Hong hai xing dong (2018) Script

Quick! To the safe room!

Run and you're dead!

We want hostages, not dead bodies!

Open up or we'll kill you!

Hurry! I can't hold on much longer!

Mayday! mayday!

This is Chinese merchant ship, Guangdong.

We're under pirates attack! We're under pirates attack!

They're coming up!

This is the Chinese Navy.

Stop the ship immediately!

This is the Chinese Navy.

Stop the ship immediately!


Jiaolong Unit One and Unit Two are near the hostage area.

Jiaolong Unit Three is in the engine room trying to stop the ship.

Alpha position, report your situation.

Reporting. There are 3 pirates and 15 hostages on the bridge.

Beta position, report your situation.

Canteen target locked. Over.

Reporting. They disabled the fuel valves.

We can't turn off the fuel supply.

I'll cut the power and stop the ship.

Captain, Commissar.

They picked up the speed!

How much time is left?


The ship is traveling at 23 knots.

At this speed, we'll be in Somalian waters in 15 minutes.


We must not enter territorial waters.

Rui Yang, you have ten minutes.

Attention, everyone.

For the hostages' safety, attack as one.

Wait for the orders. Over.

Left flank, roger.

Sniper's hide.


Can you get a fix on them?

If not, we'll start the attack in three minutes.


We'll report in two minutes. Over.

Dong Li.

What's our opening like?

The ship is rolling, the direction is unsteady.

Headwinds at 45-55.

For a reliable line of fire, we need to be within 120 to 150 meters.

At 23 knots, we'll have an optimal position for only three seconds, or we have a risk of collision.

Seabird One, all clear?

All clear.


We'll attack in ten seconds.




There is no changes.

Northwest wind.

The velocity is 20.8.

The time is three seconds.

Data steady.




Down! Everyone down!

Captain, the hostages are safe, but we can't stop the ship.

Reporting. If the ship still doesn't stop, we'll have to abandon the ship in five minutes.

Hong Xu, report your situation.

They have the generator.

We're running out of time.

We need to storm in and blow up the hydraulics.

If the ship doesn't stop, everyone must leave the ship in five minutes.

Give me the shield!

You two stay here.

Shitou, come with me!

Up there. One.

Ready to blow up the hydraulics!

Captain, the hostage-taker is escaping on a boat!


I'll chase him.

No, Xing Luo!

There are too many of them.

It's too dangerous!

We can't let him go!

All right.

Permission granted, but be careful.

Don't cross into territorial waters.

I promise I'll get him before we cross into territorial waters.

Jiaolong Unit Two.

Board the ship and arrest them!

Captain, Commissar.

Three pirate boats are approaching!

Xing Luo.

We must maintain a 300-meters safe distance.

Seabird One!

You can't go any further.

Stop now!


Give me one more chance!

Pull up the plane!

Dong Li.

You should handle the others!


Sea One and Two.

The target has stopped.

Arrest them, I'll cover you!

Sea One and Two copy that!

I got it!

Xing Luo!

Man down!

Repeating. Man down!

Who? Who was shot?

Xing Luo. It's Xing Luo.

Captain, Commissar.

The pirates are in custody.

Xing Luo is safe.

His condition is stable.

But he has to stay in Djibouti to get treatment.

Don't worry.

Get some rest.


Have you told them?


Except that it pierced his spinal nerve.

I didn't tell them that.


Have you heard this?

A soldier should know about sacrifice.

And that he may never return.

They should understand the soldiers' duty.

You can tell them the truth.

You're the captain, not their parent.

Don't take all of this personally or the stress will kill you.

I can't help it. It's my responsibility.



This is our target. William Parsons.

He is the head of development at an energy company in Yewaire.

His department works on the mining of uranium and obtaining yellowcake in foreign countries.

That's why we couldn't figure out where the yellowcake came from.

October, 2014.

The month he was investigated.

That was the same time the unmarked yellowcake was smuggled in.


My guy says that William still has access to an abundant amount of yellowcake.

And he has just acquired the technology to make 30 bombs.

The situation in Yewaire is tense.

If that yellowcake is still there, he wants to finish the deal and get rid of it.

We must follow this lead.

There is another report on William about a sexual abuse case of a young girl.

