Howl (2015) Script

Excuse me, sir, is this the right train to New Haven?

Yeah. Next train on this platform, sir.

Thanks. All right.

Malcolm, Malcolm. Evening, guv.

Uh, right, 11:30, New Haven. Done and done.

Thank you very much.

Bad news?


Right. Congratulations. Ken called in sick.

Looks like you're on the Eastborough red-eye.

Tonight? Mmhmm.

Hang on, I've just done my shift.

They must all be law-abiding citizens on your trains.

You haven't issued a penalty fare in six weeks.

Or are you just not man enough?

I'll do it. Good boy.

Platform nine.

You alright, love? Fine.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

This is your guard speaking.

I would like to welcome you aboard the 23:59 Alpha Trax service to Eastborough, calling at Moseley Junction, Woolscot, Edgcombe, Abington Cross, Wychford, Christchurch, Barrock's Hill, Old Milton, and arriving at Eastborough at 1:48.

I'd like to remind you at this time to have your tickets ready for inspection.

Thank you.

Tickets, please.

Ta. Lovely. Thank you, madam.

Tickets and passes, please.

Tickets, please.

Good, thank you, sir.

Excuse me, madam, tickets.

I'll get that for you.

Obviously not a fan of trains.

Nasty man.

Tickets, please.

Thank you, madam.

Ticket, please.

What? Oh, Christ. Um...

Hang on.

No rush, you're alright.

That's weird.

I had it this morning.

Today has just been a complete nightmare. Let's see...

If you don't have a valid pass I have to charge the full fare.

What? Seriously? I take this train every single day.

Those are the rules.

Where is it you're traveling to?



That's gonna be 39 then, please.

Thank you. Ta.

Apologies. Just wait for your change.


That's lovely, thank you.

Tickets, please! Can I see your tickets, please?

Thank you, sir.

Why don't you get a proper job?

It was so great. The guys, they were so hot.

I'll go tomorrow. About 12ish, is that alright?

We'll go home, get changed, and I can wear shorts.

It was brilliant. I wish you were there.

Tickets and passes, please.

I ran so hard I wet myself. Yeah... It's really boring.

But the party was amazing. You'd have loved it.

It was what you thought it was gonna be.

Can I see your ticket, please?

It was a great night. You should've been there.

I know! Well, yeah. It was so brilliant.

Tickets, please? Yeah, that'll be really cool.

I like that. Yeah. Anyway... Can you get off your phone?

You're in a quiet zone. Yeah. That'll be really cool.

Anyway, he's such a boring... Miss?

I know, right? Thank you.

Oh, my God, this guy is totally staring at my tits.

Such a perv.

What can I say? It's not my fault. It was so funny.

Thank you. Ta.

Tickets, please.

Thank you, sir.

Can I see your ticket, please?

Thank you.

Tickets, please. Thank you.

Any coffee? See your tickets, please.

For you, sir?



Hiya. Alright?

1 .85, please.

Didn't realize you were on tonight.

Yeah, double shift.

Trying to save as much as I can this month.

Oh, right. Yeah. Dave's done the same to me.

You still trying to go? I haven't decided yet.

I don't wanna be serving chicken sandwiches the rest of my life.

No. Yes?

Coffee, white, two sugars, please.

And why would you?

Sorry about your promotion.

David told me.

Oh. I think he told everyone.

That doesn't surprise me.

Ah, it's not the end of the world.

Something else better will come up, I'm sure.

Well, you should try again.

You know, you're good with the passengers.

People like you.


Do you want to go for a drink later on?

Um... Um...

Well, I don't think anywhere will be open.

Yeah, no, probably not.

Um, I'm on again in the morning, so...


I better get on, but good luck next time.

Oh, it was just a spur-of-the-moment thing.

Don't worry about it.

I meant with the supervisor application.


Need a piss.

Well done. That went well, mate.

This is the driver. Sorry for the bump.

Seems we hit something on the line.

Please remain seated. We should be on our way shortly.

Thank you.

You alright? Yeah, I'm fine.

That was quite a ride, mate. Sorry about that, sir.

Yeah. You alright, Ellen?

Look at this mess.

Don't worry about the mess. We'll sort that out.

No, I'll do that. No, no, no. I'll do that.

Allow me.

Thanks! Any time.

Are these yours? Cheers, yeah.

Mine, too. Thank you.

Maybe you should check on the others?

