Hotel Rwanda (2004) Script


The latest ceasefire came too late to save these villages...

Today President clinton voiced concerns at the deteriorating situation in Sarajevo...

When people ask me, good listeners, why do I hate all the Tutsi, I say, "Read our history. "

The Tutsi were collaborators for the Belgian colonists.

They stole our Hutu land, they whipped us.

Now they have come back, these Tutsi rebels.

They are cockroaches. They are murderers.

Rwanda is our Hutu land. We are the majority.

They are a minority of traitors and invaders.

We will squash the infestation. We will wipe out the RPF rebels.

This is RTLM, Hutu Power Radio.

Stay alert. Watch your neighbors.

Mr, Rusesabagina, thank you, Good to see you, sir,

Thank you, These are for you, sir, They're fresh from Havana, Wonderful, Next time you are there, tell Fidel that I said hello, Good to see you gentlemen,

That is a fine cigar, sir, This is a Cohiba cigar, Each one is worth 10,000 francs, Yes, yes, But it is worth more to me than 10,000 francs, What do you mean, sir?

If I give a businessman 10,000 francs, what does that matter to him?

He is rich, But if I give him a Cohiba cigar straight from Havana, Cuba,,, Hey, that is style, Dube, Style,

Cohiba--a fantastic cigar, The best, eh?

So, you're going to koin us at the rally today?

I will try my best, George, but these days I have no time for rallies and politics, Politics is power, Paul, Hutu power, And money,

It's time for you to koin your people, Thank you, George, But time is also money, I need six extra cases of beer today, along with the regular order,

Business is good at the hotel, It is very good, I'm always glad to see you, Paul,

Put that back! Put that back! That's not beer!

You, clean this up, Yes, sir, Come on, Paul, don't worry about the Carlsberg, I'll give you Heineken, and I won't charge you extra, Thank you,

A bargain buy from China-- ten cents each, You know, I'll get at least fifty, At least,

George Rutaganda is a bad man, I've heard him on the radio telling the Hutus to kill all the Tutsis, Rutaganda and his people, they are fools, Dube, Their time is soon over, Anyway, this is business,

Oh, no, It's the lnterhamwe,

No, no, sit up, Dube, Sit up, Smile, Dube, Don't attract Some of these men are my neighbors, They know that I'm Tutsi, Just smile as if they are friends, Dube,

I know this man! Are you a Tutsi?

What are you doing here?

No, no, Hutu power, Hutu power, Hutu power!

Okay, Yes!

Get out of here,

There's water coming from the box, Park here, We'll go in the front,

Gregoire, please help with this water, Gregoire!

Deal with this right away, We were hoping to go see the gorilla, You must contact our safari desk, Dube, this is the lobby, What's going on? I am sorry, sir, It is an emergency,

Oh, shit! Oh, sorry, sir,

Ten alive, twelve are dead,

All right, But save the shells, Fill them with,,, ,,,a stuffing, The good meat and something local, Cassava? And,,,the fish, And tipali, Yes, We'll call it "fresh lobster in a cassava and tipali crust,"

Dube, Style, sir, Yes, sir,

The problem is, General Bizimungu, I have information that the lnterhamwe militia will not heed the peace agreement, Colonel, the U,N, need not worry about the lnterhamwe, We will control them, General, Paul, This scotch is exceptional, It is our most popular single malt, I knew you'd like it, Colonel Oliver, Good to see you, Paul, General, let me recommend It is spectacular-- straight off the plane, Fresh lobster in Kigali, You do us proud, Paul, Thank you, I left a little something for you at the coat check, Excuse me, gentlemen,

I need flour, Give me two bags of flour, Okay, the plates are ready, Here they come,

Good afternoon, ladies, Elizabeth, please put these in the general's briefcase, Yes, sir, This is RTLM, Hutu Power Radio.

I have a message for our president.

Beware. Do not trust the Tutsi rebels.

Do not shake the hand that will stab you.

They will treat you...

... reporting from Kigali, Rwanda, where tensions are high as the deadline for the U. N.-brokered peace agreement approaches.

Hello, Mr, Paul,

Hello, Jeremiah, Hello, sir,

Good to see you, Paul, Odette, See you soon,

So your brother and the girls are here, Yes, One, two, three,,, Oh, Carine!

Okay, Anais, let me see, Your turn, One, two, three,,,

Who is the winner? Oh, it doesn't matter, I have chocolates, Who wants chocolates?

Hey, Papa, watch this,

Oh, my goodness, Well, here, chocolates, chocolates, Who wants?

Say thank you to your Uncle Paul, Please, not before dinner, Thank you, Okay, okay, Let's go in,

Things are very slow at the shop, How are things at the hotel?

Very busy, Many people visiting the gorillas, A lot of foreign press arriving for the peace acc--

What? There are soldiers, Where? On the street,

I'll go see what's happening, It's all right,

We know you are Tutsi, Please, sir, this is my husband, He's kust a gardener, He's been spying for the rebels, No, we do not know any rebels, You will come with us!

No, we are telling the truth, We do not know any,,, What is it? Shut up!

Tatiana, go back in the house, You must go back, You mustn't be out here, It's Victor,

No, Captain, you see--

It's not me, It's not me, Captain, Captain, Why are you taking him away? Please, please, I know, I know, but it's not me, No! No!

We must do something, Do what? Call someone, I'm not going, I'm not going, No!

Get him in the truck, Now!

We must do something, Please help him!

Oh, Victor!


There is nothing we can do, You must stay the night, Thomas, Yes,


Why would they arrest Victor?

He has no politics, He's a gardener, Who knows, Tatsi?

Who knows?

Someone who didn't like him denounced him as a rebel spy, Happens all the time now,

Maybe you could call one of your contacts in the army, It wouldn't help, You could ask as a favor, No, I could not, Tatsi, all day long I work to please this officer, that diplomat, some tourist, to store up favors so if there is a time when we need help, I have powerful people I can call upon, But Victor was a good neighbor, He is not family, Family is all that matters, Please, please, leave these things to my good kudgment,

This assignment is bullshit, Come on, A few days in a nice hotel, no one shooting at us?