Okay? And all evidence points to him.

My guy talked to the girl and she said William never took off his necklace because he said it contains a secret that would turn the world into chaos.

I've got it.

I'm going straight there.

And tomorrow morning, Abu will publish a full-page report.

Let's do something to sabotage their plan.

Don't take this any further.

You already know the terrorists are onto you.

So what?

It's not about scaring you, nor it is about you being scared.

Albert, you know better than anyone why I left those big newspapers.

It's because they always do selective reporting and covered up the truth!

When you hired me, you said-- No!

I have the guts to go expose the truth. No!

That's why I'm here! No!

I appreciate your tenacity, but there are limits.

Did you forget what you stand for?

I definitely won't risk the lives of my staff!

But there are things that are more important than life.

At 0300 hours this morning, the Foreign Ministry sent an urgent message.

Five days ago, there was a coup in Yewaire.

By order of the Central Military Commission, the Naval Command appoints us to head to Yewaire immediately and evacuate all Chinese citizens.

It has been five days since the civil war broke out in the Republic of Ihwea.

And the insurgence played by General Sharaf have already seized the Republic's major cities.

Our footage shows that large groups of citizens and expats are fleeing the war zone.

In addition, sources claim that many people were missing or abducted during the civil war including expats and high-level officials of the Ihwea government.

And is is expected to be an act by the country's extremist group Zaka.

This group, Zaka, has been spreading terrorism in the bid for recognition.

For the past two years, they joined other extremist groups across Europe and Asia and get into action.

During this coup, Zaka has supported General Sharaf who also known as Madman.

According to the list given by the Foreign Ministry, we need to evacuate a total of 130 Chinese citizens and 30 foreign staff of Chinese companies.

Linyi is to sail for Yewaire.

The other ships will return home.

What are you doing? Sorry.

Let's go.

Listen up!

For this mission, we'll break into small teams.

We can't carry much ammunition.

The local army will supply materials.

But their weapons and calibers are different from ours.

So we'll be using defensive weapons from the EU.

Did you touch my candy?

So they've sent us Shun Gu.

I heard he's pretty arrogant.

See for yourself.


Sniper Shun Gu is reporting.


Dong Li! Present!

Come here.

Meet Xing Luo's replacement.

I'm the spotter, Dong Li.

I'm Shun Gu.


We have a special mission.

They need us now.

Right. You should introduce him to the rest.

Yes, sir!

If you were Xing Luo's spotter, you must know your stuff.

I look forward to seeing that.

The feeling is mutual.

You'll have your chance.

Listen, when the troop comes to take Dr. William and the others, I'll stop them and you will take care of the rest.

You got it?

You got it?

Yeah, yes. I got it. Relax.

Stop pushing me, Doctor.

Look at the news. The military is everywhere.

And the chaos, it is everywhere.

I'm not in the mood to hear any excuses.

You took the money, now the job is to have it done.

You promised me one week.

So the shipment must be on the plane.

If it's not, I'm not the only one who's going to be in trouble.

You are the General.

And I'm sure that you can handle this situation.

Consul He, the third group has reached the port.

Dr. Lu.

Consul He.


Where's your wife?

Her company is doing the evacuation.

How is it going over there?

You can't even imagine.

I rushed here in panic, I don't even know where my phone is.

Call her now. Thank you.


- Mei? Why didn't you pick up?

I was so worried!

Don't worry, we're at the consulate.

How is it over there?

Are you there with Xuan-xuan?

Yes, don't worry.

Let me talk to her. - Make sure Xuan-xuan is with you.

Consul He wants a word. Mei Deng?

It's Qing-liu He.

What's your plan over there?

Hello, Consul He.

Government troops are coming to coordinate our evacuation.

Remember to keep in touch.

I know.

I'll call as soon as the troops arrive.

The situation could change so fast, and that's not under my control or yours.

Yes, I'm using all of my resources to settle this issue.

You have to trust me.

Captain, Commissar.

We have permission to enter the port!

Battle-ready deployment grade two! Yes, sir!

That's our warship!

It's here!


We have a new situation in Yewaire.

There is an assassination attempt on the President.

The Chief Secretary Mohadi has taken charge for now.

