How I Live Now (2013) Script

Imagine yourself being successful.

Five exercises to make your butt smaller.

77 best-loved cooking recipes.

Big, fat, ugly butt.

The possession of willpower and self-discipline can be the factor leading to success.

Useless bitch. 88 lbs.

You're disgusting, do you know that?

Focus on your goal.

Sensitivity or allergy can reduce...

God, I hate poor people... in the body.

What is your problem?! Hair is your crowning glory.

If you've got it... Fuck you!

Then style it in a way that flatters your face and choose a great color if you don't like your own.

If you want to, try some teeth-whitening solutions.

Teen-dating abuse and violence is happening everywhere.

Take risks. Fat bitch.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Successful people think big and act big.

Why men pull away.

Remember that success does not guarantee happiness.

Accept life is unfair. Are my hips normal?

Accept life is unfair.

Fact. Eggs can live... Don't give up.

If you don't give up, you can't fail.

You can't fail. You can't fail. You can't fail.

♪ Do you want to go back home? ♪

♪ Your animals are all alone ♪

♪ And there's a chicken waiting on the stove ♪

♪ And your cousin left his DVD of "Swinging in the '70s" ♪

♪ And do you wanna go back home? ♪

♪ Check your messages and charge your phone ♪

♪ Oh, are you really sure you wanna go? ♪

♪ When you can do it with a rock star? ♪

♪ Do it with a rock star? ♪

♪ Wait, wait, wait ♪

♪ I'll be fine in a minute ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Wait, wait, wait ♪

♪ I'll be fine in a minute ♪

♪ Fine in a minute ♪

♪ I don't want your body ♪

♪ Just a part to listen to INXS ♪

♪ All the practice in the world ♪

♪ Won't get me good at loneliness-less ♪

♪ Loneliness-less ♪

♪ Loneliness-less- less-less-less ♪

♪ Do you wanna dance? ♪

♪ Do you wanna fight? ♪

♪ Do you wanna get drunk and stay the night? ♪

♪ Do you want to see all my cavities? ♪

♪ Talk about the crisis in the Middle East? ♪

♪ Do you wanna get really terrified? ♪

♪ icecaps are all melting, and we're gonna die ♪

♪ Do you wanna cry? ♪

♪ I can make you cry ♪

♪ Do you wanna hit me, baby, one more time? ♪

♪ Do you wanna? Do you wanna? ♪

♪ Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you?... ♪ Hi.

♪ Do you? Do you? Do you? Do it! ♪ What?


Oh, right. Hi. Which one are you?

Isaac. No one calls me Elizabeth.

Except my dad, and he's an asshole.

So if you don't mind, my name's Daisy.

Daisy, great.

Where's your mom? Working. Um, she sent me.

Do you want me to take that?


Well, I don't know. it... It might be heavy.

Yeah, it is heavy.


Well, um, we should... we should probably go to the car.

Yeah, sure. Let's go to the car.

high security. Please remain vigilant.

Report any suspicious behavior immediately to security personnel.

Where are you taking me?

Oh, they charge 15 quid for half an hour's parking.

Sod that.


It's just down here.


Here, I'll put it in the car.

What age are you?

14. 14?

You've got a license?

No, but I've been driving since I was six.

You expect me to get in this thing? With you?

Well, you could get a bus if you'd rather.

Fine yeah, I would.

It does take about eight hours though.

And the next one's not due until 11:00... tomorrow morning.

Welcome, by the way...

Uh-huh. to England.



Jesus Christ.

Sorry. I'm better when there's no cars around.

So are you gonna stay with us for the whole summer?

What, I just got here.

You want to get rid of me already?

No, no, no, not at all.

We've been really looking forward to meeting you.

Piper especially. She's the only girl most of the time, and you're our only cousin.

So you're gonna be like a guest of honor.


Yeah well, just so you know I'm not one of those stupid yanks who's gonna kiss your ass the whole time because you're British, okay?

Okay. Okay.

Have we bonded now? Can we just shut up and drive?

Yeah. Um, well, You're the boss.

