Homeland S8E5 Script

Chalk Two Down (2020)

Previously. on "Homeland"...

Well, I think the prospect of ending our longest war would enjoy broad support.

Well, not when it's twisted into a partisan issue.

Seeing as you were one of the architects of the policy, we thought you might have some ideas.

Well, I can tell you what Elizabeth Keane was planning to do... get out in front of the debate.

Come here to Afghanistan and make the case directly to the men and women who put their lives on the line every day.

Before I left Washington, I had a phone call, a long phone call with Taliban leader Haissam Haqqani, and we spoke about how we can bring peace to this beautiful country.

They've reached an agreement without input from you or me, but they expect us to stand here and applaud the result.

After 18 long years, he has agreed to negotiate for peace.

Bagram ATC got a report from the AWACS shadowing the Steedley mission.

Four minutes ago, the President's helicopter disappeared off radar.

What are we looking at?

Camera on Chalk One, the escort.

Saul, what's happened?

President's helicopter's down.

Targets, two o'clock!


RPG on your six. Clear to engage.

‐ ‐ Get back, get back!

*HOMELAND* Season 08 Episode 05 Episode Title: "Chalk Two Down" Aired on: 03/01/2020 The World Trade Center, Tower Number One is on fire!

I missed something once before. I won't...

I can't let that happen again!

An American prisoner of war has been turned.

You're a disgrace to your nation, Sergeant Nicholas Brody.

You're a traitor and a terrorist, and now it's time to pay for that.

Are you accusing me of something?

You really do not remember?

Remember what?

We may be dealing with a compromised officer here.

You had a relationship complicated enough to lie about.

Yeah, it's complicated.

I lost seven months of my life.

To my Russian handler?

Is our strategy working?

And you will become the focus of an investigation that will define the rest of your life.

That not every problem in the Middle East deserves a military solution.

Because this whole country went stupid crazy after 9/11.

Carrie, you're not yourself.

I'm still putting the pieces together.

Please, God, tell me you have it.

Is there no fucking line?

I believe you.

No one else will.

Max, there you are.

I need your tools. Where are they?


‐ Which ones? ‐ I‐I don't know.

They need us to get encryption sleeves, PAVE modules, all kinds of shit.

They sent pictures.

I'll do it.

I know the equipment. I'll do it.


Let's go, let's go!

A dozen grunts.

The greatest fighting force in the history of the planet, and that's what we've got?

Mr. President, we have substantial air support over the crash site. All useless... that's what you're telling me.

Sir, there is a Quick Reaction Force en route.

Until they get there, we are relying on the soldiers from C. O. P. Steedley, but they are far from our entire response.

Graveyard of empires.

Thugs with third‐grade educations and automatic weapons... we try and make peace with them.

How shocked can we be when they kill our president?

We don't know the President is dead.

Well, are there signs of life I'm missing?

Also, sir, we don't know the Taliban is responsible At this point, we don't know that anybody is.

What does that even mean?

Did we or did we not see the Taliban on the ground fire an RPG?

Did we or did we not see that RPG hit the helicopter carrying two presidents?

That was the escort copter, sir.

Well, they're both down, aren't they?

You know, for the record, I was against all of this.

You okay?

Should I be?

The Vice President just said it doesn't matter what actually happened.

‐ That's not what I heard. ‐ Then you weren't listening.

The peace deal was your baby, Saul.

Whatever you say now, expect to get your head cut off.

So I should just shut up?

No. I'm saying be realistic.

Which is what? What is that?

If the Taliban did it, the Taliban did it, but if the ISI did it, I want to know.

If G'ulom did it, I want to know.

If the pilot flew the helicopter into the side of the fucking mountain because he thought Jesus was talking to him, I want to know that, too, because it matters... it fucking matters.

It determines what we do next.

You want realistic?

We've been through this before after 9/11.

We did everything wrong.

What do you want me to do?

Mike sent everyone off to work their assets.

They don't need me doing that, too.

Tell me what to do.


Can I have your attention, please?

Thank you.

Uh, for those of you I haven't met, I'm Janet Gaeto, U.S. Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Now, I have an announcement of what must be obvious by now, but the Presidents have been delayed.

We've got a weather hold.

‐ Weather hold. ‐ You don't believe it?

I don't believe it would take them this long to announce bad weather in the Korengal.

Colleague of mine just arrived from the consulate.

He says there are rumors... helicopters down.

It's unverified. I can't find out more.

We're still all basically prisoners here.

I'd like to thank...

Excuse me.

First, our Afghan partners...

Who's in there?

What the hell are you doing here?

