Homeland S3E11 Script

Big Man in Tehran (2013)

Air and naval forces of the United States... launched a series of strikes against terrorist facilities...

Pan Am Flight 103 crashed into the town of Lockerbie.

He has sanctioned acts of terror in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

This will not stand, this aggression against Kuwait.

His relentless pursuit of terror.

We will make no distinction...

The USS Cole was attacked while refueling in the port of Aden.

This was an act of terrorism.

It was a despicable and cowardly act.

The next number we're gonna swing for you is one of the good ol' favorites.

Until something stops him.

It was right in front of my eyes, and I never saw it coming.

We got a plane crashed into the World Trade Center.

Thousands of people running...

We must, and we will, remain vigilant at home and abroad.

You're the smartest and the dumbest fucking person I've ever known.

I'm not the one who got it wrong. I'm the only one who got it right.

Take 'em.

Take 'em all.

Roll every available ambulance you've got to this position.

Previously on Homeland...

Saul, I didn't expect you back tonight.

This is Alain Bernard.

Alain Bernard admitted to being an asset of Israeli intelligence.

Put him in a dark fucking hole.

It's time we talk about Nasser Hejazi... whose name you used to embezzle more than $45 million.

You are now an enemy of your own state.

I got plans for you.

What plans? I'm gonna play you back into Iran.

From now on, you work for us.

I have a play. It involves Brody.

What's your big idea? Danesh Akbari.

Head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard? Right.

Javadi's boss. Brody can get to him.

The guys get me to the border where I surrender myself?


What just happened?

We are under heavy fire.

Fall back, fall back.

I'm not going back. You can't do this by yourself.

I'm 300 yards from the border, Carrie. I can make it.

You will die over there.

No, you're wrong, Carrie.

You're gonna get me home. No, don't say that.

Do not put that on me. It's a fantasy.

You'll find a way. I have faith.

Brody made it across.

And you, Saul... are still in the game.

I'll be damned.

You have an uncle in Tehran.

Carrie, no.

Fara, we have a brother agent in the field.

Soon to be in mortal danger.

Don't we owe him every chance to get out alive?

Are you ready?

Ready for what?

To go with me to Tehran.

Give us a few minutes. Yes, sir.

They let me out one hour a day to exercise.

In a room that's three feet bigger than this.

Well, you spy on us, that's what you get.

I'm not a spy.

We caught you red-handed.

You caught me with your wife.

You don't want to be antagonizing me.

Not when I'm here to get you out.

What do you want?

I have an operation in progress.

In Tehran.

The support team for that operation was forced to pull out.

Mossad has agents on the ground there. I need two of them.

You can ask Tel Aviv yourself.

They'd ask a lot of questions about the mission.

Questions I'm not prepared to answer.

It won't be any different if I ask. It better be.

That's the only reason I'm here talking to the greaseball who fucked my wife.

No one wants you here.

Not Mossad, not me.

Do everyone a favor.

Make this happen.

Abu Nazir arranged my escape route for me.

I left Halifax in a container on a freighter. It took me to Colombia.

From there I was taken by Jeep to Venezuela.

There was trouble at the border. That's when I was shot.


I don't know. Someone trying to collect the reward.

And then?

I told you.

They took me to Caracas. To this slum.

Where you became an addict.

No, I was shot.

Here and here.

They used heroin on me for the pain.

It wasn't easy to stop, but I did.

How long did that take? A while.

Do you have AIDS? No.

Have you been tested?

Why are we even talking about this? I don't have AIDS.

I left Caracas because I was gonna die there.

An imam helped me get out, get here, to Iran.

I just want asylum. I don't understand why you're giving me such a hard time.

Is that what you think we're doing?

Giving you a hard time?

I've traveled so far... and I almost didn't make it, and I just thought...

I just thought I'd be safe here.

I just thought I'd be welcome.


Because of what I did.

Bombed Langley.

Their heart.

You think what? We like traitors here?


Who sent you? No one, I told you.

I just want asylum.

I just want to rest.

Should we take a break? Yes, please. Please.


Go over it again.

Masud Sherazi? Yes.

I'm a friend of your niece.

You have something for me?

Where is it?

First you tell me what's going on.

What did Fara say to you? That she needed a favor.

For your own protection, that's all you want to know.

And was this for my protection?

Sending contraband through customs here to my house?

It never went through customs. It says...

No, those are our labels.

It came by diplomatic pouch from Geneva.

You are CIA, aren't you?

I'm a friend of your niece's.