Gentlemen, welcome I am Paul Rusesabagina, the house manager, How you doing? Nice to meet you, Anything that you need, please find me, Thank you, Certainly,

So, what is the actual difference According to the Belgian colonists, the Tutsis are taller and more elegant, It was the Belgians that created the division, How?

They picked people, those with thinner noses, lighter skin, They used to measure the width of people's noses, The Belgians used the Tutsis to run the country, Then when they left, they left the power to the Hutus, and of course the Hutus took revenge on the elite Tutsis for years of repression, Am I telling the truth, Paul?

Yes, unfortunately, Please take this to the general, Benedict is our finest kournalist in Kigali, an expert on the subkect, So what are you, Paul?

I am Hutu, Gentlemen, More champagne? More champagne would be nice, Excuse me, honey, Can I ask you a personal question?

Are you a Hutu or a Tutsi? I am Tutsi, And your friend? Tutsi? No, I am Hutu,

They could be twins, Get the camera, The general's going to give us an interview, Okay, I'm in room 22, I'd love to finish up this conversation,

Senior U.N. officers claim that the Rwandan army is secretly training and arming the Hutu militia called the Interhamwe.

I put this claim to the head of the armed forces, General Bizimungu.

No. No, we have not been training the militia.

The U. N. are mistaken in this accusation.

Do you support your president's agreement to make peace with the rebels?

The president has the full support of the army.

That peace agreement will be signed today in Tanzania between Tutsi rebel forces and President Habyarimana.

This is a great day for Rwanda and for all of Africa, Negotiation has replaced confrontation,,, Paul, have a drink, Friendship has replaced fear, Ladies and gentlemen, we have a live feed to the signing of the peace agreement, To our president, May he find peace, May we all find peace, Let us all dedicate ourselves to nurturing this hard-earned accord, To peace!


Look me up if you come over, Yes, it is a beautiful city, I am planning on returning there as-- Forgive me, Thank you, Bye, Thomas,

Hello, Fedens, Well, this is a surprise, Forgive us, Paul, We must talk, Yes, what's wrong?

I have it from a very reliable source, Paul, Who?

Thank you, Sullivan, My assistant, the Hutu Power man, He says that we must get out now, that soon it'll be very bad, Give me this man's name, Please, Paul, even though he is lnterhamwe, he's a friend, He wants your kob, Thomas,

He said that there is a signal, It is "Cut the tall trees,"

And when they hear this signal, the militia are to go to war, Paul, please, let us take Tatiana with us, You are Hutu, You will be safe, Fedens, I know you have heard many things, And I know what we have seen, Thomas, But please, the United Nations are here now, The world press are watching, The peace has been signed, Let this process work--

What was that?

Power cuts, We are running on generators, Fedens,,, Please, don't worry,

Tomorrow you will come by the house and we will discuss this with Tatiana, All right?

Good night, Paul, Yes, Kiss the girls for me,


Stay in your houses, Stay in your house, Everybody stay in your house!


Paul! Tatiana!

What is going on here? Our house has been burned, Didn't you hear the news? What news?

They are saying President Habyarimana has been murdered, Tutsi rebels have killed him, Nonsense, Why would the rebels kill the president when he agreed to peace?

Everyone, please, out of this room, Please, Jean Baptiste, find them seats in the other room, Odette, please,

Did you meet with Thomas and Fedens? Yes, I told them to go home, Go and call them, Tatsi,

Why do the neighbors run to us? You are the only Hutu they can trust, You are a Tutsi, They are scared, Paul, I am scared,

These are probably rumors started by agitators, We must remain calm for the children, Tatsi, We must, Forgive me, Paul, Elys says that Roger has gone, Gone? Gone where?

He was afraid for his friend Simon, Mama, He went next door, Wait, Paul!

Tatiana, no, You have to Stay in the house, No! Please,

Paul, please, what is wrong? Tell me, what is wrong?

Oh, my son! Where are you hurt? Is he okay? Oh, my baby!

Talk to me, Where are you hurt?


Oh, Tatsi,

Odette, Odette!

Oh, no, I'm okay, Get his clothes off, Tatsi, please get some water, He's hurt, Please, let's get his clothes off, He's covered in blood, Lay back, son, He went next door to the Chirangas, Where is he hurt?

Look here, Odette, look here, Stay still, Roger, Keep him still, Paul, I can't find the wound, What happened to you?

Tell your mother, Talk to me, Tell your mother what happened, Roger, Roger, you're okay, Do not worry, he is not cut, He is not hurt, This is not his blood, Paul, You are not hurt, My darling, it's okay, It's okay, You are safe, Look at your mother, Come here, Elys, Where did the blood come from? Please, please!

You are safe, You are out, Roger, You are safe, you are safe, Roger, You are safe, Roger, It's okay, I love you so much, I love you,

Oh, son,

Paul, Listen to me, good people of Rwanda. Terrible news...

It is true, Horrible news...

Our great president is murdered by the Tutsi cockroaches.

Oh, my God!

They tricked him to sign their phony peace agreement.

Then they shot his plane from the sky.

It is time to clear the brush, good Hutus of Rwanda.

We must cut the tall trees. cut the tall trees now!

The soldiers are here!

Let us go to work, loyal Hutus. No, no, Everyone, stay calm, Stay calm and be quiet, Find these traitors. Let none of them escape.

Split up, Everybody out,

You two, check the back, You, go and find him, Yes, sir,

I better go have a word with them, Go around the back, Make sure no one comes out, Yes, sir!

Who's in charge here?


Can I help you, sir? Everybody out! Out!

Let me see your identity card, Grab your things, Go!

I am a good friend of General Bizimungu, Get out!

Get out of here!

Everybody, out! Get out, get out!

You work at the Hotel Diplomat?

No, I work at the Mille Collines, I used to work at the Diplomat, We want to use that hotel, All the room keys are in the safe, You must open it, Let's go, Paul! Sir, I cannot leave my family, I must take them with me, It is not safe here, There are Tutsi spies everywhere, I cannot take all these people, No, no, sir, We have our car and our van, captain Kaliso, come on. Roger, Let's go! Come on, Hurry! Go around, go around, We found him, Let's go, Let's go!

