I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death (1969) Script


After you.

Yes, ma'am. All right.

Hey, the bounty for Bill Cochran.

Yes, we can pay out.

So, Mr. Sartana, would you like it in small denominations?

As you prefer, so long as you're quick about it.

I'll check first, if you don't mind.

Empty the safe, quickly, or you'll end up in a coffin.

Nobody move!

Hands up, both of you!

The safe! Close the safe!

After them! Hurry!

Wait. Sartana has taken the bank manager hostage.

If we chase them, they'll kill him.

That bastard.

The most secure bank in the West.

With that bank manager?

He ran like a hare when we let him go.

I must admit you're a real genius.

I would never have thought of that.

$300,000. Hey, why don't we divide the spoils right now?

That's up to Sartana.

Jerry. Yes, sir?

Fetch my gun and my horse. I'm going hunting.

I'll see.

Three jacks.

Three queens.

That'll be $5,000.

Want a return match?

No, you've cleaned me out.

What a shame. It was a pleasure playing with you.

You have the good manners to always lose.

Would you allow me to gamble on this amount?

This way, if I lose again, you'll give me time to go and earn the money.

Be gentle. It feels like my skull is breaking.

Why are those beasts barking?

I don't know, sir.

Hurry, fetch my rifle.

Come on, hand me that rifle.

Here it is.

Come and get it. Sartana.

That's right, Simms.

It's really me this time.

It's no use coming to my house. There's no money here, I swear.

If you want, I can get some for you, so long as you leave me alone.

Why don't you answer? Why do you keep hounding me?

What more do you want from me? Didn't you do enough?

Exactly. I'm here to find out what I did.

The newspapers say you recognized me.

But it was you. It was definitely you.

It was your cloak, your hat.


There you go.

This way, anyone could be Sartana.

Are you really sure the train will be here at ten, Corporal?

Absolutely sure.

And are you sure they only freed one of...

Of course I'm sure.

I haven't had a drop all morning.

Give me that.

Listen up. I hope you're not planning to bump him off in front of me.

You know the mayor doesn't allow such filthy behavior.

Really? You're forgetting you're the mayor.

Ah, yes, that's true.

He should be here by now.

Hey, Buddy Ben!


You seem a bit tense today.

Were you expecting someone or did you recognize me?

No, I'm waiting for a son of a bitch who got me into trouble.

You don't look like you're in trouble.

That's because I'm here to protect him.

He's the mayor of this ghost town. I elected him.

It's useful to have a place to hide away every now and then.

You know what that's like, right?

Hello, Mayor. Hello.

Call him "Corporal".

Say, I've heard a rumor you rob banks. Is it true?

That's why I've come looking for you, Buddy Ben.

So both McDavids showed up.

I must go. I forgot about an urgent errand.

Want a hand? It's up to me to handle this.

All right.

Glad to see you again, Buddy Ben. I'm glad to see you too.

I was waiting for you.

Some job to carry out together? More or less.

Thank you.

Hey, Mayor, come out here and learn how to count.

There were two of them, not one.

Have you lost your mind? I'm still looking for a joker who disappeared with $300,000 in a cloud of colored smoke.

Ah, the North Western Bank robbery.

Wasn't me. I was in jail at the time.

Those two were the ones who sent me there.

I wish I had taken part. That's why I escaped, but I got out too late.

If I were to believe you, that would be a cast-iron alibi.

Listen, Sartana, how about we partnered up?

If you want to catch a thief, you need the help of another thief.

With that bounty on your head, I could come in useful to you.

No, you'd better stay here.

Wait up, Sartana.

I want to prove I'm a good friend, even if you don't trust me.

That bank robbery was carried out by professionals.

And all that colored smoke bears a pretty precise signature, Butch Dynamite, not to mention any names.

That's something to consider, right?

Yes, I'll look into it.

Thank you, Buddy.

See you.

So, he doesn't have those $300,000?

Not yet, Mayor.

Not yet.

Why did you do it, Shadow? We used to be friends.

I wasn't after you, Sartana, but after the largest payout of my life.

I'm impressed you found me.

It was easy.

They caught your accomplice, Bill Cochran, near here, at Hot Iron. Take it easy.

I'll take you to someone who can stitch you up.

No, hombre, no doctors.

Your friend Shadow stays here.

Poor Dynamite Butch.

He was a serious professional, but a bit dim.

You got here too late, Sartana.

See that? He hanged himself.

You're wrong, they hanged him.

I have good news for you.

It's the kind of news you'll like. Which is?

They got Bill Cochran.

I knew that. I came to tell you.

