Hot Girls Wanted (2015) Script

[Riley] Are you ready to go pick up girl number one?

Can I drive?

-[Riley] No. -Aw!

Ooh! There's her bus.

My Ava is home.

[Riley] Five new applicants.

-Really? -Yeah.

I have a chick I'm talking to. She's 18... but looks like she's 12, -with double-D's. -[Tressa] Oh, my God. What?

[woman] They're so desensitized to so much of this that it looks like it's normal.

Teens and even tweens shamelessly stripping down.

[woman] Taking a good selfie can turn just about anyone into an instalebrity.

Suggestive texts and tweets. Is this the new norm?

[Piers Morgan] My next guest was just another student at Duke University. Now she's known as Belle Knox, and she's acting in porn to pay her tuition.

Welcome to you, Belle.

You are, probably, right now, pound for pound, -the most infamous student in America. -[chuckles]

How do you feel about that?

It's pretty absurd. I mean...

[Jenny McCarthy] It was shocking that she'd been watching porn since she was 12.

-[woman] Right. -It just goes to show you how much more available it is online.

There could be a sex tape of Farrah Abraham, the girl from Teen Mom.

Why did you make the tape?

I wanna just to, like, show more of my sexier side.

[McCarthy] Also, their celebrity heroes have made huge businesses out of their sex tapes.

[pop music playing]


[Riley] Are you hungry? [Rachel] I'm really hungry.

[Tressa] I'm starving. [Rachel] Feed me.

[Tressa laughs]

[Rachel] Put it on the plastic. [Tressa] "Put it on the plastic."

[Riley] Here you go. [Rachel] Hello.

[Tressa] I wanna get you more followers.

[Rachel] Dude, I already have, um-- I made this, like, a couple days ago...

-and I have, like, 215 followers. -[cell phone chimes]

-[Tressa] Ava? -Huh?

We're gonna be stars one day.

-[Rachel] Stars in the sky. -We're gonna be stars.

[pop music continues]

[Tressa] I wasn't even born whenever the Internet came out.

Without the Internet, I probably would have just looked for an out-of-state job, go to school.

I was actually gonna go to Texas State after high school and cheer for Texas State.

But I chose a different path.

I was a waitress and a bartender at a pizzeria place, and a hostess at Mamacita's.

I'd never been on a plane before.

I needed some way to escape somehow.

And I found an ad on Craigslist.

It was under TV shows and radio jobs.

"Looking for hot Austin models."

I sent them these two pictures at first, 'cause I didn't know what they wanted exactly.

It didn't hit me until I got on the plane.

Every day, a new girl turns 18, and every day, a new girl wants to do porn.

I will never run out.

-Kind of like tying a shoe? -[girl] No. No, no.

Tie it tight, tight, tight.

-Like a shoe? -Like a bow.

We can work together tonight. We can work together.

-Teamwork! -There you go.

-Has this-- Have you ever been VIP? -Never.

No? Oh, my God. You're gonna have fun.

[laughs] Oh, jeez.

-Love you. -I love you.

[girl] Yay!

[girl] We have to make sure that we're all in the same party tonight.

[Riley] The fuck?

Sorry, someone spilled Jell-O shot on my couch.

I gotta clean that.

There's three main agents down here. I'm one of them now.

I'm also male talent.

I used to be bullied and made fun of in school, and now I'm the shit, technically.

Pretty much, in a year, I went from a dishwasher loser working at Outback... to living in Miami Beach in a five-bedroom house with my own car.

I just drive my girls to and from shoots.

They pay rent.

And I make... make good money.

I only work with amateur girls brand-new to the industry, never shot before.

Usually, like, 18 to 21.

They're like girl-next-door.

[chuckling] I call them teenyboppers.

Like this one. She's gonna be famous because of this, right there.



[Tressa] Hello, BigRick2901. Thank you.

Ooh, I get to see what you look like. Ooh, you're cute.

-[man] Hey. -Hi.

[laptop volume increasing]

And you're a dentist. Wow.


If you were over here, I would show you my back molars, just so you could get a better look at them.

I do have one scene that is out online.

Go on Reality Kings.

My first scene with them was Cum Fiesta.

I did it with Juan Largo.

[Juan Largo] Why, hello there, you sexy thing.

I heard about the cum fiesta. I'd like to give it a shot.

You must know the password, right?

Of course.

[Riley] Miami is one of the big places for amateur porn.

-[whooping] -[cheering]

[Riley] Cheap cameras, no script.

Let's have fun, guys. Whoo!

[man] This is where the party is. I'm gonna come back here.

[Riley] Give the male talent the camera point-of-view.

Regular girls pretty much getting freaky-deaky.

[all] Whoo!

[man] What have I got myself into? This is crazy.

You're really scaring me.

[girl] Whoo! [man] I'm scared.

[laughter and cheering]

[Riley] That's what's selling nowadays.

Because people are thinking they're real videos that people are just submitting.

More and more and more and more girls are doing it and the society's starting to accept people that are in porn.

It's gone mainstream.

[Artie Lange] Belle Knox, being called the Duke porn star, we appreciate you coming on. [chuckles]

[Knox] Good to be on here.

What I'm really trying to do is, I want to keep breaking those barriers...

[Lange] Good. Good for you.

...that separates sex workers from, um, you know, mainstream society.

[Rachel] You wanna freestyle?

[hip hop music playing]

[Rachel rapping] ♪ Yeah ♪

♪ You a porn star Yeah ♪

[Tressa] You're so high.

♪ And I'm a fucking shooting star, bitch ♪

♪ And now we going to LA ♪

♪ And we're gonna sip Bombay ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ And I'm smoking hella blunts ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ And I got hella cunts Yeah ♪

[Tressa laughing] Oh, my God.

♪ Fucking all day ♪

♪ Getting money all day ♪

♪ Because we're fucking all day ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

[Rachel] I just killed that. [Tressa] You did. You go, girl.

-I just killed that. -I'm putting it on Instagram, too.

I just killed that. Oh, that was so cool.

We're free right now. The world is in our hands.

[Tressa] We practically do whatever we wanna do.

[Rachel] Dude, ever since I came here, it's been about me.

Do I wanna be in my parents' shoes when I'm their age?