Can I go with you? Yes, of course, Jeremiah, Hurry,

Oh, Jesus, no!

Oh, it's Simon, Papa!

Don't look, don't look, don't look,

The safe is in the manager's office, You two, go with him,

Look at this, Beer,

I've got them,

Get down, all of you!

Sir, sir, Here, I have them,


These are Tutsi cockroaches!

Let me explain, sir, Please wait,

Shoot them, Shoot them, Please, I don't use guns, I don't, It's easy,

Shoot them, or you die first, Sir, what could I pay you not to do this?

You wanna pay me?

Why not? Look at them, These are not rebels, Soon they will be worthless to you, Why not take some money for your work?

How much? You name a price,

10,000 francs for each, Sir, I don't have that much, Wait, wait! Here, It's 1,000 U,S, 50,000 francs for my wife and children, Take them, Go, go, go, Go, go, go, Have you any money? Nothing, Paul, don't let them die,

Sir, I have more money actually, And let them give you something, Some money, whatever they have, All right?

Here you are, Give me everything you have,

Here, Paul, it's all I have,

Here you are, See?

This is enough for one cockroach, Pick one, Sir,,,

I will give you 100,000 francs for all of them,

Give me it, I don't have it here, At the Mille Collines I can get it for you, You'll run into the hotel and hide behind the U,N, Sir, I swear, I will get you the money, You keep them outside,

Please, sir, Please, Let's go, Okay, Everyone in the van, Come on now, Hurry,

Go with my soldiers, And hurry back if you want to keep these cockroaches,

The soldiers are here, Where is the car?

There is nothing I can do, Excuse me, sir! Please, could you--

Here's the money, 100,000 francs as promised, Now please, let them go, sir, Take the money, We will get them later,

You can go, Thank you,


Thank you, Paul,

Do you understand, Dube? Because I can't wait for Paul, You must tell him when he comes-- Here he is, sir, Paul, I have to go, The staff of Kivu Lodge have fled, I have to close up there, You are in charge now, It's okay, it's okay, There were no survivors in last night's plane crash in Kigali, Rwanda.

Everyone, please move to the side, Clear the door, Come, Tatsi,

Andre, I need two suites, Paul, please, where is my passport? Yes, I understand, I need to get hold of my embassy, If you give me one moment, please, Odette, Jean Baptiste, take this room, What about our neighbors?

What will they do?

Dube, Yes, sir?

Please,,,put these "guests" in two staff rooms, Right away, sir,

No, no, no, Please, it's old,

It's all right, Roger, It's all right, We're here, Ah, Joseph, Your suit, sir, This mess is unacceptable, Call housekeeping, get them up here right away, Thank you,

I'm trying Thomas and Fedens, All right,

Operator, I need a line, I need a line now, Please, Hello?

You did not reach them?

No, No answer, It is a very tense situation, and I just want to assure the families of those who are there that we are doing everything we possibly can to try to ensure the safety of our citizens there.

Can you at least tell us, is the airport actually open?

We are calling the airport, We are calling the embassy, We are trying to get as much information for you as we can, And yes, your passport, yes, And my passport, Antoinette will take care of this for you, Dube, where is Gregoire?

Sir, he has moved

Mr, Manager, What do you think you are doing, Gregoire?

Who is it?

It's okay, darling, What do you want?

You had better get out of this room and back downstairs right away, I don't have to listen to you anymore, Yes, you do, I am in charge, Now get out of this room right now,

Mr, Manager, do you notice the smell of cockroaches?

If I were to leave this room, And I know people who can cleanse it, But maybe it doesn't bother you, Why is that?

Are you used to the smell?

Well, not me, I need a clean room to escape it,

Please move into the hotel, Everyone, keep moving, My house has been burned, I have nowhere to go, Yes, I understand this, Your Honor, But we are operating at capacity as it is, I can give you one room, but you will have to share it, I'm sorry, There's no way we can share, I am sorry, Forgive me, There are eight of us, Yes? Paul, I need your help, Yes, Madame Archer,

They're Tutsi children from the St, Francis orphanage, Okay, come on, let's go, I have only one room, That'll do,

Come, Otto, please, Excuse me, Corporal, take that lady's bag, please, and quickly,

Have to go get the rest of them, The rest of them?

There are another ten, I'll be back soon,

Madame Archer, I have a favor to ask of you, My brother-in-law and his family, they live near the St, Francis, On O'Clare, 20, Can you please get them and bring them here to me?

Sure, And I have a photo,

Please, keep moving!

Thanks, Paul, Please move into the hotel!

Come on, kids, don't be afraid, Take them around the back, Everyone, keep moving!

Has he spoken to you yet?


Is your face still hurting?

It's all right,

The neighbors asked me to thank you for your kindness,

I shouldn't have brought them here,

The first thing they told me when I received my appointment was to never, never lower

"Maintain the Mille Collines' dignity at all times, Paul,"

Soon all of this will be over,

What if I lose my kob, Tatsi?

Oh, my God!

Where are you going? I'll be right back,

Take care of them, How, sir?

Bathe them, feed them, Put them to bed,

I will send you some help,

Okay, babies, We have heard reports of reprisal massacres, Will the U,N, intervene to stop the bloodshed?

We're here as peacekeepers, not as peacemakers, My orders are not to intervene, Excuse me, Thank you, Colonel, Here, Over here, Listen, I got us a car, but we gotta move now, We're not allowed to do that, Jack, David, the shit's going down outside these walls, We gotta cover it, We're not leaving the hotel grounds unless we have an armored car, That's the ground rules, The ground rules?

Where do you think we are, fucking Wimbledon?

We cover the story from here until we get the proper vehicles, Jack, Shoot some "B" roll of the refugees,

Let's go, Colonel, I have no way to protect these people, And I have more refugees than I have room for as it is, I was given 20 orphans today by the Red Cross, This is not a refugee camp, Can you not take them with you to your facilities?

