I Am Elizabeth Smart (2017) Script

Downloaded from YTS.MX Perhaps you remember my story.

[ Reporters ]: Tonight, we begin.

Elizabeth was found this afternoon in good condition.

Official YIFY movies site: YTS.MX Elizabeth was 14 years old when she was kidnapped-

From her bedroom in the middle of the night-

She was raped each day.

He tied her up-

Plied her with alcohol and drugs-

Forced her into a polygamous marriage-

Repeatedly threatened to kill her and her family.

The odds were certainly against this reunion.

Less than two percent of long-term missing child cases are resolved by finding the child alive.

I know you've heard all of this before, and maybe you ve asked the questions why didn t you run?

Why didn t you scream?

"Why did you not try to escape?"

Everything I did, I did to survive.

You may think you know my story but the truth is you don't.

Not from me.

Don t make a sound.

Get up and come with me or I will kill you and I will kill your family.

I have a knife at your neck.

Get out of bed now or I will kill your little sister.

Grab your shoes.

No, those.

We re going outside?

I m taking you hostage.

Not a sound, or they're dead.

Your family s dead.

Quickest way out, now.

[ door opens, closes ]

Put your shoes on.

Put them on.

Let s go.


Help me, please!

If you move or make a sound I'll kill you and go back for your sister.

This is the work of God.

Let this cop car pass without finding us.

Get up.

Why are you doing this?

I haven t done anything.


What did I do?

Please, don t.

Please, if you re going to kill me do it here please so someone will find me.

[ sobbing ]

If you let me go I'll tell my parents not to call the police.

[ screams ]

One word and my people will kill everyone in your house.

If you run I will kill you.

If you do anything I don t tell you to do, then your blood is on your hands.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?

[ sobbing ]

Get up!

Go! Get up!

[ sobbing ]



[ gasps ]

[ crying ]

[ sobbing ]

Take off your pajamas.


You must be cleansed for the celestial marriage.

Put this on.


[ sobbing ]

Take them off.

Take off your underwear.



Take off your underwear or I will have him come in here and rip them off.

[ sobbing ]

I can't... I can't...

[ hyperventilating ]

[ sobbing ]

Please... please...

[ hyperventilating ]

I seal you to me on this Earth.

What is sealed here on Earth will be sealed in the afterlife.


I take you as my wife-

No. NO!

Before God and his angels-

No! NO!

...as my witnesses.


If you scream again, I'll duct tape your mouth and then I'll kill you.

[ crying ]

Wait, please!

I m still a child!

I haven't started my period yet!

[ screaming ] No! No! Please Stop!

No! NO!!!!!

Wait! Wait!


Do you want it to stop?

So did I.

I tried everything.

I tried so hard to protect myself.

I rolled onto my stomach thinking that he wouldn't be able to hurt me, thinking that he wouldn't be able to rape me.

But he did.

And afterwards I ll never forget how I felt.

I felt so broken.

I felt so shattered, like I had just been smashed into a million tiny little pieces and nobody could ever put me back together.

I remember thinking maybe it would be better if I was dead.

[ sobbing ]

That safety pin was the only thing I had from home, but it was enough to remind me that I was loved always.

The spirit of the lord, God, is upon me

'cause the lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek, he has sent me to bind up the broken hearted.

To proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.

To proclaim the acceptable year of the lord and the day of vengeance of our god.

Comfort all that mourn.

[ shivering ]

[ laughing ]

[ sobbing ]

You are lucky, Shearjashub.

You have been called by the lord to be saved from the world.

[ pouring ]

I- I remember you.

My mother gave you money.

My father gave you a job.

He tried to help you.

So did my mom.

Why would you do this?

The lord is ready to bear a force, his army.

Destruction is coming Shearjashub.

I m Elizabeth Smart.

God called me into the wilderness and instructed me his prophet, Immanuel David Isaiah, to begin preparing for the second coming.

The lord commanded me to pluck the young virgins from this evil world and take them as my wives.

I have no choice but to obey.


Your presence is proof that the lord God almighty has opened the way for more wives.

You are blessed you are the first.

