Homeland S3E7 Script

Gerontion (2013)

Air and naval forces of the United States... launched a series of strikes against terrorist facilities...

Pan Am Flight 103 crashed into the town of Lockerbie.

He has sanctioned acts of terror in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

This will not stand, this aggression against Kuwait.

His relentless pursuit of terror.

We will make no distinction...

The USS Cole was attacked while refueling in the port of Aden.

This was an act of terrorism.

It was a despicable and cowardly act.

The next number we're gonna swing for you is one of the good ol' favorites.

Until something stops him.

It was right in front of my eyes, and I never saw it coming.

We got a plane crashed into the World Trade Center.

Thousands of people running...

We must, and we will, remain vigilant at home and abroad.

You're the smartest and the dumbest fucking person I've ever known.

I'm not the one who got it wrong. I'm the only one who got it right.

Take 'em.

Take 'em all.

Roll every available ambulance you've got to this position.

Previously on Homeland...

I spoke to the president yesterday.

He's exploring some changes in intelligence practice.

I won't temper my views just to get your support for my confirmation as director.

I'm the one getting nominated as director.

The Agency is being driven into the fucking ground.

The hope is that you are the reformer your record in the Senate would indicate.

So, you agree that change is in order. Yes, I do.

Is that Javadi?

In a French restaurant in Tehran with our wives.

We were young intelligence officers during the dying days of the shah.

I watched a man I thought I knew become an animal.

So this operation is your revenge.

Revenge is when I helped his wife and son... escape to the West four months later.

I need your eyes on Carrie. We dangled her to draw the Iranians out.

Javadi himself.

Carrie Mathison.

Are we completely alone now?

No one is listening. It's time we talk about Nasser Hejazi... whose name you used to embezzle more than $45 million.

You are now an enemy of your own state.

So why am I not arrested already? Saul would like to talk to you first.

He will turn, won't he?

Turning an intelligence officer against his own country... well, that's the most delicate and uncertain work there is.

He wouldn't come with me right away.

Said it wouldn't fly with his guys, it was too risky, so I set a meet for later.

Plan was to bring him straight here.

Can I help you?

Stop or I shoot.

Now I'm ready to see Saul.

There's two fatalities and a lot of blood. It's a fucking bloodbath, Saul.

You got to get him out of there fast and get the murder weapon.

What do we do about the baby? Leave it. You weren't there.

You don't look like a man who's just landed the biggest asset of his career.

So, what are we looking for here?

A .22 and the top half of this bottle.

Plum wine.

Yeah, some kind of Iranian thing.

I thought Muslims didn't drink.

How many?

What? He hit her, how many times?

I can see at least a dozen separate strikes.

Honestly though, with this, who the hell knows?


We're still looking for the murder weapons.

I may have something better.

Neighbor's security camera picked it up.

Money is wired from the Al Askari Bank in Tehran... the first Friday of every month to the HLBC subsidiary in Caracas.

On your signature. There.

We've traced the funds downstream to a series of terrorist actions... including the attack on the CIA.

But also to your personal accounts... where you've diverted nearly $50 million of Revolutionary Guard money.

That's punishable by death if the IRGC were to find out.

What's your point, Saul?

That I've been brought down by a girl?

By two girls?


I think he appreciates the situation.

He manipulates people, that's what he does.

I know. You can't let him get to you.

Well, he does.

Where'd you find that one?

The list of outraged Iranian exiles is long.

She won't last.

Well, that's what you said about me in 1976 when we were both starting out.

So you got me.

Are you proud of yourself?

So far.

I know what you want.

What's that?

To clean me of what I know.

I imagine the state of our nuclear weapons program is high on your list?

There is a deal to be made, or I'd be in prison by now.

If I talk...

If I do that, I need protection.

I need a secure compound in Miami with a guard detail.

And I want my money. Unfrozen.

All of it.

Is that everything?

For now.

I see you put some thought into this.

Those are my terms.



Those are your terms.

But the problem is you got it all wrong.

Because what I want from you is not just intelligence.

Why you think I went through the trouble of documenting your financial misdeeds?


You killed 219 Americans.

