How to Draw a Perfect Circle (2009) Script


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What about when grandma finds out your selling things from the house?

What did you say?

What if grandma finds out?

Grandma won't find out.

When you've sold everything...

When there's nothing left to sell, What will you sell then?

I'll sell you!

Don't forget you're having dinner with your father tomorrow.

I'm not going!

Why not?

Because I don't feel like it.

But you should go.

This is the moment to open brackets and describe the characters' feelings

Odile wonders if the two boys are noticing her breasts- swaying under her sweater with her every move.

Franz thinks of everything and of nothing'- he doesn't know if the world is becoming a dream- or if the dream is becoming a world of its own.

Do you remember what you promised?

Have you forgotten?

No, but that was when we were children.

You've forgotten.

I don't believe that you're still a virgin.


Didn't I promise you?

Can you not sleep?


You better go to bed.

Mum might wake up.

I wasn't expecting you anymore.

I thought you also didn't want to see me anymore...

This is delicious!

Are you winning?

I am, for now, but we're just getting started.

I hope I haven't brought bad luck.

Oh! You don't need luck in poker Guilherme!

In poker you need knowledge and intuition.

Poker has nothing to do with luck.


Don't forget the porcelain dolls.

What shall I do? I think I'll bet.

No, I won't. I won't bet and I'm folding.

Oh, that's no good.

I... I... I'm betting, I am.

Folding is no good. I know, but I had to.

She's betting. I am. I don't know how, but I am.

You're so lucky. You've been having such good hands.

No, I'm not. It's just XXXXXX Well, my hand isn't so bad actually. I can't do anything.

No, terrible hand.

Look, I'm folding.

You're folding? I am.

With this hand of mine, the luck is all on your side.

Beatriz, What are you going to do?

I think I'll bet...

I think I'll bet. I'll call.

Yes, no. It looks great.

OK, here we go, I'll call and raise.

You're lucky. Lucky.

It's luck. It is. It really is luck.






Oh, Guilherme.

Am I disturbing you, Dad? No, not at all, come on.

Come here. Come in.

Come here.

I'm so happy to see you.

I'm really happy to see you.

Is everything all right?

How's the family?

Your sister, is she well? Yes.

The book you lent me...

Did you like it?

It's a children's book, yes...

You think you're too grown up do you?

Go upstairs to the neighbor's house, there's a tray on the door step.

Get it and come down, is that all right?

What do I tell him?

Say nothing, the door is closed.

"Thank you"


You're going to think it a bit of a stupid question. Promise you won't laugh.

I promise.

What does one have to do to seduce a girl?

Are you in love?

What does one say? What does one do?

You're not the talkative type, you're more of the quiet kind.

You don't say anything.

I don't say anything? Nothing.

I say nothing...

And how can I show her I like her then?

Look at her... In the eyes...

Is that how you do it?

But mum was very young. Did you do the same thing?

Tell me about your love? Is she pretty?

Yes, she is pretty.

Talk to me about her...

I don't feel like talking about her.

Are you coming to pick me up this weekend?

Yes, of course.

See you.

Bye. Bye.

Have you been writing?

About a neighbour.

Who is your neighbour?

A poor guy who doesn't leave his house anymore.

I can relate to that.

I'd like to read it.

I have no more excuses, no more dough. A complete disaster.


Thank you.



this one is for you

and this one for you.

Are you going to read it?

You know I don't enjoy reading much.

I know, but it isn't one of my books, I didn't write it, - a lady wrote it.

It's by Virginia Woolf.

You can make an effort... What about you?

You never made an effort to speak Portuguese.

You're being mean to me.

Very mean!

Thanks Daddy.

Shall we go?

Are you all right? Does your head hurt?

You have to take care of your sister, she won't listen to me.

You have to take care of her.

She's like your mother. Does things first and thinks later.

You're more intelligent than her.

Do you understand What I'm saying?

I decorated this room just for you.

Do want to see it?



I have to stop smoking.

I wanted to ask you if I can sleep here.

Of course, you've got your own room.

I'd like to live here with you.

