Howrah Bridge (1958) Script

Greetings, Mr. Madan!

Greetings, Mr. Madan! Don't you recognize me?

I used to work for you. I'm Shamu.

Shamu? - Yes!

Yes! I remember now. What are you doing here?

I manage by plying horse carriage by god's grace.

Good! - When did you come?

Today. I've some work here.

How is your wife? - Fine.

And how is brother Prem? - He's fine too. Thank god!

The cart is yours. Let me drop you.

It'll take time. Go ahead.

You work inside. I'll wait for you outside.

No, I've a lot of work. Leave now. We'll meet later.

Is this cart available? - Yes.

How much will you charge to Sham market? - 20 rupees.

No, only 2 rupees. Do sit.

Very good! It's very nice.

Mr. Chang, why don't you understand that I can get double the amount in the open market for this Dragon?

Yes, I know, but if you sell it in the open market..

..your family name will be spoilt.

Yes, that's the problem.

What you don't know is this dragon once belonged to Chinese kings in the past.

Then it reached King Soon of Burma and then my forefathers received it.

I know it very well.

You know everything.

But right now, we're in a situation where we've to sell it.

And the price that you offer is so less that..

Price is given only when it could be recovered.

Just like you can't sell it in the open market, neither can we.

Right? - Yes.

Ok, then. Come here tomorrow at 11 a.m.

I'll arrange for the cash from the bank.

Till then, both of us can think over this.

May be I can give you a couple of thousands more.

Thank you very much.

I be here tomorrow at 11 a.m. sharp. - Ok!

Goodnight, sir. - Goodnight.

Hello! Who's this?

Lily! Please call Mr. Pyarelal.

Pyarelal speaking. - Pyarelal.

That dragon is real. Minimum price will be 500,000 rupees.

I like it very much. And good luck to you.

Good luck to you.

Sure, Chang.

Come with me, all of you.

Hello, mister. The man standing there needs a taxi.

Hail lord Shiva!

Hail lord! What's this!

Where are you running? What's it?

Hey ..Where are you going?

Hey ..You've left your man here.

O no! If they can't take it, why do they drink?

Brother, get up. Your men have left you. Get up. Are you dead?


He's dead. Ghost! Uncle Shamu! ncle Shamu! ncle Shamu!

What happened? Why are you screaming so late at night?

Uncle Shamu has not come. - Chamiya, a man is murdered.

Who is killed? I don't know, but I swear I saw it with my own eyes.

3 men brought the dead body out of a black car..

..threw it on Howrah bridge and disappeared.

What were you doing there?

How can I hide it from you?

I went there for a smoke and some fresh air.

So you must be speaking in a state of intoxication.

No, I came to my sense when I saw this drama and.. - Shut up and go to sleep.

If someone hears this, he'll inform the police and you'll be jailed.

Jail? But why? Yes.

If you talk like this after smoking, you'll be jailed.

But, listen to me. - Sleep now!

But, listen to me! - Go to sleep! It's strange.

Some men came and threw the corpse, but I can't say anything.

O goddess! I..

Mister, is this your bag?

Thank you. - Mention not.

Where was find it? - Here.

You're carrying a lot of money. Are you going for some business?

Yes. Calcutta. Very good. Take my card.

I've a big hotel there.

We've a very good dancer, my daughter Edna.

You'll enjoy it a lot. She'll dance here today.

Come. - I'm not interested.


Mention not.

"Let's play the game of love.

Let's play the game of love. 5 and 6."

Hello. - Hello.

Are you waiting for a girlfriend? - No.

That's why you're counting the waves here.

Meet me. I'm Joseph Talwarkar.

What? - This. You mean Talwarkar. - Correct.

Prem Kumar. - Prem Kumar!

Still you've no connection with romance.

No, I've all that in Rangoon.

Well done! Bravo. Come on.

Good girl, beautiful dancer. Don't mind. - No, thank you!

Please. - Ok. Go ahead, I'll change and come.

Ok. I'll be waiting for you. - Thank you!

"Let's play the game of love."

"5 and 6, let's play the game of love."

"Looking at your eyes I've become restless."

"Oh dear, wait. I've been wooed."

"Looking at your eyes I've become restless."

"Oh dear, wait. I've been wooed."

"Come let's dance, let's romance."

"At the very first sight a thousand stories were written."

"Looking at your eyes I've become restless."

"Oh dear, wait. I've been wooed."

"There's glow of perspiration on your fair face."

"I've seen sunlight peep through dark clouds today."

"There's glow of perspiration on your fair face."

"I've seen sunlight peep through dark clouds today."

"Look at all the weak-hearted guys craving for your love."

"Looking at your eyes I've become restless."

"Oh dear, wait. I've been wooed."

"Ask a question to this stranger, dear."

"Has he brought his eyes from a winery?"

"Ask a question to this stranger, dear."

"Has he brought his eyes from a winery?"

"Your eyes are so intoxicating, "

"I've drowned and lost myself in them."

"Looking at your eyes I've become restless."

"Dear, wait. I've been wooed."

Well done, Miss Edna.

You danced very well. - Thank you, sir!

Excuse me. Who are you?

Why are you talking in between? - In between?

I'm Joe, Edna's uncle. - Uncle!

Glad to meet you! - You praised my daughter, I'm very happy.

Thank you!

Really, madam. You were amazing.

If my dance was so good, why did your friend go away?

What friend? Friend. Not here! Where? There.

Please come.

Friend, do you like her dance?

Where is Edna, uncle? - Come, Edna.

Meet uncle Joe. - We've met before.

Yes, uncle? - She's my niece, Edna.

Hello! - Hello!

She is a child. She's timid.

Child! A glass of cold water, boy.

Your passport, please?

Prem Kumar.

Ok, PK. We'll meet again.


Greetings, Mr. Prem! - Shamu?

Is everything fine at home? - Everyone is fine.

I knew one of you would come.

Keep the luggage.

I'm sorry about your big brother. - How did you know?

I'll tell you on the way. Sit.

Shamu, when did you meet brother Madan?

Same evening, before he was murdered.

The cops called me to the police station and I identified his body. - Why did the cops call you?

Actually, whenever such incident occurs to a stranger here, the cops call all the drivers in the city for identification.

Where did he meet you? - In front of a hotel.

Which one? Can you take me there?

Yes. But it's a very dangerous place.

I warned brother Madan but he ignored me. - I want to go there.

It's possible that they are involved in brother's murder.


Take me there. - Ok.


Enough. Kindly get off.


Listen, don't give your actual name and address here.

Yes. - Talk to me like we are strangers.

Ok. - Yes! Forgive me, your hotel is here.

Get my luggage. Johnson!

Pick up the luggage. - Ok.

Greeting, Mr. Lee. - Good morning.

Sir needs a good suite.

Where are you from? - I haven't come, sir has come.


