I Am Not Okay with This S1E6 Script

Like Father, Like Daughter (2020)

There! There! Freeze it there!

Yeah, you see? What is that?

Um... Well, can you zoom in? Enhance?


What kind of fuckin' operation do you think I'm running here?

That just looks like your shadow.

That's so cool. - It's so not cool.

It is massively screwed up.

Can you stop doing that?


Jesus fucking Christ.

Uh, do you want to look at it again, or... We've watched it, like, a million times.

Okay, and we're just missing this fucker.

I... I know it. I mean, he's in there.

But what if he isn't?

Then I'm just completely insane, huh?

Okay, Syd, if you honestly believe that someone was there, and they straight up fuckin' disappeared, then...

I believe it, too.

But then, what if it is true?

You know, that means someone's been watching me.

Uh, you know, and that means... that, uh, you know, maybe...

Someone else knows.

♪ Children, have you ever Met the bogeyman before? ♪

- Dear Diary, what if I'm just going crazy? ♪ No, of course you haven't ♪

- ♪ You're much too good, I'm sure ♪ People don't just

- disappear into thin air. ♪ Don't be afraid ♪

- ♪ If he should visit you ♪ Right?

♪ He's a great big coward ♪

- But, Diary, it felt... ♪ So I'll tell you what to do ♪

- ...so real. ♪ Hush, hush, hush ♪

♪ Here comes the bogeyman ♪

♪ Don't let him come too close to you ♪

♪ He'll catch you if he can... ♪ So, if I am being followed, have they seen all my weird shit?

I mean, it has to be because of my weird shit, right?

And, Diary, who the fuck is it?

I mean, it could be anyone.

You happy?

You could've kept your mouth shut, but you didn't.

This isn't over.

Dina's mine. Back the fuck off.

Oh, my God. Did you hear about Brad and Jenny Tuffield?

Seriously, so gross.

Yeah, and I hear she has, like, mental issues.

No, I'm saying Brad is gross.

Sure he's hot.

I had no idea he was such a manwhore.



You're supposed to tell me everything. That's what best friends do, right?


Why did we steal that tape?

I told you already. No, you didn't.

I saw the library, Syd.

You lied to me.

You let me help you steal something with no idea why.

Can you take a moment to realize how shitty that is?

If we get suspended... We won't.

But if we do, I think I deserve to know what the hell's going on.

What happened in the library, and why'd you have to cover it up?

And why won't you just tell me?

I'm sorry, Dina, but I... I can't.

Hey, Veronica.

I know we haven't talked too much this year, and... um... I hope this isn't too forward, but maybe we should go out for pizza one day.

And talk about this major growth spurt I'm about to have.


Where's your freak sister this time?

Okay, Syd.

Whitaker's got nothing on us, all right? Don't sweat it.

Which is why I'm telling you we should just go to the dance, right?

We could do something before, or something after.

A movie, if you want.

All right, dude, seriously... there's a rumor going around that Jenny gave you gonorrhea.

Oh, he totally slept with her.

I know, it's shitty, and I'm sorry I had to tell you that.

Yeah, do you notice anything about this table, dipshit?

Yeah, I already know about the fucking rumors.

Because I'm down for anything.

We could just go to have fun, do the funky chicken, drink some punch.

You know, we could just give it all a big, proper go.

Sorry, what?

Um... homecoming. You, me, this weekend.

Oh, I don't know, Stan. I've got a lot of shit on my mind.

Yeah, okay.

So we won't go. We could just go do somethin' else.


Like... we can... test your powers again?

Oh, no, let's definitely do that 'cause that went great.

Well, I... I'm just thinkin' it might help you feel a little...

Feel what?

A little more... in control.

Like if you maybe wanted to feel like you could defend yourself if some creepy guy really is following you?

Oh! Just when I thought I couldn't be any more paranoid.

Stanley Barber, ladies and gentlemen.

What is with you today?

I mean, I'm... I'm used to you being a dick, but this is like a whole new level.

What is with me is I have bigger shit to worry about than hurting your fucking feelings!

Right, I'll just go to the dance by myself, then?

Stan, I do not care. You... you don't care?

Nope. At all?


Then you won't mind if I find another date?

I want you to.


Okay, I will.

Hey, Mercedes.

So, you going to homecoming?

How's the diary coming along?

You try your hand at a little poetry yet?

Look, we can just keep sitting in here week after week just waiting for our 20 minutes to end, or you can actually open up.

Unless you have loads of other people to talk to.


I sort of... sort of saw someone.

Like, I... I thought I saw... this man following me, and so I... I followed him, and he sorta... disappeared.

He... disappeared?


Did this man...

Did he look anything like your father?

No, my dad's... dead.

I thought I saw my grandmother for months after she passed.

On the street, in the next room, sitting beside me.

And I hadn't even been...

They're called grief hallucinations, and they can be real wack-a-doo.

What does that... mean?

It most likely means that...

you're still grieving, and that you need something from him.

Like... what?


Closure. I don't need closure. What I need to know is why it really feels like someone is...

It's all in my head.

It's all in my head.

It's all in my head. It's all in my head.

It's not real.

Shit. Hey, Goob.


Oh, my God. What happened?

Richard Rynard, that's what happened!

For all the crap you said to him!

Liam, I...

And you know what he said right before he punched me in the face?

Right in front of Veronica Thompson?

"Tell your freak sister I said hi."

And you know what, Syd?

With the way you've been acting lately, maybe he's right.

Worst... day... ever.

I'm a shitty friend.

And a shitty sister.

Maybe they all have a point.

I have been such a freak lately, and a liar, and a dick.


Maybe Ms. Cappriotti's right.

Maybe I really do need closure.

If I could just find something, a note, anything, because if my dad left any kind of clue somewhere in all this junk, maybe I could just... move on.

Maybe all the monsters in my head would go away.

If I could just find some answers, maybe... maybe things would just go back to normal.


Come on, Syd. Focus.


Holy... shit.

What are you doing?


Why are you down here?

Mom, what is this stuff?

You wanna know about your dad, Syd?

If you really wanna know, I'll tell you.

But if I do, you need to know, you might not ever think of him the same way.

Just after we got married, your dad signed up for the Marines.

Over the years, it started to weigh on him... the things he saw, the things he...

the things he did.

When he finally came home...

...we tried to move on...

but he was never the same.

He always said that...

...no one could possibly know what he was dealing with.

No one could help him get better.

Any time I would ask him about it, he'd get so mad, he'd run out of the room like...

Like he was about to throw up?


He was just paranoid, Syd.

He thought someone was following him.

He said it was dangerous.

His last tour, there was this... incident, some sort of explosion.

Everyone died, Syd.

On both sides.

His buddies, every civilian, everyone...

...except your father.

He was the only one who survived.

No one could make any sense of it.

And he... he never got over it.

And then, that night...

...when I came down here...

He had something in him, Syd.

Something that he was always wrestling with...

and... that thing won.


If you ever have feelings like that... you need to tell me.


Oh... my... God.

Dear Diary, there is so much I need to tell you.


Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

Where are you?

Dear Diary, if you're not here, that means...

♪ Lift me to the star and take me ♪

♪ Feel my soul alight, my heart on fire ♪

♪ The sky longs to see the sun go down ♪

♪ So be among the stars Till dawn comes round ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Fly ♪

♪ Fly ♪