Hunter Killer (2018) Script

Report status.

Captain, holding Russian Akula at 400 yards.

Best bearing 0-3-5. We remain undetected, sir.

Two hours, 45 minutes in her baffles, Captain.

We're right up Ivan's ass, and they don't even know it.

Mind your panel.

Conn, Captain. Maintain range. Stay right behind her.

Captain, explosion aboard the Konek.

Put it on the bearing. Yes, sir.

They're going out on their emergency distress pinger.

Transmit two pings of active.

Let them know we're here. Hold up.

What is that?

Torpedo in the water bearing 3-3-5 at 600 yards!

Torpedo evasion. Make your depth 700 feet!

Was that from the Konek? No, sir.

It's a contact directly above us.

Four hundred yards! All ahead flank!

Captain, there's no time. Two hundred yards!

Right hard rudder! Terminal homing!

Admiral. Captain.

Tampa Bay's gone missing just above the Kola Peninsula.

NAVSEA reports no recent repairs, no problems with the radio and no weather over the Barents Sea.

Awfully close to Russian waters.

Yes, sir. They've been playing cat and mouse with a Russian sub for weeks.

Let's just hope that's all it is.

Sir, they're two hours late for check-in.

The hell we can't.

We need to get back to Congress, and twist some goddamn arms.

An arms race in the Arctic, Charles?

Oh, come on, it's a land grab.

The Russian president is simply posturing, pounding his chest.

He's embarrassed us in Syria.

He continues to defy us in Crimea.

Are we going to let him to dominate us in the Baltic?

And what next, Europe?

We can't afford another Cold War, neither can they.

Isn't it true to say we're witnessing the most aggressive military buildup in Russian history?

It's not a time to pussy around.

Sir, Tampa Bay's gone missing in the Barents Sea.

We picked up a distress signal above the Kola Peninsula.

Hmm. That's Russia's back porch.

There's classified systems on that boat.

And 110 men, sir.

Of course. Well, you wanna go quick, but you wanna go armed: fast-attack submarine.

I told the 6th Fleet you'd want a Hunter-Killer.

We don't have one in EUCOM region, not with a rescue-sub attachment.

We do. We have one.

No, son. Arkansas just lost her skipper.

And I assigned her a new one.

He's in the region, never been a captain.

Joe Glass?

Where the hell did you find him?

What class was he?

Never went to Annapolis, sir.


Stand by for secure transmission from Fleet Forces Command.

Commander Glass?

XO Brian Edwards.

How was your trip in from Portsmouth, Captain?

Fast. What have you got there?

Sealed orders from 6th Fleet.

They're not wasting any time, sir.

XO, recall the crew.

We sail as soon as possible.

Well, they've just been given a two-day pass, sir.

They'll be impossible to find.


Tell me something, XO.

How many pubs are there in Faslane?


Then let's devise a radical plan.

You look in one and I'll look in the other.

Aye, sir.

Down, down.

Opening hatch. Tubes one-four operational.

Load torpedo tube one. Loading!

Mother of Jesus, we're packing a lot of heat.

Yeah, why do you think we need 'em all?

Captain's orders is all you need to know.

I heard he was on the Baton Rouge.

A wrench monkey. Ain't never been a captain.

I heard a rumor he punched his commanding officer.

Yeah, yeah. I heard he's all right.

Always hitting the hottest piece of ass in port, from here to Samoa.

Yeah? So... So he's one of us. What?

When the hell have you ever hit a hot piece of ass, Brickowski?

When have you ever met a captain who's one of us?

All right, settle down. We've got some work to do.

Carry on.

Captain in control.

Ship is rigged for dive, Captain. No surface contacts.

I intend to launch the ship.

Arkansas is cleared for passage, sir.

Navigator Park. Where are we headed, Captain?

Warship Arkansas, this is your Captain, Joe Glass.

Now, I want to say that I knew Commander O'Brian personally, but I know he trained you well.

Now, I'm hearing a lot of chatter about the kind of captain that I might be, so let me tell you directly.

Not an Annapolis man, who learned who you are in a class.

I've worked your jobs. Manned a sonar, been the Bull Nuke, I've cleaned torpedo tubes.

If you think I know you better than your previous officers, you're right.

I've been underwater all my life.

I've missed five elections, seven Super Bowls, my sister's wedding, and my father's death.

This is all I know down here.

I am you.

If you think that means I'm running anything other than the tightest ship you've ever seen, you're dead wrong.

It's not an idle training exercise.

Your brothers on Tampa Bay are missing in Russian waters.

Possibly sunk.

Every one of you knows someone on board that sub.

Now, we're gonna find them.

So, follow orders.

I expect nothing short of your best.

I can do some of your jobs better than you. I won't.

Your jobs, but they're my responsibility.

Carry on, XO.

Aye, sir.

Admiral Fisk? Admiral Fisk.

I'm briefing the President in under an hour, and your Navy boys are not sharing.