-Like, no. -Yeah.

I don't wanna have-- I didn't wanna-- I don't wanna go to college, meet someone in college, marry them, stay in my hometown, have a bunch of kids.

-And live there happily ever after. -And then die there.

What? I've done so much shit here.

-So much more than I've ever done-- -[cell phone ringing] my entire life.

Chilled in penthouses, been in Lamborghinis, rode on street bikes, did all of the shit that I've ever wanted to do.

I'm like, yo, it's all my shit. It's all me now.

Like, here I go. Like, I'm trying to be famous.

So... gotta do what you gotta do.

Exactly. You gotta be selfish for once in your life.

[upbeat music playing]

[Rachel] Are you kidding me? I make $900 in five hours.

And I'm gonna go home and make $8.25 an hour?

No. No, no, no, no, no.

Thank you.

[Tressa] I plan on trying to get big, but of course, that's gonna take some time.

I could see myself doing this in ten years.

Wait a minute, I went to school with this guy.


[Rachel] Right now, I'm all in, I'm gonna own it.

The Internet, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, it's all about getting your name out there.

Hopefully, in, like, a couple years, I'll be out in LA, and just, like, being a known person in porn.

[John Anthony] Hey, what's up?

What're you doing out there?

[Anthony] Uh, I just, uh... I just got here. I just, uh...

What're you doing with that camera?

[Anthony] I don't know what you think I was doing, but I promise, I...

I mean, are you gonna come inside, or you just gonna stand out there?

[Anthony] Oh, my God, is this really happening?

Yeah, I'm, like, one of the oldest dudes working for the company.

Like, what we did today was fairly normal, just, kind of, uncomfortable positions, but sometimes, they'll make you-- They'll put you, like, in a... in a reflective box in the middle of a park.


And you're just like, "What, what is this?"

-Someone out there likes it though. -Yeah.

-Well... -[Anthony] You're a funny guy...

Very friendly.

[Tressa] Tired?

[sighs] It has been a long day.

[Riley] All right, let's get going. [Rachel] Let's go.

[Anthony] All right, baby.

-[Riley] See you guys later. -Good seeing you again.

Yeah. Yeah.

[Anthony] There is an influx of girls trying to do porn.

And a lot of them know it's a trap, but the money is there in their face, right now, cash.

They take it. And just hope for the best.

The shelf life of a girl... really depends on, like, how she markets herself.

Worst case scenario? One to three months.

All right scenario, uh, three to six.

Best case scenario... if she doesn't catch onto the game, a year, tops.


[Riley] "Free flight to Miami."

Think that'll grab attention.

And voilà.

That's all you gotta do.

I'll probably have, like, five responses within 12 hours.

Back here in Florida, there's just, like, the constant flow of brand new faces.

They'll shoot a girl a couple times, and be done with her.

And then they go to LA and see how they sell, and then they come back.

Some girls won't make it.

Some wanna go home, I never see them again.

Their families find out. It is what it is.


[Tressa] I have this weird feeling that my mom knows.

It's like, "Oh, crap.

It's gonna be hard to go home."

[Riley] They all have the same stories. "My boyfriend doesn't know. Ha-ha."

"My parents don't know. I hope they never find out."

And then I just straight up tell them, like, "Your parents are gonna find out."

It takes about a month.

That's when stuff starts posting, and that's when people from their hometown start seeing it, because everyone watches porn.

[Tressa] Dad, these don't have tags on 'em.

-[Tressa's dad] Can't hear you. -They don't have tags.

[Tressa's dad] It's the bottom left.

[Tressa] This one?

This is the last buck I shot.

Last deer I shot.


-I'm very excited for hunting. -Oh.

[Tressa] He's like, "Don't talk to me, I'm hunting."

[Tressa] I love my parents to death.

But there's reasons why we sneak, 'cause we don't wanna hurt the people that we love.

When my mom got home, she looked like she wanted to cry because she missed me, she wants me to stay home.

But I mean, this is what I love to do, and... if she loves me, she'll let me do what makes me happy.


My first birthday.

[Tressa's mom] Aw. "My munchkin. Dad's princess.

We're so proud of you and all your accomplishments.

We love you so much."

So, she was in a lot of...

Lot of things that I thought she was gonna pursue.

She liked photography, journalism.

[Tressa] It's coming 'cause that's-- Here it is.

[Tressa's mom chuckles]

And there she is, right there in the middle.

-[Tressa] Right down in the middle. -Captain of the cheer.

I don't know.

I mean, you just went from black to white.

Or white to black, or however you wanna say it.

I mean, you just went from positive to negative.

I mean, like that.

-Who told you? -The day you left and I got your text...

-You were on a plane? -Mmm-hmm.

I went straight to her room, and I tore her room apart.

I found her travel itinerary, found a notebook with all kinds of stuff, like...

Well, I had to kind of figure it out, because, you know, I'm just an old-fashioned old lady.

-You know, I saw... -[chuckles] You're not old, Mom.

...I saw, "BGB, GBG."

Something else, I can't--

And I was like, "What the hell is this?"

And I just kept looking at these notes that she'd written down, and I went...

And then I saw the word "orgies."

And I went...

"Wait a minute, boy-girl-boy, girl-boy-girl."

I'm like, "Oh!" The light came on.

But it was, uh...

It was an easy escape for me to get out of here, and that's why I picked it.

So easy. Quick, fast, done.

You're not afraid of getting sick, baby?

[Tressa] What do you mean?

[Tressa's mom] How do you protect yourself?

[Tressa] We all get tested.

Every two weeks.

Are you on birth control?

I'm not on birth control.

But we get tested for chlamydia...

How are you keeping from getting pregnant then?

Um... Well, all te-- Or, like, all shoots, they don't come inside you.

Even if it looks like it on camera, they don't.

They always do...


They always... do it on you, instead of in you.

[Tressa sniffles]

[exhales deeply]

[kissing sounds]



I don't know what to say anymore.

I don't. Well, not right now. [exhales]

I just... Like I said yesterday, in a million years, I wouldn't have thought something like this.

I mean, Tressa, you've got so much going on.


-[vehicle approaching] -[dog barks]

Your daddy is home.

-Mmm-hmm. -[car door closes]

Are you going to talk to him about it anytime soon?