Their government is asking us to take his family to safety.

Our superior has agreed and given Linyi this duty.


I'll check the security.


We've got everyone.

How about the escort? They're here.

We'll leave straight away.

Go tell them! Okay.

Get your bags quickly.

We're leaving now!


The Chinese consul has left.

Let's go! Let's force them into the war zone!

Hey, get down.

Shit, it's Zaka.

Zaka is coming! They've killed the guards!

Run! Hide yourselves!

Just push through!

Inform the army vehicle at the back to overtake and let the consul's vehicle follow their back.

The convoy is in the war zone.

Reverse! Quick!

Hurry, reverse!

There are rebels behind us.

Contact the warship now!

Set up a defensive line!

Stay there, get down!

Don't let them trap us!

We need to hide, quick!

Everyone, get down from the car now!

Hurry! Don't panic, one at a time!


Quick, quick!

Take the consul!

Consul, hurry!

The consul and others went into a factory.


Rui Yang speaking.

Consul Qing-liu He just sent an SOS.

His convoy was ambushed.

Yewaire can't spare any troops, but we have their permission to go in.

They'll clear the roads out of the port.

Listen up, everyone.

We can't get to the factory by road, so we'll go over the roofs.

Unit One, Shun Gu, Dong Li.

Your duty is to establish an overwatch.

The rest are on search and rescue.

Unit Two, send three people to help the military police.

The rest will guard the convoy.


What? We lost the Fifth Road?

No, don't go by Lafayette.

There are no escape routes. Try Zima Road.

Did you find Dr. William?

Not yet.

Find him! He's the key.

Move it!

One minute before our target. Grab your guns!

Support the military police.

We are under fire. Permission to return fire!


Base, we've arrived at the target.

Unit Two, defend the convoy!

Smoke bomb!

Flanks, set up a defensive line!

Base, we're on the roof.

All clear.

Shun Gu, Dong Li, find an overwatch.

Approaching overwatch.

Base, we're on the factory roof.

Unit One is in!

If you stop, the kids will die!

Crash into them!

Or I'll blow their brains out!

Do you think I'm kidding?

See this? If you stop, they will be dead.

Go on, blow them up!

I understand!

Sniper in position.

It's a car bomb! Stop it!

Everyone, take cover!

What was that explosion?

There is a car bomb at the checkpoint.

Heavy casualties for government troops.

Unit Two, step it up!

Hold the evacuation point!

What's wrong? Do you need the inhaler?

Hurry up! This is the fastest I can go.

Block all exits!

Find those Chinese people!

Got them. Move!

Who's there?

Chinese military police!

Chen Lu, check his wounds. Yes, sir!

Chinese Navy.

We'll take you home. An-zi, can you hear me?

I'm Consul Qing-liu He. - Yes, I'm here.

Where are you? - We are trapped in the workshop!

Hong Xu, Yu Zhuang, Tian-de Zhang. Evacuate the citizens.

Everyone else, come with me.


There are two in the room and one is outside!

Li Tong! Let them taste hell!

One down!

Watch out! Bazooka!


Hold on! Yu Zhuang, move out!



Come on, go!

Evacuation point! We're on the way!

Be ready!

Everyone, covering fire!

Unit One is going through!

Quick, stay low!

Watch out, it is suspected that there is a car bomb at 12 o'clock!

Quick, get in!

Unit One! Hurry! There is a car bomb!

Stop the car!

Don't kill me! Don't shoot!

I'm not with them! They forced me!

He's not with Zaka! Lower your weapons!

What's wrong?

Those terrorists. They've been bombing civilians.

I'll handle it.

Tell your men to stay calm.

Shitou! Take my position.

Sniper's hide.

I read you.

- Cover me. I'm going to that car. Roger.

Relax, it's okay. It's okay.

Don't move.

American, please. Save my kid.

My kid, please.

Let's go.


We're coming out!

Tian-de Zhang, move out!

Quick, move out!

Sniper's hide! Move out!

Roger! Moving out!

Abu, are you okay?


I will get his necklace first.

We just received news from The Foreign Ministry.

A French-Chinese reporter called Nan Xia contacted their 12308 hotline.

She said she saw Zaka kidnapping the staff of an energy company, including a Chinese citizen, Mei Deng.