So she's CIA too. Working against her own country...

Working for her country.

She trusted you to understand that.

She asked me to give you this.

She wears the hijab there in America?

I think her heart is here still. In Tehran.

And my brother... does he approve what she's doing?

My understanding is he's grown to accept it.

Thank you.

Tell me. Is there anything else you need?

You just said we were.

I've traveled so far.

And I almost didn't make it, and I just thought...

I thought I'd be safe here.

I just thought I'd be welcome.


Because of what I did.

Bombed Langley.

Should we take a break? Yes, please. Please.


Go over it again.

You got the phone.

Yeah. How was the uncle?

Dodgy at first, then okay. How'd you make out?

Alain got Mossad to say yes. Good.

I have two agents on the ground. They're ready to meet you.

Both Iranian nationals. What do they know?

I told everyone as little as possible.

You need to decide how much to let them in.

I did tell them they'll be supporting a close quarters assassination.

And that you'll be needing a weapon.

Expect them to bring some options to the first meeting.

I'd like to make it at the uncle's house.

You sure?

Yeah, it's safe there. I trust him.

I got a satellite over your hotel right now.

I'm on the balcony. Seventh floor. Is that a head scarf you're wearing?

You're kidding, right? I can't see crap. It's too dark.

We haven't heard much from Javadi, but we're taking that as a good thing.

They got Brody stashed at a compound near Azadi Tower.

Apparently he's holding together.

Well enough anyway. He survived three solid days of interrogations.



You good?

I should probably go. It's a big day tomorrow.


Good night.

We didn't agree to this.

I was told we had two assets ready to go.

No names, no places. You will learn when you need to.

I need to know now. I need to know now that I can trust you.

And so far nothing you've said is making me think that.

We asked Mossad for the two best men in Iran.

And they sent you and you.

Were they wrong?

This assassination, you need help? Where?

I don't know yet. When?

I'm not sure, but soon.

This is not how we work, everything wait and see.

I will tell you this.

The target is the head of the IRGC.

Danesh Akbari?

No one can get close to him. We can.

He'll be taken down by an American already in place.

Our job is to get that man to safety afterwards.

Can you do that?

They say no gun. Is cyanide.

This American.

He will need to be right next to Akbari.

I understand that. And Akbari will be guarded.

Yes. He travels with a full security detail.

We have C-4.

We can create a diversion.

But what about this?

Who will get this to the American? I'll take care of it.

Madame Bezieux?

This way, please.

Quiet. Quiet.

I liked you better as a blonde. Was this really necessary?

Want drinks in the lobby?

You've got the desk clerk wondering about me now.

Remember, I didn't want you here at all.

The mission is Akbari. That's the mission.

What you're here for, getting Brody out, strictly optional.

Are we agreed? The mission is Akbari. Yes.



Something happened.


Akbari never leaves his office during the day.

Too risky, he says.

But he's requested a secure convoy for tomorrow. He's heading out.

Where? No one's saying.

But I told him yesterday that he should really talk to Brody in person.

So it's on.

Is that it? The device? Yeah.


Can you get it to Brody?

I'll find a way.

Okay, listen up.

We have movement in Tehran.

We now expect closure on our operation, one way or another... at approximately 9:00 a.m. tomorrow local time.

Intelligence suggests this will take place at a compound near Azadi Tower... where Brody is currently held.

The weapon, a cyanide needle... is being delivered to him, along with a plan for his extraction.

Brody's job is to position himself... in direct contact with the target, Danesh Akbari.

How does he get past the guards? He doesn't. The target comes to him.

We're expecting a personal encounter, initiated by Akbari.

We have two Mossad agents in place.

One with a direct sight line into the compound from this building.

That agent will remotely detonate a motorcycle bomb in this alley... at a moment when Brody is proximal to Akbari.

At the very least, in the same room.

The explosion should generate sufficient confusion... to allow Brody to take out the target and escape... through this doorway at the rear of the compound.

It provides a clear exit to the street where our two agents will be waiting in a vehicle.

If the rest follows plan...

Brody will be delivered to a safe house outside Tehran a few hours later.


I'm aware, it's a lot of moving parts.

Where's Carrie in all this?

She's done her job putting together an extraction plan.

Shouldn't she be pulled out before the event?

She doesn't see it that way.


Let's get ready. We have less than 12 hours.

Get up. Now.

What's going on? Get up and get dressed. Quickly.

Why? What's happening? In these. Hurry.

Where are my shoes?