Right, yeah. OK. You're both sound, fine?

Yeah, I think we got it covered.

Is everybody alright down here? Madam, you alright?

Yes, yes, but what happened?

Have we crashed? Did we come off the tracks?

We're trying to get to the bottom of it.

You should have seat belts if you wanna stop like that.

I hear you. Sir, let me help you with these.

Ged, please! Did we come off the track?

Let me take these. I'll do it!

We're alright. It's her you wanna worry about.

Ged! Just take a seat for me.

Calm down. Miss, you alright?

I've gotta call my mum. I could have died.

Are you OK, though? If this is broken, I will sue.

I understand your concern, but you need to calm down.

Don't touch me, pervert!

Are you alright? What do you think?

You alright, mate? Yeah. We going soon, or what?

Yeah, yeah. I'm just waiting to hear from the driver.

Just take it easy for a minute.

You alright down there, sir?

I dropped my book. Dropped your book...

Right, hang on.

Sir, here's your book. Here you go, sir.

Oh, thanks. I've lost my page now. I'd just got to a good bit.

I think you'll be alright, mate. Just stay there and keep calm.

Driver, this is the guard.


Ladies and gentlemen, apologies once again for the delay.

I'm still waiting on word from the driver.

Thanks for your patience.

Dear, oh, dear.

Come on, sausage. Come here.

It's Sunday as we rock.

Dancing round the room.

Hear a stranger as she knocks.

Put a letter in a box.

It's Sunday as we rock.

Dancing round the room

Oh, found my page!

This is a no smoking train, miss.

Piss off.

You want me to get out and push?

I don't believe this.

What's happening? I tried knocking.

He's not answering the intercom either.


Maybe you should keep an eye on the passengers.

Well, they wanna know what's going on.

Perhaps give them some food or something, keep them sweet.

Not much left.

Better than nothing.

No sign?

Hello. Hello. Um... We seem to have broken down just outside Eastborough. I think...

I think it must be Thornton Forest.

And we can't seem to locate our driver.

Just looking for some advice on how to proceed, over.

Tell me about it. We've got chaos out there tonight.

We've got trees down... signal failures...

ETA for replacement...

Sorry, go again on the ETA? Four hours?

The storm has brought down a lot of trees.

You want me to stay on this skanky train? Fuck right off.

What does the driver say? Does he think he can fix it?

The driver...

He's working on it.

Right, so he might be able to get us going again?

No... I don't know... Maybe?

Is the train broken down or not?

What did he actually say?

I haven't been able to speak to him. I can't get through.

Right. Forget it, I'll ask him myself.

You can't do that. Well, watch me do that.

No, we don't know where he is.


Are you telling us the driver is missing?

Oh, my God.

He didn't come back. Where's he gone?

I don't know. I'm trying to work on it.

I didn't want to worry you so I didn't say anything.

Well, that didn't really work, did it?

I don't suppose you know how to drive it? The train, I mean.

I'm afraid not.

You need to get your supervisor on the radio.

My husband has high blood pressure.

He can't wait here all night.

I want my money back.

Please just calm down.


Thank you.

Now, the way I see it, we've got two options.

Either we all sit here and compose our complaint letters, or we actually do something about it.

Like what? Like use those wiggly things on the end of your legs and walk on out of here.

The station can't be more than, what, a two-mile walk?

Three, max. We might even get a phone signal before then.

I'm in.

Wait, wait, wait. No, no! You can't just...

Safety protocol clearly states passengers must stay on the train and await assistance. Those are the rules.

Ridiculous. It's not. I will lose my job.

Sir! You can't get out of there without any keys.

And do you have some keys? Yes.

Would you kindly use them? No.

Come on! No, sir. I will lose my job.

I can't open the door.

We can follow the tracks, all stay together.

I don't see there'll be a problem.

Yeah, come on. It's stopped raining now.

Please. Come on.


I can't leave the train with these pensioners.

You just make sure you keep up, son.

Come on!

Wouldn't you rather spend the night in your own bed?


Get your keys out.


I'm gonna lose my job for doing this.

Come on. Come on, then.

OK? Yes, fine, come on.

Just keep straight down there. Down there.

Keep this side of the... Wait up there, please.

Want a hand? I'll hold your arm.

Queue up there, please, madam.

No, I'm first. OK, I'll go first.

Bit of a drop, isn't it? You'll be alright.

Perhaps you won't.

OK... Careful.


