Homeland S8E9 Script

In Full Flight (2020)

Previously on Homeland...

He's dead, Max is.

Carrie, you gotta come in.

Well, I'm with Max. You know where to find me.

Team's been briefed.

They know they may be picking up a defector.

She's not a defector.




World's gone to shit since you've left.

Jalal Haqqani claims he shot down the president's helicopter.

You believe that? Doesn't matter.

President does.

He just made a speech threatening to invade Pakistan if they don't turn him over.

I have a lead on the black box.

We'll follow it up together.

No more bullshit about my loyalty, not from Mike, the FBI, anyone.

I did what had to be done. I know. I'm on your side.

Ma'am, we're gonna need to search you.


Back off! Put your weapon down!

Just come back with me. In fucking handcuffs?

That was a mistake. I didn't know.

You liar!

There's something I didn't tell you.

The flight recorder from the president's helicopter.

I know where it is.

Get back, get back!

The World Trade Center, Tower Number One is on fire!

I missed something once before. I won't--

I can't let that happen again!

An American prisoner of war has been turned.

You're a disgrace to your nation, Sergeant Nicholas Brody.

You're a traitor and a terrorist, and now it's time to pay for that.

Are you accusing me of something?

You really do not remember?

Remember what?

We may be dealing with a compromised officer here.

You had a relationship complicated enough to lie about.

Yeah, it's complicated.

I lost seven months of my life.

To my Russian handler?

Is our strategy working?

And you will become the focus of an investigation that will define the rest of your life.

That not every problem in the Middle East deserves a military solution.

Because this whole country went stupid crazy after 9/11.

Carrie, you're not yourself.

I'm still putting the pieces together.

Please, God, tell me you have it.

Is there no fucking line?

I believe you.

No one else will.

Homeland - 8x09 "In Full Flight"

Looking more and more like Kohat is where they're headed.

How far out are they?

About an hour, hour and a half.

What did Islamabad say about getting an exfil team there?

Working on it.

The soonest would be late tonight.

That means Carrie beats them there.

So they grab her at 3 AM.

Assuming we know where she is.

Who grabs her?

Who grabs her? Welcome back, sir.

Why don't we take this into my office?

Fuck your office. Answer the goddamn question.

A team of special operators on their way from the capital.

Stand them down. I can't do that.

She would be right here right now if only somebody had bothered to tell me the plan was to take her into hard custody.

The plan was to send her back to Germany five days ago on your orders, sir.

Instead she broke custody, reached out to a GRU colonel, and is now in full flight.

Oh, she's not running. You know it, we all know it.

Honestly, I have no idea what she's doing, and neither does the FBI, who was counting on getting some answers from her in person.

First, she was trying to rescue Max Piotrowski.

Now she's after the flight recorder he lost his life for.

The flight recorder? You heard me.

If a team is headed to Kohat, that's what they should be searching for, not Carrie Mathison.

With respect, you'll have to take that up with the White House.

Oh, you can fucking count on it.

Well, they want you back in Washington.


You've been recalled, sir.


How much further?

A hundred kilometers or so.


They're there.

I was afraid of that. What now?

They're spending the night somewhere.

Make a grid of the immediate area and go over it quadrant by quadrant for signs of where they went.

Copy that. I'll let Mike now.

Follow me.

Jalal Haqqani is operating out of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of your country.

We call on you now to arrest him and hand him over, or we will come and get him ourselves.

Still no official response from the prime minister's office, but sources tell CNB that any violation of Pakistan sovereignty will be treated as an act of war.

The White House also stated it will not make public the footage that allegedly proves Jalal Haqqani's guilt over national--

We could be headed towards an all-out war with a nuclear power.

Get some rest.

It's been a hell of a day.

I've got some Ambien in my bag if you want some.

I'll be all right.

I could open my own pharmacy.

It was a mistake not telling you about the flight recorder sooner.

I'm sorry.

Before, it was personal.

It was all about finding my friend.

I couldn't think past that.

But now...

You don't think Jalal Haqqani shot down that helicopter, do you?


Who then?

What if nobody did?

What if it was pilot error or mechanical failure or bad weather?

Is that what you think?


