Homeland S8E11 Script

The English Teacher (2020)

Previously, on Homeland...

You left us no choice, not when you threatened to invade our country.

No, we said give us Jalal, one man.

Your response was to target

20,000 US troops.

The flight recorder, what's it gonna cost?

Ah, Saul Berenson asked that exact thing.

And what did you tell him?

Well, I told him that there is no price, because for him, there isn't.

Saul is running an agent inside the Kremlin.

The identity of that agent is the only thing worth more to my country than watching the United States self-destruct on the Pakistan border.

The Special Ops team you got captured in Kohat is being freed.

These are the guys you tricked me into giving up, remember?

You told me you learned about the president's visit on the morning of his arrival in Kabul.

But I found out later that you actually suggested the trip to him three days before.

It sounds like you believe I had something to do with the president's helicopter going down.

Did you?

I am not a CIA employee.

I am a US citizen under the protection of the National Security Advisor.

Really? Yeah.

And I would like a lawyer.

Then you're under arrest, and we're taking you back to the States.

Things are deteriorating for you fast enough here without Carrie Mathison claiming that whatever trouble she's gotten herself into was on your behalf.

Whatever shit she's in is because of me.

I am not turning my back on her.

Get back, get back!

The World Trade Center, Tower Number One is on fire!

I missed something once before. I won't--

I can't let that happen again!

An American prisoner of war has been turned.

You're a disgrace to your nation, Sergeant Nicholas Brody.

You're a traitor and a terrorist, and now it's time to pay for that.

Are you accusing me of something?

You really do not remember?

Remember what?

We may be dealing with a compromised officer here.

You had a relationship complicated enough to lie about.

Yeah, it's complicated.

I lost seven months of my life.

To my Russian handler?

Is our strategy working?

And you will become the focus of an investigation that will define the rest of your life.

That not every problem in the Middle East deserves a military solution.

Because this whole country went stupid crazy after 9/11.

Carrie, you're not yourself.

I'm still putting the pieces together.

Please, God, tell me you have it.

Is there no fucking line?

I believe you.

No one else will.

Homeland - 8x11 "The English Teacher"


How come no one told me?

I'm telling you now.

That's a Title III writ ordering her release.

I don't think you want to be standing in the way.

Are you kidding? Get those off her.

Come on. Come on.

You fucking people.

We're out of here.

Who are you?

Kevin Dance.

Saul asked me to represent you for the preliminaries.

That okay?

They're playing this pretty close to the vest.

We won't know exactly what they're charging you with until the arraignment tomorrow.

In the meantime, don't talk to anyone.

Oh, I didn't. Good.

You're staying at Mr. Berenson's.

He arranged the court order to get you out and also put up the bond.

I'm sure you know you've got quite an advocate there.

For those of you just tuning in, a car bomb at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border has left many dead and dozens wounded.

A White House spokesperson confirmed to CNB that Jalal Haqqani, son of Haissam Haqqani, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

When did that happen?

I guess while you were traveling.

It's been on all day.

As just a few days ago, President Hayes...

How many dead?

The whole team.

And one CIA agent wounded, a Jenna Bragg.

They put her on a plane back here in a big hurry for observation.

Also added her name to the list of witnesses against you.

Any idea what that might be about?

We will continue to monitor this volatile situation and bring you more information...


...available in Washington.

Pakistan did not blow up our convoy.

Jalal Haqqani did.

Pakistan lost men in the explosion just like we did, in fact, more than we did.

Excuse me, Pakistan was responsible for transporting our Special Ops team safely.

So Pakistan can't say they had nothing to do with it.

It's their fucking country.

David, back me up here. No.

This entire fiasco was his big idea.

He-he opens his mouth, it better be to resign.

You may not like it, but there are principles involved.

What principles? Proportionality.

They killed our president. They killed our operatives.

And necessity.

Here's the real question-- what calamity has to occur before you finally admit it's time to do something?

Something, yes, not this, not a full-scale invasion of a nuclear power that has said they will not tolerate our crossing their border.

How in the fucking world do you think that'll end?

What do you recommend?

Back channel talks with the Pakistanis, who are arriving in New York today to plead their case at the UN.

Plus, a surgical action to locate and take out Jalal Haqqani.

"Back channel talks"?

Thank you. You're welcome.

You didn't have to do this.

I want everyone on notice.

They wanna mess with you, they have to come through me, for as long as that's worth something.

Rough day?

Everything we've kept at bay for decades, it's all being discussed openly, as an actual option.

By Zabel?

Zabel, Hayes.

It's a contagion.

List is growing.

I can still tell them what I heard on the flight recorder.

We've been over this.

Maybe I should have listened to you when you first wanted to tell them.

And we just lost a Special Ops team.

Jalal's taken credit for that too.