Where are you from? - Rangoon.

Rangoon. And your name?

Rakesh Sharma. - Rakesh Sharma.

How long will you be here? - About..

Please write down and sign here.

Thank you! - Ok sir, freshen up and relax.

I'll bring the carriage in the evening.

Which room? - Number 10.

Johnson. Take sir's luggage to the room. Ok, sir.

See you. Bye, sir.

Mr. Lee. My commission? Commission?

Talk in Hindi, not English. I don't understand it.

"My name is Chin Chin Chu."

"Let's meet at moonlit night."

"Hello mister, how do you do?"

"My name is Chin Chin Chu."

"Let's meet at moonlit night."

"Hello mister, how do you do?"

"Mister, I'm from China. My heart is very sweet."

"My youth is as lovely as Singapore."

"And my style is all Shanghai".

"Mister, I'm from China. My heart is very sweet."

"My youth is as lovely as Singapore."

"And my style is all Shanghai".

"Hold your heart tight, lest you go crazy."

"My name is Chin Chin Chu."

"Let's meet at moonlit night."

"Hello mister, how do you do?"

"My name is Chin Chin Chu."

"Let's meet at moonlit night."

"Hello mister, how do you do?"

"Sir, our meeting is so wonderful!"

"Seeing you, I have fallen for you."

"I'm like a fairy."

"Sir, our meeting is so wonderful!"

"Seeing you, I have fallen for you."

"I'm like a fairy."

"I can cast magic!"

"And make you my escort."

"I can cast magic!"

"And make you my escort."

"My name is Chin Chin Chu."

"Let's meet at moonlit night."

"Hello mister, how do you do?"

"My name is Chin Chin Chu."

"Let's meet at moonlit night."

"Hello mister, how do you do?"

Shamu? Have you brought a customer? No, Mr. Lee.

I forgot to take money from the customer from Rangoon.

Ok. - Cart-driver!

Yes, sir.

How much? - 5 rupees and 9 cents.

Do you see that girl? - Yes.

She came with me from Rangoon. Do you know her?

Yes. Very well. - What does she do?

They've a hotel by the waterfront. They do all that Chang does.


A hotel? - Yes.

Can you get me a room in it?

Let's try. We might get a vacant room.

Did you ask for 5 rupees 9 cents? - Yes, sir.

Chang, see who is here?

Hello, Edna. Hello. - Fine?

Hello. - Hello Mr. Chang! How are you? Fine?

Sit down. Please be seated.


Edna, you've come after a long time.

Yes, Mr. Chang. But everything is same as before.

No change. But you've changed a lot.

You look so beautiful. So lovely!

Thanks! - Partner, I think we should talk about business first.

Alright. Well Joe, what do you want to tell me?

Joe was saying we'll receive the stock of cocaine and opium..

..tomorrow night.

Take the stock tomorrow. Well Joe, when I received your call, I knew you had done my job successfully.

Mr. Chang, I've a small request.

Tell me. - Tomorrow is Christmas.

I want to gift Edna something.

We went to Hong Kong and Rangoon and I've finished all my money.

Can you arrange for some?

Yes! Why do you worry?

I'll give you everything.

I'll also give you a gift for Edna.

Look, I'll send Pyarelal with cash tomorrow. Ok?

Edna, ok?

Yes, Mr. Chang.

Uncle, let's go.

No, have something to drink.

No, I'm very tired now. Goodnight. - Goodnight!

Uncle. - Goodnight, Joe.

Goodnight. - Pyarelal, wait for a while.

Edna, go ahead, I'll be there.

Ok. Take 10 rupees. - Thank you very much.

Hello! - Hello, Shamu! Yes.

How are you? - I'm very fine.

How are you, madam? - Shamu, do you know the man you were standing next to? - Yes?

No. He is a new customer. He came in my carriage.

We've a hotel too. You can get a room there too.

Madam, what can I do.. - Uncle!

Ok, madam. I got it.

Greetings, sir!

Move. - Edna darling, why did you give him money?


The more people come in our hotel, the more business we'll do.

You've started looking after business. Very good.

Sir, your cart is ready. - What happened?

Everything turned upside down. - Meaning?

She wants you to come in her hotel. - But..

What? - Yes.

Come, sir.

Mr. Joe, I've brought a customer for you.

You're there? - This is my hotel.

It's my good fortune that we have met again. - Do you know each other?

Know each other? We're friends.

We came by the same ship from Rangoon.

I brought him here, but since you know him I won't get commission!

Shamu, don't worry!

You've brought such a big personality here.

I'll pay double commission. - Thanks. Mention not!

Good you came here today.

Today is our festival. - Good.

Manager! - Yes, sir! My friend is a very big man.

Give him a good room.

Sorry, sir. There are no rooms available today.

Manager, what are you saying?

Why do you want to usurp my commission?

Shamu, don't worry.

Tingoo, take sir's luggage upstairs. I'll put him in my personal room.

Thank you! - Mention not!

Come on.

This way, sir.

Sorry! - Mention not.

I'm happy that a big personality like you has come to my hotel.

Thank you! - Mention not!

You'll be very pleased with the service in our hotel.

Thank you! - Mention not!

We've very good service here!

You.. - Come along.

Come inside.

This is my best room. Fresh air, beautiful view, the Howrah Bridge and holy Ganges.

There was a murder on Howrah Bridge a few days ago, right?

Yes, sir.

You can rest now.-Yes Sir, do you want some drink?

No, just send a cup of tea. - Ok, sir.

Thank you! - Mention not!

Yes, madam.

Give this to me. I'll take it. - You?

No, madam. I'll take it.

A new guest means a good tip. - I'll give you the tip.

Madam! - I said I'll give it to you. Let go.

Prepare the tea.

Tea, sir.


Hello! You?

This is my uncle's hotel.

Do you speak Hindi?

I don't know Hindi.

But you're speaking it. - No, it's all wrong.

It's not so bad. Speak to me in Hindi.

I'll feel shy!

Shy? At first you'll, but when you learn it, you won't.


Will you teach me Hindi? - Sure.

You are so beautiful. You dance so well.

I'll get a chance to spend some time with you.

What are you saying? - Was I wrong?

No, but you didn't even give me a glance in the ship. - I'm sorry.

I was a little worried then. Worries.

Can I help you in some way?

You're a girl. You should feminine words.

We're talking and the tea is getting cold. - No problem.

50-50? - No, thank you!

Have it. 50-50.

Sorry for interrupting you.

Edna, I was waiting for you for a long time.

My name is Pyarelal and I'm Edna's friend.

Nice meeting you.

Mr. Pyarelal. I don't like it one bit.

But what?

Why did you insult him? Why did you drink his tea?

I've a right on all your things.

But it was his tea, not mine!

But Edna darling, it was your tender hands that made the tea.

Leave my hand! What must he think of your behaviour?