Shoes. Hurry.

I think they're moving.

What do you mean? They're taking him somewhere.

Shit. Get back here.

Saul, are you seeing this? Brody's being moved.

We see it.

Are they taking him to Akbari?

No. Akbari's convoy left the IRGC six minutes ago.

We thought he was coming to you. So where the fuck is Brody going?

We need to follow them.

Your assassin is Nicholas Brody? Yes. Can we get moving?

The most wanted man in the world? This was not important for us to know?

Now you know. Let's go.

Let's go.

Look at this. Akbari, Brody. The convoys are converging.

Converging where? An area called Darvazeh Ghar.

Akbari's stopping. His men are locking down the area.

They're on Rostami Street.

Where's Carrie? Two blocks behind Brody.

What is this place?

Almost there.

Akbari's going inside that house. Find out who lives there.

Yeah, we're looking. Don't just look, ask Javadi.

The address is 421 Rostami Street.

Carrie, Akbari and Brody are a hundred yards ahead of you.

The meeting is on.

Stop here. Stop. Stop.

This is not a good idea. We are not set up.

We are. Brody's meeting Akbari.

The only thing that's changed is the location.

Does Brody even know we are here? When he hears the explosion, he'll know.

Yousef needs to find a place now.

The best thing is for us to back away. Wait for a better chance.

There won't be a better chance, do you understand?

Just do it.

Diversion is set.

Your call, Carrie.

You're the eyes on the ground.

What the fuck is happening? Akbari's leaving.

They never met. Akbari's gone.

I think he's going inside the house.

For the last fucking time, can we find out who lives there?


Saul. A message from Javadi.

421 Rostami is owned by the IRGC.

Current resident, Nassrin Mughrabi.

Carrie, Brody is meeting with Nassrin Mughrabi.

Nassrin. Who's that?

Abu Nazir's widow.

Why did Akbari do this?

Brody lived in Nassrin's house for two years.

Akbari's using her to vet Brody.

When Akbari told me you were here, I couldn't believe it.

But here you are. My Nicholas.

I had no idea you were living in Tehran.

It's been my home since Nazir died.

I'm sorry, Nassrin. There was no one like him.

No one.

But I can see you have been through a lot.

When I last saw you, you were like a soldier going to war.

Now I'm a soldier back from war. With a victory.

It's hard to see it like that.

I lost so much.

Your family.

My daughter especially.

When I...

When I completed the plan that Allah... had set out for me... it destroyed her.

She tried to kill herself. I'm sorry.

It is hard when you don't have faith. She had faith.

She had faith that her own father wouldn't betray her and make her life unlivable.

Nazir prepared you for this.

He said that if you were true to Allah, you would find peace.

And you were true.

And so were you.

Have you found peace?



But sometimes I ask why God had to take my son and my husband... instead of me.

And then I feel like your daughter did.

Life is unlivable.

But I survive.

It's what we do.


We crawl out of the rubble, and we gather up the bodies.

Why did you come to Tehran, Nicholas?

I had nowhere else.

What do you want here?

I want to stop running.

What you doing here?

Tell us what you're doing here.

What are you doing here?

By the grace of God...

I am here to seek asylum.

This is the only place in the world that I can find peace.

You are a big man in Tehran, Brody. A really big man now.

In your famous videotape, you said, I love my country.

Which I meant.

And yet America declares you an enemy of the state.

There's a wide gulf between what America says it is and what it actually is.

What are you looking at? The most recent insult.

Does this explain your actions on December 12th?

It does. Yes.

Brody learned enough Farsi in one week to denounce us on state television.

Standard death to America fare.

But I'm told his delivery is pitch perfect.

The president is furious.

I just got off the phone with him. He demanded action.

Yeah. I got the same call.

The Brody part of the operation was always a long shot, Saul.

It was all a long shot.

And it worked.

Until now.

Brody's never gonna get anywhere near Akbari.

I know. That's straight from Javadi.

Brody's been handed off to their PR department. Our window is closed.

So we just discard him?

We tried to extract him. Brody didn't show up for the rendezvous.

Now he's spouting off all over Tehran.

Bottom line, Brody's gone from asset to serious liability.

I need to know what he's thinking.

It's obvious what he's thinking.

What he's saying on all those YouTube videos.

Iran saved his life, he loves them, hates us, and you know what else?

Whatever he's thinking today, who's to say what it will be tomorrow.

He's spending his days with the people who brainwashed him in the first place.

And one thing we know about Brody is this is a guy who changes his mind.