After me, of course.

Hephzibah Elladah Isaiah s first wife and mother of Zion, you Shearjashub Isaiah are now second wife to me and handmaiden to Hephzibah-

I'm not your wife, we're not married!

We re not!

We are.

We ve consummated it.

Which means-

[ sobbing ]

No man will want you now.

Yes, yes.

We are bound forever.

You are mine to fulfill every bodily need.


Please don t do that again.

You did it once, once consummates it, right?

We are husband and wife.

I- I can be your wife, at home with my parents-

[ gasps ]

We are your family now!

[ crying ]

God commands me to show you all the low things of the world.

Take off your robe.

Hephzibah will teach you.

And then you'll show us what you've learned.

Wake up!

Who wants to watch that?

I didn t.

I was raped every single day.

Sometimes twice a day, and it was every bit as horrific as you can imagine.

[ whimpering ]

[ laughing ]

The lord told me you would resist at first, Shearjashub, but then you would learn to love it.

Learn to obey your husband.

[ kicks bucket ]

Or he will dispatch the warring angels to your house and lay waste to the sinners who would lure you off God's chosen path.

Do you hear me?

Do you?

'Cause it looked like you were thinking about something else.

Are you gonna lie to me?!

No- no.

I was just confused.

You're calling me Shearjashub.

I m Elizabeth.


You're not what you were before.

You are Shearjashub, named for the first-born son of Isaiah.

It means a remnant will return.

But- but it s a boy s name.

Can I pick a middle name?

Like you two?

I don't wanna be called a boy's name.


You can pick a middle name.

But it cannot be Elizabeth.

It has to come from the Old Testament.


I'd like to be called Esther.

A girl s name.


The second wife and orphan that the king plucked for himself and re-named.

Yes, I will call you Esther.

So you remember your place.

Remember your place, Esther.

I chose Esther because she won in the end.

She outsmarted the king and she didn't use a sword, she used different weapons, just as I would.

Brian David Mitchell took so much away from me but what he didn't realize was that I was determined to live.

[ grating ]

I was so determined to get back to my family that I actually helped my captors because when people like you it's harder for them to kill you.

Can I help?

What do you want me to do?

Grate the carrots.

I usually prepare meals myself, on my own, as first wife.

Oh, I don't want to be first wife.

I thought I was supposed to help you.

I can stop if you want.

She didn't need to move the knife.

I was chained up.

If I tried to hurt her I would have received it back ten fold.


I got that recipe in Oregon at a homeless shelter after the lord commanded us to sell our RV and everything we owned and live with the homeless.

The food was terrible.

It was not what we deserved, so I said to myself, I said Hephzibah bake something sweet, so I added raisins.

Wanda Barzee is the scariest woman I have ever met.

She is so evil she took her daughter s pet rabbit and fed it to her.

She delighted in my abuse.

One time while I was being raped she sat there and said

"if God commands it, it's not evil".

The lord called upon me to devote myself to Immanuel.

You cannot disobey.

Children services couldn't see his light.

Made me sign away all my kids the day I married him.

That s my cross to bear.

Why're you just sittin' there?

I- I'm sorry, I-

Can't you read the instructions?

I m sorry.

[ grating ]

How dare you eat before I've blessed the food?

You will not eat today.

Get on your knees and beg the lord s forgiveness.

We live thy will, lord.

Bless and consecrate this meal that your servants Hephzibah and Esther, handmaiden and second wife, have lovingly prepared for their husband and master.

[ voices in the woods ] Elizabeth.

Who you have commanded me to take, who I will bring low, lord...

[ voices calling ] Elizabeth?


Uncle Dave?

Uncle Dave?


Can you hear us?


You yell and I will take that knife and slit his throat open.

If he comes into this camp he s dead.

If anyone steps foot in this camp I will kill them, do you understand?

[ faint calling ]

Good girl, Esther.

I did anything and everything for them and then the LDS church tries to excommunicate me when they get a copy?

But I beat them.

I beat them.

Satan worked through our families.


The book of Immanuel David Isaiah, the word of God almighty, we should read to you like a bible...