Hold on.

Sorry, General. This is a private conversation.

You asking me to leave?

‐ Tell me... ‐ Tell you what?

The helicopters... where are they?

They've been delayed.

You call yourself an ally?


Only when it suits you.

They're down... both helicopters.

What happened?

We don't know.

What about the presidents?

We don't know that either, but until we do, we've got to keep it under wraps.

General, listen to me.

No one else can know.

Hello, ma'am? Stop right there.

‐ Ma'am. ‐ I'm Carrie Mathison.

Here for the National Security Advisor Saul Berenson.

‐ Mr. Berenson left hours ago. ‐ I know.

I was just with him in Kabul Station.

Mr. Berenson asked me to gather material on the flight operation... manifests, briefing packets, surveillance video, anything that might help shed some light.

On what?

JSOC helicopters are usually plus or minus, what, 30 seconds?

Must have occurred to you by now you've got two flights way overdue.

Holy fuck.


Okay, listen up.

The President's bird's still two klicks out.

Gonzales, DaSilva, you stay here, search for survivors.

Everyone else on me. We're moving now.

Max, let's go.

I was supposed to be on that.

What do I say to the men when they ask why you're here?

Nothing, not until there's an official announcement.

And when will that be?

When they know what happened.

Which will be when?

Excuse me. This one isn't right.

The tail number should be 30368.

Well, uh, no, ma'am. The board is wrong.

We had a last‐minute tail swap.

They swapped helicopters?

Uh, yeah, the presidents'.

Something with the avionics.


Our Chief Mechanic.

Uh, can I talk to him, please?

He's not here.

He left after the helicopters took off.

He left?

Left is maybe the wrong word.

He wasn't feeling well. He went back to barracks.

Anderson subbed in.

I know what you're thinking.

Good. You're thinking it, too.

No, I'm not.

Worley's as true blue as they come.

Then why isn't he at his post?

I'm not making excuses, but the man hasn't slept in over 48 hours.

No one has.

Everyone's been killing themselves prepping for this flight, so easy on the attitude.

That's all I'm saying.

Worley. It's Major Landau.

Wake up! You got company.

Where's his car?

Any idea where he might have taken it?

I might know.

All right, Soto, Laughton, set up a perimeter there, there, at tree line.

Expect contact.

Max, Durkin, Stoudt, stay with me.

Move out.


This is Charlie Echo Four.

We are at the crash site... a canyon, steep sides, wooded, large conifers.

Stand by.

What about the President?

He... he can't hear us, sir.

Well, find out. Ask him.

Who cares about the damn trees?


The aircraft is largely intact.

No fragmentation of the main fuselage.

Grid coordinates to follow.

Where are they?

‐ Not sure, sir. ‐ Did something happen?

No. There they are.

Durkin, give me a hand.

What's this?

They're uplinking the video from the crash site, sir.

This is Charlie Echo Four.


No pulse.

The President's dead.

All of them... no survivors.

‐ Sir. ‐ Not now.

It's a difficult time, I know, but there are a number of things that can't wait.

We have to notify congressional leadership, initiate continuity of government.

Treasury has to close the markets.

We don't want a panic.

Most importantly, we need a plan... how to break the news to the American people.

The way we do that will set the tone for months to come.

Not now!

Yes? General G'ulom?

General, it's Saul Berenson.

I'm afraid I have bad news.

More bad news?

Scott Ryan said he informed you that the helicopter carrying the U. S. And Afghan president went down while returning to Bagram Airfield.

He did.

A team of U. S. soldiers just reached the crash site.

Both presidents are dead. There are no survivors.

I've asked our ambassador, Janet Gaeto...

Yes, I see her here.

And Scott Ryan. ‐ Him too.

I've asked them to work with you on a joint announcement.


I know we've seemed at cross purposes lately, but it's important we coordinate our response.

Division will look like weakness.


General, first and foremost, we want to offer our condolences on the loss of your president.

I've had the pleasure of working with him for two years now.

He was truly a great man.

I never really liked him.

Daoud is dead, also the U. S. President.

There will be an announcement within the hour.

The U. S. President was planning to meet Haqqani.

He must be here. Find him.

Yes, sir.

‐ I was right. ‐ Yes.

Presidents' helicopter is down.

Not just down. They are dead, both of them.

Saul Berenson just told me.

What happened?

I don't think he knows.

We have been allied these past months.

I've liked that.

But everything's about to change.

Two hours from now, I won't be able to guarantee your safety.

You're sure this is the right area?

I was here once at night, so, no.

Where did he meet her, this friend of his?

How the hell should I know?

