Homeland S3E9 Script

One Last Thing (2013)

Air and naval forces of the United States... launched a series of strikes against terrorist facilities...

Pan Am Flight 103 crashed into the town of Lockerbie.

He has sanctioned acts of terror in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

This will not stand, this aggression against Kuwait.

His relentless pursuit of terror.

We will make no distinction...

The USS Cole was attacked while refueling in the port of Aden.

This was an act of terrorism.

It was a despicable and cowardly act.

The next number we're gonna swing for you is one of the good ol' favorites.

Until something stops him.

It was right in front of my eyes, and I never saw it coming.

We got a plane crashed into the World Trade Center.

Thousands of people running...

We must, and we will, remain vigilant at home and abroad.

You're the smartest and the dumbest fucking person I've ever known.

I'm not the one who got it wrong. I'm the only one who got it right.

Take 'em.

Take 'em all.

Roll every available ambulance you've got to this position.

Previously on Homeland...

I got plans for you. What plans?

I'm gonna play you back into Iran. From now on, you work for us.

The senator's made some serious allegations.

That you had Majid Javadi in a safe house on American soil and let him go.

We debriefed him, turned him.

He's ours.

I've made a decision to give the marriage another chance.

Javadi told me something before he left about the Langley bomber.

You mean Brody? No, that's just it. It's not him.

The bomber's the only way to prove that Brody's innocent.

Carrie, what the fuck are you doing?

Carrie, turn around now.

This is your last warning.

Got a gunshot wound to the upper left bicep.

Significant bleeding. Might have clipped an artery.

Where the fuck is Saul?

You're awake.

Where am I?

The naval hospital. They brought you here after you were shot.

Careful. Don't wanna rip the sutures. Quite a few of them.

It was a through and through. Missed the bone.

Some muscle and tissue damage, but no nerve involvement. You're lucky.

No, he's just a great shot.

How long will I be in here?

As long as you need to be.

For me to heal or for the CIA to figure out what to do with me?

You'd have to talk to them.

Are you aware you're 13 weeks pregnant?


The baby should be fine, in case you're wondering.

Pupils reactive to light.

BP is 50 over 40. Too fucking low.

Stay down.

Started going cold turkey on the flight... so they knocked him out with a half pint of vodka.


Pulse is thready.

Take it easy.

Where's my stuff, you fucking thieves?

Where is it? Hold him, goddamn it!

Where's my stuff?

Don't move now.

You got seven days till Lockhart's confirmed.

You think this guy's gonna be ready by then?

He's not what we expected... but he's what we've got.

If he agrees to do it.

He's a mess.

Anemic, severely dehydrated, probably hep C.

HIV isn't a stretch.

If you're suggesting a hospital, it's out of the question.

I'm pretty sure I can keep him stable, but the guy's a junkie, sir.

How far is he into withdrawal? Hardly started.

What he's feeling now, it's gonna get a hell of a lot worse.

Methadone would make it easier.

Has to be cold turkey. Where he's going we need him functional.

Even if it kills him? It won't.

Because you will keep him alive. Do you understand?


You all right?

Stop. What are you doing?

I need it. There's nothing there for you.

I need it now. Nope.

Hey! Grab him. Give it...

Where's the needle? Got it.

Cover him up. Stay down. Please.

How are you feeling?

The doctor says you're progressing nicely.

You'll be up and walking in no time.

Though not necessarily out of here.

There are two armed guards outside your door.

It never ceases to amaze me how you people close ranks.

Here you are, a casualty of some CIA op gone very, very wrong... basically a prisoner... and still somehow I'm the enemy.

You are aware that the CIA charter does not include operations on US soil?

I'm on painkillers.

I can barely understand anything you're saying.


I've been going through your file.

The fact is, you need someone you can trust.

Why is that?

You're lying there shot and you need to ask?

The man who did this to you is on his way out.

But I need to know...

What's he up to?

Ask him.

What was he doing in Caracas?

You didn't even know he was there, did you?

I got another message from Carrie.

Is she calming down at all? No, the opposite.

Senator Lockhart just paid her a visit.

Somehow he knows about Caracas.

That's impossible. Well, he does.

You think he suspects?

I'm sure he doesn't have a clue, but she does now.

What do we do about that? Same as before.

Keep her under guard at the hospital.

Away from Brody. And Lockhart?

I don't know how the hell he found out.

No one knew besides us.

Have our houses and offices swept.

Every room, top to bottom.

What happened? Shat himself.

Jesus Christ.

Who are you?