[ helicopter hovering ]

[ screaming ] Help me!

Every day in every way he had proved that he was always one step ahead and that's why I believed him.

Not because I was a naive 14-year-old but because he always got what he wanted.

I knew people were still looking for me and I knew that my parents would never give up but still, after a week went by and no one came, it showed me just how good Brian Mitchell was at hiding.

[ sobbing ]

Sweep it up.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

This is a mess.

Sweep it.

When you ve finished that I want you to do all those dishes.

In all that time there was abuse, there was work, and there was nothing else.

You don t know how to sweep.

Let me show you how to sweep!

I had a farm.

One night I was driving home-

You had to push your mother down those stairs.

I hit a cat.

It s the lord.

The lord s testing me, the lord s testing me.

We re all just dirt and just filth-

Smeared it all over the road.

Trash over here.

He told me there s a law.

There's the water, there's the bucket.

You have to find the owner.

So I... Like, liquor bottles.

That didn't happen when you came...

...showed me the tag...

[ voices talking over one another ]

There were times I thought I d go crazy.

[ bell chimes ]

But thinking of home kept me sane.

[ whispering ]

Stop talking about your family!

I don t wanna hear about swings and car rides!

They are not your family anymore!

They broke covenant with God and that's why they were called upon to sacrifice you.

And I will kill them if you forget again!

No, no, I m sorry, please don t do that, I m sorry.

You're fighting your calling.

And to think I thought you were ready to go to the stream and help collect water.

I- I m ready.

I- I promise.

Please let me help you carry the water.

I d beg to go anywhere with my rapist if it meant that I wouldn t die of thirst.

Patience and endurance became my weapons, and it wasn't easy.

I had to submit to get any kind of freedom.

Praise God, Hephzibah.

[ whimpering ]

My new wife has accepted her calling.

She no longer resists the will of the lord.

[ laughs ]

This is one thing I want you to understand.

I never had Stockholm Syndrome.

Just because I physically stopped resisting didn't mean that I hated it any less.

I wasn't sympathetic towards them.

I despised them.

Your carnal urges find Esther day and night, night and day, because she is young and beautiful, ignoring the mother of Zion!

You're not acting like the mother of Zion!

You said we would share!

We do!

You never lie with me!

I do!

Not since she got here!

[ panting ]

Esther, my wife, come here.

The lord has spoken.

Hephzibah, my sunshine, you will be mine during the day.

Esther is not as bright.

She will be mine at night.

Thus is the divine proclamation.

Praise God.

Praise God.

[ click ]

There aren t words to describe how great that sound was, but I paid for it with a piece of my soul.

You are ready.

You will be good.

I will be good.

We were always thirsty.

Water was in short supply because it was so difficult to get.

[ gasps ]

Who said you could drink?

[ gasps ]

Fill the jugs for your family.

I didn t have the energy to outrun him.

I would have taken two steps and he would have caught me and then I would have paid severely.

That doesn t mean that I didn t try to escape.

I used to read Louis L amour westerns and I knew that people could follow tracks.

Fill that.

Wash your face, and then you can drink.

[ click ]

Back in 1997, when the lord declared our hitch hiking and covenanting with his people at an end, Immanuel was directed to begin wearing tunics...


Sorry, I was listening.

As well you should.

These two talked non-stop but I forced myself to listen because I knew I would hear something I could use.

When he goes to Salt Lake to minister and plunder, what does that mean?

Immanuel ministers to the citizens on the street who give him money to help sustain him.

And plundering?

[ exhales ]

When the children of Israel captured a city they would plunder goods and bring them back for the lord s purposes.

Immanuel goes into the stores of the wicked and takes goods in the name of the lord.

So he shoplifts for God.

He plunders for the lord.

Yes, of- of course.

Um... I was just concerned as to what the non-believers would think.

What if he gets arrested?

He has the key.

We d die up here.

He doesn t have a key to me.

Well, what about if-

♪ I need the every hour most gracious lord. ♪

I am a lightening bolt!

Sent from the lord!

I am the rain!

[ laughs ]

I am the thunder!

Wives, your husband has returned.