Trying to have you rewrite what happened with the helicopter now... it would just seem ludicrous.

So we need the real thing, the flight recorder.


You must know someone who can help.

I already talked to them.

No, I don't mean Ambassador Makarov.

I mean, an asset in the Kremlin.

Saul, there have been rumors for years...

Yeah, rumors.

...that you have some sort of undeclared source.

I don't. If there were ever a time--

I don't. Did you hear me?

There's no secret asset.

Believe me, I wish there were.






You need me here?

No, I'm fine. Thanks.

What are you doing?

Checking when my Uber will be here.

Could you just listen a second?

Look, I know you're mad.


Those guys you tricked me into exposing, they're dead, all of them.

I know, and it's horrible. I am so sorry.

But a suicide bomber did that, not me and not you.

You lied to me.

I didn't.

You're delusional.

Ninety percent of what I told you was true.

I was looking for the black box just like I said, and the thing is, I found it, okay?

I found it.

You wanna hear what was on it? Is that of any interest to you?

Jalal Haqqani did not shoot down the president's helicopter.

It was a mechanical failure.

So if you care about lies, the US is rushing to war right now based on one.

Where is it?


What do you think? The flight recorder.

Yevgeny Gromov stole it from me.

I just need a few days to get it back.

I know you're testifying against me at the tribunal, and if you need to tell them how the safe house got discovered, that I lied to you, fine.

I will even back you up.

But please, just not yet.

How you gonna find it?

You say you need a few days. You must have a plan.

What is it?

That's my car.

I can't tell you everything.

That right there is how we got in trouble the last time.

Okay. O-okay.

Yevgeny has the recorder, like I said, but he is willing to trade.

For what?

For what? What did we just say?

You tell me everything or I'm out of here.

He is willing to trade for the identity of an agent in the Russian government, an asset of Saul's.

So why didn't they ask Saul?

Because he'd never agree.

But you would.

I already have.

Saul was based in Berlin from 1982 to 1987, before the wall came down.

He must have recruited the asset during that time.

That's all you've got?

Not quite.

He told me once about an exfiltration that went bad towards the end of his stay there.

Someone he'd recruited, that's where I'd start.

Where you'd start?

No one's gonna let you anywhere near a Langley computer.

You know that, right? No one will even talk to you.

You are.

Yeah, you're right. I am.

And I know how you might think I'd help you given how you managed to rope me into your bullshit twice before, but no, I can't help you at all.

What I can do is let everyone know what you're up to, beginning with Saul.

Thanks for getting back to me.

You said you'd be here.

I'm hung up in DC at least for another day.

When you get here, we'll talk.

No wait. What for?

Jenna Bragg. I called.

From the time we took off to the time we landed, you moved another 10,000 troops to our border.

I know. I should be back in Islamabad, preparing for an invasion.

Well, I'm hoping we can find a way to avoid that.

Have you heard the lies coming out of the White House this morning, that we purposely delivered US operatives to their deaths?

We were doing you a favor.

I know.

The thinking here has reached levels of crazy I couldn't have even imagined a year ago.

Which improbable as it seems, leaves you and me on the same side, least I think we are.

But the situation... is fucking delicate.

There's only one thing that can defuse this right now.

Which is what?

Give us Jalal.

I am so tired of this. We don't know where he is.

Just give us a target, any target.

Plausible coordinates, that's all I'm asking.

You hear what I'm saying?

Yeah... I do.


Thanks for seeing me. You okay?

Better, yeah. Thanks.


You said it was about Carrie.

Yeah, and you.


She ambushed me at Walter Reed this morning, Carrie did.

She was waiting as I was being discharged, and she said a lot of crazy stuff.


Like there's this black box she found that proves Jalal didn't shoot down the helicopter-- it was a mechanical failure-- but Yevgeny stole it from her.

And if she could just get it back, she could save the world.

That's true, all of it.

Look, I know you're going in front of the tribunal today.

I agreed to talk you because I thought maybe you were looking for a way to be on Carrie's side.

Not really.

I'm not exactly sure what she did do or didn't do or what mistakes she made.

There's always some.

But everything she does, everything... is because she never loses sight of what's important.

And honestly, she's the only person I've ever known I can say that of.

So we're all here fiddling while Rome burns.

This tribunal will ask you to help them with some bullshit charge.

But when you're dealing with Carrie, you have to do what she does.

You have to decide for yourself what matters.

You have to decide what kind of person you are.

Criminal case 17-386, you are charged on information.

Count one, lying to a federal officer.

Count two, obstruction of an official proceeding.

Count three, providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

Count four, attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

Count five, accessory to murder of Ralph Warner, President of the United States.

Count six, accessory to murder, Special Operator Number One, employed by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Count seven, accessory to murder, Special Operator Number Two, employed by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Count eight, accessory to murder, Special Operator...

