Homeland S8E2 Script

Catch and Release (2020)

Previously on Homeland...

You were detained in Russia for 213 days?


And did they tell you you failed your polygraph?

"Deception indicated."

My memory doesn't distinguish between what was real and what wasn't.

You get that, right?

I want you to know I am in charge of these prisoners, and I will never agree to their release.

Your old friend, Abdul Qadir G'ulom, just fired a broadside into the peace talks.

Yeah, I saw that.

I need him to publicly walk back his comments about the POWs.

I'm here because I need Carrie in Kabul for a week or two.

We're making progress here.

Put her in a war zone, we could be back to square one It's an important mission. I'm okay with a setback.

We may be dealing with a compromised officer here.

Is Roshan here?

They killed him, the Taliban, because of you.

Is it... is it possible he had another American contact?

Only you.

I don't... I...

I-I wasn't even in Afghanistan. I was in prison.

Piotrowski's doing hardware maintenance.

We're gonna provide support so he can repair or replace.

We don't have a functional listening device Our people don't know if they are having a real conversation or if it's just bullshit.

It's working.

The vice president is completing another meeting.

He will be ready in a moment.

Stay, stay.

Get back, get back!

The World Trade Center, Tower Number One is on fire!

I missed something once before. I won't...

I can't let that happen again!

An American prisoner of war has been turned.

You're a disgrace to your nation, Sgt. Nicholas Brody.

You're a traitor and a terrorist, and now it's time to pay for that.

Are you accusing me of something?

You really do not remember?

Remember what?

We may be dealing with a compromised officer here.

You had a relationship complicated enough to lie about.

Yeah, it's complicated.

I lost seven months of my life.

To my Russian handler?

Is our strategy working?

And you will become the focus of an investigation that will define the rest of your life.

That not every problem in the Middle East deserves a military solution.

Because this whole country went stupid crazy after 9/11.

Carrie, you're not yourself.

I'm still putting the piece together.

Please, God, tell me you have it.

Is there no fucking line?

I believe you.

No one else will.



What's going on?


Vice president can see you now.

Carrie Mathison.


Four years since you left, everything is crazier than ever here.


Tell me about the Russians, the ones who were just here who you paraded in front of me.


No, no, Abdul.

They were not businessmen.

They were intelligence officers, GRU.

If you say so... I do.

Well, maybe you are right.

Maybe they are worried that this peace you think you are negotiating will turn to shit, like in Syria.

Maybe they think that shit will ooze across the border into Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, maybe all the way to Moscow.

That's what they think, or that's what you're telling them?

That's what will happen if the Americans leave.

I know why Saul sent you here... to convince me to release

1,000 Taliban prisoners onto my streets... so that he can have his agreement.

Well, go ahead.

Convince me.

General, those people you're talking about are prisoners of war.

They are terrorists.

When the war ends, they'll have to be released.

You know that.

The peace is happening.

Even Saul doesn't believe this.

He does. That's why he brought me here... to make sure you understand and to make sure you understand we need unity now about everything.

We're partners.

Are we?

You know we are, and we have been for years, not just our countries... you and I.

Someone leaked you information from the peace talks.

You used that information to undermine our position on the peace... also, your government's position.

What you said on TV, that you would never release the prisoners... you have to walk it back.

Really? Yes.

Or what?

Or what?

Tell me, partner.

The Carrie Mathison I knew... would never come in here... making demands... not without a gift or a gun to the head.

What happened to you?




Max... Shh!


Key words...

"peace talks,"

"Doha, Haqqani."

Do you need anything?

Some privacy.


How'd it go?

Not well.

But you saw him?

Yeah, and you know who else I saw talking to our vice president friend right before me?

Yevgeny fucking Gromov.

Yevgeny? You sure?

Am I sure?

I mean, did you see him with your own eyes?

I just said he was talking to G'ulom right before me.

He came out of the office with his GRU friends.

Yeah, I'm sure. He walked right by.