Guess what I saw while I was down there?

I saw my sweet Esther s face plastered all over the city in every store, on every lamp post.

Posters of her absolutely everywhere, and you know what I thought the whole time I was walking around?

I thought, I got the real McCoy.

[ laughs ]

And that made me proud.


Can- can we eat?

You can eat whatever you want.

Anything you see there.



Hephzibah, the chalice?

After we all have the sacrament.

Our God almighty.

[ pouring ]

Bless this wine through me, your true prophet.


You will take the sacrament, Esther.


You will drink when I tell you to drink.

I won t do it.

Jesus Christ descended from heaven to live amongst the lepers!

You think you're better than Jesus?!

You think you don't need to be lowered?!

I promised myself I would never drink.

That s the one thing you can't hold me down and make me do.

I can make you do anything.

Drink, work, think.

You do what I say when I say.

No sleep.

No water.

No food.

Until you drink it.

I was 14.

I'd never even tasted alcohol.

[ whimpers ]

Now you can eat, Esther.

Now you can eat.

Now, eat up.

I had never understood why people would want to get drunk, but after two cups of wine I was numb.

Then I understood.

I know.

I saw water in the tent not two days ago.

We drank it.

[ arguing ]

I know there was no water near that camp.

I believe that was a miracle.

It s fine if you don t, I understand.

God offers hope in the darkest places and that is a miracle.

Mine was that cup of water.

You re not digging too close to those support beams, are you?

Cause if there s no shelter come winter we're gonna have to go some place warm.

Please tell me there's one thing you can do right.

I'm doing it exactly like you told me.

Your way.

So do you think that he ll let us see the fireworks?


[ laughs ]

Happy Fourth of July!


Ho, ho!

We re gonna eat that, right?

We ll have a fire tonight.

Won t someone see?

It s been over a month.

They're not searching the woods anymore.

The lord is good.

The lord working through me.

I provide for my family, don t I?

You are a great provider.

Don t I, Esther?

Yes. You do.

You re the best provider.

Make that dish I love.

We'll see the fireworks first.

Thank you!

Thank you.

[ click ]

Why are you just standing there?

[ fireworks explode ]

Seeing the fireworks reminded me of my family and of the happy life that had been stolen away from me.

[ laughing ]

After the fireworks were over and I was taken back to camp I was made to do terrible things.

Nothing was ever just given to me.

Who's Olivia?

You were talking about an Olivia.

I was?

I didn't- I didn't know I was.

She s my cousin.

I will allow it.

We had so much fun together.

We re almost the same age.

She s, like, my best friend.

I mean was.

Before you saved me.


[ exhales ]

I have another divine proclamation.

The lord has commanded me to go forth and pluck Olivia from the world and to take her as my third wife.


I must obey him.

It will be done tonight.

I know the house well and I know my methods work.

Pack the bags, Hephzibah.

[ crying ]

I felt guilty that I had mentioned Olivia.

That I had painted a target on her back.

But my next thought was, if he gets her, I won t be alone anymore.

You will be good while I'm away, Esther.

You will be good.

Please keep Olivia safe, God.

Please protect her.

Please don't let anything happen to her.

Was I really gonna sit there and watch my best friend be raped, be hurt, be abused the same way I had?

Go through all the same terrible things that I had?

What happened?


When I pushed back the blinds to crawl through the window something crashed to the floor.

Lights come on, someone starts shouting.

I realized God had not chosen Olivia to be my new wife.

He blocked your way.

You're free of that burden now.

I m gonna take a nap.

The lord didn t choose Olivia.

She wasn t the one.

So why me?

Why didn t something block his way to me?

[ chuckles ]


[ laughs ]

I did it!

I got it. I saved it.

Like the world.

[ cackling ]

Guys, I need to pee.

Then go.

[ laughing ]

♪ I need thee every hour, ♪

♪ stay down nearby, ♪ So stay-

♪ So stay nearby...

[ laughing ]

[ gasps ]

[ whimpering ] No!

[ sobbing ]


I realized that if I was going to escape I had to play by his rules.

I used to teach music.