- What is this? ♪ I forbid... ♪

♪ You maidens all ♪

♪ That wear gold in your hair ♪

♪ To travel to Carterhaugh ♪

♪ For young Tam Lin is there ♪

♪ None that go by Carterhaugh ♪

♪ But they leave him a pledge ♪

♪ Either their mantles of green ♪

♪ Or else their maidenhead ♪

♪ "Oh, had I known, Tam Lin," she said ♪

♪ "What this night I did see ♪

♪ I'd have looked him in the eyes..." ♪

♪ "And turned him to a tree." ♪ Here we are. Welcome home.

She's here, mom! She's here! Get your dog away from me.

Push 'em away, Daisy. They'll be fine.

Jet! Get down! Go... get off of me!

Jet, get off! Get off, Jet!

Jet, get off! Enough!

Get off, Jet! Get down!

Ugh, move!

Come here.

Jet, back!

Are you okay?

Allergy to wheat can produce a variety of symptoms.

How to be... fucking loser, fucking loser.

Sorry about the dogs.

They just... they just get overexcited.

Hey, wait a second.

Who is that? Edmond.

Edmond? He's the oldest.

And this is Piper.

She's our baby.

I'm not a baby!

Elizabeth, would you like to see my unicorn?

Um, probably not. Piper, leave her alone.

Elizabeth, you're American. It's Daisy.

No one calls me Elizabeth. And if you don't mind, what I'd really like to see is my room.

I need to wash my hands, like, right now.

I've got some kind of canine S.T.D.

I'll take that.

Oh hey. This is Joe.


He's our next-door neighbor.

Well, sort of.

But he lives with us as much as he can.

That was his dog, Gin.

No, come back.

Bless you. Hey, do you want a drink?


And you can wash your hands in the sink if you want.

Mom! She's here! Piper, leave her.

It's not time. Is your mom out or...?

No, she's in her study.

We don't usually see her before 9:00.

She's an expert in loony extremists.

She's going to save the world. Piper, shut up.

Take cousin Daisy to her room. Come on, cousin Daisy.

I need to give you the grand tour of the house.

This is my unicorn I was telling you about.

Shh, that's mommy's office.

Now we will come up the stairs.

That's the junk room that Joe sleeps in sometimes when his dad's being a wanker.

I know what a wanker is, by the way.

And in here is your room.

You've so got the best bed in the house.


Well, I think my dad's probably trying to get through to me, so...

I'd kind of like to yell at him in private.

So can you leave?

Now, please?

All right.

Can I get you a cup of tea?

No thanks.

Glamorous, confident girl.

I hope you get killed. Dumb baby, dumb baby.

Stop slouching.

Avoid self-pity.

Itching, rashes, watery eyes, watery eyes, watery eyes...

What do you wanna do today, man?

Don't really mind.

I wanna go fishing. Mmm.

Go and get some fish, man. Hey.

Cousin Daisy at last!

We thought you'd never get up.

Morning. Sit wherever you like.

We've made enough for about a thousand people.

Mom has an emergency meeting in London.

She said she's sorry, and she'll see you this evening.

There's going to be a World War Ill.

No, there isn't. Stop being a dick, and get Daisy something to eat.

I'm not a dick!

I'm actually not that hungry. Dick dick dick.

All right, Jet, I'm doing it.

We let you sleep in.

Eddie said you needed to catch up on some rest.

Did he? Are you a vampire?


How much dead animal do you want?

I'm really not hungry.

If you want, I can make you a sandwich.

We've got some really nice cheese.

No. I don't do wheat or cow cheese.

Cow cheese? Knob cheese.

Why don't you eat cow cheese?

Because it's basically solidified cow mucus.

It stays in your gut for like five years.



Did you get through to your dad?

Yeah. He's fine.

Actually, Isaac, could you pass me the water, please?

At least eight glasses of water a day.

Mom said she'd call him as soon as she can.

Let him know you arrived safely and all.

No, that's fine.

He said not to bother.

He's kind of busy with work and the new baby, so...

Increasing the supply of the brain hormone...


Have you got something to say to me?

What are you looking at?

What was that all about?

It should be taken once a day with water.

Stay away from distractions, distractions, distractions, distractions.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Successful people think...

Who is it?