No, I can't do that, Paul, I'm overwhelmed at my refugee camp, I'm under attack, constant attack, As soon as we can stabilize this situation, then I'll take 'em,

...and stop the Tutsi cockroaches who try to run from justice.

The Tutsi cockroach judge called Makesa is hiding at 4...

-... Kabulla and his cockroaches... Turn that radio off, Watch out for him. He--

And get back to work, We have a hotel to run, There's no work here anyway, The boss has left, I am your boss!

Sir, there's a call from the Mille collines in Rwanda on line one.

Yes? Who am I speaking to?

Yes, sir, Paul Rusesabagina, the house manager, I met you on your last visit here, Mr, Tillens, Ah, yes, Paul, I remember, How are things there?

The situation is difficult, sir.

Some of our directors believe we should close the Mille Collines until this unrest is over, I'm not sure about that, Paul. What do you think?

Sir, that would be The Mille Collines is an oasis of calm for all our loyal customers, What would they think if Sabena deserted them now?

I assure you, the United Nations have everything under control, sir, Very well, Paul, Very well, But if this thing gets worse, we must close, If there is anything I can do, please call, Sir, yes, there is one thing I'm going to be needing from you right away, Let me tell you, it was an embarrassment for me to have to ask for this, Most of us in this room have known each other and worked together for many years, Is it really necessary for me to get a letter from Belgium for you to perform your duties?

In fact, forget this letter, If you don't want to work for me and would rather be out there, then leave now,

Please, everyone, back to work,

Paul, thank you for coming, The air conditioner's on the blink, ls there any way you can have a look at it?

I'm kust on a deadline, Certainly, Fred, let me know when you get the satellite feed, Thanks, Mr, Fleming, I brought you some tea as well, sir, Thank you, Paul, You're an oasis in the desert, ...the elements of the government and army are following the example of what happened to the Americans in Somalia.

I think they intend to intimidate us, try to attack us, and... hope that the West will pull all its troops out.

Do you think they'll succeed? No, they won 't.

The U. N. 's here to stay.

What about the outbreak of violence since the shooting down of the president's plane?

What the hell do you think you're doing?

I'm responsible for the safety of this crew,

What is this?

Where did you get this? Half a mile down the road, Fred, it's David, I've got incredible footage, It's a massacre, Dead bodies, machetes, If I get this through right away, can you make the evening news?


You have to lead with this, I point at you, you do a shot, And you'll get a total double and see if all the drinking--

Excuse me, Mr, Daglish, Hey, Paul, Listen, sorry about earlier, If I'd known you were in there, I wouldn't have--

I am glad that you have shot this footage and that the world will see it, It is the only way we have a chance that people might intervene,

Yeah, and if no one intervenes, How can they not intervene when they witness such atrocities?

I think if people see this footage,,, ,,,they'll say, "Oh, my God, that's horrible," and then go on eating their dinners,

What the hell do I know? Listen, you wanna kust relax?

I have more work to do, I thank you for your offer, Please enkoy your evening, Mr, Daglish,

Help! Please help us! Please! Sir! Sir!

We've got trouble at the gate,

Can we have some medical assistance here, please?

That group, come with me, Move out of the area, Here, get up, get up, Right, fall back, everybody, Benedict, what is happening?

They're killing everyone, The lady,,, The lnterhamwe have surrounded the whole town, Come on!

Cover the road, Now, Stand your ground, Hold the line, Do not shoot! Do not shoot!

Lieutenant, guard this gate, Yes, sir, You two, take up positions behind those sandbags, They murdered my men, I lost ten Belgian U,N, soldiers, They were protecting the lady prime minister, She is dead? Yeah, she's dead, The Europeans are putting together an intervention force, They'll be here in a few days, I understand that, Colonel, but there is What can I do?

I'll put two more men on the gate, two of my best lieutenants, All right, All right, I understand, Thank you,

Madame Archer, Hello, We were expecting you five days ago, I'm sorry, My brother and his family, did you find them?

I made it to the house, Empty? It had been ransacked, As I left, an old woman, I went to the house, She has the two little girls, They're safe, Okay, But,,, My brother and his wife-- did the old lady know of them?

My brother is dead, They would never leave their children, Perhaps they could not make it home, Tatiana, They are hiding, Please, can you return and bring the girls back here to us?

I can't, There are lnterhamwe roadblocks everywhere,

When I reached the orphanage,,, ,,,the lnterhamwe were there, They'd already started killing children, They made me watch,

There was one girl, she had her little sister wrapped on her back,

As they were about to chop her, she cried out to me,

"Please don't let them kill me, I promise I won't be Tutsi anymore,"

Please, I can't,

They're targeting Tutsi children, Paul, to wipe out the next generation,

I've nowhere to take the orphans, Paul, Don't worry, There will be an intervention force coming soon, We will get the orphans out then,

They're here!

They're here! We are safe!

Soldiers have arrived!

Wow, look, it's the French!

Thank goodness!

Welcome, Thank you, Well done,

About time, gentlemen, Thank you for saving our lives,

It's okay, Roger,

Jean Baptiste, our prayers have been answered, Thank God, Yes, finally!

See, it's okay,

We can do nothing from our side,

Sweetheart, I told you we'd be safe, See? I told you, Yeah,

So, Colonel, what can I get for you?

Something strong, Scotch? Yeah,

Congratulations, Colonel, You have performed a minor miracle,

Congratulations, huh? Yes, sir,

You should spit in my face, Excuse me, Colonel?

You're dirt,

We think you're dirt, Paul, Who is "we"?

The West, all the superpowers, everything you believe in, Paul, They think you're dirt, they think you're dung, You're worthless, I'm afraid I don't understand what you are saying, sir, Come on, don't bullshit me, Paul, You're the smartest man here, You got them all eating out of your hands, You could own this freakin' hotel, you're black, You're not even a nigger, You're an African,

They're not gonna stay, Paul, They're not gonna stop this slaughter,

Please, Got it,

Hello, Hello, Daddy, Elys, take Diane in the other room,

What is it?

All the whites are leaving, They are being evacuated, But,,,what about us?