[ chuckles ]

Now I just try to teach you.

You're truly strong to give up teaching others and... and since now that Immanuel goes to Babylon and you have to stay here with me...

I guess what would happen to the world without you.

Well, it hasn t been easy locked up with you all day long.

You sacrifice so much for me.

I- I m not worthy of that.

You re not.

I didn t do this for you.

The word of God brings bounty to the righteous.

A glorious day in Babylon.

Oh, was it?

Was it?

Was it a glorious day?

Well, it wasn t up here.

Maybe I will go down and see how glorious it is out there!

You don t think that I will.

[ clanging ]

Watch me!

She s- she s coming back, right?

At some point.

Hopefully not soon.

How- how often does she go into the city on her own?

She s not going to the city.

She wouldn t leave this mountain without divine dispensation from me.

I want you now.

Right here, out in the open, with only God watching us.

God doesn t want us to.

Of course he does.

It s why he gave you to me.

What about the divine proclamation that you're only to have me at night?

That came from God, right?


Well, then we ll be breaking his command and- and I'll have to tell Hephzibah.

She'll need to know as mother of Zion when she gets back here any minute-


Hephzibah has returned to us, Esther.



My queen.

You truly have a place in heaven as long as you stay faithful to the calling.

I am faithful.

You are the one that's forgotten your place.

I m done staying up here, starving, while you go down, party, do whatever you want.


You know Esther can't be left alone.

You know what I know?

If you're going, I'm going.

[ heart thumping ]

I will kill you!

[ heart thumping ]

If I disobeyed them, if I called out, if I screamed, they would have killed me.

[ Inside Voice ]: Hey! Hey!

Save me, please!



Help me, please!

Please, look at me!


You gotta save me!

Please save me!

I will kill you.

And I'll kill your whole family.

He will.

He ll kill them all.

Liquor first.

You're gonna spend the whole day descending below all things, Esther.

Starting now.

[ chuckles ]

[ zip ]

That's it?


That ll be $0.89.

It s party night.

Some house on Second South.

All are welcome.

I never doubted when he said he had people who could kill my family.

[ loud rock music ] ♪

Immanuel, man!

[ laughing ]

[ muffled party music ] ♪

Oh, man.

I m glad you came.

Wait here.

Wait here.

Don t talk to anybody.

You have beautiful eyes.

[ heart thumping ]



That is my daughter.

You never said you had one before.


I want to go.



My guardian angel.

I am a prophet.


Are you alright?

[ heart thumping ]

You don't look so hot.

Do you need help?

[ heart thumping ]

We are going. Now!

[ chuckling ]

We're going back to camp.


I am a prophet!



You re drunk!


All of you sinners, repent!


[ partying continues ]

[ panting ]

I was never physically chained up again but what really held me on that mountainside were the mental chains that he was constantly wrapping around me, threatening my life, threatening my family's life, making my life so difficult I wondered if I could survive.

It would be winter soon and Mitchell wanted to leave Utah for a warmer place.

Can I help you?


[ heart thumping ]

Someone had to recognize me.

I couldn t speak.

I was screaming inside, but I was stuck.

San Francisco?

Un-huh. Warmer.

We got nothing to make it through a real winter.

Maybe that s because you ve been doing too much time descending during the day and screwing through the night to plunder supplies.

Los Angeles.


San Diego.

Excuse me.

I'm a detective and we got a call that there might be a missing girl here.

If you could just allow me to lift the veil and see your face then we can clear this up.

I ll kill you!

I ll kill them!

I can t let you do that.

It's forbidden in our religion.

My daughter is pure now.


I only need to see her face.


I know this must be new to you but our faith forbids it.

Well, can I convert to your religion just long enough to see her face?

Even if you did only her husband and her family will ever see her face.

I m sorry.

I hope you can respect that.

I'm finding it very difficult to practice in peace in the aftermath of 9/11.

I can respect that but you must respect that we're talking about an abducted child here.

Officer, if she were the girl you're talking about, why would she just sit there?

Thank you for your time.

Have a nice day.

San Diego...

Why would I just sit there?