He's a friend of yours, then?

Not exactly.

We just did a few jobs together.

I'm on my way to see him, if you're interested.

Of course I'm interested.

But only because I consider you a friend.

You know, "Who finds a friend, finds a treasure."

Can that really be him?

Of course it's him.

I know him well. We've played cards many times.

So why don't you go try and collect the bounty?

I could, but I'd hate to deprive others of the money.

Get out of the way.

I'm over here.

Do you mind if I play a few hands?

Join me at the table, gentlemen.


You'll miss the show.

Please sit down.

Dynamite Butch.

You're the newspaper editor, aren't you?

I'd like to have a chat with you.

Minimum bet, $20. No limit.

Hey, listen to this. The man outside isn't Sartana.

It's a dead man.

Are you deaf? The man outside isn't Sartana.


If I were you, I'd stay put.

I'll decide if the sheriff gets called in.

I'd like a new deck.

A new deck.


May I ask you a few questions, Mr. Journalist?

What would you like to know?

A few days ago, they caught Bill Cochran.

Isn't that so?

Yes, it is. My paper was the first to publish the news.

Where is...

Here's a copy.

No, I meant Bill Cochran.

Ah, Bill Cochran. He's in jail, here in Hot Iron.

My starting bet is $20.

Two cards. For me too.


I stand pat.

Was Cochran wounded? Yes, slightly.

The deputy is guarding him.

The sheriff and his posse are chasing after you, Sartana.


Never trust appearances.

You can go fetch the sheriff now.

We may proceed, gentlemen.


I'll see you.




Me too.

I'll see you.


That's very strange.

This deck must have five queens, because I have a straight flush.

I'm sorry, gentlemen, I must leave.

A prisoner awaits me.

Hey, straight flush. You're leaving with ill-gotten gains.

And you're a cheat.

I'm not a cheat. I'm your undertaker.

This time, no one can save you from the gallows.

It took you a while to show up, sheriff.

Wake up.

Listen, Sartana, that lowlife swindled me too.

When the time came to share the spoils, he killed everybody.

But it's got nothing to do with me, nothing!

Spit out that crook's name.

Speak, Cochran, speak.

If I tell you who it is, you'll leave me here.

And I don't want to end up hanging from a tree.

Get me out of here and I'll take you to him.


In Poker Falls.

Hi, sheriff.

It wasn't me. You can check.

Buddy Ben, what are you doing? Pretending to be a bat?

I was waiting for you, to help you. Help me?

Half the bounty will suffice. No.

I want the whole lot. You know I'm a shit.

I'd advise you to think it over.

Even for a shit like you, half the bounty has to be better than nothing.

Are you challenging me? All right, I'm game.

Ten to one.

Done. Sooner or later, I'm sure you'll lose your head at the gambling table.

Gambling amuses me. Bye.

Who'll go in first?

Heads or tails?


You won.

Hey, Buddy Ben.

That son of a bitch won the bet.

You killed a prisoner, Bill Cochran, and you freed Sartana.

So we'll hang you instead.

Hand over your gun.

Throw down your weapons.

And remove your fingers from the trigger.

You, at the back, throw down your gun.

Now listen to me.

I'm going to fetch my horse.

You'd better stay calm...

or I'll unclog his ears.

I told you stay calm.

Hey, sheriff, why did we run away?

Shut up, Sartana.

That bullet had your name on it.

By taking you away, we're doing you a favor.

This way, no bounty killer will get you and you'll just be hanged.

Welcome to Mamacita's, señores.

You've come to the right place.

I have beans cooked in lard, with chilies or cooked in fat.

How would you like to eat them? In silence, ideally.

Don't I get to eat, sheriff?

Forget it. I'm not taking your handcuffs off.


Are you scared, sheriff? A gunshot could come from anywhere, and you'd be free. I'm not falling for it.

Here are your beans, señores.

Hey, wake up.

What the hell do you want? Are you afraid of falling asleep too?

You'd like that, wouldn't you? One way or another, I'll have to leave you.

Not that I dislike you, but I'm headed south.

Don't try to pull a fast one.

You're pretty good with cards.

Thank you.

I can do even better. Really?

Take a seat.

Pay attention now.

Here they are. Would you like me to teach you that trick?

I sure would. Here.

Shuffle the cards.


Even faster.

Well done.

Place them on the palm of your hand.

Don't look at your hands, look at me.


Now you can look.


Don't be upset. You would never have picked it up anyway.

What's going on? Nothing. Go back to sleep.

Sleeping on a chair is uncomfortable, señor. I have a bed over there.

