Hyakuen no koi (2014) Script






Sorry for the wait.

It's 790 yen.


From 1000, then.

That girl just thinks of Tarou as a toy.

Seriously, what do we do with her?

You're way too soft on her, Mom.

Don't say "that girl".

How many years has she been loafing around?

I don't give a damn if she ends up like Dad.


156 straight wins.

Adults need to hold back.

Life isn't fair.

You get picked on for talking like that.

How late are you going to play games?

It's already past 10!

I told you not to give him junk food at night!

Tarou, get up.

Don't smoke around Tarou.

You do it, too!

Let's play again tomorrow.

Don't eat this late.

Since you're not helping with the store, at least watch over Tarou a bit.

I am!

That kid is always with me.

He's got a better personality than his mom.

The hell is this?

Fumiko made these, didn't she?

Did her husband run off because her cooking is so bad?

You can't even make anything!


Don't go eating whatever you buy this late!

Excuse me! Are you still open?


Take care. Okay!


Andou Sakura Arai Hirofumi Itou Youzaburou Inagawa Miyoko

Saori Okita Yuuki - Yoshimura Kaito Uno Shouhei - Sakata Tadashi Shigematsu Osamu

Negishi Toshie

Directed by: Take Masaharu

7 items with 1 discounted by 30 yen makes it 670 yen.

100 yen! 100 yen!

100 Yen Life is cheap!

"1200 yen/hr part time work"

100 yen! 100 yen!

100 Yen Life is wonderful!

Thank you as always!

Thank you very much!

Alright, let's eat something.

Ichiko, wake up!

How long are you going to sleep?


If you're dressed, eat something.

I did.

You didn't finish!

Where's your student handbook? Upstairs.

Go get it.

Wake Ichiko while you're up there.



They said you have to wake up.

You're going to be late.

Here, eat quickly.

You're seeing a dentist today, right?

Don't need to anymore.

It's gotten better in the last half year.

It's not better.

You smell like a sewer.

Gum disease doesn't get better so easily.

What if you get a boyfriend?

That will never happen.

Yeah, I don't think it will.

I threw away my womanhood.

You haven't. You can't get rid of it.

Don't say things like that this early. Tarou can hear you.

Also, whose money are you using to go to the dentist?

How old are you now?

You're too old to be told to go.

I said I'm not going!

This isn't about your going or not. It's about what's going on in your head.

You're looking to get at our parents' pensions, aren't you?

You're the type of person... who wouldn't mind hiding the bodies of your dead parents to get fat on pension checks.

Stop screwing around!



Tarou! Tarou, come here! Get a grip, you bitch!

Stop! Stop this!



Stop right now!


Are you nuts?!


One week!

Fumiko has only been here for one week, so how did it turn out like this?!


Get out...

Both of you, get out!

Before you kill each other...

I'll leave.

Are you even able to live alone?!

Are you looking for a place?

There are a lot of expenses when you live on your own.

I'll help you out as best I can.

You know that Fumiko is feeling tense, right?

She's worn out after her divorce.

And you two are fighting every day.

It's bad for Tarou, too!


I only said that because I think it'll be good for you to be on your own once...

Soft, aren't you?


Does this not bother you?

Would you eat it?


Don't you think you should do it right at least when I come by?

"Conserve water!"

Sorry for making you wait.

Someone from head office came by.

So your name is read as "Ichiko"?


Thank you for always donating.

Have you had any work?

I was helping with the family business.

What is your family business?

A bentou shop.

In Sakuradai?

Could you mean... Saitou-tei?

Really now?

I used to get food from there sometimes in high school.

The fried chicken bentou.

And the macaroni salad!

I went to Matsuda Elementary.

It's a crappy school.

It was good stuff.

Food from Saitou-tei was good.

Are you okay with graveyard shifts?

They will get you 1,200 yen per hour.

It'll be about 120,000-130,000 per month.

That will be fine.

That'll be a big help.

We're short of people for graveyard shifts.