Uh, we're going fishing, if you wanna come.

I don't fish.

Ugh, gross!

♪ You've got me in a headlock, darling ♪

♪ And I don't know how to breathe ♪

♪ You've turned me upside down... ♪

Come on, let's go. Let's go!

Come on, move!

You can't have the fish. No, you can't.


You don't want them. They're all slimy.

Come on.

Die! Die! No way, it's ceasefire.

Terrorist forces don't respect the ceasefire.

You're dead. You don't want fish.

It's disgusting. Wait for me.

Not there! Come on!

For fuck's sake, do you understand the implication here?

Have you got any idea what you're imposing?

You are going to completely lose any credibility.


The whole point is to focus on the ceasefire.

What's the point in going over it all again when I'm getting on a plane at 10:00 in the morning?

We can talk about this in-person before the briefing.

I'm not being emotional.

The reason my email mentioned my kids is 'cause we both know what might be about to happen and I've got to get on a plane and leave them here, so don't expect me to be fucking calm about it, all right?

Edmond? No.

It's Daisy.


Oh, Pascale, Pascale, I'll call you back.

Come in.


Look at you.

I'm sorry I've been so bloody useless.

It's this peace process. It's a complete nightmare.

Hello? Ah, Anya. I have spoken to Pascale, and I'll call you back in five minutes.

All right? All right.

Sorry about that.



Always prepare for the worst.

It's the best way to ensure it never happens.

Is everything okay?

Everything's gonna be fine.

So... how are you settling in?

Yeah, it's... it's fine.

I hope my children are looking after you.

Let them wait.

Ah, now I've got you here, I just wanted to ask...

I've got to fly to Geneva in the morning for a couple of days and I can't decide whether or not to tell your father.

What do you think?

I don't want him to worry unnecessarily.

Don't bother.

If my dad cared about me, I wouldn't be here, so... don't worry about it.

What? Sorry. It's just...

Just the way you said that just really reminded me of Julia.


It's funny.

She used to love it here.

It was her favorite place.

My mom came here?

Of course.

Didn't your father tell you that?



Well, actually, the room you're staying in, that's where she used to sleep.

I've got to take this.


Yeah. Oh hi, Sam. No no no, it's fine. It's fine.

I'm sitting in front of it.

If you tell me your thoughts, I will give you a rough estimate. Yeah.

Uh, Daisy? Daisy, don't worry about anything.

My friend Sally's gonna come up and look after everything while I'm away, okay?

All right. Good night!


Come back quickly.

Hey, um... we're gonna go swimming before Sally gets here and makes us eat vegetables.

Do you wanna come?

I don't swim.

It's like a really special place.

You'll love it.

It's your last chance to have some fun before the fascist regime.


Maybe next time.


Stop stop.

Stay away from distractions. Take risks.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Physical shortcomings. Find the goal of your life.



What? I can't change my mind?

Oh no. Not her!

N.B., just because I'm attending doesn't mean I'm participating.

There will be no swimming.

Yeah, we'll see.

Hey, Jet, come on. Come on, Jet.

Jet! Come on, baby.


Come on, let's go.

Come on.

Come on. Jet!

Can't catch me!

Hello. Good dog.

Come on, let's go. Hey.

Don't go near them. Come on, let's go.

Are those cows or bulls? Hey, guys?

They're cows... cows!

Cow-cheese cows!

It's fine. You go on.

They won't hurt you. I know.

I'm... I'm fine. I'm just gonna go home.

I didn't really wanna go swimming anyway, so.

Wait here.

No way. How'd you do that?

Oh ow! Ow shit! You okay?

Aw, fucking dirty fence.

You're bleeding. It's cool.

It's not a big deal. Let me see.

It's really fine.

We'd better catch up.

Piper! Look, I did it!

Look at this! Come on!

Oh, it's cold! It's cold! It's cold!

Whoo! Jet, oh, come here.

Joe, come on in. Come on, Jet.

Catch! Catch, Jet! It's freezing.

Seriously, man, it's not that cold.

Hey! Oh, careful!

Do you have any idea what kind of bacteria lives in river water?

Not this water. Come on, Daisy.

No one ever comes here and doesn't go swimming.

