Hung sau dou (2017) Script

Onecool Film Production Limited HK Film Production Limited Toba Production Limited Golden Scene Company Limited Novus Capital (HK) Limited Present Executive Producer: Chapman To Associate Producer: Winnie Tsang an HK Film Production Limited production

Hey, Mute Dog

500, 600, 700, 800, 50 Now scram!


You're only here as a punching bag, do you really think you're the street champ?

Go back to teaching kids

"Street Champ"


"The Fist and Zen are One"

999 What's your emergency?


Sir, calm down Please don't yell If you are a mute, just make a sound ls there anyone nearby?

If yes, please get them on the phone Hello...?

The writer Lu Xun once said, When I am silent, I feel replete

As I open my mouth to speak, I am conscious of emptiness

My dad is Japanese

His name was Akira Hirakawa

His company transferred him to Hong Kong in 1972 To be the manager of the kitchenware department at Daimaru

"Akira Hirakawa"

Then he met Ho Lai Mui My mom

Besides working at Daimaru He also taught Karate at Victoria Park after work Back then Hong Kong was a place with people of all kinds, and knowing martial arts was helpful Maybe there weren't many Japanese people teaching Karate in Hong Kong Dad had so many pupils that he decided to quit his job And teach Karate full time

He spent all his savings on a 1,200sqft flat in Wanchai The living and dining room became the dojo So we ate and slept in the bedroom When I grew up, dad slept in the hallway I remember going back home every day after school And hearing a group of stinky men exclaiming 'Osh, Osh Osh'.

It was really annoying!

I'm Mari Hirakawa My dad gave me that name

Silent contemplation

Alright Salute!

Salute each other!

"Chan Kent"


I hated Karate But dad said I wasn't afraid of pain, and had a natural born talent So he forced me to start training Maybe he thought that I enjoyed it I was planning to stop after achieving the brown belt Black belt comes after brown belt And it was really hard to achieve I remember there was a time when he entered me into a competition without my consent And I lost the competition I'm never practicing Karate again!

I haven't touched Karate since then

During the financial crisis in 1989, my uncle asked mom for a loan Mom asked dad to mortgage the dojo But dad refused to do so My uncle ended up committing suicide After that, mom left us That's what I can remember

I became lonelier after mom left I didn't have any other friends besides Peggy How did we remain such good friends?

I like her coz she's dumb All boobs, no brains! She won't do any harm to me

...He isn't trying to be brave by being like this It's because this is what's normal Just admit that you want to give it your all You wanna dive into the fiery pit that is love Remember, I'm your musical lover, Calvin You're so horny! Let me squeeze you!

Let me squeeze you! Let me squeeze you!

I have a black belt in Karate Started competing when I was 10, and was the champion of the Youth section I've wanted to become a security guard since I was a kid I want to safeguard Hong Kong, and the voices of its people I promise that nobody will get hurt in the parking lot once I start working here Sounds good, where's your black belt?


Awesome! You start tomorrow You can call me 'Bulldog' from now on

It is now 2:08 am We have the next caller on the line This is your Music Lover Calvin, what's your name?

Is it my turn?


Off work? Yes Must've been a long day Are you new?

Yes, I'm Mari Hirakawa, I'm Japanese

Do you mind opening the gate for me?


"When our motherland is well, we are well"

"When we are well, our motherland is well"

"If I do not love the motherland"

"The sun will explode!"

"When we are well, our motherland is well"

"When the motherland is well, we are well"

"If the motherland does not love me"

Why don't we ever go into your room?

That bed is not mine

I'm gonna leave Don't leave so early, she gets off class at 3 Sleep a while longer

You really remembered!

Of course I did. They match

Happy Anniversary!

Thank you Why didn't you use that money so that we can go on a holiday together?

I can get you this watch, and go on a holiday with you

Have you been to the Maldives?