The shift is from 10 at night until 8 in the morning.

But since you're a girl,

working until 6 will be okay.

It might be hard on your body, but the work is simple.


Thanks for your help!

Okay, Yuuji!

Now here! Here!


All out!

Now here!


Let's try it again.


One more item comes to you...

That will be 200 yen.

Yes, then you get 1000 yen.

No, that's wrong...

If you get confused, ask Noma-san.

He's been here longer than me.

I'm going to place orders, so please take over.


You're just going to be sleeping, though.

You're basically working 18 hours a day.

Nice to meet you!

I'm Noma.

Nice to meet you.

We're pretty slow until around 1.

How old are you?

You don't need to tell me if you don't want to, though.

Do you have another job during the day?


I'm 32.

Really now?

We're a full cycle apart, then.

[he's using the Chinese Zodiac as a reference point]

You're a rat, right?

I'm 44.

Do you use Mixi? [a Japanese social network]

Do you use Mixi?

I don't. Really?

I'm Mixifriends with everybody who works here.


Are you mad about something?

Oh, am I annoying?

If I am, go ahead and let me know.

I'm very talkative, you see.

A Bangladeshi we had before once said I was too annoying and tried to punch me.

But he was about 50 times louder than I was.

He didn't work hard, either.

So I took him off my friends list.

He said "racial discrimination!" and made it a big deal.

It was such a pain.

So I really hate foreigners.

They just rattle cages.

It's pretty rough.

Nights are still alright, though.

But there are a lot of customers in the mornings.

I'll start over at the miscellaneous shelves.

Call me if you need anything.


Ar... Are you new?


Since when?


You seem pretty gloomy.

Have you inhaled the poison?

A helicopter was just flying around, yeah?

Like an event.

That helicopter is spraying poison.

The poison causes infertility.

I'm taking the yakiudon, okay?

The yakiudon is so good here!

3rd place 3 years in a row at the Monde Selection awards!

But don't eat the ones for disposal!

Okay? I'll take them, you see!


That won't give you your necessary nutrition!

But the crust is so good!

That's true.

Good morning!

You're leaving? Yeah!

Bye! Bye!



They're great!

So good.

You're talking about Ikeuchi-san, yeah?

She was stealing money from the register and got fired.

I don't know what she's up to now, but I think she worked at a brothel before.

She often had sex toys with her.

She had issues in the head, though.

Didn't I ask you not to read at the register?

Did you not quit gambling?

No, I did... pretty much.

But you're still at it.

A little.

Can you ask Yamashita-san to cut the vegetables when he gets here?

Yeah. Since I'll be here around noon.

Give this to your son.

So... good work!

Good work!

Getting something like this...

Do you want it?

I'm once divorced.

I don't even see my kid.



6 of them, right?

6 comes to 600 yen.

I don't need a bag.

From 1000 yen.

You gave me 1000 yen, so...

your change is 400 yen.

Another 100 yen.


Thank you very much.

You don't need to do that sort of thing.

He comes by just for bananas.

He's the Banana Man.

Do you know him, perhaps?

You seem to be looking him over.

Banana Man even left all his bananas behind.

You forgot these.

The 100 yen.


You... pass by here often, don't you?

You work at that store?

I started recently.

Okay then.

Hold on.


Let's go somewhere sometime.

You don't want to?

Uh, no, I'm fine.


"I'm fine" doesn't mean that I don't want to...

When's your next day off?


The day after tomorrow.

I'll wait for you here after noon.

-- to steal his heart.

Or whatever.


Do you work at a gas station?

I quit.



Why did you ask me...?

Let's go see the lions.

I figured you wouldn't say no.

Are you mad?

No, not really.

So she doesn't get riled up.

My shoulder hurts...

Is it my shoulder...?

So filthy.

Since it's so dirty here, I went to the regional manager a few times.

Thinking something had to be done.

But he just kept saying "we'll deal with it later", "another time"...

He's always like that, isn't he?

If it bothers you, you can clean up.