Do you want to tell me what you were even doing here?

I don't know what he was doing. I was getting laid.

We were drunk, sir.

Wait, hey, stop.

‐ Hey, stop, stop. ‐ Wait, there, that's the graffiti I was telling you about.

The eyes.

Message to the people who live here...

"We're watching you."

This is definitely it.

Turn left up ahead.

Pull over. That's his car.

Worley's in back talking to one, maybe two others.

Is he armed?

Wearing a jacket. Nothing visible.

Two other targets in the front room... one female, one military‐aged male.

‐ Full house. ‐ How do we do this?

You stay back. Wait till we clear the space.

Don't you hurt her! Don't you fucking hurt her!

Soto, status.

All quiet.

What are you doing?

You said get his personal stuff.

Hold the line!

This is Charlie Echo Four!

We are in contact!

Taking fire!

Twenty, 30 Taliban, 100 meters to the northwest!

Can you hold your position?

Not for long! What's the ETA on backup?

Wait out. Where's the QRF?

‐ Still an hour out. ‐ Air support?

The canopy is too thick. They can't see through it.

Carrie, where are you?

In Kabul with the Special Ops team.

Find something?

Actually, yeah.

A mechanic at Bagram switched the presidents' helicopter

‐ at the last minute. ‐ What?

He returned to his quarters saying he was sick.

Only, he didn't go back to his room.

He snuck off base.

Well, tell me you found him.

I did, with his Afghan girlfriend.

She's pregnant.

They were trying to figure out what to do about that when we smashed through the door. Can't just leave her.

Her family will kill her. You know that, right?

You know why he swapped the helicopters?

Because they're always swapping helicopters.

He says that's the way it works here.

They're flying max payload above their service ceiling.

Something's always breaking. The weather sucks.

I mean, what if it was an accident?

The whole thing?


The President is dead.

The crash site is about to be overrun by Taliban.

Oh, Jesus.

Haven't we got men there?

Not enough.

Get back here.

‐ What now? ‐ You're not gonna like this.

A tip from one of our assets in the A. N. A.

G'ulom just ordered two battalions out of barracks.

They're searching every car leaving Kabul.

They're looking for Haqqani.

Thought you'd want to know.

Thank you.


Saul, is it time?

No, Haissam.

I'm sorry.

President Warner is dead.

So is President Daoud.

Their helicopter went down in the Korengal.

We're holding back on a public announcement.


We don't know.

There were Taliban in the area.

Of course there are.

You know we control the Korengal.

They shot down the escort helicopter.

You think I did it?

I need to know.


I did not.

I'm observing the cease‐fire.

So are my men.

I believe you.

No one else will.

General G'ulom is locking down the city.

I can't protect you from him.

I might not even be able to protect you from my side.

Your president gave me his word.

My president is dead.

Haissam... if what you and I worked for is to have any chance of surviving, you have to stay alive.

Have to get out of Kabul... now.

And hurry.

Laughton's down!

Charlie Echo Four, I got one down, and we're gonna get more if we don't pull back!

QRF is close. Can you hold on?


We're fish in a fucking barrel here, sir!

- Move, move, move! I've got to pull them back. Wait.

What happens when the Taliban take the site?

The QRF rolls in and cuts them to fucking pieces.

Meaning the Taliban will have President Warner's body until they get there.

‐ So what do you suggest? ‐ You have F‐22s overhead.

As soon as your men withdraw, drop a bomb on the site, obliterate it.

You want me to destroy the body of the American President?

Yeah, unless you want to see him dragged through the streets of Miramshah with his dick in his mouth.

Hold on.

We bomb the site, we lose the evidence.

‐ What evidence? ‐ It's all evidence.

The entire site.

We'll never know how the crash happened.

Those are Taliban killing my guys.

‐ We know what happened. ‐ Drop the bomb.

I don't have the authority to give that order.

Where is he?

Uh, Oval Office.

He asked for his things to be moved.


The situation in Afghanistan has gotten worse.

The soldiers from C. O. P. Steedley

‐ are at the crash site. ‐ I know that.

They're under attack from a large Taliban force and about to lose control of the site.

What about the rapid, uh, Quick...

The QRF won't arrive in time.

The Taliban will take the site, and they will have the President's body.

Kabul needs you to make a decision.

Either we cede control of the site to the Taliban and hope to recover it later, or... we drop a 1,000‐pound bomb and destroy it.

‐ Bomb President Warner? ‐ Yes.

You're asking me to incinerate my predecessor.

General Owens needs a decision.

This is a military matter.

You're Commander in Chief now.