I work for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, not the NSA, Miss Norquist, or are we on a first-name basis now?

Thing at my kid's school. Fair enough.

IUSS picked up two explosions off the Kola Peninsula, right where Tampa Bay went missing.

Two? Could be one of theirs, could be one of ours.

Is there any chance that they collided?

Not likely.

Have you reached out to your Russian counterparts?

What do they say?

That's classified. Now who's not sharing?

What time were the explosions recorded?

09:04 and 09:06 GMT.

What's wrong?

Ever since the Russians started building up their fleet at Polyarny, we've been keeping tabs on the Russian President.

Zakarin left the Kremlin with his core security, and he's headed right there to the Kola Peninsula.

Sure, because of this incident. No.

He left before the two explosions.

A scheduled meeting with his Defense Minister, Durov.

I don't like coincidences.

Well, I put a sub in the water.

We'll have answers soon.


You're about two stars short of clearance for what I'm about to tell you.

I've been trying to get the NSA to authorize an op, and they've been dragging their feet, and now everything is moving way too fast.

If this was an act of aggression, we need to know what Zakarin is doing there.

If you want to fly a drone into Russian airspace, the Air Force will be happy to...

Not from 60,000 feet.

We need eyes and ears on the ground.

I'm sure you know someone who could go off-book for the next 48 hours.

You want me to send a team into Russia?

Yes, I do.

Follow me!

Move! Move! Move!

All clear!

You got 30 seconds, Martinelli!


Move! Go! Move! Move! Move!

Twenty seconds!

Ten seconds!




Congratulations, Martinelli, you just killed the whole fucking team!

Bag 'em, rack 'em, and stack 'em, Martinelli.

Damn it!

Beaman ain't one to hold back on his emotions.

And he's got all three: irritation, anger, and rage.

Hey, Commander, isn't it past you bedtime?

What's he so pissed off about all the time?

Maybe it's 'cause he's from Birmingham. Ever been there?

Hey, you know, I'm closing on a house off East Lake Park.

I don't suppose that's the paperwork you got in your hand.

Looks like we're going ugly.

How can you tell?

Just look at Beaman.

Son of a bitch is amused.

It's a recon, boys.

Stow all your simmunitions and training gear.

We're going live. Where we headed, boss?

Come in.

Crew's on board and ready to go, sir.

Very well, Cob.

I have something for you, Captain.

I know supply's all out, but I thought you should have one of your own before we get underway.

I appreciate the gesture, Cob, but I can't take your coin.

I don't think I'm gonna be buying anybody a drink on this trip.

Are you sure, sir? Yeah.

I only got space in this pocket for one coin.

You were on the Wichita.

My first boat.

Was it as bad as they say, sir?

I don't know what they say, but it was probably worse.

That coin, my good luck charm, only one I ever carry.

Let's get underway.

Aye, Captain.

Reactors one and two ready to go, sir.

Last man down. Hatch secure.

Captain in control.

Officer of the deck, submerge the ship.

Submerge the ship. Aye, Captain.

Fifteen degree down bubble, all ahead full.

Make your depth 300 feet.

Aye, sir.

Depth set to 300 feet.

Fifteen degrees down bubble.

Dive! Dive!

Welcome to Polyarny, Mr. President.

Good to see you, Dmitri.

Has Washington made contact? They have.

We thought it best to await your arrival, before responding.

Yes. Let them wait.

Short and sweet, gentlemen.

We're going to be the eyes and ears for some people inside the Beltway.

Yeah, a bunch of suits sipping chai lattes.

Maybe, but Fisk vouched for this one.

No shit. Living the dream.

If it doesn't suck, we don't do it.

Hey, Martinelli, tags and personal effects.

You telling me this is unofficial?

We get caught on the wrong side of the fence, we never existed.

You're new, so a little advice.

Don't be that guy.

What guy?

You got a beautiful sister, Martinelli. She spoken for?

She's not my sister, sir.

It doesn't matter where Beaman's from.

Report on contacts. No immediate contacts.


Forty miles from the Russian coast, sir.

We should be right on top of her.

We might not be the first ones here.


XO, deploy the sea scan.

Deploy sea scan. Aye, Captain.

Deploy the sea scan. Set scope at 1,000 knots.

Sir, I'm picking up something.

Could be a debris field.

Could be vents on the sea floor.

Or a deep water reef.

It wouldn't affect the magnetic field.

There she is.


Jimenez, maneuver the sea scan towards the bow.

She was torpedoed.

Cob, man battle stations. Man battle stations, aye.

Flood tubes one and two. Open outer doors on tube two.

Man battle stations. Man battle stations.

Okay, open the breach door. Forward clear!

Engine room, engine room, somebody get these...

Come on, come on, let's go!

McCAW: Flood tubes one, two, three, four.

Flood tubes, aye.

Secure torpedo rigs.

Open outer doors! Go! Go! Go!

Draft a message for next comms window.

