Homeland S3E8 Script

A Red Wheel Barrow (2013)

Air and naval forces of the United States... launched a series of strikes against terrorist facilities...

Pan Am Flight 103 crashed into the town of Lockerbie.

He has sanctioned acts of terror in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

This will not stand, this aggression against Kuwait.

His relentless pursuit of terror.

We will make no distinction...

The USS Cole was attacked while refueling in the port of Aden.

This was an act of terrorism.

It was a despicable and cowardly act.

The next number we're gonna swing for you is one of the good ol' favorites.

Until something stops him.

It was right in front of my eyes, and I never saw it coming.

We got a plane crashed into the World Trade Center.

Thousands of people running...

We must, and we will, remain vigilant at home and abroad.

You're the smartest and the dumbest fucking person I've ever known.

I'm not the one who got it wrong. I'm the only one who got it right.

Take 'em.

Take 'em all.

Roll every available ambulance you've got to this position.

Previously on Homeland...

I'm an associate at Bennett, Parr and Hamilton.

One of our partners would like to meet with you.

Miss Mathison. Leland Bennett.

What does your client want? To pick your brain from time to time.

Put you on retainer, as it were.

No sound. Take it off.

Carrie Mathison.

It's time we talk about Nasser Hejazi... whose name you used to embezzle more than 45 million dollars.

You are now an enemy of your own state.

I got plans for you. What plans?

I'm gonna play you back into Iran.

From now on, you work for us, for me.

I've recruited a high-level Iranian asset, Majid Javadi.

The man who financed the bombing of the CIA?

We talked about this... the need to wean you of your Cold War bullshit.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime operation that can transform everything... the entire Middle East.

You sound like you're fucking high.

I need to know something before you leave.

I need to know who was responsible for the bomb.

You know what he asked me? Who moved the bomb? If it was Brody.

Now why would he ask me that?

That implies that there's a difference of opinion on that subject.

You should know that the man who built the bomb and moved the SUV... he didn't die in the explosion like they say.

As far as I know, he's still in this country.

Where? I don't know.

Who does? The man that brought us together.

Your lawyer, Bennett?


What happened to you? I was starting to get worried.

I'm out of practice.

Well, this looks delicious, Saul. Thank you.

Can I pour you a cup of tea?

Please. Where did you get these from?

Aren't these the mugs we brought back from the Philippines?

The very last pair.

When this is all over, I'd like to go back to that island in the Sulu Sea.

You know, you don't have to promise anything, really.

I understand. I don't see why not.

We might actually have fun.

The evidence does seem to indicate that that is possible after all.

Is there any chance that you could stay home today?

There's nothing I'd rather do.


I got a meeting with Mike Higgins this morning at the White House.

When? 9:30.

That gives us an hour and a half by my count.

Yes, it does.

Okay, here's something. Dr. Maximillian Aziz. Jordanian.

Was actually in the auditorium at the time the bomb went off.

Ops or Intelligence?

Intelligence. Office of Transnational Issues.

And what's his connection to Leland Bennett?

He wrote a lengthy analysis of the firm's hip-pocket clients...

Iran, Syria, Azerbaijan.

This was two years ago.

Hardly fits the profile.

Any munitions training? Experience with explosives?


All right. Add him to the list anyway.

Which begs the question... are we even sure that the guy who made the bomb moved Brody's car?

Depends. On what?

On whether or not you believe Javadi.

Which you do. Which I do.

But it takes more than an opinion to put it in front of Saul.

All righty.

You know, I can't help but feel we're spinning our wheels here.

The FBI have been through these files 100 times.

Anybody who was at Langley that day has been turned inside out and upside down.

Yeah. Well, someone who was at Langley that day did the bombing.

I still can't believe all these people are gone.


Where's Fara anyway? She was supposed to be here over an hour ago.

Come on in, Saul. Mike. Good to see you.


Yeah. The senator has made some serious allegations.

Which are?

That you had Majid Javadi in a safe house on American soil... and let him go.

You contest that? Yes and no.

What's the yes?

