Homeland S3E3 Script

Tower of David (2013)

Air and naval forces of the United States... launched a series of strikes against terrorist facilities...

Pan Am Flight 103 crashed into the town of Lockerbie.

He has sanctioned acts of terror in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

This will not stand, this aggression against Kuwait.

His relentless pursuit of terror.

We will make no distinction...

The USS Cole was attacked while refueling in the port of Aden.

This was an act of terrorism.

It was a despicable and cowardly act.

The next number we're gonna swing for you is one of the good ol' favorites.

Until something stops him.

It was right in front of my eyes, and I never saw it coming.

We got a plane crashed into the World Trade Center.

Thousands of people running...

We must, and we will, remain vigilant at home and abroad.

You're the smartest and the dumbest fucking person I've ever known.

I'm not the one who got it wrong. I'm the only one who got it right.

Take 'em.

Take 'em all.

Roll every available ambulance you've got to this position.

Previously on Homeland...

It wasn't me. It wasn't me.

We have to go. What do you mean? Go where?

No one else will believe you.

What are we doing here?

Activating my insurance policy. My friend will meet us at the border.

She'll drive us to Montreal where we get onto a fishing boat... which takes us to Newfoundland.

That border is in a few miles. You're not coming, are you?

I can't now.

Have you seen the paper yet?

CIA Officer Linked to Langley Bomber.

The case officer in question, she's been diagnosed as bipolar.

It's Carrie. She called a reporter.

Apparently, she thinks it's important they hear her side of the story.

The CIA gave you that story to set me up.

For what?

Nicholas Brody is not responsible for the explosion at Langley.

Did Saul Berenson know when he testified?

Of course he did. Everything he said was bullshit.

Did you tell anyone that I was coming here?

We've got a psychiatric detention order.

You know she's off her meds, right?

Unless you think that's a good idea.

You really have to help me.

Get off of me.

This is a fucking sham.


I am so sorry.

Fuck you, Saul.

Holy shit. What happened to him?

Something went wrong. Well, I assumed.

An ambush. Across the border.


I'm going to take a look at you now, okay?

Are you a doctor?

Interesting question.

I know.

I know. I know it hurts.

Could someone do something about the lights?

You've lost a lot of blood. You're in hypovolemic shock.

We're going to try to repair the bleeds.

This will help with the pain.

Okay, enough, enough. We don't wanna stop his heart.

Okay, Paco.

I need you to hold something for me. Can you do that?

Give me your hand.

And put it right here.

Right there. Can you feel it?


Yes, yes, yes. Pinch it. Okay? Pinch.

Don't let go.

Where are my lights?

I can't work with the flickering lights.

Where are my lights?

Well done.


Will he live?


How old were those antibiotics you got me?

He'll make it. He's a strong one.

You know who he is.

I have absolutely no idea.

Just an anonymous stranger with two bullets in his gut.

Though, hypothetically...

I'm wondering.

An American fugitive falls in your lap.

One with a bounty on his head.

Ten million dollars, dead or alive.

Why go through a world of trouble trying to save him... instead of just collecting the reward?

Maybe someone did you a favor once.

Must be some favor.

Be still.

No fever.

Thank you.

Thank you.



No. I wanna get up.

I want...

No more. I can't think.

No more. Please.


Will you help me get up, please?

I need to see. No.

Where am I?


Your new home.

You shouldn't be up.

You need to rest.

You're lucky to be alive, you know?

Those Colombians, they nearly killed you.

There's a bounty on your head.

I know. A big one.

You're never safe, even here with me.

My wallet's missing. And so is my passport.

Somebody took them. I couldn't stop him.

I need my passport for travel.

Don't worry about that.

I can't get another one.

Just get better now.

I will try to find out who took your things.

Why are you trying to help me?

You know Carrie Mathison.

So do I.

Stay here. On this floor.

Thank you.

It feels good... to be walking.



We're walking. Yes.

We're walking. Yes. We're walking. We're walking.

With a cane.

We're walking with a cane.

We're walking with a cane.

Agua, yes. Yeah. Thanks.

I prescribe rest... you go gallivanting about.


Trekking clear across the building. What were you thinking?



You're sure?

You seem like you're in a lot of pain.

I'll survive.

Yes, you're good at that, aren't you?

So, what did you make of it?

What? What you saw.

This abscess beyond healing we call home.

They call it the Tower of David.

Not for King David, heaven forbid.

For David Brillembourg... the particularly egomaniacal banker who commissioned it.

