Homeland S4E5 Script

About a Boy (2014)

Previously on Homeland...

Sandy's death was no act of mob violence.

It was premeditated.

The ISI killed him straight out.

Name's Farhad Ghazi. A long history of wet work for their counterterrorism unit.

Hello, Professor.

I am the husband of the American ambassador.

What do you want? I've told you already.

A package arrives at the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC.

Inside are the documents you stole from your wife's computer.

You're arrested for treason, and your wife's career is destroyed by association.

Once you've done all I've asked, you can leave Islamabad.

You did the psych eval too?

I just have my very last polygraph, then I'm out.

Well, I guess I'm even more grateful that you're here now.

Anything for you, Carrie.

Is that the real reason you didn't come with me to Kabul?

Haissam Haqqani's alive.

Well, it... That's impossible. He was killed in the air strike.

Apparently not, because I just saw him walk out of a madrassa with Aayan Ibrahim.

He was with Aayan?

So this is where you'll stay.

I thought... I thought we were going to London.

We are, once I get you a passport and a visa.

Maneuvering on your position.

We'll be setting up for an engagement.

It's Alice in fucking Wonderland.

PID confirmed. Engage. Engage.

Where are you? I'm at a safe distance.

Clipped an artery.

I know a way.

First, the US found and killed Osama Bin Laden...

You will die over there!

Well, you can't keep snakes in your backyard... and expect them only to bite your neighbors.

You know, there are things that the Pakistanis have done, as complicated as the relationship has been...

Roger. I'll try and get eyes on.

Oh, God. I'm so sorry.

I have to say good-bye now.

Just for a few more seconds.

I was just...

Looking. No.

Yeah. Sorry.

It's okay.


Should I leave? Leave?


No. Let's have breakfast. I'll get us something.

I'll go.

It's best you stay out of sight.

You all right?


It's a bit overwhelming.


You like pastries, coffee?

Sure. Okay. Good. I'll see you soon.

Go check out the view. Yup.

It's good.

That's right where I saw Haqqani.


Make yourself comfortable.

We really expect him to show his face again?

Doubtful, but we might ID the cleric you saw him with.

What's that for? In case Haqqani does show.

I thought this was just a stakeout.

It is, but things happen.

If that happens, what's our fallback plan?

Parvez and Qadir are working that out now.

That sounds vague.

Fara, what's the problem?

Carrie said I just had to sit in an office, play a journalist.

Then you went the extra mile.

You tailed Aayan, and you spotted Haqqani.

Yeah. You're in it now.


Guess what. You're good at it.

I gotta say, it feels funny to be leaving just when things are heating up.

You're the former director, Saul. Lockhart needs to hear it from you.

Keep his mouth shut.

He's taking a lot of heat for the strike on the wedding.

He would love to deflect that with news of an ISI conspiracy.

I'll lay it out for him, but we both know he's a political animal.

Well, if he can't control himself, our operation on Haqqani's fucked.

So what's the plan to find him?

I'm working on the nephew now. He's our gateway.

How's that going?

Good. Good.

I take it he's recruitable?

He's young, emotional.

One step at a time.

The first one's the biggest.

Getting him to admit Haqqani's actually alive.

He'd have to know he was risking his life by telling you.


How long you have? Three days.

After that, he starts wondering why we aren't on our way to London.

Three days.

To develop that kind of trust?

That's a tall fucking order.

Well, thanks for pointing that out.

Gotta jump. Good luck. I'll call you from DC.

Do that. Safe travels.

Aayan, what are you doing?

I'm sorry. I have changed my mind.

What do you mean? I have to go.

Go where?

I'll be fine. I'll go to my friend Kiran's house.

And her father will throw you out again.

I'll go to school. You've been expelled.

Look, I'm sorry. I can't stay.

Hey, Aayan, lay of the land.

You're a public figure now, not just in Pakistan, in Europe, in the United States.

I've heard all this, so... Well, believe it.

That video has made you a target.

The strike that killed your family, you know who did that, right?

Yes, CIA. You are a living, breathing reminder of that fuckup.

Why do they care? They care, and they have a kill list.

Yesterday, you told me I should be worried about the ISI.

Today, you're telling me I should be worried about the CIA.

You should be worried about both. I did not put that video up!

That doesn't matter! It's up, and you're in danger, so don't be stupid.

You walk out that door, you will be grabbed up, disappeared.

Do you understand?

You feel bad, right?

About what we did.

It's against my faith.

I know.

I don't want to sin. I want to be devout. It's fine.

We don't have to do anything, okay?


But your situation is very serious.

You do not leave here until we go to London.

I'm not gonna last an hour in these shoes.

Hey, you booked tonight?

The Sindhi concert.

You're invited.

I've heard enough Pakistani music to last a lifetime, if you don't mind.

I figured.

Hey, listen.


I know you're mad. That you're leaving?

After giving me 24-hour notice? Not at all.

But I have some good news. I changed my mind.

Is that right?

It was a hasty decision, and it was unfair to you.