Instead of worrying about my heart, you are worrying about that fool?

Don't speak rubbish.

How many times I've to tell you.. - Edna darling.

Pyarelal! You here!

I thought you disappeared somewhere.

Where will I go leaving Edna? - Yes.

Edna darling. It's time for your dance.

You aren't ready yet!

I won't dance today. - Why?

Because she is upset with me. - Don't be sentimental, darling.

No point in getting upset.

Go get ready soon. Today is our festival.

All tables are booked in anticipation of your dance!

And our new customer, Mr. Rakesh, will be very happy with your performance. - Uncle!

Did you tell him to come to watch my performance? - Yes.

Then I'll surely dance now. I'll be ready in a jiffy.

Thank you, darling.

Come on, Mr. Pyarelal.

Uncle Joe, keep an eye on your Edna? - What do you mean?

I mean, if she falls for every new passenger that comes along, how long..

..will this hotel run?

How long will she be here?

What are you saying? Edna will never leave me.

I know her very well. She is just a child.

"Come, my dear. Be seated, love."

"With pleasure, test my love."

"Come, my dear. Be seated, love."

"With pleasure, test my love."

"Come, my dear."

"You're really something, young man!"

"A very handsome guest indeed."

"You're really something, young man!"

"A very handsome guest indeed."

"My heart can't express my feelings."

"My heart can't express my feelings."

"Come, my dear. Be seated, love."

"With pleasure, test my love."

"Come, my dear."

"Wherever I look, lightning strikes!"

"Wherever I look, lightning strikes!"

"The lightning knows not, whose abode it has burnt."

"The lightning knows not, whose abode it has burnt."

"Come, my dear. Be seated, love."

"With pleasure, test my love."

"Come, my dear. Be seated, love."

"With pleasure, test my love."

"Come, my dear."

Greetings, Mr. Rakesh!

Hello! - Did you find anything?

I've just met her. How will I know so soon?

Mr. Rakesh, you can't get the information only through that girl.

I'm trying my best. - What are you trying?

Is trying means sitting and smoking? - Then what do I do?

She is strolling downstairs. Try to get the information.

Ok. - Yes, go.

C'mon. Make it fast.

Where are you going?

Nowhere. I was just chatting with him.

Are you done? - Whose boat is it?


Shut up!

It is my boat. Do you like the boat?

Beautiful boat. Let's ride on the Ganges.

No, sir. I've some important work. - Kailash.

Shut up! - Sir will be angry.

If he asks, tell him I said so.

But I've important work. - We'll return soon.


Come on.

Look, Howrah Bridge.

Howrah bridge!

Everyday millions of people traverse it.

Isn't it beautiful?

What are you looking at?

I'm looking at your beautiful hair swaying in the breeze..

..Are they swaying or kissing you?

Is it not strange, Edna?

We both are from different places but we met suddenly..

..We met, had a slight tiff and now we are friends.

Friend. You think of me as a friend?

My heart says. Don't ask the heart, but the brain.

If I ask the brain, the heart will be troubled.

Because the brain will reason .. that Edna has lots of friends. And every friend.. - No!

I don't have any friends. - No?

I know one. - Who?

Pyarelal. - No, he is a very bad man.

He is a scoundrel.

He is always after me. He entices me with money.

He says I'll give you money.

I'll give you jewellery. I'll marry you.

Jewellery? - Scoundrel!

Which jewellery? - Chinese jewellery?

And his friend, Jon Chang. - Jon Chang.

Yes. - I hate both of them.

What jewellery? A tiara or necklace..

I don't know. I don't want anything from him.

I hate him! - But Edna, when he is giving you money and jewellery, why don't you marry him? - Don't be silly, Mr. Rakesh.

If you talk about him, I'll fight with you again. - I'm sorry.

I'll never marry for money. I want a good man.

Understood. - Mysterious, like you.

"The hands of love is holding the brim of youth."

"Wonderful, dear!"

"The atmosphere is getting intoxicated."

"The moonlight is sleeping in your arms."

"The atmosphere is getting intoxicated."

"The moonlight is sleeping in your arms."

"The stars seem to have descended down to the earth."

"Wonderful, dear!"

"The hands of love is holding the brim of youth."

"Wonderful, dear!"

"One's heart gazed into the heart of other."

"The beauties are playing havoc with lovelorn hearts." - Wonderful.

"Wonderful, dear!"

"The hands of love is holding the brim of youth."

"Wonderful, dear!"

"When another's loving eyes are always in your sight"

"you'll feel like you're on top of the world."

"When another's loving eyes are always in your sight"

"you'll feel like you're on top of the world."

"Your beauty is wooed today."

"Wonderful, dear."

"The hands of love is holding the brim of youth."

"Wonderful, dear."

"The hands of love is holding the brim of youth."

"Wonderful, dear."

"Wonderful, dear."

You're a scoundrel! Why did you give them the boat?

How will the goods arrive? The ship leaves in the morning.

I've paid the captain.

The goods and money, both are gone.

You've destroyed me.

I didn't know they would take the boat?

Joe, don't try to act smart.

Edna can't take the boat without your permission and go with Rakesh.

You think I'm a fool?

By God..

I really don't know anything, Pyarelal.

You know everything.

Anyway, I want the goods tobe delivered by tomorrow.

Pyarelal! - Goodnight, Joe.

Pyarelal. - Sir. Shut up.

Why didn't you lock it?

I've never done so before. - From tomorrow, lock it daily.

Don't worry. They'll return soon. My foot! Are you ..

..their secretary? How do you know?

Sir, I can hear the boat.

I had gone with Mr. Rakesh for sight seeing.

Sight seeing?

Who will compensate for our loss?

Loss? - Yes Mr. Rakesh.

Don't interrupt. Uncle! - Shut up!

Don't you know that every evening customers come in?

We make profit. - But..

Shut up!

There are many hotels here.

Why do you think customers make a beeline to this hotel?

Do you mean it is because of her? - Absolutely correct.

How much loss did you incur in her absence? - Around 300-400.


What are you doing?

Return Mr. Rakesh's money. - Return it?

You're not a child anymore, but a grown up.

Think before you act.

So, you won't return his money? - No.

Don't be foolish.

Sir, I've brought food for you.

Madam Edna has given a letter for you.

Come in.

Why did you return the money?

Sorry, uncle took the money from you. I felt very bad.

I apologize. Please.

But, I had given this money to your uncle, not to you.

Same thing. - What same thing?

You don't know. My uncle always acts like this.

He earns money from this big hotel.

He makes me dance and earns money from it.

I do whatever he asks me to, but I never get to follow my heart.


Yes..I went out with you.

You don't know.

Had my parents been alive, I wouldn't have been in this condition.

But, what troubles you?

Uncle is very bad.

He keeps bad company and his work is bad.

God, he is very bad! Who is bad?