Tomorrow morning, I could bring you breakfast.

I only drink coffee in the morning, and never in bed.

Full house, queens.

Full house, kings.

Shall we carry on?

You've cleaned me out.

I've only got $30 left.

Give me two cards. OK.

I'll also take two.


You said you only had $30. I'm sorry.

If you have something in reserve...

Yes, this.

Come on, honey, wake up or I'll kill your friend.

Wake up.

How organized you are, even when traveling.

Please, don't hurt him.

Don't worry. I never hurt people when I shoot them.

They die immediately.

Don't shoot. Jim, quick, give him his money back.

Now change places.

I always have an empty chamber.

It gives me time to think things over.

It's because I'm impulsive.

Hey, look!

Hands up, you two.

Load 'em up. That's a bounty of $2,000 right there.

All right.

That was amazing, sir, simply amazing.

Now I've found the funding, we can carry on.

But no more tricks.

It's time for the ceremony, boss.

Twenty. Black. Even.

Damn it. I keep losing tonight.

Aren't you coming to church, Mark? We're already late.

Darn it!

It's time to go to church, guys.

Have they started yet? No.

Oh, good.


Silence, silence.

This is a lawful duel, because I'm the sheriff.

Quiet! You know the rules.

You shoot on the count of three.

If anyone shoots before that, I'll gun him down.

OK, Fisher.

So, you said cheating went on in my joint.

And I stand by that, Baxter Red.

I've no intention to be pickpocketed, neither by you, nor by your underlings.

That's enough.

Place your bets, gentlemen.

Baxter Red to win, three to eight. $10 on Baxter.

$20 on Baxter Red.

I'm putting down ten. Ten on the stranger.

$10 on the stranger.

How much on Baxter Red?

Aren't you betting?

So what are you doing here?

Baxter Red?

Silence! Betting's over.

Ready? I'm about to kick things off.




You cheated again.

These are yours.

Here you go.


Remove the body.


Hi, Omero.

I need a pair of dice, Omero. Top-quality dice.

I said I wanted good ones.


That's all I've got.

You're a thief.

Good to see you, Omero Crown.

It seems the man who robbed the bank lost something very similar to the cylinder of my gun.

You're the only person who can have produced its twin, Omero Crown.

I made lots of them and sold lots of them.

There isn't just one copy.

Is that so? You made many of them? Who did you sell them to?

Why should I tell you that?

Be careful. I'll aim the next one at your heart, Omero Crown.

I sold several to Baxter Red, who owns the gambling house, and also a few to gamblers from elsewhere.

That's the truth, Sartana.

I should kill you for this.

And I will if I find out you've lied to me.

Carry on.

What the hell does he want?

Do you like it?

I'm Baxter Red, the owner.

Are you interested in art?

It's a beautiful painting.

Is it your mother?

My wife.

She ran away with the artist.

I killed them both. Well done.

Want a game of poker?

No, I'll just watch. If you don't mind.

Everyone's free to do what he wants here.

Twelve. Red. Even.

Do you mind if I stand next to you?

Yes, I do mind. No more bets, gentlemen.

No more bets.

Bets are placed.

No more bets.

Three. Red. Odd.

I like men like you.

I'm Rebecca. Do you think it's a strange name?

My father read the Bible a lot.

If he'd read all of it, he'd have called you Salome.

I think you'll bring me luck. Place your bets.

Won't you play? I will.

No more bets. Rien ne va plus.

Rien ne va plus.

What happened?

Poor thing. His shoes hurt.

Pay out his bet, with apologies from the house.

It's been a real pleasure.

See you soon.

Carry on, please.

Hey, what was that all about? I placed the same bet.

No, you lost.

Go on, pick 'em up and scram.

Wait, I just came to warn you that...


You assured us that Sartana would never come to Poker Falls.

Someone must have spoken.

But it's got nothing to do with me.

It does, Omero Crown.

It does.

Sartana must be eliminated.

Is there a clean room here?

A clean room? All the rooms are extremely clean.

Room 10. Two dollars, to be paid in advance, please.

Vicente, show the gentleman to his room.

All right.

Take that trash out. You're a liar. You said this was a clean hotel.

Yes, yes, I'll do it right away.

Come in.

Don't shoot. I'm the sheriff.

Ignore the star. It's only for show.

Well, how about that?

How did you know he was waiting for you?

The only clue would have been the hotel register.

How stupid does a bounty killer have to be to record his real name?

Wanted was not stupid, he was left-handed.

He put down another name, but used his right hand.

They're right to say you're distrustful.

But you're safe in Poker Falls.