"USS Tampa Bay sunk by enemy action."

Yes, sir.

Tubes one and two ready for launch.

Engine room, cap and rig for maximum reliability.

Captain? You should hear this.

Tell me that's coming from Tampa Bay.

Get me a bearing.

Bearing 2-2-1, clear as a bell.

Steer course 2-2-1.

Steering course 2-2-1.

Mr. Edwards, get that robot back on board ASAP.

Recall the sea scan.

What the hell is that?

New contact, Captain.

Detecting auxiliary noises overhead.

Somebody's ice-picked up there.

They're right on top of us.

Distance 8-5-0.

The American sub is increasing speed.

Fire torpedoes one and two.

Bearing 0-4-5... 0-4-6...

Torpedoes in the water! They fired at us?

Best bearing 1-9-0 and closing.

Pilot, take her to manual.

Left full rudder, all ahead flank.

Launch evasion devices.

Captain, torpedoes are chasing counter-measure.

Give them new coordinates.

Snapshot, prepare to fire tube one on the bearing of enemy contact.

Ship ready! Solution ready!

Weapon ready!

Match sonar bearings, and fire!

Normal launch! Torpedo course 2-1-9!

Captain, torpedo bearing 3-0-0.

It passed under us. It won't find us in the ice.

There's a lot of interference on the surface, Captain.

Hard to find her in the noise.

Pull up towed array past appropriate gauge.

Weps, turn weapon 180 degrees.

Reduce search depth to 40 feet.

Reduce depth to 40 feet. Aye, Captain.

Equalize the air vents 7 to 10!

There she is. Holy shit.

Eyes on enemy contact.

Captain, it's a hit!

Get those headphones back on, Belford.

Pilot, zero bubble, maintain flank speed.

Captain, enemy torpedoes still active and closing!

Nav, report the bearing to Tampa Bay.

We're going to run straight at her.

Tampa Bay, sir?

If I have to say everything twice, we're not going to make it.

Report the bearing! Yes, sir. 0-1-0.

Pilot, steady course 0-1-0, 40 degree down bubble.

0-1-0, 40 down. Aye, Captain.

Now, when I tell you, pull up with everything.

Sounding 300 feet.


Two hundred feet. Red sounding.

Red sounding. One-five-zero!

One hundred feet!

Repeat red sounding! Seventy-five! Fifty feet!

Forty feet! Captain!

Thirty feet! Two-five. Twenty feet!

Pull up. Zero bubble.

Torpedo's, 200 feet!

Skipper, suggest we... Hold her. Stay on the floor.

Terminal homing, Captain! Right full rudder!

Right full rudder. Aye, Captain.

Everybody all right? Aye.

I'm okay.

Did we just start a war?

No, but we might have sailed into one.


Somebody's still down there, sir.

President, Minister Durov.

They sunk our submarine, Volkov.

What the hell are the Americans doing?

We must respond immediately to protect the sovereignty of Russia.

Sir, I recommend we launch Yevchenko to sweep for American submarines.

I want to speak with the American president.

Sir, message from the USS Arkansas.

I got a Rear Admiral without enough sense to get out of the rain.

Sir, we've got a shootout under the ice.

Three subs down: two Russian, one American.

What's the response from Moscow?

Nothing. Nothing to the Pentagon or the State Department, sir.

And we know they've been conducting exercises with the Northern Fleet over the last few weeks.

Exercises, my ass.

President Zakarin is already in Polyarny.

Move the closest carrier battle group into position.

Yes, sir. And you should know, we have special operators en route to determine Zakarin's intentions.

Admiral Fisk, I don't think I need to explain to a war hero such as yourself, but when someone is shooting at you, you know their intentions.

Let's gear up, fellas!

Shit, is that lightning?

Hey, Martinelli, quit the chatter!

Go! Go! Go!


Slow down. Slow down, little brother.

What's your name? Come on, what's your name?



It's another Akula, Captain.

Damage to the bow.

Probably on impact with the sea floor.

Tampa Bay took her down with her.

Tampa Bay didn't fire on anyone.


Her torpedo doors were closed.


How does anyone live through that?

Ever seen a blast signature like this, XO?

Until today, I hadn't seen any torpedoed submarines.

You're not seeing one here.

Look at the skin of the hull.

The shrapnel patterns are pointing out.

You used to light cherry bombs as a kid, right?

You and I had very different childhoods.

We used to set them off in car tailpipes.

Make slivers like those.

That explosion came from inside the sub.

Her torpedoes cooked off?

They're not that far aft. Not even on an Akula.

Nav, report bottom depth.

Can we get them out?

762 feet, Captain.

That's touch and go, sir.

They took out Tampa Bay. They don't deserve a rescue.

They were following somebody's orders, Reed.

Captain, we just torpedoed a sub in their water.

The Russians will respond with a search party on high alert.

That would be logical, yeah.

But if they were behaving logically, they would've tried their own rescue, not fired on us.