Think I care you also ripped off the Revolutionary Guard?

I got plans for you, much bigger than you spilling a few state secrets.

What plans? I'm gonna play you back into Iran.

From now on, you work for us.

For me.

I'm your new case officer.

It won't work.

Why's that? You burned me back home.

How? I'm here with you.

They don't know that. They will.

Who's gonna tell them?

Not me. Not you. You came here under your own steam... however you managed that, your story's still intact.

And if I refuse to go? So we're clear...

I'm sending you back to Tehran one way or the other.

Either as my asset or a traitor to the revolution.

Was this always the plan?

Don't think I won't, Majid. It's not a trial and quick execution you're facing there.

You'll be tortured first.

And I understand public hangings are back in vogue.

I will tell you everything you wanna know, chapter and verse, but I can't go back.

You will do both. No, I won't.

Yes, you will. No, I won't!

You're bleeding.

Afternoon. Yeah.

Rough night? Not especially.

You look tired.

Can I get you anything?

You've been MIA for days now.

Not really. I've been here.

You've been absent.

Saul too.

You care to shed any light on that?

Talk to Saul.

Like I said, he's not so easy to find.

You're my guy, Peter.

I recruited you. I brought you up.

What's your point?

My point is, that entitles me to a certain amount of forthrightness from you.

There was a double murder earlier today in Bethesda.

Fariba Javadi, ex-wife of the Iranian deputy security chief.

Also her daughter-in-law.

I understand it was a damn slaughter.

Would you like me to look into it for you?

Fuck you.

That's outside the house where it happened, 2:53 p.m.

You're the main suspect.

I hope they nail your ass to the wall.

Where's Saul? In the interrogation room.

Did you know we're sending Javadi back to Iran?

You missed the fireworks. Javadi blew when he found out he had to go back.

We're on hold till they stop the bleeding. We better not wait too long.


I'm about to start again. What's the deal?

Neighbor's security camera picked me up. There's an APB out.

Just you? Somehow it missed Javadi and Carrie.

Where'd you get this? Dar Adal, he monitors the blotters.

He knows Javadi's in the country?

He knows something's up he's not in on. I suggest you go talk to him soon.

I will. I mean now. He's furious.

I'll smooth things over. In the meantime, you need to stay here in this building.

We can't risk having you arrested. Fine. What do we do about this?

There's a police captain in Bethesda who owes me.

I could call him, at least get the photo down off the wire.

Do it, face-to-face.

Play the national-security card. Tell him you have my full support.

What if he wants details about the murder?

He can't have them.

If anyone even suspects Javadi's in the country, we're through.


I checked the house for surveillance. I must've missed the neighbor's.

Yeah? Well, I missed the whole fucking thing.

How's it going in there? Slowly.

Trouble? Oh, we'll manage.

You seem upset. That's good enough.

Well? Well, what?

Have you come to terms with your situation?

How does it work?

We return you to your people as soon as possible.

I assume they've arranged a way for you to get out of the country.

No, I meant about Fariba.

A crime is committed. It must be covered up.

How does it work here?

You killed her.


To get back at me? Because you could?

She was my wife. She was unfaithful.

She was your ex-wife. It was 35 years ago.

In the eyes of God, we were still married.

I should have stoned her to death, but you didn't give me enough time.

Remember this? It was Fariba's 21st birthday.

We talked all night, the four of us, about what the future might bring.

It wasn't this.

Yes, sir.

Carrie. I thought we were meeting outside.

My guys have a few questions.

You told them I can't talk about it, right? Yeah, I told them.

Detectives Johnson, Cort. Carrie Mathison.

Okay, I understand you're not happy about this.

Oh, and you are?

Of course not. We're as upset as you.

So who's this guy? I'm afraid that's classified.

But he's one of yours? That's classified too.

Can you tell me what he was doing here?


Can you tell me how he knew the victims?

Okay, wait... Can you tell me any goddamn thing?

Can you tell me why this lady's laying here with her throat cut to ribbons?

Any fucking thing?

Excuse me. Take care.

You're not a fanatic. You're a pragmatist.

You always have been.

Don't tell me what I am and what I'm not.

