Hover (2018) Script

Our world is a dangerous place with theft, assault, and violence around every corner.

The threats are real and only getting worse.

It's time someone gave you the power to fight back.

VastGrow, the leader in autonomous agricultural technology, has you covered.

Introducing our new Sentinel drone, featuring GEN 2 AI.

It swiftly, safely, and intelligently defends your property from criminals and thieves.

You've worked hard for your freedom and your family.

It's time to make sure you keep what's yours.

Be a good guy with a drone and contact your local VastGrow rep today.

You know cars can drive themselves now, right?

And you've asked me that question every day for the six months we've worked together.

'Cause you give me the same answer every time.

Yeah. I don't trust them.

You could just say that you're old and technology has passed you by.

Back in my day, cars were things you drove, not the other way around.

Oh, that's good.

Clearly we have spent too much time together.


Excuse me, you're now 90 miles from your destination.

Can I help you?

Hi, yes. We're with Transitions.

We have an appointment with Charles?

They signed up for the drug program.

They only... do so much.

Cost money, and, uh, the result's the same in the end.

I wanted to stay, but my daughter... It... It's time.

I'm gonna have you scan your thumb to sign.

There we go.

Hurts to leave.

But, uh, hurts more to stay.

Can I use your restroom?

It's at the bottom of the stairs.


If this weren't my daddy's last wish...

I would have you arrested for trespassing.

Nothin' but a bunch of glorified murderers.

But you do what you gotta do, and then you get up out of this house, you hear me?


You're ready?

I am.


She called us glorified murderers.

Yeah, well, she's just trying to process losing her father.

And on that note, uh, you, uh, give any more thought to my question?

Not really.

I still think you're gonna beat it.

You okay? I need you to pull over.

Did you see that? What?

A planter drone just, like, flew right up to me.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I just didn't think they were supposed to work at night.

They're not.

You're not coming in?

No. But check in. I think I'm gonna go see if I can find a bar.

Okay. I'm going to go to the store, get something for my stomach.

You want anything? No.

I'll see you in the morning. Okay.

Feel better. Okay.

Congratulations. You are pregnant.

You sleep? No.

You okay? Yeah.

So, um...

Uh, something I need to talk to you about.

And it needs to stay between us.

I actually have something that I wanna talk to you about too.

Okay. Go first.

Okay, um...

I just found out that I'm pregnant, so... there's that.



So that's why you've been sick, huh?

Is it... Yep.

He's married.

I know.

Kinda complicates things.

Yeah. Sure does.

Claudia. Look at me.

Look at me.

You can't think about where you're at right now.

You need to think about where you wanna be.

Start at the ending.

Pick yourself up and fight.



And what did you wanna talk to me about?

I'll see you in the office tomorrow.

Hey, Sprinkles.

Big year here for VastGrow CEO, Anna Cook.

There's been no shortage of buzz surrounding your company since you took it public last year.

You're now trading at 50 percent above your initial offering.

Did that surprise you in the least? Mm. Not a bit.

We have had such an amazing response from folks all over the world.

Add in the fact that we've just now increased or expanded our product line, and in the next couple of days we're breaking ground right here on a brand-new production facility, so, no, not surprising in the least.

What about the pressure to do things right?

I mean, not only do you have to worry about the company itself, but then there are the hundreds of thousands of farmers who are using your technology. Next channel.

We all know the core issue is not so much the amount of food that is being dispersed but rather the huge disparity along socioeconomic lines.

Next channel.

Door locked.


Yes, sir?

Play some jazz. Some of that new stuff.

Coming right up.


Hey. Get up.

I'm gonna have to take you in if you don't get up. Come on.

Jason. You okay?

Yeah. I'm fine. Thanks.

Learn to drive, you moron. You almost killed her.

Sorry, sir.

Come on. I can't have my star employee dying in a freak accident right in front of the office.

Think about the morale.

Your star employee, huh?

What's going on?

Do not fret, mon chéri. We are expanding.

We received a fairly large corporate donation last week, so you can say good-bye to this subterranean crap hole.

Our world just got a whole lot brighter.

Where's John?

Don't know.

I don't think I've ever beaten him to the office before.

A lot of new sign-ups while you were gone.

So awesome, right?

This is a list of dying people, Kevin.

Anyone ever tell you you need to lighten up?

All the time.