Nope I haven't been either I heard it's sinking

Then... I'll do some planning I promise that I won't go with anyone else I'll only go with you


You're so good to me Little dummy

I better leave soon

I'm having dinner with her tonight, can't be with you It's alright, I'll eat with my dad I'll see you at work tomorrow Okay, I love you I love you too

She has an ad hoc meeting, why don't you come eat with me?

Dad, I have to head out, have dinner by yourself!

Over the next few years, my relationship with my father deteriorated even further We always fought over Calvin

I didn't think I was wrong I'm confident that he'll choose me one day My father didn't agree But I never listened to him Because I know that nobody can make my decisions for me Even if I lost in the end, it was still my own choice

Then he had health problems, and not many people showed up at the dojo His favourite student Little Piggy stopped coming too Most of the teaching was done by Mute Dog

Last week, he fainted at home And never woke up When he fainted, I was at Calvin's place


Starring: Stephy Tang Starring: Chapman To Yasuaki Kurata Stephen Au Guest Appearance: Dada Chan

Produced by: Chapman To Tang Wai But Written by: Chapman To Erica Li Director of Photography: Tam Wai Kai (HKSC) Gaffer: Ko Wing Chai

Original Music by: Veronica Lee

Action Co-ordinators: Chapman To Stephen Au Tommy Leung Jack Wong Ryouichi Ishijima Billy Lui

Line Producer: Aaron Lai Production Manager: Candy Ng

Directed by Chapman To

My dad is dead, when would you come out and see me?

Ramen with cheese sauce

Mute Dog Your zodiac sign is a pig right?

Wow, then you must be over 50 Time flies, I've been at the dojo for 20 years

Even the kids classes are empty, and the Indian kid never pays his fees I'm planning to close the dojo down

"Calvin: Can't talk"

I'm going first, take your time

You're getting old, rest up

Thank you!

Lucky that you're here, I sprained my ankle You're welcome

Oh, you're here?

Why are there still students here?

Have they paid their dues?

He can finish this month's training

Why are you on the gound?

Are you okay?

I'm okay

What's your future plan?

I've had a dream since I was a kid A dream?

That I'd take over the dojo I've thought it through, I sub-divide this place up and rent it out Divide it up into seven rooms, and I'll stay in one of them ls there enough space for seven rooms?

You think it's impossible?

This is the blueprint of my dojo I've quit my job at the radio station to become a land lady This is a prime location I'm gonna charge 10K per room Six rooms? That's 60K I can go on four vacations a year My 'Early Retirement Plan' has official begun!

In other words, you're a real estate developer What can you do about it!


Did he come to your dad's funeral?

He's a public figure, it's probably not a good idea But he texted me an apology after work I see What's so good about him? Does he have a big...

Pretty average But I like that he's loyal So it's 'loyalty', I got it

He already had a wife when I met him They've known each other since primary school, isn't that loyal?

Why would he have you if he was loyal?

Because I'm his true love

Don't be like this, I really do love him I hope you find your true love as well It's pretty difficult When guys find out that I don't accept premarital sex They'd break up with me the next day Why are you so stubborn?

Because if a man can resist my big boobs That's true love

Your boobs are too small, you wouldn't get it

Big boobs? Let me squeeze you!

We are here to read the will of Mr Akira Hirakawa He's left behind a property in St. Francis Yard, Wan Chai...

Alright, like I wouldn't know what my father left me The only thing he ever had was the dojo Let's make this quick, where do I sign?

Was I done talking?

Regarding this flat at St Francis Yard, Wan Chai He did leave it to you But only 49% of the ownership The other 51 % goes to a Mr Chan Kent What are you saying?

I have to split it with someone else?

And I get the smaller share?

Chan Kent? Who is Chan Kent?

What are you up to? I'm about to board my flight I'm at work, it's gonna be a while til I get off Take care I'm the best fighter here, don't worry You're driving me crazy!

I'm flying to Tokyo, I won't call you when I get there How long will you stay there? Stay one night, come back tomorrow Alright. I have to work now And stop getting into fights with your colleagues It's difficult to find a job when you're a convict, luckily Szeto helped Honey, you understand?

