Hung kuen dai see (1984) Script

Beware of Fire, beware of robbers

Beware of Fire, beware of robbers

Beware of Fire, beware of robbers

What's wrong?

I feel someone's back there What?

Chase Where are you, fourth master?

Let's see So it's you, Miss Xiu Sorry, Brother An Ah Xiu, what happened?

Are you alright?

Yes Let's go then Let's go You think you have such charm and eagerly ogle at Miss Xiu I'll tell your wife when I get back So what?

Eyes are made for looking Sound the watch

Usually you brag of being afraid of nothing you have been frightened by me this time Da Niu You scared me when we are working I will report this to teacher It's just a prank why be so serious Prank?


Its' Miss Xiu You still thinking of Miss Xiu?


It's Miss Xiu calling for help Help...

Go up...


There are two thieves I've looked for you a long time You have messed things up for me, want to die?

Catch the thief...

Take a look Catch the thief...

He's up there

Da Niu Let's go

Don't let them get away


Are you alright?

I am fine

4th master, you are not this bold normally For the sake of law & order in this town it's worthwhile to be killed Give it to me

Master Tie Don't let the two robbers get away Don't let them escape

It's Tie Qiao San Let's go

Split up and chase

Up there Master, force them to come down See where you can run to

Thanks for yourjoined efforts to keep our town's peace Now one has escaped We have to be more careful next time Yes, master

Who is it?

Brother Rong, you're here Why come in from the window?

Where's Fuk Chi Lin?

He was killed by Tie Qiao San Tie Qiao San?

Top of the Ten Guang Dong Tigers It's him He is now the chief of the militia Let's find him and avenge Huo Qi Lin Avenge him?

Do you know what we came here for?

I tell you Without my orders don't show your face Have you seen Zheng Hong?

Yes, he is the instructor at the Mo residence He said to let him know as soon as brother Rong arrives Right, I'll find him For master Tie's efforts in eliminating the robbers I extend our deepest thanks on behalf of our town and present him with this plaque to acknowledge his valour Good...

"Punish the bad and eliminate evil"

Thank you... everyone Great, Master Tie Master Tie is really great

It is my duty to do that You are all too kind to me You deserve it...

Folks, let's go back and congratulate master Tie Right...

Teacher, please...

Brothers Let's toast teacher?

Yes Teacher is good Teacher is the best Teacher, I toast you Fill it up again I have to go in with Mr Lu and rest In that case let me take teacher's place Right Please Please Everyone... fill it up Let's accompany teacher inside Alright... enjoy your drink Master Tie Since you came here the town has been peaceful You're too kind, it's my duty



Please Master Tie, you first

Teacher is a star now Of course, also The plaque says...

What does it say?

You don't study hard when studying It says 'punish the bad and eliminate evil'

It says 'punish the bad and eliminate evil'

Hey, did you see that Master Hin and his notorious friends have been badly provoked by us You are so full of yourself I have always taught you to be humble Yes...

Mr Lu, you first Thanks... Master Tie I have consulted the elders and for new year's eve we must have a lion dance and a reward of a hundred taels of silver Master Tie Do you have confidence that we'll win?

Dad, with teacher's guidance we're sure to win That's right, uncle As soon as Master Tian's men see us they will tremble with fear besides, we won last year Boss, don't worry Okay, since you are so confident let's see how you'll perform

Gua Si, jump

Da Niu, push me up Bravo...


We've won...

That's great What's so great?

Nothing Let's go We've won...

Master Not bad at all You go ahead and celebrate Mr Lu and I would not join you Remember, stay out of trouble Yes We'll have a great meal tonight I have always said they are not our match Right?

Right, get the meal ready Come, men over here...

Fill it up...

You too... fill it up Brothers, teacher taught us well today let's toast, okay?


One, two, three I'll get the big piece...

It's no fun watching them celebrate Let's go Why?

Let them eat for a while then cause them trouble

The winner eats the best meat while the loser gets the bones Take it Teacher asked us to stay out of trouble You needn't show off Want to fight?

What? Come on We fear you not Stop, don't Sorry, it's just a misunderstanding Come on if you have guts Bastard, you want to cause us embarrassment Let's fix them Let's go

I'm here

Don't fight...

Don't fight...

Teacher said not to cause trouble, stop...

