I Am Wrath (2016) Script

We're following a series of shootings in Columbus.

The daytime gun battle on a busy street caught on camera.

Get out of the car!

Shocking new video tonight that you'll only see here.

Put your hands down!

Get off the bike.

Get off the bike.

Put your hands up!

There's a new effort today to try to stop all the gang related violence in our city.

Police have made some arrests after the killing of yet another teenager on a Columbus street.

Summer police are dealing with an unsettling spike in violent crime.

Spokesperson for Governor Meserve says that these shootings are not random acts of violence.

Quote: "What I want to let everyone at home know is that these are targeted acts of criminals..."

I'm sorry. I'm getting some breaking news.

Word that a protest...

We're hearing that a protest we were covering has escalated into violence. We're gonna go live now to...

The police have identified three shooting victims found behind the sheetrock of an apartment building that's undergoing a remodel.

Tragically, we can now confirm that one of the victims was an undercover police officer killed in the line of duty.

Hundreds attended the solemn funeral procession of slain officer Hernandez earlier today.

In his eulogy, Governor Meserve continues to stress that crime is down.

In fact, quote: "hype and hysteria are up."

This summer has seen a 24% increase in shootings over the last year.

We are just receiving some alarming news right now.

A shootout is actually erupting. That's happening...

Where's this happening?

Right now, we're receiving word of a police chase that's going on on Interstate 75.

He actually might spin out here.

There are officers, you guys, right behind him.

All right, it looks like we're coming to a stop out here.

The guy is getting out of the vehicle.

The guy is getting out of the vehicle. He's got a gun.

He's got a gun.

He just got into a van.

This could end very badly out here. He's gesturing.

Oh, this is not good.

This is now a hostage situation. The person trying to get out...

Oh no, he's being dragged.

A guy is being dragged.

This has now turned into a hostage situation.

Violent crime has increased 18% this year with a significant spike in shootings.

Over 300 shootings this year with close to 50 gun related deaths.

Local police say that an abundance of illegal guns in the hands of gang members are the cause.

Well, John, the sheriff has yet to release an official statement.

But an inside source has told me that this horrific shooting is very likely another gang initiation.

Governor Meserve returned to Columbus today for a campaign rally where he continued to stress that crime is in fact down across the state.

I am just being told right now that the third shooting victim has been pronounced dead upon arrival at County Hospital.

Police have released security cam footage of the suspect.

A warning to our viewers...

These images may be difficult for some.

In less than four years, we've cut this state's homicide rate nearly in half.

Robbery rate, a third.

Vandalism, auto theft, crime is down.

But don't ask me.


Look. It's your new boss.

Have we pushed drugs and gangs out of our neighborhoods?

Together, we've called out the corrupt.

And together, we'll keep going into the future.

What about the Pipeline?

Well as I've always maintained, the Corner Turn oil line would be a boon to this state's economy.

Clean water is a human right.

That's why my office has commissioned its own environmental review to compare with the E.P.A.'s audit.


Mom! Look, you're famous!

They're talking about your project.

I'm not famous. I'm just checking the numbers for the secretary of somebody famous.

Cuz apparently famous people cannot do their own math.

Thank you.


Hey, hey, hey.

Look at you. What, did you lie out?

A little.

Damn. I should go away more often. Hi.

I missed you, Stan.

So, how did it work out with your boss?

Not so good.

Well, what do you mean?

I want to hear about you first.

Tell me everything. How did it go?

Okay. I'm just saying it was awesome.

Those headquarters, it's the real deal.

I loved it.

Oh my god, baby.

Well, so...

So he said I'll call you.

And I said, "what the hell does that mean, we'll call you?'

And he said, "Stan, I'll see you soon. Real soon."

So does that mean you got the job?

I don't know. Maybe.

Oh, that would be so amazing.

I know. California, baby.

Abbie and Mike could come visit. Bring Jimmy to Disneyland.

I know. It would be so cool. It'd be awesome.

Where'd you park? Wait, where did I...

I thought I parked... It's 3G.

Yeah. Ah-hah.

There you go.

Ah, shit.


Oh my God. How'd that happen?

Should I call Triple A?

No. I'll do it.

You sure?


Excuse me, ma'am?

Excuse me?

I'm late for my flight. I've got my kid waiting in the lobby.

I just need three more bucks for my ticket.

Not today.

Come on, man. She's about to give it to me.

Get in the car.

Not today.

