Homeland S8E1 Script

Deception Indicated (2020)

Previously, on Homeland... _

We have to buy time, 40 minutes, maybe an hour, till they're in the air.

I'm not leaving you. I agreed with Saul.

If things go wrong, this is the plan.

What, to allow them to fucking catch you?

It was you.

Carrie Mathison, you're just going to leave her here?

Ms. Martin, what was your most recent operation?

We tried to compromise your president and push her out of office.

Your medication.

How do you wanna spend the rest of your days here?

Reading nice books that Alexander brings you and exercising in the yard... or going mad, locked up in an asylum?

No one back in Moscow is much in the mood to negotiate, anyway.

Maybe it's better if you wait a few months.

I can't wait a few months.

I don't even know if she'll be alive in a few months.


You all right? You all right?

No, no, no, no. Not the coat.

No, no, no, no, no. Not the coat.

Not the coat. Not the coat.

Don't be scared.

Don't be scared.

No, no, no, no!


Rough ride?

You need to sleep.

I'm trying.

It's been almost six hours.

You can have another lorazepam.

No, I wanna wean myself.

Maybe a half.

Blood work?



No, come on in. Have a seat.

Is Doug...

I'm sitting in for Doug.

Jim Turrow.

You're his supervisor. Is that right?

You want anything to drink?

Uh, no. No, I'm good.

Okay if I ask you a few questions?


You were detained in Russia for 213 days?


And you were interrogated for the first...

Uh, 30ish...

Who was your interrogator?

Um, a colonel named Sergei Tobokov, most of the time, anyway.


Why'd he stop?

All of this is in the file.

It's a big file.

Can you tell me why he stopped interrogating you?

I think because I threw my feces at him.

And was that strategic?

No, no.

I... I... I was in the midst of a florid psychosis.

They withheld my medication and it took about 20 days for me to devolve into a not very helpful subject, um, but they kept at it for another week or so.

I can't give you an exact figure.

After that, it's all either blank or a series of images that don't much comport with reality.

Um, if we're doing this the slow way, may... maybe I will take some water.

Doug informs me you'd like to be reinstated at the agency.


Yes, I would like that very much.

A security clearance isn't an option with upwards of 180 days unaccounted for.

Yeah, I know that.

That's why I've been working so hard with Dr. Foley and Doug, just trying to fill in the gaps.

Did they give you the impression that wasn't the case?


Did they tell you you failed your polygraph?

Deception indicated.

So you're gonna have to bear with me.

Um... which questions?

You said it was usually Tobokov but not always.

I'd like to know which questions, please.

Quite a few, actually.

Such as?

Have you ever conspired with a foreign intelligence officer or service?

Wh... so... so what does that mean?

Are... are you accusing me of something?

Could mean a lot of things: giving up sources and methods, working for the enemy.

You tell me.

My memory doesn't distinguish between what was real and... and what wasn't.

You get that, right?

The polygraph doesn't care if you were delusional.

It says you were lying.

I edit my answers, because I don't trust my own brain.

That's what it's picking up.


We expected that going into this.

Dr. Foley and Doug both said it was a possibility.

Why is he acting like this is incriminating?

We expected it.

You wanna jump in here?

Sit down, please.

You did admit to giving up the location of a safe house in Beirut.

Yeah, one that hasn't been active for decades.

I believe at that point I had been kept awake for 96 hours.

What about assets? What about them?

Did you ever reveal the identity of an asset?


Maybe somebody who died ten years before.

No, assets have families. I wouldn't do that.

You sure?

How much more clearly can I say this?

I did not.

Ms. Mathison, how can you be so sure if there's 180 days of your life you don't remember?


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Parties are prepared to work through dinner tonight.

Should we take that as a positive sign?

Just getting the Taliban to the table has taken nine years.

So the fact they're sitting down with the Afghan government at all is a positive.

Come on, Saul, make some news. It's been three weeks.

At least give us a sense of how it's going so far.

