dingus. You are.

Holding down the fort? Absolutely. Fort still intact.

Well, I've got some homework.

Oh, but you just got back. I thought we'd go out and celebrate.

Tell that to Beowulf, Grandma.

I don't know who that is.

You had the bathroom redone?

It looks nice.

Dear Shiva the Destroyer.

I didn't want the job.

I never asked for the job.

I'm not temperamentally suited to it.

Who are you trying to convince? You.


I don't know.

I hate seeing you like this.

They could really do that? Dissolve the CIA?

Revoke our charter?

Yeah, Congress has that power.

Then again, some good old-fashioned American justice...

Would go a long way to restoring your credibility.

A long way. So, what's the downside?

So far the operation sounds like a win-win.

We're not assassins, Mira.

We're spies. We don't kill our targets if we don't have to.

We trawl for them, we develop them... and then we redirect them against more important targets.

So do that.

Let's go upstairs.

You need some sleep. Okay.

Here. Let me.

You want some advice? You're not gonna like it.

It's been two months since I've been back from Mumbai.


So in two months, have we had one real conversation... about what we're doing?

Yeah, we did.

We agreed to take it a day at a time, see how it goes.

We're still sleeping in separate bedrooms.

I thought that's what you wanted. The point is, what do you want?

You do everything you can to avoid making a decision.

I'm just waiting for the right answer to present itself.

Well, it's paralyzing you. Apparently.

Good night, Saul.

Good night.

This is how Saul wants to play it?

It's how we both think it should be played.

Well, he should've asked me himself.

You're late. My apologies, Mr. Chairman.

You realize you're still under oath.

Counsel has informed me... that you're retracting some of the comments you made yesterday.

Let the record reflect the witness has nodded her head... so as to indicate an affirmative response.

So ordered.

Too bad, Ms. Mathison. You certainly woke us all up.

What we'll do instead is clear up some confusion as to your whereabouts... in the aftermath of the explosion.

There are roughly 14 hours you haven't accounted for.

She has accounted for them, Mr. Chairman... in her written statement to this committee.

Not to our satisfaction, she hasn't.

Where were you when the bomb went off? Start there.

My client stands by her written statement, sir.

That she was in the ladies' room? Yes.

Where she was knocked unconscious by the blast and remained there... for the rest of the night? Yes.

For fourteen hours?

When she came to, it took her a while to get her bearings... and to make herself known to first responders.

Well, we have testimony which directly contradicts that statement.

What testimony is this?

People saw her leaving the auditorium with the congressman.

What people are these? And why wasn't I made aware of it during discovery?

Because this isn't a trial. We're on a fact-finding mission here.

Well, it's starting to feel more like a witch hunt, Mr. Chairman.

Counsel, why is it you're doing all the talking... and your client is sitting there silent as a sphinx?

Mr. Chairman, members of the committee...

Ms. Mathison is going to assert her constitutional privilege... at this time not to be a witness against herself.

Is that right, Ms. Mathison?

Yes, sir.

I thought so.

You're aware of what this means?

Fully aware.

Truth is, I don't buy it.

I don't buy half of what you and your colleagues are selling.

You're hiding something, Ms. Mathison.

And when we find out what it is, we're gonna put the whole lot of you in jail.

For now, all I can do is hold you in contempt of Congress.

But make no mistake... you are doing, and have done, great harm to your country.

Which you will pay for one day, I promise you.

Could be the last order we ever give.


Take them.

Take them all.

That was Central Command. The JSTARS are tracking.

And we should have an image from Global Hawk 1... up on the monitor when, Sandy?

Any second now. There.

What are we looking at, folks? Yemen, sir.

The Eastern Desert. Hold on. We're seven miles up. Let's move in.

Yemeni Intelligence puts Sherif Meshad in that car... traveling to an AQ training camp.

Global Hawk 1 is spinning up his Hellfires, wants a countdown to weapons.

Tell him to stand by. Stand by, GH-1.

Here comes Global Hawk 3.

Downtown Gaza City.

I believe it's the compound just to the right of the crosshairs.

We're verifying coordinates now.