I've blurted everything. Everybody I met is selfish.

They only think about themselves!

You mean to say even I'm selfish? - No, not you.

You're different.

You're very nice.

How do you know that I'm very nice? - My heart says so.

Please go.

Please go.

Please go.

Shamu, whenever I look at Howrah Bridge, I realize I couldn't do anything so far.

Don't worry. The case is with the cops.

The police in Calcutta are very strict.

Big goons are afraid of them.

These petty crooks are nothing!

I got it.

But if we don't get the dragon even after their arrest..

..our efforts will be in vain.

Yes, that's right.

I've a plan. - What?

Can you take me to a jeweller? - Why?

Later. Do you know a jeweller?

Yes. I know every nook and cranny in Calcutta.

We've to go to the Big Market. - Ok.

Come, dear. Move. Mr. Ghosh! How are you? Very fine. - Good.

Where had you been? - I was busy.

He wants to get something made.

What do you want made? - I want to make a special thing.

Come this way.

Manager. Please see what the gentleman wants made.

Yes, sir. -Greetings! Greetings!

I want to make something exactly like this.

Why? - I want it for a play.

But the jewels in this.. - Listen, manager.

The jewels should be false, but should look real.

Ok. When do you need it?

Tomorrow. - Tomorrow?

So soon.

He says, it won't be possible in such short time.

The drama is tomorrow. I'll pay you extra for it.

It's a difficult work. It will be 500 rupees.

500? No problem.

Pay him 100 in advance.

Manager, make sure it is the same.

It is difficult. - When will it be ready?

Come tomorrow evening. - Ok.

Bye! - Bye!

Mr. Ghosh, my commission?

Mr. Lee, he's a rich trader from Arab.

Welcome! - Greetings.

And he wants to meet your boss for a deal.

I'll talk to boss.

Boss. Lee speaking. - Yes, please.

A big trader has come from Arab.

He wants to meet you. - Send him in. Ok, sir.

Bahadur, take him in.

After you! - What? He means to say, 'you first'.


Mr. Lee? Commission.

You'll definitely loot us.

Take. - But I won't ruin you. It's only money.

I'm not taking your life!..

..I've brought a big customer.

Sir, he's a famous trader from Arab..

..Mr. Rashid Shaikh. Greetings! - Greetings!

Sit please. - Thank you!


Thanks! No mention.

I've heard your name.

Fame. We're both of famous. - No.

I've heard your name.


Where? - Rangoon.

Who told you about me?

Mr. Chang. Your secretary is very beautiful, but..

Yes, I understand. Dolly, please go.

Who told you about me? - The dealers at Rangoon who work underground.

Underground? I mean, hiding from the cops.

No, Mr. Rashid. We don't do such work.

Our work is very straight. - I got it, Mr. Chang.

Even my work is the same. Simple.

Absolutely straight.

I went to Hong Kong. From there I went to Rangoon.

I got what I wanted there. I've brought something for you.

What have you brought? - It is a small thing.

Mr. Rashid, my business is very huge, you know.

I'm really not interested in anything small.

Mr. Chang.

I came to you as I need money.

No, Mr. Rashid. I don't want to waste my time.

You too don't waste your time.

Thank you very much!

But at least take a look. - No. I'm not interested.

What! Dragon!

Where did you get it? So you know the name too.

You must have definitely seen it.

What you saw was a fake. This is the real thing!

You mean that was a fake? - No, this is real.

Mr. Madan from Rangoon came here with a fake. He was murdered.

No, I don't know anything.

That may be so. Well..

Mr. Rashid, please sit down.

Do you like it? Yes. What is the price?

700,000. - 700,000.

Is it high?

No. It is absolutely perfect!

Wait here. I'll be back in a minute.

Don't leave. I'll get the money.

What do you want?

Forgive me.

My passenger is coming.

Please go. - Come.

Edna. Come in.

Why didn't you come?

You said yourself, go away. So I..

You heard what I said, but you didn't listen to my heart.

What is in your heart?

Wonder when you'll understand!

How will you know?

Edna, what should I know?

You want to hear if from me. I'll say it.

I'll say it.

I love you.

Edna, but, I don't believe.. - Believe me. It's true.

I love you truly.

Edna, but I.. - But But what? Don't you trust me?

No, that's not it! I want to say, will you marry me?

What? Marriage?

You mean marriage?


But I don't like the atmosphere here, this hotel and your dancing. - I'll leave everything.

I'll do what you say. I'll come with you.

I've found the path now to my destination.

You'll have to wait for some time.

Yes, I can!

"What have you done, my heart is all yours."

"In fun and frolic, darling, I've lost my heart."

"What have you done, my heart is all yours."

"In fun and frolic, darling, I've lost my heart."

"You taught me the game, you made me crazy."

"You taught me the game, you made me crazy."

"O clever magician, you've made me restless."

"My love, your glance intoxicated me."

"What have you done, my heart is all yours."

"In fun and frolic, darling, I've lost my heart."

"What have you done, my heart is all yours."

"In fun and frolic, darling, I've lost my heart."

"When our eyes meet, I feel shy. I get lost in your eyes."

"When our eyes meet, I feel shy. I get lost in your eyes."

"My eyelids shiver, when I see you standing there."

"My eyelids shiver, when I see you standing there."

"Listen O heart, meet me in my dreams, I pine for you."

"What have you done, my heart is all yours."

"In fun and frolic, darling, I've lost my heart."

"What have you done, my heart is all yours."

"In fun and frolic, darling, I've lost my heart."

"I'm a poor soul, I've to toil hard."

"No support whatsoever."

"No support whatsoever."

Bholu, please look after me.

Forget million, but at least get me 50 or 100 rupees to buy drugs.

Today's news!

10,000 rupees reward for information about the Howrah Bridge killers. 10,000 rupees reward.

Blind. You've eyes like an owl, still you can't see!

I swear. Why are you getting angry?

Listen to me. - No.

You broke my pot, first I'll break your head.

Then I'll listen to you. - Listen Chamiya, if you break my head, who will marry you?

Who will make you jewellery and clothes? - Really?

First you break my pot in the morning and then you talk nonsense! - I swear you'll believe me only when I get 10,000 rupees reward.

And then I'll be a rich man. - Ok.

So you've smoked in the morning? - What?


Wait. I'll put you straight right away!

Or I'm not Chamiya!


Why are you screaming in the morning?

Because of your pampering he smokes pipe all the time.

What's the matter?

Call me sir.

Ok. Sir, have you fixed the vehicle?

Yes. But from tomorrow I won't massage the horse.

Arrange for some servant.

What rubbish are you talking?

Uncle, not this, read the news about 10,000 rupees.

Where is it? Yes. 10,000 rupees reward.

Reward for the informer on the Howrah Bridge murderer.

10,000 cash.

Enough, uncle. No need to read any further.