It's going; from what I understand, there's a nice lamb kabsa on the menu tonight.

Ha. Okay.

How 'bout off the record then?


Well, the list of missed opportunities for peace in Afghanistan is long.

What do you see as the main obstacles to a deal?

Well, for one thing, America hasn't got a whole lot of good options.

We're not staying forever.

President's made that abundantly clear.

We can't just walk away either.

Why not?

Well, our forces out past a critical point, Kabul falls in six weeks.

General Edwards told me six months.

Trillion dollars spent, more than 2,000 lives lost... it's a U.S. surrender any way you look at it.

Other issue is the Taliban itself.

It's not clear they have anything to gain by a political settlement.

What do you mean, exactly?

Only reason to cut a deal is to get us to leave sooner than later.

Which you just said isn't an option.

Not without serious security guarantees in place before we go.

And what's wrong with that? Nothing, if you think the Taliban will abide by the terms of an agreement.

And will they?

Your guess is as good as mine.

President Warner seems confident enough.

Well, the President's an optimist.

Me, I'm a spy.

And his National Security Advisor.

Don't remind me.

G'ulom's making a statement.

Sorry, I gotta go. More later.

What's he gonna say? Do we know?

No idea.

His office only just announced that he was doing the press conference.

This can't be good.

But we are lions, brothers and sisters.

Other animals in the jungle are afraid of even a sick lion and stay away from him.

We are lions.

The United States should treat us as lions.

And we demand nothing less.

Instead, our president and foreign minister have been tricked.

Tricked into promising to release more than 1,000 Taliban prisoners of war, 12 of them responsible for the bomb... hidden inside an ambulance and killed nearly

100 citizens last month in Kabul.

I want you to know...

I am in charge of these prisoners, and I will never agree to their release.


Not even a single one.

Robin, talk to me.

Phones started going off, and you can imagine what happened next.

Where's Agha Jan?

He threw down his credentials and he stormed off with the rest of the Taliban delegation.

I don't think he's coming back, Saul.

I really don't. Which way they go?


Agha Jan.

Agha Jan!

We told you, no prisoners, no talks.

I'm aware.

The very first thing we agreed to and now it is broken.

I understand you're angry.

I'm angry, but nothing is broken.

We agreed to a prisoner exchange upon successful completion of an agreement.

We are not there yet, not even close.

You heard G'ulom.

Vice President doesn't speak for the government.

You know that.

What is done is done.

Too bad.

Agha Jan.

Leave now and it'll be years before we get back to this point, if ever.

I'm sorry, I truly am.

I have an idea.

What if I was able to accelerate the release of some of the prisoners in U.S. custody?

Say, 5 of the 32 at Guantanamo?

Would that change your mind?

You could do that?

I could try.

I would consider it if we get to choose which five.


Then we'll stay for one week, but you still have to get G'ulom to change what he said.

I'll call you back from the office.

Give us a minute, will you?

Of course.

You look peeved. What's happened?

You know damn well.

I warned you.

It was only a matter of time before things fell apart.

There's falling apart and then there's pushing 'em off a cliff.

Pakistan had nothing to do with this.

We're not leaking details of these talks to anyone.


It wasn't me, and it wasn't anybody in my delegation.

You know, you almost make me believe you.

Then I remember Islamabad, the embassy, the two hours you stood down your response team, while 36 Americans were killed in cold blood.

Colonel Jefrani.

Yes, ma'am?

Show Mr. Berenson out.


You got a lot of shit.

I'm Gonzales.



Piotrowski. Max!

Squad's out on patrol.

Nobody gonna be back till morning.

Anything I should do in the meantime?

Stay low, try not to get shot.



Jim Turrow, counterintelligence.

Hi, Jim, good to meet you.

And you know Dr. Foley. Hi.

Where are we?

Physically, she's in good shape.

Sleep is still an issue, but it's better than it was.

Her thyroid hasn't quite leveled out.