Is that reliable info?

We made contact with Nan Xia and confirmed her identity.

The Yewaire government will help.

They'll supply ground and air support for the joint rescue mission.

Our mission this time is to give a message to all terrorists that you can never harm a Chinese citizen.

Unit Two, take the citizens to the port.

Unit One, go with their government troops and wait for orders.

We'll send in the materials, supplies, - and wingsuits. Yes, sir!

When he asked me to save his kids, I felt awful.

We saved their lives, but not their homes.

This country of theirs is in such a mess.

At most, we complete our mission and that's it.

Why do you like candy so much?

You still don't know after all this time?

I was a naughty kid.

I always got spanked.

But each time, my mom gave me a candy.

So even now, when I'm on a mission, if I have candy, I can handle anything.

What was that for?

Didn't you say if you have candy, there is no pain?

Do you know Xing Luo and I were rivals?


You guys were fighting for a spot in a sniper training camp at a commando school in Venezuela.

There's only one spot for Jiaolong.

It's a pity.

There is no chance to compete now.

He was the best sniper I ever saw.

Were you always like this?

Like what?


Shaky under pressure.

On the battlefield, you can't dodge bullets.

Take this as a free lesson for you.

Next time, I'll ask for fees.

Captain, we received news.

Yewaire can't spare any choppers.

We'll have to escort the convoy of civilian evacuees by road.

If we go by road, it'll take twice as long.

I worry they won't get back in time.

Get me Jiaolong Unit One.

Yes, sir!

Nan Xia's phone was last found in the Northeast.

According to the Yewaire authorities, there's a town there called Basem.

Zaka took over it a week ago.

Go to the Yewaire Army Meeting Point.

Follow the evacuation convoy.

Their commandos will work with you to rescue Mei Deng.


The operation is confirmed.

But we only have three hours.

We'll be deep in enemy territory.

But we don't have any reliable Intel until now.

Only one thing is certain.

It will be a tough battle.

I want each of you to give it your all and return safely.

Do you understand?

Yes, sir!

Move now!


The Chief Secretary's wife is at the port.

The Chinese hostage is our bargaining chip.

But they won't give in easily.

Stay there and observe everything.

There are three trucks on the hill.

Two are armed.

I'm not sure about the third.

When did they appear? Three minutes ago.

Prepare the auxiliary gun.

Yes, sir!

Thank you.

I understand. But I have to go to Basem.

It's not just to save my assistant.

There's something very important I have to do there.

I'm sorry, Ms. Xia.

We can't take you with us.

We don't know the situation there. Right?

Captain Yang, can you let me explain first?


Hong Xu, get them moving. Quick.

It's about the black-market yellowcake.

Zaka has William Parsons, the biggest dealer in the market.

We found out that he's in touch with terrorist groups.

One of them now has the technology for large-scale dirty bombs.

Which means once they get the yellowcake, who knows how many they will kill?

Are you talking about Zaka?

Yes, all they want is the yellowcake.

It's not our business. I hope you can save Abu, Our mission-- William and all of them!

Ms. Xia, our mission is to rescue a Chinese hostage.

If we can, we'll rescue the others.

But I'm sorry, you can't come with us.

If I don't go with you, I'll never get what I came for!

Please get in the car.

Sorry, you can't leave.

Why not?

I already told you.

We were ordered to take you to an army base.

You'll be evacuated from there.

Sir, this is Nan Xia.

We have a situation. Ms. Xia.

In the next terrorist attack, countless people will die because of William's yellowcake.

What is it?

Zaka put out a video addressed to the Chinese Navy.


Chief Secretary Muhadi is a sinner who continues to suppress my people with his abuse of violence.

We demand that you stop harboring the sinner and turn over Muhadi's family.

We must avenge the brothers and sisters who sacrificed because of Muhad.

If you refuse to cooperate, the Chinese citizens shall take the punishment in their place.

This is just an example.

And this Chinese woman will be next.

Damn it!


Our only hope is for Jiaolong to rescue them all.

Captain Yang. Yes?

We just got word about possible danger ahead.

We have to look for a different route.


Yu Zhuang, contact the base.

Okay. Hurry!