Well, we're both old men. There's no disputing that.

We are.

It's the curse of old men to realize that in the end we control nothing.

So we lash out.

Buenos Aires.



These are small acts, Majid.

Unworthy of you.

You left something out.

The bombing of the CIA.

Nothing small about that. Nothing unworthy.

Well, I wanted to talk about that too.

I'm sure you do.

Because when that bomb went off... killing all those people... many of them my friends... my first thought was not revenge.

It was... something has to change.

You hit us. We hit you.

It's always the same.

And how does my going back as your spy change any of that?

For years, we toiled in back rooms, you and I.

We toiled while shallower men held the stage.

Waiting for our time to come... gradually understanding it never would.

Now it has, unexpectedly.

For you, it has.

You're the one who made it possible.

I wanna return the favor.

Does this look like a favor to you, Saul?

Majid, thanks to you...

I stand at the center of things.

You put me in power.

You go back to Tehran, I'll do the same for you.

I know a way.

You all right? Yeah. Sorry.

I don't know what happened there.

So we okay?

I wouldn't say so, no. I'm sorry, but can't you handle that?

You mean, can't I just pull rank and shut this thing down?

Sure, just like you try with me.

But you know what happens next?

Somehow that photo and all the evidence in this room... show up on Drudge Report or goddamn WikiLeaks.

And then you got yourself a real problem.

And don't look at me like I'm being less than helpful.

I'm just talking reality here.

So what do you suggest? They wanna talk to the guy in the photo.

That's impossible. You want this thing closed quietly?

Find a way.

Where's Quinn? Outside, I think.

Could you find him?

Was it always the plan to send Javadi back to Iran?

It was always the hope. No one told me.

You should be proud. Your work made it all possible.

I'm not proud.

What he did to this country, it's nothing compared to what he did to Iran.

We should try him for what he's done. That's not the plan. That's not the plan.

Go find Quinn, please.

He's in. Good.

How'd you make out? Not so well.

They wanna talk to you. The local cops do.

You told them that was impossible? Several times.

I thought your captain friend was gonna take care of this.

Yeah, me too. He boned me.

The important thing here is to not jeopardize the Javadi play. Agreed?

So let me talk to them, the cops.

And say what? I don't know. See what they ask.

You know what they'll ask. You're their only suspect.

And since you can't tell them what actually happened... you'll be admitting to two murders then saying they can't touch you for it.


Look, we got police threatening to blow up our operation.

At least this buys us enough time to get Javadi out of the country.

So unless you got another option... Do it.

At least let me go with him. No.

Javadi came here to contact you. You're the only one who can be seen with him.

I need you to get him back to his people. When?

Soon as possible. Get him out of the country before anything else blows up.

You need to stay right by his side. We cannot risk another screw up, okay?

Where will you be? I got a meeting with Senator Lockhart... who's apparently noticed I haven't been in my office all week.

We need to keep this thing together till Javadi's on a plane heading back to Iran.

It's time. Carrie will take you back.

And what makes you sure I won't just vanish?

This way. She'll be with you all the way to the plane.

I meant, in Iran.

What I said before.

You started this. I think you'll wanna be there when it ends.

I need to know something before you leave.

I need to know.

Who was responsible for the bomb?

The bomb at Langley? Yes.

On the ground that day, who was responsible?

I thought it was Brody.

That's what you told the Senate. That's what you told the entire world.

You have a manhunt on five continents, a $10 million reward...

Did he do it? Yes or no.

I don't know.

I don't believe you. Look me in the eye and answer.

It wasn't him.

It was one of Abu Nazir's guys.

Who exactly...

I didn't wanna know.

We'll get you some clothes to change into.

Then Carrie will take you back to your plane.

Can you give me a sec? Yes, sir.

Saul? Where are you?



No, back to work.

I've been thinking about our days in Tehran.


That was a long time ago. Yeah.

We were so young.

I was so worried about you when it all went to hell... about getting you out.

Yeah. No, I was worried about you.

Leaving you behind.

I said I didn't care about your friend from Mumbai, but I do.

I said I didn't have any claim on you.

Saul... But I do.

Maybe it's just in my own mind at this point, I don't know.