Look, nobody's following the playbook.

We don't know what's going on up top.

The only people who might have a clue are down there on that ocean floor.

Yeah, Russians, sir, who, for all we know, just sunk Tampa Bay!

Exactly my point.

We don't know, XO, but they might.

And for some reason, their comrades have left them for dead.

This is in direct violation of our mission objective.


Cob, launch the Mystic.

Launch the Mystic. Aye, Captain.

Put her down on the forward escape trunk.

I want those Russian sailors outta there.

Sir, at the very least, we need to contact 6th Fleet.

And they'll be dead by the time we get an answer!

Have commo draft a message, but I'm not waiting for a reply.

Aye, Captain.

Arkansas, Mystic.

Flooding and equalizing skirt for undocking.

Mating latch... released.

Couple of feet deeper, and we get crushed like a beer can.

The currents are strong, cabron.

Four knots, 1-5-0.

Copy that.

Speed, point 2.

Five feet.

God damn it.

Two feet. We're stuck in a riptide!

And locked.

I'm Commander Glass of the USS Arkansas.

XO, have these men treated for hypothermia by the Doc, but keep them placed under guard.

Until we hear something from above, these men are prisoners of war.


Separate the Captain from his men.

I want him kept in isolation.

Aye, Captain.

Nellie is away.

Hey, boss, what's your sitrep?

Got some heavy ordnance down there.

They're loading destroyers.

Pulling up to a tin can right now.

Well, make it look good.

These pictures are going live to Washington.

Oh, yeah, we're famous.

Why aren't we getting a clear picture?

Something's giving us interference.

We're having trouble making a connection, ma'am.

Uh, can I, please? Yes, ma'am.

They're using a signal jammer.

Sir. Sir.

All cellular channels are blocked.

I cannot reach Washington or Moscow.

What's going on?

Tell them to try frequency 2-2-8-2.5 MHz.

Ma'am? 2-2-8-2.5 MHz.

The NSA has a few satellite frequencies that we don't normally share.

But we're all on the same team here, right?

Yeah. Okay.

Got it!

Those guys are good.

Who's that? Can you zoom in, please?

We're losing them. On the drone.

That's Durov.

Russian Minister of Defense.

I see the presidential helicopter.

I don't see Zakarin.

He's up here.

Can we get a closer look?

What are you up to?

Why are they launching the destroyer?

This is an outrage, Minister.

I'm cut off from all my command structures in Moscow.

I need a secure emergency line opened immediately!

Sir, we may be under threat from an imminent attack.

I've sealed off the base and shut down all communications as a security precaution.

That is not your decision to make.

I must inform my ministers, my Parliament, and my Generals.

I've spoken to them, and I told them that you are indisposed and in my care.

That's enough of this.

Dmitri? From now on, all military orders will come from me.

The military won't follow your orders.

They have no choice.

As far as they're concerned, every order I give will have come from you.

I'm your Minister of Defense, and I intend to defend our interests and our country from any threat, inside or out.

Even those from a weak leader.


You'll be executed for this. No, Nicolai.

By the time anyone knows what's happened, the nation will be at war, and concerned only with victory.

Everything else will be forgotten.

Hey, buddy, you seeing this?

Gimme some audio.


Are we getting sound? Can you turn that up?

Oh, my God.


It's a coup.

I need to brief the President.

He's gonna recommend moving the fleet into position, isn't he?

He's going to play the hand he's been dealt.

You know what that means.

How well do you know the men on the ground?

What about reaching out to the Russian military directly?

Whatever happened down there, Madam President, Durov has made us look like the aggressor.

To his own people and the rest of the world.

Can we prove this is a coup? The facts are simple.

Durov is moving his fleet to a war footing.

We let them gain a tactical advantage now, no one's ever going to remember who threw the first punch.

I recommend that we deploy the carrier group, and raise our status to DEFCON 2.

Excuse me, Admiral. I'm sorry.

We may be playing right into Durov's hands.

I think he wants our fleets to engage.

What are you saying, he wants an all-out war?

I'm saying that I think it's all choreographed.

The Russian constitution stipulates that if a president is indisposed during a time of active hostilities, all authority falls to the Russian Minister.

Anybody would start World War III just to grab power...

That's my point.

It's not a standoff with Russia.

We're dealing with a single rogue minister.

So this may be a coup without any deep support within the military.

Can we go after Durov? Bunker-buster?

That might kill Zakarin.

Which I think is why Durov is keeping him alive.

Miss Norquist, this sounds like excellent analysis for a history book, but we won't be the ones writing that book, unless we respond now!

They attacked us and killed 110 Americans!

They don't want an all-out war any more than we do.

Madam President, when somebody makes a move on a chessboard, you respond!

Maybe we don't have a choice.

What if we could free President Zakarin?

Madam President, we don't have...

No. Let him speak.

Thank you, Madam.

We have a team outside the base at Polyarny and a submarine off the coast.