Base, this is Unit One.

Do you read me?

Base, this is Unit One.

Request for signal. Over.


Mortar attack!

Is everyone okay? Answer me!

I'm okay!

Chen Lu's okay! Hong Xu's okay!

Shun Gu, Dong Li, okay!

Tian-de Zhang and Li Tong, okay!

Don't move!

Shitou, go to the rear!

Li Tong, take the wing!

Come on! Get your gun!

Chen Lu, get me the enemy's position!

Hong Xu, bring everyone out!

Yu Zhuang, look for any ammunition that is left!


Open the door!

Mortars at two o'clock!


Hong Xu!

I'm okay.

Save them!


Chen Lu, let's go!

Shun Gu, Dong Li.

Find an overwatch, wait for my orders!


Tian-de Zhang, cover me!


Li Tong, cover me!

Dong Li, move!

His leg's gone, let's cut it off!

Come on!

Take him.

Stay calm.

Captain, it's Hong Xu.

There's a live bomb on the bus.

Shun Gu, are you in position?

Not yet.

Last round!

Watch out! There is a sniper!

Be careful, everyone!

Dong Li.

Listen to me.

I'll hit their base.

But as soon as I fire, they'll have a fix on my position.

Find them quickly.

Do you read me?


Shun Gu, quick!

The smoke is clearing up!

Shun Gu in position.

There is a sniper at 2 o'clock, on the hill, near the peak, by a boulder.

It's 22 degrees east, 602 meters.

Dong Li. Can you see him?

I see him.

On the highest ridge, ten meters to the right.

Dong Li, pin him down.

I'll get the mortar.

Shun Gu, I've pinned him down.

Everyone, retreat!

Don't move! Don't move!

Hold him down, I'll pull it out.



Hold him down.

Let's go.


Everyone, go now!

The bomb is going off!


Hong Xu, run!


Captain, are you okay?


Where are the others?

Are you okay? Hurry and save the others!

Come on!


Hong Xu... Save the others!

Hong Xu...




Nan Xia!

Nan Xia! Over here!



Are you okay?

We're 80 kilometers from our target.

But the ship sails in 90 minutes.

We only have one vehicle left and that's under repair.

We won't make it back in time.

Can their troops give us more support?

Our superiors put in a request, but they've no troops to spare.

They can only get us out at a point

60 kilometers north of the target.

After the rescue, go straight there.

But it's a very dangerous route.

You need to be on high alert.

Roger that!

Also, Zaka released a video.

They beheaded the reporter's assistant.

Despite all those drills and training,

I never thought I'd lose control like that.


I'm not good enough for Jiaolong.

Do you remember how we became a team?

We went through tough times.

We were all tempted to quit, but we held on, right?

The fact that we are here now proves we are all qualified.

Think of our motto.

"Conquer fear, conquer all."

You did well just now.

It wasn't for show.

Well, I saw it.

Does it hurt?

A little.

Don't think too much.

You can come to Basem with us.

Are we getting reinforcements? When?


If you come with us, you have to follow orders, okay?

Captain, let me tell you.

Without reinforcements, you have to be really careful.

It's more than an hour away.

Can you fix the vehicle?

We're doing our best.

That's none of your concern.

I'm talking about the orders.

It's about the battle just now.

I told you to stay put.

Sure, it was to save a life.

But when there is action next time, considering the danger, no matter what happens, you do exactly as we say.

Okay? What if the order is wrong?

How do you know it's right?

Yes, we have different roles, but as for our beliefs-- If I'm wrong, I take responsibility!

But if you disobey and you die, who will be responsible then?

If that's the case, then don't save me.

Captain, the vehicle has been fixed.

Will be right there.


Everyone, move now.

Sayyid, how is Dr. William?

He is alive.

But still unconscious.

Besides the yellowcake, we need the formula for the dirty bomb.



Yu Zhuang.

Find a high place.

Set up an antenna.

Keep contact with base.

Roger that.

Testing, testing.

Don't be scared.

The Chinese Navy is here to rescue people.

Don't be scared.

The house owner, Bella, says they came a week ago, killed all the men, chased off the others, and kept them here to cook.

In the town now, there are about 150 terrorists.

They stay around the square.

She drew a map.