Yeah well, there's a first time for everything.

Whoa, saved your life.

Daisy, come and look at this. What?

Just come and you'll see.

Quick. You're gonna miss it.

Look, can you see it right there?

No. Look. Just right there.

Look. Right here.

Right there. Look. All these rules... you think you've got to obey them.

What are you talking about?

All that noise inside your head.

Dumb baby.

Stop it. It's in your head.

You fuck!

He loves me.

He loves me not.

He loves me.

He loves me not.

This is how you make the best marshmallows.

Place it in quite a small place and make sure it's quite a hot place.

Don't put it in for too long.

Try some of this.

Mmm, do I have to? Yes.

It's really good.


These are actually pretty good.

What's up with them?

It's probably Sally just getting into the house.

They can hear for miles. Sally's our au pair.

She's got double-jointed thumbs.

What's happening?

I'd better get home.

It's snowing.

Get the stuff. We're going.

Piper, come on. We're going now.





I wanna see what the TV says.


What's going on? Sally's not here.

And I tried phoning mom, but the phone's not working.

Hey, guys, quickly, come and see this.

that up to 15 different groups have claimed responsibility for this attack.

And to repeat, we appear to be talking about a nuclear device which has killed tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people in and around the capital.

And we're beginning to hear of fallout as far afield as Bristol...

Why did the TV go off?

Where's mom? We've got to go and get mom.

Piper, shut up! Stop being a baby!

Hey, it's scary. Leave her alone.

Power cut. The whole house.

Isaac, get the torch.

Eddie, what's a nuclear?

It's just something they say on the TV.

Shush now. Come here.

Radio might tell us more, eh?

How far away is London?


We heard the sound. We heard it happen.


Isaac. You fucking asshole!

It's not a game.

powerful today would wreak havoc on our communication systems, potentially resulting in the blackouts that last for months.

It should be taken once a day with water.

Stop slouching, itching.

God, I hate... 88 lbs. What is your problem?

Hurry the fuck up. You're disgusting.

Disgusting! Did you know that?

I'm a fucking curse.

I keep thinking about mom.

Mom's in Switzerland.

Nothing ever happens in Switzerland.

I want to talk to her.

You can't, remember?

The phone's not working.

I bet mom's already on her way home.

She's not gonna stick around in Geneva once she knows what's happened here, is she?

No way.

She'll probably be on the next flight home.

Mom's an expert. She'll know what to do.

We've just gotta wait.

...recorded announcement.

The government has declared a state of emergency.

Do not panic.

Following the detonation of a device at 1600 hours today, civil law has been suspended.

Any civilians caught defying martial law will be subject to court-martial.

Stay in your homes and await further information.

Hey, come here.

This is a special recorded announcement.

Shh shh shh shh.

All right?

Mom's fine.




I want to show you something.

They said stay home.

The woods are home.

What if there's like radioactivity in the air or fallout or something?



Oh my God.

She had a broken wing.

It needed a chance to heal.

Is it okay?

She's ready.


She's beautiful.

I'm so sorry.

It's all my fault.

What is?


I'm a fucking curse.

What are you talking about?

Everywhere I go... bad shit happens.

I'm glad you came.

It's better with you here.

New Zealand's in, like, the middle of nowhere.

It must be, like, so cool to live there.

Like there'd be, like, no one around.

Look, Geneva's not that far away.

Mom could probably drive home.

You're bluffing. No, I'm not.

You're cheating. What?

Looking into my mind like that.

You okay? Yeah.

I'm just gonna get some air.


We... we can't. We're... Daisy.

No, we shouldn't.

We can't.

More rules?

Stay here.

Can I help you? Uh, yeah, I hope so. I'm looking for...

Is there a Miss Elizabeth Ryback here?

I'm sorry. This is confidential.

They're my cousins.

Just the same, if you don't mind.


I'm from the American consulate in Edinburgh.

You are Miss Elizabeth Ryback, the daughter of Julia Ryback, deceased, and David Ryback of New York City.


What about my cousins?

If they're not U.S. Citizens, I can't help you.

Hey. Thanks for all your help.

Can you tell us what's going on?

Out there?