The pieces are in place for a rescue and exfil.

I know the men involved.

If we can deliver Zakarin to Moscow, he could cut this off.

We rescue the Russian President?

We may not like Zakarin, but he's better than Durov.

We'd be at war.

Admiral, take us to DEFCON 2.

Move the carrier fleet into position.

We need to be prepared to confront Durov.

But I wanna do everything possible to avoid this.

Your rescue attempt has my authorization, as well.

Men, we've been ordered to Polyarny base.

The Murmansk Fjord? How far in are we going?

Right up to her doorstep.

It's heavily defended by destroyers.

Half the Russian fleet's there.

Top priority orders, XO.

Admiral Durov is staging a coup.

We're going in to get four of our boys and one Russian president.

Nav, get me the latest charts and intel on those mine fields.

Aye, Captain.

Weps, have the torpedo and fire control systems double-checked.

Torpedo and fire control systems double-checked.

Make your depth 400 feet, Pilot.

Making depth 400 feet. Aye, Captain.

Sir, that fjord is mined, it's covered in sensors and sonar fields.

No matter how many precautions we take, it won't be enough to get us through undetected.

You're right, XO.

That's why we need a local navigator.

Does he know where he is?

He does. He just can't believe it.

Okay, leave us.

I'm sorry about your men.

We've crossed paths before, you and I.

I was on the Baton Rouge when we brushed past you off Greenland.

I've read your file, Captain. I know you speak English.

Fuck you.

Okay. Very good, now we're talking.

I have nothing to say.

We did not fire on your submarine, Captain.

No one did.

You don't believe me?

Here, look at this.

You blew up from the inside out.

You were sabotaged.

Why do you show this to me?

I do not cooperate with enemy. I am no traitor.

No. I'm not saying you are a traitor.

The traitor is the man who blew up your sub.

The traitor's the man responsible for the deaths of all those young sailors: Admiral Durov.

Durov is holding your president hostage at Polyarny, and we've been ordered to sail through the Murmansk Fjord to rescue him.

I can't do that without your help.

I trained the men at Polyarny.

I will not help you to kill them.

We're not trying to kill your men.

We're only trying to rescue your president, and maybe put a stop to this.

You know, we're no different, you and I.

We've been down here our whole careers.


We're not enemies, we're brothers.

Who else understands what it is we go through?

The isolation, the fear.

Riding for months inside a bomb scraping at the bottom of the ocean.

But it's what we are. It's what we do.

So you know what it took for me to get you out of that sub.

I risked my men, I risked my ship.

Risked a court-martial.

Because it was the right thing to do.

It's not about your side or my side.

This is about our future.

Sir, we picked up an unauthorized transmission.

2-2-8-2.5 MHz.

It's going out from near the base.

Find it.

So, what's the situation, boss?

I just got orders from Washington.

Incoming. Ten o'clock.

Shit. We gotta go.

What is this?


We got you. We got you, come on.

It missed the bone, but he's not running a marathon anytime soon.

Okay, listen up.

I've got some good news and bad news.

On the plus side, we don't have to hike to Norway.

United States Navy is sending us our very own nuclear submarine to give us a ride out.

A US sub? Up here? Yup. There's a catch.

We gotta grab the Russian President and take him with us.


Zakarin? Thought we hated that guy.

Yeah, well, I guess things changed.

Look, I know it's a big ask, but I get the feeling that if we don't pull this off, things could get ugly.

Like real ugly. Yeah, fuck it.

I'd rather go kick some ass than sit up here freezing my nuts off, anyway.

What about Marty?

I got other plans for you.

Captain, we're holding outside the fjord, awaiting your orders.

Very well.

Execute final preps, XO.

Aye, sir.

How's the crew?

They wouldn't say it, sir, but I've been with these men a long time.

They're terrified.


And what about you?

Twenty-two years I've been at this.

I've never been shot at.

I can't say I liked it.

Me neither. Just between us.

All due respect, sir.

You just keep lit, let us do the worrying.

Okay. Let's go get the crew ready.

Captain in control.

Warship Arkansas, this is your captain.

We're going into the Murmansk Fjord.

Go over the boat's power plant and the ship's noise signature.

I want this baby so quiet, fish'll bump into her.

Ooh-rah, Arkansas. Ooh-rah!

XO, take her in nice and slow.

Pilot, steady course 1-7-0.

All ahead two-thirds.

Course 1-7-0...

Sonar, ears open for sound sensors.

Yes, sir. All ahead two-thirds.

Steer course 1-4-6.



Captain. Mark your depth...

All stop. Halt all engines.

All engines off.

Men, this is Captain Andropov of the RFS Konek. He's our guest.

XO, set him up.

What's the matter?

You never seen a Russian captain before?

Eyes on your stations. Sir.

These systems are classified. I know.

You speak Russian, Park?

Ask him if he knows the captain that shot down Tampa Bay.