I'm not aware of any standing order to arrest Colonel Javadi.

Did you have him in custody or not? I did.

Jesus fucking Christ, Saul.

We didn't just let him go, Mike.

We debriefed him, turned him, sent him back to Iran.

You turned him? He's ours.

With no guarantee that he'll actually cooperate.

He will. How do you know?

Because I know the man. Because he knows the game.

That is total speculation.

He's right. We haven't had a whole lot of success in that department lately.

We have now. Javadi's the highest placed CIA asset in the history of the Agency.

He ordered and financed the attack on Langley.

All the better if he did. He's above suspicion.

A high-profile arrest would've sent a clear message to the mullahs.

Back the fuck down.

Instead we have a live source... keeping us current on Iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon... and on Hezbollah operations all over the globe.

How come I never saw a finding on this?

We were responding to events on the ground.

The call had to be made in real time. That is horseshit and he knows it.

Mike, I think it's time you excuse the senator.

What are you talking about?

I called this meeting to brief the chief of staff on the second phase of the mission.

So go ahead. I can't. Not with you present.

Why not? Because your security clearance... is one level below Operational.

You see what I'm dealing with? The man is out of hand and out of control.

And in this case, he's correct. I'm sorry, Senator.

Mike, in nine days, I'm the next DCI.

And in nine days, Saul will brief you on whatever you need to know.

But not until then.

Mike. Senator.

Mike. Senator, please.

Goddamn it, Saul.

I've spent the last month and a half arranging a marriage between you two.

I'm out. I know that.

You are now. You didn't need to be.

Javadi was worth it.

All right. Tell me about this phase two.

Regime change?

Eventually. We're setting the stage.


First we move Javadi up the chain of command... into a senior military position.

How? Keep reading.

Sorry I'm late. Traffic.

I ordered you a macchiato, but it's probably cold by now.

Thank you.

It's fine.

So I got your text. Everything okay?



It's Saul.

What about him?

We made a decision... I've made a decision... to give the marriage another chance.

You have to know it's not easy for me.

And when did you decide all this?

Last night.

Forgive me, but didn't we just spend yesterday in a suite at the Ritz-Carlton?

What's changed?

I just told you.

Suddenly Saul and you have decided to reconcile?

It's not suddenly.

We've been talking about it for the last two months. You know that.

I was under the impression that you had given up on that.

That you both had. I don't know. Maybe we had.

Then there's something you're not telling me.

We've been married 35 years. I love you.

Don't say that. I love making love to you.

I have to go. Mira...


He signed off?

Let's put it this way... He sees the merits of the operation.

So he's taking it to the president? Yes.

Merits? Saul, it's fucking genius.

If we can pull it off.

When are you leaving? Tomorrow morning.

Does Carrie know you're going? She can't even suspect it.

Hear you were looking for me?

We were going over the transcripts of your debrief with Javadi... to see if it supported what he told Carrie on the tarmac yesterday.

Which was? That the man who moved the SUV... is still in the United States and somehow connected to Leland Bennett's law firm.

Connected how? It's unclear.

We were hoping you'd shed some light.

Javadi didn't mention the Bennett connection.

What about Brody?

Did he mention Brody? In what context?

In the context of being the bomber.

Not in so many words, he didn't. What did he say?

He said as far as he knows, Brody didn't move the car.

As far as he knows? That's not what he told me.

Okay. He told me definitively it wasn't Brody.

What's your point?

Why would he tell us two different stories?

Is that a question or an accusation?

I guess I'd like a straight answer.

And if Javadi even intimated that Brody didn't move the car... why not press him on who did?

You're angry because I didn't share a conversation with you about Brody.

An inconclusive one. No.

I'm angry because you seem entirely indifferent to catching the actual bomber.

Speak for yourself. I'm all for it. I'm glad to hear it.

So you two actually have a plan?

Yeah. We wanna flush this guy out into the open.


You know Leland Bennett personally, right?

We've golfed Congressional a few times together... and we serve on the board of the Northam Foundation.

How comfortable would you be making an approach?

