I Am Curious (Blue) (1968) Script

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I don't feel very good Nothing's looking as it should Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa don't know who they brought into the world I want to be someone Do what no one else has done So our sweet name will be remembered by posterity I like my own sweet name I like the touch of fame Sweden can be really good Fix things up as they all should Germans, Russians, Americans We'll set them a good example Of social democracy Of a mixed economy So Sweden's sweet name will be remembered by posterity Reform the world Just from little Sweden So we get well-known, you see For our fine democracy We'll have the touch of fame

Buy our film! Buy it!

The only film in two versions. One yellow, one blue.

Buy the yellow, buy the blue. Buy our film, 'cause there are two.

The same picture, yet different.

Nice and ugly! The yellow film.

Big and small! The blue film.

This is the blue version. The blue version...

Madeleine, four, take three.

What school did you graduate from? The Sigtuna private school In the crown prince's class? No.

You seem big-headed. Are you? No.

The French Lyceum. For how long?

All my life, since I was seven.

The French Lyceum. And after that?

Language studies in Switzerland.

I often go abroad, to France.

You like France, do you? I love France.

What do you do? I study French at the university here.

Look at me.

Now look into the camera.

BEWARE OF MERITOCRACY Do you happen to know who the crown prince's girlfriend is?

"Maj Hultén, Teacher, Age 34"

Many women find it difficult to reach a climax in ordinary coitus.

The position doesn't matter.

On top, on the side, sitting or whatever.

Just about any position is possible - well, perhaps not while running.

But there are many ways, just like for any other physical activity.

Many people think it's due to psychological reasons that younger women don't reach a climax.

Subconscious or even somewhat conscious conflicts cause them to forbid themselves to reach a climax.

That it's not "nice." Exactly.

That it's not "nice." That's what I think.

Most girls think like that.

Oh, please...

You know how you'll look naked if you just eat and eat.

"Vilgot Sjöman, young director, age 42"

"Lena Nyman, drama student, age 22"

Sex lesson two, camera two.

I AM CURIOUS A BLUE FI LM Marie, you had a question?

If homosexual women have sex, is that also mutual onanism?

Yes, the word onanism, masturbation, means self -satisfaction.

It's a bit difficult to call something "mutual self -satisfaction."

But it does describe what it is.

They caress each other's sex organs so they both reach a climax.

Before, I hardly dared touch a girl in case she'd think I was a lesbian.

The word lesbian is clear, then?

It means homosexual woman.

I've never felt that, but- Never?

Do you touch people a lot?

Have you been to a girls'boarding school where it's even more sensitive about homosexuality?

It's not the same at this school. We go out, we meet boys.

It's not the same.

But take girls at boarding schools in Switzerland, with nuns chaperoning them.

How much, then? Five thousand crowns.

Damn good it isn't ten!

We'll have to write an IOU. Cheapskate.

And you'll have to pay it off. Cheapskate.

Hey, can we get going? Damn, he can't hear.

We can't wait for Ahlstedt.

Where the hell is he?

At Sandrew they make films At Sandrew they make good films I AM CURIOUS BLUE

Hell 's bells!

It's embarrassing! You're making a film on the Swedish class-system, but you buy a black-market apartment! Look who's talking!

You just want it good for yourself! Honey.

Isn't my place okay, then? Yes, but I want my own place.


Hi. Am I late? Yes, we said ten to.

Isn't it that now? It's a bit later.

Sit down, for Christ's sake.

Screen test: Börje Ahlstedt. Director: Hortlund.


You're the sales director Yes, I'm head of the company's sales and servicing in Stockholm.

And head of Bergengren Ltd.


You have a driver's license? Oh, yes!

It's a basic requirement. Of course. I'm a good driver.

Are you interested in cars?

I like sports cars. All kinds of cars.

How old are you?

How old are you? I'm 28.

You get a love scene with Lena.

A love scene with consequences.

What kind of consequences?

I don't know. I'll think of something.

This Madeleine... An upper-class chick.

You're really hot for her. Then you have something with Lena.

You think you'll be a successful salesman?

Yes, I believe in my personality.

Yes. 1200. Then I'll make 350 crowns for every car.

Can I get paid tax-free? No, that's not possible.

The term tax-free doesn't exist these days, sorry to say.

The film company's fan-mail staff sorts letters to stars and directors.

"From Lena Nyman's Fan Mail' '


"Skunk pussy is your name. Worse than a whore!