You're lucky I missed you

Stop and help the instructor

Instructor, get up How could I when you're on top of me

Don't fight, teacher would scold us Don't fight

Don't fight

Instructor Zheng, no need to kowtow It's my fault...

Instructor Zheng, I did say you needn't kowtow Why hit so hard?

So close

Don't pull my pants

Damn you Are you alright?

Yes, watch out behind you


We're okay but he's not Go down

Da Niu, are you alright?

Brother Rong, you're here Stop it Gua Si, we'll find your teacher Tie Qiao San to settle the score

Let's go

Fourth master What about the broken stuff?

Don't worry put them on my bill Thank you, everything's okay now Are you alright?

It hurts Let's go, come on

Master Mo What about what we discussed last time?

It's good to open an opium house but could people afford to smoke opium?

It's okay, we'll do some work on it and nobody would notice I guarantee you'll slowly get rich

Xiao Cui

Yes, brother?

It's late. Where are you going?

It's new year's eve tonight We want to watch the lanterns, is it okay?

Yes, so long as you steer clear from the guys at the rice store house Yes

Do you have a quarrel with them?

That's a frustrating story I am running the rice shop And now they are running the rice storehouse do you think someone like me would be willing to be led by the nose by guys like them?

Why don't you just sell opium instead of the rice?

That's right It's your opportunity to get rich You shouldn't miss it

Da Niu, fear not I'll help you fix your arm Does it hurt?

A bit

4th master, grab his arm Don't move. Bear the pain

Why did you kick me?

What's all the shouting about?


Da Niu, what's wrong with your hand? Fighting again?

No, I drank a bit too much and fell from the staircase Yes...

What? It doesn't look like Get me a wooden plank Your hand. Put it through and don't release Teacher, the plank Grab his hand and don't let him move

Causing trouble at the new year I must teach you a lesson

The tonic wine

How do you feel now?

Much better Wang An Teacher It's late, why don't you go back?

I'll go now...

Rub some more tonic wine for him Rest early, tomorrow we'll go to the temple

"Hai Tong Temple"

You know very well what you did I'm going to have a chat with Master Yi Zheng now Don't get up unless I call you Your skills are mediocre and yet you dare cause trouble We didn't Shut up

Kneel and reflect on what our Shaolin ancestors taught us

Master Yi Zheng Your 'plum flower stick' skill is good I'm impressed

You flatter me Brother Tie Every year you test your skill with me but I feel your progress is not as good as the year past Really?

I've heard many people in your town smoke opium Do you?

At times I only smoke with boss Lu to be sociable I wouldn't get hooked I hope so. Or else you wouldn't be able to beat an old blind guy like me

So it's you, Da Niu Get up, you're in the way

You're a big boy now, yet you're drooling. So shameful You fat girl, why are you teasing me You want to die?

I like to, so what?

Fat girl, stop scolding people Don't be so rude

Could you excuse me please?

We want to pay respects to the gods Da Niu, please move over...

Here's our chance, go for it What? She's Mo Tian's sister How to do it?

What's the big deal!

When you have chatted with her you'll be good friends in no time This is how the poet Tang accosted his lover It's not nice...

Then you don't have a chance you're such a chicken and you wouldn't get a girlfriend Really?

Yes What should I do?

Go for her

What are you doing?

Alright I give in Just repeat after me Once you find a topic then you could chat Understand?


Lady, you're so early Lady, you're so early You're even earlier Bastard


That should do it Are you here to pay respects to the gods?

Are you here to pay respects to the gods?

Are you nuts?

That's obvious, isn't it Or what else do you think we're here for?

Fat girl What, how dare you...

Miss, let's go over there to draw divination sticks Don't bother with these two bastards

What to do now?

You get on my nerves you're so dumb Didn't I repeat after you?

Hey, can you go now?

What's up?

You're stepping on the lady's pants Why did you hit him?

Don't think I wouldn't hit you Don't come near or I'll hit you You dare...