For real?

For real.


Seriously. Just, just back off. Okay?


Come on! Let's go! Let's go!

Come on!

Mr. Hill, I'm Detective Gilmore. Columbus Metro P.D.

How's that cut?


Cut on your forehead.

Forehead bleeds a lot. It gets in your eyes and...

But you still got a good look at the suspect?

Yes. I saw him before he hit me.

But there was more than one. There...

How many?

Well I just, just heard them. But were like two or three.

Did you get a look at the vehicle?

No, I just heard that too. I just kinda...

It sounded like the rumble of a hemi engine, you know maybe a 60's muscle car or something like that.

I used to rebuild engines since I was a kid.

And I'm a plant manager for Chrysler. Well, I was.

Now Honda, maybe.

Where's that sketch artist?

I'll get him.

Mr. Hill, this is my partner, Detective Walker.

He's gonna ask you a few more questions.


I can't even imagine what you must be going through.

But you know every little detail is gonna get us closer to the people that did this.

And it's best to do this when the memory's fresh.


I make this speech way too often.

Mr. Hill, what was the state of your marriage?

Were you getting along?

What the hell kind of question is that?

It's just a standard one, sir.

Are you married, detective?


Didn't work out.

Well then you don't know. You just don't know.

I don't know what I'm gonna do without you.

I'm gonna miss you so much.

I love you.


Hi, baby.

You know...

The day you were coming home, she was driving me nuts.

Oh yeah, why?

She had to get a whole new outfit.

She wanted...

She wanted tan lines cuz she thought they were sexy.

People are starting to arrive.

I'm gonna leave.


I can't... I can't see people.

But everyone's gonna ask.

I know. But I only came for her. I love you.

Okay. I'll see you later.

Do you want Mike to drive you home? Mr. Hill?

No, no, no. I'm good.

Mr. Hill?


Are the arrangements satisfactory?

They're fine.

Then shall we join your friends to say goodbye to Vivian together?

She's already gone.

Take this.

I don't pray.

I only went to church for my wife.

That's why I'm giving it to you.

Governor Meserve, you've stood by your record for reducing crime in Ohio.

Do you have any comments about the murder of Vivian Hill?

Well first, our thoughts and prayers go out to the Hill family.

And secondly, this tragedy in our state capitol should remind us that we need to stay vigilant.

Our fight against crime doesn't end just because we're winning.

My office is in constant contact with Mayor Roberts and Police Commissioner Brown.

And we promise swift justice for Vivian Hill and for her family.

Thank you.


Dad. It's me. I'm just checking in.

You okay?

Hi, honey. I'm fine. I'm fine.

You sure?

Yeah. Yeah, hey, you get some rest.

Okay. You too.

Dad, just promise me you won't blame yourself for all this.

Honey, you just try to get some sleep.

Good night.

I love you.

I love you too.

Thanks for coming in, Mr. Hill.

So what's happening?

Well, we may have gotten lucky.

They picked him up at a traffic stop last night, tweaked out of his mind.

Good ears, Mr. Hill.

What do you mean?

He was driving a '67 Charger.


A Charger?

You ready?

It's okay. The detector's broken.

No. I haven't smoked in years.

You wife hound you too?

Send them in!

You said he had a tattoo on his face. Right, Mr. Hill?

Gentlemen, face right.

Number four, step forward.

No, that's... That's a teardrop. That's not him.

Take your time.

I will.

Eyes up, guys. Let's see your faces, both sides.

Face left.

Face front.


Two. The second guy.

Number two, up front.

Number two, remove your hat.

That's him.

That's him.

You sure, Mr. Hill? Now you said he was wearing a hoodie.

You had blood in your eyes. Did you see his face?

No, I didn't... I didn't have blood. I wasn't hit yet.

That, that's him. You told us in your statement it was a tattoo of a bat.

You seemed pretty sure.

This is a homicide case. We can't go on a guess.

No, I thought it was a bat. But it's a fly. And that's him.

I'm certain of it. That's him.


Okay what?

Okay, uh...

That's it?

That's it.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Appreciate it.

What happened?

Why did you let him go?

Keep your voice down.

No, no, no. You keep your voice down!

Don't make it worse, Mr. Hill. Worse?! Worse?!

What could be worse than the man who killed my wife walks out of here like it's a joke! Like it's nothing!

Even if we bring him back, it's not gonna help your case.

Okay. How will I help my case? Tell me.