You and Vilgot should be tortured in some sadistic way!

I hope you and your likes meet a painful death!

If I were alone, I'd sign this, but we all hope you go to hell!"

"Director Vilgot Sjöman c/o Sandrew Films"

"Congrats on finding such a young yet full-blown whore as Lena Nyman.

You must get good use out ofher, both privately and for renting out.

We're a bunch of fun-loving guys who want to hire the whore for some group therapy.

She's well trained for that. Reply in the Nov. 24 of 'Expressen,' stating the price and where we can pick up the whore. "

Good morning, Peter Wester.

Has Lena Nyman arrived?


Hey, Lena?

Do you want Freud or Marx?

I want Franco.


Take a look.

Imagine that's your mom and dad and you're very young.

A tiny kid, lying there listening to them talking about you.

You can't hear what they're saying, but it's obviously about you.

The radio is on, too. A popular song.

One your mom liked a lot and went around humming before she disappeared.

But why did she run off? I don't know.

She couldn't take it any longer. But to leave me like that!

It had to do with her nerves. Maybe she had a nervous breakdown.

I think she was in a mental hospital for a while when you were little.

You know, she came from the country, from Västergötland.

From a little place called Lundsbrunn.

Her mother was religious, a nonconformist.

The Pentecostal Revival Church or something like that.

Oh, I must have hated her!

And longed for her.

May I ask you a few questions for a survey for the Nyman Institute?

You have to branch out on your own.

Newspapers work too fast and can't be trusted.

Science works far too slowly and gets no results.

So you have to branch out on your own.

Has the leveling of income gone as far as it can in Sweden?

As far as it can?

No, but I don't think it'll go much further in the near future.

Did you know that income leveling here has stood still for 20 years?

No? It's true nevertheless.

Guess how it'll be in 20 years. The income gap will be even bigger.

But not many believed me.

Especially not among the students.

They thought it was natural as hell that those with a head for studies should earn a lot more than others.

No storms yet in our minds do dwell BEWARE OF

They didn't fear MERITOCRACY an educational welfare state that rewards the bookworms and forgets everyone else.

I warn you:

Emphasizing education will sharpen class boundaries!

Some people were born with limited prospects.

They're lost and awkward.

They lack the brains to study.

Others have a very different start. They have the chance to study.

They have parents who encourage and push them on.

Should they be rewarded for that? Should they get better jobs?

Better wages? A better position in society?

Is that right and fair?

Yes, I suppose so. It's a question of performance.

Yeah, but you can't help being born with a less-than-brilliant mind.

He shouldn't have to suffer for it. But the thing is, does he?

Either I hadn't made myself clear, or he didn't make any major demands on justice and equality.

He shouldn't have to suffer for it. But the thing is, does he?

I got the strangest results from the workers.

They seemed brainwashed, like they'd not heard the term "class society."

Class society?

Class society?

How do you answer that?

No, I don't think so. I think everything's okay.

You can't ask for more.

UNAWARE No, I don't think so.

I don't think so. You don't?

A guy from the Swedish Labor Federation said it was due to Per Albin, a prime minister during my childhood.

He duped the workers with dreams.

They're in a coma and won't wake up even if the right wing takes power.

THE SWEDISH CLASS SOCI ETY What gives a really low wage in Sweden?

Being over 50, with only elementary school, and doing manual labor.

Preferably a woman, in a rural area. Then it's tough.

14,000 is enough for a woman, at least in rural areas.

Women should earn less than men? Absolutely.


Where in Northern Sweden? Hammerdal, in Jämtland.

And what's your occupation? Short-order cook.

What education do you have? Elementary school

Let me try and guess your income.

It must be around 11, 000.

That's right.

I'm from Blekinge. Another short-order cook?

No, I'm a teacher.

What level? Elementary.

I earn 25,000.

Textile worker. Let me guess.

Say 16, 17, 18,000? Yes, 16-17,000.

High school teacher. A fine profession, isn't it?

Well, yes, I enjoy it. And you make good money too?

Fifty thousand? About that, yes.

An architect. From Stockholm?

You make a very good income. A gross income of about -

About 100,000.

You look energetic. Perhaps you do a little extra work on the side?

I do. That's another 50,000.

Fifty thousand? So you're up around 150,000?


Would you please stand over there by yourself.

I think we really must do something here.