I'm sorry. John is not available.

Please leave a message.

Jason, I'm pregnant, and it's yours.

Jason, I'm pregnant.

Um, Jason, I'm pregnant... and it's yours.


I think you should have a seat.

John passed away last night.


He transitioned himself.


No-No. I-I was with him last night.

That wasn't his plan.

I know. I wanted to say good-bye too.

But sometimes, when people are that sick, their priorities can change at a moment's notice.

But at least he got to go out on his terms.

You two were close, so I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

This is not the right time to talk about work... but I'm gonna need to get you back in the field right away.

So I'm gonna promote you to John's role, okay?

You know this whole thing can go sideways if we don't get caught up.

And you've seen those lists.

Those people, they're sick, and they need you, Claudia.

So... what do you think?


Good. I know what John meant to you, so if there was any other way...

I'll find you some help.

I'm sorry. John is not available.

Please leave a message.

Claudia? Hi.

I'm Tania.


I'm sorry. Who are you?

I'm your new partner.

You like your hands on the wheel, huh?

You know these cars can drive themselves?

I know.

I'm doing it for a friend.

Hey, can I borrow two credits?

Do we not work for the same company?


I wonder where Jason'll send you when I'm gone.

I don't know.

Probably have you take over my region.

I know one thing.

He'll want to keep you close.

That's my tablet. I know.

I was just checking the details for the job today.

There's sensitive medical information in here.

You'll get your own once you pass the probationary period.

Okay. Good to know. Sorry.

Were you and John close?


It must have been nice, having someone you could share everything with.

Life got you down?

Looking to escape your pain and suffering?

Transitions is the leader in providing a compassionate service to aid in you or your family members' ascension.

Spots are filling up fast, so contact us today to reserve yours.

Ami, directions to 1010 County Road C.

I'm having trouble connecting with the map servers.

Would you like me to try again?

We really are in the middle of nowhere.

Hi. I'm Anna Cook, CEO of VastGrow, where we are committed to solving world hunger through advanced technology...

...agricultural best practices. Wait here.

The best news?

Our brand-new Sentinel drones monitor and defend.


I'm looking for the Smith farm.

1010 County Road C.

Can anyone help?

Sure. Yeah.

So you're gonna wanna take this road east about two or three miles, and then you're gonna make a left onto Byron Bay Road, and you'll see it up ahead.

Got it. Thanks very much.

Uh... Uh, you've completed the initial training course, right?

Yeah. Okay, yeah. Good.

Um, so you know if anyone asks you any personal questions about what we do, your answer is always going to be that you do it for the satisfaction of helping others.

It's not a job, you know. It's not about money.

It's a compassionate service.

Okay? Okay.

Okay, good.

Where's John?

I apologize for the confusion.

I'm Claudia, and this is my assistant, Tania, and we'll be taking over for John.

I trained under him, so we'll do exactly what was discussed.

Does that sound okay?

Okay, thank you.

Hello, Mr. Smith.

I'm Claudia. This is, um, my assistant, Tania.

Hey there.

Say hello to our guests, Victor.

Hello to our guests, Victor.

You're not John.

You must have been driving a long time. Can I offer you anything?

No, no, no, we're fine. Thank you.

Is that your broken drone outside?

I thought I told you to put that in the shed with the scrap metal.

I hit it with a baseball bat.

Those things are evil.

Why would you say that?

A few weeks ago, I was out in the fields, and I asked God why he made my father sick.

And he answered me. Victor.

You know what? We can give you a moment.

He told me it's because he went against God's work in nature by getting that drone.

Victor. Revelations 9:

"And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle, and on their heads appeared to be crowns like gold, and their faces were like the faces of men.

They had breastplates of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots, of many horses rushing to battle.

They have tails like scorpions, and stings, and in their tails, their power to hurt men."

Sounds like they were talking about drones.

Ask around.

Ain't no good come to anyone who got a drone.

Not the Dunn family, not the Burgess family.

I know there are others too.

Something is happening.

Well, then.

He ain't right in the head.

It's okay.

Excuse me a moment.

He gave me this last week.

It was his daddy's too.

This is really nice.

For me, growing up...

my home life was... absolute crap.

Just like the worst.


When I was 12...

my father killed himself.


I tried to do the same ten years later.

To be honest, I've been struggling ever since.

Your father, on the other hand...