Don't talk.

You're soldiers, aren't you? Don't talk.

It's burning. It's burning.

It's not hot. But it's burning.

It'll continue as bad as this, or worse, another three days.

At least a week after that before the stuff's out of his system.

So you're saying 10 days. We have six.

Plus, at the end of all this, he's gonna be weak as a fucking kitten.

There is another option.



It's a drug based on a Nigerian plant.

It dramatically accelerates the withdrawal process and kills the addiction.

The side effects are brutal, which is why it's outlawed here.

Nausea, vomiting, some hallucinations.

Violent, mind-bending hallucinations.

Does it work?

It does.

Take my word.

From the Halls of Montezuma To the shores of Tripoli We fight our country's battles In air, on land and sea

Say something, you motherfucker.

Don't just stand there.

Say something.

First to fight for right and freedom And to keep our honor clean We are proud to claim the title Of United States Marine Of United States Marine

Get out. Get out!

What the fuck did you give me?

Nicholas! Get off of me!

Get off! Get off of me!

Get off of me!

Get off!

He'll sleep now... for a while.

Maybe we should call Saul's landline.

Trigger the voice activation, double-check our tracking program.

We could. But?

This house is leased to a shipping consortium out of Tel Aviv.

It's got Mossad written all over it.

But what if it's just a monitoring station or a dead drop?

Then we're wasting our fucking time.

Are you getting this?

You're alive.

That wasn't a given.

Want some water?

Why couldn't you have just left me there to die?

I think you know that wasn't really an option.


what now?

That will be up to you.

A trial?

Because I didn't do it.

You talking about bombing the CIA?

I'm inclined to agree.

But your transgressions don't begin or end there.

I'm not about to engage in a discussion where you somehow end up the victim.

We both know what you've done.

We both know what you are...

A man who has dug himself into a hole so deep... common sense would tell you there's no way out.

I am telling you, though, that there might be.


I'm offering you a chance... to be a marine again.

The man you were... before they broke you.


No more.

I'm done.

You're not.

You will do this one last thing.


Just kill me. Kill me now.

You wanna die, huh?

We'll see about that.

Put him overboard.

Fuck this shit. I'm going in. Don't. He'll come up.

I don't believe this.

Fuck it. Let's go.

He went down like a stone. No attempt to save himself whatsoever.

Now he's refusing to eat. Make him.

How do you expect us to do that?

It's called force-feeding.

All due respect, sir, the guy's a waste of space.

I suggest whatever you got in mind for him... just push it six months, let us do this thing right.

You done letting us in on your thought process?

Yes, sir.

Get him to eat.

He's right, you know.

Our window's closing fast.

It's now or never, Saul.

How you feeling? As if you actually care.

I've had time to think here.

I keep coming back to the fact... that this bullet in my shoulder would never have happened without your okay.

You were about to compromise the mission.

I was about to clear Brody.

You said you were behind that.

Clear Brody. What does that even mean?

So you lied to me.

I don't think you wanna go there... who lied to whom.

Brody slipping out of the country while you were unconscious for 14 hours.

You think I believed that for a second?

You knew I was in Caracas. You left me a message.

Don't you wanna know how he is?

How is he?

He's not well.

What did you do to him?

The assumptions behind that question are so misguided it frightens me.

I found him in a bad way.

Believe me, it wasn't something I wanted.

Where is he?

In Virginia, at Dam Neck.

Got a special ops team trying to get him in shape.

In shape for what? That's what I wanted to talk about.

I have a play.

It involves Brody.

I'm hoping you'll convince him it's in everyone's interest.

You told me Javadi was the play. He is.

Brody's the next phase.

And you need me why?

I'm assuming he turned you down. We didn't get that far.

Like I said, he's not well.

What's your big idea? Danesh Akbari.

Head of Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Right.

Javadi's boss?

And the single greatest impediment to peace.

I want him gone.

Good luck with that.

Brody can get to him.

How? As the Langley bomber.

Brody seeks political asylum there.

Gets an audience with Akbari, takes him out.

Javadi's the heir apparent.

He ascends the throne... and goes from being one of the 20 most important people in Iran... to one of three.

Only he's working for us.

Brody takes him out?


Come on, Saul. You're reaching.

Akbari's better protected than the ayatollah.

Brody's got a knack for getting into tight places.

He's done it before.

At best, it's a suicide mission. No, he'll have a team on the ground.

You expect me to convince him of this?

I expect you to consider deeply... the upside of placing a US asset at the top of the Iranian food chain.