Comfortable enough.

Back already? Yeah. I'm not feeling well.

You can go. I'll look after him today.

You sure? Yeah.

How is he? Sitting up.

Progress. Yeah. Slowly but surely.

I'll see you tomorrow. Feel better.


I'm staying home today.

Do I need a reason?

I'm not gonna lose my job.

Because I'm sure. Speak English.


I did not come to America to live in the street like a dirty Arab.

Baba, listen to me. Nothing like that is gonna happen.

No one's gonna throw us out of our home.

Don't worry. My job is safe.

At the bank.

Yes. At the investment bank.

If you work at the bank, why are we not rich?

Richter. That's a German surname.

My parents were born in Hamburg. Do you speak it?

That's useful. We represent three private banking houses in Berlin.

Would you excuse me for just a moment?

Of course.

You're early. I'm in the middle of interviewing a new associate.

It won't take long.

We missed you at the foundation meeting last week.

Couldn't get there. Work.

You gotta make time for us.

It's not enough that I've raised over a million dollars this quarter?

You know me. Never satisfied.

But that's not what this is about.

No? No.

Sounds ominous. I do terror now, by the way.

I'm not sure you knew that. I don't think I did.

Your firm's name has come up lately, more than once.

In what light? That I can't tell you.

Then why tell me at all?

Because tomorrow morning at exactly 10:00...

I walk into a high level, top secret meeting at which you are the agenda.

What do you want? Cooperate with us. Come clean.

Get out in front of what's sure to turn into... a bruising investigation.

You know what? Twenty years ago I might've fallen for that weak shit.

But today...

Come after me if you want. I've got nothing to hide.

Who's the candle for?

All the departed.

You Orthodox?

Old boyfriend.

I hear the weddings go on forever.

Longer than the marriages. So goes the joke.

Mr. Bennett needs you to look into something for him.

My arrangement's with Majid Javadi, not Leland Bennett.


But what Mr. Bennett heard today might reverberate on to you.

On to me? Do I need to remind you?

You're a recruited agent of a foreign government.

I met with Javadi once.

I agreed to consult with him. I'm nobody's agent.

I doubt the CIA would appreciate the distinction.

What the hell do you know about it?

I know the law firm appears to be the target of an inquiry of some kind.

Well, not one that I'm aware of.

The warning was delivered personally, outside of official channels.

By somebody who works at the Agency?

A longtime acquaintance of Mr. Bennett, yes.

So what do you want from me? Confirm the report.

Mr. Bennett needs to know what part of the business is under investigation... and what he can do to protect himself.

That's not gonna be easy, not without setting off alarm bells.

You'll figure something out. I'll figure something out?

And obviously there's a clock on this. Obviously.


It's on. Tell me.

I just met with Franklin. They're panicking over there.

Let them.

Wait 24 hours, then hit them with the news we know who the bomber is.

Will do.

Saul? Yeah?

I need some personal time between then and now.

You got it. Thanks.

You all right? Yeah.

I should've shared that intel about Brody with you sooner.

I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking.

You've been to hell and back. I know how important this is to you.

I owe you. We all do.

As long as we get the real bomber. We will.

Carrie? Yeah. How'd you know?

The tone of your voice. You don't talk to anyone else like that.

I wasn't aware.

Are you ready to eat?

Should I open a bottle of wine?

That's a great idea.

Listen, I gotta go away for a few days.

You do? Yeah.

When? Tomorrow.

Saul. I know.

Timing's not great.

But you said only a couple of days? Yeah.

A week at the most.

A week?

I wouldn't be going if I didn't absolutely have to.

You know what? I could go with you.

Wouldn't that be great? Why not?

It's not that kind of trip. I wish it were.

Cheers. Cheers.

To us.

You've been nauseous? Yeah.

Usually that goes away by now.

So I've heard.

I'm getting a real clear image here.

You wanna know if it's a boy or girl?


Sorry this is so last-minute. No, no. It's great to see you.

This is quite a surprise.

I saw Maggie at the hospital last week. She didn't say a thing.