Did you know he was here?

Of course not.

I want to roll him up.


You can't.

The fuck I can't.

I want to strap him to a chair.

I'm telling you, you can't. You can't touch him.

You can't touch anybody.

Everything that happened in Russia, it's all off-limits.

It's part of the deal.

What deal?

Deal that got you released.

It's the only way I could get you home, okay?


Listen to me.

Forget Yevgeny.

What I need you to do now is get G'ulom on our side.



I said fine. I'm on it.



Yeah. What is it?

Max Piotrowski picked up an intercept at the command outpost.

He says it's Haqqani.

Got a secure call on the SCIF.

What do you got, Max?

We placed our equipment on the ridgeline just west of Shingaz Ghar last night.

It went live just after dawn.

You picked up all these calls today?

Yeah. Well, the machine did.

Six hundred conversations in seven hours.

Mostly what people were having for lunch.

Then this came in.

Play 537.

What are we listening to?

You should have transcripts.

We're sure this is Haqqani? Pretty much.

We have voice samples going back three decades to when he was training with the 82nd Airborne.

And who's the other guy?

No voice match on him. We don't know.

Mm, another Taliban commander, obviously.

They're talking about the raid on Sang-E-Masha.

Which his son led.


You think that's who it is?

Who else could get away with talking to Haqqani like this?

Well done, Max.

Sure. Really.

Keep us posted.

All right, let's go, boys.

See you later, Maxie.

It's Max. Hey, don't do that. Hey, look...

Okay, look, um... okay, um... See you later, Maxie.

Look, I-I really don't like people touching me.

Good luck, man.

How do I find out where this came from?

"We don't want the war to stop. We're winning."

That's his son. Haqqani...

"We've been telling ourselves that for 18 years, that we're winning, we're winning, but we never do.

I don't want you to be having this same conversation in another 18 years."

That's the head of the Taliban talking right there in black and white, saying, "Enough of war."

We've been saying peace is possible like a mantra, but now we have this, and we know... it may actually be possible.

Haqqani's not an obstacle. He's ready.

We don't need to beg Pakistan to bring him to the table.

He'll come on his own if we approach him the right way.

The Guantanamo prisoners we got released to keep the Taliban delegation from leaving... one of them was Haqqani's cousin, right?

Second cousin.

And they're arriving tonight.

What's this?

Car bomb.

Happened a year and a half ago.

Young man blown to bits. His wife watches it happen.

Newlyweds. It was all over the local news.

The wife's name was Samira Noori.

She was part of a corruption probe launched by our government.

The investigation took this turn toward our good friend, Abdul G'ulom...

Right, I remember. At which point, everyone working on it was fired.

The auditors literally disappeared.

No one would say what happened except Samira.

She calls out G'ulom publicly, demands the probe be reopened.

A few days later...

Her husband dies. Yeah.

But the bomb was almost certainly meant for her.

Well, how'd you get onto her, anyway?

Anonymous tip, waiting for me when I got back from my meeting with G'ulom.

Well, that's convenient.

G'ulom's got a million enemies.

It could've been any one of them, someone in his office, even.

It could be a setup.

Look, I need leverage on G'ulom.

That's what Saul brought me here to find, and right now I've got nothing.

G'ulom basically laughed me out of his office this morning, which is why I want to stand up an operation...

Shit. For your approval.

Samira hasn't managed to find a job since her husband died... she's looking, though.

Her résumé's online at three recruiting sites here in Kabul.

The idea is to bring her in for a job interview... not here, obviously.

So you want to talk to her.

No, I want someone else to, and while they're doing that, I want to take a look through her apartment.

She's a fighter.

She lost her husband over this.

My bet is there'll be something there.

Let Jenna Bragg run the interview.

She set up a phony NGO that would work perfectly for this... medical clinics or something.

Didn't you say she was stuck in the starting gate?

So now she gets out. Win-win.

What's going on?