'Cause this...


[Tressa's mom] Well, you need to talk to him about it soon.

Before you leave.

Did you see that nice little flock back there?


[Tressa's dad] Right there, Tressa. Behind you.


[Tressa's dad] There's two of them.

[Tressa] Can't shoot, Dad.


[Tressa's dad] We're gonna call it a day.

We're gonna go get some firewood, we're gonna go check Peter's.

[Tressa] Sounds good.

[Tressa's dad] Okay, Tressa.

If you're sitting on the blind, you're gonna be looking over on the right.

-Okay. -That's where he saw that buck.

And he's gonna be going like, "Is she gonna be able to take this shot?"

Of course I will. Gotta make my papa proud.

Yeah, well, I'm proud of you already.

Everything you've done in your life, you've... you've made me proud.

Good and bad.

Really? Even bad?

I'm always gonna be proud of you. No matter what you do.

[Tressa] Let's cook.

This is, like, my dad's safe haven.

This is, like, where he comes to get away from everything that's going on in the world.

So... I'm just gonna wait.

[low chatter]

[Tressa's dad] I mean... she's 19 years old. She's the love of my life.

And for her to just get up and leave?

I mean, that's pretty drastic.

I'm devastated.

But all I can wish her is the best, and...

And I hope she does good.

[stammers] I hope she does better than me and her mom, and both of us put together.

And what else can you do? Nothing.

Let her go.


You just chill. Here, here, here.

[indistinct talking]

-[girl] Ow! -[chuckling]

[Riley] And look what's under hat number one.


[Riley laughing]

That was adorable. He just looked up and was like...

-Just like... -And you just see "porn."


Porn and cute puppies.

-Hi. -Oh, hi. Don't mind me.

[Riley] Come on, let's go inside. [Jade] He thinks he's a ninja.

[Karly] He's gonna scare another person. [Riley] Hey, come on.

[Karly] Come on. [Jade] We gotta be ready by what time?

-[Riley] We're gonna leave at 8:45. -Oh, okay. We have time.

[Karly] I was so nervous.

I don't actually have sex other than when I do porn.

So, I haven't done anything since I was here in October.

So, this'll be the first time I've actually been intimate with a guy in what, like, three months?

[Riley] About three, yeah.

So, it's just nerve-racking, and it makes me nervous.

But at the same time, I know I like doing it.

Then the guys treat you like you're a princess. It's...

-[Jade] I know! That's true. -It's amazing!

If only that would transition outside of shooting.

[Karly] I go by Lucy Tyler, and she's a fun little bubblegum princess teenybopper character that I play.

I tuck in my nose ring and I take out my gauges, and I wear my hair in my face.

It's so much fun to have, like, a different persona.

-[makeup artist] You okay? -Mmm-hmm.

[pop music playing]


[makeup artist] What did you do over the weekend?

-I read my book. -What book?

'Tis by Frank McCourt.

It's the second book to Angela's Ashes. Finally finished it.

-You finished it? -Yeah.

All right, you gotta put it in. Yes.

It freaks me out, I don't know why.

-[Karly chuckles] -Thank you.

Awesome. All right, let's go show.

-It's good? -[producer] Yeah, yeah.

All right. [sing-song] Sounds good!

[Karly] In middle school, all my friends were having sex.

I was, like, "Yeah! No, sure, I'll do it. Whatever."

And I did, and I was dumped a month later.

And I was heartbroken and...

Oh, it just devastated me, and I never wanted to do it again.

So having sex outside of porn scares me, and I don't want to commit myself to someone like that yet.

You know, all these kids, they hear things, and they're like, "Okay, penis and vagina, they go together and you make a baby."

They hear that's bad, you can get pregnant, you can get all these diseases.

But then there are all these people on porn having sex.

And nothing's going wrong, and everybody's happy, you know.

-So, it's really confusing. -[cell phone chimes]

And they see, "Okay, well, it's okay to do that to a girl.

And they said it was bad, but it's okay right there."

Yeah, uh...

You know, they might see it as it's nothing, and it's not emotional and it's not serious.

Oh, it's so heartbreaking.

[Jade] I'll never forget how they did it in my class. Are you ready?

They're like, "This is what happens when you have sex with someone."

They get a paper and put a glue stick on it, and they stick the two papers together.

A few minutes later, they peel them apart.

They're like, "These are still two separate papers, correct?

But there's pieces of this one stuck on this one.

And pieces of this one stuck on that one. And it's always gonna be that way."

[Tressa] My first boyfriend, we dated for six months.

It was my first time, and I thought, "Oh, my gosh! It's amazing!

This is... I wanna be with you forever."

And it was just a big letdown when he just walked away.

I mean, nowadays, sex doesn't really mean anything.

[Tressa] Hi!

[indistinct conversations]


I missed you! I missed you, I missed you.

-I'm happy you're here. -[Rachel] I know.

I love you with glasses. I don't think I've seen-- Are those new?

Yeah, I've had them for about a month.

[Jade] I saw a picture of you hunting, and you look sexy as hell.


You wanna go inside? It's hot out here.

[Jade] It's pretty warm.

[Tressa] I'm gonna go take a shower.

[Tressa] My ex-boyfriend, he is a sarcastic asshole.

But now I'm with his roommate, Kendall.

It's different with him. I don't even know, it's really weird.

Come on, Duc.

Kendall, he's a music producer.

Come on, Ducati. Come on, baby.

We've been dating for a week and a day.

He's the kind of guy that you think is an asshole, but... he's not. [chuckles]

I had butterflies in my stomach.

I don't ever get butterflies... ever, anymore.

On Tuesday, I was thinking, "I'm going to my first shoot.

I haven't had sex in three months, and blah, blah, blah.

I'm so excited and I'm so nervous," and all these things.

And then a guy there, was the guy I did Street Blowjobs with, and... his name is Tony Rubino.

-[exhales] -[Jade] Mmm.

Oh, my gosh. So he's only like 5'8", maybe 5'7".

Like, really short guy.

And pretty skinny, too. He's just, like, a white boy.

And then he takes off his pants, and he's got, like, a freaking baby arm like, just coming out of nowhere.

And I was like... [groans] "Oh, my God."