Don't the five of you and the whole public think we should give a great big cheer for that good old Swedish class society.

Swedes are moving away from the church, thank God.

So why get married and buried in church and have their kids confirmed?

I did a survey.

42%: Need for something solemn.

21%: Keeping up with theJoneses.

17%: Spellbound. 8%: Fear of God.

For Swedes, sufficient reason to take part in religious ceremonies!

Goddamn it!



Should we separate church and state? Yes, that's a good idea.

What political party are you? I'm a Social Democrat.

And yet you don't think so? No, it's too risky.

The church might really wake up! Let them stay asleep.

PARISH REGISTRAR'S OFFICE Should we separate church and state? Yes.


The state doesn't want to appear Christian, so church and state don't belong together.

For example, this office has nothing to do with the church.

What's the point in my sitting here copying birth certificates?

All this talk about reaching people - it's just nonsense.

A few years ago there was a big fuss about having female priests.

There still is. But not among ordinary people.

It's among highly educated theologians.

This movement within the state church called "Rally The Church":

Have you noticed what they're yakking about?

Female priests. Abortion. Sex education.

Aren't they fuck-fixated?

Is it good or bad that the church is losing its power in Sweden?


Don't you believe in God? No.

Have you left the state church? No.

Why not? Plain laziness.

Are you confirmed? Baptized? Both.

When I was confirmed, I was religious.

How did it go? Hi, Lena.

I only got to borrow fifty. That's nothing! So what's next?

We'll talk about that later.

Lena, I've got myself a new home.

It's fantastic. Come over and take a look.

I was embarrassed that I hadn't recognized Bim.

God, I mean... Bim!

I often slept in his chair up at 'Stockholms Tidningen'while he wrote.

Sometimes we'd both sleep there before he went home to Bim.

He'd toiled for the socialist press all his life, after political training.

For every paper that the Labor Federation had bought up and closed down.

Finally the bastards put 'Stockholms Tidningen'to death. Hell!

How much did you pay? Ten thousand.

For all of this? It was all of my Labor Federation grant.

When I first met Hans, he was working on a future project.

He wanted to shake the movement up and make the May Day demonstration of 1974 something wholly new.


The May Day demonstration was a manifestation for nonviolence.

An unusually large crowd took part or watched.

A sign of renewal within the labor movement, said the organizers.

Nonviolence! Nonviolence!

Foreign Minister Torsten Nilsson addressed a crowded stadium:

"We need thorough knowledge of the techniques of nonviolence, indoctrination of its 'catechism, ' and transformed military training.

We must not underestimate the problems, or make little of the risk of reprisals by an occupying force.

The fact that loss oflife for us and the enemy would be much greater in conventional warfare motivates our wish to introduce new defense methods in an era when society's development makes military weapons seem antiquated. "

The earth is a pillow

Nice and soft and warm

There will Lena safely sleep

Animals and mankind dream Silent in the arms of the night

It's the altitude.

I just can't.

Hans, what's the matter?

Why can't you?

Too much going on in my head. I can't relax.

What are you thinking about then?

Is it Bim?


How strange you've become. You think so?

Why did you move out to the boat?

You talk so much about the group, and about group feelings.

How the hell can you isolate yourself out there with Bim?

Does it work out? Yes, it's so damned good with her.

But are you happy with Bim? Sure. We yell and fight.

Then we make love. You yell and fight?

After that, it works fine.

But I'm no sadist.

Hell, that's not it! Give me a break!

Yeah, but he's been impotent.

You can't play him as a wimp.

He'll end up a whining brat. There has to be some power in the guy.

There can't be any power in this scene. He's a total failure.

He's worked on the girl all night! All night?

A whole bloody night and he fails.

There's no power there!

He had that power years ago, like we said!

Hey, he's Lena's intellectual father!

He's given her all the ideas on nonviolence and the class society.

He's the one who educated her and got her turned on about this stuff.

You screw up the whole situation!

Why ask me to make him impotent?

That wasn't my idea. It was your idea.

I didn't go home with Vilgot.

I wandered around, not knowing where to go.

All of a sudden I started thinking about Börje, and all the fun we'd had in drama school before Marie got pregnant and they got married.

Then I just hoped time would fly so I could phone him.

I was terrified Marie would answer the phone.


Do you come here often? No!

First time? Yes.

I go to Cecil' s. No, not just go.

I have fun at Cecil' s.