That's what I expect.

Javadi won't be just an intelligence source.

He'll be in control of the entire Iranian security apparatus.

That doesn't mean he'll roll over and play dead.

I know.

But he can do something.

Something to break the logjam.

Something besides another war.

Something that will change the facts on the ground just enough... so two countries that haven't been able to communicate for over 30 years... except through terrorist actions and threats... can sit down and talk.

That's the play, Carrie.

Tell me it's not worth your time.


Brody, I want you to know that I didn't know you were here until today.

I came as soon as I heard.

Tell me if there's anything I can do for you.


When do you need him ready by?

The 27th of this month.

Why so soon?

It's the day Senator Lockhart's confirmation hearings begin.


Tell me what happened to him in Caracas.

A world of shit as far as we know.

He was gut-shot at the Colombia border, nearly died.

Got hooked on the painkillers, I guess.

There was also an incident at a mosque.

An imam and his wife were murdered.

Because of him? Because of him.

I need a vehicle.

What happened to your arm?

Hang-gliding accident. For real?

Fucking CIA, Baraz. What are you asking her questions for?

Just making conversation.

It's the next left.

What now? Now we wait.

We sat on the house for 24 hours... and this is the only person who ever came in or out.

Oh, Christ.

You know him?

I'm afraid so.

Who is he?

A friend of my wife's.

His name is Alain Bernard.

She met him in Mumbai.

They struck up a relationship there, which may or may not be ongoing.

I hate to ask this, Saul, but do you think Mira's aware?

That he's an Israeli intelligence officer? No.

Falling for the guy is her only crime.

What do you want me to do?

For the time being? Pick him up.

Put him in a dark fucking hole.

What about Lockhart?

How does he fit in the equation? I think I buried the lead.

Meaning what?

After our guy left the safe house...

I followed him to Pete's Diner, Capitol Hill.


Dana? Hey, hey.

Hey, assholes, let me out. Brody.

Let me the hell out! Relax.

Motherfucker. Dana, it's me! Dana!

Get back. Dana!

Dana! She can't hear you, Brody.

You bitch. You fucking bitch.

Is he in? Is he expecting you?

Tell him to forget it. Sir, you can't go in there.

I gotta go. What the hell, Saul?

What is this? Open it.

Care to explain?

Alain Bernard is writing a profile on me for Le Monde.

Twenty minutes ago Alain Bernard admitted... to being an asset of Israeli intelligence.

And I should I be concerned about this? Why?

Because he claims he passed you information... obtained from a listening device planted in my home.

That's preposterous.

Is it?

One call to Ambassador Benayoun, and it'd be an international incident.

Second call to the Post... and your picture would be on the front page of every newspaper in the country.

What do you want?



Postpone your confirmation till the middle of next month... and these will never see the light of day.

I don't understand.

It's a simple request.

Give me a few more weeks. That's not what I meant.

You could destroy me with this.

You could guarantee your own tenure as director.

Why are you letting me off the hook?

Because it would humiliate my wife, Senator.

And because it would damage the Agency.


We have a deal?

We do.

I was hoping you've calmed down enough to talk.

What's Dana doing cleaning motel rooms in the middle of nowhere?

Why, something wrong with that? Being a maid?

There's nothing wrong with that, goddamn it.

I just want to know what's going on with my daughter.

Drink it, and I'll tell you about Dana.

Slowly, or you'll be sick.


Now what's going on?

She's had a rough time, Brody.

She dropped out of school. She moved out of the house.

She changed her last name.

Take me back to the motel.

Not gonna happen. For Christ's sake.

I told you, if you wanna see her again...

Quit your fucking games, Carrie.

I need to look her in the eye. I want her to know I'm innocent.

If you keep yelling, this conversation is over.

I would like to tell these men to leave. Can I do that?

What do you want?

Same thing as Saul Berenson, I'm guessing.

Some bullshit about me being a marine again.

What do you want, Brody?

What have you always wanted?

A chance at redemption.

For the last time, Carrie, I didn't do the bombing.

You of all people should know that. I'm not talking about the bombing.

I'm talking about the suicide vest.

I'm talking about the death of Elizabeth Gaines... and those two Secret Service agents outside the State Department.

I'm talking about what happened to that imam and his wife in Caracas.

Do what Saul's asking.

What you're asking. All right, what I'm asking.

If not for your sake, then for Dana's.

Otherwise, telling her you're innocent is just...

It's just one more lie.

Look at me, Carrie.

You couldn't send me out for a pack of cigarettes right now.