I'm that man. - What are you saying?

Are you the killer? - Yes!

Shut your mouth.

Uncle, I've not killed, but I've seen it with my own eyes.

What have you seen? - Uncle, I saw 4 men on the Howrah bridge.

A car got out from it. - How can a car come out of 4 men?

4 men must have come out of the car.

Uncle, same thing.

4 men came out of the car.

They disposed off the dead body and ran away.

Did you see it?

I swear! I saw one of them very clearly.

If he comes in front of me, I'll recognize him.

Wait here. I'll come right away. - No!

You're going to the police station all by yourself.

You want the reward for yourself?

No, I'm going somewhere else.

You keep the reward. Hold this.

Chamiya, don't let him go anywhere till I return. Take care.


Do you hear me? - Now you're talking to me with respect.

You came to know through uncle Shamu that I'll be getting the reward.

I don't care about all these things.

You've become arrogant.

God knows, what you'll do after you receive the money.

Forget that, I'll fly high in the sky.

I'll just fly in the clouds after marrying a rich lady.

Well, go and marry someone rich.

I won't talk. - Listen. Wait!

"I've recognized you now, let go of my hands."

"A fair-weather friend, you hurt me."

"Now why fall at my feet?"

"I've recognized you now, let go of my hands."

"A fair-weather friend, you hurt me."

"Now why fall at my feet?"

"I've recognized you now."

"You are the breeze, I'm the cloud."

"You are the eyes, I'm the kohl."

"My breath has your fragrance."

"Your love has made me crazy."

"You are the breeze, I'm the cloud."

"You are the eyes, I'm the kohl."

"My breath has your fragrance."

"Your love has made me crazy."

"I've recognized you now, let go of my hands."

"A fair-weather friend, you hurt me."

"Now why fall at my feet?"

"I've recognized you now."

"You ask for the moon, I'll get it for you."

"I'll decorate your forehead with stars."

"I love you so much I can tear open my heart and show you."

"You ask for the moon, I'll get it for you."

"I'll decorate your forehead with stars."

"I love you so much I can tear open my heart and show you."

"I've recognized you now, let go of my hands."

"A fair-weather friend, you hurt me."

"Now why fall at my feet?"

"I've recognized you now."

"The mole on your cheeks is my love filled heart."

"I'm the passenger, you're the destination of love."

"The mole on your cheeks is my love filled heart."

"I'm the passenger, you're the destination of love."

"I've recognized you now, let go of my hands."

"A fair-weather friend, you hurt me."

"Now why fall at my feet?"

"I've recognized you now, let go of my hands."

"A fair-weather friend, you hurt me."

"Now why fall at my feet?"

"I've recognized you now."

Do you believe me now?

Yes, but don't talk like that again.

I swear, I was just testing your love by talking about the rich lady.

You know I'm your slave.

Enough now. Don't speak like that.

May I say something? - Yes.

You are a lucky woman. - How?

How? You fell in love with a pauper and now you are going to be married to a rich man.

What happened? - Your uncle has not yet come.

He must be on his way. What is the hurry?

Hurry? What if uncle keeps the money?

Aren't you ashamed to talk about uncle like this? - What shame?

It's a huge amount. I'm going.

Where? - To the police station.

But, listen.. - Don't interrupt a good cause.

I swear, I'll come back in a jiffy.

Come soon.

Shamu, so early? - Have you read today's newspaper?

Yes, the reward for the informer of the murderer. Right? - Yes!

My brother's nephew has seen it with his own eyes.


While strolling after smoking near Ganges, he saw a car coming out of 4 men.

What are you saying?

1 man came out and out of him 4 cars.

Wait. Take me to him.

Ok. Bhiku had drugs and I've got the kick.

Sir, why are you going?

Stay here. I'll get him.

Ok. I'll wait. Hurry up.

Informer shall be paid 10,000 rupees reward.

10,000 reward.

I'm worried about this.

For such a huge amount somebody might reveal our secret to the cops.

Sir, may be the taxi driver?

No, he is our trusted man.

No trust.

No evidence, no witness should be left for the police.

I want the driver dead.



Lee, have you seen anyone else?

Yes, boss.

When the light from the steamer fell on my face at Howrah bridge, somebody saw us. But I'm not so sure.

No two ways, somebody must have surely seen you.

Take no chance. Find him out at any cost.

Get him here. The cops won't reward him, I will.


I think we should let our men keep a watch on all police stations around Howrah Bridge.

The man will definitely come on hearing about the reward.

Very good.

Pyarelal, take this matter into your hands.

Look at this.

This is about the Howrah bridge murder reward.

Yes. I've to collect this reward.

Don't worry. I'll give you a very good tip.

I swear.

Shut up! And go back.

Go back.

Ok. But you'll regret, constable.

I know a lot about this case.

And I came here to tell the same to the inspector.

But if you don't let me go, suit yourself. Greetings.

Regret it.

Listen. Do you know something?

Not something, everything. I swear.

Come with me. - Yes!

Not that way, here.

So, he is the one. I was right.

Babu, go inside and listen to what he says.

Ok, boss.

What do you know? - Sir, I know a lot.

I wanted to file a report.

Sit here. Sir is working inside. - Ok.

When the light fell on the man's face, did you see him?

Was there anybody else with you? - No, sir.

Did you read the number plate?

Sir, if I was educated, wouldn't I be an inspector today?

No nonsense!

Can you recognize that car?

I swear. I'll recognize it immediately.

It was old and black in colour. It ran so fast that it just disappeared in front of my eyes.

There are many cars like this here.

Forget the car and arrest that man.

I'll recognize him right away.

Sir, he was thin, had a hollow face a long moustache. He was like a ghost.

Ok. We'll call you when we need you.

But sir, what of the 10,000 reward that you printed in this paper?

Yes. First, we'll have to find the car, find the murderer. then we'll call you to identify him. and when he is sentenced you'll be rewarded.

Oh my god!

Why didn't you say in the paper that it is such a long procedure?

Government procedures are always followed.

Ok, sir. You follow procedures.

I'll take your leave. Greetings!

You saw Bhiku report to the police.

And you come here and tell me? Why didn't you finish him off?

Sir, he was with the cops.

He went with the cops. Now you go and get him here.

Yes, boss. - Sir!

Where's partner?

Boss, partner has gone to uncle Joe's hotel.

Oh my goodness! Everything is getting ruined here.

There he is romancing Edna.

What about the cabby?

We're leaving to kill him.

You fool, idiots!

Get out and do the work.

Listen. - Yes, sir.

Do you stay here? - Yes, sir.

Do you know where Bhiku stays?

Who Bhiku? That junkie!

He stays in the house in front.

There? - Yes.

What is the matter? - Nothing. Go.

Police! Come, sir.

Don't be afraid, Bhikulal. We're here to bother you a bit.