That's from?

The malnutrition.

It improves when she eats more or treat it with a pill?


We're playing with the dosage.

That and the sleep both have an impact on mood regulation and memory access.

So we are hoping that her recall will improve as we go.

There are still significant gaps in her story, but that's par for the course.

She's recovering more information every day.

It's not the gaps I'm concerned about.

If you're worried about the polygraph, I would take it with a grain of salt.

It's not something we can ignore.

Polygraphs are unreliable.

"Deception indicated" can mean she's nervous or lying to herself.

Or it can indicate deception.

We have a long way to go. This is just one data point.

Look, I... I don't wanna dismiss your misgivings, but bringing in Mr. Berenson may have been premature.

He didn't call me here.

Oh. I misunderstood.

I'm here because I need Carrie in Kabul for a week or two.

When? Right away.

We're making progress here.

Put her in a war zone, we could be back to square one.

Terms of debriefing timeline or her mental state?


She unstable?

Not now.

It's an important mission.

I'm okay with a setback.

We may be dealing with a compromised officer here.

You know, she has a kid.

Mathison? Yes.

You know, she signed away custody and walked into a bear trap in the middle of Moscow to stop an attack on our presidency.


Everyone breaks under interrogation, especially Russian interrogation.

They're good at it.

That's why our sources were protected and procedures changed after she was captured.

It's more complicated than that.

I'm well aware.

What I wanna know is, do you have anything other than a jumpy polygraph?



How are you? Color's better.

They're big on fresh air around here.

It seems my vitamin D level's not great.

Also, I'm a Russian agent, apparently.

So I heard.


You won't mind, then, if I pick your brain a bit.

Only if you think it's safe to be seen talking to me.

I'll take my chances.

Your old friend Abdul Qarid G'ulom just fired a broadside into the peace talks.

Yeah, I saw that.

I need him to publicly walk back his comments about the POWs.

Agreeing to their release is what got the Taliban to the negotiating table in the first place.

I assume the ambassador's already taken a run at him.

And the chief of station, got exactly nowhere.

Who's the current COS?

Mike Dunne.


You need an alpha to deal with an alpha.

Mike's not that. No.

All right, give me a few days. I'll come up with some options.

You don't have a few days.

Putting you on a military transport to Kabul tonight.

If you're up for it, that is.

You kidding? Hell yes.

Saul... Don't thank me yet.

Kabul isn't the place you knew before.

It's ten times more dangerous just walking around, and you'll be without any of your old assets.

Pulled from the field, huh?

The minute you were arrested in Moscow.


Ones you reported to headquarters, at least.

Saul, I report all my assets to headquarters, no matter who they are or how sensitive.

Of course you do.

Come on, let's get you packed up, ready to go.

Hey, Mike, it's Turrow.

You heard from Saul Berenson by any chance?

No, what's up?

I could be wrong, but I think you got a bad situation coming your way.

Bad how?

A compromised officer.

Who is it?

Your old boss, Carrie Mathison.

Piotrowski's doing hardware maintenance.

We're gonna provide support so he can repair or replace.

The unit's on Sar Ridge.

We're gonna loop around north of Decup.

We're going over the six-one?

If the trail's intact, we'll take it two clicks west.

If the rain last week washed it out...

What is he, NSA?

We're doing this for a cable repair guy?

Back me up, Gonzo.

We already know how this shit goes down.

He's right, LT.

At least tell us what this is about.

Mission's classified.

Oh, great. Hey.

We leave at 22:00.

Whole thing will be done under cover of darkness, which should afford us a measure of security.

This is bullshit.

Show him where the riverbed's at.

Okay, look, every time we cross the six-one, we get hit.

Last couple of times, we lost a guy.

We'll take it slow 'cause you're not used to the altitude, but we're gonna cross the riverbed right about here that's fairly exposed.

You just gotta haul ass till you get to the trees on the other side, about 25, 30 yards.

So when we get to the riverbed...