There is evidence of maintenance issues with some of the Black Hawk fleet.

Is there anything else you want to tell me?


I think I'm fresh out of secrets.

I'll be in the next room if you need anything.

Okay. Just bang on the wall.

Okay. Okay.

Good night.


So you know we have summoned your daughter repeatedly, and she ignores us.

Aziz, please, sit.

Where is she?

Don't insult me. Sit.

Tasneem is not ignoring you.

She's gone to the mountains to meet with Jalal.

We are in this situation because of her incompetence.

First, she loses control of Haqqani.

Now the son.

Not to worry.

My daughter will talk some sense into him.

Not to worry?

We are facing direct American military action in our country.

That will never happen.

It's the same as bin Laden.

The Americans will raise their voices, fly their drones, spend their time and money hunting couriers and bagmen.

They will not invade us for failing to produce someone we say we cannot find.


Where is he?

I will take you to him. That wasn't our agreement.

Tell them to give us privacy.

They have only Pashto.

You can say what you want.

How could you?

You allowed Jalal to control the shura?

And you just stood there.

He's the son.

He was nothing, and now he's threatening to start a war.

You were Haqqani's right hand.

You could have stopped Jalal.

I did what had to be done to keep the Taliban intact.

I'm not Haqqani.

No, you're not.

So take me to Jalal.

You will come with me.

But your driver stays.

Is very cheap. Come on, take it.

Jesus, they're testing the merchandise.

They scared the shit outta me. Anything?

A beautiful Turco-Mongol dagger from the 13th century.

You? No, nothing.

Where to now?

There's another bazaar a couple blocks over.

Are you sure Max said Kohat? I'm positive.

There's a thriving arms market between here and the border.

You think maybe it got sold along the way?

If somebody recognizes it for what it is.

Pardon me, Captain Sahib. Pardon me.

Get lost.

Permit me to interrupt your afternoon.

Go away.

I know what you're looking for.

And I know where it is.


Follow me.

Welcome, my friends. Welcome.

You've come to the right place.

This way, please.

This is where I keep the electronics.

You are looking for a flight recorder.

Any particular era. I have four.

The only four in all of Kohat.

This one here is my personal favorite.

From a KC-135 Stratotanker that went down in Kyrgyzstan in 2013, killing all three crew members.

We were hoping for something more recent.

More recent?

Say, within the last 72 hours.

From an incident just across the border.

Kindly answer me something.

Who's speaking here, please? Is this an official request?

Does it matter? It does to me.

Anything of a sensitive nature must be reported to the ISI immediately, or one risks losing one's license.

We are private citizens, if that's what you're asking.

You are Russian. She's American.

That doesn't sound entirely private to me.

Do you have what we're looking for or not?

I do not.

What about word on the street?

It would have arrived in town yesterday or-or the day before.

I've heard nothing.

Saul, appreciate you coming straight from the plane, especially after traveling halfway around the world.

Mr. President. Hmm. Please.

Saul. David.

And you know John Zabel.

By reputation.


You're aware I've asked John to come aboard as my special advisor on Afghanistan.

I am, although I must admit I find it strange.

What's that?

Soliciting advice from someone who's never set foot in the country.

Well, no one's denying your experience, Saul, but right now it's obscuring the simple truth of what we're up against.

With respect, sir. Hm.

Afghanistan is the opposite of simple.

A week ago, we were attacked, the President of the United States was assassinated.

It doesn't get any simpler than that.

He's right, Saul.

The American people deserve justice.

No question.

In fact, they're demanding it.

I understand, sir, but that doesn't justify misrepresenting intelligence or marginalizing the officers who produced it.

What are you talking about?

What's he talking about, John?

The Jalal video, Mr. President.

He's about to tell you not to believe what you saw with your own eyes.

Why shouldn't I believe it?

Because it's raw intelligence, sir.

It hasn't been professionally vetted or put into context.

We're all aware of the role analysts play in the process, Saul.

The video is one point of information.

There are any number of reasons Jalal Haqqani might want to claim responsibility for shooting down that helicopter.

Like what?

Consolidating his power, to fill the vacuum created by his father's death.