So I'm responsible for the old man's mistakes, trusting a goddamn terrorist?

Sir, if the Taliban get hold of Warner's body, that image, whatever they do to it, will go all over the world.

You need to make a decision.

Tell me what to do.

Bomb the site.


Tell them that.

The order has to come from you.


General, I have the President.


Calling to confirm.

Confirm what, sir?

Do it.

I need you to be specific, sir.

Bomb it. Bomb the damn site.

Yes, sir.

We should go to the Situation Room.

To oversee the operation.

Wha... you want me to watch? What's that gonna look like?

Like you can make a tough decision and see it through.

Yes, we should go.

Confirmed. You are clear to withdraw.

Roger that!

Eagle Two, target at 28, 35, 45 north, 47, 52, 06 east, ordnance two by 1,000 JDAM.

Release only on my command.

Copy, Eagle Two. Cleared hot on your command.

They're gonna destroy the site?

The Vice President made the call.

Did you tell them what the mechanic said about problems with the airframes?


That we won't know what actually caused the crash?

Yes, I said I told them, but there are other issues, like the President's body being mutilated by the Taliban beamed out over the Internet.

Four minutes to target.

Charlie Echo 4, this is Delta One.

Confirm when clear.

What about the black box... the flight recorder?

Carrie, we are out of time.

For Christ's sake, this morning you said, "It matters what caused the crash."

"It matters," you said. What happened to that?

What happened is that no one is listening to me.

Max... he's with them, isn't he?


You were communicating with him in the Korengal.


Everybody, get back to the trail!

Max, we're out of here!

‐ ‐ Move!

They're dropping a JDAM on the whole thing!

‐ Hello? ‐ Max, it's me.


Are you at the President's helicopter?


You have to get the flight recorder.

No. No, we're leaving.

No, first get the recorder.

Max, it's really fucking important.

Do you know where it is?


Give me my bag!

Get Max and Durks to move!

I need a hand!

Durks, let's go! What the fuck are you doing?

Come on!

We're getting the flight recorder!

Max, have you got it?

Two minutes out. Are we clear?

Charlie Echo Four, are you clear from site?


Soto, Durks, get the fuck out of there!

Eagle Two, target not clear.

Sergeant, you need to move now.

Max, Max, you have 90 seconds.

Yeah, I'm trying.

Let's go! Hurry the fuck up!

‐ ‐ I got it! I got it!

Now go.

For fuck's sake, Maxie, come on!

I got it.

Let's go!

Charlie Echo Four, clearing the site now.

Back to the trail!

Go, go, go!


Eagle Two, start your run‐in.

Roger that. Starting run.

Sixty seconds out.

Move it, Stoudt! Hustle, hustle!

‐ ‐ Wenzel!

‐ ‐ Go! Fuck!


We got to go! We got to go!

Charlie Echo Four, are you clear of target?

Charlie Echo Four, are you clear? Over.

Taliban have the site.

Eagle Two, you are weapons free.

Roger that. Weapons free.

Two in the air.




Eagle Two coming left.

Heading two seven zero. Clearing the airspace.

Copy that, Eagle Two.

Mr. President.

General, what are you doing?

Making an announcement.

Well, with respect, we agreed to coordinate our response.

This is my country and now my presidency.

I'll say what I want.

I stand before you...

...on the saddest day.

I've just been informed the helicopter carrying Presidents Warner and Daoud...

...has been shot down.

Both Presidents are dead.

That was an assassination ordered by Haissam Haqqani, carried out by Taliban forces under his command.

Haissam Haqqani, the very man with whom President Warner and Daoud thought they could make peace.

They trusted him.

They trusted his so‐called cease‐fire.

He betrayed them both.

The first duty of any President is the safety of his citizens.

Therefore I have declared martial law.

I have ordered my army on the streets to round up the Taliban... to hunt down... the terrorist Haqqani... and bring him to justice.

QRF just reached the site. It's been totally destroyed.

What about the men from Steedley?

Well, seven of them got picked up.

Three are confirmed dead.

‐ That's all? ‐ That could be identified.

‐ Max? ‐ Yeah.

Oh, thank God, thank God, thank God.

Tell me you have the black box.

‐ It's orange. ‐ Max, do you have it?


You need to come get us.

We're back at the first crash site.

It's only me and Soto.

We left DaSilva and Gonzales here alive, but now they're dead.

‐ ‐ Max?

Max, talk to me.

Max, what's happening?

Max, tell me what's happening.


Max, talk to me.

I'm not armed.

Max, tell me what's happening.

Can you hear me?

Try to stay where you are. We'll come get you.