So what Fat girl Damn you, you really hit me I'll hit you back Don't stand in my way I won't hit her head but her bottom instead Let go

Teacher On your knees

Ladies, please forgive them they were only having some fun they wouldn't hit ladies It's just a small misunderstanding Hope you don't mind It's alright We have a boat to catch, excuse us

Get up Yes, teacher

Sorry, miss

Damn fat girl

Let's go and draw the divination sticks

Sir Boatman The boat is ready to sail Hurry Coming Hurry


Instructor Zheng, Liu Yin Stick This is too much

There are fishes in the water get some for us You must have caused the trouble No, teacher Row the boat

Tie Qiao San, be careful I'll not let you go so easy

He's quite good Such a good fighter I'll not let him go for anything Row the boat back yourself Thank you

I came especially to pay my respects Please

I have prepared some small gifts Yes

This is high grade opium for boss Lu Please accept this small gift You are too kind, I can't accept it

It's really of good quality Very hard to come by Yes Master Tie wouldn't accept gold I'll take this then and give part of it to him Okay, master Tie?

So Rong Feng and Mo Tian have opened an opium house here They are new here so no wonder they pay respects to our teacher

I don't know how to smoke not to mention opium Then shut up please They say opium could prolong your life That's bull shit

Mr Mo, so much business on the first day You'll get rich soon Let's go in and have a drink Please Let's go in and have a drink Okay...


Why is master in this sort of business?

Opium harms people it'll make one weak no wonder the foreigners call us sick men of East Asia Get back to work Look What is it?

Xiao Cui

Here's our chance, go for it After her?

Go on

Back to work? Don't bother Please Still have room for one more, inside please Okay


Make yourself at home Enjoy Thanks

You didn't expect that I know you have been thinking of Gua Si It's none of your business Da Niu is a load of fun Really?

Don't you think so?

He may be a good opera singer he could play the part of the Pig without make-up

Miss Da Niu, you are out of line If I weren't like this could you have such good luck with the lady?

Good luck You hit me again

Don't run See if you dare hit me again

Da Niu in fact is a good person he has a good heart Then your heart must be black

I've been better these two months You are really my money god

If we didn't sell this cheaply we would not have so many customers These people are hooked on opium and you'll be rich

Xiao Cui, what are you doing?

You dare to come here and accost my sister?

You want to die?

Mr Mo, control your temper It's not time yet to deal with the Lu family Damn

Your brother dislikes me I'd better leave

I might go there with the fat girl some other time Would you be going?

At the bridge? Sure See you

Madam An, don't cry What's with her?

Women! Don't mind her I'll go and have a look He hasn't given me any money I know he has been issued his wages I asked him for the money and he ran off Where is he now?

Needless to say he'd be at the opium house Damn kid Come, let's grab him Right, don't worry We'll get him Go home first Thank you Let's go

Ask Wang An to come out You promised madam An how are you going to tell her?


Fear not, I'll be your back up Alright Please Sorry, sir. House is full Would you like to sit over there please?

No need, I am here for Wang An This way please

Brother An, someone's looking for you What are you doing?

Can't you see I am having a drag?

I am on a high Don't bother me If you don't go home, your family will starve to death What? Fourth master is here Get up This is outrageous You don't work and just smoke opium here?

Get up...

Get up...

Go back, now What's the matter?

Gua Si, you dare to cause trouble at my shop?

Fear not, I am here

I am not causing trouble here just asking my brother to go back I tell you you are not allowed to come here again If I find out, you're fired Get going Come on Hurry

You bastard you desert your family are you a human being?

I'll teach you a lesson It's all my fault...

You made quite an impression today Stop teasing me I am still shaking Damn, it's all your fault Get going, go on

Hurry Go

Where do you think you're going?

You can't get away

Zheng Hong, that's enough Don't make me use force

Let's go to the opium house

You have guts, but remember, I will settle today's score with you someday

Dad Come have some snacks No thanks What is it?

We don't have enough people in the rice store and shop and I need a few extra hands What's the matter?

Why the shortage all of a sudden?

Many staff are hooked on opium and work very slowly they are lethargic They won't listen to me They can't afford opium yet they want it Just ask them to leave Teacher Wang An and the men are smoking opium Would you give them a good scolding please You'd better see for yourself I don't want to say more Right, I'll go with your dad tomorrow

Aren't they doing well?

They are efficient, you...

You blurt rubbish No Wang An must know teacher was coming and hired temporary help If you don't believe me look at them again

If they are not that good they needn't come tomorrow Master Tie, let Gua Si take care of things here let's go back and rest Please Hurry Da Niu Wang An Did you recruit these people?