Practically everyone has a bounty on their head.

What about sheriffs? Real ones, I mean. Do they never come here?

Sure they do. The cemetery is full of 'em.

Fact is, Sartana, the main thing is to pay up and not bother anybody.

Everyone here's a crook, including the sheriff, of course.

Even though I'm the only one who's broke.

That's why they say I'm a low life. It's the same everywhere.

A rich low life is a rich man, a poor low life is just a low life.

Talking of which, can you tell me how come my friend, Bill Cochran, turned up here?

Bill Cochran?

Last time I saw him, he worked as a bouncer at the amusement park.

He worked for the judge.

In Poker Falls, all the smart ones work for the judge.

What's that doing here?

Hey, since when does this stage coach come all the way to Poker Falls?

Today. That man told me to come here and I couldn't say no.

Get out of the way. It's my turn.

They're here.

Did you explain everything? Yes, boss.

I told them you need men who know how to shoot and beat people up.

Let them in.

Go on.

Punch me hard, right here.


I said, "Next".

So, are you a good shot?

I can handle myself. That's what they all say to get hired, but when it comes down to it, they can't even shoot a picture off the wall.

That's impressive! What's your name?

I thought I was famous around here.

And yet there are still those who don't know who I am.

This money belonged to Bill Cochran.

I know that he used to work for you.

So you're the one who robbed the North Western Bank.

Yes, Bill Cochran worked for me some time ago.

Then he disappeared and I never saw him again.

I don't know where he is now. I can keep the money for him.

There's no other choice. I'll give it to him as soon as he shows up.

He may not find it very easy to show up.

But you've certainly proved yourself a very good friend.

Did Bill Cochran have any other friends like you in Poker Falls?

There's no such thing as a friend in Poker Falls.


Hurry, after him! He mustn't get away!

Get your horses!

I hit him! He's stopped shooting! I hit him!

The devil's been on your side so far, Sartana.

You've always managed to save your skin.

But the day of reckoning has arrived.

Hands up!

Turn around!

And now say a prayer to the devil.

Sartana is mine.

Not yet, Hot Dead.

I made a long and arduous journey to come and kill you.

And I can't allow anyone else to kill you.

Now let's see if you bring me luck.

I'm still alive. Your luck, or lack of it, are down to you.

You shouldn't threaten me, Sartana.

Threats, like games, merely excite me.

But first there's something I'd like to discuss.

Tell me. I'm happy to help if I can.

I still owe you $5,000. I see.

You're talking about that poker game, five years ago, right?

That's right.

That game stuck in my throat for five years.

I'd hate for people to say I killed you to avoid paying my debt.

Fair enough. Let's play for those $5,000.

If you win, we'll be even, and can shoot each other.

If you lose, you'll owe me $10,000.

Yes. Yes, I like that.

Your turn.


Looks like a three to me.

I didn't know you were a cheat, Hot Dead.

It's not like you to win like this.

You're quite right. I'm not a cheat.

I was just joking.

Now you owe me $10,000.

We're even.

Were you that certain you'd collect the bounty?

I proved that, didn't I?

You only won because I'm persecuted by bad luck.

Persecuted by bad luck?

Surely not.

I bet you'll win one day, if you'll just persevere.

You brought me luck.

I did so twice today.

Just now and earlier, when I drew the ace.

One day, we'll have a return match.

So, what the hell did you want to talk to me about?

I bet you won't believe me. Try me.

If I didn't know you were Sartana, I'd think Sartana were after you.

A guy in black, just like you.

And they even say he really looks like you.

He could be the one who robbed the North Western Bank.

That's absurd. What motive would he have?

If it really were him, why would he be after you?

Think about it.

But of course!

If he managed to kill you, his $300,000 would be safe.

Well, well, the sheriff.

I heard that Hot Dead killed Omero Crown.

Did he do it to protect you? Why would you think that, Sheriff?

Do you believe Sartana knows where that money is hidden?

Well? Do you? It's very simple.

A man has been killed in this town and I'm the sheriff.

Hey, you!

I'm Death. I want you to look me in the eyes.

Are you talking to me? No, to me.

Tell me, why did you want to kill me?

Because you killed my brother, Slim Shotgun.

Never seen him in my life.

Can you swear to that? Yes, I can.

Then that pig lied to me.

I thought it was a two-bit thief and instead it's a thieving judge.

We have visitors.

He was looking for something.

Get out of here, Judge, and be quick about it.

Why did you let him get away?

People don't look for what they already have.

Come along, we have a job to do.

Are you sure it's him?

This was his. It's still in good nick.