We have been abandoned, But the soldiers will stop the killers, Listen, Listen to me, Tatsi, Listen, I said all the whites are leaving-- the French, the ltalians, even the U,N, Belgian soldiers, all of them!

Who is left?

I don't know, Colonel Oliver said he has 300 U,N, peacekeepers for the whole country,

The most he can spare for the hotel are four men, And they are not allowed to shoot,

I am a fool, No, No, no, They told me I was one of them, and l,,,

Wine, chocolates, cigars, style-- I swallowed it, I swallowed it, I swallowed all of it, And they handed me their shit,

I have no history, I have no memory, I'm a fool, Tatsi, You are no fool,

I know who you are,

News Service Africa.

A United Nations source reports that the U. S. and British representatives on the Security council will lobby for the removal of all U. N. peacekeepers from Rwanda.

Please, Jack, Wait, he's British, Jack, please don't leave me,

Can we talk? Just one second, Please, Jack, Please, They'll put me on the street, They'll chop me,

Here, Now kust take,,, Take this, No, no,,, Just take the money, Please, kust take the money, You must go, You must, Please, they are waiting, Paul! They are waiting, Paul, He won't put you out, Here, give her anything she wants, Anything, Just charge it, This is not necessary, They're gonna kill us here, Let him go, We have to let him go,

Don't do that, please, Jesus Christ, I'm so ashamed,

Wait! Wait!

Hold the buses!


Thank you for being here, Thank you very much, Thank you, No Rwandans, What?

Foreign nationals only, Sorry, Father, those were the orders, But you can't leave the children behind, Sorry, Father, we have our orders, You can't leave them! We can do no more, Father, it is of no use, These men are not here-- They are not here to help us, Please, there is nothing we can do, Get your people on the bus, I will take care of the others, It is of no use, Father,

No, no, no, To the hotel, To the hotel,

Sir, please, don't touch the camera, We have the right to film, No filming, Go to the hotel, Go inside, Go inside the hotel, Yes, you can stay, yes, We will take care of you, Go into the hotel,


Go to the hotel, Go inside, Go inside the hotel,

Excuse me, Excuse me,

Sir, Come, Dube, Please, everyone inside, Please, people, let's go inside, Out of the rain, please, Come, sister, come,


I want you to go, Go where?

You take the children, You go get the girls, Your card says Hutu-- What are you saying?

Please, please, You pay money at the roadblocks, I want you to go, No, Tatiana, no, I will never leave you,

I will never leave you,

Oh, Tatsi,

Let us sleep, my wife, Let us sleep,

Get up, Get up, Get up, get up, get up,

Are you the manager? Yes, sir, What's the matter?

Everyone must leave the hotel now, Why? Papa, what's wrong?

It's an order, I need some time-- 20, 30 minutes--to take a shower, Sir, people are still sleeping, I don't care,

Please, let me get you some beers, You and your boys, And I'll be down right away, all right? As quick as I can, Ten minutes, Yes, sir, ten minutes,

Get out of the way, Quick, children, quickly, Roger's not here, Where is he? Where's Roger?

Under the bed, Roger, It's Papa, They've gone, They've gone, they've gone, Come, come, Come on,

Oh, my darling, It's okay, sweetie, It's okay, Come on, it's okay, It's okay, Go to the roof, Tatiana, Yes, yes, go to the roof right now, Yes, good day, General Bizimungu, please, He is where?

No, that is unacceptable, Who would order such a thing?

Yes, did you find the general?

Gentlemen, please have some beer, Get me the guest list, Yes, sir,


Sorry, sir, but I have a call from Paul in Kigali. He says it's urgent.

Paul, are you all right?

We have a big problem, sir.


The Hutu army have come, They've ordered us-- all of us--out of the hotel, Why are they doing this?

I think they will kill us all, Kill?

What do you mean,,,all? How many?

We have 100 staff and now more than 800 guests, 800?! Yes, sir.

There are now 800 Tutsi and Hutu refugees.

I do not have much time left, sir,

I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family, and please thank all of my friends at Sabena.

Paul, wait, I'm gonna put you on hold, Stay by the phone, Where are your papers? We don't have any papers, sir, We don't have any papers, They got burnt in the house, Louis, get on to the U,N, Tell them what's happening, Did you need something, sir?

Mary, call the prime minister's office, Tell them I must speak with him now, Okay,

Paul, are you there?

Yes, sir, Who can I call to stop this?

The French, They supply the Hutu army, Do everything you can to buy time, I'll call you right back,

What are you doing, Dube?

The lieutenant, sir,

Go and get these boys some more beer, Thirsty, boy? You like beer?

Thank you,

Come with me, please,

Sir, that was two weeks ago,

Here you are, sir,

Anderson, Arthurs, Boulier,,, What is this?

It is the guest list, sir, Are you trying to make a fool of me?

No, We stopped taking names after the president was murdered, This is the only guest list, sir, There are no Europeans left!

Get me the names of all the cockroaches in there now, That will take time, We don't have time, If I don't have the names so that I can pick out the traitors, then I'll kill everyone in there, Starting with you, Leave,

Yes, sir,

Yes, sir, Who did you call?

Who did I call? Don't lie to me!

What is your name?

Rusesabagina, Paul Rusesabagina, I'll remember you, I'll remember you, Let's go, Come on, we're leaving,

They've gone,

Paul, Paul,

I was afraid for you, Sir, the president of Sabena is on the phone for you, I must talk with this man,

Mr, Tillens, Paul, what's going on?

They left, Thank you, sir, What did you do?

I got through to the French president's office,

Well, thank you, You have saved our lives, I pleaded with the French and the Belgians to go back and get you all, I am afraid this is not going to happen.

They're cowards, Paul, Rwanda is not worth a single vote to any of them, The French, the British, I am sorry, Paul,

Thank you,

There will be no rescue,,, ,,,no intervention for us, We can only save ourselves, Many of you know influential people abroad, You must call these people, Please, fax this You must tell them what will happen to us, Say good-bye,

But when you say good-bye, say it as though you are reaching through the phone and holding their hand, Let them know that if they let go of that hand,,,

,,,you will die,

We must shame them into sending help,

Most importantly, this cannot be a refugee camp, The lnterhamwe believe that the Mille Collines is a four-star Sabena hotel, That is the only thing that is keeping us alive, Have you printed the bills?