How come we haven't heard from Caracas yet?

Gene, see if you can get Red 5. We should've had our first report in by now.

On it. GH-3 has target acquisition.

Copy that. Stand by, GH-3. GH-3, stand by.

Ground kill teams are also in position, sir.

And Tel Aviv is asking for final confirmation.

Red 5, I have Wizard.

I had to abort. There was a kid in the car.

Where are you? At the residence.

The place is a fucking fortress. Walls, security.

I'm looking at two lookouts right now.

What are the odds of you getting inside? Can you give me satellite support?

No. Not in this time frame. Mission clock is 14 minutes 42 seconds.

What do you want me to do?

Hold on, Red 5.

We either send him in or stand down the operation.

Why, Saul? Five out of six ain't bad.

Wasn't the plan. It's all six or nothing.

The banker has to be part of the body count.

Sir, that might not be possible.

Otherwise he will disappear into the woodpile.

Tell Quinn he has 10 minutes. If he can't get it done, we scrub the mission.

Sir... You heard me, Scott.

Red 5, you are clear to engage.

But we need you to bell back within 10 minutes or less. Do you copy?

Copy that.

Gene, Sandy, everybody else is standing by.

Yes, sir. Mission clock, 13:46 and counting.

Ten minutes is up, sir.

Sir, we're cutting it awfully close.

Give him another 30 seconds.

I'm getting something on the uplink. It's a JPEG.

Put it up on Monitor 3.

Who is that? Cedeno?

Hang on. There's an encrypted message attached.

Decrypting now.

Tin Man is down.

Engage our birds and ground teams.

Counting five additional targets. We have two minutes. All clear to engage.

I repeat, all clear to engage.

Glinda's down. Confirm kill, Scarecrow.

Glinda and Scarecrow are down.

Here comes Tel Aviv. Toto is down.

Toto is down.

Here comes Bravo.

Confirming. Dorothy is down. Dorothy is down.

Alpha Team. Cowardly Lion is down.

Cowardly Lion is down. Yes!

Yes! That's how we do it, people.

Awesome. Good job.

Good job. Well done.

Nice going.


Thanks, everybody.

You buying in bulk, I see.

Cheaper at Costco. Just not as convenient.

And there you have it, the modern dilemma.

This is delicious, Grandma.

Mom, how was your job interview?

Fine, I guess.

You had a job interview? Couple this week.

Dusting off the accounting degree... and having a lot of meetings with 22-year-olds.

When was the last time you worked in an office?

Before you were born. The landscape has changed.

I don't know why you wanna do this right now.

I think it's pretty cool. Me too.

But right now?

I mean, you have enough to worry about.

Yeah, including the fact that we need some money coming in.

Government can't just cut you off.

All the years you devoted to being a military wife?

Well, once the government determines you're a traitor... it kind of puts an end to government benefits.

You could take legal action.

Against the Marine Corps?

Yes, it happens. And you have a very good case.

Jess, you should at least consult an attorney.

Mom, I don't wanna talk about it.

Wasn't that his whole argument for enlisting?

He could take care of his family that way.

You thought he was gonna teach school.

He was only supposed to be in the Marine Corps for two years.

Then 9/11 happened. Nobody saw that coming.

My point is he never consulted you about anything.

He always did exactly what he wanted. Okay, Mom, that's enough.

Well, what can I talk about?

Hey, guys.

What did the optimist say as he was jumping off a building?

So far so good.

So far so good.

So far so good.

Hello? Have you seen the paper yet?


You want me to read it to you?

Hold on. I'm not awake yet.

Okay, go ahead.

All right, now, the headline is CIA Officer Linked to Langley Bomber.

A CIA case officer may have had a sexual relationship... with Congressman Nicholas Brody... in the days and weeks leading up to the attack on Langley... according to anonymous sources.

Because the officer still has active agents in the field... her identity is being withheld.

We are pragmatists. We adapt.

We are not keepers of some sacred flame.

Doesn't have to be sacred. Just so long as we keep it lit.

Well, we did that and some. An eye for a fucking eye.

Quinn saved our asses, though, didn't he?