I talked to Bill about maybe next semester.

My, another turn of events.

You're clearly very pleased.

I have a staff meeting.

I just said I'm staying. So what's the problem now?

Do you really think I believed you had a job offer?

Excuse me? I have friends at GW too.

You don't recover from plagiarism, Dennis.

Can we get over that? So don't make up a story.

If you want to leave, say it to my face.

I want to stay.


So how long have you known Carrie?

Two years, more or less.


I would have thought you guys go way back.

Yeah, it feels that way sometimes.

She's just one of those people. You connect.


So does that make you a professional liar too?

She told me I have to become one to be good at this job.

Well, you're learning from the best.

Why'd you say it like that?

Manipulating people, exploiting their weakness...

It can get ugly sometimes.

Is that the plan with Aayan? What?

Lie, manipulate, exploit.

We're using the enemy's own weight to bring him down.

That is the job. Second floor, that's him.

You sure?

Yes. He was with Aayan and Haqqani.

Good eyes. Thanks.

And I didn't have to shoot anyone.

If you need to change out vehicles, do it. Stay on the ground.

Stay small, but find out how she's getting in and out of that compound.

Saul Berenson.

He's on a plane to Washington, DC, tonight via London.

Flight information's inside. Has he confirmed a seat?

The embassy travel office did it this morning.

He was originally scheduled to leave two days ago and to fly out to New York.

Why the change of plans? He met with Carrie Mathison at the hotel, after which he placed a call to General Latif and arranged lunch.

I think you know what happened after that. Yes.

It's a strange game they're playing.

Agreed. He was her mentor, you said?


And where is he now?

In the hotel gardens, working on his Finnish, best I can tell.


Rosetta Stone tapes.

He can take his self-improvement back to America as far as I'm concerned.

Good riddance.

Excuse me.

Is this Carrie Mathison's apartment? The new station chief?

Yeah. Though I don't think we're supposed to say that out loud.

Well, it's where the old station chief lived, so I guess.

Thanks. A little welcome gift from the ambassador.

Hi. It's Carrie Mathison. Leave a message.

Carrie, your guy, Farhad Ghazi, ISI thug... He's here at the airport. Call me.

Hi. Could you help me out, sir?

Thanks a lot.

Thank you. Sorry, I'm gonna miss my plane. Appreciate it.

Right there, please. Okay?




Thanks. Sorry. Hey.


Thanks, man.


Oh, sorry.


Aayan Ibrahim, interview one.

Ground rules. I won't put anything in the piece you don't want.

You have full veto power.


We'll start with your uncle.

Haissam Haqqani.

What about him?

He's a famous Taliban leader, the target of the air strike on your village.

How well did you know him?

He was my father's brother.

And we were close.

When I was young, he was... he was around a lot and... yeah, then he wasn't.

Where'd he go?

To the mountains.

To fight?

To hide.

Yeah. The drones were still after him.

What kind of a man was he?

Two things guided his life.

Islam and... his Taliban bravery.

So you liked him.

He used to pour tea from his cup on his saucer... and slurp it really loudly to make me laugh.

He'd come to me and he'd say...

I've seen more battles than hairs on your head.

He was a hero to you.

Well, he beat the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union collapsed.


How'd he feel about America?

He knew how to beat you too.

Do you want to hear something crazy?

There's a... There's a rumor going around... that your uncle wasn't killed in the attack.

No, no, no, that's-that's not... that's not true.

That's not true. I saw him. I saw his body. He was there.

How can people say things like this? Take it easy.

Take it easy?

This just came from a bunch of spooks sitting around with nothing better to do.

No, fuck them.

So there's nothing to it. I didn't think that there was.

It's insulting.

It's just...


If he is alive, it makes you wonder if he knew the strike was coming.

That's not what happened.



Quinn. I'm at the airport.

I'm looking at Farhad Ghazi as we speak.


He's at the gate about to board a plane for Johannesburg.

Flight number?

East India Air... number 223.

Got it.

I presume we still have some warm bodies in South Africa... who can pick up his trail there?

Hasn't all gone to shit since you left, Saul.

Assume our man gets on the plane unless I call to tell you otherwise.

Copy that. Carrie there?


Still with the boy? Yeah.

You let her know about this. Will do.


Can I have a small orange juice, please?

Oh, my God.

Peter Quinn around?

In the field.



Is there something I can do for you? He helps me sometimes with...


How'd you know?

I'm a spy. I know shit.

Security called from the Chatsworth.

He's in the bar, belligerent.

On my way.

I'm sorry.

I'm embarrassed.

Don't be.

I've been that guy.

So how long does the silent treatment go on?

I'm just tired.

Not angry?

'Cause I can do that to people sometimes.

Make them angry.

It's... It's just...

It's hard to talk about some things.



Hey, Aayan?

I want to be totally honest with you.


Just so there won't be any surprises when we get to London.

Okay, well, what is it?

I have a baby.

I know.

Saw the scar.

Ah, right, I forgot.


Boy or girl?


Francis, after my dad.