Can you unlock the window?

They don't open.


Thank merciful God. The cavalry's shown up.

Is it just me or is that chip on your shoulder bigger than the last time we saw each other?

Fuck off.

Hey, I want you to meet somebody.

This is Jenna Bragg. Jenna, Carrie Mathison.

Nice to meet you. Hi.

Jenna's the newest member of the team.

She's gonna be looking after you.

Come on, Mike, you know how I roll.

Don't waste your time. Not at all.

She wants to do it, don't you, Jenna?

Happy to.

Any word on the G'ulom meeting?

Set for Friday morning.

I figured you'd want a few days to see what you could dig up.

Saul told me I could get a look at the latest 201 file on him.

Loaded onto the laptop in your room, and if you need anything run down, just ask.


Glad you're here, Carrie. I mean that.

Glad to be here.

I'll show you to your room.

Hey, Carrie, um, truth is, she's a little stuck in the starting gate.

I've only been here a month.


How am I supposed to get out of the starting gate if he won't let me leave the station without an armored vehicle and a security detail?

I might as well have "CIA" tattooed on my forehead.

How bad is it out there?

It's bad and getting worse.

Foreign workers are definitely a target, but isn't this exactly what I was trained for?


Insist, then. Excuse me.

You're in a hard place, trying to do hard things.

Don't whine and don't take no for an answer.



Who's it to?


What makes you think she's gonna have any more luck with G'ulom than we did?

G'ulom trusts her.

The two of them made a pretty good partnership back in the day.

Killed a lot of bad guys together.


What's that?

A call code... prearranged between asset and base. _

Two pings for this, three for that.



Now find out who owns that number.

Got any questions? 'Cause this is the time.

Only about the riverbed.

You'll let me know?

You'll know, 'cause we're fucking running.

You don't need to worry about it on the way out.

There's just spotters when we head out.

It's the way back that's the problem.

So they'll have eyes on us?

Starting now.

Where the road ends, the Taliban begins.

Should we walk or would you rather go inside?

Let's walk.

I was emotional before and rude.

I apologize.

Apology accepted.

I've been meaning to ask about your father.

How is he?

Stepfather, and poorly, I'm afraid.

The MS is starting to affect his vision.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Must be proud of you, though, getting the job he always wanted.

I think he'd have preferred grandchildren.

You said you needed to see me.

Frankly, I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do.

About what? You.


Well, Pakistan.

I was hoping for another adult in the room.

Seems all you're interested in is making what's already a difficult situation impossible.

I'm sorry. Am I missing something here?

Weren't you just apologizing 30 seconds ago?

I was, now I'm imploring.


Because that's not what it sounds like.

I know we want the same thing here.

Do we? Yes.

Fair and durable peace in the region.

Don't lecture me about peace in the region.

You abandoned the region after the Soviets were sent packing.

Then 9/11 happened and you're back.

We've all seen this movie.

We know how it ends... in chaos and civil war on our border.

That's exactly what we're trying to avoid.


By announcing timetables and benchmarks?

By unilaterally drawing down your combat troop levels to zero?

The Afghan state you've built is a house of cards, its army a joke.

You want real resolution, then show some real resolve.

At least make the Taliban think you aren't running for the exits.

Policy's the policy.

No way that is changing now.

Then peace isn't what you want.

You just want out.

All right, we're here.

You see the kid?


By the caves.

Come on, get a move on. We don't got all night.

They sent the fucking A-team.


Arman, how are you?

Good, good, prosperous.

Yeah, I can see that.

23 in the fleet now.

This one, it is brand-new, 10,000 gallons.


All thanks to you.


You built this yourself, Arman, from nothing.

One rented truck, and who helped me rent it?

This is for Daria.

I tried to get the Lancome, but I couldn't find it.

Never mind.

She will love whatever you bring.

So who's driving me tonight?

I am.

You are? Yeah.

But I thought you don't drive anymore.

I do for you.