Are you here often? I'm a regular.

Ever been to Lorry? No.

Jambalaya? No.

Is Sweden a class society? I suppose so, to some extent.

Some people, like here, see this place as something special, when perhaps it isn't.

The name scares some off. Just as well.

I'm in advertising. Is Sweden a class society?

A class society? No, I don't think so.

Definitely not. So we have total equality?

Yes, quite shocking. A shocking equality?

So we shouldn't change anything? Definitely not.

Do you know who the crown prince's current girlfriend is?

I'm not the least interested. No?

Is sex the greatest joy in life? No, that's very-

What's the word?

Do you have problems with Swedish? Yes, I just arrived yesterday. Sorry.

Were you abroad? I live abroad.

Where? In Switzerland.

Those who don't work shouldn't live off those who do.

So that's a class society, then?

There's too much welfare support.

People laze around and get lots of benefits. Those who work pay for it!

Damn it, it's all happening! They want me and Marie to play the leads!

What kind of play?

An American hit. Success, money, laughter.

A chance like that, of course -

Exactly. But your film...

You mentioned a love scene with Lena. With consequences.

Yes, a love scene with consequences.

Of course, a love scene without consequences would be pointless.

What is a lawyer's annual income?

From almost nothing to a couple of hundred thousand.

Then he pays 80% in taxes.

It's pretty fair that taxes are as high as they are.

But a restaurant worker, for instance, earns so many times less, though the work is hard. Is that fair?

No, it's not fair.

When I worked in a mine or on a farm, I paid lower income tax.

I worked more then but had less left, even after lower taxes, than now, when I work less.

Though people say I work hard.

I have more left over now, and much more satisfying work.

Can't we do something about it? You can do a lot about things.

It's all dynamics. We always revert to differences and distinctions.

Madeleine! Hurry up.

We're leaving, Madeleine!

He's changed his mind again! We're leaving town for two months.

Hell, no. You and I have to get together. I know. But how?

How can I get away? Say you're staying with your mom.

I've used that excuse too often.

What the hell will you say, then?

I have to go in now. But two months!

What do I ask them now? Same thing.

The IOU's fixed. I withdrew 5,000. Great.

But your mom will have to co-sign.

Then I have to go and see her.

I'll do it before we leave town. I haven't seen her for a while.

Happy now you'll be getting your own place?


Go back to sleep now.

Be good for daddy.

I really messed up on that screen test.

If he says he wants me in the film, I'll say, "No, thanks. Not interested."

He can be sure of that! But he's counting on you.

He is?

We talked about our scenes last night.

Last night? In his bed? Yeah, I'm living there.

You can move. If I can borrow the money.

Money, money, money! An apartment costs money.

Damned prostitution everywhere!

Nice if we had a place we could go. Everywhere! We can come here.

I don't like being here.

When will Marie be back? Not before 12:00.

Sure? I promise.

I'm hungry.

Where are you all going? Lundsbrunn.

Where's that? In Västergötland, I think.

What are you going to do there? Search for Mom, he said.

Who? Mom.

Suppose I'd got on Mom's trail that afternoon.

If someone had said, "She's up there at the new school. She's a cook.

But the school's closed for the summer. "

Wrong trail, of course.

No, she's not working there at all.

She moved to Borås a year ago.

Now we'll go up, up, up Up on our dawning love's top, top, top Come, come, come with me She lives in Borås, is remarried, and has a son of eight or nine that I've never seen.

My halfbrother.

Grandma was a Revivalist, and Mom tried to leave the church as a girl.

Difficult to understand that she had a hard time leaving the church.

Through lies and deception, they take Him and crucify Him, thus proving the inherent evil of mankind.

But instead of letting mankind suffer its just punishment, Jesus went in His love and said to his Father, "Father in Heaven, you know me and you see the evil of mankind.

Let me go down to earth.

Let me speak to the people, and let me give my life for theirs, Father, God in Heaven."

And this was God's plan. He told His Son to go.

Thus it happened that Jesus came unto us bringing His gift of love.

We cannot understand this, but such is the love of God.

Even if we cannot understand, through faith we can experience it and perceive that Jesus purifies and sanctifies our hearts.


We shall close by standing up and praising the Lord.

Hallelujah... hallelujah...

Praise be to Jesus!

God's blessing on you all. I hope to see you here again soon.

Many other prophecies also speak of the Day of Judgment.