There's a rail here you've just got to get your foot on.

Right... Ooh, OK.

Thank you very much.

Last but not least.


Thanks. It's my pleasure.

Five, six, seven...

Right, stick together, please. Mind your step out here.

I'll light the path.

I'll light the track.

That's the long metal thing that the train goes on, is it, boss?

Stick together, please.

I'm Nina. Billy.

Hey! Fuel leak.


Ooh! Why don't you walk with me?

We don't want you falling over in the dark.

Stick together, please!

Recognize where we are? Could be Thornton Forest.

You all right there at the back, sir?

Can you hurry up at the front?

I want to get there tonight.

Not exactly a favorite pastime of mine, trekking through the woods.

Don't worry, it's just a deer or something.

Keep going.

Come on, guys, it's getting closer now.

Do you think it could be the driver?

Why would he be in the bushes?

I don't know.

It just sounds like it could be.

Just wait here. Can we not just keep on going?

What do you mean "wait here"?

You can't just leave us.

I'll find out. Where are you going?

Leave us on our own.

Where's he gone? Come on!

Joe, what is it?

Go. Go.

Back on the train, everyone!

Get back on the train, everyone!


Come on!

Joe, hurry!

Where's the key?

Hurry up! I'm trying, I'm trying!


Alright, go. Go, go, go, go!

Quickly! Hurry up.

Joe, get in!

Joe, get in! Wait!

Come on!

Wait! Hurry, come on. Hurry!

Get in, quick. Come on, Joe!


Let's go, come on!

Help me! Get in, get in! In, in!

Shut the fucking door!

We need to move her. Someone help me get her up!

We need to get her up.

Help me, please. Lift, lift. Please.

And lift. Lift her up. Come on. OK, lift.

Calm down, shh, calm down.

Everyone, step back!

We'll lie her down on the chair.

Try and calm her down. Here, take this.

Alright, wrap it round.

Above the wound. Tighter! Pull it down. Step back.

What can you see?

I can't see anything!

Get the first aid kit! And water!


Breathe, breathe.

Hurry up. Get some water!

You'll be fine.

Shh... Breathe, breathe.

Everybody just stay calm!

I don't know what I'm doing.

Oh, my God, I don't know what I'm doing.

Pressure on, get the pressure on!

What do you see? I can't see anything!

The door! Is it secure?

Check the door.

Just over there.

What the fuck was that?

Keep her quiet, for fuck's sake!


Get her to shut the fuck up.

What is that?

Fuck. Fuck.


Shh... Please.

It's gone. It's gone. It's gone.

We've got to get her to a hospital.

We need to get her to a hospital.

Joe, we've got to call someone. Joe! Joe!

Joe. Joe...

Joe! Joe! We need to call someone.

We need to call... call someone. Just get someone, Joe.

Now! Now! Go, now!

This is the Eastborough sprinter service requesting immediate emergency assistance.



You alright, mate?

Yeah. Yeah, fine.

This was working earlier.

How about getting the engine started?

I haven't got the first clue about trains. Do you?

I know engines. Dirt bikes, lawnmowers.

It's my old man's business, repairs.

There's your problem. The fuel leak?

Yeah, the line must have split when we crashed.

There might be some left in the tank, but... without pressure we ain't gonna be able to restart her.

We're going nowhere till it's patched.

I better tell the others.

We're just gonna have to sit tight and wait for help.

My wife needs medical attention now!

And meanwhile we're just a train full of bear bait.

It wasn't a bear.

Bears don't howl.

What was it then, a wolf? A dog couldn't do that.

There haven't been any bears or wolves round here for centuries.

What animal did that to her?

It wasn't an animal.

It was more like a man.

Just lie back, love. You need to rest.

No, you're not listening. You don't understand.

It wasn't an animal.

She's in shock.

What happened to the driver?


What aren't you telling us?

That's inside the train. Inside?

What are you doing? No, that's not a good idea.

Oh, fuck.

You've got a knife, right?

Why would I have a knife?

Get a key!

Hurry up!

No, no! Fuckin' hell!

Ow! Oh, fuck!


Stinks of piss down here.

Who are you?

He's one of the passengers from earlier. Help him up.

I don't-I don't believe this.

So... So what you're saying... is... is that we've definitely gone past Barrock's Hill?

Have you not heard anything we just told you?

No signal. What a surprise.

I can't believe I missed my stop.

It's great to have you on board.