Unfortunately, before it was completed, David died... then the whole economy died... construction stopped... the squatters all moved in, and voilà.

Well, if you hate it... Did I say I hate it?

So why are you here?

That's a dangerous question.

Why am I here... leads to why are you here?

You see?

We're here because the world outside can be judgmental and cruel.

We're here because this is the place that accepts us.

We're here because we belong here.

I'm not staying. Of course not.

I just need to get my strength back.

Now, don't we all... need to get our strength back?





Is this...

Is this him?

Is this the man that robbed you?

Is it?

He says he did it.

Yeah, okay, but...

Hey! Hey, wait. Wait a second! No! No, no, don't!

Get the f...

You didn't have to kill him! No?

No, you didn't! Fine.

We let people rob us, no problem.

And then what if they recognize you with $10 million on your head?

What stops them from saying, I know where he is?

Back to your room.


Where you going?

Somewhere else.

Do you have money? I need money.

Do you have any?

Don't go. I can't stay here.

You, stop. I'm going out.

I need to leave.

Go out there.

I need to get out of here. Where?

Where you think you go?

Out. Out. Out where?

To the next place.

I've been taken from one place to the next, from here to there.

You were nearly killed.

I can't stay here. Why?

It's... It's not good enough?

I didn't mean that. Not good enough for you?

Why is this? Because of that thief? He upset you?


I appreciate all you've done for me. Okay? But I'm better now.

What's that mean? I can make it on my own.

I just need to get to the next place.

There's no next place.

What? There has to be.


Does Carrie know I'm here? Does she? No one can know.

We have to tell her. Like, like, call her on the phone?

No, I didn't mean that. Or better yet.

A postcard. Or just call the CIA, they give us $10 million.

Split it, even Steven.

I tell you, last time.

Where you are? Carrie doesn't want to know.

This is it for you.

End of the line.

El Niño thinks you're an ingrate.

I assured him you're just confused.

But he's right, you know.

This is your home.

It's not easy to accept. Believe me, I know.

This is not how you pictured yourself. You weren't planning this.

There must be some mistake. And on and on.

Voices in your head are not your friends.

Right now, you have to make them go away.

The Germans who invented it... had a special name for a medicine powerful enough to do just that.


The drug is.

So you don't have to be.

Get out.

Come, Paco.

Come, come.

I slept six whole hours yesterday.

I can't remember the last time that happened.

So, yeah, I mean, all things considered, I feel pretty damn lucid.

You're drinking enough water?

I think so.

Any headaches?

Well, they'll go away.

This isn't my first time acclimating to lithium, you know?

Dizzy spells?

One or two, nothing unbearable.

I was wondering if you could tell Saul Berenson... how much better I'm doing.

What makes you think I'm in touch with Saul Berenson?

We both know who you're writing those notes for.

You think I'm reporting back to the CIA?

I know you are. And that's fine. Just... tell Saul I'm sorry. I fucked up.

It won't happen again.

What do you mean, you fucked up?

I mean, I went off my meds. Clearly, that was a bad idea.

You told Dr. Harlan your meds dulled you.

Well, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

This is quite the sea change for you.

After three weeks in here, it's hard to hold on to any grudges.

So Saul did you a favor, putting you in the hospital.


Removing you from a delusional relationship... with a suspected terrorist, no less.

That was his testimony, wasn't it?

It was.

You're saying that was the right thing to do?


And you honestly believe that?


I want you to answer truthfully. I want you to recover.

From what? We both know I'm not here because I'm crazy.

They don't know where else to put me.

No one said you were crazy.

No one had to. I'm in a fucking psych ward.

Look, the sooner I can talk to Saul, the sooner I can go home... and you can go back to doing something useful with your life.

What are you writing?

I was out of line just then. I'm sorry. Fuck.

If you wanna earn visiting privileges, be a bit more cooperative than that.

I know.

And then here's the question of the efficacy of your medication.

All right, I'm sorry, I just...

So will you please tell Saul that I'm better?


They see you.

You can't do that. I have to.

He knew. He knew. He knew what happen.

Please, stop.


I can't stay here.

I can't.

I have to leave. I have to go out there. I can't live here.

No aquí.

I'll die here.

No place to go.

There is a place.

There is.

There is. There is somewhere to go.

But my father said... There is a place.

The mosque.

Will you help me?

Well, well, that's really quite something.

Is that a little balcony? It is, yeah.

It's just darling. Thanks.

Mike, Sarah.

Come look at this.

Isn't that lovely? Look at all the detail.

Can I use the restroom? Of course.

Jim, why don't you put some paint on that?