How people are busy with worldly things and have turned away from God.

And, well...

how depravity prevails.

Like in the days of Noah and Lot.

And depravity prevails now, then? Oh, yes. Very much so.

Especially in Sweden. In what way?

You only have to listen to what they say in the news and so on.

What do you mean by depravity?

Immorality, thievishness.


The Bible says that all intercourse outside marriage is immoral So you and your fiancée have never had sex?


You're not going to do it until you're married?

No, we won't.

Have you ever? No.

Has your fiancée? I hardly think so.

Do you desire her in that way?

Of course. That's normal But since the word of God says that it belongs solely in wedlock, you comply.

You get the strength to do it.

The two of you don't indulge in petting?

No. But you kiss and cuddle?

Yes, we do. But that's all?

Will you have children straightaway?

It depends if we can. Not everyone can.

If you're not going to have children, how are you going to prevent it?

I don't think we'll try to prevent it. But if you did want to?

You just have to go without.

Complete abstinence, then? Yes, exactly.

No contraceptives? No.

No rhythm? No coitus interruptus? Abstinence.

Take the population explosion, for example.

The world 's getting overpopulated. How can we stop that?

Stop it...

I don't think it's a question of stopping it.

As I said before, I don't think we have a long time left.

The Bible says that the whole world -

But shouldn't we do something about starvation due to overpopulation?

Of course. We'll do what we can. Like what?

We can send them contraceptives, teach them birth control What the world needs most is the gospel The gospels don't feed starving people who have a baby every year.

Think about this:

A man who is saved goes to heaven when he dies.

One who is not saved goes to hell.

But all those millions in India and China aren't saved.

Are they going to hell?

The Bible speaks of heaven and hell and those with no faith in Jesus.

So first they starve to death on earth, and then they burn in hell!

They're children! " Suffer the children, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Jesus said so.

First torment on earth - "Suffer the children", it says.


Yes, that's a difficult question.

I was damned upset afterwards and thought of all kinds of things.

Like the Catholics, they don't give a damn about social change.

And the religions in India, the caste system!

Our own state church, that never made a move for anything important.



I never went to Borås, though I was sure I'd find Mom there.

Mom, my halfbrother, and her new man.

I just couldn't do it.

I had some very strange days, floating around in thin air.

Anything could have happened.

It was frightening.

But nice, too.

They dropped me off five hours later... near Örebro.

Welcome to our maximum-security prison, built by order of the Swedish people.

"There is a refuge for all eternity in His arms. Amen."

I'll have to talk with the social workers in Strömsund.

And in Gäddede, to find out if there's any room.

Yes, do they have room?

What will your friends here at the home say if you move?

They never talk. Don't they?

It's as if they're deaf and dumb.

They're not exactly lively.

I'll have a look at that leg again.

That's the one that hurts, eh?

Like the joints are coming apart.

"Bertil Wikström, General Practitioner, Age 45"

The doctor's here. Oh, good.

Sleep well last night? Better than in twenty million years!

You're interested in prison welfare? Quite right.

Do you know Torsten? Torsten who?

Torsten Eriksson, prison director.

The one who built Kumla, "The Desert Fortress"?

May I come with you to Strömsund?

But you've got so much to load.

Torsten was a prison chief for whom we're very thankful He built Kumla Desert Fort upon the plains of Närke Strong he built the citadel Everybody thinks he's swell That's Torsten Running, running away Torsten was a radical even in the '30s Hens are clucking, roosters crow "Radicals are ninnies"

Wall was built 'bout seven miles high Faggots seen by TV-eye And Torsten Running, running away Very gentle are the screws never using axes Out of work, they got the news Now they're paying taxes Radicals becoming men Old gods can be used again By Torsten Running, running away

This institution here - we ought to blow the damn thing to pieces.

Why? I don't believe in prisons.

Not huge ones like this. What sort of transport is that?

Prisoner transport on their way to me. My patients.

What do you think will happen with prison welfare, then?

In the Medical Journal recently a colleague of mine, Karl Grünewald, peeked at the Prison Board's building plans.

They were scary.

Evidently, from a therapy aspect, the institute that's to take over from Långholmen is worse than Kumla.

And the next prison up in Härnösand is worse still.

The planners apparently have no knowledge of behavioral science.

It's only financial considerations behind the whole system.

They build a factory around it and think it's the perfect solution.

Who's that?

A newcomer. She rents Svartön.