What do you think, that the president didn't cycle through all of this?

Didn't consider that Jalal's performance at the shura might have been just that, a performance.

Of course he did.

Only the president's arrived at a different conclusion.

Haven't you, sir?


I have.

What about Pakistan then?

What about it?

The corner you've put them in.

The question isn't whether or not they'll hand over Jalal Haqqani.

It's whether or not they can.

Let me field that one, John.

The Pakistanis have a decision to make.

Either they stop providing a safe haven for the enemy or face the consequences.

These are proud people, Mr. President.

They won't tolerate an invasion or an occupying army for that matter.

Proud is one thing.

Harboring the man who killed an American President is another.

Amen to that.

You might have said something in there.

To what end?

You fucking kidding?

He announced the policy, Saul, to the entire nation.

No way he's reversing course today.

It's madness. Welcome to my world.

It's worse than madness.

A week ago, we were on the verge of a comprehensive peace deal.


All I'm saying is from now on we have to pick and choose our battles carefully.

You shoulda warned me.

I didn't even know you were back in town until you walked into the Oval.


We should take a break.

Let's do the last three shops on this street first.

It won't take long.

It's Saad. You go ahead.

Maybe he and Victor are having better luck.

How much? A thousand rupees.

That's a lot of rupees for a used rucksack.

Can you tell me something about it?

US Army. Standard issue.

But this is no place to go hiking, young lady.

I'm not interested in a hike.

I'm interested in what was inside this when it came into your shop, the contents.

The contents? Yes.

There was nothing. It was empty.


Quickly, in the back.

You too, now.

There's a team searching the market.

They don't look local.

Is there a way out back?

Into the alley, yes.

Saad is on his way.

He'll meet you at the top of the street.

I will take the team in the other direction.

We were never here. You understand?

Just tell me, have you reported it to the ISI already?

Reported what? You know damn well.

I'm afraid I don't.

What was in that rucksack. The flight recorder.

Where is it? I don't know.

Well, then I have no choice but to report you to the ISI myself.

You're too late.

I sold it not two hours ago.

To who? A broker I work with.

Tell him I'll pay ten times what he did.

I'm not sure that's possible.

He may not even be in Kohat anymore.

Find him, convince him, and I'll give you a finder's fee on top of what he already paid you.

Say yes or no.


I'll meet you back here at midnight.

This way. Hurry.

You asked for an audience.

Have we really come to this, hooding me like a barnyard animal?

My men protect their emir.

That is what you wanted for me, isn't it?

Do you realize what you've done, provoking the Americans?

I didn't realize there was a spy in the shura.

I've taken care of that.

The Americans are threatening Pakistan because of you.

Because they think you've killed their president.

And who are you to say I didn't?

Who am I?

I'm the one who picked you up from the gutter when your father threw you out, who bandaged your feet, sat with you as you wept.

I'm the one whose father created your father and the one who chose you to take his place.

And now I'm the one giving you your only chance to survive, by going to ground.

You mean run.


Call it what you want.

My father fought from these mountains for decades.

You will not provoke war with the Americans, Jalal.

You will do exactly what I tell you, or you leave me no choice but to hunt you down and replace you with someone who does.



You think you control us.

But you have that backwards.

Where are you going, Jalal?



The last time you tried to drive us from the mountains, we killed a thousand of your officers.

We're twice as strong now.

This is why I will never run and why you will never come for me.

So spare me your empty threats, and I will spare you an army of martyrs on your streets.

What the hell took you so long?

Well, I had to make sure I lost them.

Did you just tell him to pack his bags?

We're leaving, Carrie, now.

No, we're not.

Eight men are hunting you.

Those are only the ones we counted.

Wh-why don't we just lay low for a couple of days?

Wait them out. They know we're close.

I can't risk another confrontation.

We only need a few more hours to finish the search.

We don't even know if the damn thing is here or not, do we?

No, no, we don't.

That's right.

So grab you stuff, we're going.

Hold on. What?

Tell me.

What if--

What if-- Carrie.


You-you said Saad had a contact inside the local police department, right?

Yeah. So?

Night, Mike.

Good night.

Any word?

Just missed her apparently.