People who have been damaged and feel like they re shattered find it almost impossible to speak out.

Maybe there's no way for you to understand it unless you live it, and if that's the case then I hope you never understand.

The further I got from Salt Lake, from the people who were searching for me, from the people that knew me, from the people that loved me, the urge to just surrender and give up, it grew.

[ cries out in pain ]

Haven't I suffered and bled enough?

We have to live.

It hurts but we gotta eat something.

What we find in the dumpsters isn't enough and he eats what he gets from church so...

I can pick these by myself.

The needles aren t so bad.

Be my guest.

[ gasps ]

[ laughing ]

Where have you been, my wives?


Your husband has need of you.

You been drinking?

What happened to the lord declaring an end to our drinking?

It s just for my wives now.

You don t wanna share.

You don't wanna share your drink.

I am starving and you don't bring any food!

Hephzibah, Hephzibah, Hephzibah, my love.

If I didn't wanna share would I come back here early to tell you about the free Thanksgiving dinner they're giving out tomorrow?

Now, as I said I have need of my wife, Shearjashub.


It s daytime.

Divine schedule is over now.

They fell apart in California.

They almost stopped pretending it was all about God.

But when I saw them starting to fall apart I started to feel again.

See, every Thanksgiving I list the things that I m grateful for, and that night I did, too.

In fact, I did every night through Christmas.

[ Silent Night plays ]

[ chatter ]

Does that seem like a Polly-Anna move?

That I was thankful for the tent that I was being raped in because it kept the sun off me?

Or because people would throw out their leftover food because it meant that I had another meal?

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

What God does is offer hope in those dark places.

God is a ride when you re tired.

A man with a radio.

A cup of water.

God is hope, and it s hope that keeps you fighting.



Anyone there?

If I d have yelled, Mitchell would have killed him and then Mitchell would have killed me.

I wasn t going to be the reason that this man died.

That doesn t make me weak.

That makes me strong.

California was supposed to be a test of our faithfulness.

But now a heathen entered our camp!

Pack up, both of you.

Because of your failings we re gonna have to move.

You drag us all the way up here and have the gall to say that we're the ones who s faith is weak?!

You sin with lust!

Days go by and you don't get any work!

Don t get any food!

Greed, envy, wrath.

This is the mother of Zion.

Heaven turns and weeps from the sight of you.

[ laughing ]

I'm going to kill myself.

Then what will you do?

I am gonna kill myself right now.


Hephzibah, not again.

Not again.

It s ok.

Come on, it s ok.

[ cries out ]


Drop it!


[ clang ]

You almost killed me, you demonic shrew!

[ screaming ]

[ clang ]

It is my turn to talk and you're going to listen.

God told me my election to heaven is now assured.

It doesn't matter what I do from now on.

I no longer have to follow you.

But you, Immanuel, you are no longer following in God's footsteps.

You have strayed from the path.

You can't leave, you have to face this now.

I'm going to town, and I don't know when I'll be back.

What- where- where is he going?

Is he- is he coming back?

Is he gonna bring back food?

When Mitchell left camp that day we only had enough food and water for two days.

[ gasps ]

What do we do if he doesn't come back?

Can we go get water?

I won t run.

I can t run.

I had wanted to see my family one last time, but as I waited to die

I felt grateful that I had had them at all.

[ rain pattering ]

[ joyous crying ]

[ thunder rolls ]

It rained.

In California.

Now, no one can say it wasn t a miracle and another sign of hope.

[ cheering ]

I talked them into giving me leftovers.

Immanuel, where have you been?

Well, the cops got me.

Anyway, I ve been locked up for a whole week so I wandered around the city for a little while, got supplies, and then I headed back here.

You left us up here for seven days without a scrap of food.

Not a scrap.

The lord called me to prison!

Seven days of preaching to the inmates.

In prison you had three meals a day.

Esther and I had nothing!

You left us with nothing!

You left us here to die!

All I did was serve the lord.

I have an announcement.

The lord has declared it's time for us to move on from California.

Praise God.

To a camp near food and water.

Some place where people know us?

Back to the east coast, maybe.

My students in Boston loved me.

