Homeland S4E9 Script

There's Something Else Going On (2014)

Previously on Homeland...

My pills... Someone tampered with them.

And what, you think I did it?

Did you? No.

She has a history of mental illness. I didn't know.

She would have been on a plane right now, back home, relieved of her post.

Abdul Zaheer.

Faysal Ahmad.

What Haqqani wants for Saul.

This is Haqqani's entire command structure.

You give up these five, he basically controls from here to Kabul.

Carrie, it's me. I'm here.

I will not be a pawn... in this prisoner exchange.

Escape or die. Promise me.

I promise.

We're seeing some Taliban presence in town.

There are too many of them. What are you doing?

Too many.

No! I'm here. I'm here.

And I am telling you it is not hopeless.

There is a way.

So at the alleyway, you're gonna take a right.

Okay, okay. I'm in.

Just keep moving.


You fucking lied to me!

Goddamn you!

Tell Haqqani we'll meet his demands.

I betrayed Saul.

How can saving someone's life be the wrong choice?

Nothing good can happen in this fucked-up world that we've made for ourselves.

I need you to do something for me, Dennis. It's going to be easy.

You said you had something to tell me?

The ambassador's husband.

He's working against you.

Maneuvering on your position.

We'll be setting up for an engagement.

It's Alice in fucking Wonderland.

PID confirmed. Engage. Engage.

Where are you? I'm at a safe distance.

Clipped an artery.

I know a way.

First, the US found and killed Osama Bin Laden...

You will die over there!

Well, you can't keep snakes in your backyard... and expect them only to bite your neighbors.

You know, there are things that the Pakistanis have done, as complicated as the relationship has been...

Roger. I'll try and get eyes on.

Oh, God. I'm so sorry.

I have to say good-bye now.

Just for a few more seconds.

Abdul Zaheer, commander, Paktia province.

Chief recruiter of suicide bombers... from the madrassas of Quetta and Rawalpindi.

Faysal Ahmad, deputy commander, Khost province.

Overseer of the heroin networks of southeast Afghanistan.

Nafiz Jan, commander, Sangin district.

Mustafa Hashmi, logistics commander, Logar district.

And Amir Wasif, commander, Wardak district.

Responsible for the attacks on Karachi airport, the Kabul Intercontinental Hotel and the UN compound.

Sign here.

All right, let's go.

Quinn just picked up the Taliban prisoners.

They'll be in Islamabad in two hours. Great.

I'll tell the White House. And you'll warn them about Haqqani?

You mean him getting five of his top commanders back isn't enough bad news?

I'm just saying, give them a heads-up.

About what? A theory? That's all you've got, isn't it?

Haqqani faked his death long before Saul got on a plane to Pakistan.

Getting his men back was not part of the original plan. It's a bonus.

It's a nightmare, as is this plan you want me to warn everyone about, even though you don't have a clue what it is.

I'm working a source.

Right. Your new best friend in the ISI.

Aasar Khan saved my life.

Then he risked his own to give up Dennis Boyd.

But that's all he gave you.

What about who's running Boyd inside the ISI, or what they're cooking up together?

Khan was willing to identify the breach inside our embassy, not betray his own people.

Or he's playing you.

Well, we'll know when we talk to Boyd.

John. Thanks for this.

I know you got things to do and places to be.

So, what's up?

I need your advice on something.

It's a little delicate. Grab a pew.

First, can we keep this between us? Sure.

It's about Sandy Bachman.

What about him?

He was developing quite a rep for himself before he was killed.

Generating some spectacular intel... on Taliban positions in the tribal areas.

Until he blew up that wedding anyway. True.

Plus, his methodology wasn't exactly kosher.

Turns out he was trading secrets in exchange for the information.


We were wondering if you might know something about that.


He was your friend, Dennis. He didn't have many.

Did you ever see him meeting somebody you didn't recognize, or carrying something out of the embassy he shouldn't have?

I don't think so. Not that I can recall anyway.

This is the problem.

The documents that he was passing to the other side... they came from your wife's computer.


I'm afraid so.

You think she gave them to him?


You think I did?

Did you? You're kidding, right?

I don't know, Dennis.

Like I said, Sandy was your friend.

Maybe he convinced you it was for the war effort. It wasn't me, John.

You're sure? 'Cause if it was, now's the time to come clean.

It wasn't me, I swear.


Well, look... if you remember anything, let me know. I will.

I'll rack my brain.

And thanks. Sure.

You hear that?

Thought we had him for a second. We may still.

He's making a call.

Come on.

Do it.

Damn it.

Now what?

Thing is, our evidence is weak.

If he's smart enough to know that, he'll just keep stonewalling us.

So, one step at a time?


Let him sweat for a couple hours. Then...

Then grab him again, take it to the next level.