Seems like he was there for you.


don't you think you should maybe be there for him... now that he needs you the most?

Our process uses a combination of inert gases, delivered via the Transitions apparatus and this mask.

These gases prevent the hypercapnic alarm response, which, basically, is the panic you feel when you can't breathe... and will make Abner's transition calm and peaceful, like falling asleep into the best dream you can imagine.

It's simple and it's painless.

Are you with me so far?


Is there any music he likes? I could play...

He likes bluegrass, country, that sort of stuff.

I can do that.

♪ For many long years ♪ Are we ready to proceed?

♪ I've traveled this road ♪ Tania, would you get the mask for me?

♪ I'm ready and tired Of carrying this load ♪ Sure.

Thank you.

♪ So often I'm tempted ♪

♪ By Satan to bide ♪

♪ But I'm too near home ♪

♪ To turn back now ♪

♪ Almost home I'm almost home ♪ Is it tight? Yeah.

♪ Almost home ♪

♪ I'm almost home ♪

♪ I know my race ♪ It's time.

♪ Is nearly done ♪ On this apparatus, there's a button... that when pressed, will release the gases.

♪ Through trouble and sorrow I've already come ♪ Which one of you would like to do it?

I can do it.

♪ I've already come ♪ He wants me to do it.

♪ I can't turn back now ♪ Okay.

♪ I'm too near home ♪ When you're ready... ♪ I can't turn back now ♪ press this button right here.

♪ As I stand by the river ♪ I love you, Dad.

♪ That homeland I see ♪

♪ That beautiful mansion ♪

♪ That he built for me ♪

♪ Just a few days to linger ♪

♪ And I'm going home ♪

♪ I know what awaits me ♪

♪ Will be worth All the cause ♪

♪ Almost home ♪

♪ I'm almost home ♪ My God! No, no, don't.

God! No, no, no. Get the mask.

Dad! Dad! Abner, Abner.

Stop it! Let go!

Dad! Dad, stop it!

♪ I can't turn back now ♪

♪ For I'm too near home ♪ I thought you tightened the mask!

I did. I-I thought I did.

This is entry level stuff covered in your orientation.

If you let regular air mix with the gases, the hypercapnic alarm response sets in.

It's very, very dangerous.

And traumatic to that poor family.


I know. No, you don't fucking know.


Hello. Welcome. Welcome.

Oh, uh, Helen is in the dining room.

Thank you for coming.

I appreciate it. I appreciate it.

Thank you so much. Thank you.

Abner's not suffering anymore.

Hello. Welcome.

I'm Claudia. Are you...?

Sorry. I need to give my condolences to Helen.


I'm sorry about my rudeness before.

There's a lot going on. That's okay.

Uh, Joanna Andrews. Uh, neighbor down the road.

Nice to meet you. Are you a beekeeper?

I used to be, but it's for health reasons now.

Is John here? I expected to see him.

John Everett? Yes.

He assisted my wife to her rest a couple of years ago.

No, he's not here.

He, uh... passed away suddenly.

You believe any of this stuff?


No, he's just stressed and looking for answers.

He's a good kid.

Has that car been behind us this whole time?

No idea.

I'm gonna head down to the restaurant for a bite, if you're interested.

I think I'm good.

Okay. I'll see you in the morning.


Here you go.

Thank you. Yeah.


Geez. You scared me.

Give a girl a little warning next time, huh?

What the hell are you doing?

I... feel really bad about my screw-up earlier today, and I just wanted to come and double-check that my paperwork was all filled out correctly 'cause I was a little out of it.

What did I tell you about that tablet?

You're right. I am such an idiot. I'm so sorry.

And you broke into my room?

No. No, no, no.

I came over here to talk to you about it, and your door was wide open.

And... You need to get out.


Excuse me.


Scan whenever you're ready.

Your scan was declined.

Um, I'm sorry. Can I try again?

Sorry. Same result.

I'm-I'm sure it's my fault.

Um, I have, like, this.


Excuse me, Claudia, but it appears you're headed in the wrong direction.

Would you like me to take over? Ami, please mute.


Oh, my God! Oh! Oh!



Hello? I'd like to report a fire.

I have detected traffic in the wrong lane.

Come on. Come on. Would you like me to take over?




Why are you following me?

Communication error.

Communication error.

Communication error.

Communication error.

Communication error. Damn it.