Nobody will complain to you about it.

Being like that is why you lost your newspaper gig.

That was about getting along with people.

They don't really have hard workers.

All they really have is Yamada-san. That guy --

I get it. That's enough! Shut up!

Just clean it!



Sorry about all that.

It's just all sticky! Having to do this on my break...

It seems the manager fainted, and Sada-san will come to replace him for now.

5 items comes to 500.

From 1000 yen.

Your change is 500 yen.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much.

He's a bit hard to deal with, though.

If he says anything to you, don't let it bother you.

Go ahead and take your break.



You can't do that!

What are you doing?!

It's fine! You're just going to throw them away!

It's regulation!

Acting like you still work here... you got fired for taking from the register!

The manager replaced it!

And I'm slowly paying him back!

That's not the issue here!

Don't go in there! You're just a thief!

And stop hanging around outside the shop!

You're attracting strange people!

Get out of here!

Hey! The f...

Help me!




If that old lady comes back, send her away.

We can't give away the stuff we're tossing out.

Toss these out.

What's with that look?

I'm not being cheap. It's the rules!

I'm not the one who made them!

Also... please don't smoke right there.

I just had a child.

The smell will stay with me.

When is the manager coming back?

Oh, Okano?

He quit.

More like fired, though.

He had depression.

He was a bit strange.

He'd mentally go someplace else, suddenly.


I do it sometimes, too.

With the company making me do two jobs at once... it's seriously hard to deal with.

Bye, then. Good work.

Yakiudon. Yakiudon!

Hurry! Quickly!

I don't need the onigiri!

There's poison in it! It's bad for us humans!

Be careful.

Thank you and bye-nara! [combining bye + sayonara]

How about a date some time?

You don't have a boyfriend, right?

I'm on my own, too.

We're both alone.


I'll buy.

You're going to ignore it?

Being ignored is the worst!

There's nothing wrong with it, is there?

We can't?

If we can't...


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10...

10 items.


10 items... is 1000 yen.

I forgot my money.

I can pay with this, right?

Just what is that?

This is a problem.

Shut up.

I can just pay next time I come.

Banana Man is such a pain.

What is it?


That's nice!

Let's check it out together!

"6R Kanou Yuuji (Aoki), others"

Now the fighters for our light-weight division.

In the blue corner, we have Kanou Yuuji.

Want some beer?

Isn't that Banana Man?

Really? He's a boxer?

Moving on, we have Fujimura Kyousuke in the red corner.

Moving on, we have Fujimura Kyousuke in the red corner. - He looks weak.

Moving on, we have Fujimura Kyousuke in the red corner.


Go, Banana Man! Go go!

Go! Go! Yeah! Go! Just like that!


Why does he have such a small fighting spirit?

Can you keep going?

Okay, box.

Stop, stop! Break!


Stop stop!

Banana Man is pretty bad.

I'm stronger than him if this is all he's got.


He's finished.

He was pretty weak.

Nice fight.

Nice fight.

We don't need to wait for him! Let's go get some food.


Good fight!

You were so close!

The ref put an end to it way too early, yeah?

Let's go grab some food!

I'll buy!



I thought about boxing when I was young, too.

I look like this now, but I was a brat back then.

I was quick to anger, too.

Excuse me! A beer, please! Okay!

But something about... putting on gloves and throwing punches at each other didn't suit me or something?

But when it came down to it... it felt like I had to do it!

I'm going to the bathroom.

If we need more food, go ahead and order more.

Can we get two orders of gyoza here? Okay!

Here's the beer.

Does it hurt?


Getting punched.

It didn't in the moment but now it's killing me.

Today is the end for me, though.

Because I'm at the cut-off age. 37 years old.

Do I have kidney stones or something? My urethra is killing me.

You talking? Go ahead!

What will you do after quitting?

Quitting what?

Work, obviously.

What do you do?

None of your business.

I suppose.

Was he your friend?



Your opponent.


He was patting your shoulder.