These types don't live long.

He'll OD. He'll get himself killed.

Oh Jesus Christ.

You want me to go home and hope that he dies. Is that it?

Ah, Jesus.

Mr. Hill.

I'd like to hang most of the shit bags who walk through here.

But I can't. Neither can you.

Know what?

You're right. It's not my job.

It's your job. It is.

It's okay.

The kid's on Lemi K's crew. That whole file's on ice.

Yeah, well it better stay that way.



Dad, I've been trying to call you. What happened? Was it him?

Yeah, it's him. I'm sure of it.

So they arrested him?

No, no. They told me I wasn't a credible witness.

They let that piece of shit walk?!

The police don't care about your mother.

It's just another body to them.

That's bullshit.

I know, I know.

Hey. Do you want to come over tonight?

You could spend the night with us.

We can talk about it.

No thanks, honey. I'm good. I just, I just really, I just need to be alone.

Hi. You've reached the Hills. We're not in right now.

After the beep, please leave a message for Stanley or Vivian.

You made a big change for me. A long time ago.

I heard about Vivian.

I'm sorry.

Yeah. We buried her last week.

You know we never did funerals.

That's not why I'm calling.

All right.

So what do you need?

Just a few names.


There's no smoking in the shop.

They're your cigarettes, asshole.

There's definitely no stealing in the shop either.

Been a while since you came in.

Yeah, well there's a lot of things I haven't done for a while.

Had a grandson.

Good for you.

Buy him a puppy.

That Sao Paulo op. When was that?

Twenty years ago?

Really haven't thought about it. Couldn't tell you.

You mad at me?

You're mad at me.

Do I look like a guy who's hung out to dry and is mad?

No, I don't think so.

Stanley. Trust.

I do.

No. You really don't. You still have issues.

If you had just trusted me this much...

We'd still be out in the field.

You know that's not why I left.

I know. I know.

Vivian. A woman like that was worth walking away for.

You hit the lottery when you found her.

After San Paulo, what happened, I just couldn't put her through it anymore.

Yeah, yeah.

No, I told you it was true then and it was.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Dennis, don't... don't question my trust, please.

Okay. You want to talk about trust?

Then you trust me when I tell you to give it up.


This mission of yours.

They killed her for nothing. Nothing, man!

Look at me. I get it. You're hurting.

I get it. You want vengeance.

I was justice.

You want vengeance, Stanley. I know you.

No. I'm doing this. I have to.

That's it.

Okay. You asked for names. I got you names.

They're low-level dealers.

Cops haul them in ten times a year. Nothing ever happens.

What about this guy?

I'm still working on him.

Look. This is my way of helping you through your grieving.

I owe you that. But we don't do this anymore, Stanley.

I mean you want to dive back into this...

I was pushed back into this.

What kept us alive back in the day? It was just a job.

No emotion.

Nothing to put a pause in our step or cloud our judgment.


Stanley, this ain't good.

Do you really want to go down that road?

They already know my name. Now I know theirs.

That's all I need.

Thank you, my man.

Oh boy.

Whiskey straight.

What up, Nathan?

Lemi says sell this a dime a bag and nothing less.

Yeah. Got that fine shit.

It's what it is, man.

I dunno what shit you got yourself into.

But there's a gringo looking for you.

Well let him come looking.

He's gonna need some cold damn steel.

Papi, you don't even have money to put bullets in that gun.

Drinks on me, lady.

Where'd you get that?

I've been busy.

Actually, I got you a little gift too. Some high-end shit.

See that crack head at the end of the bar? Who's that?

I dunno.

Why don't you go and find out if you're so brave?

Don't shoot, man. Don't shoot.

You lookin' for me?

You must be lookin' for Jesus too.

My wife had a light about her that you and your scumbag friends snuffed out.

For what?

A purse?

A few bucks?

No, man.

It ain't nothin' like that.

That's not how it went down.

How did it go down? You tell me.

And then we'll both know.

You really have no damn idea, do you?

Where's Charley Lawes?

That man with the fly tattoo on his face. Where is he?

Up your ass.

What, you're gonna kill me now?

Come on!

It's the best shot. It's the best shot.

Three minutes.

Your call.

What are you doing here?


You don't want backup in a neighborhood like this?

What, are you kidding me?

Put that in there.

I'm supposed to thank you now or something?

Hey, thank me, don't thank me. I don't care, You know, I'm telling ya...