Try not to worry, okay?

They're gonna start an evacuation of this area in the next couple of days.

I'm sure they're gonna take you to a more secure environment, so... just sit tight.

Stay inside.

He gave me a ticket home.

They're going to pick me up from the village in the morning.

I know.

Of course you do.

I'm glad.

I want you to be safe.


Don't worry about us.

We'll be fine.

There's a barn on the other side of the woods.

We'll move up there.

I don't care about some stupid evacuation.

This is our home.

We're not leaving.


Come on, let's go! Go go go!

We're taking them on the inside!

Ugh, get off.

It's a ray gun!

Come on, come on.

Hey, Pipes.

Ooh, sorry.


You got it?

Remember, you're sleeping up here with me tonight.

Okay. Daisy, you've got to sleep there since you're only staying here for one night.

So you've got to have the worst bed.

Come on, Jet! Come on!


Joe, chuck it over here!

That's a good boy.

What are you doing?

I'm so scared.

And I wanna know what it's like to be 17.

Or 25, you know?


But what if we can get through this... and there's life on the other side?

If there is, I wanna be here with you.

This is how I wanna live.

And if all this isn't here and you don't survive, then I don't wanna live at all.


Come on! I'm gonna win!

♪ Which will ♪

♪ You go for? ♪

♪ Which will you love? ♪

♪ Which will you choose from... ♪ Come here. Go go go go!

♪ From the stars above? ♪

- ♪ Which will you answer? ♪ Whoo! Put it on, Eddie!

- ♪ Which will you call? ♪ Throw it up there.

Don't burn yourself, though. Don't burn yourself.

♪ Which will you take for... ♪

- ♪ For your one and all? ♪ Jump!

♪ And tell me now ♪

♪ Which will you love... ♪

♪ The best? ♪

All right, Piper, help me serve it up.

I'm so hungry.

Pass me some twiglets.


Try it. No.

Just try it. It's good, try it.

- ♪ Which do you dance for? ♪ I need my glasses!

- ♪ Which makes you shine? ♪ Whoo!

♪ Which will you choose now... ♪ What's up?

Have a read.

"Residents of the address above are ordered to evacuate within 24 hours of this notice being given."

I don't wanna leave. Stay with us.

We haven't got one. Can't.

Well, don't tell anyone we're here.

Keep it there, keep it there.

Just let it catch fire.

No, leave it, leave it!

Leave it! It's gonna go out.

Come on, gin, come on.

See ya! Bye! Goodbye, Joe!

Bye, Joe! Bye!

What? Don't move! Fire!

Get down! The windows!

Dase, get down.

Isaac, Piper! Eddie!

I don't want to die! Come here.

Come here, it's all right. What's going on?

Clear! Stay down, stay down!

Keep your head down! Isaac!


Move move move!

Right, go! Position ready!

Don't shoot!

In the building! Don't shoot!

Don't shoot, please! Don't shoot us!

Eddie, Eddie! Please please.

Get down! Let me see your hands!

Down down down!

Move out!

Get down on the floor now! Put your head down!

Moving out!

This whole area's crawling with enemy units.

Okay, we need to get you out of here fast.

Girls, follow me. Boys, how old are you?

I'm 16. I'm old enough to look after all of us.

How old are you? 14.

We don't need help.

I want the girls in residential.

Boys, these two, Gatesfield.

Stay where you are.

Girls, what did I say? Get in the van.

Boys, you wait there and someone'll come down and advise you.

What's Gatesfield?

Look, this is not a discussion.

This is an order. I'm a U.S. citizen.

We're not going anywhere, and I wanna speak to the American embassy right now!

Reynolds! Atherty! Sarge?

Get them in the van.

Wherever they take you, find a way to get back here.

Promise me.

Son, out of the way.

Girls, in the van. You can't split us up.

Eddie... Eddie, don't. Move out of the way.

Stay away from us. I'm not gonna tell you again.

Girls, you're coming with me. No!

Get off me! Calm down.

Just keep still. Get off!

Calm down.

Eddie! Eddie! Come on, miss.

Eddie! Daisy! Let her go!

Restrain her. Get her in. Get off of me!

No! Get off!