That happens all the time in boxing fights.

Once it's over, you're not opponents anymore. There is no hatred to begin with, you see.

That sounds nice.

What does?

What's nice?

I'm going to the bathroom for a sec.

What is it?

Two orders of gyoza. Alright!

Are you two dating?

We're coworkers.

You're always checking her out, aren't you?

She says she likes me or something.

She's not really my type, but she really wanted to go on a date.

So we did this today.

And we got those tickets from you, too.

What are you up to after this?

Want to go to another place?

You can't punch someone you don't have hatred for.

He said there's something he needs to do.

We can hit up another place!

I'll pay for anything you want today!

I've got plenty of money.

Making a fool out of me!

You crazy bitch!


Hey, Saitou-san!

Hold up!

Hold on, Saitou-san!

Oh! Saitou-san!

How about here? Let's go here!

If we go here, we can rest for a bit!

Right? Let's go! Hey, h...

I don't want to! Stop, please!

No! I don't wa...

You've gotten pretty drunk.

You'll be fine in a bit.

Are you okay?

You okay?

Should I bring you water?

You alright?

You alright?

You okay?

Everything's fine.

Please stop.

There's no problem, is there?

We can do it once.


Your nipples are hard.

I taught you how to use the register, right?


I'll even pay you.

I've got lots with me today!

Stop, seriously...

I'll scream!

This place is soundproofed.

It's okay, right?

Just once.

Only once!

Maybe twice?

Or a third time?


It's my first time!

Everyone has a first time.

It's been three years for me.

Even the first couple times I did it...

What can you do if you're always worried about that?

If you don't pop the cherry, it'll just bother you more!

You can't carry it around your entire life!

I'm going to do it.



You can just think of me as practice!

That's about all I'm worth anyway.

See, you should have just kept quiet from the start.

You okay?

Everything will be fine.

You okay?

You'll be fine.

You okay?

It's alright.

That hurts!


I've been raped.

The man is asleep.

I'm at New York...

Hotel New York's...

Good morning.

Good morning.

Saitou-san... Yes?

Do you know where Noma went?


He came by and emptied out the register a couple nights ago.

Then ran off somewhere.

I'm having the police look for him.

But he's left his place, too.

Dumbass! Sada, you're a dumbass! Go die! Dumbass!

There's just no good help these days.

You really don't know?

I really don't.

Today it'll just be us two.

Counting on you.

I'm pretty worn out.

What's up? Interested?

Hold on.

It keeps you in shape.

Excuse me.

Is Kanou-senshi here?


Oh, Yuuji.

He quit.

Do you know him?

How about coming in?

It can get a bit smelly in here, but you get used to it.

Here's your tea.

Hello, everybody!


If you come by 3 times a week, you'll be in shape in no time.

Will I be able to compete?

How old are you?


That's pretty tight...

You're right on the cut off for the women's bracket.

Hey, Kobayashi!


Take care of her for a bit.

Put your left hand in front of your face.

Then... No, look at the mirror.

Put your hand in front of your own face in the mirror.

There, there.

Bring your right hand down to your chin.

And bring your elbows together.

Now relax your shoulders.

Now plant your feet.

Work on the knees.

Just a second.

Put some strength into it. A little more.

Jab straight ahead.

And guard with your right hand. At the chin.

Good. Jab. Good!

There's just no good help these days.

If that old lady comes by, tell her we threw it all out.

I'm going to hide them here.


Don't give them to her.

Don't. Just don't.

It started raining!


You don't have any today?

That guy is such a prick!

This is a store for poor people to begin with!

I'm going to take it all.


Mop! Bring the mop!

Mop... Mop...

What's with you, Banana Man...



Hey, hey, hey!

What are you doing, Banana Man?


This guy...

Is he for real?

New guy.


Grab his feet.

For real?

All you have to do is hold!

For real?

His feet! Okay.

And... up!

He's seriously heavy!

To the left!

Leave him with the garbage.

For real?