What a smashing hat.

She reminds me of the actress Gunnel Broström.

Wait here a minute, please.

Peter, dinner's ready. Bring Johan up with you.

Tell Daddy dinner's ready.

Okay, Lena, you can come in now.

Women, you know. Why aren't you allowed women when you're in jail?

Does that seem a crucial problem?

Well, it is in the beginning.

But it dulls off after a while.

How's your leg, by the way? No trouble, really.

Except if I've been carrying heavy stuff. Then it aches.

Why are you here today, then? I'm being released soon.

You get problems with your sleep and nerves.

"Release fever" you call it, eh? Right.

You brood over such a lot of things.

I asked to stay a while, and I stayed with Bertil and Anna for two days.

I asked around about prison welfare.

Nice people. Or stupid, or smart.

I got the feeling that no one thought about what kind of justice we have here.

They're pampered too much.

So it's just getting worse.

They commit crimes just to get in here!

What was Ulriksfors in pre-prison days?

Originally, a wood pulp factory. Then it became a textile factory.

Does the municipality benefit from the prison being here?

I think it does.

They employ a lot of people from this area.

It's unlikely any company would move here into those huge premises.

What's a lawyer's annual income? I wouldn't know.

Can you guess? No.

What do you think? They must make quite a bit.

And a textile worker? They don't make much.

A waitress, then? Annually. I don't know.

It depends on what town she works in,

the type of restaurant, and her age.

But it's a lousy job with lousy pay.

Do you have lousy pay? Not anymore.

Why not anymore?

Did you go to university? Did you?

No, the university's in my pocket.

You earn a lot with that education? Yes. Didn't you know that?

Can you sleep when it never gets dark at night up here?

Yes. I sleep very well.

If you need anything, like drinking water, just come up.

Do you know what a prisoner costs? 30,000 a year, on average.

Do you keep figures in your head? Not at the moment.

I've locked them up for vacation.

Do you have a guilty conscience? No, but Swedish society does.

Really? Ask yourself!

If I had a gun, I'd knock that chimney down.

And the tower.

The whole bloody system.

Thanks. You forgot noncustodial Concentrate!

I am! You're not!

It's pointless just saying a prisoner costs 30,000 a year.

Compare with noncustodial care, 20,000 people costing 60 a year.

A retake? Yes!

He's crazy.

He demands total concentration on the picture.

Nothing else is allowed to exist!

I know he's a bastard. Are you sleeping with him, though?

I said, are you sleeping with him?

Oh, that...

If I don't, I might just as well tell him about us.

You have to stop that!

Impossible till the film 's finished.

Grand Hotel, Strömsund.

You can be without a little while!

Do you miss me, Lena? Alot?

I miss you.

I miss you so.

Bye, then.

We'll have time to fly down to Stockholm and be back Sunday night.

I think the class society ought to irritate the Social Democrats.

It itches like hell.

Like scabies. "The socialist itch."

Sweden is a boastful country. Our socialism is just showing off.

Prison welfare is just an example of how amateurish we are when it comes to looking after people.

I must attack the idea of general prevention, the groundless thesis that people won't commit crimes for fear of punishment.

What did Mom say? Did she send her regards?

No. It would be nice if she did.

Hey... Yes?

When are we finished up here? That depends on you.

Why is that?

Depends on how much you're prepared to put into this job.

You're losing your spirit. That scene today with Gunnel Broström -

You were so absent. How about you, then?

You just faked everything. You've changed a lot, too.

Have I? But you admit you've changed?

There's something holding you back. Not that I know of.

Time to find out, then.

You're accommodating on the surface, but there's a barrier you never cross.

Is this the way it's going to be? No, this is no fun.

But we had it good before.

Didn't we? Or was that just fake, too?


No, it didn't feel like it.

Lena, what is it you want to do? What do you mean?

Finish the film? Stay with me? Finish the film and then leave me?

Have you thought it through?

Okay, so now I'm not allowed to touch you!

I'm singing no longer ofkisses and sweet words I'm singing no longer of marriage and rings Darling and lover are only small play words Having no worth they've lost their meaning

You were the first the last, and the only So said my heart from the very first day But I've given you back now the ring that you gave me Bright rings of gold are nothing for me

I was so blue-eyed so young and so lowly I was a baby that just couldn't see You had those others I wasn't your only The love that I gave you you just threw away

But my heart is mourning And longing and hoping Longing and hoping Against all, just for you That you'll understand me And then you'll come back, love My heart is hopeless It won't learn a thing

But I know I must make this heart of mine strong A tough girl is what the men all long for Is it good that the girls sit here and the boys stand over there?