Carrie, are you in here?

I'm fine. I just needed to get out. What happened? Are you all right?

I just had to get out of there. You're bleeding.


Oh, shit.

Honey, if you are hurting yourself, I need to know.

No, I said I'm fine. I know, Carrie, what you said.

Let me see.

Look, I had a bad moment. That's all.

I'm taking my lithium. I'm going to group.

I'm doing everything that's asked of me.

Okay, okay, that's it, that's it.

Okay, that's all right. It's all right now.

Okay, that's okay.

Please don't tell. Oh, okay.

So promise me this will not happen again.

I promise.

Because if it does... It won't.

I was just frustrated. Okay.

When I get frustrated, I take a deep breath, and I count to ten.

Hey, Carrie, keep your head up.

It's not like they're gonna forget you in here.

Someone's already come by to check on you.

Who? I'm not sure.

What, you didn't get his name?

Nope. He didn't say.

He asks about you, how you're doing. We don't tell him anything.

If he comes again, let me know. I need to see him.

As soon you're granted visiting privileges.

No, sooner than that. It's Saul. Has to be.

Honey, let's get you back to group, okay?

Hey, will you promise me?

Carrie, I've already risked my job once.

And this is the last favor I'll ask. I mean it.

People see you.

They know.

No, the Imam won't turn me in. They'll help me.

I'm a Muslim.


Me, Muslim.

See? Refuge.

Take me with you.

What? No.

You can't leave me here.

No, I can't take you with me.

No. Oh, God, I'm sorry. I can't.

I can't. I'm sorry.

Someone's here to see me. I need an elevator key.

If you could just wait in the rec room. I have a visitor. I have to see him.

You're still not on the list. Please. He's waiting for me.

I need you to calm down. I am calm.

Where's Abby? She's on break.

Well, would you go get her? Because he's gonna leave soon.

Okay, now, let's talk about this. Where the fuck is Abby?

What is going on here? Oh, thank God.

Someone's here to see me. He's downstairs.

All right. I'll handle this.

We'll take her back to her room. Come on. Let's go.

It's Saul. I saw him through the window. Keep your voice down.

You're not a Muslim.

You're a terrorist.

No. No, don't. What are you doing? No.


Saul? Hi.

Who are you? Paul Franklin.

What happened to your head? I fell. Did Saul send you?

No. Pretty sure he wouldn't approve of my being here.

I'm an associate at Bennett, Parr & Hamilton.

We're a law firm. Yeah, I know. I've heard of you.

Is there anywhere we could speak a little more privately?


I told you, don't leave.

But you go.

This is what happens. We all get trouble.

So now you stay. Here. This is your new home.

You will eat here, sleep here, shit here, die here.

Carrie won't save you. No one will.


Do you understand me?


And you stay away from my daughter.

You stay away.

Been a naughty boy.

Naughty, naughty boy.

I heard you had a difficult hearing.

Difficult doesn't really cover it.

So we both know you could be here for a while.

One of our partners would like to meet with you.

Well, he knows where to find me.

I don't think you understand. I'm talking about getting you out of here.

You could do that?

Why would you wanna help me?

As I said, I'm here on behalf of a partner.

And what does he want? Simply to talk to you.


Whatever it is, it's important enough that he sent me.

Look, I know how that sounds. In your position, I'd be paranoid too.

You don't know the first thing about my position.

I know you don't belong here. That you're not actually crazy.

I know you want nothing more than to get out and go home.


I'm on your side.

Are you all right?

I'm trying to remember where I've heard that line before.

What line? I'm on your side.

I know what you're doing. What do you mean?

I'm a case officer. I used to recruit assets for a living.

This isn't like that. Isn't it?

You think I'm vulnerable. Not at all.

Worse than that, you think I'm weak. Maybe with the right incentive...

I'll turn against the people who did this to me.

Well, I'm telling you no.

Whoever it is you're working for... the Syrians, the Israelis, the Iranians, you tell them that.

You tell them I would rather die in here.

You're not seeing this clearly. Yeah, which part did I get wrong?

Julie in the studio today... who has been working on her new fabulous jewelry collection.

Tell us a little bit about it.



Are you all right? I need my meds.

What are we going to do with you?

I can't stay here.

Of course you can.

It's like the hole in Iraq. I can't do it again.

Oh, I'm sure you'll find a way.

Everywhere you go... other people die.

But you always manage to survive.

Ever noticed that?

You're like a cockroach.

Still there after the last nuclear bombs go off.

You belong here.

Am I right?

Come along.