You'll catch a cold.

This is good for colds.

So... I have work...

If you get hungry... I have this curry.

It's really good.

Why did you bring me here?

You seemed like you needed help.

Aren't you his woman?

Don't try to play me.


The guy you came to the match with.

No, he's not what you think.


If you'd like, you can stay here.

If you don't want to... leave the key in the mailbox.

And... that guy is seriously not what you think.

You okay?

Takahashi-san, I'll give you a look over.

Ichiko-san, Ichiko-san. Guard with your right.

Don't drop it.

Like that.

Alright, let's give it a go.

Okay, go for this.

Not from above.

Punch straight.

Good. Now with some muscle.

Now more precisely. A clear hit.


Good. Don't lower your right hand.

Make sure to keep your guard up. Right hand.

Keep it here. Good. Don't lower it.

Straight ahead. Aim for this mark.

Good! But your right hand again!

Put some muscle into it.

You don't have to match it.

Keep it clean. Stick with the flow.

It's just practice. Focus on it.

You're up?

Eat it.

Did you... catch a cold from me?

I borrowed some money to get meat.


I won't be able to eat if you're staring at me.

So hard...

Why are you crying?

What's with this?

Why are you laughing?

It's stupidly huge.

It's better big.

The cold might just come back.

Then I'll take it from you again.

You're coming on pretty strong.

Are you boxing?

I started recently.


I dunno.


I can drive, though.


-- then have some tofu! If you're a girl, you can still have tofu!

If you're a guy, then have some tofu! If you're a girl, you can still have tofu!

Nice, you're putting real work into it.

You've got a good left hook. Good, good.

Put your hips into it.

Turn your hips with it like this.

Yes, yes. Don't forget the hips.

Very nice! Good, good!

Yes. Great.

There you go.

Good. Keep it up.

I'm home.

I found some work.

It's only training for now, though.

Are you going to leave?

Aren't I a nuisance?

Why are you acting cutesy?

I'll kill you.

It's delicious.

What will your work be?

Tofu shop.

Old-fashioned stuff is popular these days.

Is it?

Anything is good, though.

I didn't really want this.

Pinch my nipples.

My nipples.

Both of them.



That hurt.

I'm sorry.

I'll make something for dinner tonight.

I'm off work, anyway.

What's with you?

Do you plan to be my wife?

Thank you very much!

If you're a guy, then have some tofu! If you're a girl, you can still have tofu!

How about it?

You're... pretty cool.

Where are you going?

To read some magazines.

If you're a guy, then have some tofu! If you're a girl, you can still have tofu!

Stop, please.

Why aren't you coming home?

Who is this?


You look nothing alike.

Yeah. We have different moms.

If you're a guy, then have some tofu! If you're a girl, you can still have tofu!

How about it?

I want to take try-outs.


I told you, lady, it cuts off at 32.

I'm still 32.

It's not that simple.

I know you're trying your best.

Getting punched hurts, you know.

What are you up to?

I heard something about a country nearby.

All the people there are going to jump off desks at the same time.

How many people are in that country?

If they did that they could totally cause a huge earthquake here in Japan.

There's no good help these days...


Hey, wha... you're doing this again!

Hey! Hold it!

Saitou-san... are you playing with me?

I told you not to give them to her.



I told you, right? Yeah?

What's with that look?

People have been complaining about the looks you give.

They're not looks fit for customer service.


Aoki Gym. Saitou Ichiko.

54.5 Right handed. Inexperienced.

Okay. Saitou-san. 54.5kg.

Okay. Okay.

We'll be starting the first round.

Ichiko-chan. Keep it together.

Okay, we're starting the try-outs.

Keep it together. Stay cool.

Alright, let's get going.


Here is everybody who passed.

Please have a look.

I never thought she'd pass on her first shot.


She got lucky with a left hook.

It was a good one, wasn't it?


Will I be able to compete?

Okay, lady...

You've done enough, haven't you?

You managed to get through.

Don't look at me like that.