He trained him to do his job, Reed. Now, you do yours.

This is the most reckless thing I've ever seen.

Captain, recommend we confine the Russian captain until we return to Faslane.

Let me clue you all in on something.

We've been ordered to cross waters that no American sub has ever crossed before.

When you look at him, you shouldn't see anything other than a sailor in his own backyard.

Now, we saved his life.

I figure the odds are at least even that he's going to save ours, too.

Captain... This is absurd!

The arrogance of this, for you to bring him in here!

You will be court-martialed!

Then it's my job to keep you alive long enough, so you can testify.


Pilot, all ahead one-third.

Steer course 1-6-0.

Aye, sir. All ahead one-third.

There's a cliff just off the port bow, Captain, bearing 1-1-0 at 400 yards.

Nav, stay as close as you can to the rocks without scraping the paint.

Aye, Captain.

Pilot, steer course 1-5-2. Steer course 1-5-2.

XO, take us along the ocean floor.

Set your altitude to 20 feet.

Yes, Captain.

Pilot, 15 degrees down bubble.


Sound sensors. Silence, men. Not a breath.

All stations calm. Set condition ultra quiet.

Minnoe pole, here.

Acoustic-detonating mines.

How are we supposed to get past those?

There's another way.


He's leading us into a dead end, Captain.

Look at the chart.

Your chart is wrong.

There's passage.

Where is this passage?

Sleva, left.



Left full rudder, 0-7-0. 0-7-0.

There's no sign of passage, Captain.

There's no way through.

We're going to run straight into a wall.

Captain, we have to reverse engines.

XO, if you can't take it, confine yourself.

Hang on.

There it is. There's an opening.

Through the choke point.

Open seas ahead.

XO, what's better, to be right or to be alive?

Aye, sir. Ready for orders.

XO has the Conn.

Okay, boys. We go in, snatch the Russian President, take a quick refreshing swim, and then rendezvous with a U.S. sub. Nothing to it.

Sounds like a walk in the park, boss. Yeah.

What are we gonna do about Martinelli?

When we're done, If I'm still alive, I'll come back for him.

We're dropping into a goddamn coup, aren't we?

Don't ask me.

I don't know shit about politics.

Let's go swimming.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Take it easy, buddy. Take it easy.

Who are you? Search and Rescue.

Off the grid. Three ghosts.

Why are you here? You know more than we do.

We got a ride out of trouble for your president, if we can get to him.

In a few hours' time, both our navies are going to go head-to-head, and it's gonna get ugly.

We're just two assholes out in the cold.

This is all riding on us.

I can get you to him.

Fix him up.

Minister, the fleet awaits your orders, sir.


Fire in the hole.

Get him up!

Gimme your hands, sir.

Gimme your hands.

Hold steady! He's an American?

He's here to free us.

Yeah, I don't like it either, sir. Come on, let's go!

Man down!

Man down!

Cover me!

Clear! Follow me!

Come on! Come on! Follow me! Oleg!

Come on! Go! Go!

Wait there, sir. Hall!

On the ledge, sir. On the ledge.

Go, sir! Go!

Give me weapon, soldier. Shit.

We gotta move.

Fuck you.

Jesus Christ! Johnstone!


Go! Go! Go!


Come on! No!

God damn it, Hall! Hall! Come on!

Billy, we lost him.

God damn it.

They're coming.

We gotta swim. Come on!

The orders are for four Americans and one Russian civilian.

There aren't too many training simulations for this one.

Roger that. All right. Go.

All systems checked.

Ready to disconnect.

Mystic, Conn. Ship is all yours.

Move! Move! Come on, move!

Come on! Go! Go! Go!

Come on! Go!

Come on, let's go!

Come on!


Stay down!

Stay down!

Stay down! He's hit! He's hit!

Come on, let's go!

Go! Go!

Keep moving, sir! Come on!

Come on, let's go! Go!

Come on!

Keep moving, Mr. President.

Come on! Come on.

Come on! Where the hell is she?

There she is!

Okay, Mr. President...

Come on!

Down. Here we go.

Come on, Johnstone! Dive!

Take a deep breath, sir.

Too long. They're taking too long.

He's not fucking coming, bro. He's not gonna come.


Grab him by the arms!

Come on, pull him up!

Come on, get him out!

Hey. Hey, where are the others?

Seal the hatch! We gotta go, come on!

You seal it.

Minister Durov, the Americans escaped.

And the President? Americans took him.

If he's alive, he's in their sub.

Seal the fjord!

Sink the American submarine before she escapes!

Captain, I'm picking up a faint 300 MHz tonal.

Heavy screw beat.

Is it domestic?

No, sir. Sounds like an auxiliary.

It's on the surface.

That's a warship.

That's Yevchenko, a destroyer.

I trained the men myself. They will not miss.

Pressure's building rapidly.

The deeper we go, the more leaks we get.

I got the beacon! Real weak.