Try to hold still, love.

She's got a fever. Shock?

I've dealt with a dog bite before, but I don't know what I'm doing.

Ellen, just sit down, stay calm for a minute.

Sit down.

There you are.

You OK?

What's wrong with her?

They're looking after her, don't worry.

She'll be fine.

There was so much blood.

My daughter's got shoes like those. They're cool.


She cannot wait to be a teenager.

She hardly ever talks to me anymore.

She says that I embarrass her.

You seem pretty nice.

My mum's my best friend. Really?

There's hope for me yet, then.

Won't she wonder where you are?

No. She's usually in bed by the time I get home, and weekends she's with her dad, so I never...

It's back.

What the fuck is that?

Maybe someone's come to... Shh...

What the fuck is it?

Stay back.

Where's it going?

Just be quiet. Shh.

Whose phone is that? Not mine!

What the fuck? It must be someone's!

Someone's got reception!

It's yours. Answer it! Oh, my God. It's me.

Well, answer it, then.

Hello? Hello? Who is it?

Mum, you've got to listen to me. Something's happened.

Tell her where we are. Please, Mum, no, please.

Give me the phone. Tell her where we are!

Out of my way. Give me that thing!

Get off me!

Help me!

Come on!

Shh, shh, shh!

Shut up! Shut up!

I think it's gone.

What is it? Does anyone know?

It ain't a fucking dog, I can tell you that.

Shut up!

We can't just leave her!

She's gone! We've got to go back!

Hey, hey, come back!

She might still be alive, We can't just leave her!

Why did you stop me? I could have got her!

I was trying to save you!

It was too late for her! It's your fault!

Stop it.

You still wanna sit and wait?

I didn't know this would happen!

You've got to do something!

It's too easy for it to get in.

What are we gonna do?

Stop listening to this prick.

He's doing his best!

I shouldn't even be on this train.


Do you all wanna die tonight?

Cos if you do, you just carry on whinging and arguing, and soon enough, that thing out there, he'll take care of it for you.

But if you still intend to get home, then start acting like it.

It's an animal.

Animals hunt what's easy to catch.

And look at us.

We're sitting ducks here.

So let's try and make it a little bit harder for the bastard, shall we?

Have you got any tools on this train?

What's wrong with you? Dodgy kebab gave me the shits.

Oh! It's not easy, is it? What?

Here. Here, I'll help you. Yeah.

Thank you.

Listen, I'm sorry about being such a cow to you before.

It's just... I've spent too much of my life on this train.

Tell me about it.

Jenny, here's some water, love.

Oh, sorry, it's nearly empty.

Was there any water anywhere? Joe's got the last bottle.


I was told you might have a bottle of water.

Yeah, course.

What was her name?


The girl... The girl who was...

Oh. Ooh, um...

I don't know.

Do you have any children?

Yes. I've got a daughter who's about to be 13.

Oh. You?

Wasn't to be.

We wanted to, but...

Like we always say, we have each other and that's the most important thing.

Thank you.

And thank you for getting us in here.

No problem.

You're doing alright, you know.

It's coming back, you know. Sorry?

Our friend out there is coming back.

Might not. Might have had enough.


Let me show you something.

Country house. Wife, kids, dog, the works.

But then there's this.

A city flat.

Five minutes' walk from the office, nice view of Tower Bridge, perfect for entertaining young ladies.


Two worlds never meet, and everyone is happy.

Good for you.

The point is, we do what we have to to get by.

Sometimes it ain't nice.

Take this lot. Old, weak, afraid.

They're natural born victims.

And when that thing comes back, when it gets in here, you can stand with them and wait your turn to die, or you can use your keys and open one of these doors, and maybe... maybe you and I... can get out of this alive.

Survival of the fittest, my friend.

You think about it.


Jenny... Jenny.

Can you hear me?


What the fuck's happening to her?

She needs help. She's sick.

But why are her teeth falling out?

Shut it! Look, old man, I am just saying that... I know what you're saying.

Stop it!

Joe? Joe?

Someone's missing.

The football guy. He said he needed a shit.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing?

He's gone. You don't know that.

Just give him a minute.

Wait here.

Hurry up.

Hey. Hey, where's he going? What's happening?

Don't wanna lose anyone else.

It's fine. Just one minute.

I'm not leaving this open.

Paul? What?

Paul, come on, hurry up, open the door.

You've got to get in the other carriage. It's not safe here.