Competing isn't free, you know.

We have to find you an opponent, too.

It's quite problematic.

People like you... sometimes even men, they come here near the cut-off age.

They realize they haven't got a lot going for themselves and think competitions will help.

Boxing isn't something you do to fulfill yourself.

Good morning.

I don't care if we give her food anymore.

But we'll do it this way from now on.

This is good enough for someone like her.

Take it outside.

Tell her she can take it all.

Hey, what's wrong?

Do you want some, too?

The hell is with you?

Is this payback for before?

You're fired! You're fired!

Get out of here, wench!

G-get out!

Get out, wench!


Hey! How are you?

Sorry, I got fired.

I can't give you bentou anymore.

I don't need them anymore.






For real?

For real?!

For real?!





Alright, Ichiko.

3, 2, 1!

Go go go go go!


Alright, alright! Deep breaths.

Okay, take a breather.

Goya Chanpuru ready to go.

Thanks for waiting. Here is your Goya Chanpuru. I hope you enjoy it.

Well... I did say it's her pelvis, but she's developing cracks in her bones.

She slipped in oil on the floor.

And she's getting pretty old.

I'm... helping out as best I can.

But I'm kind of just... getting in the way.

And Fumiko has a short fuse.

Wouldn't she just get crazy grumpy if you said I would be helping?


You two have your circumstances.

Anyway, it's still a fact that we need extra help.

I see...

You're boxing.

Well, it's good to try a lot of things while you're young.

I'm not all that young, though.

You've... changed some.


No, no...

Not that. What I mean is...

You know.

Getting to my age and not having any sense of self-worth... is pretty miserable.

I'm glad you won't end up that way.

What are you on about?

No, karaage doesn't go there. Here.

I'll teach you properly another time.

Yes! Yes!

Fried chicken and shrimp.

4 karaage bentous.

Thank you very much! Thank you!

She says that she's boxing.

You're as bad as ever.

People still picking on you?

Stand up for a sec.

Try punching right here.

Like that.


Good. Now faster.

Faster, faster!

Even faster!

1, 2, 3, 4!

1, 2, 3, 4!

Get it? 1, 2, 3, 4.

Do this 500 times every day.

After you've done it for 10 days, you'll be ready.

1, 2, 3, 4!

You'll get hit, yeah?

You'll get hit, so duck to dodge it.

Okay, again. 1, 2, 3, 4!

1, 2, 3, 4!

1, 2, 3, 4!

Hit me with both.

Now twice on one.

Good. Now combine the steps.

Nice, nice. Good.

Double punch.

Her opponent suffered an injury.

You're a lucky one.

Thank you very much!

For real... have you found the will to work really hard on something just once in your life?

You've got to take boxing seriously.

I'll just say it.

You won't win in one shot with a punch like yours.

She's got a pretty good left swing, though.

She's ten years too late.

Let's go grab a bite.


No, it's fine like that.

I'm not going far. Thanks. Thank you very much.

Thank you very much!

Noriben. Noriben.

One nori, please.

It'll be 400 yen.

Hey, where are you going?!

Excuse me!

Ah, welcome!

Why are you running away?

Why are you running away?!

Why are you running away?!

You changed work?

What about that woman?

Got rid of her.

You mean she got rid of you.

I have a fight on Sunday.

Come watch.


Because I want you to come.

I don't really like watching people put their all into something.

That's why you left?

Why did you... start boxing in the first place?

Punching someone...

then patting each other's shoulders...

Somehow, things like that...

Somehow, things like that... Hey!

Things like that...

What is it...


How long are you going to ditch work?

Flip it over.

Do it the same as always. The same.

Your turn is finally here.

Don't get your face punched in.

Okay, guard.



Good! You're on point.

Stay focused as usual!

You'll do fine.

Okay, deep breath.

Alright, let's do it!

Off we go!

Next, we have Saitou Ichiko in the red corner.

Why did you choose this song?

Because I'm a 100-yen kind of woman.