Alright, I gotta go

Don't you have Whatsapp?

No, I don't have WeChat either, is that fine?

It's fine! It's fine!

He thinks he's the shit just because he's Szeto's high school friend Officer Zhang Don't worry, I'll take care of your requests!

It's nothing! No need to say thanks, it's my job Alright, goodbye Boss, I'm gonna finish up here

Szeto The girl we found for Officer Zhang, I wanna try first But he'll find out that she's...

Just do as I say!

Yes, sir

Chan Kent, how long have you been working here?

Half a year I'm giving you a raise next month

Thank you, boss

Take the night off

You've gotten into fights every day since you've known Karate You've grown, but at the same time, You have forgotten what Karate is all about

You are not welcome to practise here Because you fight to prove yourself And I...

Only fight when others need my help

Your dick is so big

Szeto Shit, I beat up the boss Pick up my wife, and get her away from here Let's do it one more time, you're much better than my husband


Of course I knew there would be consequences You think this is my first rodeo?

But it's a little different this time I don't know if this is what my master was talking about I just know that I felt relieved after the fight I ended up spending three years in prison for assault Do I regret it? Of course But when I was in my jail cell, thinking about the incident I fought quite well that night!

My wife never visited me while I was in prison I heard she got together with Szeto Whatever!

Most importantly, the little girl from that night Sent me a letter Thanking me for what I did

"To Chan Kent"

You're Chan Kent?

I remember you, dad kicked you out

You just got out of jail? Yes

You should knock even if you have keys I own half of this house Understood

You stepped on my bag! I didn't!

You did! No, I didn't!

Keep quiet, we'll wake up the old lady!

Give me my shoes back!

Why did you hit me?

Can't I hit you? You think I'm afraid of you?

Keep quiet, we'll wake up the old lady!

The old lady in the room is very easily woken up!

Why did you learn Karate?

I don't know How about you?

I'm gonna punch whoever calls me "Little Cha"

Keep quiet, "Little Cha"

What do you want?

What do you think?

You asshole

"Calvin: She is on leave. I can't see you."

"Sorry, baby!"

"Mari: I'm not your baby, she's your baby"

You're back?


Shoulders down!

Hey, are you awake?

We're gonna go grab a bite, wanna come with?

Why do you hate me so much?

You hate me because I stopped training?

You hate that I lost the match, you hate that I'm together with Calvin Don't you think I know?

I understand You're upset

But have you ever asked how I was doing?

Have you asked whether I wanted to learn Karate?

Of course I knew I was gifted But that was none of your business!

Did you ask me before you signed me up?

I don't like to lose!

You don't like my boyfriend But have you asked whether I liked him?

I can't choose who my father is But you won't let me choose who I like?

I'll be with whoever I want!

I'm your daughter, I'm your daughter!

I don't care if you didn't leave me the flat If you like Karate that much, let your pupils teach others Stop bothering me!

Hello, this is Calvin I'm not available to answer your call right now Please leave a message, and I'll get back to you soon

It's your day off, I wanna be with you Where are you now?

"Calvin: Don't come over. I'll call you. Good girl"

I know you're not at work, don't lie to me!

Going back to the parent who has a crush on you If you don't reply, I'm coming to your house!

Who is it?

My boss

I don't want this watch you gave me, I'm returning it to you!

I have nothing, and you can't even spare five minutes of your time!

Fung Calvin, go to hell!

Why aren't you in bed, baby?

Someone's calling you What?

Can't you hear it?

No, it's getting late, go back to bed

Once you've filled in that you're from Hirakawa dojo, don't let us down Understood? Understood Why don't you fill it in?

Because I'm afraid I'd beat all my opponents, and I'd be left with no one to fight with

Understood Good that you do Karate is not as simple as you think Besides power, you also need courage It's not telling people how good you are It's about taking back what's rightfully yours Understood When have I heard this before?

Yeah, it sounds familiar

Everybody get out!