It looks a bit stiff, but it's okay. So it's okay?

Otherwise the guys can't see us girls if we all just mingle.

What do the guys do all evening? I can't really answer that.

They're mostly driving around.

I mean on a dance night?

Most of those who can dance are up dancing, but tonight is slow.

Do you buy booze before the dance? Of course you bring a bottle!

Definitely! Why?

The broads up here are so shy, so you have to loosen up a little.

I was in the liquor store and bought five whole bottles of brandy.

Excuse me. Gosh, you're tall. How tall are you?


Full -grown.

Do you go out to pick up a girl? Yes.

Do you usually get one? No.

It's a drag.

What do you think of a girl who sleeps with you the first night?

Good. You like it?

Sure, if she's good in bed. Otherwise it's a drag.

Bad. You think she's bad, then?

It depends who the guy is.

If you meet a guy who wants to, do you let him?

I don't think so. It depends.

On what? On the boy and other things.

I wouldn't. How many dates first, then?

More than one, anyway.

Should girls save sex for after marriage? No.

What do you think? Definitely not.

Oh, so they should get practice? Right!

Should the girl or the boy take precautions?

Who should take care of that? The girl

Well, the guy.


Which do you prefer, a rubber or a diaphragm?

What? Rubber, diaphragm or the pill?

The pill 's best.

Are you on the pill? No.

Too shy to ask a doctor? No.

Should the boy marry a girl if he gets her pregnant?

Not necessarily, if they find out they don't like each other.

Well, that's a damn problem.

But it should be tried in court and that.

If the guy loves the girl, he should take care of her.

If he doesn't, he should forget her.

Do you believe in marriage? No.

Have you been married? No.

But don't you want children? I already have one.

How old is it now? Thirteen.


I'm doing a scientific survey. Can I ask you a few questions?


How old are you? Twenty-nine.

So you were how old when you had your baby?

Just turned 17.

A boy or a girl? A girl

"Lena Explains Nonviolence to Sonja"


It's just as shallow out here!

Christ, it's muddy. What a lousy lake bed. Hell!

Are there crabs in here? No, just fish.

Come on!

Hurry up! I'll give you a swimming lesson.

Don't you dare? Come on!

I had dinner with Sonja and Elin every day for a week.


It was the first time that summer I felt like staying in one place.

God, that was cold! It's so peaceful here.

Not a soul for miles. I'm so muddy!

Rinse off before you get dressed.

Do you know Sonja Lindgren? Yes.

Did many condemn her for getting pregnant when she was only 17?

Goodness, no. I can't imagine that.

I hardly think so. You don't?

Did you?

No, there's nothing... nothing wrong with that.

You don't? Not me.

That belongs to another century, judging like that.

Another century? The 19th? Yes.

I don't think people are so strict nowadays. Not people in general When I went into the hospital, they wanted me to take the elevator.

I refused.

"I'll take the stairs. You take my bag in the elevator."

Then, in the labor room, I refused the bed and everything.

They all seemed to look at me as if to say, "What's she doing here?"

I thought, " You go on laughing. I'll manage this myself."

You know how it feels. Not a soul gives you a kind look.

They all think you're filth, not being able to keep out of trouble.

Hell, only 12:00.

I'd sworn I'd get a few hours'sleep before Sonja and Elin came to get me.

We were going fishing for trout. But it was just too light up there.

Damned mosquitoes!




The earth is a pillow

Nice and soft and warm

There will Lena safely sleep


Franco - Murderer!

Viva Ho Chi Minh!

Here comes the socialist movement's march against imperialism, symbolized here by a snake.

Africa: Uhuru means freedom.

Portugal out of Africa!

Volvo in South Africa: "Apartheid's value lasts."

Fire Wallenberg! Fire the financiers!

Franco, executioner of the Spanish people.

Crush the right-wing junta in Athens.

Spread the revolution in the US.

Indonesia is the CIA's gas chamber. One million people murdered.

It was awful meeting them all again.

All I wanted to do at that moment was go into hiding.

Workers of the world unite.

Fight for world peace.

Is there a party here?

No, Lena's going to live here.

Just for a couple of days. It doesn't matter how long.