Get some of that powder on your shoes. Yeah.

Open your mouth. Rinse it out.

Stay focused like always. Like always, okay?

Good to go.

Through here.

For our next match, we have a lightweight women's competition.

In the red corner we have a 107-pound, fresh-faced fighter.

From Aoki Gym...

Saitou Ichiko!

Opposing her, in the blue corner, we have a 108-pound, 4-time champion, an established professional:

Sakota Ayami!

Okay. Four rounds. Follow the rules. Keep it clean.

That's all!

The same as always! You'll be fine!

Your opponent has won 4 times.

Try not to get your face ruined.


Good! Nice dodge!

Good dodge!

Get her! Get her!

Advance on her!

She's down!

Stand up! You're good!

You're fine! You're okay!

Stand up! Stand up! Stand!

There you go!

Can you continue?

Okay, box!

Move your feet! Your feet!

Guard, guard, guard!

Stop! Stop! Break, break!

Ichiko, keep cool!

Guard, guard!

Stop, stop! Break!

Let's go. Separate.


Use your feet! Your feet!



You good?

Idiot, this way!

Sorry! Are you alright? You good?

Ichiko, let's go to our side. Deep breaths.

You're okay. You're fine.

You're good. Have a seat for now.

You're okay. Don't worry.

We'll rinse your mouth.

Whoa, whoa!

She already spat it out. Get the water again.

Open up.

Do you get it now? Boxing isn't so easy.

You're not helping her at all.

Breathe! Take some deep breaths.

How about quitting?

I'm okay.

I can do it.

I can d...

I'm oka...

Don't look down. Look at your opponent. Okay?

Good. We'll go like this.

Get the mouthpiece!

Deep breath!

Look at your opponent.

Put in her mouthpiece.

Open your mouth.

Here comes round 2!

Here comes round 2! Look at your opponent!


Watch out! Guard, guard!

Stop, stop! Break!

Okay, split up!

Deep breaths!

Keep calm! You're doing fine!

Break! Break!

Look at your opponent!

Use your feet! Your feet! Use your feet!

She's down!

You okay? Can you continue?

If you go down again, the round is over!

I'll keep going.


Stop, stop, stop!


Stop, stop, stop!

You alright?

You okay? Good fight. Good fight, Ichiko.

Good fight. Let's get you up.

Let's get up. Up we go!

Back to our corner. Sit down right there!


Okay, okay, stretch your legs.

You did well!

You're stumbling around out there. She sees openings.


Rinse her out.

Round 3 is coming. Can you do it?

Yea. I will! I'll...

She's good! She'll keep going!

If you don't want to get crushed, knock her out with your left!

Got it? Can you hear me?

Like we practiced! Do it as practiced! Yeah!

You lost the first two, so if you lose this you're done! Get it?

Okay! Take this round!

You got this! Spirits up! What else are you here for?

Show us what you practiced! Throw those fists! You're just fine!

Good. Okay! You can do this!

Deep breaths!

Deep breaths! Yeah!

If you lose this round, you're out! Get it?

Round 3!

Your left! Show her that left!

Okay, Ichiko, if you're going to go down, make a splash!

If you can't take this, you've lost, got it?

At least get one punch in there...

You can do it! You're doing fine!

There you go!

Guard, guard!

Bring it on.

Come on, come on, come on!

Get up!

Yeah, get the hell up!

Get on your feet!

Don't go taking boxing lightly!

Get up onto your feet!

Get up, you retarded dog!


It's already over!

This isn't over yet! I'm not finished!

No more, you've done enough!

Our victor is: Sakota Ayami of the blue corner!

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

And now your face looks like this.

Don't be letting your emotions take over when you should have a level head.


You didn't hate it, did you?

You're fine.

That's a hell of a face.

Tomorrow is the end.

I couldn't win...

I wanted to win...

I wanted to win...

Even if it was just once...

I hate this...

Even just once...

At least one fight...


The taste of victory really is the best.


Let's go grab a bite.