Let's go in, we'll look like a couple who can't make up their minds otherwise.

Come on, let's go.

Come on.

Yes, yes.


Guilherme, it's your mother, would you like to speak to her?

Do you want to speak to her?

Hello? Don't worry, he's fine.

I'm telling you he's here, don't worry. Why are you always worried?

All right then, big kiss.

Is everything all right? Don't you want a drink?


It's for the upstairs neighbour.

Is he sick?

No, take that to him, and leave it on his doorstep, OK?

Leave that at the door, on the floor.

Did you leave the tray?


Did he open the door?


How stupid! He never opens the door.

Talk to me about this girl.

What girl?

Is she pretty, does she have soft skin?

I don't like her anymore.

I don't like her anymore.

Is she intelligent?


Chat, chat, chat!

Is this the book you're writing?

No, no.

It's something I wrote a long time ago.

Seems like there's someone who wants to publish it.

Very well...

What is it about?

They're short stories, erotic stories.

Can you read it to me?

I wrote this a long time ago in Paris.

Before I met your mother, - long before you and your sister were born.

And What were you doing there?

A bit of everything.

Go to restaurants, to the theater.

Can you read a bit?

It's late.


"In Paris it rains every morning."

"Like blades, as if they rattled five x-rays glued together."

"She trembles."

"The jazz music can't be heard here, because we've climbed many stairs."

"What floor are we on?"

"And there are doors. A series of wooden doors."

"Wood and more wood."

"A study on sound."

"Wood, wood, stairs, wood and more wood."

"You'll die before you're father does", I told her.

"And she spat on me afterwards."

"Fair enough" I told her.

"Tomorrow she'll wait, again."

It's not erotic.

No, not if you've been sleeping since the beginning.

Even when I was awake, there wasn't a single sex scene.


These shoes were too tight for her.

We have to be comfortable, even when we die.


Will you play Tic-tac-toe with me? It'll help you keep your mind off it.

Come on.

There you go.

You make perfect circles, but you always loose.

Yes, yes, I've reflected on the article. It's much better. Considerably better.

Are you ready?

"I heard of an insane asylum..."

"I heard of..." Are you listening?

"I heard of an insane asylum where lunatics are fed as if they were cattle."

Full stop.

"I heard oft a boy who was shut indoors for 30 years.

"Everyday," "he leaves the house

"and waits for the bus in front of the building he lives in."

"He stays there waiting for his mother to pick him up..."

"But his mother doesn't come."

"The first bus of the day arrives,"

Making him anxious.

"Some people get off but not his mother."

"The same thing happens with the second bus-"

"- and the third-"

"-and the fourth..."

"The lunatic stays there, at the bus stop, all day long."

"He gets up on his toes when he hears a bus arriving,"

"Hoping it's the one, hoping that this time she will arrive."

"He knows the meal schedule, and opens the door to eat."

"They offer him rice,"

"Meat and sometimes they say something to him."

"He goes outside, crosses the road and sits as still as a bird."

"He's the bus stop bird."

"He keeps as still as a bird, next to the sign where the bus number is written"

"number 60."

"And he waits there, looking silly, -"

"except when the bus 60 appears and disappears,"

"His face is scary..."

"His face is scary..."

"One can read the uncontrolled anguish and the anguish, -"

"one can read the unbridled hope and anguish."

"Can you imagine a child who looses his parents at a place he doesn't know?"

"That's what we know about this lunatic."

"His mother abandoned him there 30 years ago-"

"- telling him: 'I'll come and get you tomorrow'. But never came back."

"But never came."

OK? Is it better?

Is everything all right? Yes, how about you?


Dad! Dad! Yes?

Come and see!

What is it?

Stay there, Guilherme.

Don't come in!

What happened Daddy?

Nothing, he died, that's all.

You can't stay with me.

You have to go back to your mother.

Are you going out?

Do you want me to stay here tonight?

I'm not going to work tomorrow and we're both going for a walk.

And you're going to tell me what's going on.


And What would you like to do?

We've never gone out together before.

So let's go traveling together.


I think your sister would like to know you're back home.