Fuck's sake. Paul?

What?! Paul, hurry up.

I can't do a shit in peace.

No, it's not safe. For fuck's sake.

Come on. Come on!

The... The door...

What? I can't open the door!

Oh, fuck. The door is jammed!

Right... That's it.

What are you doing?

He's been long enough.

Shit! Help me! Help me!

Let me go!

Get me the fuck out!

Shit! Get me out of here!

Get me out! Fuck! Get me out!

It's fucking broke...

Come on!

Fucking open the fucking door!

What are you doing? Getting out of here.

We're trapped on this fucking train.

What about Joe? He made his choice.

At least he had the guts to try. You should have gone with him!

You should be helping him!

Just get out the fucking train!

We need to get them out, too!

Fuck! Hurry up!

The key.

Open the fucking door!

Fucking hell...

Let's barricade it, quick!

Hold it, hold it!

It's coming, it's coming!

It's not gonna open! Hey!

We need your help! Pass me that.

Do something! Help him!

Fucking die!

It's dead. It's OK.

Fucking let go!

It's dead.

Shh... It's gone. OK.

It's OK.

What did we just kill?

It's a man.

But its legs... and its teeth... are more like a dog's.

More like a wolf's.

What? Just saying.

What are you saying?

Isn't it obvious?

We're looking at a werewolf.

What, like a full moon and silver bullet sort of thing?


But look at the legs, triple-jointed, the eyes, teeth.

Whatever it is, it's some kind of hybrid between man and wolf.

It's wearing a ring. Look.

It used to be like us.

Perhaps it's a disease. Like a mutation.

Something you catch from animals.

Or a bite.

You're all too young to remember the Thornton Forest rail crash.


Late night express came off the tracks, somewhere near here.

When the emergency services got to them, there was no one left to save.

All sorts of tales about what they found, bodies half eaten by animals, some just gone.

They never did find out what really happened.

I never gave it much thought after that.

Until tonight.

So this has happened before.

We've killed it now, so we're sweet.




She's one of them.

She's fucking one of them.

You leave her alone! She's sick.

No, she's not.

She is infected.

We all know it.

And if we are gonna survive, she has to go.

You touch one hair on my Jenny's head and I'll break your bloody neck.

I don't think so, old man.

Stay away from her, OK?


No, no, no!

No, no, no, no, no!

Stop it!

Leave her alone!

Why don't you take a seat, sir.

Ged! Ged, where am I?

Alright, Jenny.

Where am I?

Thank you.

Give me your fucking belt. What?

Give me your belt!

Tie him down. With pleasure.

Her, too.

We can't stay here.

We're not going to.

You've done this before.

Dirty bitch.


If we can find the leak, patch it up, there might be enough left to get us moving.

All we need is enough to get clear of the woods.

Who's going? Me.

I'm the only one who knows how.

I could do with a lookout, though.

I'll do it.

That's that sorted then.

So the ASBO kid's fixing the train?

I know engines, you prick. Yeah, right.

I got accepted onto an engineering course, actually.

That's why I was in town today.



Watch him. Of course.

Let's go.

Engine lights.

These go green, it means I've patched the leak.

Fuel gauge. That needle bounces up, you need to turn on the ignition here.

Then the main light should come on.

That's it? Not quite.

Next you need to prime the pump. Pull down hard here.

Engage forward on the column, then you need to push forward on the accelerator.

Nice and slowly. Drive us out of this shithole, yeah?

Oh, and if you could remember to pick me up on the way out, I'll buy you a beer. Is it true?

About your interview?

Yeah, pretty much.

I saw you chuck your jacket and tie in the bin.

Huh. Stupid cow said I needed A-levels, didn't she?

Guess we'll see if she was right.

I think you should say something.

This is your guard speaking.

I'D like to apologize once again for the delay to your Journey this evening.

A few hours ago we were strangers.

Most of you probably wish we still were.

But we're gonna try and get out of here now.

We're gonna do whatever it takes to survive.


All of us.

I Know you all just want to get home.

So Do I.

Next stop, Eastborough.

You ready?


Shine it down there.

This is it.

Keep an eye out, yeah?


You don't remember me at all, do you?

Should I?

I've been trying to place you all night.

Must be three years ago now?

I came for an interview at Naughton and Price Brokers.

I thought it was going quite well, actually.

But you couldn't stop looking down my top.

You had a tan line where your wedding ring should have been.