Thank you, Now please erase the register, Erase it? Yes, I want no names to appear there, Boss, the carpenters are ready, Tell them to remove all of the numbers from the doors, And put what? And put nothing,

Good day, Here is your bill for the last week, If you cannot pay or think you will not be able to pay, please go to the banquet room and Dube will take care of you, Thank you,

Does the State Department have a view as to whether or not what is happening could be genocide?

We have every reason to believe that acts of genocide have occurred.

How many acts of genocide does it take to make genocide?

Alan, that's just not a question that I'm in a position to answer.

Is it true that you have specific guidance not to use the word "genocide" in isolation, but always to preface it with this word "acts of"?

I have guidance which I try to use as best as I can.

I have--

There are formulations that we are using that we are trying to be consistent in our use of--

I'm sorry it is not Glenmorangie, As long as it is scotch,

Your white friends have abandoned you, So it would seem, Well, don't worry, I will take care of you, I'm glad to hear that because I was wondering if perhaps you could spare us a few policemen, To protect us, sir, The police are very busy, Paul, Yes, I'm aware of this, But when I last spoke to the president of Sabena, he assured me that anyone who helped protect Belgian property would be well rewarded, I will see what I can do, Excuse me momentarily, sir, Where has all our beer gone?

Sir, Gregoire has been taking beer, How much beer?


,,,come down to the reception, And then he says to me, "How do you want the girls?"

There's our cockroach manager, Always kissing ass,

General,,, I'm glad you came by, I overheard something that I think you should know about, What did you overhear?

It was a discussion between a U,N, Colonel and an American Embassy official, And what did they say?

The American assured the colonel that they would watch everything, How? They have gone, Paul, With their spies, Satellites,

Americans, Oh, Gregoire!

You know, I admire you, General, How do you keep command of your men amid such madness?

I am a strong man, Paul, I wish I were more like you, I mean, look at my staff, Cheers, He won't work, He is staff? Oh, yes, Yes,

Get back to work, you slug! Go!


What was I going to say, that the Americans were hiding in the trees?

What's the matter? I have to go out and get food, Go out? Where? To George Rutaganda's place, No, No, no, I have to, Tatiana, We are only as valuable as the money we give to him, You cannot go alone, I'm not going alone, I'll take Gregoire with me, He's a good Hutu, and he wants to impress me now,

It is good to see you back at work, Gregoire, Please, sir, accept my humblest apologies, Please, please, We have a kob this morning, We are going to see George Rutaganda, Please get the van,

Show me your l,D, Remember how those Tutsi women used to look down their long noses at Hutu men? Now they beg for their lives.

I'm here to see my friend George Rutaganda, I say taste those Tutsi whores before they die.

Then they'll know what Hutu power is, my warriors.

Remember, one cockroach can start an infestation.

We need to exterminate these vermin.

Hey, Paul, my old friend,

Tutsi prostitutes and witches, So, what can I do for you?

I need supplies, George, Anytime,

Paul, everything is double the price now, You understand that?

Yes, I need rice, beans, powdered milk, beer, and your best whiskey, Beer yes, but whiskey no, You have no whiskey?

No whiskey, no spirits, Your,,,rich guests will have to do without their scotch, Anyway, Paul, I have bled that cow enough now, What are you saying, George?

Your rich cockroaches at the hotel, Soon all the Tutsis will be dead,

You do not honestly believe that you can kill them all?

And why not?

Why not?

We are halfway there already,

So, Paul, you want 12 bags of rice?

Give him 12 bags of rice and 4 crates of beer, Yes, sir, right away, Oh, and, Paul, I'll give you a crate of soft drinks for the kids free of charge, Yes, Ten bags of beans, Come, quick, And put those in the van, You, Let me give you a little tip, my friend, Our generals in army say, "Don't go near the Mille Collines or they will send the Belgian soldiers back here,"

But soon those generals will have gone and we will be in charge, It's time to butcher that fat cow of yours for the meat,

Let's go,

Maybe you could help us, Paul, You have some very important traitors at that hotel, Now, if we were to get them, then maybe we would let you have one or two cockroaches of your own, Do you understand?

It is almost dawn, George, We really must be going, Take the river road back, It's clear,

Gregoire, What is going on now?

You've driven off the road, No, I'm on the road, You're going to put us in the river, Stop the car, stop the car,

Back up the car, Gregoire, Listen to me, You will tell no one what you have seen here today, No one, Gregoire,

Dube, Please help Gregoire to unload the van, Thank you,

Oh, dear,

Oh, God!

Oh, God!

Sir, Dube!

Sir, are you okay? Don't come in, Don't come in, I'll be out in a minute, Sir, are you okay? Yes, I'm all right, Dube, Don't come in, I'll be out,


It was too many to count,

Why are people so cruel?

Hatred, Insanity, I don't know,

There you go, Is she putting her fingers in the soup?

Oh, yes, ,,,to do with you, Nothing to do with me, I remember,,, No, no, no, you make a mistake, Hello, Come with me,

Where are we going? Just come,

It's beautiful,

You like it?

I hear we must pay for everything, Yes, this is true, So,,,how much for this?

A kiss,

You are a good man, Paul Rusesabagina,

I have a confession,

When you worked as the nurse,,, In Ruhengeri? Yes, When we first met,,, I had you transferred to Kigali,


I bribed the Minister of Health to have you transferred to Kigali, Why? To be closer, So that I could marry you,

What was the bribe?

What am I worth to you? It was substantial, Tell me what it was, A car,

What sort of car? What does that matter?

I want to know, A Volkswagen,

I hope it was a new one,

We have had a good life, you and l, Yes,

I thank God every day for the time we've had,

We have to have a plan, A plan?

Our children cannot see us die first, If the militia come, you must come up here as quick as you can, Please, I don't want to--

I don't want you to talk like this, please, We have to, Tatiana, If I do not make it, you must take all of our children by the hand,,, ,,,and you must kump,

What are you saying? I could never-- You have to, Tatiana, You have to promise me, What are you saying?