You really got a bad attitude. We need to talk.

You're supposed to count to three.

Is that right?

Yeah. One, two, three. Not one freakin' boom.

I've always said it takes a certain kind of man to wolf down food after doing this type of work.

Why are you shadowing me? I told you I got this.

Yeah. So far you've just been lucky.

Yeah, well I got out alive.

And where was your secondary escape route?

Ugh, please.

You engaged too long. You were exposed.

What if the target had had a better weapon or training or backup?

Look, Stan.

You can't afford to screw this up.

Abbie's already lost one parent.

That's on me. Just me.

I asked for intel. That's it.

You're not tasked to do this.

Let me tell you something.

The second I saw Vivian on the news, I was tasked to this.

Do you think I was surprised when you contacted me?

No, I was waiting.

You were lucky tonight. Luck will run out on you. I won't.

Yeah, all right. What do we got here?

Let's see.

Broken cell phone.

I'll take this back to the shop. See what I can do.

What else we got?

Oh wow.

Let me guess. Drugs. You got drugs in there?


Two bastards just capped Nathan, man.

Did they steal the crystal?

No, that's the thing.

They left the drugs. They were looking for Charley.

Who are these assholes?

I don't know, man. The whole shit was random.

Nothing's random.

Well, here.

Check this out.

You sat there taking pictures while they capped my boy?

No, man. It wasn't like that. There was two of them.

It's okay.

Afghan kush.

Now you know this is gonna cost you, right?

What do you need, man? Anything.

That ring. I always liked that ring.

Take it.

I like the way it looks on your finger.


Come on, man! What is this?

Please. Shit, man!

Oh come on, man! Please! Fuck!

Call Charley Fly.

Find these assholes.

Find their families. Find their dogs.

And kill them all.

It's good to see you eating again.

Yeah, well I feel a bit better.

You know I spoke to an old buddy of mine, and he kinda put things in perspective for me.


Well you wouldn't know him. He's just an old friend.

But he, he said you know Stan, these street guys...

They're all gonna end up dead soon enough.

And maybe you should just let the police do their job.

Oh, one can only hope.


I'm gonna pack up some of mom's stuff.

I thought it'd be a good idea to get it out of the house.

If that's okay with you.


Okay. Well if Mike and I can borrow the Explorer, we could come by tomorrow before his shift.

Okay, well then I'll just leave the keys on the hook.


Oh, that's him.

I told him I'd see him today, so...

I should probably get going.


I'll get the check.


Hey, boys.

Hey, boss.

We'll be downstairs checking the pipes.


Josh, you got a parking ticket.

Ah, shit.

We do pretty well at the barber shop.

We still run a little intel on the side.

Custom made weapons, that kind of thing.

Just enough to keep life interesting.


Nice set-up.


Now, I know you really love your beretta and crank gun, but you need options.

Right tool for the job. Come here.

And if you find some asshole who wants to get up close and personal with you,...

VoilĂ .

Impressive. Damn.


Latest and greatest in body armor.

Check that out. It's like putting silk on your ass.

Any luck with that cell phone?

Ah, it's gonna take a little bit of time.

I got to run it on a program from like 1994.


No one likes a show off.

All right, hot shot.

Try the 45.

So, let's say you manage to ice these two pricks without getting yourself killed. Then what?

Do you think you can go back to your old life?

You're kicking a hornet's nest here, pal.

I mean who knows how many of them are gonna crawl out of there.

The way I see it, you either got to kill them all or run.

I'm not running.

I know a guy who does papers.

What are you suggesting?

Some place a little more equatorial.

Nah, I'll worry about it at the time.

Stan, you may not have that luxury. I'm just saying...

If you have like life insurance for Abbie to collect on.

You know me.

You disappear... I'll make damn sure they find your car with a burned body in it.

I'm good, man. Good. It's all good.

I think we got something.

What do you got?

A broken burner with only one number on it.

Let's try it.

This number could be Lars or Charley Fly.

Put it on speaker.

Uh huh.

Zombie Tattoo. Hello?

Is Lars there?

No, not now.

Oh. When will he be back?

Not sure.

He's freelance, so it's hard...

How 'bout Charley?

Who is this?

I always wanted a tattoo.

No more arrests for the rest of the night.

What's shakin'?

Lemi K wants to see you.


You are supposed to be protecting me and my people.

Do you need a little reminder?

Help her! Somebody help her! Hey, man! What'd you give her?