But I worked with him before, so I was like, "Oh, my God."

I'm, like, nervous.

And he told me I was his favorite porn star.

-He was being all sexy. -Oh, it's too much.

Then we got to do the pop shot together. It was awesome.

That's the best part.

Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh.

[Karly] It's gonna go on your chest, on your ass, in the face.

And then swallowing. And then those all get paid the same.

But the one they will pay you more for is cream pies.

That's when they come inside of you.

And you, like, squeeze it out, and it's all, like, cream-filled donut, taco, whatever.

[Riley] Puppy! Puppy! Puppy!

[Michelle] Hey, girls! [Jade] Michelle?

[Michelle] Oh, hi! [Jade] Hi! You're so pretty.

Thanks. Is that the little one?

-[Jade] Yeah, you wanna take him? -Yes!

[Jade] He bites. [Michelle] I don't care.

[Jade laughs] She's like, "I don't care."

Where's your accent from? You have an accent.

-What does it sound like? -[Riley] No, you do.

I don't know. I can't put my finger on it.

Oh, my goodness, you don't bite! You lick.

[Riley] All right, let me show you to your room.

-This is your bedroom. -[Michelle] All right.

[Riley] Your sheets are these. We just washed them.

-When was the last time you went outside? -[Jade] Come on!

[Riley] When's the last time you went outside?

[Michelle] You're so sweet.

[Jade] I don't know.

[Riley] All right. That's not a good answer.

[Jade] Man!

We gotta help her think of a name.

[Jade] Think of... Give me celebrities you like, give me people in history you like, give me days of the week you like.

-What's a girl's name you've always liked? -[Michelle] Brooklyn.

-Brooklyn? -Yes.

-Good. There's a good one. -[Jade] Ooh!

[Riley] I like Brooklyn.

[Jade] I got excited when Michelle got here.

I'm, like, "Oops!"

So how long have you all been here?

[Jade] I've been here since before Christmas.

[Michelle] Oh, dear.

[Jade] I'm getting my boobs done.

All I need is $1,000. I'm saving to get them done.

Oh, my gosh. Oh, I'm so jealous.

[Jade] No! Oi! Don't be jealous.

-You can do it, too. -I'll get there soon.

-[Riley] You're not allowed to. -Me? Why not?

-Not for a little while. -[Jade] Oh, yeah. You're not a MILF yet.

[Riley] Yeah, she's a MILF, "Mom I'd Like to Fuck."

-[Michelle] Okay. Cool. -You guys are teenyboppers.

You get all the young shoots. 'Cause you're really young looking.

[Jade] Don't worry, you'll get booked more than me until I get my titties.

[Riley] Unless you're a hot Latina. [Jade] I'm kidding. [chuckles]

You guys are all just gonna do great. I'll be proud of my hussies.

[Michelle] I responded on Craigslist, actually.

Never done anything like this before.

So... I'm nervous.

No, I mean, it's a lot of money for a girl, you know.

So, I mean, why not? I'd do it anyways.

I mean, people see it anyways.

I mean, why not? And let everybody else see it.

What's up, everyone? This is my first Vine.

I am an upcoming porn star, so please follow me.

-One, two, three. -[camera clicking]

So just look right at me. There you go, just like that.

Relax those shoulders, relax your shoulders.

Pivot this way out.

There you go. You're doing a lot of this.

[Michelle] I know. My shoulders are so tense.

Like, I feel like you wanna tackle me for some reason. Ah!

Crazy! Okay, recite the vowels, A, E, I, O, U.

All right, there you go, just like that. There you go. Have fun with it.

I don't know what you're doing with your mouth there.

I have no idea what you're doing.

-Are you reciting your vowels? -No.

Remember, I wanna give you my money.

I wanna say, "Hey, you, porn star one, I wanna pay you this $1,000!

But your face is killing me right now."

Remember, there's so many girls that a pretty face and a nice body just don't even matter anymore.

You know what I mean? Like, okay, there you go.

No, no. No, no, my boner's going down now.

You gotta help me out, baby.

I'm just kidding. It's never gonna go down.

I'm Puerto Rican. [laughs]

Okay, now, look at me from that angle. There you go!

What? That's your best face!

Right there. That is money.

[Karly speaks indistinctly]

-All right. -I never knew that was so much fun!

-I look so cute in them. I'm so excited! -Yay! You are so adorable.

[photographer] Okay, you ready, rock star?



Perfect, love that.

That is really good. I'm impressed, girl.

Where's this girl at? Brooklyn!

That's the look that if you did, man, you'd get booked every single day. Just like that.

-Love it. Okay. We're good, baby. -[Tressa] Whoo!

[photographer] Look at that!

Oh, my God. Love, love, love!

Okay, let's, uh, turn around, let's see the dunk.

-Damn, bitch! -[Tressa] Look at that! Damn!


Oh, my God.

[Karly] You guys have a lighter? [Tressa] Yep.

[Michelle] Today boosted my confidence more than anything.

When he said, "You look hot." I'm like, "Damn!"

[Tressa] Some guy's gonna see that picture, -and he's gonna jack off to you. -Guys... Yeah!

Even when I'm making my weird, ugly faces and I'm, like, "I just look weird."

And then guys are just like, "Oh, you're so sexy, I just wanna fuck you."

And that's, like, it's a boost of confidence to know that you're wanted, like, that much, you know?

[Tressa] All right. Look, she's going back to sleep.

She's going back to sleep.

I got you!

[squealing and laughing]



[Tressa] He's looking at you. He's looking at you right now.

-That one right there? -Yep.

-Yeah. That one. -That one.

[Tressa] Yeah, you should go talk to him. [Rachel] I'm nervous.

-Go, go, go, Rach. -I'm nervous!



Oh, she got his number!

Success! And I got a box of matches.

[Tressa] Oh, my God!

[upbeat music playing]

[Jade] Oh, my God!

This is, like, ready for the set. Ready for the set.


[Michelle] I'm gonna marry Drake one day. I'm gonna have his babies, and we're gonna live happily ever after in our mansion house in Malibu.


I have our life mapped out. [laughs]

He just hasn't discovered me yet. He will when I get big.

My boyfriend status.

Oh! Do we have to talk about the boyfriend?