You've to come to the police station to take your 10,000 rupees reward.

Thank you so much, sir.


Yes. Coming. What is it?

Sir, take her permission first, only then will I come.

He'll have to come with us to the police station to get his reward.

Sir, it is a very good thing.

All our problems will be solved.


Are all these crisp and green notes for me?

Yes. All this is for you.

You can take as many you want.

I swear. This is the only reason I'm here.

With this money I'll buy a shop, a house, a horse and a vehicle.

Then I'll marry Chamiya.

Who else was there with you that night on Howrah Bridge?

No, sir. Nobody else was with me.

I swear, I was all alone.

You were alone. What did you see?

Sir, 3 men came out of a black car, carrying a dead body.

The steamer's light fell on one of the man and I saw him.

Lies! You didn't see anything there.

Sir, what are you saying?

I swear I can recognize that man right away.

Ok! Fong Chow!

I swear, this is the man I had seen. - No!

You didn't see him.

You don't recognise him at all.

Why not? I've seen him with my own eyes.

You've to say this if you want 10,000 rupees.

Move. I'll benefit on both the sides.

I'll get 10,000 from the police for identification.

10,000 from you for refusing to identify.

But, you won't go to the police station now.


If I don't go there, how will I get the reward.


Oh god! Where have I come?

Shut up! - Babu.

Yes, boss! - Take him away.

Please spare me. Have mercy.

I don't want the reward. I won't say anything to anyone.

I swear, my beloved will die. - Come.

Come in.

Sir, forgive me. I don't want money. - Come.


I've been waiting for you since morning. Where were you?

Ruined! What I dreaded the most has happened.

What? - I went to pick up Bhiku.

There I came to know that he had gone to the police station.

There they told me he went home after lodging the report.

I again went home and saw a black car passing through.

I asked Chamiya where is Bhiku.

She told me guys in black car took him.

That black car belongs to Chang. I know it well.

I'll kill him. I'm telling you! - Shut up! Shamu!

You'll ruin it by shouting.

Take me to Chang's hotel. - Come.

Hello, partner.

Where were you?

I settled Bhiku's matter.

What happened to that trader?

What trader?

Forgot? The one who came to sell us the Dragon along with Shamu?

Yes, he has gone.

You don't know. I know he is from the CID.

You're not bothered. You'll take me to jail along with you.

You don't work, but only thinking of Edna day and night. - Partner.

You've no right to intervene in my personal matters.

Pyarelal! What are you saying?

I'm talking sense. Where is the dragon?

It is with me. - Why didn't you sell it?

I won't. What is your concern?

It is my concern. You cannot keep all the money.

Sell it fast so that I can get my share.

Goodnight, Jon Chang.

Shamu! Stop! - What happened?

I'll walk. Wait here.

Listen. It might get dangerous.

If you say, can I inform the police?

Yes, go ahead. - Ok.

Hello. Hello.

Air India international?


What time will the plane leave for Singapore?

At 10. Very good.

Is there a seat? There is.

Ok. Book one seat.

My name is Jon Chang. on Chang.

Yes, thank you. I'll be there.

What? Market?

Chang's hotel.

But who are you? Where are you calling from?



Strange. Something is going to happen at Chang's hotel.

The informer didn't give his name.

Hello, Chang. - Pyarelal.

Your partner. - Pyarelal, how did you come here? - I had to.

I've come to see differences that have crept into our partnership.

What? Differences.

What are you saying, Pyarelal? - Where are you going?

You know police is close on our heels here.

That's why you are running away with the loot.

What loot? - What is in this?

Nothing. Just papers. Personal papers.

Open it.

I won't.

I will.

Will you open it? - Yes.

Ok. Open it.

You open it.

Chang, please.

Please. Now you are saying please.



Why don't you open it now?

You won't, I'll open it and show you.

I'll open it and show you.

Look, this is cash. Did you see?

And this is the Chinese dragon.

All this belongs to Chang.

I'll leave with this.

And you and your dead body will fall on the ground.

No, Chang. Don't do this.

I'm sorry. In greed of money.. - Yes!

I.. - You are saying sorry.

You are sorry after seeing this revolver. - No, Chang.

I'll never come in your way now. Please forgive me.

I'll leave now.


Pyarelal, are you sorry?

Yes, Chang.

Did you apologize? - Yes, Chang.

Are you sorry for your mistake?

Yes, Chang. - Very good.

Chang, won't let you go like this.

Take. Take some cash.


Thank you, Chang!

No! Pyarelal!

No! Pyarelal!

Who's inside?

Open the door.

Open it.



Who is it?

Lee, call the police.

Yes, boss. - Why, boss?

Chang has been murdered. - What?

Hello. - Yes. - Police station.

What's wrong?

I was calling you. - Why?

My partner, Chang has been murdered. - Murdered?

I had received a call earlier. It said nothing about a murder.

You received a call earlier?

Yes! He just said something fishy is going here.

It means that the murderer had an accomplice.

Anyway, I've locked the murderer inside.

Come. - You've locked him?

Come on, inspector. - Come.

Come. - In which room has the murder taken place? - Come.

The murderer is in this room.

Stand where you are.

Don't move or you'll be shot.

For your benefit, surrender.

Where is the switch? - Babu, switch on the lights.

There is nobody here except the dead body.

He must have fled.

My partner Chang.

Constable, seize the corpse.

And don't touch anything in this room.

Cigarette case?


Whose is it?

I had seen this with a customer in Joe's hotel.

How did it come here? - Maybe, he is the murderer.

Do you know him? - Yes.


Who? - Who is it?

Edna, you?

You have come?

What are you doing here?

I had come with your dinner. I slept while waiting for you.

Where had you been? - I..

You came so late.

What is wrong with you? - Wrong?

You are sweating.

I said I've a headache.

Still? - Yes.

I'll get medicine.

No need, Edna. I'll be fine by morning.

You don't listen.

Thank you. Where is my cigarette case?

Where's it?

It must have fallen there. - Where?

I went out for a stroll.

Come on, let's get it.

There is no need. I said I'm not well.

Why are you shouting?


I understand. - What?

You are not keeping well.

Yes. - Take rest.

Goodnight. - Goodnight.

Mr. Rakesh!

What is it, Shamu? - Come down quick!

What happened? - Everything is messed up!

Pyarelal has put all the blame on you.

On me? - Yes.

You left your cigarette case there. Now the police have it.

So I was right, it had fallen there.

Forget it. Just run away from here.

Where do I go? - Come with me. Don't worry.



Rakesh! Rakesh Rakesh.

Where is Rakesh?

You didn't tell us where he is. - I don't know.

Don't go against the law, Miss Edna.

Or you'll be trapped.

Edna darling. Tell the truth.

Where did he go? - I'm telling the truth. I don't know.

But what's all this about?

Rakesh has murdered someone. - Murder?