This is their headquarters.

The hostage camp is to the north.

They have about ten guards and 25 hostages in there.

They are all foreigners except for five soldiers.

There are three women, one of them is Asian.

Her description matches Mei Deng's.

Hold on.

How can we access the camp?

Only through the square.

Send a situation report to the ship.

Yes, sir.

It's eight against 150 people.

Have you ever done anything like this before?

Our unit's mission is not to deal with those 150 people.

It's to rescue the Chinese hostage.

So is there no hope for the others?

There's no time.

Is it possible for you to save one more person?

Is there any chance of that?

Your assistant, Abu has been executed.

When did that happened?

Before we got here.

My husband and child died on a bus just like today.

In 2005, when they blew up the bus in London.

The police told me that nothing was left of them,

but a little blue bracelet.

That's when I vowed to fight against them to the end.

To fight against the terrorist groups.

I'm not afraid of anything, even death.

I'm only afraid of being powerless to help.

I've failed to protect anyone.

Not even Abu. I've failed to protect him.

I've failed.

The captain says, the only support will be a chopper for evacuation, but they can't say when.

In addition to Mei Deng, I want to rescue the others too.

Do you have a strategy?

With so many people, we can't take that road back.

It's better to go north through the desert, straight to the army base.

The problem is we'll be exposed if they started to chase us.

Mei Deng is the priority.

Once she's safely out, we regroup and get the hostages.

Quickly tell Shitou and Li Tong to disguise themselves as terrorists and infiltrate the camp.

Remember. Li Tong and Mei Deng will trade clothes.

Shitou will take her back the way we came.

Tell Shun Gu and Dong Li.

Find an overwatch where they can control the square.

Once we enter the town, all our signals will be jammed.

So I have to tell Yu Zhuang to set up an anti-jamming device to secure our communications.

As for Nan Xia, have her stay here with Yu Zhuang.

They'll go as soon as Mei Deng's out.

Finally, you, Chen Lu and I will watch the square.

Once we know Mei Deng is safe and has arrived at Bella's house, we'll blow up their access to the camp.

The three of us will go into the camp and rescue the other hostages.

But if Li Tong is with them, and a battle breaks out in the square, we won't have enough firepower.

You're already outnumbered.

I'll switch with Mei Deng.

I look more like her too.

Captain, I think that's not a bad idea.

I disagree.

I know nothing.

Do you have nothing to say?


What do you want to know?

Your wound is not looking so good.

I really don't know-- Let me fix it.

Please, I know nothing!

You're hiding something. Where is it?

I really don't know...

Think it over.

Aluka Desert!

Aluka Desert!

Dong Li, you cover this area.

Shun Gu, you take the arches.

No problem. Got them.

Captain, we're in.

Do as I say.

The Chinese Navy is here to save you.

Chen Lu, I found a truck.

I'll stop it near the hostage camp.

Guard the right flank.

I'll prepare the bomb.

Base, this is Unit One.

Can you read me?

Yu Zhuang, what's wrong?

Captain, we lost contact with the ship.

I'll go check.

Roger. Stay safe.

Will do.


There's a Chinese soldier on the hill.

Execute the Chinese hostage.

If they want to rescue her, let them rescue a corpse.

And tell our brothers to attack the ship.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

Captain, they just took Nan Xia.

Hong Xu, why was Nan Xia there?

Shitou, once you've left the camp, jump out and prepare to attack it.

Everyone else, hold fire until Mei Deng is safe.

What are you doing?

Dong Li, I'm going into the headquarters.

Cover me.

I'm on the second floor, left passage.

Can you see me?

I see you.

Secure the area.


She's so loud.

Turn up the music.

Captain, Commissar.

Reporting, the weapons on the hill are aiming at us!

Battle-ready deployment grade one!

Yes, sir! Grade one!

Auxiliary gun on intercept!

Main gun target the hill! Yes, sir!

Target is locked!


Mohadi is ruining our people's lives every day.

And brave soldiers like us can wait no longer.

We must punish this Chinese citizen.

Only blood will teach-- Wait!

Who are you?

Who are you?

Where is the other girl?

Where is the other girl?

Who brought you here?

How many of you are here?

Answer me!

Answer me!