And? Well, you obviously didn't make the grade.

Oh, well, I was more than qualified.

But you were more interested in taking me back home for a follow-up.


But you're right. I don't remember you.

But I know your type. Oh, yes?

You arrive one day in my office, full of sparkle... happy to fight it out with the boys for a seat at the big table.

And then after a couple of years you swan off for nine months.

And when you return, you're tired all the time, wracked by guilt, all that baby weight making it oh-so-hard to fight your way back up the ladder.

No more sparkle.


I feel sorry for your wife.

Don't you worry about her.

Hope you haven't got any kids to fuck up, too.

Come on, Jenny. Hold on.

Gonna get you out of here soon.

Use your eyes, granddad.

There is no helping her.

She just needs the hospital. They'll be able to do something.

If we don't do something about her now, it'll be too late.


Why did you want that stupid promotion anyway?

I don't know.

I guess I thought I could change something.

Make people notice me.

It's what you do that matters, not what it says on your name badge.

You've helped those people.

You've helped all of us. Hmm.

I'm seriously thinking about a change of career after tonight.

Fuck, come on. Fuck, where are you?

Come on, come on.

Matt... Matt?

Chuck me the tape.

Found the leak.

Under-qualified, my arse.

Here, chuck me that wrench.

Ah, there we go.


Ah, fuck.

Listen, um, about before, all that business with the ax.

I don't know what came over me.

OK, mate.



Help me...

Get that light on me, buddy.

Matt, keep that light on me.

Matt! Matt! What the fuck are you doing?

For fuck's sake...


Help me!

Hello? Help!

Where are you?


Look, I...

About before, I...

I'm sorry, I...

It just all happened so quickly.

Where are you?


Oh, no.

Oh, fuck.




Fuck! She's fucking changing!

Come on, let me out of here! She's turning, come on!

There's one wolf out there and there's one fucking wolf in here.

We're all gonna die!

Just shut up and let me think!

Hey! Help! Fuck!

Untie me, you stupid bitch!

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on!

This should be it.

Ellen! Quick! He got the lights on.

Oh! OK. Fuel...

That one. Right, what's next?

Pump. Prime the pump.


OK, what are we doing? Just wait. Gotta wait for it.

Where are they?

OK, let's go. Let's go. No, we can't. Ellen, no!

Shit. Shit.

Oh, my God. Come on. We're moving.

Thank fuck!

Oh, God.

We're moving, Jenny. Can you-

Oh, my God. What the...

Oh, my God!

Fucking hell!

Fucking hell! Let me out of here! Get me out of here!

Do it, do it, do it!

Hurry, hurry. Hurry up.

Help me.


It's working. No, look, it's working. Look, it's working.

It's working. Go, come on, it's going, it's going.


Help me!

Help me!

No! No, God, no.

Oh, no!

Please don't... Please don't...

Please don't... Please, please don't kill me.

No, no!




Oh, shit. Jenny.

Oh, God.

No... Stay away from me!

Stay away!


No... No!



Why has it stopped? What's happened?

Ellen, come on! Go, go, go, go, go, go!

Stay away from me.

Stay away!

Better late than never.

Good to see you've finally grown a pair.

Joe! Joe!

Come on! Come on then!

Where's Kate?

She'd still be alive if you hadn't tied me up.

Where exactly are we going to, boss?

The woods. We'll never stand a chance.

Unless one of us stays behind.

Stop it!

Back off!

Get over there! Get back!

Fucking bitch.

You really think you're in control, don't you, Joe?

You've finally become a man, and you've stood up to the challenge well.

Haven't you?

You think you've got it all worked out, don't you?

Oh, no.

Come on, then!


Fuck you, bitch.

Come on.

Come on!

Come on, you fucking mutts!

Come on!

Get that door open. Come on! Let's 'ave it!

Go, go, go! Billy!


Come on!

Follow the track! The track!

Come on, let's go. Let's go!

Let's go! Too late.

What? It's too late.

No, let's go!

They're on to us. No, let's go, Joe!

There's a track. There's a track there.


Come on.

Come on, let's go. Let's go.

No, no. No!

Joe! Joe, no, come on!

You have to go.

Come with me, Joe!

Run! Ellen, run!

Go! Go!

Come on!

Oh! Ow.

First thing I'm gonna do is buy this place and burn it the fuck down.


Who's there?



Where are you, mate?


Oh, fuck!