What you doing here?

Victor is dead, and I-I think someone's after me.

Did you call the police?

I couldn't get through. Good.

Can't trust them either.

John said... said nice things about you.

You talked to him recently?

Oh, God, I'm sorry. Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah. Oh, I just feel dizzy.

Oh, my God. Oh! Oh. Here, let me help you.

I'm sorry. You're gonna be okay.

I think I should lay down.

I think it has something to do with when she moves.

Some kind of hybrids maybe.

It's almost like somebody circled them...

Some kind of formula?

Well, you slept for quite a while.

Claudia, this is Isaiah.


I believe we've met.

This is John's handwriting.


Where did you get it?

He left it here for me.


When all the other farmers started getting sick, we started comparing notes.

People all over the region have been getting sick.

Cancer and tumors, blood clots and birth defects.

Fathers and mothers.

Children and aunts and uncles and neighbors.

And Transition employees.

But why don't other people know about this?

Why haven't you told anyone?

Victor knew.

You saw how that ended.

Who would have done that?

Why don't we plan a little drive so you can see for yourself.

We're the good guys, Claudia.


Hey, Joanna, Isaiah.

My wife first started showing symptoms about six months after we signed our lease with VastGrow.

Strong history of pancreatic cancer in her family, so when the diagnosis came in, we weren't all that surprised.

And four or five months later, she was gone.

She sure was something.

Remember how she used to carry an acorn around in her pocket?

Old wives' tale.

You put an acorn in your pocket, you never grow old.

Yeah. She believed all that old mumbo jumbo.

I sure do miss her.

Me too.

We should go inside.

And then, uh, Greta was diagnosed three months later.

I didn't think I could go through it again, but she was strong.

For me.

Not for her.

For me.

Greta. Is that an aunt... or grandmother?

Greta? Can you come say hello?

There she is.

Greta, I'd like you to meet Claudia.

Hi there.


Look at your pony.

I even made the tail myself.

She makes me feel better.

Do you wanna hold her?

Yeah, I'd love that.


You know what?

I think I feel better already.

Mr. Dunn.

Uh... would you mind telling Claudia why you don't just get rid of the drone?

Well, we don't own it, of course.

We had to take out a second mortgage for the lease down payment.

And because of the technology involved, the crops are all patented to VastGrow.

We don't own squat.

And what happens if you default?

VastGrow takes over.

The farm drones are designed to be autonomous.

You give them the coordinates of a given farm field, then they will automatically deliver the perfect amount of fertilizer and pesticide to the soil.

Now, we're talkin' down to the square foot.

And they can even kill pests... bugs, mice, rabbits, whatever... by generating radio waves that agitate water molecules much like a-a microwave oven.

Cooks 'em from the inside.

It's, uh...

It's really amazing stuff.

Now, these new Sentinel drones are even crazier.

Developed with the Department of Defense to monitor forward-operating bases in hostile environments.

Reconnaissance and submission.



And now they're being marketed as a property owner's best friend.

I mean, we knew that the-the drones were the root cause of all these issues, but we just didn't have anything concrete to back it up.

And now VastGrow is trying to destroy anybody that's onto the story.

And that's where John comes in.

He said that he had proof that could tie the-the deaths to the drones.

His notebook.

Well, we thought these numbers meant something, but, well, we couldn't figure it out.

Wait, these look like Transitions' client numbers.


I'll be right back.


What if these numbers were Transitions' clients that also had a drone?

Reginald Jones. Proctor County.

Mmm. Doesn't ring a bell.

I don't even know where Proctor County is. Isaiah?


Margaret Fisher. Ramsey County.




William Cook. Los Angeles County.

That's nowhere near here, Claudia.

Yeah, you're right. It just... doesn't add up.

Uh, it feels like we're moving backwards.

You know, John always said, "When you have a problem, look at where you want to end up, not where you begin.

Start at the ending."

James Hilborn. Polk County.


Mark Bolton. Jefferson County.

Uh, that's two counties over, but John used to spend a lot of time there.


Abner Smith. Polk County.

Oh! Victor's father.

John signed them up.



There's hundreds of numbers here.

It's gotta be his entire client list from the last couple of years.

Either everyone who signed up randomly had a drone or...

Or you were only being sent to transition people who were dying from them.

That's a big coincidence.

If I had to guess, you and John were being sent to clean up VastGrow's mess.