What are you doing?

Let's go.


Tell me we're doing the right thing.

Right thing's getting Saul back.

I already told you I don't know anything.

Won't be five minutes.

Thanks, John.

Dennis, hi.


I'd like you to look at something.

Do you recognize any of these?

I don't think so. Should I?

They're the documents John mentioned to you earlier.

The documents from your wife's laptop.

The ones you stole for Sandy. Excuse me?

You heard me. I didn't steal anything.

You were the only one at the residence at the time the documents were downloaded.

We synced up the computer with your key card logs.

You want to register your protest now, Dennis?

Demand a lawyer, wave the Constitution in my face, threaten me with the wrath of your almighty wife?

Or do we just assume all that crap and get on with it?

I'm an American citizen, technically on American soil.

You are a traitor, and I am the fucking CIA.

You're not going anywhere until you tell me who Sandy's contact was at the ISI.

I have no idea what you're talking about. Yes, you do.

Because whoever it is, is now running you.

And whoever it is had you break into my apartment and switch out my meds.

Do you know what these are?


Otherwise known as 25I.

Twice as potent as LSD. I had nothing to do with that.

I ended up wandering around Islamabad in the middle of the night... with no idea where I was or what I was doing.

I'm gonna ask for that lawyer now.

You poisoned me. I could have died out there.

You think I'm gonna let you talk to a lawyer? Sit the fuck down!

All right. Have it your way.

What are you doing? I'm saying good night.

You can't just leave me here. Don't worry. I'll be back.

Welcome back to Islamabad.

I hope your journey was not uncomfortable.

Now, by the grace of God, we will strike the heaviest blow at the crusaders who occupy our country.

How long have they flown over our homes, bombed our weddings and funerals, murdered our women and children?

We will drive them from our skies.

We will show their crimes to the world.

This man, Saul Berenson, chief of the CIA, he, by the grace of God, will bring us back our brothers.

They will march with us to Kabul... and raise the flag of God over our country again.

Allahu Akbar!

Hello. Carrie.

It's Mira.

Mira. Hi.

I've spoken to Ambassador Boyd.

She said that it's all happening tomorrow morning.


The White House has given its blessing.

The other parties in the exchange are already here.

By noon tomorrow, Saul will be back in the embassy.

You say that the White House has given its blessing, but has the CIA?

What do you mean?

I know that giving up these people for Saul is a loss. It's a bad loss.

I know you'll want to turn it around.

Mira... I know what the CIA's like.

People are expendable, even its own people.

Mira, listen to me.

Do not worry.

Lockhart is not running the exchange tomorrow. I am.

I'm talking about you.

Carrie, you're so good.

You've become so good, so professional.

I know it makes Saul proud, but... before the CIA, I'm asking you to remember... just normal life... and that I love him.

Saul, my husband.


And I believe you do too.


And I am begging you, don't let him die.

Just don't let him die. Just...

What's this? Know who that is?

That's your friend, Sandy Bachman.

My God. Better look quick.

Soon he hasn't got a face.

You think we behave badly?

This is how the other side behaves.

These are the people that you're in bed with. These are the people that you're spying for.

No. Yes.

Killing a CIA station chief?

That's a big deal, Dennis. It's a very big deal.

Nobody, not even the ISI, would do such a thing lightly.

It means that they are protecting another agenda.

It means, almost certainly, American lives are at stake, either here or in Afghanistan or back at home.

Do you understand what I'm telling you? I'm not stupid.

Then start fucking talking!

I can't tell you what I don't know.

You passed state secrets to Sandy, you broke into my apartment, you dosed me with a powerful hallucinogen...

What else have you been asked to do? Nothing.

You say that you understand, but I don't think that you do.

This is a matter of national security, Dennis.

You have no idea how much discretion that gives me.

What do you mean? I can call in a professional interrogator.

I can have you rendered to a black site. No, you can't.

We don't do that anymore. That policy was repudiated.

Publicly it was. You're bluffing.

I am authorized to kill US citizens on the battlefield, you motherfucker.

Don't think I can't do whatever is required. Don't think that I won't.

Go to hell.

You know what, Dennis?

You just fucked yourself.

Wait, wait, what are you doing?

What are you doing? This is my goddamn embassy.

Open that door! Ma'am, sorry.

Ma'am. Ma'am.

Why is he in here? I'm questioning him.

You're what? I believe he's involved...

You have no fucking right to question anyone, anyone, in my embassy... without my say-so.

Dennis, come with me.

You are finished here.

Do you understand? You are finished everywhere.

She accused me of spying for the ISI.

What? Apparently, I'm in league... with the people that killed Sandy.

You are? I am.

Did she produce any evidence to support this?

Just threats and accusations.

You're sure? Nothing specific? Nothing.