It's a long-range rifle.

You could shoot into a jail with this.

What are you thinking?

That Omero Crown is dead, but he didn't have the $300,000.

The judge came looking for them in my room, so he didn't rob the bank either.



it means you're going to play a game of roulette.


Come on, speak.


Stop, STOP-

How come this joint is no longer owned by Tracy Three Aces? Huh?

Tracy Three Aces was old and tired.

Not long ago, when Baxter Red came here, they say he sold him the joint for $150,000.

Really? Baxter Red must be rich!

No more bets. I've played enough for today.

Here you go, Sheriff.

30 coins.

The same amount Judas was paid.

Are you trying to offend me? What do you want from me?

Why did you kill Slim Shotgun?

Stop. I don't know anything. It wasn't me.

If you don't speak, we'll have boiled sheriff for dinner.

It was Baxter Red. He gave me $1,000.


What? Repeat what you just said. Yes.

Baxter Red?

Good. Tell him I'm challenging him to a duel tonight.

Just the two of us, at least theoretically.

By the way, how many will he bring along to shoot me in the back?

He usually brings at least two along.

And whose side will you be on?

I won't take sides, Sartana. I'll be with whoever wins.

Hey, you.

Good luck, Baxter.

Wait. Aren't you coming along?

It's nothing to do with me.

You're wrong. You created this mess.

It's your greed that got you into trouble, Baxter, not me.

You should have foreseen the risks.


Hide over there.


You idiot, look before you shoot.

Hand over your gun.

Are you nervous, Baxter?

Perhaps you don't enjoy music.

Clearly not.

It looks like he really doesn't like it.

Shoot What are you waiting for? Shoot!

I will. But I want you to scream.

Go on.

Go on, scream.



Come out, you scumbag.

I know you're here.

It's the first time a southern gentleman has been addressed in such a reprehensible way.

Deguejo, when did you get here? Just now.

I guess you've come to kill me.

Yes. It will be the greatest face-off in the history of the West.

Don't you agree?

It may be a mistake, Deguejo.

We're just pawns.

Someone else is behind all this.

I don't care.

I'm a hunter.

And there's a big bounty on your head.

Fine, Deguejo. I'm ready when you are.

Remember this?

It's practically mine.

You wanted to give it to me when we caught the Lassiter gang.

At the time, perhaps, but not any more.

I'll keep it in memory of you, since you're about to die.

Now I'll start counting. We'll shoot when we get to ten.

See you in hell, perhaps. Farewell, Sartana.





Four Five...






Now it's your turn, so we can finally end this game.

So, you figured it all out, you infallible man.

It was about time.

But it was a nifty trick to rob the bank while pretending to be you.

A nifty...

You didn't tell me about the painting.

Go on, speak.

You know all there is to know. How did you pay for this joint?

I didn't buy it. He did, with his share of the money.

I was just a puppet.

It would all have panned out if Cochran had really died.

But Fisher had to have him killed.

Then Shotgun and his brother helped you understand what Cochran hadn't told you.

It's a shame. It really is.

All this time, I was hoping to get my hands on $300,000.

And now it seems I'll have to make do with the $10,000 bounty.

Sorry, Your Excellency.

I hate to bother you on your day off, but I'd forgotten it was Sunday today and the banks are closed.

So I thought it would be best to bring him here before he started rotting.

A corpse like this deserves consideration.

He's worth $10,000.

You should have seen how many people he gunned down before I killed him.

Just think. Shadow, ever heard of him?

Deguejo and even Fisher Jenkins, the sheriff of Poker Falls, to name but a few.

Good. There will be fewer crooks around.

Quite. You're absolutely right, Your Excellency.

There will be fewer crooks around. I'll give you the $10,000 now.

You've done your sums wrong.

$10,000 plus $300,000.

The manager of the North Western Bank should be better at math.

Bravo. Move.

Now you'll write a nice little letter to the judge.


What am I supposed to write?

That you spent it all, to the last cent.

What if I refuse? I'll kill you.

The alternative is a few years in jail.

It's a better option.

Write, Mr. Simms. Explain it all in detail.

Explain why you teamed up with Fisher Jenkins and that he merely executed your plan.

Nobody could have pulled off that robbery without the manager's help.

It was a clever plan.

Poor Fisher Jenkins. He had to do the hard part.

But don't write that down.

But you do have to write that Sartana is honest, modest and a man of honor.

And that he's never robbed a bank. Write that down.

Hey, if you're a man of honor, how come we just pocketed $300,000?

What's wrong with that?

There's no law against stealing stolen goods.