Tatiana, the machete is no way to die, You have to promise me you will do it, I cannot do--

You have to promise me, Tatiana, Please, Promise me you will do it,

Please, Tatiana,


I'm sorry, I love you, I love you,

I'm gonna get you!

Diane, Elys, you know better, No one can be at the front of the hotel, I have told you this, Take these children in the back, Hurry, Sorry, Papa, Come, children, Come,

Paul, I've got good news,

Congratulations, Your calls have worked, I have exit visas for the following families, Abukesu, Tanzania, Bidori, Kenya, Gituaranga, Zambia, Hallelukah!

Khalesa, Belgium, Oh, thank you!

Dakuzi,,, Kenya, Masambo, Zambia, Zinguru, Ghana, Rusesabagina, Belgium, All right, that's it, So remember, Let's go, Colonel? Yeah, Now, certainly Odette and Jean Baptiste are on the list, I'm sorry, Jean, Odette, But I have been assured there will be another plane soon, Excuse me,

Don't worry, Tatsi, we'll make it to the next list, Yeah, The girls-- Paul, I will not leave without them,

What have you brought us?

Antibiotics, medical supplies, general first aid, Thank you, I hear there's to be a convoy, Yes, Are you on the list?

Madame Archer, I have Is there any way that you could return to the old woman and bring the girls back here to us?

Paul, that side of town has been They're probably dead,

Madame Archer, I'm begging you, Those girls have no one now,

I'll try, We have to leave by 7 a,m, Who'll take care of the orphans when you're gone?

Odette, Odette will care for them until we can get them out of here,

Tell me, Paul, what country's gonna take 20 Rwandan orphans?

I will find someone, I promise you,

Thanks, Thank you,

Come on, take my hand, News Service Africa. Today a Red cross representative claimed that the death rate in the Rwandan conflict may have climbed to as many as 500,000 victims.

One report stated that 40, 000 bodies had been removed from Lake Victoria.

Where is she?

I don't know, We wait until seven, If she is not back with the girls by then,,, ,,,she may not be coming,

Thank you, Please, take these letters, Yes, I will take your letters, Thank you so much, Paul, taking the letter, Thank you so much, Yes, I am sorry, Thank you very much, I am sorry, I wish I could have done more, I am sorry,

God be with you, Yes, do you have any children? Yes, you're clear to go, No, sorry, no good, Come, Come, children, Tatsi, come, Please, Paul, the girls, We wait a little longer, We cannot wait, We cannot wait, Tatsi, There you go, Let's move out!

Good luck, sir,

I am not leaving, You hold Tatiana, Take care of my family,

Paul, Paul!

I cannot leave these people to die, I cannot leave these people, Papa!

Roger! Roger, I will follow on the next flight, No, don't leave me! Paul!

Don't worry, Don't worry, children, Your father's going to be okay, Papa!

Don't worry, He's okay, I want Papa!

It's okay,

I say those Hutus who shelter the cockroaches are the same as cockroaches.

They are all the same. This is crazy, Their fate should be the same. This is RTLM.

The Tutsi cockroaches of the rebel army must be denied recruits. come on, good Hutus. The graves are not yet full.

Who will help us fill them? That goddamn radio station, Okay, Y eah, they are going to the airport,

Stand by your radios. I am hearing some urgent news.

Boss! Please, come quick! Not now, Dube, It is important! It is on the radio, You have to hear it, We have received reports of very important cockroaches and traitors trying to escape from the Mille collines Hotel.

Gather up your weapons.

Stand by your radios. We will keep you informed.

They are being smuggled away... No, no! Who told them of this, Dube?

I saw Gregoire, sir, It is Gregoire, I saw him leaving in our bus,

Please, sir, I say who leaves that hotel, and no one else,

General Bizimungu, they are driving into an ambush,

Slow down, Stay calm, What is happening? We're stopping,

You have got cockroaches in these trucks, No, no, I've got U,N, personnel in these trucks, I've got permission to go through these roadblocks, I'm going to search these trucks, You are not going to search this convoy, I am, Cover me,

Go to the back,

Get away from that truck, Get away from that truck! Now!

Get back! You're not to hurt these people, Get back! Move back!

Look, I told you, you've got cockroaches in your truck, No, no, no, They're political refugees under U,N, sanction,

News has come to us that we have cowards in our own army who will not let us punish them.


You're moving cockroaches from Mille Collines?

No, sir, No, sir, They cannot leave Mille Collines, They are not leaving, Stop him!

You bastard!

What's your name?

What's your name? I can't think,,, Kill them! Get everybody out of here! Move it!

What's your name? What's your name?

Let's move! Drive!

Move! Get out!

Out, or I'll shoot!

Get out!

Drive, drive! Let's go!

Help us get out of here, Clear the street!

I am receiving more news, good Hutus.

I have learned that the traitor Rusesabagina's cockroaches are on a truck.

1 0,000 francs for their heads!

Stay still, Give me your shirt, quickly,

Come on, Paul, Come on, here, here,

Please, please, Hey, medic, Get a medic over here! You need to hurry up, please, Come, hurry, hurry,

Let me help you, Someone give this guard a hand, please,

Oh, Tatiana, my darling,

I was so worried about you, Move that truck out of the way!

Get him inside!

Tatiana, Tatiana, You left me, You left me, Take this, I don't want it, I don't want it, You said you'd never leave me, and you left me, You are a liar!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Papa, Papa, Papa, Mama! I love you,

I wanted you to be safe, all of you, That was not your decision to make, We make our decisions together, That was our promise, You're right, You're right, I knew that the minute the truck pulled away, I'm sorry, Come on, put some more water, What are they doing?

Dube, I'm sorry, sir, They shut down the water, This is all we have,

General, Where are my supplies?

I'm sorry, sir, The cellar is empty, You have nothing, and yet you call me, begging me for help?

Do you know the trouble I have protecting these cockroaches?

Sir, I have money from the guests, Rwandan francs!

Those are only good for wiping your ass, There is nothing more I can do for you, Paul, No more police, no more protection, Let the U,N, take care of you,

Drive, Go!