Breathe. ...Number Three, employed by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Count nine...

Carrie Mathison.

I'm Charlotte Benson, a friend of Yevgeny's.

Fuck him and fuck you.

We have resources.

Whatever help you need.

Just let me know.

Take a seat.

Thank you for coming.


Interview with...

Jenna Bragg.

In the matter of US v. Carrie Mathison, a traitor, conspiring with agents of the Russian government, implicated in the death of an American president.

There's a lot to review here.

We're gonna start with-- Excuse me.

Uh... I-I thought I was okay... but I think maybe I'm not.

I need a few days.

I was right. You were wrong.

About what?

About what happens if you're not afraid to apply a little pressure.

We got an off-the-record call from Islamabad.

Turns out they do have a location on Jalal.

What do you know. They just found out.

What a lucky break.

Uh, some Intel landed on their desk.

Huh. He's at one of the compounds his father used to use.

Half an hour ago, there was one HiLux there.

Now there are four.

What's the plan?

Not back channel talks, I'll tell you that.

Everybody's in the situation room.

We're about to pull the trigger.

Hangar two-one with friendlies and target in sight.

Final attack tone-- 160 to 190.

You're cleared hot.

Copy, hangar two-one, with the friendlies and the target in sight.

Final attack tone-- 160...

Thank God they came around, the Pakistanis.

Yeah, thank God.

You wanna tell me what's going on here?

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Good hit, good hit.

DDA 100/100.

Target destroyed.

Well, fuck yeah.

Mr. President.

You don't wanna hear what the Pakistanis will say?

I know what they'll say.

They'll be protesting a flagrant violation of their sovereignty.

Where are you going? New York.

Anyone asks, tell 'em somewhere else.

I found something about that exfiltration that went south.

It was 1986.

A guy named Andrei Kuznetsov.

Saul recruited him at a KGB language school in East Berlin.

For some reason, the guy panicked, and Saul had to get him out in a hurry.

The extraction got messy.

He actually lost a leg.

But he's still alive.

He is?

And living under witness protection in Pennsylvania as Alex Surnow.

So he's-he's not the asset.

No, he can't be.

He's been stateside for 30 years.

But I think he might know something.


Saul never declared an asset out of the East again, ever.

But right around this time is when all his intelligence coups begin, like that Gorbachev was willing to do business with the West, like the cover-up at Chernobyl, like Aldrich Ames.

Thank you.

You sure you wanna do this?

Betray Saul.

I'm sure I don't want to.

Tell me there's another way.

You're right, there's probably not.

Anyway, I'm done.

What do you mean you're done?

I mean, I'm done, not just with this, with everything, the whole CIA.

Wh-that-that's what this means to you?

After what you found here, after you thought your way through it, you think that's a reason to quit?

No, but the Special Ops team dying, that's a reason.

And this asset will be tortured to death if you find him.

That's a reason.

It'll get us the flight recorder.

That's how you see it. I know.

And I've tried to see it like you, but I just can't.

I got into this thinking I would make things better.

But I don't actually believe that anymore.

All I see is damage.

Alex Surnow?

My name's Heather Frith.

We have an acquaintance in common, Saul Berenson.

I don't know any Saul Berenson.

He saved your life... when your name was Andrei Kuznetsov.

You lost your leg below the knee in a minefield on the East German border.

Could we talk inside?

I work for the agency Saul used to run, in Archives, for the chief historian.

What do you want?

It's nearly 40 years since you defected.

Most of the files are being declassified.

My job is to talk to the people in those files to make sure we have the whole story, obviously, also to make sure identities are protected where they need to be, like with you.

Does Saul know?

Because I should call him and let him know that you're here, throwing his name around.

Um... well, if you need to call him, sure, feel free.

So what do you wanna know?

Whatever you're willing to share.

I'm trying to learn the details that aren't in the files.


Pakistan has convened a security council working group.

They're demanding a vote against the US for last night's raid.

China and Iran are backing Pakistan.

Brits and Poles are backing us.

What are the Russians doing?

Usual, thinking of ways to fuck us up.

Our ambassador had warned President Hayes that any incursion would be treated as an act of war.

Last night, despite that warning...

So what are you planning to do?

...was violated by the United States.

Make an idiot of myself.

...Recorded the launch...

Don't try to stop me.

At least not at first.

...of high explosive.

We haven't yet been able to find specific...

The crossing point was here.

Saul had it all planned.

He knew when the shift change was... where the motion sensors were.

It was like clockwork.

Him crossing the minefield was good.

I was nearly across.

So what happened?

An-an owl... flew right in front of my face.

I stumbled just two steps to the right and boom, my leg.

I'm in agony. I can't move.

Any second, they'll find me.