You placed a major asset inside the IRGC, Majid Javadi.

That's a huge victory worth preserving.

Brody could expose him at any moment... and the simple fact is, we can't trust Brody.

We never could.

We need to end it.

You mean end Brody?

The president wants this resolved.

We know where Brody prays every day.

Mossad has some men on the ground there.

It's time.

Of course he's bad-mouthing us. What do you expect?

He's doing what he needs to to preserve his cover. That's all.

Calm down, I'm just asking. The plan changed.

We do what we always do, what he's doing. We adjust.

We did adjust. We tried lifting him out of there, he blew us off.

He still thinks the plan can work. Is that what he's saying?

That's what I'm saying. He hasn't reached out to you?

No, we said all along any contact with me was too risky. Right?

What's going on?

It's time you got on a plane and came back.

We can't just abandon him here.

Saul, I have been right about him this whole time.

I know.

And we'll talk it through when you're back.


Carrie, you hear me?

Yeah, sure. Bye.


She's not getting on any plane.

I know.

Let's get it done.

Do it now.

Masud. It's Carrie.

I need one more favor.

A friend will call you now.

Will you wait inside for me a moment, please? Thank you.


It's me. I'm across the courtyard.

Brody, I have a car. I need to get you out of Tehran.

I told them already, I don't want to leave. I know. And it made them nervous.

Nervous, what's that mean? I'm not sure.

No one would tell me. But I think they're...

They're cutting their losses to protect Javadi.

Cutting their losses?

I said I'm not sure. Meaning me?

That's him.

Looks like he's on the phone.

Where's Mossad?

Please, just come with me. Just get in the car.

What, and go where?

Anywhere. Please.

Please, just come with me now.

As soon as we're clear of Tehran, we can regroup.

Regroup for what? To make another fucked up plan?

No. We just need to leave.

Will you stop saying that? Leave. Leave. Leave where?

I have nowhere to go, Carrie.

I can't go back to the States.

We'll go somewhere else.

And do what, hide out? So they're hunting us both?

I have contacts.

I've been through that already, Carrie.

I won't do it again.

And I won't do it to you.

And there's the tag-team.

Brody, please.

Shit. It's happening.

What? Behind you from the mosque.

Two men. One in a dark shirt and khaki pants, the other in a leather jacket.

Stay on the phone. I'll talk you through.

He's moving.

Brody. Just get out of here.

Someone warned him.


She wouldn't fucking dare.


You really fucked up this time. He's working for us.

The plan failed.

So you send a hit squad? We tried to recall him, he said no.

Thanks to you, he's loose on the streets of Tehran doing God knows what.

We got a major asset on the line.

Get yourself on the next plane out of there. Tell me you understand.

Please, tell her right now. It's very important.


I wasn't expecting you.

I'm sorry. Nassrin, I need your help.

What happened? Are you all right? Somebody just tried to kill me.

My God.

I need to talk to Danesh Akbari.

Danesh, he is a very private man.

I have...

I have information about Majid Javadi that he absolutely needs to know.

It's very important. Please, Nassrin, please.

All right, I'll tell him.

Got a message from Javadi.

Brody just showed up at the Revolutionary Guard headquarters.

What's he doing?

Javadi said he was escorted by Akbari's men.

He's going to Akbari.

Brody knows we just tried to kill him.

He's gonna burn the whole fucking thing down.

Nassrin told me you were upset.

That you wanted to talk to me. Yes, sir.

You know, it was here in this office that I first heard your name.

Abu Nazir told me about you, what a jewel he had found.

What a sword for Allah.

Why would anyone want to kill such a treasure?

To stop me telling you about Javadi.

What about Javadi?

He wants your job. You think I don't know that?

The CIA has planned it for him.

The CIA?

Even Javadi wouldn't work with the CIA.

Well, he is.

They found out he embezzled millions from the IRGC.

They own him.

You were on the run.

How could you know what the Americans are doing?

Because I was part of it.

I was to come here to Tehran... to get close to you.

And when you got close? They wanted me to take you out.

So they could replace you with Javadi.

Those were my orders.

But you don't want to obey those orders?

That's why you came to me.

I came here to redeem myself.

And you have.

You have.

Thank you, Nicholas.

I will deal with Javadi.

You spoke with Abu Nazir about me?

In this room?


How he would send you against America.

A sword to strike the heart of our enemy.


It all started here.


It's me.

I'm in Akbari's office.

What have you done?

I killed him.

Get me out of here.