Nothing has changed: bribes, extortion, murder.

It is criminal enterprise, this government.

And G'ulom himself, where does he fit in these days?

Oh, he's at the very top of the pyramid.

He's more powerful than the President.

Then I need to find an enemy, someone willing to bring him down.

Maybe one of the other ministers.

Don't bother. They don't have the guts.

What about Faqiar?

I read somewhere he was running an anti-corruption campaign.

G'ulom paid him off.

I hear he's in Dubai now. He's living like a king.

The law in this country, it is only for the poor.


Most likely pro-Taliban kochi nomads.

They are very brave to be fighting Sunni in Kabul.

I thought Ghazni was as far as they'd advanced.

That was last month.

Today, they make attacks on Afghan army positions almost anywhere.

That was closer.

I give them free gas in exchange for safe passage.

I think we'll be fine.


Ah, right, checkpoint.

All clear.

No checkpoint, huh?

No. What's that mean?

I don't know. How long will you be?

An hour at the most. I'll text you when I'm ready.









Are you Sheena?

Do you speak English?

English study, Pashto.


I'm so sorry to disturb you at night.

Your husband has told me wonderful things.

It's really an honor to meet you.

I met Zarawar when he was this high.

He's so big.

Uh, is Roshan here?


Okay, do... do you know when he'll be back?


I really would like to see him.

Would you mind calling him for me?

No, I'm sorry. You should go.

I understand it's uncomfortable having a strange woman speak to your husband, but it's... it's very, very important.

And I'm not gonna leave your house until you contact him.

Can you please pick up your phone?

I said no.


Tell me what?

Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.

I didn't know.

They killed him.

Who did?

The Taliban, because of you.

Because of the CIA.

No, no, that's... that's not possible.

They said, "This is what happens to a traitor for the Americans".

They pulled him from the house, ropes on his hands, feet... tied him to a truck, dragged him through the streets.

Oh, Sheena, I'm so sorry.


Don't speak to my son.

You have to believe me.

I never told anyone about my meetings with Roshan, not... not even the people I work for, nobody.

Is it... is it possible he had another American contact?

Only you.

When did this happen?

Five months ago.

I don't... I...

I... I... I... I wasn't even in Afghanistan.

I was in prison.

I never told anyone his name. Please... please believe me.

I'm s... I'm so sorry.

You should go now.

Get out of my house.

Did you ever reveal the identity of an asset?


Maybe somebody who died ten years before.

No. Assets have families. I wouldn't do that.

Ms. Mathison, how can you be so sure if there's 180 days of your life you don't remember?

No, stay.

Don't leave me.

Don't leave me.

Stay. Stay, stay.





Are you done yet?


How much longer?

I don't know.

I thought I could fix the switch box, but it's not working.

I gotta swap it out.

How involved is that?

Fuck this, man.

Well, it's gonna be light in an hour.

You're gonna have to wrap it up.

You go ahead. I'll find my own way back.

Come on, huddle up.

Hey, we're going.

I'm not leaving until I'm done.

Just pick up your fucking bag and walk.

We don't have a functional listening device in 14 miles of the Pakistani border.

We're in negotiations with the Taliban in Doha.

Our people don't know if they are having a real conversation or if it's just bullshit designed to get us to release

1,000 Taliban fighters from prison.

Hasan Hakhami is down there somewhere.

He's the one calling the shots in a hideout in Pakistan that we can't find, on a phone that we can't tap.

He's the guy that slaughtered 36 of our people in Islamabad.

I watched him do it.

You were there, at the embassy?

It's not that you went out, it's that you went out without informing anybody.

Mike... And don't give me any bullshit about source protection or "better to ask forgiveness than permission".

I don't need anybody's permission.

I'm here on behalf of the National Security Advisor.

God damn it, Carrie.

There are three teams out there right now risking their lives to find you.

Well, I didn't ask for that either.

Well, for your sake, I hope it was worth it.