A move that big will be permanent.

I uh... I've been overwhelmed with the feeling that God wants us to go back to Salt Lake.

He told you that you d be blessed with more wives and since our path here has been blocked I just-

I just have the feeling that it'll be harder for you back east.

And I know that, in the mountains, that there are all these grow camps and I mean-

I- I don't know, but... do you think you can ask the lord if that's right?

I know he ll answer you.

I d spent months listening to them.

I d become an expert in playing the role that was expected of me.

I knew their made up religion inside and out and how to twist it in just the right way.

I will pray on it.

But it ll take longer to get the money here than in Utah.

Can we- can we hitch hike?

It's just... Hephzibah has told me how you and she would hitch hike.

I ve never done it before.

Ed and Lois sheltered me and I feel that it would be instrumental in my descent below all things.

I- I need to be brought lower, I know that.

And- and then you wouldn t have to spend days and days on your own, collecting money, leaving us up here.


Shearjashub needs the experience, and you will no longer have to minister the ungrateful of California.

I will have to find a different head covering for Shearjashub.

And no one will pick us up on these roads.

What- whatever you think is best.

You alone know the rule of God.


The lord is beginning to work with you, Shearjashub, and that makes me very happy.

I got him to take me back to Utah.

I had learned to use his own tricks against him.


I forced myself to be likable.

I forced myself to keep going when every part of me wanted to give up.

♪ It doesn't hurt me, ♪ You wanna feel how it feels, ♪

♪ You wanna know, ♪ know that it doesn't hurt me, ♪ That s how I rescued myself.

♪ You and me, ♪ And if I could make a deal with God, ♪

♪ Get him to swap...

What's with the wig?

You can drop us at the next town.

♪ If I only could

♪ You don't wanna hurt me, ♪ Let's see how deep the bullet lies, ♪

♪ Unaware that I'm tearing you asunder, ♪

♪ There's a thunder in our hearts, baby, ♪

♪ So much hate for the ones we love, ♪

♪ Tell me we both matter... ♪ That's the long version of it.

Oh, uh, watch that window handle when you- oh.

Oh, I am so sorry, I am so sorry.

Hey, hey.

Don't be sorry, it's just a little broken.

♪ If only I could make a deal with God, ♪

♪ Get him to swap our places, ♪ What did I tell you about talking to people?

You never talk to people!

We re not coming down off that mountain

'til the world has gone to seed.

We're too important to the end of times!

That night, as he did every night for the last nine months, Brian David Mitchell raped me, but it was the last time.

Let s go.

You re not up there.

No one remembers or cares about you anymore.

You're mine forever, now let's go.


I need to speak with you.

You need to stop.

I m from out of town.

I m a minister.

What s your name?

[ heart thumping ]

What's your name?

Her name is Esther.

I m not speaking to you, sir.

I'm speaking to the young lady.

Hold on, hold on, she's scared.

Come here.

Come with me.

It s ok.

Nobody s gonna hurt you.

Is your name Elizabeth Smart?

[ heart thumping ]

It's ok.

I am Elizabeth Smart.

I am Elizabeth Smart.

Wait, what-

[ click ]

It's ok, it's just protocol.

He s just gonna take you down to the station.

Take em in.

[ click ]

Are they locked up?

Take a seat.

Am I free now?

Oh, God.



You re alive! Oh my God!


Could you take your clothes off?

Take off your pajamas!

Take off your robe.



Woah, watch the clothes.

Oh honey.

They re evidence.

[ sobbing ]


[ reporters clamoring ]

[ shutters snapping ]


Your father and I had the idea that everyone would sleep in our room tonight.

Kinda like a slumber party.

Mom, this is my room.

And that s my bed.

So I m gonna sleep in here.

And I m gonna sleep well.


I'll still be here in the morning.

I promise.



Why did I tell you this story?

Those posters on the wall.

The children like me.

The others who have it worse.

The ones who don t come home.

I wanted to tell you, as someone who has been through hell, that there still is hope.

Find a miracle, hold on to it, and keep going.

I m not cracked.

I m not shattered.

I am Elizabeth Smart.