Set bearing 0-3-1 to intercept with Arkansas.

Mama, this is baby. Hold on to your signal.

Depth 1-7-0. Coming around now.

Captain, Harbor Control reports a contact at the magnetic sensors.

That's her! Launch rocket mortars on the designated bearing!

It won't take much more. We're almost home.

Mystic, Conn. We have visual contact.

Oh, that is a pretty sight.

Mystic, Conn. Shit!

Mating hatch is ready for launch.

Come on!

Baby, touchdown!

Engaging latch! Drain the hatch now!

Go! Hurry up! Move! Get the hell out of here! Go!

Rocket mortar splashes close range!

Sound the collision alarm! Lock it down!

All ahead flank!

All ahead flank. Aye, Captain.

Let's go! Keep going! Keep going! Keep going!

Prep room for triage.

Patient has gunshot wounds.

Ten seconds since splashes!

Captain, the Mystic not secure.

We're gonna rip her right off.

Fire the explosive bolts! Jettison that thing now!

Jettisoning the Mystic. Aye, Captain.

Fifteen seconds since mortar splashes!

Hatch secure!

Twenty seconds since mortar splash!

Rig for impact!

Rig ship for impact!

Pilot, steady the boat!

Left full rudder! Steady course 0-1-0.

Left full rudder! Aye, Captain! Heading 0-1-0!

We got a leak!

Get on it right now!

Park, you okay? Come on, buddy, get up.

Get up. You're fine.

Belford, where the hell's that destroyer?

I can't find her, sir.

It'll be a minute for the blast circle to die down.

If we can't hear her, sir, she can't hear us.

All right, well, then let's see if we can slip out of here.

Pilot, all ahead one-third, minimum amps.

Cob, damage report.

Fire in the main switchboard.

Flooding in the torpedo room. We're taking on water.

Captain? Picking up contact.

Bearing 2-2-1. They're shallow.

All ahead flank! I want that sub on the floor!

Here they come.

Get ready to dive fast and hard.

They're firing! Torpedoes in the water!

Launch evasion devices! Dive! 60 degree down bubble!

60 degree down bubble. Aye, sir.

Bottom depth 7-9-5!

Bottom depth 7-9-5! Thank you, Captain.

Contact on destroyer!

Yevchenko bearing 0-2-1! They're closing fast.

Firing port procedures.

Prepare to fire tube 1 on bearing 0-2-1.

Prepare to fire. Aye, Captain.

Bearing 0-2-1.

Ship ready! Solution ready!

Weapon ready!

Hold your fire. Holding fire, aye.

There's still one coming, bearing 3-5-5 and closing!

We're gonna hit the bottom!

Port main engine overheating!

Sir, do we fire back? I said, hold your fire.

Depth to sea floor?

Depth 1-5-0 feet under the keel.

Pull back to zero bubble! Forward trim.

Captain? Is the bottom soft?

Yes, Captain. Mud.

Okay, bring me down to it, and do it quickly.

We're gonna lie on the bottom like a catfish.

One hundred feet!


Five-zero feet! All back emergency!

Brace for impact!

Twenty-five feet! Fifteen feet!

Five feet! Impact!

Christ. Get that up.

IUSS has detected explosions just outside Polyarny.

Is she down?

Is she sunk? Can't confirm, sir.

God damn it!

Bring the fleet to battle readiness.

We're going to DEFCON 1.

Fisk, the President's going to be calling our NATO allies, and she will have to explain how Zakarin died in our hands!

Do you understand what you did?

If Durov didn't have all of Russia behind him before, he sure as shit will now, and everybody else on Earth!

As far as they know, we kidnapped the Russian President and we killed him!

You didn't just start a war today,

you lost it, too.

Minister, our ships will have visual on the Americans momentarily.

Good. Tell them to engage.

Yes, sir.

What the hell is that?

The rest of the Russian fleet are moving into position.

They're responding to our movements.

We're leading them into the fight.

We have captured the American.

Waiting for our orders.

Execute him.

You came back. Yeah, I needed the exercise.

Hey! Hey!

You did good, kid. You did real good.

What do you say we get the hell out of here? Come on!

Destroyer's bearing off, Captain.

All right, everybody check your gear for proper function.

Aye, Captain. Sonar's still active.

XO, you have the Conn.

I have the Conn. Aye, Captain.

Mr. President.

Captain Andropov says you are a man I can trust.

I must speak with my generals.

Once they find out the truth, they'll stop Durov.

I understand, sir.

But once we rise to communication depth, you won't be alive to tell that story.

Damage report. Fires contained.

Flooding is slow, but we're still taking on water.

Weps, what's the situation in the torpedo room?

It's bad, Captain. Then get down there.

Aye, sir.

Shit! McCaw, give me a status report!

Weapons damage to tube one.

We're leaking, but we're working on it!

God damn it! All right, you go.

Cob, torpedo room.

It's two feet above the deck plates, Captain.