Piper! Eddie, stop it!

Eddie! You need to fucking calm down!

Remember what I said, Daisy!

Get off her! Just sit down.

Just sit down, sit down. Calm down.

I won't tell you again. Sit down.


Remember what I said!

Move it!

You two, out.

Come in.

I'm Mrs. McEvoy, and this is my home.

So please, make sure you treat it with respect.

There we are.

This way, please.

Toilet's through there.

Bucket's by the toilet.

Water tablets are on ration since yesterday, so you'll have to wait till Friday to have a wash.

Here we are.

Only one rule in here.

Don't touch any of Nick's stuff, okay?

He will come home.

So. Water tablets?

My dear child, where have you been?

The terrorists contaminated the water supply.

We have to clean it before we go near it.

We've been drinking water at home, and swimming.

Well, you should consider yourself lucky.

I'll give you a call when supper's ready.

The major will be home soon.

How... how...

Mommy. What?


How will mommy find us?


Come on, don't worry about that now.

I want my mommy.

I know.

Don't cry.

I'm here and... and your mom's okay.

She's just been held up.

Come here.

We're going to get home, okay?

I promise.

But we need to be strong.

How was the farm today, dear?

People seem to be getting the hang of it.

It's hard work, but someone's got to do it.

People do what they have to when times are tough.

Don't we, girls? Eh?

...terrorist units control some portions of the country. Remain calm.

Do not leave your homes unless absolutely necessary.

DO not leave secure zones.

This is the wartime radio service.

And now here is the official

6:00 news bulletin.

Violent outbreaks have been reported across the region, as guerrilla groups battle for territory beyond the government-allocated secure zones.

Civilians are reminded that traveling outside the secure zones is currently restricted until further...

Is that two or three of them?

We've got another group to pick up.

Mind your step.

Mind your head.

I can't even feel my fingers.

♪ Take me ♪

♪ Take me home ♪

♪ Home ♪

♪ Oh, take me ♪

♪ Take me ♪

♪ Home ♪

♪ 'Cause I don't stand a chance... ♪

♪ In these four walls ♪

♪ And he don't recognize me ♪

♪ Anymore ♪

♪ Burned-out flames should never re-ignite ♪

♪ But I thought you might ♪

♪ Take me ♪

♪ Home ♪

♪ Home ♪

♪ Take me ♪

♪ Home... ♪

- Open her up. ♪ Home... ♪ All right, ladies.

Yeah, let it go. Clear!

♪ Now he's moving close ♪

♪ My heart in my throat... ♪ That's right, Lucy, put your back into it.

- That's what we like to see. ♪ I won't say a word ♪

♪ But I think he knows ♪

♪ That I've hardly slept

♪ Since the night he left ♪

♪ His body always kept ♪

♪ Mine inside of it ♪

♪ Keep the nightmares out ♪

♪ Give me mouth to mouth ♪

♪ I can't live without you ♪

♪ Take me to your house ♪

♪ Take me ♪

♪ Take me home... ♪ She's here!

No one ever comes here and doesn't go swimming!

She used to love it here.

I'm home.

Wait for me.

I've got everything together.

We're ready to go.

And guess what? I had a dream about Eddie.

Eddie? And he's home already.

I can feel it.

All right? Mind how you go.

Do you need a hand?

Attention all workers.

If at any time you would like to clean your hands, please make your way to Water Zone D.

For your own safety, you are reminded to follow hygiene procedure at all times.


Oh, Joe. What are you doing here?


Are you okay? Remember, if you don't know the source...

What happened to your face?


Just a fight with some boys.

They took my dad away.

I'm staying in this weird house with other kids.

Have you seen Eddie or Isaac?


Be vigilant.

They... they said Gin...

Be suspicious. Be responsible.

Hey. What happened to Gin?

Come on, everyone! Trucks are here!

Load up now! Come on! Come on.

Come on, girls, that's it.

Attention all workers.

Attention. Be alert.

Come on, you two. Go on, son.

You go with them today.

Good man. Do not leave the secure area.

Last to go.

Joe, we're escaping, Joe.

Going home.

I've got everything ready.

Will you come with us?

There's no point.