Apparently one had a health issue.

They had to take a physician on board when they stopped to refuel in Croughton.

Where's Saul? I thought he'd want to be here.

He had to go to D. C. to make this happen.

This it? The Saba Project?

Means "the future" in Pashto.

I set it up a while ago, never used it.

You know not to push it, right... the interview?

Yeah. You're not looking for intel.

You're just... Stalling for time.


Making small talk, I know.

Did Mike say I was a fuck-up or something?

No, actually, he asked me to bring you on board.

Oh, so you're the one with the reservations.

No, not really. Should I be?

It's her. She's available for an interview tomorrow.


If you want someone who's glad to finally be doing something, I think you could do a lot worse than me.

All right, make it afternoon.

You don't want to look too eager.

Say you can squeeze her in at 2:15.


Where am I?

In Doha, as we promised, where, as we also promised, you and the others will stay until a final settlement is reached in the peace talks.

But I have a proposition for you alone, a chance to go home right now, to your village, your family, wherever you choose.

I won't be your spy.

I'm not asking you to.

All I want is for you to take a message to someone you know.

Haissam Haqqani.

No, no.

It's a letter...

I promise he will want to receive.

And then what?

Then you're free.

That's her.

You're on.

She's on her way. Just got in a cab.

She'll be there in ten minutes.

I'm ready.


Start on that side.

Bedroom, kitchen. I'll start here.


So where are we going? Over the border.

Yeah, they said that in the briefing.

Any more specific?


So we're still on for this evening?


Good. See you then.



Olivia Hahn.

Peter Brand, from the foundation.

You'll get to know him if this works out.

It's where we get our money.


Can I get you anything?

Tea, water?

No, thank you.

So tell me about yourself.

Nothing here.

Bedroom's clean.

I'm starting to think the whole place is.

No, there's something here. I'm sure of it.

She was married a few months when G'ulom killed her husband.

She go running back to her village? No.

She stayed here, despite the danger, living as a single woman in Kabul, a place where that is just not done.


That's not someone giving up.

That's someone... biding her time.

She barely wears a headscarf.

What's she doing with one of these?

Okay, then this last one, with the government accounting office...


...through 2017.

I know, it has been a couple of years.

I-I didn't mean...

I just had some family issues after that job, but I'm ready now to work again.

Good. Very ready.


So how was it, working for the government, this audit?

I just mean you hear these things can get tricky.

It went fine.

I have a reference there. They'll confirm.

Why did you call it an audit?

You know, I'm not sure.

It says here "cost accounting."

I must have read it somewhere else, maybe another listing you have online.

I don't think this is going to work out.

You know what?

I think it was one of your references.

Who are you?

Who am I?

I didn't mean to offend you.

Give me that.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

We got a problem. What's that?

Samira. She's coming your way.

You can't let her leave.

Are you fucking kidding?

No, I'm not.

She took my picture.

You've got to stop her.

Did you clear this with Mike?

There's no time. Did you hear me?

She took my goddamn picture.

It'll be all over Kabul.

Don't let her leave.

For the emir.

Put it in his hands.

We'll know if you don't.

To His Excellency, the Emir Haissam Haqqani, assalamu alaikum.

Seems like a lifetime since you and I met in the mountains of Safed Koh, when we fought on the same side.

Now we fight as enemies, using every weapon we have... the drone, the suicide bomber... to kill and maim families... children.

We're like two madmen, hands around each other's throats, unable to let go, spilling each other's blood and treasure... for 18 years.

No one can win such a war.

I've come to believe this.

I think in your heart, you believe it, too.

So I invite you to come talk to me... face-to-face, because you and I know that it's only the men with guns who can make peace.

I'll be at the Kashmir Hotel in Peshawar from Tuesday, alone, apart from the four men guarding me.

No drones, no satellites, no backup... you have my word.

I can wait three days, no more.

It's time to stop sending our young men to die.

Come and talk.