But I needed to tell you before it's too late.

Did you hear me? Yes.

It's the first time I could come up for air in nearly two days. I wanted you to know.

When are you coming home?

The usual.

Not till late.

Okay. I'll see you then.

The evidence should be there. They can know what happened.

It's part of the tags and...

In there.

What's this? How we'll contact you. Memorize it.

Also, your cover story.

The information you pried out of me that justifies your coming here.

It's how we took down your network. Is it true?

It's verifiable. Who was the source?

If I go to Iran, I'll have to take the traitor out, you know that.

The source is a hack we did.

A computer virus that allowed us to monitor your communications.

You wanna take it out, go ahead. We have you now.

It's time to go back to your people. You ready?


What were you planning to do, bypass me entirely?

I'm not gonna apologize.

I had to keep the circle small. Not that small.

You, Carrie, Quinn... and come to think of it, I haven't seen that headscarf for a while.

All need-to-know. I thought we trusted each other.

Just you.

I'll tell just you. I don't see how.

You got Lockhart waiting in your office.

You think he didn't notice that the ex-wife of the IRGC chief... got slaughtered in Bethesda?

Or that Carrie, who you committed to a psych ward... got out and you're doing shit about it?

He's the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee... not some civilian fuck monkey.

Okay, I do have something going.

An operation. We're past that. It's time for details.

Fine. I'll tell you both.

You never told me whose idea it was.

To hang you out as bait.

Was it your idea or Saul's?

That's all right.

You don't have to say. It was Saul's idea.

It had to be.

In fact, it's classic Saul.

If it's so classic, why'd you fall for it?

Why do you think?

It was you.

The abuse you went through.

What Saul did to you to get me here... even I have never done anything so cruel.

You're forgetting I've seen your handiwork.

You can't bullshit me. I'm not bullshitting you.

Then you're seriously deluded.

You know what he asked me? Why you killed your wife?

Who moved the bomb?

If it was Brody. Now, why would he ask me that?

That implies that there's a difference of opinion on that subject, right?

What'd you tell him?

That it was one of Abu Nazir's guys.

Not Brody?



Someone else.

That's all I know.

You Peter Quinn?


What, that's a difficult question? No.

Because your compadre, Mathison, she promised what she called candor.

Peter Quinn is...


My legal name.

One of the victims, she was Iranian. Yes.

Ex-wife of an Iranian security guy. IRGC.


The other victim, his daughter-in-law. Yes.

I assume that's significant.


These are some terse responses.

Look, can we just get on with this? On with this?

We are on with it. How are we not on with it?

My colleague lead me to believe you were after a confession.

That's incorrect.

What I said was, I'm trying to understand what happened here.

That's not gonna be possible. That's what she said.

She said all I need to know is that it's national security. This is. This.

Look, I know you think I'm just some dick jacking you up because I can.

'Cause you were unlucky enough to get yourself photographed.

And maybe that's true, I don't know.

But actually, I'm just trying to understand... this shit that you people do.

This shit that we're a party to because we pay taxes.


This shit.

So you killed the daughter?

Yes. With?

A Walther P22. What about the mother? Same weapon?


That was with a bottle.

Plum wine.

For national security.

You fucking people.

Have you ever done anything but make things worse?

This is special access information. Fine.

It can't leave this room. Understood.


I've recruited a high-level Iranian asset.

IRGC Deputy Chief Majid Javadi.

Javadi. Yes.

The man who financed the bombing of the CIA.

That's right.

Why on earth would you trust him?

We've developed information... that would compromise him with his own government.

Evidence of wholesale corruption.

Which, in Iran, just means it's Tuesday.

Normally, I'd agree.

But this is tens of millions of dollars... siphoned from a secret IRGC fund designated for terrorist activities.

No one would look the other way.

So you blackmailed him. That's right.

Is there some reason you didn't tell my committee?

I was waiting for it to be real.

It wasn't because this is just the kind of human-intelligence nonsense... that led to disaster right here in this building not four months ago?

Believing our sworn enemies will magically switch sides.

We talked about this... the need to wean you of your Cold War bullshit.

We agreed to disagree. I don't see it that way.