Damage to tube one.

Make tube two ready. Aye, sir!

Load torpedo four in tube two. Go!

All right, come on, guys. Let's get this done!

McCAW: Man under! Man under! Man under!

Come on! Move it! Come on!


The destroyer's circled back and closing, Captain.

What range?

She's closing fast. Five hundred yards out.

Kaplan! You all right?


Conn, torpedo room! Tube two damaged!

Is any tube operational? Negative, Captain!

All tubes out of commission.


They've locked on.

We're sitting ducks.

You say you trained the men on that destroyer, Captain?

Yes. Every one.

So, you know them well?

Very well.

Would they be loyal to you?

Of course.

Show me.

Fyodor Dubasov.

Mikhail Bakerin.

Ivan Dashkov.

Semyon Duchkin.

Aleksey Mostokov.

Mikhail Kazak.

Ivan Sakov.

Fyodor Tsvetkov.

Viktor Bezhegov.

Grigoriy Bakinskiy.

This is Captain Andropov.

I'm on board this American submarine, USS Arkansas, of my own free will.

Hold your fire.

The Arkansas, sir, she's alive.

They've surfaced right next to Yevchenko.

What the hell is that captain doing?

Launch missile one on the submarine.

Launch missile one on the submarine!

Fire now!

He's no longer your commander.

Now, fire.

Arkansas is broadcasting directly to the Yevchenko.

This is your president.

I am speaking to you with complete authority.

Any act of aggression against the American ship will be an act of treason.

He's alive. That's why he surfaced.

Jayne, get this to the other Russian generals.

I need an audio file on this now.

Minister Durov, my crew will not fire on the American submarine.

Very well, Captain. I will do it myself.

Prepare KH35 surface-to-sea missiles.

Yes, sir.

We have a satellite detection of KH35 launch vehicles on the move.

Are they targeting our fleet?

They're targeting Arkansas, sir.

Tell Glass the Russians drew first.

He is authorized to fire.

Sir, if he fires into Russian territory, it'll set off every sensor in Russia.

You'll be triggering a nuclear response.

If that sub goes down with the President on board, we are in exactly the same place.

Captain. Incoming message from Washington.

Patching to the Conn.

Commander Glass.

Captain, this is Admiral Fisk.

You are authorized to protect Arkansas and your crew.

Admiral, I need to know. Are we already at war?

Russian missile systems in position to launch, Captain.

Sir, if we take the first shot above water, the whole world's gonna see us.

Captain Glass, this is Charles Donnegan, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

You have a madman on your hands.

I've authorized you to fire!

We still have the Tomahawk missiles, sir.

Cob, battle stations.

Man battle stations, aye.

Launch procedures are underway, Minister.

Thirty seconds.

Spin up missiles one and two.

Transfer target package 3-Charlie-24.

Aye, Captain. Transfer 24-A...

Flood Tomahawks one and two.

Make solutions on warships now.

Captain, the American sub has opened its missile tubes.

Tomahawks one and two ready for launch.


You ever had to make a call like this before, Captain?


Captain... Durov will fire on you.

No, sir, he'll be firing on you.

Missiles are fueled and ready, sir.


Missiles being fired from Polyarny.

What the hell's he doing?

Launch detection, 30 seconds.

Launch detection.

Washington reports 15 seconds to impact, sir.

Locked on enemy missiles, sir.

Captain, we're prepared to counter-launch.

Remove safeties.

All safeties off.

Five seconds, sir. We need to fire now, sir!


Three seconds.

Intercept window closed! Impact!

What just happened?

Sir, we have a confirmed hit on Russian soil.

Who fired? Not us.

Polyarny Command Center has been destroyed.

Missiles from the Yevchenko.

Hey, good job.

Good work. Captain.


That was close. Good work.

Thank you.

How did you know?

I didn't.

I hoped.

Russian fleet is bearing off.

They're backing up. Jayne, what are you hearing?

The Russian fleet is taking orders directly from Zakarin aboard Arkansas.

He's ordered the Air Force to secure Polyarny.

Careful when you step.

Yeah, watch your feet, Mr. President.

Welcome aboard, sir.



I have to go to work.

Me, too.

I can't think of any captain that could have done what you have done, on my side or yours.

I can. I'm looking at him.

Get up.

Be careful, he's injured.

How's your man?

He'll be okay. Couple of scratches.

Joe Glass. Bill Beaman.

So, you're the lunatic saved the Russian President.

And you're the crazy son of a bitch who weaved this tin can through a mine field.

Got a long debriefing. Yeah.

One hell of a story we'll never be able to tell our grandchildren.

I would like to take one last breath before we go under.

You never know what it's gonna be like when you come up.

Could've turned ugly.

Instead, it's just a beautiful afternoon.

What do you say we get out of here.

Ever been on a Hunter-Killer, Beaman?

That's the last place I want to be. Claustrophobic.

You'll be okay, as long as you don't jump out this time.