The thing is, where will you sleep?

That's all arranged. Over there.


What is it? She gets the right-hand cabin.

Stop nagging. She'll be in here. No, I said!

Put her to bed yourself, damn it!

Let's see if we can find you a place to live.

I can't live at home right now, so - That's fine.

I don't want to be any trouble.

Oh, no! Hans often has guests.

He's awfully kind.

Yes, he is, but...

What is it? It itches.

A doctor in Strömsund said I had an allergy.

An allergy? Let's have a look.

Only here? No. My armpits and fingers, too.

What is it? Move. I'm going to put -

Bloody pacifist! Nonviolence, eh?

You're crazy.

What the hell. You win anyway. Win?

You know very well.

I brought Lena here.

I know her and I want to help her.

You and your damned pseudo-psychology! Go and help her your way, then!

If you can.

I've managed Lena before.

Before, yeah!

Come here. I want to sleep.

I don't want to hit you.

Tired of fighting Half would be enough We're turned on and off like lights Men and beasts alike The same damned family Is the pillow big enough for us?

Let us rest now Shut up in Babel's Tower People are all blown about

I am one of them The samejunk and weed None of us are good enough

I'm one of them The samejunk and weed The wind sends me where it will

Come here. Where's Bim?


Come in and sit down. I want to talk a bit.

It's so damned difficult to talk about these things.


You're so sweet.

It's such a mess!

I can't stand this damned fighting.

Before you go any further- What are you doing here?

I want to talk to Lena! I know, but I want to see something.

Leave Lena alone! You've got nothing to do with her!

I'm going to look at your allergy. Give me your hand.

A magnifying glass! You're crazy.

Just what I thought. You've got scabies.

Scabies! The doctor said it was an allergy.

That's no allergy. It's scabies. I wonder if you've infected anyone.

Infected? It's catching, in a warm bed.

I almost think you've made up this scabies to stop us.

Shut up!

I took the part, then. The part of a car salesman.

Even though I'd sworn I'd say no and Marie asked me not to.


You sold Mr. Johansson a car, and he's very angry now.


Can we talk somewhere?

I'm off now. I can give you a lift.

The car's in the garage.

What did you say you have? Scabies.

Thanks. Thanks a lot. Thanks for the scabies.

Have you noticed anything? You bet! I itch all over!

So you've got it too.

But I might not have infected you. Who else, then?

Maybe you gave it to me! Guys always get it from girls!

I know that much about scabies! So it's a girl' s disease now, eh?

You've slept with lots of guys. And you with lots of girls!

Were you with anyone before me? Yes. And so were you.

So what? You could have gotten it then.

You gave it to me.

And my kid. Bloody hell!

You've never talked about your kid before! Damn, damn, damn!

Bloody hypocrite. You disgust me!

You're so disgusting!

No matter. We have to do something about it.

You just call St. Göran's clinic for an appointment.

Number 27.


"...we no longer require your services..."

Do you work at BMC? I've just been fired.

What will you do now? Don't know.

Damned prostitution everywhere.

Your number, please.

Step up, please.

Sit on the paper. One heel in each.

A bit further forward. Give me her card.

What are you here for? I itch. I think I have scabies.

How long has it been?

Two or three weeks.

Move down a bit.

I thought it was mosquito bites.

I itch and I can't sleep.

Your National Health Card, please.

Have you been here before? No.

You have any discharge? Nothing I've noticed.

You'd notice if you did. Then I don't.

Your name is Börje?

Occupation? Car salesman.

Former. Are you married?

No, why?

Depending on the examination, other family members might need an examination.

No, I'm not married. Unmarried.

Residence as stated here - If I were married, would she?

The doctor decides that. No, I'm not married.

Move down a little more.

A bit more.

I can't examine you unless -

That'll be three crowns.

There, then.

Get up, please.

Wait outside for the results.

No alcohol, sexual intercourse or petting during the treatment.


We should be a bit ahead of them. Back again.

We need speed.

We should have started earlier. Do it, then.

Reform the world Just from little Sweden So we get well-known, you see for our fine democracy

What are we doing tomorrow? The last scene. Lena meets her mom.

Who plays her mom? Gudrun Östbye.

Now we'll go up, up, up Up on our dawning love's top, top, top Come, come, come with me and we'll have so much fun Buy our film! Buy it!

The only film in two versions.

This was the blue version. The blue version.