And who better to bury the mess than a company that was literally allowed to do exactly that?

No, no, our clients sign up voluntarily.

Yeah, but, okay, who assigned you the actual client?


My boss. Hmm.

Oh, my God.

John knew, and they killed him, didn't they?

I guess that's why he left his book for us.

What do we do?

Well, we-we gotta get the word out.

Shine a light on it. There's a press conference tomorrow.

They're breaking ground on a new factory over at the old mill down in Wilson.

Yeah, I know it. Anna Cook will be there.

All the bigwigs. There'll be cameras everywhere.

I say we go there and we make a scene.

Here you go.

Thank you.

How do you know Joanna?

I met Joanna...

at my dad's funeral.

Once she found out I was working at the drone repair facility, she started working me for answers.

And then she introduced you to John?


I'm so sorry about that.

Maybe tomorrow we can make things right.

Oh. Look at you.

I knew that was gonna fit you.

Have a seat.

Would you like some tea? Sure. Thank you.


Thank you.

I'm glad you're here.

Me too.

Isaiah, you know the plan.

Now, get the book. Get out of here.

Both of you, go, now!

Take this. Go into the trees, and we'll find you.

What? Go! Go into the trees.

She's gonna stall 'em!

Are you okay? Look at me. Look at me.

Are you okay?

This is a remote handle.

We use them at the shop to move the bigger drones around.

But it only works on one drone at a time and at a very close range.

Where's Joanna?

Look, we need to get out of here.

There's more comin'. Come on.

Come on.

All right. They're here.

What are you doing?

Just keep going.

They're leaving!

Oh, shit.

Hold onto something.

We're almost there.


I'll keep these two alive, and we'll hand deliver 'em!

We believe that every field, whether fallow or abundant, can reach its fullest potential, and that's why we're here today.

This old mill behind us and the ground it rests upon has brighter days ahead.

The old and abandoned will transition to the new and useful.

This state-of-the-art drone manufacturing facility will increase our...

What the living fuck?

Are you okay? You got this.

Coming through!

Hey! Be careful.

Are you okay?

Gotta get her out of here. How could you?

Come on, let's go!

Oh, come on!

Come on.

Come on!

Claudia, I'm so glad to see that you're okay.

But what is going on? Hmm?

I know everything.

John was onto you too, and you had him murdered.

And those poor farmers.

We were fulfilling a mission. Those people are sick, and they need our help.

That's bullshit.

It was a transaction.

Wh-What am I supposed to do? I'll handle it.

The police will be here soon.


Hey, Jason.

Actually, never mind. You don't deserve to know.

I know who you are too.

I'd hope so. The amount we spend on advertising.


I understand what you might be thinking, but look at it from our perspective, hmm?

Sixty-two percent of our planet is in the midst of a catastrophic drought.

Countless people have either died or been displaced because of it.

Our technology is giving these people a chance.

We have literally saved millions of lives.

Uh, no one is happy that a handful of farmers saw some... unfortunate side effects, but do the fucking math.

VastGrow is saving the world.

What about all those people you had killed?

Oh, grow up.

This is the way of the world, and to think otherwise just shows how naive you really are.

Do you think what we do is easy?

Those are human beings with hopes and-and dreams and families.

And you're killing them.

Our drones are autonomous. They're just doing their job.

I get it.

You're trying to fight the good fight.

It is very admirable, truly.

But this is bigger than you, hmm?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my press conference.



Look at me.

Don't think about where you're at now.

Think about where you wanna be.

Start at the ending.

Now, pull yourself up and fight.


Isaiah! Isaiah!




You need directions or something?

After mounting social and political pressure, VastGrow's board of directors have hit the pause button on the development of any new drones.

VastGrow's CEO Anna Cook is out.

She announced her unexpected retirement today, a few weeks after a handful of the firm's new Sentinel drones went berserk in what they're calling an unfortunate accident.

And sometimes the legal system gets it right.

Jason Fitzgerald, the former head of Transitions, was sentenced to 12 years today for his part in the conspiracy to pressure his customers to take an early exit.

Farmers around the world are rejoicing today as StemThrive, the hedge fund controlled drone manufacturer, has announced the acquisition and reformatting of all of VastGrow's US assets.

Great news, but the big question that still remains is, will StemThrive learn the lessons of their newly acquired company?