Now she knows we're looking. Yeah.

Which will make her harder to find.


See you in the morning.


Jenna, I need you to listen carefully.


I've got a lead on the chalk two flight recorder.

Where are you? You know exactly where I am.

And before you bring Mike into this, just hear me out.

You played me.

All that bullshit about trusting me to find Max.

Saul and Mike ordered me stateside.

I had no choice.

Except to work with a GRU officer.

Yevgeny Gromov found Max. Not you, not mike.

So suspend the fucking judgment for a second, okay?



The exfil team that's looking for me in Kohat.

I need to know where they're safe-housed.


You heard me. You know I can't do that.

Yes, you can, and you must.

Once I get my hands on the flight recorder, I need a way to get it to Islamabad safely.

So you'll turn yourself in at the safe house?

Is that what you're saying?


Look, I know you have no reason to trust me, but I swear to you, I am telling the truth.

You are putting me in an impossible position.

Because you can handle it.

And because this could very well determine whether or not we go to war with Pakistan.

I'll call you back.

I think we're good.

You were good.

Your story was clever, convincing.

Saad's guy at the precinct, he knows we only need them held for 24 hours, right?

Relax, he knows. Everything's taken care of.

Easy for you to say.

You're not the one selling out your own people.

Nobody's selling out anybody.

You're just buying some time, and you're doing it for all the right reasons.


You trust yourself in the moment.

Your instincts.

I like that.

Why, how do you do it?


I'm more of a planner.

Speaking of planning.

I've been wondering about something.


That day outside G'ulom's office.

Was that a coincidence or did you arrange for us to run into each other?


Umair Asgher Road.

The yellow house north of Ghareeb Tabah Boys Hostel.

You did the right thing, Jenna.

I'm on it.

He's entrenched, abbu.

He's consolidated power so much faster than I thought possible.

If he will not listen to reason, then he must be taken out, root and branch.

I'm afraid the result will be the same as the last time we tried to discipline the Taliban.

We've learned from our mistakes.

Agreed, but Jalal will have also learned, and now he has Moscow's support too.

So we are to be dictated to by a child in a cave?

One third of my officers wear their beards fist-length.

How many in General Aziz's ranks do the same?

Protect Jalal and we protect ourselves.

There is no other way.

What about the Americans?

General Aziz must answer their threats with threats of our own.

The strongest possible terms.

Let's widen the aperture.

We've got a dozen birds up over that sector.

What's taking so long?

We're going as fast as we can.

We got a visual.

Where's the director?

Still on hold.

Parker. Here, sir.

We're waiting to hear back from HQ.

Sir, they're at the door.

Either we fight our way out or we stand down.

What-what's going on?

The exfil team from Kohat.

Local police made their safe house.

We're outgunned, four to one by my count, but we can give them a fight.

Negative. Your call.


Stand down. Copy.

Stand down.

Damn it.

The burden is on Pakistan's leadership to surrender Jalal Haqqani.

In the event this does not happen, the United States Carrier Strike Group 5 has begun a two-week theater combat rehearsal in the Arabian Sea, and four additional marine infantry battalions are on their way to the region.

These are--

Hello. Saul, it's me.

Are the sanctuary protocols still operational?

As far as I know. Why?

And waterproof?

I need the latest black bank account numbers and passwords.

What's going on, Carrie? I'm in Kohat.

I've got a lead on the flight recorder.

Tell me.

I'll know more in 15 minutes, but you have to get me access to those funds.

Where's Yevgeny?

He's out of the picture for the moment.

Keep it that way, no telling what could happen if he gets his hands on it.

How much you need?

A million at least.

Anything over six figures involves multiple authorizations.

Then make it a dollar less.

I'll see what I can do.

Call you back.

Come, come in.

You're late.

Nice to see you again too.

Where is your Russian friend?

Waiting for me to get back safely.

Tell me this isn't the man you were talking about, the broker.


Well, is he here or not?

I'm here.

The question is, who are you?

Better company than you're used to keeping, I would say.

So where is it?

I was told you would have it here with you.

First, some ground rules-- No, first I get to see it.

Diamonds or gold pieces only. I can accept nothing else.