We'll get you ready.

You just have to be willing.

Oh, yeah?

You gotta come in first.

Look who's come out to play. About fucking time.

Did you get mommy's permission? Shut the fuck up, everybody.

We're going this way.

You ready?

Come on. On your feet.

No. He needs to do it by himself.

Tell me when you're good to go again. Now.


Find Maputo, Mozambique.

What's the frequency? KHZ 3265.

What language are they speaking? Portuguese.

Bottom three cards. Eight of clubs.

Ten of hearts.

Jack of spades.

Spell her last name.

B-A-C-Z-E-W-S-K-I. Baczewski.

It says here she's hotter than what? Georgia asphalt.

Who said that?

Lula Fortune to Sailor Ripley in Wild at Heart.

Fucking-A right.


You guys got something going on?

No. Come on, man.

I see the way she's checking you out when you're not looking.

There's nothing. Seriously?


So you don't mind if I hit that shit then, right?

See? There is something. I knew it.

No. Go ahead. Really. No, man, I'm just fucking with you.

I'm married.

We just had our first kid. It's a boy.

Name's Devon. How come I didn't know that?

I don't like talking about my family.


Hey. We're on in five in the briefing room.

Iranian patrols in the area are intermittent... but they are well-trained and equipped.

Also, there is an IRIAF base in Bijar, 70 miles away... which means they can call in air support.

What kind of planes we talkin'?

French-built F1 Mirages impounded from Iraq after the First Gulf War... and six Chinese Su-24s.

Excuse me. Can we back up a minute? Sure.

The guys get me to the border, where I surrender myself?

Correct. We chose Marivan... because several Al-Qaeda commanders also asked for political asylum there.

What happens then? I get flown to Tehran?

After a period of vetting, yeah, that's our expectation.

Why do you think I'll get close enough to General Akbari to take him out?

You'll be treated as a hero of the revolution.

Senior members of the regime, like the general... wanna take advantage of your propaganda value.

Plus Javadi's on the ground to facilitate a meeting between the two of you.

But if we don't know where or when the assassination goes down...

You're concerned about our extraction plan once it's done.

Yeah. I was just getting to that.

Once you're inserted at the border... four members of your team will continue south to Nowdesheh... where they'll cross the mountains, make their way overland to Lavasan... a small city just outside Tehran.

Opposition groups there have provided us with a safe house.

We've already gone ahead and put in secure sat comm.

Our code there is Nasreddin. Molla Nasreddin Majnun.

Since when do you smoke? I don't.

I'm not.

It just looks like I'm smoking.

There. It never happened. You saw nothing.


I did what you asked.

I'm doing what you want.

You told me you'd take me to see Dana again.

I meant after you get back. Come on, Carrie.

We both know that's a long shot.

We made it this far.

That's true.

I admit, I had my doubts.

Is that why you've kept your distance?

Hey, it's fine. You're entitled.

You're loading out in six hours.

I'm not sure I can get you off the base and back in time.

I'm not leaving until I see Dana again.

It's there, 119.

Brody, there's something you need to know.

Before she changed her name, before she left home...

Dana was hospitalized.

About two weeks after the bombing... she tried to kill herself.

Who is it?

Dana, it's me.

It's your dad.


How did you find me?


Can I come in?

Dana, please.

Thank you.

I had to see you.

Okay. You have.

Oh, my baby, I'm so sorry.

Don't be.

How are you now?

Why are you here?

I just wanted to tell you that all those things people said I did, I didn't do.

Fine. Fine. Good.

I didn't kill all those people.

It wasn't me. I didn't do it.

And I have to leave soon, in a few hours.

But I just wanted to see you before I go.

You did.

Did you ever, for one second, think about if I wanted to see you?

What do you wanna hear?

That you were a good dad?

That despite everything, it's all okay? What do you want me to say?

Look. Here.

Here, just write it down.

Really. Just write it down, and I will say it to you... as long as you promise that I will never have to see you again.

Either of you.

I will come back from Tehran.

I know you will.

And not just for her.

Where the fuck were you? He wanted to talk.

He's got 45 minutes to load out.

He's all set.

You took him off base. He threatened to pull out, Saul.

Anything could have happened. But it didn't.

I am truly at a fucking loss with you.

Have a little faith, Saul.

Two weeks ago, there was no operation. Now there is... because of me.

I really need you to get that.

Because in order for us to pull this thing off... we're gonna have to find a way to trust each other again.

Or at least come up with a really great plan for faking it.