How many of you are here?

Start talking or I'll break your legs!

Answer me now!

Do you want me to kill you?

I'm sorry.

Don't take it personally.

Captain, we're leaving the camp.

Come on!

This is William. His necklace is gone.

What necklace? It has the information.

Let's go.

Captain, I'm about to enter the square.

But I got a flat tire.

Keep calm, everyone.

Dong Li, I'm coming out.

Is the path clear?

All clear.

Everyone, listen to me.

No matter what happens over here, stick to the plan.

Your tire is flat!


No matter what happens, take the girl and follow me.

Don't be scared, Aisha. Stay with me.

Wait, the tire is leaking air.

Captain, they stopped Li Tong's truck.


We're retreating to the junkyard.

Cover us!

Follow me.


Go in!


Find cover!

Put this on!

Hong Xu, what's your status?

Captain, we're trapped in the square.

What about you?

When you have the chance, take them all out using the back way.


What's your plan?

I'll think of one.

Remember, make sure Mei Deng is safe!


Keep on going. I'll take care of the snipers.

Dong Li, they saw me.

He's close by.

He know where I am.

Find him quickly.

Do you read me?


Captain, their sniper found me.

I've lost my position.

Be careful.

Get up! We'll go that way! Heads down!

Li Tong!

Are you okay?

Answer me!

Our exit is cut off by fire.

It's coming our way!

Chen Lu! Give me a grenade!


Li Tong! Get to the back.

Stay right here.

Hong Xu!

Li Tong, blast your way out.

I'll cover you!


Let's go!

Chen Lu, cover Li Tong.

We'll retreat to the camp.

Li Tong, go!

Follow me!

Go back!

Chen Lu, fall back!

We have to escape.

Pull this pin.

When I say throw, you throw. Got it?

We'll fight to the end!

Let's go!

Nan Xia, throw!


Blow them up!

Do you hear me?

Kill the hostages!

They're going to kill the hostages!

Shitou, go to the camp now!

Save the hostages! Don't let them kill the hostages!

Sir, the exit is clear.

The hostages are all safe.

Hurry over here!

Shitou, the exit's blocked!

Help us!

Stay back, hide!

Hong Xu, I'm out of ammunition!

Shitou! Go and help Chen Lu!

Hang in there. I have a plan.


There is a way out to the small plaza at right of the junkyard.

Use that way to get out.

I'll cover you.

Wait for my signal.

Chen Lu, Li Tong.

I've taken over a tank.

I'll deal with the enemies around you.

Stay hidden and wait for my signal.

Li Tong.

After you have escaped, go to the meeting point. - Roger.

Captain, I'll rescue you next!




Captain, what's your position?

I'm at the right of the main passage.

But I'm surrounded by the terrorists on the left.

Got it.


Take cover!


Wear this!


Captain, we found a truck.

We're moving now.

Mei Deng is safe.


Yu Zhuang, do you read me?


Contact base.

Then take Yuna to the meeting point and wait for orders.

- Do you read me? Roger.

Base, this is Unit One.

Base, this is Unit One!

Unit One, do you read me?

Captain, we've lost Jiaolong's signal.

We tried to reach them, but to no avail.

How about their individual positions?

We've lost those too.

Stay on high alert, keep trying.

Yes, sir!


The ship is under threat.

To protect the citizens on board, we'll move away from the port.


Let me see if our superiors will approve of sending in a drone.

Follow me!

Come on! Come on!

Shun Gu!

Captain, do you read me?

Get down!


Any Signal yet?


To the meeting point.


Shitou, don't move!

Don't move!

Out of the car!


Get down!

Take cover!

Don't move!

Don't move!

Shitou, hold on!

Li Tong and the others are in danger.

They are down there.


We have Jiaolong but the signal's weak.

But there's a sandstorm nearby.

Did you make contact?

Not yet for now due to weather interference.

How much longer?

We have seven minutes.

You need it more.

Stay there!

Li Tong, hang on!

We're nearly there.


Chen Lu, secure the entrance.

It's okay, Shitou.

It's okay.

It hurts...

Have a candy.

The candy will help.

Didn't you say that candy can kill the pain.

It takes away the pain.

Here. Eat this candy.

Come on.