I guess we have to 'cause he is kind of, like, right there.

He's kind of camera shy, which is weird.

He's never camera shy.


[Kendall] I don't have my beard.

Aw! That's right, I made him shave his beard this morning, and now he looks... He looks his age now.

Aw! Look at him without his beard.


So, um, we're good.

Um, he's making me do laundry because my suitcase kind of threw up.

[Kendall] Look, I have no problem with porn.

I've had my experiences.

[Tressa] Play it. That's my song. That's our song.

[soft music playing]

[Kendall] But most of my friends think that I shouldn't date her.

But all I ever see is a girl that wanted to make something for herself.

I mean, when it really comes down to it, Tressa's a boss.

She's a hustler, she's a grinder, and she's damn good at it.

She did... I mean, she had goals, and she accomplished them.

She got out of her town, and that's more than... than I could say for myself at 19.


[engine starts]

Babe, please tell me how excited you are.

[Kendall] I'm so excited. I want to go to the zoo so bad.

We're going to the zoo!

[soft music playing]

[Kendall] With other girls I've had sex with, like, I always fuck 'em, I don't make love to 'em.

You know, I'd do what I've watched in pornos.

With her, we started doing that, but now, whenever we have sex, it's slow, -and it feels like it's a lot better. -Intimate.


Like, I can't believe I ever used to ever have meaningless sex.

[slow guitar music playing]

[Tressa] My mom texted me today.

"Hey, Tressa, I miss you.

I don't want you to do this anymore, please." Sad crying face.

It's really hard. I'm just like-- I'm confused.

I'm still trying to find what I'm trying to get out when I'm here, and then when I go back home, I'm still trying to figure it all out.

[Riley] Brooklyn, how long will it take you?

-Are you, like, pretty much ready? -[Michelle] Uh-uh.

It's actually her first shoot ever, actually.

[girl] You're doing it tonight?

[Tressa] I was like, she needed to do this.


So much going through my mind right now.

So much.

[Karly] What's the one thing that's making you the most nervous?

My face. [chuckles]

My face. That's it.

[Riley] All right, we'll be back. [Michelle] Bye.

[Tressa] Good luck on your shoot. Tell me how it goes.

[Michelle] Thanks, I will. I'll DM you.

[Riley] I like for all my girls to make it.

That's a big reason I'm picky.

Stella's hot.

Still getting work, but...

[sighs] she's got to tone up some more.

I talk about it to her, like, a lot.

"You're not fat, it's... just, like, get smaller."

But I don't want her to do that

'cause then she'll be, like, throwing up or something.

I was given this because a producer wanted me to stick only half of it in me for $1,000.

He wants me to keep practicing and trying.

Doing this.

[chuckles] Just doing this.

There's not really that much work for me here in Florida.

Someone told me that... like, "So you are 19, and this is, like, your third month... and I'm guessing you're done now."

I'm like, "I don't plan on being done, but, I mean, why?"

And he's like, "Well, most girls that hit that three-month mark are normally, like, done."

I was like, "Oh, shoot, well, I'm not."

[Kendall] What's your schedule like?




I got offered to do... two shoots... and a flexible shoot for $2,500.


It's bondage.


Fucking serious?

I mean, do what you wanna do. It's your body.

It's not like I didn't know you did porn.



You're gonna have to be okay with it.

I know. I know this, I'm aware of this.

Like, for the next five years, -you're gonna have to be okay. -[shushing]

Five years, we'll see.

[director] Sweetie, grab your IDs.

Ava, Tony. Tony, Ava.

[Tony] Hi. [Rachel] Hi.

-This is called Virgin Manipulations. -[Rachel] No shit.

Yeah, the girl is, um... going away to college, and she's still a virgin.

And I am the, uh, real good friend of the family that is, um, looking to take advantage of that.

-Pretty quiet. -Nothing to say.

-It's okay. [chuckles] -I'm just hanging out.

-Right. -Taking in my surroundings.

[director] Go ahead, action.

You guys go ahead. I'll catch up with you guys.

Get us a table.

I forgot my phone, and I gotta use the bathroom.

Now I feel all predatory and shit.

-[director] Yeah, yeah. -[Rachel laughs]

[director] All right, you guys coming upstairs?

[director] So, Ton, my main line for you is, "I've known you since you were little."

And her main line is, "Well, no, I've never looked at you that way

'cause I consider you like my uncle."

And you, kind of, without even getting a "yes," you kind of almost start to, -like, keep going with it. -[Tony] Mmm-hmm.

[director] You know, and then eventually, you can just tell her, "You know what, just kind of, like, move over."

You kind of just start taking 'em off. You know what I mean?

You never even really got that full "yes," but you been kind of giving little yeses to the big yes.

The little sales technique.

Just sit there, where you're gonna be sitting.

All right...

And here's the key point. You're never fully engaged into it.

-Yeah. -[director] This is kind of weird.

All right, cool, so let's do it.

[Rachel moaning]

[Tony moans]

[Rachel] It's starting to burn. [Tony] Yeah.

That last part, I fucking hated.


There is absolutely nothing sexually arousing about that at all.

And I mean, a lot of porn is like that, like, you're just like, "This is so just work right now."

[Rachel] In the amateur porn world, you're just processed meat.

Everything is the same shoot, like it's always your first time.

[Karly] Hey, excuse me! [man] How can I help you?

I locked everything in my car.

I mean, I don't know, if you have a phone or something.

[man] Yeah, no, I mean, I work right over here.

[Rachel] And you're just like, "Well, I'm dumb as hell, and I need $500, and I'm just gonna get this random dude that I would never have sex with in real life and have sex with him, and say things that I never say, and do things that I'd never do."

[man] If I helped you out, you think you could help me out?

-I don't know. -Give me, like, a blowjob?

Maybe. I've never done anything like this.

-[laughing] -[indistinct talking]

[Rachel] And... it's all about the guy getting off, like the girl's just there to help.

As long as you have boobs and a vagina and an ass, it's all that really matters.

They don't care about who you actually are.

[man] All right. I am here with my, I'm gonna say it, nervous...

Oh, I said it, didn't I?

It was, like, ten seconds, and I already said the "N" word, "nervous." So...

[Michelle] The whole process took about an hour and a half.