Suddenly, Saul's there.

He picks me up, carries me through the mines, the wires, guns firing at us, but he just keeps going.

I had no idea.

And I'm telling you, these details are not in the file.

So did you ever learn what happened to the other cadets in your class?

I did go there after the wall came down to find out... what happened to them.

And what did you find?

They were put up against the wall... and shot.

Oh, my God.

All of them... for failing to prevent my defection.

So one of them was a woman.

She was not in the class. She was a teacher in English.

What was her name?

There was no name.

Just "Comrade Instructor."

What happened to her?

I don't know.

Pakistan's censure motion will be considered at 1700 hours today.

We'll adjourn now so delegates can consult their governments.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

I wanna talk to you. Yes, you.

I know you have it, so just tell me what you fucking want.


What are you talking about?

You know what, the black box from the president's helicopter.


But I told you, we don't know about it.

Then you're a lying bunch of fucks.

I know you fucking have it.


Don't censor me. Tell him what I'm saying, every fucking word. You hear me?

I'm telling them.

I don't need to translate your bad language.

Ask them what's the price. I know there must be a price.

What is it? Tell me the goddamn price!

I'll pay it! Tell me-- get off of me!

Get off of me! Tell me the fucking price!

Saul! Go, out now.

Get the fuck out of my way! Sir.







Thank you for digging up the past again.

I'm sorry if it was painful.

Actually, I'm glad.

People will finally know everything Saul did for me.

Wait. What's this?

Oh, this was our signal to meet.

A book moved from the right to the left side of the bookstore window.

A Tauchnitz edition in red leather.

Very Saul, he liked the old ways, things hidden in plain sight.

Let me.

If you're gonna shoot me, flick the safety off.

I'm not going to kill you.

I want to take Andrei's place.

They were my students.

They knew nothing, but they were tortured, put against the wall and shot.

I want to fight the people who did that.

The man in charge of the investigation likes me.

He's moving me to the Second Directorate in Moscow.

I will be a translator there.

I will hear things.

I can help.

Fraulein, I'm not who you think I am.

Why don't you trust me?

I'm sorry. You have the wrong man.



Mr. Berenson? Yes?

We have a package here addressed to your room from Tobias Straus Rare Books to a Professor Rabinow.

Send it up.

Right away, sir.












Thank you.

"The price has already... been... asked.

It's Yevgeny Gromov's... play."


You're late.

I had a meeting, went long.

You're CIA, sniffing around the language school, making defectors?

If you read my permit-- Shut up.

You think we don't know what you've done?

Get in the car.

Hey! Now.

Let go of me. Let go of me.

Let go of me!


Do you trust me now?

Did you arrange the call?

He's waiting.


Empty for two years.

Owners are asking too much.

There you go.


Are you enjoying this, what you've got me doing?

You wanted to talk to me.

The asset exists, like you said... recruited by Saul in East Berlin, probably early in 1986.


I know how they communicate with each other.


No, that's not how this works.

Before I give you something you don't know, I want something in return.

Like what?

Where's the black box?


Where you are?

Has the Kremlin listened to it?

You know they have.

Your turn.

How do they communicate?

I'll tell you that when I have my hands on the box.

You know what, I don't even care how they communicate.

Just give me the name.

I don't have it, not yet, but I will if you help me.


I need you to get ahold of some records for me, from a KGB archive.

You want me to just hand them over to you?

With what I know, once I have those records, I can find the name, which I will give to you when I have the box.

Records. Let me guess.

You said, uh, 1986... East Berlin.

You're talking about the Dzershinsky School, right?

Where Saul recruited that traitor, Kuznetsov.

Is that the best you can do? Really?

You think we didn't look there already?

Wha-- can you help me or not?


All the school records were burned by the mob of freedom lovers after the wall came down in '89.

The trail is dead.

Why do you think we're asking you?

I've done what I can.

You have to keep trying.

No, you're not listening. There's nothing else I can do.

Your embassies in Kabul and Islamabad are evacuating all nonessential staff.

Pakistan just moved two brigades from Kashmir to the Afghan border.

The war is coming.

And you can stop it. Do the honorable thing.

Hand over the black box.

It's out of my control.

You have to solve this.

Besides, you haven't done everything.

What do you mean?

If you can't find the asset, you can still take Saul out of the picture.

What the fuck are you saying?

Then the asset is neutralized, and he's no longer a problem.

No, the asset wouldn't be neutralized.

Saul would never allow that.

Why not?

He'd have a legacy plan, in the event of his death, an arrangement.

An arrangement... to pass the asset on to someone else.

And that someone else would be you.

You knew Saul would never give up his asset.

You fucking knew it would come to this.

I hoped you'd find another way, but like you said, you've tried everything.

What's left?

Kill Saul.