What would Sabena make of this?

Watch out!

Get down, get down!

Are you hurt? Go outside, Please stay still, There's glass here, I will get it out, Is anyone hurt, Odette?

Lots of cuts and bruises,

Thank God it was a storeroom, And in Rwanda, humanitarian agencies report that a rapid advance by the Tutsi rebel army has sparked a mass evacuation of Hutu refugees towards the congo.

One aid worker described it as the largest refugee exodus in modern history.

The rebels have taken half the city, and they have proposed a deal the Hutu generals are willing to accept, The rebels will exchange their Hutu prisoners, and you people, all of you, will be able to move behind the rebel lines where it's safe, The lnterhamwe, what about them?

No one controls them, This time they will kill us all, They will kill us all if we stay here, We have to take the chance, What time should we be ready to leave?

I can put it together in two days, Paul, Two days?

Colonel, there is no way that we can hold out for two days, I have nothing left to bribe them with, Colonel, we will

Diane,,,let your mother rest, You rest too, sweetheart,



I have to go to the Diplomat,

What are you doing? We have to go to the Diplomat, To do what? Your items, they are there, Will you please put your policemen at the gate, sir?

No, Let us see what you have to offer first,

Oh, no, Madame Archer,

Move, move!

Cover us, Yes, sir, Hurry!

Come on, show me,

Look at this, Nice, yes?

And here you are,

The rebels are getting closer, yes?

The rebels can have this graveyard, We have ordered everyone out of the city,

Here, Have a drink,

You know what the Scottish call it?

No, Uisge beatha--water of life,

I went once on a tour of the finest single malt distillery in the world, Have you ever been to Scotland? No, sir, Wonderful country, Wonderful golf, I wonder, will I ever go back?

What do you think?

No, I hope we all get to do a great many things, General, Can we go now, please, sir?

I am going to do you a great favor, Paul, Private, Yes, sir!

Pack those carefully, put them in my keep, and guard them, I am going to take you with us to our new headquarters in Gitarama, I do not want to go to Gitarama, sir, Well, you can't go back to the hotel, The crazy men are on their way there now, Sir,,,General, we must go back so that I can get my family, Trust me, General, these are difficult times, We need to help one another, And what help can I get from you, Paul?

You are a marked man, sir, You are on a list, The Americans have you on their list as a war criminal, Paul, I am sick and tired Are you stupid, General?

How do you think these people operate?

You sit here with five stars on your chest, Who do you think they are coming after?

Fine, We will go to Gitarama, and you will stay on that list, I committed no war crimes, Who will tell them?

You need me to tell them how you helped at the hotel, They blame you for all their misfortunes, They say you led the massacres, I led no massacres!

Do you think they're going to believe you?

You will tell them the truth!

I will tell them nothing unless you help me, What are you going to do, shoot me?

Shoot me, Please shoot me, It would be a blessing, I will pay you to shoot my family, You cannot hurt me, You will tell them that I did nothing!

We are leaving, Right now,

Get out!

Get these people away from the gate!

Stop it! Stop it!

Clear the hotel, Tatiana! Get out of here!

Get out! Tatiana!

Get out!

All of the militia must leave now! Get out!

Oh, no, no!

Shut up, cockroach! Get down!

That's him, That's him!

Shit, That's the manager!

Stop him, Stop him! I got him! I got him!

Stay where you are!



Have you seen Tatiana? No, I've not seen Tatiana, Paul, what is happening? I have to find my wife!



They've gone, They've gone,

They've gone,

What were you going to do with this?

I thought you had,,, I thought you had kumped,

Everyone on the trucks, please, Take your luggage, Families please stay together, Oh, please, As fast as you can, everyone, Please, There's enough room for everyone,

I hope someday we will come back, Let's move out,

What is wrong with her?

She has a very high fever,

Where are we going, Daddy?

Someplace safe,

My God,

What's happening?

Come on, let's go, Children on the ground, Bring the children this way, Pass them back, pass them back,

Do not stop, Do not stop! Go right on through,

Get down!

Stay down!

What's happening there?

It's the rebels, We're crossing the front line, It's okay, We're safe, It's okay, It's okay, you are safe here, You are safe, It's okay now, Sit back down, Hello,

Get some more water, The doctor says he is very dehydrated, We made it, Come on, let's get down, Come on, It is okay, She is sick, Okay, Yeah, she's very sick, Take her,

Paul, the buses are They'll take you to Tanzania, Go now, Paul, 'cause I don't know Thank you, Yeah, Good luck, Thank you,

Thank God, We made it, Please, please, We are here, yeah?

Thank you, Paul, We have made it, Thank you, Yes, yes, Come, Mr, Manager, I kust want to thank you, Of course, Steven, Constance!

Thank God you are alive! It's so good to see you, Have you seen my brother and his wife?

None of them, Has anyone seen these people? You don't recog--

Mama, come see quick, Excuse me, excuse me,

Here, Mama, look, Please, Do you see them, Mama? Is that them?

Is that them, Mama?

Do you recognize these people?

This little girl, she's Anais, and this is Carine, Do you recognize them?

Ma'am, have you seen these girls? No, no, I haven't, Have any of you seen these girls?

Anais, And that's my brother, Everybody on the buses!

Can you feel anything when I touch here?

Everybody on the buses!

Can you move out of the way? We need some room here!

We'll find the girls, Tatsi, We will, Okay,


It's you,

Where'd you find this child?

They kust arrived on trucks from the Mille Collines,

All Mille collines evacuees to the buses now, please.

Oh, no,

Come on, get some sleep, Wait!

Hold it, please!

Tatiana! It's Pat!

Tatiana! Madame Archer!

Stop the bus! Stop the bus, stop the bus!

Come, Come, come, Please, wait for us, Madame Archer, I was so worried, I thought,,, It's wonderful to see you, Come quickly,

Carine? Anais?


Just wait, It's gonna be kust a minute now, Anais? Carine?

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Come, come, come!

Hello, Carine, Anais, hello,

Do you see your cousins?

They said there wasn't any room, There's always room,