It was at a hotel, and it was just, like, him one-on-one, like, pretty much, "I'm a fucking creeper, and I'm gonna mack on you, little teenage girl."

Yeah, sounds about right.

[man] We just met, and here I am, already got my old man hands

-all over your young teen ass. -[laughs]

[Michelle] It was kind of like, "Damn, it's not my type of person that I wanna spend my first shoot on," you know.

But it was all right.

You don't really see his stomach, really, I don't think you do, maybe, I'm not sure. But he has...

He leans back on it so you don't see it, and he only films that part.

And it's like, it's... I don't know. Like, it was...

He actually hurt me, but when I--

-It was kind of gross. [exhales] -Yeah.

[Michelle] He has, like, over 700 girls only on that one website.

And he'll post a new video every Friday.

Like, this guy made money, like...

-He was making $10,000 a day. -Yeah.

[Michelle] Was yours a cream pie?

[Tressa] No, mine wasn't a cream pie. [Michelle] Mine was.

[Tressa] It was just a "he came on my stomach" type thing.

Today I did two cream pies, but all I did was just, I went to Walgreens, got the Plan B pill, so...

I thought they gave you extra for that. Didn't they?

-Yeah. They gave me... Yeah. -For the Plan B.

They gave me an extra $100 for that.

And Plan B pill's only, like, 40-something bucks, so that's 60 bucks that I get to keep.

Why not? Plan B always works, I guess. I don't know.

[Karly] Gonna make a douche.

Just can't be good for you to have sex that much with that many different people.


It's so weird that that's my job.

[Tressa] This is how I spend my Sunday night, in an ER.

I'm in so much pain.

I'm here because I had a Bartholin cyst on my right lip, under my vagina.


And I had to get it drained because it was literally the size of a golf ball.

And look at my hot nurse.

Gosh, it's a lot.

[Jade] I heard that you were at the doctor for a little bit.

Was it anything serious?

Well, it's the gland that makes my vagina moist, got clogged because I've been having too much sex.

That's so scary when what we do for a... To like...

[Tressa] Mmm-hmm. our bills, live our lives, and, like, some shit-- Oh, my God!

Oh, man.


[indistinct talking on phone]

Uh, noon?

[man] Yeah, but you've got to go to the store right now.

And get... ghetto things?

[Riley] Hello. [girl] Hey, what's up?

[Jade] Ay, chihuahua!

They want me to go get skullies, wife-beaters, white t-shirts, sweat pants and jeans.

I'm like, "What?"


It sounds like-- I feel terrible saying it because I'm like, "What do you mean by that?"

But... apparently there are some guys who go to pawn shops and see girls and be like, "Damn, I wish I could fuck that girl."


[Jade] I think that what I do is an outlet for something that's already there.

Supply and demand. That's there because somebody wanted it.

My first porn was actually facial abuse.

Um... well, it's called Latina Abuse.

What it is, is it's... it's extra degrading compared to the other stuff.

-[cameraman] What's your name, bitch? -Ava.

-[cameraman] Ava what? -Ava Kelly.

-Nice to meet you, Ava. How old are you? -I'm 24.

Okay. So, how did you get into porn?

-Paying bills. Yeah. -Yeah? That's typical.

What did you do before?

[chuckles] Insurance.

-[cameraman] Insurance fraud? -No, not fraud, just insurance.

Now, well, what did you do? Like, what type of insurance?

[Jade] It's Latina Abuse.

So they say stuff that would be stereotypical to Spanish people.

[cameraman] You got a bubbly personality, huh?

I fucking hate that.

[Jade] That's the camera guy talking shit.

And then, boom. From there he calls the talent, and he's like, "Let's fuck this slut."

[man] All right, get on your knees, bitch.


[Jade] You're watching it on the computer, your heart will start racing.

-[man] Hola, puta, you speak Spanish? -Sí.

-Say, "I'm a fucking whore." -I'm a fucking whore.

Open your mouth, puta. Come on. Get your fucking hands off me.

I think it's the combination of everything because if it was just... him talking all of this stuff, it wouldn't be so bad.

If it was just him fucking me, it wouldn't be so bad.

And if it was just me throwing up, wouldn't be so bad.

[chuckles] But these three things, followed, you know, one by the other, it looks like it's much rougher than it is.

[man 1] What are you doing? What did I tell you?

-That's fucking it. -[Jade moaning]

[man 1] Good. [man 2] Okay, go ahead.

-[Jade chokes] -[man 1] Let it out, bitch.

[Jade retches]

-[man 2] Slurp that shit up. -[slurping]

Slurp it up.

You missed a spot.

[man 1] Thought you, uh, Mexican chicks are good at this shit, cleaning up.

[Jade moans]

[Jade] I don't judge anybody.

If that's what floats their boat.

They're watching it on the computer, and they're not going out and doing it to an actual girl.

So look at it that way. At least it's me acting.

-[man] What did you think? -I think you guys are very bad.

[man] Oh, that is so fucking hot, the way you're saying it.

I don't look at stuff like... that really black and white, good and bad.

Good and bad is what your opinion is at the moment because X amount of time ago, I thought certain things were bad that I don't think are bad now.

[indistinct chatter]

[Tressa] I'm so tired.


I, uh...

I was strapped...

I was strapped together and I was on a bed and just the same thing, forced fucked and a hardcore blowjob.

I haven't gotten fucked yet, so...

[man] You haven't gotten fucked. Yeah, I know.

So let me get fucked, and then I'll tell you how I'm feeling.

[Tressa moaning]

[Tressa] No vomit. No vomiting today, though.

I didn't eat breakfast, so nothing really came out.

[Jade] You look so awesome! [girl] Wow.

[Jade] God, look at your ass, bro.

[Tressa] That shoot was really good. I was just...

Ugh... Today was just so horrible, though.

[Jade] Oh! You still got it done.

Still got it done. And all the guys went--

'Cause I got hurt yesterday, they were like, "Oh, my gosh, is she okay?"

And then they saw me on today, and they're like, "Are you all right?

Like, we were really worried about you."

All that stuff, and they were being so sweet about it.

-They're the best. -[Tressa] They are.

[Jade] The physical part, it's just... [Tressa] Temporary.