It's all gone.

Everyone's dead.

Want some? Put that away!


Why have we stopped? I don't know.

Can you see what's going on?

Is that a fire?

Get down, everybody!

Get down! Stay down!

They've taken the checkpoint!

Hang on, hang on!

Come on! Shit, we're stuck!

We're stuck! Stay down, everyone.


Get down! Fucking cocks!

Did you hear that? Joe, get down!

Joe, get down! Down!

You killed my dog! Joe, please.

Get down! We're gonna blow your brains...


Quick! Oh my God!


Please. Killed my dog.


They're coming!



Try it now!

Floor it! Come on!

They've taken the checkpoint.

We had to go all the way round to the other side.

We need to leave here now.

We have to wait for Nick!

She told us not to touch his stuff.

Her stupid son's gone to war, and he's not coming back.

We have to go now.

It's dangerous here.

Look at me.

Look at me.

We're gonna get through this, okay?

You just gotta take that bad thing, you take it, you put it in a box, you close the lid, you look up and you focus on your goal, okay?

Because that's what you have to do now.

You have to look up and focus on your goal!

Put your stuff on. Quick.

Don't be stupid, woman.

It's not safe here. I will stay here till my son comes back. I'm going nowhere!

They're gonna be here any minute.

You can't make me. I am waiting here for my Nick.


Eddie, Eddie! Are you here?

Eddie, come back!

Eddie, are you here?

Eddie! Eddie!

My feet hurt, Daisy. Can we stop for a bit?


Please! Not now.

We've got six or seven clays' walk ahead of us.

We need to be disciplined.

Come on. The boys are waiting.

Water tablets. Shit!

Stop drinking.

I forgot the fucking water tablets!

We need to save that.

I knew I'd fuck it up.

God damn it, Daisy. What's the matter with you?

Come on, Piper. We need to get out of the open.

Do you think Eddie and Isaac are okay?

Yeah, of course they are.


Piper, come on!


Finish it.

We need to keep moving.

Are you okay? I said keep moving.




Help me!

No, stop it!

You like that, do you, huh? You like it?

Come here, you dirty little slut.

Get off... get off me!

No no!

Come on, give us a kiss. Get off!

Get off me!


Get down there.

Help me,

Get off. Get off!

Get off!

Get up. Quick, get up.

We need to move now.

What's going on? Shh.


I'm tired.

My feet hurt.

I need water!

We've been walking for hours.

I'm tired.

Daisy. Will you shut up?!

I am so sick of your stupid, whiny voice all the time.

Do you want me to just leave you here?

Because that's what I'm gonna do.

If you don't shut the fuck up, I am gonna run, and you're gonna be left here on your own in the dark and you're gonna die out here.

Do you wanna see your brothers again?

Well, come on.


Piper! What are you doing?

It might be poison.

I forgot! Well, you can't forget, okay?

If you don't know the source, you can't trust the water.

And you shouldn't have eaten all that chocolate.

That was stupid.

Mommy says I'm a monster for chocolates.

I just can't help myself.

Maybe that's why she went away.


'Cause I was greedy.

What are you talking about?

'Cause she didn't want to be around me anymore!


Sometimes people say things they don't mean.

Your mom loves you more than anything.

And she's so proud of you.

I know that for a fact. How?

Well, I'm older than you and...

it's just something I know.

And listen, about last night, I'm sorry I said that stuff. I didn't mean it, okay?

Come on.

♪ Not because they're dirty ♪

♪ Not because they're clean ♪

♪ Not because I kissed a boy behind a magazine ♪

♪ Boys, boys, having all the fun ♪

♪ She can even do the splits ♪

♪ But I bet you 10 bucks ♪

♪ She can't do this. ♪

Daisy? Hmm?

What was your mommy like?

I never really met her.

How come?

She died while I was being born.

Do you miss her?

Yeah, sometimes.

If she'd never had me, she'd probably still be alive.

Hey, come on. We've got walking to do.

I hate walking.

When I get home, I'm never going to walk again.

Look. Look!

That's the boys' place.


That's where they've taken Eddie and Isaac.

I told you, they've gone home already.

But you're not sure.