Not when I'm inheriting your mess in 10 days.

A mess.

That's what you call placing a major asset inside a government... that's been a black box for 30 years?

You asked me what I've been doing.

I told you.

Are we done?

Not by a long shot.

I wanna know how this happened.

Almost there.

Almost there and you still haven't asked.

What? Who moved the bomb?

You told Saul it was one of Abu Nazir's guys.

Yes, I did.

Which I already knew.

And who handed him the keys?

Don't tell me you never wondered.

I bet you wonder all the time.

Brody escaped the blast.

Did he know it was coming?

Maybe I already know the answer to that.

Maybe you don't.


I guess you don't want the truth.

I do. I just don't think I'd get it from you.


I wanna know about the wife. What about her?

You recruit Javadi, his wife's suddenly dead along with the daughter-in-law.

Don't tell me that's a coincidence.

It's not. So who did it?

You know, every time you answer a question with a big gaping nothing... it reminds me what a problem we have, you and I.

It was Javadi.

Wait a second. You're saying he was in this country?

That's right.

And you knew this?

We lured him here.

Carrie did.

So wait. You two...

You were working together.

Even when you were denouncing her in front of my committee. All for show.

Did you know? I'm learning it now with you.

Well, who did know? Everyone who needed to.

No, everyone who needed to didn't know... because two of those people are in this room right now holding their dicks.

I want Carrie brought in. Now.

She can't come here now. And why is that?

She's busy. She's putting Javadi on a plane back to Iran.

He's still here?

Ground the fucking plane. No.

Ground it.

I'm acting director for another two weeks. It's not your call.

I'll bump this up to the president, I swear to God.

And then what? We fry Javadi's ass publicly.

Well, that's shortsighted. It's justice.

It's ineffective.

'Cause back in Tehran, he's replaced by someone just like him... who we can't control.

And the attack that happened here happens again and again and again.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime operation that can transform everything.

The entire Middle East. You sound like you're fucking high.

I'm calling the president.

Did you hear what I said? I'm calling him. Get me a goddamn phone.


Here. Destroy everything we've been working for.

I'm not even gonna dignify that with a response.

You really don't get it, do you? For the first time, I think I really do.

I see now why this place has been a fucking clown act for decades.

How does this work? I'm not sure.

And don't worry, I'll handle the president.

Open the door.


Open the goddamn door. Make me.

Dar, let me out of here.



You're dead. Both of you, you son...

What the fuck?

Well, you had your chance.


It's okay.

It's okay.

You said you'd tell me the truth. And you told me I was incapable.

You might be right.

But if you wanna talk to someone you can trust... who was there... you should know that the man who built the bomb and moved the SUV... he didn't die in the explosion like they say.

As far as I know, he's still in this country.


I don't know. Who does?

Someone you've already met.

The man that brought us together.

Your lawyer? Bennett?

Well, the way this worked out, believe me... he's not my lawyer anymore.

You requested radar following on 3-6-Oscar.


That aircraft cleared US airspace at 2219 hours.

Thank you. Yes, sir.

An audacious operation.

Just the beginning.

Here's to continued success.

You know what? I do need to apologize.

For excluding you.

You don't have to explain yourself, Saul.

You are the goddamn acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

For 10 more days.

Senator Lockhart managed to get himself stuck in the conference room.

Could you ask facilities to let him out?

Follow the bodies down to the morgue. I'll finish up here, release the scene.

How'd it go? They're standing down.

So it went well.

What do they say, confession is good for the soul?

Only you didn't do it. I know.

But it made me feel better.

Wrong crime, right guy, I guess.

You know what else I've realized?

Just how through I am with... this... the CIA.

I just do not believe it anymore.

Believe what?

That anything justifies the damage we do.

Well, you can't quit yet.

Javadi's out over the Atlantic heading home... and he told me something before he left about the Langley bomber.

You mean Brody. No, that's just it. It's not him.

And I can prove it now, but...

I need your help.


Sure, Carrie. Whatever you need.


How was your day? I had a good day.

Actually, a really good day.

Forgive me.

For what?

I'd forgotten...

how beautiful you are.