Wh... what's that supposed to mean?

That you got what you needed, because G'ulom's office called.

Your meeting's been rescheduled.

For when? This morning.

Six hours from now.

Fuck. Yeah.

Jenna will be here at 8:45 to pick you up.

Hey, Mike.

I need to ask you something.


About Russian cooperation with the Taliban.

How real is it?

Real enough.

What does that look like, exactly?

Military aid, advisors?


What about intelligence? Are they sharing intelligence?

You bet, anything to piss us off.

It's what the Kremlin lives for.

I see.

Why do you ask?

I don't know.

I just... I'm trying to get the lay of the land, I guess.

Where were you tonight, Carrie?

Well, maybe you can tell me how it relates to Russia, then.

How what relates?

You're here to leverage G'ulom, but you're asking Russia.

Jesus, Mike, not you too.

What the hell'd they tell you?

That you tanked a polygraph.

I was in Ghazni, okay, meeting a guy who used to run against the insurgents.

He mentioned a GRU contact in the area.

Who? Well, he wasn't naming names, was he?



You look tired. You should get some rest.

Big day tomorrow.


All right, I'm pushing up with Stout.

Cover till we're behind the boulders.

Durkin, you and Soto got rear security.

Remember what I told you about that path at the riverbed?

Watch out.

This is it. Remember what to do?

Haul ass.

Wait till I tell you.

Ready? Yeah.


Stay down.



Your turn.

Hey, tell me when.


Look, they're right there. Okay?

Go, go.


Come on. On the wall.

On the wall.

We got him.

Where the fuck are they?

Some patient motherfuckers.

Fuck this place.

You ready?

No. Let's move.

Move, move, move!

Now! Coming in, coming in!

Everybody okay?

Yeah. Brace for a second attack.

Viper zero-two, troops in contact.

I say it again. Troops in contact.

Viper zero-two is two mikes out.

I'll give you a ten-second... Negative. We need close air support.

I repeat, close air support.

Roger,... What the fuck is that?

Am I hit?

Am I hit?


Just your CamelBak.


It's water.

Ha. I thought that fucker hit me.

It's water or piss. It ain't blood.

I thought that motherfucker hit me.

Hey, get down!

This ain't over.

Where the hell are those air assets?

One minute out.

Coming down from Sar Ridge, where else?

In broad daylight? Nobody got hit?

My pack got hit, blew my fucking water open.

You pissed yourself?

No, my actual water pack.

He fucking pissed himself.

No, I didn't.

Water transport apparatus.

Cable Guy, he's like a... he's like a lucky fucking charm.

Cable Guy.

You're like a frosted Lucky Charm, man.

You're all right.

Look at his face.

He's still freaked out.

You good, pal?

It's working.


Thank you.

Here you go.

Ms. Mathison, this way, please.

The Vice President is completing another meeting.

He will be ready in a moment. Thank you.

You okay?

Mike told me you were out late last night.

I'm fine.

You know you're not going in there with me, right?

I'm sure you're smart enough to realize the Vice President's not opening up with some female in the room he's never met before.

Don't leave me. Don't leave me.

Don't leave me.

Stay, stay, stay, stay.

No. No, no, no, no, no, no.

No! No!

You can't leave me here! You can't leave me here!


Don't go! Don't go!

Yevgeny Gromov is here.

Everything that happened in Russia, it's off limits.

We need eyes and ears on her the whole time.

This may actually be **.

So, you've gotta know where he can compromise, where to hold the line.

It's not too late to end the war.

I'm counting on you.

I'm still putting the pieces together.

You were off the grid for more than 90 minutes.

I lost 7 months of my life!

Don't let her out of your sight.

I think you remember more than you're saying.

Ms. Mathison? Yes.

Come with us please.

You have a traitor in your camp.

Those are Taliban killing my guys.

Get out of our country. Leave us alone.

We have a bona fide crisis here.

Back off!

We're one hair trigger away from complete annihilation.