Yes, Edna. Rakesh has killed Chang!

No, it's wrong.

Rakesh is a respectable person.

How can he do this? - Edna, the police have evidence against him.

It's better if you tell the inspector whatever you know.

What do I say when I don't know anything?

Madam, try to recall.

Miss Edna, you've helped a murderer escape.

I've not helped anybody. - It's a crime to help the murderer.

No, sir. My Edna is a simple and honest girl.

She never lies. If she would have known, she'd have told you.


Constable. Check the room.

Inspector, Miss Edna will let you know the rest.

Why are you dragging me into this?

I told you, I don't know anything. - We'll make your reveal everything.

You've to come to the police station to testify.

Police station? No! We're innocent people.

Edna doesn't know anything. - C'mon, uncle.

Why are you afraid when we're innocent? Come on.

Listen, Ms. Edna, it's not an ordinary matter.

Maybe he got scared?

Why would an honest man be scared?

If he is innocent, he should surrender to the police and prove the evidence wrong.

Because he had relations with you.

You should be aware of all his activities.

But he never told me anything.

Didn't you know that his real name is Prem Kumar and not Rakesh?

I swear, I didn't know.

Then it means that he deceived you with his fake love.

I don't believe that he has deceived me.

I don't even believe that he has killed Chang.

Inspector, believe me. He's is a very nice man.

I'll prove to you that he is innocent.

Without knowing the truth you can't do it.

You'll find the truth only if you meet him.

And how will you meet him when you don't know his whereabouts?

I'll find him somehow or the other.

But where will you look for him in such a big city?

I'll look for him everywhere.

You'll need the police's help for this purpose.

No inspector. I'll find him on my own. l prove that he is innocent.

Ok. You may go now.

Thank you, sir.

Come, uncle. - Edna!

Listen, see that girl. - Yes.

"Fair beauty in drape adorned with pearls,"

"you've captured my heart."

"Fair beauty in drape adorned with pearls,"

"you've captured my heart."

"I like your colourful turban, you've captured my heart."


"You've captured my heart."

"I like your colourful turban, you've captured my heart."

"You've captured my heart."

"O fair lady, why do you walk with a swagger?"

"Where are you going all dressed up?"

I'm floored.

"O fair lady, why do you walk with a swagger?"

"Where are you going all dressed up?"

"I'm going to the police station to lodge a report. As my heart.."


"You've captured my heart."

"Fair lady, your eyes are like diamonds."

"You've captured my heart."

"I like your colourful turban, you've captured my heart."


"You've captured my heart."

"Fair lady, your eyes are like diamonds."

"Your cheeks are red like apples."

Oh, forget it!

"Fair lady, your eyes are like diamonds."

"Your cheeks are red like apples."

"Darling, don't try to woo me."

"Let me also speak the truth".

"Youthful lover tries to entice me with his charm."

Keep it here.

"You've captured my heart."

"Fair beauty in drape adorned with pearls,"

"you've captured my heart."

"I like your colourful turban, you've captured my heart."


"You've captured my heart."

"Tell me fair one, who taught you to steal?"


"Tell me fair one, who taught you to steal?"

"I'm related to a thief, he taught me to steal."

"Looking at my innocence, he taught me to steal".


"you've captured my heart."

"Fair beauty in drape adorned with pearls,"

"you've captured my heart."

"I like your colourful turban,"

"you've captured my heart."



"Have mercy!"


"Careful, dear."

Madam, the cab is booked.

Go away. Cab is free for the lady.

Where do you want to go, ma'am?

Speak to her in English.

Yes. Tell me, madam.

I don't want to go anywhere. That man is following me.

He is a real scoundrel. - That fellow?

The one in trousers and shirt. - That rogue!

Move aside. Sir!

Don't you've any respect for women?

Aren't you ashamed to follow a lady like this?

You take me wrong. She belongs to a criminal group.

Get lost from here, respectable man.

Get lost or we will smash you up. - What nonsense is this?

Look at this. I'm a police officer.


Forgive us. Kartar Singh, get a chair!

Banta Singh, get a cold drink for him.

A cop has come to our area!

Listen to me, sir.

One of our drivers is missing.

Listen to his description. He is just a little short of five feet.

He is fair, healthy and has a moustache like me.

I'll listen to you later. First, tell me where is that girl?

Kartar Singh, where did she go?

She was sitting in the car.

I'm very sorry.

She has escaped.

You've messed up everything. Move!

Cop! Please find my man. Don't forget his description, sir!

Shyamu. Shyamu.


Madam Edna. - Where is Shyamu?

I have a urgent work with Shyamu. Tell me quickly.

I have to search Rakesh. - Rakesh? Who Rakesh?

I know Rakesh has come here with Shamu. You know it too.

I don't know anything, madam.

Why are you lying? I know you're aware of it.

Chamiya, where is he? Tell me.

Madam, it's very dangerous here. - I know.

Where is he? - What if you tell somebody?

I won't, I promise.

I'm scared, madam.

I won't tell anybody. Don't be scared.

Nobody. - No!


Sir, it's me. Chamiya.


Good you are here.

I was wondering how to meet you. I've important work with you.

I need your help, Edna!

Are you plotting something again by talking this way?

What plot?

What are you saying?

Why are you asking me? I know everything about you now.

What do you know?

What I didn't know.

I considered you a good man, but you've murdered a man.

You've deceived my love.

You.. - Edna, you don't know anything!

I've neither deceived you nor killed anyone.

I wanted to say this.

I don't care who you are.

How dare you come here when I'm all alone!

What are you saying? I've to check this room.

Checking? Is there a thief or someone killed here?

Check when uncle Shamu comes.

It's a crime to obstruct police's work. - I know.

Move aside. - No!


Who is in?

Have you brought the cops with you?

Me? - You don't know why I'm hiding here.

You don't know how much harm you're doing to me. You..

The police are here. Hide there.

So that the cops nab me? - No, Rakesh!

Go away! - I know it.

Open the door!

What is it?

What's this commotion? Who are you?

You'll know right away. Where is he?

Who? - Chang's killer Rakesh, alias Prem Kumar..

..whom you came to meet.

Nonsense! I've come here to meet my friend.

I'll go when you leave.

Don't take my cigarette!

Want to smoke? - Tell me, where is he?

He's in my handbag. Check it.

I already told you, I don't know anything.

Then why do you harass me?

You were following me. Don't act smart with me.

Go away.

I'm going..

..but I won't spare you. - Ok.

Where is sir?

He was here.



Chamiya, stay there. Cops might return!

I'll check the boat.

The cop left.

You're safe.

Surprising! First you call the police..

..then you save me. - Honestly, I didn't call the police.

I don't know how they came here.

Just moments earlier you wanted to get me arrested.

You only hear what I say.

But you don't understand my heart.

Rakesh, how can you think that I'll get you arrested?