And what about her father? Is he... Is he still in London?

No. He died.

Before she was born.

What happened to him?

He was killed in the line of duty.


No, he was a journalist too.

On an assignment that was...

too dangerous.

Why'd he... Why'd he go?

It was my fault. I sent him.

Anyway, we don't have to talk about it.

No. I...

I... I don't mind.

Usually, I keep it to myself.


What about... her? Will you tell her when she's older?

How can I? How can I tell her I'm the reason her dad is gone?

How can you not?

Thanks for telling me. I'm really sorry about your husband.


Well, he was never my husband.

Though I would have... I would have liked that.

I'll leave you alone.



Don't you want to pray?

Can I...

Can I touch you again?

I felt silly last night.


I didn't know how.

You did though.

I took. I didn't...

You know, I didn't give.

Well, you're... you're new at this. It's...

How do I give?

I'll show you.

After prayers.

What? Am I hurting you?


Doing something wrong?

No, Aayan. I'm...

I'm happy.

You just make me happy.

He was a great guy, Sandy was.

I don't know how great he was, but he was all right to drink with.

No, he was.

But he got me in a lot of trouble.

How so?

Can I confide in you?


I got a big fucking cloud over me.

I'm talking a world of trouble.

With Martha?


If there was a way out, I'd take it.

So run it by me.

Hey. Some friendly faces.


Professor Boyd, right?

That's... That's right.

The ambassador lets you roam free.

On occasion, yeah.

So, what brings you to this spot?

I'm just meeting a friend. I didn't realize you two were close.

Embassy's a small place. Of course.

Well, enjoy the evening, gentlemen.

What's her story?


Ball-buster, Pakistani style.

Oh, great.

She's probably on the job right now.

Why's that?

Muslim woman at a bar in an American hotel?

Anyway, you... you ready to go?

There was something you were gonna tell me.

Big cloud, you said.

No. No, it's nothing. Forget it.

You sure?

Yeah. I've overstayed my welcome here. Let's hit it.

It's done.


How do you say, is it safe?

No. No, no.


It's too... It's too long.

You're getting it wrong from the beginning.

Parvez. Parvez.

Cleric's on the move. On foot?

Heading south. I'll get the car.

You got photos of him? Done.

Where's this guy going this time of night? Good question.

Bird's-eye view would help. We're off the books. How do we get a drone?

We got to let someone in on the operation. Redmond, maybe.

Can we make that call? It has to be Carrie.

I'll try her.

Fuck you!

No answer.

What is this bullshit? Where is she?

I haven't heard from her. Call her again. We need the drone.

You okay? Of course.

Did anyone recognize him?

Just the manager, and... he'll keep quiet.

I owe you, John.

No sweat.

There's a theory men secretly fear their wives are crazy... and women secretly fear their husbands are losers.

Dennis isn't a bad guy.

Twenty years ago, he was wonderful.

He was dashing...

Dazzling. I can see that.

A bright light.

But that guy's gone.

Get some sleep, huh?

Where does this road go? The mountains.

Taliban country? Yup.

Okay, I'm trying to be ballsy here, but I'm not into suicide.

Another two, three miles, we'll be in the no-go area.

Believe it or not, I don't have a death wish either.

Well, what now?

You up for taking a walk?

What's that, a tracker?

See if you can get close enough to place it on the car.

I'd do it myself if I wasn't white.

That's the magnetic side.

Hi. It's Carrie Mathison. Leave a message.

Carrie, it's Quinn.

If we don't get a drone on this cleric in the next five minutes, he's in the wind.

So it'd be really great if you'd answer your fucking phone.

Come on, Fara.

Oh, fuck me.



Ever heard of protocol? You ever heard of the phone?

I'm fucking busy. You've gone completely AWOL. That's bullshit.

Well, here I am. So what's your big emergency?

There are two of them. Number one, Saul found Farhad Ghazi.

Where? He's flying to Johannesburg as we speak.

Agency's gonna pick up the trail when he lands. So you handled it.

That's not the point. You want a gold star?

We also found the cleric. Okay, two gold stars.

But without a drone, which you could've secured in five minutes, he slipped away.

Fuck. Yes, you crapped the fucking bed.

You're wrong, Quinn. You don't know what you're talking about.

Why don't you tell me just what it is you're doing in there.

I'm recruiting someone. Really?

'Cause to me it looks like you're fucking a child.

I had two days!

I had to move fast.

Is there no line, Carrie? Is there no fucking line?

What's it to you anyway?


Okay, then. Enjoy.

All right.


There you are.

Who was at the door?

One of my stringers.

Stringers? Freelancers.

It's beautiful, right?

Yes, it is.

I have to tell you something... before anything more.

He is alive.

My uncle.

I see him. I take him medicine. He's very, very sick.

Yeah, yeah.

I had to tell you. I don't want to lie to you anymore.

I don't want to lie to you either.

It's a secret though. You can't...

You can't write about it.

But, Aayan...

You can't tell anyone.

Okay. I won't.

He's the only family I have left.