Yeah. I'm here to put on a show, I'm not here to be comfortable.

I come and put on a show and make myself uncomfortable, so you can get off so I can get paid and be comfortable on my own time.

The same way. Oh, there we go. The degrading thing.

Me, that I do it on camera to somebody who's faking it or... that guy or that woman who's been working at that company, busting their ass for shitty benefits, for how many years?

Who can't leave, because then what are their kids gonna eat?

You know what I mean? People are in those situations

-outside of porn, all the time. -[Tressa] Mmm-hmm.

Relationships. With me, it's all fake.

That's where the line becomes fuzzy for some people.

They don't see that.

'Cause they see our end product, that I guess is so realistic because people buy it.

Yeah, I have people from India or Germany and, like, everywhere.

-Australia, and it's like, whoa. -It's all over the place.

It's all over the world.

You can see it anywhere.

-We're more places than McDonald's. -That's true.

[Tressa] Me and Kendall, we ended up going to James Avery and we got promise rings.

This is... our promise to each other to be faithful and honest and hopeful for the future for us.

[indistinct chatter]

[man] What? Just carry it around the back.

Freshman 15 hitting you yet?

No, I work out every day.

-Oh, yeah? -Yeah, I do.

Work out the hand?

-Beer to mouth. Sort that out. -No, I actually work out.

I just started working out every day.

[man] Steve-O! Steve-O! Steve-O!

[Tressa] Oh, my gosh!

[man] Yeah, look at him. [Tressa] I love that!

I actually want to put that on.

[man] Maybe you should do a shoot with that in it.

-That's gonna make you money. -Yeah.

I have a question. What section do you click on to find you?

[Tressa] Um... it's different.

[man] Just type in the search box, "Stella May."

We should pull it up right now on the TV.

Just stand there and compare.

[man] Definitely not.

-Oh, gosh. -[laughter]

[low chatter]

-Hi. -Hi.

[Kendall] It hurts now. Like, every time I see a porno, I'm like, "That's someone's girlfriend," or, "That's someone's daughter."

[man 1] You want to do shots? [man 2] Yes.

[man 1] Do you want shot glasses? I can grab 'em...

[Kendall] I wanted to get the fuck out of there.

It pisses me off because everyone knows that you were getting almost punish-fucked for money.

It's like you're supposed to have a respect for yourself to...

I do.

-Don't tell me that I don't have respect. -I know.

-I'm not talking about you in general. -But seriously, there's a big difference between being on and off camera.

Camera or no camera. If you're getting paid to fuck a guy, say he's tested, whatever.

The camera could be there, it could not be there.

They could put a camera there, turn it off and you would probably not even notice and just feel...

It's just the whole, like... if it's being recorded or not.

I understand, like--

If you think about it, it being recorded is almost worse.

Because now you have evidence that lasts forever!

You have digital evidence that will last forever.

So, what are you saying? Are you saying that I'm a prostitute?

It's pretty fucking close.

But what's keeping it to not being exact?

It's not much.


I can see where you're coming from, baby.

-I love you. -I love you, too.

You're not a prostitute to me.

-I don't know what other people think. -[chuckles]

[soft guitar music playing]

[Rachel gasps]

That little bitch!

Duc, get it. No. Get it! Yeah.


I was in California and...

I had, like, a blowjob scene and I was like, "For sure."

$300 for a blowjob scene. That's nothing.

You go there, you don't even have sex, cool.

I go there and he's like, "Oh, yeah, it's a forced blowjob."

And I'm like, "What?"

Just one guy. One little camera on a tripod.

I don't-- Fuck!

I was scared, I was terrified. I didn't know what to do.

I didn't know if I could tell him no.

Or the fact that we already recorded 15 minutes of it, if I could just fucking leave. Like... then what?

Then I understand that, like, that's how rape victims feel.

Like, they feel bad about themselves.

But then, that's where it all comes in, like, "Did I really want money that bad?"

-[knock on door] -[dog barking]

[Tressa's mom] Tressa.

Hey. Come here.

-[Kendall speaks indistinctly] -Watch out for the guard dog.

-Come on in. -[chuckles] Hi.

-Hi. How are you? -I'm good. How are you?

-Good. I'm Kelly. -Kendall. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Kendall, I don't mean to be rude to you or anything.

How can you date someone...

-Like, how can you-- -Yeah, I hate it. I hate it.

I completely hate it.

He hates it, Mom.

-Trust me, he hates it. -Okay.

And I want her to stop.

But, I mean, like, I don't--

I also don't want to hold it against her and, like, not be with her because of that.

It's, like, it was a bad choice in life.

Well, guess what? Her dad doesn't know.

-Doesn't? -No, he doesn't.

She was supposed to tell him on Christmas Day when they went hunting.

-I thought your dad knew. -Mmm-mmm. He doesn't know.

[Tressa sniffles]

I was thinking about it. I must be crazy to...

Yeah. even take this chance.

It's, like, I want you to quit.

Everyone loves you.

They just don't want you to do something...

-that you're doing. -[Tressa's mom sighs]

She's... [sighs] the first thing I think of in the morning. See?

And she's the last thing I think of at night.

Every day. I shouldn't have to.

[voice breaking] And it's not a good think, it's a worry, it's an upset, and it's a stress.

[Kendall] What is it? What is the hesitation... of you quitting?

[Tressa] It's just the money.

[Tressa's mom] Don't, honey-- [sighs] Tressa.

[Kendall mutters]

And the ability to travel everywhere, like, that's awesome.

[Tressa's mom] You know what? You can still...

-[stammers] What's the cost, though? -[sniffles]

[Kendall] Does this all register with you?

Does it make you wanna stop?

-Really? -Does it really, though?

'Cause you've told me you wanted to quit before, too, and then changed your mind the last second.

[Tressa's mom] Tressa, you've been wanting a boyfriend that cares about you.

[Tressa] Mmm-hmm.

-And there he is, right there. -Mmm-hmm.

[Tressa] I'm thinking about texting Riley right now and letting him know that

-I'm just coming for my clothes. -Do it. Do it.

-[phone line ringing] -[Tressa sighs]

[Tressa] Hey!

I didn't know, really, like, how to tell you.