This is my home, not any dojo!

This place is mine after my dad died!

Stop calling me "Little Cha"

Get her!

Calling me "Little Cha"!

Little Cha!

Stop it!

Stop it! Stop it!

Your father left me this dojo, so it's mine I don't care what's happening with you elsewhere, but have some respect when you're here You say that you hate Karate?

On what grounds?

You can't even beat a bunch of kids!

You want me to leave? I'll give you one option Sign up for the competition just like them If you can get through one match, and you're still standing Regardless if you win or lose, I'll give you back the flat!

If not, get the hell out!

Piece of trash!

Regarding this apartment at St. Francis Yard, Wan Chai He did leave it to you But only 49% of the ownership In other words, you're a real estate developer What can you do about it!

So I win as long as I'm still standing?

Three rounds, stand on your two feet even if you lose And if you lose that match, I'll still count it as a win You better keep your promise I'll never bother you again!

You said so!

Give her a bowl of noodles Start training after your noodles

Why don't you text me, I dunno what you're trying to say

Get up!

Have you been to the Maldives?

Nope I haven't been either I'll do some planning I promise that I won't go with anyone else I'll only go with you

More power

More power! Sleepless last night?

Did you do this?

Not me. Mute Dog, was it you?

Then it's you

Thank you

"Radio DJ Calvin was attacked at the entrance of the radio station"

You're going into the ring tomorrow I'm kind of nervous You can still back out, it's no big deal You're nuts!

I can't give up after so much training, this isn't a game You've lived here all your life Back then, it was your dad teaching in the living room And now it's somebody else He doesn't ask for rent, you can just live here You feel like you're living under his roof, but I think the opposite Just find a job, or come work with me at the massage parlour You're so strong now We have plans A and B, you don't need to give handjobs

Maybe you shouldn't give people handjobs anymore What's the problem? Everyone says I'm good at it Why not utilize my skill?

That's crazy!

I need to go to work, I'll come to your match when I get off

What are you watching so late at night?

Porn You like watching porn?


Wow, is that you?

Don't pretend that you don't recognize me

I have no recollection that you've taught me before I look really happy When you got home from school, you'd start training before finishing your homework But you stopped after you lost that competition And you started telling everyone that your father forced you to train You were so talented, who could've forced you?

Come on!

Don't stay up too late, you've got an early morning tomorrow


Salute each other!

Thank you! Thank you!

You're lucky today, your opponent is a midget You're much taller than her Don't let her near you, start attacking immediately Finish her in the first round

We are going by K1 regulations Three three-minute rounds, with one minute breaks Do not attack the back of the head or groin Start and stop when I say so Understood?

Touch gloves Back to your corners

Is it over?

Yes, it's finished, How's the fight?

I lose What?

So short?

Ready Fight!

Punch! Don't kick! Punch!


Awesome! Are you okay?

Get up! Get Up! Attack her head!

Are you okay?

I have a black belt in Karate Started competing when I was 10, and was the champion of the Youth section

Remember, defense and offense...

Hold on to the back of the head, don't move

Have some water...

I wanna go home... What?

I quit! I wanna go home!

I'll let you leave once you do to her nose what she did to yours!

Keep going!


Protect your head!

Push her into the corner! Attack her head!

Don't turn around!

Push her!

Back to your corners You'll be penalized for fighting in a passive manner, you understand?

Again Fight!

Raise your arms!

Put your back into it! It's only the preliminaries, just go for it!

No, you have to let her finish!

You have to remember You'll always meet someone stronger than you

They might beat you down But no matter what You need to have the courage to face it

Let's see when the lawyer's free I'll sign off the rest of the apartment to you


Therefore x = 3, please remember

I'm heading out I love you

I love you too

"Chan Kent"


I was the one...

Who told Chan Kent to coerce you into this fight I figured. Why though?

I can't hit you myself So I needed other people to do it for me

Not everyone can find their very own spotlight

Once you've found it...

Never let it go