She doesn't know.

Does that have anything to do with why you're coming in... for your first prenatal exam 13 weeks in?

I didn't exactly plan this.

But you've known for some time.

What about medications? What are you currently taking?

At the moment, nothing. I see.

I was on 1800 milligrams of lithium for about a month there.

Things were a little out of control.

And before that, there was a lot of drinking.

A lot.

After you knew?

I haven't been painting a nursery. Let's put it that way.

Are you telling me you wish to terminate?

I just wanna know what the tests say, if things are okay.

Well, you're iron deficient. We can fix that.

But your blood pressure is very high.

I've been really stressed at work.

You really should be taking it easy.

Yeah, I'll try.

Carrie, we can manage this, keep you and the baby healthy.

It's not magic. It's a process.

You wanna leave it to chance, that's up to you.

Otherwise, you need to modify your behavior.

Not in a week or two, or when it's convenient. Now.

What I'm doing, it has to do with the father.

I need to make some things right. It matters to a lot of people.

But this is different, Carrie.

You're not on your own anymore.

Fara Sherazi?

And you are? Mitchell Clawson from the IG's office.

IG? Inspector General.

May I come in?

This way.

May I offer you something? I'm good.

You called in sick two days in a row. Is something the matter?

Migraines. Yet you drove into work yesterday.


Where you sat in the parking lot for over half an hour... before deciding to leave again.

I was hoping that it would go away.

Is that why you then paid a visit to 1426 Longhill Road... where the recent double murder happened?

The Bethesda PD took down your license number.

The Agency had to call in a lot of favors to close that investigation.

Your going over there jeopardized all that.

I wanted to see where it happened.


It upset me.

I was upset by it.

Director Berenson has shown... an unusual degree of confidence in you, Miss Sherazi... entrusted you with matters of national importance.

I'm aware of that.

But your current state of mind... makes your loyalty to him and to the Agency a very live issue.

Tell the director not to worry. I'm fine.

You can tell him yourself... when you come in to work tomorrow.


Director Berenson?

Who's this Director Berenson? My boss.

But he's no banker, is he?


You went ahead, didn't you?

In spite of everything I said. Baba, an attack happened.

So what? It's none of your business.

They needed Farsi speakers with experience in international finance.

I had to help.

And when the secret police find out who you work for, what then?

We have family still in Tehran... your uncle, his wife and children.

They will be added to the list of those to be hanged or shot!

I'm an American.

Target is still unknown but presumed to be the man... who put the bomb in position in front of the HQ auditorium.

This is Paul Franklin, our stalking horse. Carrie?

Later this afternoon I'll promote misinformation to Mr. Franklin... in the hopes it'll lead us to the bomber.

Our assumption is that after the meeting he'll reach out for instructions.

To this man, Leland Bennett, one of the senior partners at the firm.

Which is why operation from this moment forward... requires a full complement of audio and visual surveillance on both subjects.

I don't have to tell you what catching this guy would mean.

In other words, stay small, stay cool, stay out of sight.

Okay, everybody. Game time.

You were right. Tell me.

They've connected your firm to the guy who detonated the bomb at Langley.

That's not possible. I'm telling you what I found out.

All right. Okay.

They're also under the impression that he's still here in the United States.

Is that true?

Answer the question or so help me, I'll get up and you'll never see me again.

Take it easy, Carrie. Take a breath. Don't patronize me.

Okay. It's true. He's here.

He's here where?

I'm assuming that means they haven't located him yet.

No, they haven't. Then exactly what do they have?

A warrant pending before a FISA judge naming Leland Bennett a coconspirator.

How soon before the warrant's active? A few days at least.

They won't find anything. Bennett's clean.

He works through a cutout. You.

Just lay low and let me handle this.

You're the one who's been handling this... so excuse me if your assurance isn't very assuring.

They have a line on our friend. How'd they get onto him?

No idea. Well, find out.

It's a little late for that, don't you think? You sure it wasn't your mistake?

You sure it wasn't yours?