What have you done? It was me.

I lost control of the interview.

Samira panicked, took a photo of me, and tried to run.

So you put a hood on her?

Like she's gonna talk, now we've traumatized her all over again.

Fine. Let her go.

Come with me.

Bring her some water.

I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm taking the hood off.

I'm so sorry.

This was a mistake.

Okay, untie her.

My name's Carrie.

I work for the CIA.

I found this in your apartment, sewn into the headband of a burka hanging in your closet.

You broke into my home?

I did.

And I saw what was on this... personnel files for a battalion of the Afghan National Army, files from the audit that you kept.

I know you were working on an anti-corruption probe for your government.

I know it was shut down when it pointed at General G'ulom.

You were fired, and your husband was killed by a bomb that was probably meant for you.

But I don't think you gave up.

You kept this because you know it can sink G'ulom.

What do you want?

Your help.

Tell me what these mean, and we can do together what you tried to do on your own.

We can bring him down.

You mean arrest him?

I mean control him.

Your government and mine are trying to secure peace with the Taliban, a binding deal to end the war in your country.

General G'ulom is standing in the way of that.

With this, he'll have to back down.

So you won't arrest him.

If he does what you want, you'll bury this.

For now.

'Cause you need him on your side.


The man who killed my husband.

Who do you think you are?

You offer me a job that doesn't exist, kidnap me, terrorize me, make me think I'm going to die.

Then you say, "I'm so sorry. It was all a mistake.

Please help us. It's for your own good"?

Well, it's not.

You know how you could help me?

You know how you could help us, you Americans?

Go. Get out of our country.

Stop helping.

Leave us alone.

I've waited two years to get G'ulom.

I can wait another two.

I can wait 20.

Okay, you're... you're right about us, our mistakes.

You're right about me, but you are wrong about G'ulom.

He's too strong.

If things stay as they are, you won't get him.

If we leave Afghanistan, you won't get him either.

The only thing that will weaken him is peace.

Maybe that won't get justice for you and your husband, but if you don't help me, nothing changes, and G'ulom stays in power for another 18 years.


It's me.


How you holding up?

Better. I can turn G'ulom.

What have you got?

Personnel files of the 25th Battalion of the Afghan National Army.

It's the safest unit in the entire ANA... no casualties, no rotations out, no desertions, nothing.

It doesn't fight.

It doesn't exist.

It's a ghost created by General Abdul G'ulom.

Have you got proof? I'm looking at it.

I'm on an army base built with $30 million of American money.

It's supposed to house 2,000 Afghan troops with an annual payroll of $14 million.

There's no base, and there are no troops.

It's a scam, a paper army.

Anyone ask questions, they get killed or scared into silence.

We've enabled this motherfucker for 18 years.

What is wrong with us?

All that matters right now is, can you get him back in line?

Oh, yeah. Good.

Then do it.


How's it going in Doha?

Been some developments.

Maybe see you in Kabul soon.

Assalamu alaikum.


I thought you were supposed to be in Doha.

Aba, this has to stop.

I'll stop when they stop.

If you take the birdfeeder down, the squirrels won't eat the seeds anymore.

That wouldn't be fair on the birds, would it?

Somebody's going to get hurt, most likely you.

The neighbors are complaining, aba.

Oh, to hell with them.

What did they ever do, huh?

Which one of them helped this country become a nuclear power?

You were friends for a long time.

If 40 years is a long time.

Then what happened between you?

9/11 happened, then America's crusade against the Muslim world.

He asked about you.

Did he? Mm-hmm.

You know, Saul can be very charming when he wants to be.

And very two-faced.

He outflanked me, aba.

I was told he was sent back to Washington, but I think he's here in Pakistan, somewhere in FATA.

Doing what?

One of the five Taliban prisoners he had released from Guantanamo is Haissam Haqqani's cousin.

The other four are under house arrest in Doha.

Cousin's vanished.