No No? You caused teacher to scold me You are unscrupulous I am telling the truth You still deny it?

4th master, I am responsible for this They paid me and said they would help so I let them You damn bastard

The thief

I tell you you'll die today If we don't beat them they'll beat us Men, let's fight with them Attack

Master Tie is here

Master Tie You are quite popular here Everyone's kind to me It's more than that last time you killed a thief and the whole town respects you for it The thief?

Right Such great strength, could it be them?

Mr Lu, you go back first I'll go to the rice store and see about Gua Si

Master Tie is great


Who asked you to come here?

Golden cat asked us to come here to kill Gua Si What?

Master Tie, mercy You three are not allowed in this town anymore Yes...


Teacher, small token from me

Ginger and chicken soup. You are very kind Teacher, if you didn't come today I would have been finished Does it still hurt?

No, your medicine is very effective It's okay

Teacher, you've been smoking a lot and have not taught me much kung fu

Alright, attack me


Unless you have full confidence in kicking someone don't kick at all...

The kick is more effective than using the hands Teacher, I naturally can't beat you Gua Si Your kung fu has progressed dramatically now you could counter my attack I have not progressed that much just that, you don't seem to be as powerful as you were it must be due to the opium I am alright just lazy recently, it's okay Teacher, you should quit you set an example for the others I know what I'm doing

It's late, go and sleep Good night

Help me I have nothing to eat and my kid is sick Could you lend me some money?

Wang An, I won't trust you anymore Fourth master, it's true if you don't lend me money my child would die No, you'll die for sure If you do I'll give money to your wife but certainly not to you Then...

Then what?

Da Niu, let's get some food from the market and look for madam An Help me

Madam An, we've bought a lot of stuff there's fish and chicken, come and cook Where's madam An?

How would I know?

You lied and said your wife was at home No, she is indeed inside Then please do ask her to come and cook Go on

Fourth master is here Rat poison My child...

Ah Lan...

Madam An It's all my fault I only care about smoking opium

Your family died because of it You are a beast I deserve to die Wang An Don't mind him. Do you think he'd really die?

Opium smokers don't even have the courage to die

Wang An...

I'll burn the opium house and avenge Wang An

This is a serious matter you must think thoroughly

Xiao Cui, forgive me for going against your brother But I must burn this opium house Don't be so rash discuss this with your teacher first Alright, I'll look for him I'll go first


Get up, you load of trash Get up If you don't I'll burn you to death What's the rush? We're burning

It's on fire


Put out the fire, tell the boss Hurry, put it out Let's go There's fire, get moving Fire...

Fire There's a fire, hurry and go Move

Put out the fire C'mon, move You dare destroy my business

Water... put out the fire Get me some water Don't put it out...

Don't put it out Why not?

I said don't put the fire out

Put out the fire...

Put out the fire...

Teacher, Xiao Cui is here to see you

What's up?

Wang An's family is dead Gua Si is very angry Worried he'd cause trouble I came to check it out Did he return to talk to you?

No Damn He said he would burn down my brother's opium house Burn the opium house?

Gua Si...

Are you alright?

Why did you do it?

Teacher, was I wrong to burn down this evil place?

Tie Qiao San, your pupil dares to commit arson You really have a way with your pupils You...

To burn down the place is wrong and I could compensate you but you needn't beat him to a pulp Money is not everything you also asked a great instructor to back you up and teach his pupil to commit arson Rong Feng, I know why you are here Since you are against me I will fight you in any way you please Ok, the head of the Guang Dong tigers will have a taste of my kung fu

It's up to you now

Everyone says your Tie Sin fist is deadly I however think it is mediocre Da Niu, bring me the sword Yes

Step aside

You should have armed yourself with a weapon Or else, when I win people might think I bullied an unarmed man


Kill him Teacher, get up Teacher, get up

Gua Si...

Son How are you?

Gua Si... Son...

Tie Qiao San, I killed your pupil Well? Come and kill me

Instructor Tie You didn't think you'd lose but I wouldn't kill you You are hooked on opium and though you live, you'll be useless Son...

I'll rule this town from now Xiao Cui & fat girl, go back with me No Me neither I'll never spend your money again it's dirty Then don't ever come back I can work. I wouldn't starve to death You...

Gua Si... Son...