We were asked to provide material support... to an American citizen with ties to the regime.

There was no mention of his involvement in the bombing.

There was later.

Yes, there was. We should have dealt with it then.


Do they know his name? No.

Then we're still okay.

Do you want him out of the country? Yes.

Preferably with a new identity.

How much do I tell him?

I don't care. Just get him out.

Franklin's sending a text.

Talk to me. It's an address and time.

Fairview Motel in Lynchburg, 0130.

Can we trace who he's sending it to?

No. There must be an anonymizer on the device.

Don't worry, Carrie.

As long as we stick on Franklin, you'll get your bomber.

He's right. We'll send a tactical team to the motel.

They'll arrest the target as soon as Franklin clears scene.

D.C. Department of Transportation is warning drivers to prepare for delays... due to street closures downtown Thursday through Saturday.

Officials say southbound 14th Street Northwest... will be closed between G Street and Pennsylvania.

Here's something.

It could be him.

Yeah, it is him. I've got a visual.

Copy that.

What's he doing? Just sitting there at the moment.

Bravo, do you have eyes on?

I'm looking down on the roof of his car.

No one moves until Franklin leaves sight.

Copy that.

He's calling someone.

We got it.

Are you here? Outside.

Flash your lights.

What room are you in? First tell me what's happening.

You may have been compromised.

How the hell did that happen? It happened.

What difference does it make how?

Because I'm the one whose life is fucked.

If I hadn't gotten to you first... you'd spend the rest of your life living in a cage.

Try on some gratitude.

You want your exfil package or not?

220. Be right up.

Shit. He's got a weapon.


Now he's silencing it. Jesus, are you seeing this?

He's got a gun. Bravo, can you confirm?

Negative. My view is obscured.

He's not exfiltrating the bomber, he's taking him out.

You don't know that, Carrie. Why else would he have a silencer?

She's right, Scott. I make the weapon.

I'm telling you, Franklin's gonna kill that guy.

Listen to me.

We just heard Bennett telling Franklin to get the guy out of the country.

Maybe Bennett changed his mind.

Either way, our priority is to keep Franklin in play.

So we just let him kill the bomber?

If necessary, yes.

That wasn't the deal. The bomber's the only way to prove that Brody's innocent.

And stopping Franklin now would blow your cover... and Javadi's back in Tehran.

You get that, right?

Until Franklin is clear, I want all teams to stand down.

All teams, acknowledge standing down.

Bravo here. Standing down. Alpha team standing down.

Carrie, acknowledge.


Carrie, what the fuck are you doing?

Carrie! Go back to the van!

Saul promised me this guy alive.

Saul's not calling the shots here.

He promised me, goddamn it. Get him on the phone.

There's no time. Turn around.

Carrie, turn around now or we will stop you.

This is your last warning.

Listen to the man, Carrie.

Bravo, I am authorizing force. Take the shot. I repeat...

Let me. Take the shot.

Carrie, this is Quinn. Break away. I'm sorry. I can't.

You're fucking us, Carrie. Months of work. Your work.

I don't care.

Carrie, I will take the shot.

Window's closing, for Christ's sake!

He's in. Franklin is inside. Pick her up, for God's sake.

Go! Go!

Move it!

Jesus Christ.

What was the delay? I stopped her, didn't I?

Go with her. I'll watch Franklin.

Hospital's on the line.

Tell 'em we got a gunshot wound to the upper left bicep... significant bleeding, might have clipped an artery.

Hold on. You're gonna be all right.

Goddamn it!

Fuck! Fuck!

Quinn? Yeah.

Is the bomber dead? Yeah.

Fuck! Fuck.

Something's going on.

Yeah, you got shot. Yeah, no shit. You shot me.

No, I mean, something is going on. None of this makes sense.

Just breathe, okay? Deep breaths. Come on.

Come here. Come closer.

Where the fuck is Saul?

You have a good flight? Yeah, fine.

It got me here.

This way.

Wait here.

In another month it's even hotter. You won't believe.

Maybe I use the 10 million to put in an air conditioning.