Why do you ask?

Because it's unlikely they would have invented something out of thin air.

You must've had contact with someone they suspect.

Any idea who that could be? No. Not offhand.

What about at the university? One of your new students? Fellow professor?

Honestly, nobody. Come on, Dennis.

There must be somebody. Think.

You can tell me.

Even if you're having an affair, you can tell me.

I'm not having an affair! Jesus! Okay. Okay.

I'm just trying to help.

Listen, I've gotta deal with this Saul business. Go. Go. I'll be fine.

Stay here. Don't talk to anyone.

And if Mathison tries anything again... I'll call you.

Do that.

He denies everything.

Fuck! What did he say?

Nada. Zip.

It's like he knew I was playing him.

Got to admit, part of me was impressed he didn't fall for it.

It's a hell of a time for him to discover a backbone. Isn't it?

I'll keep trying.

Excuse me. Briefing for the exchange starts in 40 minutes.

Vehicles on standby. We gotta go.

Bring Saul home.

Nothing out of Dennis?

Let's just concentrate on getting Saul back... I want you to stay here.

No. No, I need to be at the exchange. Quinn...

I'll have Special Forces, two security details. I'll be fine.

I called in a Global Hawk from Bagram.

It'll be at 45,000 feet in overwatch, but I need you in the ops room monitoring it.

What am I looking for? Anything the ISI or Haqqani might try.

Maybe getting their guys back and keeping Saul.

Maybe even killing Saul. You think that's likely?

Don't know. But I know there's something else going on.

I'll keep my eyes open.

Tea? Very good.

Sir. Mr. Boyd, you need to stop.

I'm sorry. You can't leave the house.

What do you mean I can't? For your own safety, sir.

I've got to get to my office. I've got to pick up some papers. I'll be 20 minutes.

I can't let you do that. Well, then come with me, man.

I need these papers. I've got work to do.

I just can't sit around this house all day...

Thank you, Sergeant.

What is this? I can't even go to my office?

Why do you need to go there? Why do you think?

I have essays to mark. I don't believe you.

What's in the bag?

Nothing. Papers.

Show me. Don't be ridiculous.

Sergeant. Ma'am?

Give me Mr. Boyd's bag. Are you kidding me?

Come on. Just... Co...

Clothes, passport, money.


Tell me what you're involved in, or I will have you locked up.

I'm involved in nothing. I've done nothing.

Dennis, please stop lying.

I'm not lying.

Take Mr. Boyd to the guardroom. Hold him there.

No phone calls, no visitors, no communication with anyone.

Martha. Martha, don't do this. Let's go, sir.

Don't do this, Martha!

Ms. Mathison. Morning, General.

My deputy, John Redmond.

Captain Franzen, who's in charge of the prisoner escort.

Director Lockhart isn't with you? Why should he be?

Is he not interested in the safe return of Mr. Berenson?

Mr. Berenson was taken from an area controlled by the ISI just like this.

Is that why you brought your private army? Shall we get on with it?

Excuse me. This is where we are.

And here, this area of the tarmac is where the exchange will happen.

And as you requested, it has clear lines of sight... and is not overlooked by any building.

Where will your side be? This hangar will be our staging point.

We will be in clear view outside of it.

The CIA position is here.

How will Mr. Berenson be delivered to the exchange?

When we see the Taliban prisoners and have confirmed their identities, we will contact Haqqani's representatives.

They will then deliver Mr. Berenson to the point of exchange.

What assurance do we have that Haqqani won't attempt to overrun the site... once the prisoners arrive?

The Pakistani army controls this site, not Mr. Haqqani.

It's Lockhart.


What about the exchange itself?

Haqqani's men will leave Mr. Berenson here, in plain sight, then withdraw.

You will release the prisoners, who will walk to the same point, unaccompanied.

What is it? This doesn't feel right.

Once they are parallel with Mr. Berenson...

What do you mean? We're really exposed out here.

I heard the location met all the specifications your side gave.

You heard?

You mean you didn't know?

I was shut out of the planning.

Is that unusual? You could say so.

Is there something going on?

Some kind of double-cross?

No drone or UAV will fly over...

For God's sake, tell me.

If we see one or hear one, or hear of one, Mr. Berenson will not be returned.

And neither will the prisoners.

But assuming a successful handover, may I remind you of your agreement... that the prisoners, once exchanged... will remain within Pakistani military custody.

This was the preeminent condition... that the White House and Director Lockhart... had agreed to. Okay, will do.

Yes, of course. We do not want to see these people on the street any more than you do.

Is there anything else, Mr. Redmond?

If there is, we all have radios, the frequencies are set and secure.

Let's get on with it. I agree.


Fucking no.

Why don't you put it on? Why don't you, you fucking coward?