[exhales sharply]

[Riley] I mean, if it lasts, I am so proud of you, and that's awesome, but I don't believe any relationships last nowadays.

Oh, okay.

And what are you gonna do?

Uh, I'm just gonna take it day-by-day.

I do, honestly, have my withdraws when it comes to, like...

Man, I just want to go back to the house. I miss everybody there.

I miss Ducati, I miss the little baby puppy, I miss just being there and, like, doing my own thing and having my freedom.

Yup. [sighs]

So... All right. Well, I am going to watch a movie because I'm a lazy fuck.

[chuckles] All right. I'll talk to you later.

-All right, bye. -Bye.


That's a relief. [chuckles]



[Riley] Somebody's drunk.

[Jade] Girl. You don't want to turn...

-[Rachel screaming] No! -[Riley laughs]

[Rachel continues screaming]

[Jade] Ducati's like, "Give me that, girl."

[Riley] Come out here. [Rachel] He hurt me.

-He tried to rape me. -Yeah.

[Rachel] Ow!

Holy shit, I never seen him do that.


Okay, I still feel like I'm on a boat right now.

[Jade] How was the regatta, darling?

-Wow, that shit is crazy as fuck. -Told you.

I was like, "Where am I?"

-Oh. Here's another drink... -[Jade speaks indistinctly]'s another drink, here's another drink.

Oi. Right.

[Jade coughing]

[Riley] That was it?

Um... This pisses me off.


Belle Knox.

[Rachel reading] "I'm The Duke University freshman porn star and the first time I'm telling the story in my words."

This bitch, dude!

[upbeat intro music playing]

Well, our next guest made headlines at our own hot topics discussion for being a Duke college freshman by day and a porn star by night.

-[Rachel] What the fuck? -The porn star known as Belle Knox...

[Rachel] She's a one in a hundred-fucking-thousand bitches that are doing the exact same thing.

...says she turned to adult films to pay her tuition...

[Rachel] Just the fact that she goes to... Duke?

-[Jade] I can't take her seriously. -She's on the news.

[Jade] It's been two seconds and I can't take her seriously. I'm sorry.

[Knox] ...told not to show our bodies, and that's really true for women.

And to be in porn, and to be able to be naked and to be able to be free, and have that sexual autonomy, it is so incredibly freeing.

[video continues indistinctly]

-[Jade] She has a really good PR person. -She does, dude!

[Jade] I'm telling you, her publicist is like...

[Rachel] Yeah, dude.


She had facial abuse.

[Rachel] What? [Riley] That was her first scene.

The dog bowl and all of that?

-[Riley] Pretty popular. -I did that.

[Rachel] So what happens? [Jade] That's not pretty girl porn.

Facial abuse is like extra--

She did it.

[man] Welcome to Facial Abuse. What are you studying?

[Knox] Women's Studies.

-[man] Women's Studies? -[Knox giggles]

[man] So you're a feminazi?

I'm not a feminazi, I'm a feminist.

[man] Okay. So what's a fucking feminist doing in Facial Abuse?

[chuckles] Um...

[man] I asked you why you like it, and what did you tell me?

[Knox] I love the look on the girl's face, I think.

[man] You said you like the look of misery in their eyes.

[Knox] Yeah.


[man] Turn to the side.

Look at you. Look at you. Look at this pudging out like that.

Pauly's gonna get the truth out of you in two fucking seconds.

-Hey! Hey. -[whimpers] Oh, my God!

-Sorry. -[man 2] You better be fucking sorry.

Open wide!

[Jade] She wants to get notoriety but not be scarred.

Not everybody can come back from that.

I can tell... by the way that she talks about it...

I mean... she doesn't talk about it.

She was one of the girls who didn't know what she was getting herself into.

A bowl of chips is heavy?

[Tressa] The guacamole's heavy. The guac.


[indistinct conversations]

[Tressa] I told my dad.

He didn't cry, but I could see tears were, like...

[sniffles] ...building up and... he was more angry than upset because... he knew... he knew that I was doing it, he just didn't want to believe it.

So... I told my dad that I just wanted to live with Kendall in Arlington and get a normal job.

And me and my dad came to that agreement.

And he said, "Okay, that's fine. I love you.

I know that it's gonna be a long time until you gain my trust back, but just know that I love you, and you're my daughter and you'll always be my daughter."

[Kendall] Friday and Saturday.

[Tressa] I actually got rid of Stella May's Twitter, maybe, like, couple days ago.

I'm just glad that I'm back to my normal life.

Being a porn star was very expensive, and it sucked because you're always spending money.

Rent, underwear and bras, nails, makeup, food, flights, and then we had to take 10% for Riley.

Hey, baby. How are you?

I only made $25,000 in four months... and after I got out of porn, I had $2,000 left in my bank account.

I enjoyed that selfishness for about four months.

It was enough for me. A lot changed in those four months, so...

To me, what's crazy is how much you did in four months when it comes to videos, like, that's a lot.

[Tressa] I could say that, in the whole industry, probably countless girls tried to escape their parents in order to get their freedom like I did by going through porn.

At the time, I had it my way, so I was gonna do anything I could to keep it that way, but...

[Kendall] It wasn't really your way, though.

-You just found an easy-- -Yeah.

-Like, "This'll work." -An easy route.

-Like, "Okay. I'm gonna do that." -"I'm a hot girl, I'll make money."

But you think about it, your way would be doing exactly what you want to do with your life.

And I know you didn't wake up one day and realize, "You know what my life dream is? It's to--"

[Tressa] To be a porn star. Yeah, of course not.

Like, sometimes, I'll think about it and just be like, "Why did I do that?"

Like, "Why would I wanna keep going?"

But... it's really not that hard to take advantage of an 18-year-old that's fucking on camera.

I mean, most girls, whenever I was in the industry, would always say yes to anything, so...

If it had a dollar sign in front of it... sign me up.

[soft guitar music playing]

Guys, how did everyone find Riley?

[all] Craigslist.


[woman] What's the thing that made you guys wanna do porn?

-Sex. -Definitely money.

-A little bit of both, I'd say. -Sex and money.

-Yeah, sex and money. -I don't like sex.

-[girl] I don't either. -[all laughing]

[soft guitar song continues]

[soft guitar music playing]