Oh, yeah.

I assume you've seen this. Carrie...

Of course you have. We all hate things getting out to the press.

Unless we put them out there ourselves. That's not what's happening.

You don't think I know what you're doing? No. I know exactly what you are doing.

You're wrong. Am I? Why don't we ask him?

Your little lapdog. Except he's trained to kill.

Breathe, Carrie. You're making a bad mistake.

Was that a threat? Is that supposed to intimidate my ass?

Come on, sit down. We'll talk about this. There's nothing to talk about.

We'll contain this... Contain it? You are containing it.

Get your fucking hands off me. Hey. Take her home.

And sit on her till she calms down. Brody was your operation, Saul.

Remember that.

You proposed it, you sanctioned it, you ran it.

Come on. No, fuck you. Fuck all of you.

She's right, you know.

Classic counterintelligence. I told you, I didn't plant that story.

It's straight from your playbook. I'm not saying it wasn't smart.

Especially if things had gone south yesterday, as insurance.

It wasn't me, Saul.

I know you're trying to help... but I feel like you have to find a way to be more relaxed around her.

We all do.

I feel like I'm doing that. You aren't.

If you ask me, you're the one who's making too much of this whole thing.

Too much? Of my daughter's suicide?

She didn't commit suicide.

She tried to. Very hard. Even the doctor said so.

Well, of course he did. He's the doctor.

He's worried about being sued.

I know about teenage girls. I raised one.

My God, Jessie, you talked about killing yourself once a week.

I talked about it. But I never tried it.

And I'm saying she didn't really mean to either.

It was a cry for attention.

If she really meant to kill herself, she'd be dead.

I hereby call this meeting of the Senate Intelligence Committee to order.

Mr. Berenson, in accordance with the practice of the committee... will you stand and be sworn?

Do you solemnly swear that the testimony you will give in this proceeding... will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

I do.

I understand you have a statement you would like to read at this time.

A short one, Mr. Chairman.

Very well. Please proceed. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Chairman, distinguished senators... exactly two months ago, in the worst attack on this nation since 9/11... the men and women of the CIA suffered a terrible blow.

Yesterday we took a decisive step in bringing those responsible to justice.

As the president announced from the Oval Office this morning...

American air and ground forces, in a series of six coordinated strikes... on three separate continents, eliminated the top tier of the terrorist network... which perpetrated the bombing at Langley.

It was a textbook operation, Mr. Chairman... meticulously planned, flawlessly executed.

I wanna congratulate all those involved.

As a result of their efforts, there's a little less evil in the world today.

Thank you, Mr. Berenson.

I'm sure we're all grateful to you and to our brave men and women in uniform.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

These were civilians who were killed, am I correct?

The legal term is enemy combatant.

The point is, they weren't the people who actually ordered the attack.

Not to take anything away from the success of the mission.

Of course not.

The point is, you went after the easier targets.

None of these targets proved easy, Senator, I can assure you.

Well, then I guess I question your timing, Mr. Berenson.

My timing? Coming, as it does... when the American people have lost faith in your ability to get things right.

Frankly, it feels convenient.

And this committee will not be distracted from fulfilling its purpose.

Which is what exactly?

Apart from pointing fingers and assigning blame?

Perhaps you'd care to comment on the article in yesterday's paper.

I don't comment on unsubstantiated reports in the press.

But if the information is correct... the Agency brought the bombing at Langley down on its own head.

The information is flawed.

I remind you, Mr. Berenson, that you are under oath.

The information is flawed.

Flawed in what way?

Mr. Berenson?

It wasn't entirely an Agency matter. What do you mean?

The case officer in question has a history of erratic behavior.

She's unstable.

Unstable? How?

She's been diagnosed as bipolar.

A condition she concealed from her superiors for more than 10 years.

What else did she conceal from you, Mr. Berenson?

Did she conceal from you... the fact that she was sleeping with Congressman Brody?

It was on my watch. Whatever happens on my watch, I take responsibility...

Answer the question, please. Did she conceal from you... the fact that she was sleeping with Congressman Brody?

I'm afraid she did, yes.