So Berenson is using this fellow as an envoy to get to Haqqani.

That's the theory.

Haqqani's tired of the fight, aba.

Direct talks with Berenson could lead to a breakthrough.

Well, any breakthrough must be controlled by us and not the United States.

Or prevented from happening in the first place.

Question is, how far am I allowed to go?

The Americans despise our god.

They despise our prophet.

They despise... us for the very attempt that we are trying to put this country on a self-reliant, independent path.

Go as far as you must.

Photos of the so-called base at Kulali.

Not a single structure.

Movement order for the 25th Battalion to the base, signed by you.

Statement of unit strength uh, from January this year, initialed by you.

Monthly wage statements, uh, from January and February, countersigned by you.


Ammunition and fuel requests for March and April.

I said okay. We haven't calculated exactly how much you've stolen from your own army, but it's at least 100 million.

So what?

So what?

Everyone in government has their nose in the trough.

You think they will put me in prison?

They are terrified I expose their secrets.

Not this time.


You went against government policy when you capsized the peace process.

You humiliated the president and the parliament.

So, when they hear you've also been creating fake army units, you're right... they won't put you in prison.

They'll put you up against a wall.

So here's the deal.

The United States will give you two hours.

To do what?

Walk back your statement about the prisoner exchange.

You will say you misspoke, that you fully support the peace process, and you will do it publicly.

You do that, and these... will be kept between us.

This peace of yours...

Do you really think the Taliban will keep any agreement?

They wait till you draw down your forces while they gather theirs in the villages and in the mountains, and then it will be Saigon all over again... your embassy under siege, helicopters taking off from the roof, every fool who ever worked for you massacred in the street.

Then... who will you come running to?

Me, just as you did in 2001, because no one else has the balls to fight.

Two hours.

A public statement.

Max for you.


I know you said not to contact you unless it was important, but I think this is important.

What is it?

I told you, I can get this myself.

Sure, Max. Max, what's going on?

Is it Haqqani?

Not exactly.

Then what, for Christ's sake?

I'm not sure, but in the last four hours, been a lot of phone calls in Pakistan, all ISI numbers.

I can't work out what they're saying.

Everything's encrypted.

But it's where they are that worries me.

It started in Rawalpindi.

Now it's converging on where you are, Peshawar.

Keep me informed.

What was that about?

Pakistani intelligence may know we're here.

We get caught here, so far from the border, on an illegal military operation, we're fucked.

We're staying.

Well, then we better have a look around.



shouting in Pashto

Anything? Not that we can see.

Doesn't mean it's clear, but... hold on.

Lookout says we got a convoy of Hiluxes half a klick out headed towards us.

Haqqani. You need to stay inside.


Sir, you're not safe out here.

Max said the ISI was converging on us.

What if we're not the target?

Roger that.

Convoy's about to turn on to the street.

We need you back inside.

They're gonna hit the convoy.

Move! Move! Move!

They... they killed him.

The Talibs are gonna think we did.

We're getting the fuck out.

Stay! Keep your head down!

Go! Get the vehicles! Move it out!

Fucking go, go, go!

There she is.

They just played G'ulom's press conference again.

He looked almost sincere.

The man knows how to lie. You got to give him that.

My round. What can I get you?

Uh, soda water with lime.

Yeah, I'm not as fun as I used to be.


Thanks for saving my ass with Samira.

It didn't need saving.

Yeah, it pretty much did.

Hey, what's she saying?

It's need to know.

Hopefully it's good-bye.

No such luck.

Seriously, when are you getting the fuck out of my hair?

Don't know. Depends on Saul.

Hey, where do you pee around here, anyway?

Back and to the left.


Get the fuck away from me.

I thought you were gonna thank me.

For what?

Handing you Samira Noori.

That was you?

Who did you think it was?


Come on.

Don't play dumb.

Why are you looking at me like that?


You can't leave me here!

You can't leave me here!

Don't go!

Thank God.

You're alive.