Just 'cause you had a dream, who says the dream's real?

Okay, come on.

Yes. Come on.

As soon as I see Eddie and Isaac, I'm gonna give them a big hug. Ah.

Where is everyone?

What was that?

Stay here, okay?

Are you here?

You'd better not be here.

sympathy of others.

Itching, rashes, water tablets.

Certain degree of willpower and self-discipline.

What was in there? Come on.

We need to get away from here.

Where are my brothers?

I don't know.

Come on.


Are you okay?

Can you just give me a sign or something?



Don't worry. It's not far now.

We should be home tomorrow.


I've saved a piece of chocolate. Do you want it now?


Go! Quick.

Come on, Piper! Come on!

Come on.


Come on!

Come on.

Hurry up.

Come on.

In here.


Oh, you're a big rabbit, aren't you?

Get off of me! Hey.

No! Get off! I'm not going to hurt you.

Hey. Let her go!

I said let her go now!

What the fuck are you laughing at?

Don't move any closer.

We're only winding you up, love, eh?

Come on, little lady.

It's just a bit of fun.

Don't you dare!

Take it easy now. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Calm down. Take it easy.

You don't have to do any...

Find a goal in life.

They stay in. Stop. What is your problem?

What is your problem?

Hurry the fuck up. Stay away from distractions.

Take risks. Step out of your... She almost got...

Accept life is unfair. Focus on your goal.

Oh God! That's for touching my cousin with your dirty, disgusting fingers!

The map.


The compass.

The map.

The map. Oh shit.

I don't know where we are.

This seems like a nice place.

Why don't we just stay here?


It doesn't matter if we just... stay here.

It's Eddie's hawk. Look.

Come on.

Come on.

It's taking us home.

I told you, didn't I?

Eddie's home.

Maybe they're at the barn.



Jet. Daisy, it's Jet.

Oh, Jet!

Oh, I love you, Jet.

Look at me, Jet.

You're bleeding.

What happened? Look at me.

And I will never let you go.

What's up with him?

He's in the woods.


Daisy, be careful!


Can you hear me?


I need you.


I love you.



It's me.


Eddie, it's okay.

It's me.

You're home.

You're home.

Before the war, I used my willpower for stupid stuff, like not eating chocolate.

I think I thought if I could control myself, then maybe the world around me would start to make sense.

I guess I was pretty naive back then.

During the war we all learned to stop looking for reasons why things happen.

We don't know what happened to Eddie, what he saw... the things he had to do.

His burns and scars are starting to heal, but he hasn't spoken.

...announcing earlier today that a runway at heathrow is due to reopen.

The airport will be working at 10% capacity.

Officials have also revealed that since the ceasefire was announced, electricity services have returned to normal in parts of the south.

The new government estimates that within three months, 80% of the country should have returned to pre-war levels.

Rail services are currently operating at 15%.

Isaac's gone, isn't he?

Will Eddie be okay?

Yeah, he'll be okay.

He just needs time.

Now I use my willpower to wait for you, Eddie, to care for you and love you.

I have to believe that one day you're going to get better.

Did you finish your drink?

"Yes, thank you, Daisy. It was lovely."


Ow. Does it hurt?

'Cause like I said to you all that time ago, if the world doesn't end, I wanna be here at home, with you.

And that's how I live now.

♪ We lived in a garden's heart ♪

♪ And opened it up for the sky ♪

♪ The world spun itself away ♪

♪ But I was coming alive by your side ♪

♪ And now the sky is snowing out ♪

♪ And we are talking from so far away ♪

♪ I hear a whisper in the trees ♪

♪ Where I am you ♪

♪ And you are me ♪

♪ You need to find a way back here ♪

♪ Remember what I said ♪

♪ The space that is in between ♪

♪ You have to fight it ♪

♪ You need to find a way back here ♪

♪ Remember what I said ♪

♪ The space that is in between ♪

♪ You have to fight it ♪

♪ You have to fight it ♪

♪ Where I am you and you are me ♪

♪ You have to fight it ♪

♪ Where I am you and you are me ♪

♪ Where I am you and you are me ♪

♪ You have to fight it ♪

♪ You have to fight it. ♪