He is happy to wear it, Mr. Berenson, because one year ago, when you were director of the CIA, a drone killed his father and brother.

He's happy to wear it.

Peter? Prisoners are on approach.

Show's about to begin. Here we go.

Bring them out.

Quinn, do you see anything?

No, you're all clear.

Your prisoners are here.

We see them.

Now we want to see Saul.

Do not let the vehicle get closer than 20 meters.


Perimeter's still clear.

What are they waiting for?


Come. Let go.

You see Saul Berenson. Let the prisoners go.

Not until those men pull back.

They get in the van and drive away, or the prisoners stay here.

Who the fuck is that? They left a kid behind.

What's the boy doing there?

I don't know.

He has to leave too.

Bomb vest. Jesus.

Watch the prisoners. Get them on the ground!

What the fuck is this? A suicide vest?

We didn't know. Obviously, Haqqani doesn't trust you.

You tell Haqqani anything happens to Saul, we execute the prisoners, right here, right now. Tell him.

Who's got the detonator?

Quinn, kid with the bomb vest next to Saul.

Find the detonator.

Could be anywhere. Everyone has a damn cell phone.

The boy is insurance.

As soon as the prisoners are free, he will leave with them.

What guarantees do we have?

Haqqani will not kill his own men.

That is your guarantee. But you need to do this now. Now!


Walk the prisoners.

Saul, don't. What's he doing?

Stop the prisoners. Stop the prisoners!


What the hell is Berenson doing?

Come on.

Maybe he doesn't trust the boy.

The boy's not the problem. Berenson is.


You stand up! You stand up or I'll do it!

Go on then!

Do it! Fucking do it!

I'll send my men. They'll get him to his feet.

No. You send soldiers, Haqqani will blow the bomb.

I'll do it!

You stand up, Berenson!

I will do it! I will blow us all away!

Blow them to fucking hell! Blow them to goddamn fucking hell!

Berenson! Please, God!

Please, God, blow 'em to hell. I'll go.

Blow them to fucking hell, please.

Blow 'em... Okay. Just you.

You stand up, Berenson!

I can't do it. I will do it!

I will blow us all away!

You stand up now!

What is she doing?

She's trying to keep this thing alive.


Saul, it's me.

Saul, you gotta move.

Hey. You need to move.

I want you to come with me. No.

Saul. What?

I promised Mira I was bringing you home.

You think I want to go home?

You said this wouldn't happen. You promised me no exchange.

I couldn't let you die. It wasn't up to you. Wasn't your call.

You think I can live with this?

I can't even look at it.

Saul, listen to me. No, you listen.

Do not give them those prisoners.

Do not give them one prisoner. Just go.

Go. I'm not leaving without you.

Then we both die here.


What about the boy? What about him?

He said his prayers. He thinks he's going to fuckin' heaven.

He's a child.

They put the vest on him, not us.

So that makes it okay?

Do you know who you sound like?


Fourteen years of war, and this is what it's come to?

Asking a child to blow you to kingdom come? And for what?

For fucking what?

This is not who we are.

This is not who you are.



Please, Saul.

Just get up. Get up.

Goddamn it. Goddamn it, get up.

Get up.


No more dying.

I want to go home.

Come on.


With you.

We're ready.

Send the prisoners.

Walk them!

I'll be outside, ma'am.

Thank you.

The prisoner exchange worked.

A few hairy moments, but Saul Berenson is now on his way back to the embassy.

That's good.

How did we end up here?

Martha, listen to me.


You know this is all the fault of the CIA.

Ever since that wedding was bombed, it's been the CIA.

Don't. They are responsible.

They have no evidence against me.

They're making all this stuff up. Stop.


Okay. Hang on.

It's Mira.

It's me.

Heads up. We got something going on.

What was that? Sounded like RPGs.

Get Quinn. And contact Carrie Mathison.

Sir, over here.

Embassy security cameras. Where is that?

I-9. On the route Mr. Berenson's convoy's taking.

Sir, there's no answer from Carrie. Comms are down.

Convoy must have been hit.

What the fuck?

What the fucking fuck?

How far is that?

About four blocks.

Deploy the marines.

Get them out of the embassy and to the blast site right away.



What's happening? Mr. Berenson's convoy's been hit.

Oh, my God.

The marines have left the embassy. Mr. Lockhart's orders.

Where is Lockhart? CIA ops room, ma'am.

Martha, what's going on? Some kind of ambush.

Where? Out on the streets. I have to go.

Wait. Where have the marines gone?

To give assistance. All of them?

Why not?

Dennis, why not?

That's what she wanted to know. Who?


Tasneem is your contact?

What did she want to know? Tell me.

How Carrie Mathison got in and out of the embassy.

What did you tell her? About the tunnel under the embassy.