Go fuck yourself. What's the problem?

We make the deal tonight. You arrange payment tomorrow.

The problem is I'm not giving you the time to see if I'm worth more than what you're selling.

It either happens now or not at all.

How are you going to pay me then?

A dark web wire transfer to the account of your choice.

You come prepared. I do.

Leave us.

You'll want to authenticate it.


All good. As advertised.

How much do you want?

What can you afford?

Just so you know, there are intelligence agencies all over the world looking for this, some just as likely to put a bullet in your brain as pay for it.

$2 million, US.

Not to mention the people you work for.

I'm betting you haven't breathed a word of this to them either.

I can give you half that much.


One million, take it or leave it.


I need a minute.

I just sent you an email with a link and a password.

What's happening?

I'm looking at it right now.

Have you listened yet? No.

Let me know when you do. All right, I will.

All I need is your account number.


Are we done?

We're done. Good.

Now get the fuck outta here.

Eight mikes out of Steedley.

Altitude, two-zero.

Airspeed, 160 knots.

Heading zero-three-zero.

Low cloud cover coming in.

Let's keep an eye on it.

Hold on a sec. What you got?

Easy now. Yevgeny, please, I--

Shh. Shh-shh-shh.

Play it forward.

Go ahead.

Chip light, engine two.

Something in the oil filter. Oh, shit.

What's the call?

Gotta put her down.

Closest LZ?

Still Steedley.

Fire light, engine two.

Killing two. Fire lever pulled.

Dropping the collective.

Starting autorotation.

Find me a fucking place to land.

Still blind. I can't see shit.

Going to PAVE. We're losing rotor speed.

Going to PAVE.

Zero viz. Gear down.

Brace for impact. Brace for impact.

Oh, my God.

Fucking helicopters.

So what happens now?

I don't know, you tell me.

Help me get this to the American embassy in Islamabad.

Why would I do that?

I don't know.

Maybe because you're a good guy after all.

Am I?

You definitely have a good side.

Plus, you get something in return.

What's that?

I'll owe you for a change.

You walk into that embassy, I'll never see you again.

That's not true.

I'm not saying I'll betray my country, I won't, but in between the black and white, there is a lot of gray. A lot.

I don't believe you.

Why not?

I mean, you're operating there right now yourself, helping me, and what has it cost you or Russia?


Surely we can make a mutually beneficially arrangement.

Aren't you sick of it?

The bad bosses, the even worse leaders, both our countries in the toilet.

I don't know, maybe-- maybe it is too late, maybe we're too brainwashed by our own sides, but... don't we know better?

Couldn't-couldn't we do better?


Our own private network, huh? Wouldn't that be nice?

Is it so far-fetched? We're halfway there already.

You lied to me.

No, I didn't.

I didn't, I told you just as much as you needed to know.

You would have done exactly the same In fact, you did do the same.

What do you mean?

What else happened at the asylum, Yevgeny?

What, we walked in the woods, we talked, we had lots in common?

You just happened to show up the day I tried to hang myself?

Give me a fucking break.

You said you wanted to pick up where we left off.

Which is it, yes or no? Decide.

I know I have.

Hey, hey. Not here.

Islamabad first.



Hey, give me a hand, will you?

suspenseful music Sorry, baby.

Saad, Victor!


No, it's David.

The president's headed to the Sit Room.

What's going on? There's activity at one of Pakistan's nuclear garrisons.

This last image shows a NASR system atop a mobile launcher vehicle.

At least six such vehicles can be seen here leaving the Pano Aqil garrison two hours ago and heading north to the Afghan border.

How many missiles per system?

Four, each with a range of approximately 60 miles and carrying a five kiloton battlefield nuclear weapon.

They were developed as a deterrent against an all-out ground invasion by India, but no one seriously believes that Pakistan will ever use them.

That's because no one thinks India would ever be stupid enough to invade.

It's a clear response to our troop surge on the border, sir.

You said Pakistan would back down.

They will.

They better.

In the meantime, I agree with General Owens.

Let's get planes in the air ready to go.

We're gonna wind up striking those mobile missile launchers, we're gonna need the element of surprise.