You don't know how much I..

I know! - You don't know anything! You're stone hearted!

You don't understand one's feelings or pains.

That cop should've arrested you instead.

Edna, I.. - We women, lose everything when in love.

I told the inspector, Rakesh could not kill anybody.

Really, Edna. I didn't kill.. - Don't lie again!

I'm not lying, Edna. I've been framed in this murder.

Actually Pyarelal killed Chang.

Pyarelal? Why did he do it?

It's rather complicated, Edna. I didn't tell you anything. - Why?

I thought you were one of them.

Is that what you thought?

Is that why you feigned love with me?

Yes, but that's all changed now. I want to tell you the truth now.

Yes! Tell me the truth, Rakesh.

Or else I'll think you're still fooling me. Please.

I'll tell you!


Yes, madam. - Who is in the room?

Pyarelal is here speaking to the boss.


Come with me. I've important work for you.

Yes, madam.

Uncle, you're laughing.

After Chang's death Pyarelal has become very wealthy.

I know. You're very lucky.

You've a lot of money.

But uncle, what is the use of such wealth? - Why?

Without one thing. - What is that thing?


Do you want to marry Edna?

Yes, uncle.

But, Pyarelal! If you marry Edna how will my hotel run?

What will I do? The hotel runs because of Edna.

Uncle, you stay with us. - I could..

But who will pay for the loss?

What will be your loss? How much cash do you need?

We're in same business. You know how much loss I'll incur.

Uncle, will you be happy with 100,000 rupees.


Yes! If Edna agrees to marry me, I'll give it to you.

Why won't she agree? I'll ask her to. - Uncle!

You're selling me?

Pyarelal, are you buying me? - Edna! Don't get it wrong.

I love you a lot and can't live without you.

Then, why are you buying me? I'm all yours.

What are you saying? - Yes!

Edna! - Uncle!

I love Pyarelal and I'll marry him.

What? - Yes.

You'll marry him? Pyarelal, my money.

What money? Love marriage.

Marriage for love. Come, Pyare.

Pyarelal, where are you taking Edna?

Pyarelal isn't taking Edna, Edna is taking Pyarelal.

Bye, uncle!

Oh God! I didn't get the money, Edna left too.

Brother Shamu!

Brother Shamu!

Greetings, madam. - What?

Uncle Shamu hasn't come yet. - Madam Edna has sent a letter.

Really? Show me.

It's very important. - Ok.

When uncle comes, I'll give him.


Sir, madam Edna's servant gave this letter.

Chamiya, where is Shamu?

He has gone to Joe's hotel.

Will you do something for me?

Ask Shamu to fetch the police and come to Chang's hotel.

And to enter after hearing gun-shots.

Gun-shots! - Yes.

Sir, is it dangerous?

Yes, but don't worry. Hurry up!

What are you looking at?

Darling, I'm just looking at how things have changed here.

What has changed?

These things belonged to someone else before.

Now all this..


The master is yours, so are the stuffs!

How sweet!

You're so sweet! Pyare.

But I'm worried for you right now. - Why? What happened?

Didn't I tell you, darling..

..that man from Rangoon, that idiot Rakesh wants to trap you?

Will he trap me? He himself is trapped.

I know that..

..but what is that royal jewelry? Yes. Chinese Dragon.

What Chinese dragon? - All this is because of that.

He says that you've killed Chang for that dragon.

Lies! He has killed him.

I know that, darling. But you hide that dragon in a safe place.

It's in a very secure place!

Very good. But darling, Rakesh knows where it is.

How does he know? - I don't know.

But if he informs the police, they will come here.

The police will surely find the dragon.

Yes, it's possible.

And then, you'll be held for Chang's murder!

Pyare, hide the dragon in some other place quickly.

Or else we'll be caught. Please hurry up, Pyare.

You're right, Edna. Come.

Is this the room? - Yes!

I see! Where is the dragon?

Here. - Then remove it fast.

See! How expensive it is!

We'll look at it later. Hide it.

We don't have time. - But I do!

You? Rakesh!

You feigned love with me.

You got all information from me and gave it to them.

No! - Yes!

Pyarelal! I told you he is a fraud.

He is trying to trap all of us.

That's why I was telling you to flee quickly.

You can't escape now.

I've informed the police. - Police?

You're lying!

You can't do this because you've killed Chang. The police will arrest you.

We'll know very soon, who has killed Chang.

Give me the dragon first.



Thank you, darling.

Now tell me, do you want to know, who killed Chang?

I did it. I killed Chang.

I killed your brother too!

And now it's..

..your turn!


No, Pyarelal.

Why did you do this? We could've easily escaped!

I've destroyed evidence.

The police has surrounded the hotel from all the sides.

Better watch out! Some men are coming towards your room.



Everything is.. - Why are you worrying?

I'll say that he was trying to kill us, but he was killed in the tussle. Ok?

Tell them that he is Chang's killer.

But you've killed Chang! - But the police don't know that.

Open the door. Give it to me! - Yes.

Open the door!

What happened?

Thank god, you came!

Shamu told me that Chang's killer is here.

The one whom you're looking for. - Where is he?

Edna, tell him everything.

I don't know.

What happened to you?

You say.

Chang's killer came to kill me.

We had a fight and he was killed by his own bullet.

What? Mr. Rakesh has been shot?

His body.

Mr. Rakesh! - Wait!

Constable, seize the corpse.

You've to come to the police station to testify.

I've taken his testimony, sir.

You can hear it.

Thank you, Edna!

How are you? I was worried.

You knew it was a fake bullet.

But you fell down like it was real.

Fake bullets!

Pyarelal, how will he die? He's saved!

What is the matter? I don't understand.

I'll explain everything.

This is a recorder!

Yes! This scoundrel's statement is here.

'You're lying! You can't do this'

'because you've killed Chang, the police will arrest you.'

'We will know very soon, who has killed Chang.'

'Give me the dragon first. Give it here.'


'Thank you, darling.'

'Now tell me,'

'do you want to know, who killed Chang?'

'I did it. I killed Chang.'

'I killed your brother too and now'

'it's your turn.'



'No, Pyare!'

Who did it? - What happened?

Catch him!

Where is Rakesh? -'Tell me.'

'What do you want to say?'

Where is Rakesh?

He must have gone there! - No, must be this way.

He must have left from here. This path leads to basement.

Come with me. - Come!

Help me!

Somebody is screaming.

This is Bhiku's voice. Bhiku!

Help! - Bhiku!


Leave him. Come.

Constable, take him. - Ok.


Shamu! - Sir.

Mr. Prem, give my greetings to your father. - Ok.

Tell him Shamu thinks of him a lot. - Sure.

Come, Edna!

Hello! P.K. - Hello!

Married! - Yes!

Me too! Darling!

Don't run!

Ok. Bye!

My newly wife.

Come along.