Candy takes away the pain...

We're going home.

Going home...

Going home...


No more pain.

We're going home...

Tank Alpha, attack from the right!

Hong Xu.

Turn 20 degrees left, hurry!

Hong Xu.

The reactive armor protects them.

Turn a sharp left.

Shoot at their treads.

Got them!

Captain, they hit our cooling system.

We won't last much longer.

Captain, there is a sandstorm ahead!

Charge straight at it.

It will cover us.

Hong Xu.

Our turret took a hit.

Don't let them lock onto us!

Hong Xu.

I'll use your steering for aim.

Do you understand?


Nan Xia.

We have to switch places.

The handset has a trigger.

When I say fire, press it.

I'll help you.

Hong Xu.

Let the reactive armor take a hit.

Follow my orders.

First, take a sharp left and then sharp right!

Hong Xu, turn left!

Turn right!

Nan Xia, get ready!



We're stuck!

Captain, I'll deal with their tanks!

Hong Xu!

Hong Xu!

Nan Xia, we're going out.


When we go out, keep your hand on my shoulder.


Wait here, don't move!

Captain, Commissar.

The drone has found Rui Yang and Hong Xu.

But we still don't have contact.

Reporting, the drone is losing power and could drop at any time.

They're attacking, quick!

Load up, hurry!

Prepare to fire!

Are you okay?

Yes, I am...

You're a good shot.


Our mission is accomplished.

Captain Yang.

Thank you so much.

Captain Yang. Thank you.

The weather is preventing us from contacting your warship, and we are unable to deal with the yellowcake situation at the moment.

All we can provide is a helicopter.

This works pretty well.

Remember to give it back.

We can't just ignore this yellowcake crisis.

The hiding place for the yellowcake is 80 kilometers from here.

But in 40 minutes, the terrorists will leave with the yellowcake.

We have to hurry.

But I need to stress one thing.

This operation hasn't been authorized yet.

If we do this, we do it together.


I'll wait for your orders.

"Conquer fear, conquer all."

Two kilometers from destination!

Our target is the yellowcake.

Avoid engaging.

Li Tong, we'll take the plane and yellowcake.

Shun Gu, Dong Li. Find an overwatch and cover us.

Split up!

Captain, we're in position.


Captain, we've taken the control tower.

Roger. Wait for orders.

You go first. I'll wait for the next truck.


The rebels' representative will arrive in five minutes.

Attention, sniper's hide.

Li Tong is under the truck.

I see her.

You did a good job just then.

When we go back, you can train as a sniper.

If I were that good, I should have hit it at once.

Even the experienced feel pressure.

Embrace it.

Pressure keeps you focused.

I didn't know it'd be you.

It's been a long time, boss!

You've not been home in a long time.

We're fighting... for a better life.

Why go home?

We're not fighting this war for you.

What about the formula, boss?

Everyone, listen up. There is a change in our plan.

I'm going to go for their leader.

Dong Li, when I come out, they'll be after me. Cover me.

Shun Gu, help Li Tong take the plane.


Yes, sir.

The rebels will eat us alive.

You must bring back all the yellowcakes.

Kill them all.

From now on this war belongs to us.

I understand.

Calling base! Mayday!

We're under attack! Help...

Li Tong, take control of the plane!

Don't move!

Everyone, I'm coming out.

Dong Li, be careful!

Dong Li, take out the last car!

Shun Gu, Dong Li!

Shun Gu, Dong Li!

Li Tong, do you read me?

Don't move!

Shun Gu!

Are you okay?

Get out!


Dong Li, use my gun.

Let him go!

There's no time to think!

Dong Li, conquer the pressure.

Xing Luo chose you for a reason.

Captain, I'll take down the guy with Li Tong.

I'm counting on you.

Do it now! I'll kill her!


Fucking Chinese!

We need the yellowcake for this war!

To become stronger!

Captain, the rebels are behind us!

Calm down!

I'm from the Chinese military.

Start the engine! Hurry up!


March forward!

Turn right!





Attention! This is Chinese Navy.

You're about to enter Chinese waters.

Please turn around immediately!

Attention! This is Chinese Navy.

You're about to enter Chinese waters.

Please turn around immediately!

I repeat!