I put you in this predicament Believe me Opium will ruin you if you could kick the habit you'll become yourself again Teacher, I know you are a man of your word Please promise me

Da Niu, keep your uncle company Okay

Xiao Cui, please take care of my teacher for me

Dad Son

Gua Si...


Gua Si...

Brother Tie You lost because your addiction is too deep

I know, please help me Drink this tonic wine hope it could help you withstand the urge to smoke

Brother Tie Brother Tie

Our opium house is re-opened now

Inside please, upstairs

Please Master Mo The old saying 'a fire visits a prosperous area' is so true Right Look, our business is better than before This is all to brother Rong's credit he even got rid of Tie Qiao San We could do as we like from now on You have brawn and brain You flatter me

There's something I haven't done What is it?

A hundred taels of silver it could last you your whole life I hope when I come here next time I wouldn't see you Let's go Keep it safe

Master, we are leaving take care

I ruined your uncle And I could not keep my promise to cut the opium Teacher, you must brace yourself or we are hopeless Brace myself? Look at me how could I?

Brother Tie

A hero shouldn't wallow in depression did I regard you wrongly?

There is a chart here just follow it and do it three to forty times a day it could restore your strength


I am useless...

Brother Tie, more haste, less speed Your addiction to opium is so deep you can't recuperate that quickly What to do then?

You must start training all over again Get up

Teacher can't take it anymore, it's no use Master said it would be like this at the beginning We have to be patient Once I think of Gua Si's death I become impatient If teacher could smoke he could restore his strength then he could avenge Gua Si Then I got an idea You do?


Da Niu, I am up here I got it, grab it

Come down quickly Oh

Stand still

Brother Didn't you say you wouldn't come back?

Are you stealing my opium for Tie Qiao San?

Give it to me... No...

Give it to me... you bloody girl

Xiao Cui...

Brother Xiao Cui...

Xiao Cui...

Xiao Cui...

What's the matter, master Mo?

My sister is dead Can't you see?

It's better for her That would prevent me to further evil deeds Who is this man speaking rubbish here?

He's your caretaker What?

Brother Tie...

Teacher What's the matter with you?

I must smoke again, I can't make it Teacher... opium

Teacher, I got the opium

Da Niu Teacher Where did you get it?

Xiao Cui hoped you to restore your strength to avenge Gua Si So she stole it at home Thank Xiao Cui for me No need Why?

She's dead

Dead? Gua Si Teacher, believe me opium is really destructive if you could quit you could become yourself again

Opium, what an evil!

You have killed too many people

Rong Feng, I'll get rid of you, or I'm not human Master you must help me kick it at all costs I can't take it

Give me the tonic wine, I can't take it Please, give me the tonic wine I can't take it Teacher...

Brother Tie...

How are you?

Master I feel cold Get him the blanket I feel cold I feel cold Feel cold?

Yes I still feel cold Da Niu, fan with all your might

Master Chow, drink some tea


"Rong Feng Opium house"

"Rong Feng rice store house"

Thanks to your support I have my success today It's a small token of my appreciation

You are too kind Please It's mine...

You've worked hard these few months Take off the weights and try Yes

You must be agile to avoid the attack of the spear I'm coming


Good, don't pull your punches I have found a worthy opponent again

"Spiritual tablet of Gua Si and Xiao Cui"


Uncle Teacher will challenge Rong Feng tomorrow Are you going?

If you don't I'll take Gua Si and Xiao Cui


"Wan Hu Temple"

Boss Yang Ask Tie Qiao San not to come to this town again or he'll lose face once again Cut out that crap You still don't know who's the winner They're coming...

Let's go

Master Tie, we're on your side Beat him...

Uncle Beat him... get rid of him Stop that noise Tie Qiao San Don't forget you lost once Do you have what it takes to get rid of me?

I lost because of the opium I must get rid of you for this town's sake


Rong Feng Take your best shot

Attack together Whoever doesn't fear death come on Bravo

Tie Qiao San Let's see how you plan to get rid of us Master Tie, fear not, beat them up we're on your side Beat him...

Beat him... boss Rong

Since you have so many supporters I'll give you a chance get up and fight

Gua Si, Xiao Cui I don't think master Tie could avenge you

Da Niu, come here Yes teacher?


Great going, master Tie Teacher...