That's the governor's kid.

He looks good, doesn't he?


Anything happens to me or my boys, you know that's going online.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

We kept Charley's ass out of jail even after a positive ID.

What's your problem?

What's my problem?

My problem is I got guys clockin' my operation.

Someone chases my boy Nate out of the Tick Tock and puts one in his face!

Hey! Your boy Nate gets capped, that's not our business.

Yes, it is. That's my merchandise.

You're detectives. So go fuckin' detect.

Find the guys who did this or I send the governor a message.

I'm on my way.

Got to meet you there. The alarm just tripped at the shop.


At this point in the speech, I'm gonna talk about how the Pipeline's gotten a clean report from the EPA and my independent consultants.

So the project's a go.


Not my wife?

Detective Gilmore.



Detective. Very busy. How can I help you?

We have to talk. Now.

Thank you very much, ladies. Have a good night.

Take care of your tattoos.

Too late for a tat?

No. I can get you in tonight, man. What are you looking to do?

Lars around?

He is not around.

Too bad. I heard he was the best.

Lars is good. But I'm a little better.

Yeah? Yeah.


Give us a minute.

We got a situation, sir.

Two minutes, detective.

Involving your son.


Well, there was a homicide a couple days ago on the streets of the Short North. Scumbag nobody's gonna miss. But...

He works for Lemi K's organization.

The word is somebody's gunning for Lemi K's boys.

Well that'd solve a big problem for me.

Not if we remember he's a psychopath.

All right, he'll expose the video.

He's not stupid. He's planned for that.

Why is he being hit?

We don't know yet.

Contain this situation, detective.

That's what I do all day long.

You wanna know how an Irish kid raised on welfare became governor... Hmm?

How a homicide detective becomes Captain?

We contain situations. We don't blow them up.

There may be civilians involved.


Work with me.

Then we'll find out.

We're done here.

So, you know Lars?

Nah, not really. My daughter does though.


We've had a falling out over some of her friends.

One of them Lars?



And another guy. Charlie something or someone.


Ya know.

I'm probably too overprotective.

Maybe if I met them or I spent some time with them, maybe I'd feel differently. But, Well we've had a falling out over that.

Eh, but she's old enough to choose her own friends, you know?

So how long you owned this place?

A locked door means we're closed.

And this gun means you're open.

Step down here, princess. Come on down.

Nice spot you got here, brother.

Yeah, it was.

We just want to ask you a few questions.

Fire away.

Well, not literally.

Hijo de la gran puta. Funny guy, huh?

So, you and your friend are messing with my boys.

Does that freshen your memory? Who's that?

Look at the fucking picture. Who is that?

I need a name.

That's a nice tattoo. Is that a ladybug?

I need a name.

All right, do you want me to look off that thing and try and find...

That really hurt my leg!

Oh, you son of a bitch. All right, let's go.

Hey, Lars.

What's up?

We were just talking about you.

Oh yeah?


But I don't want to get involved in anybody's family business.

Well who can blame you?


Well this is the guy you originally wanted.

So you mind if he finishes up here?


Is that cool?

Yeah, sure.

Good luck.

That's some heavy shit, man. What is it, biblical?

Yeah, book of Jeremiah.

So, what's this my boy's talking about? Family business?

Yeah. My daughter, she...

She told me you were the best ink man in town.

Smart girl.

What did you say her name was?

Laura. She, she told me you did this really cool like fly tattoo on her friend.

I think his name was Charlie or something.




Lot of fools come through here, man.

Not bad.

Don't move.

It's still wet.

Get up, asshole.


Come on.

Where's Charley?!

I dunno!

Take his stash! It's in the back!

Where is he?!

Stanley, you all right?

Something's wrong.

Yeah, I know. Three assholes just redecorated the barbershop.

Meet me at Teto's. We have garbage to dispose of.

Those assholes who wanted to dance with me, they were looking for you.

Charley Lawes.

That's a good guess.

This was his.

Whoa. That won't go unnoticed.

No. This will bring him right to us.

All right, let's set up the sting for tomorrow night.

Hey, Stan! Be careful. Buckle up.


I know I don't have the right to be here.

But please...

Tell me when to stop.

You made a big change for me a long time ago.

May I join you?

Grief is a funny thing.

It can ruin a man or make him stronger.


Right or wrong, I have purpose now.

What purpose is that?


Did he leave the keys?

I'll go check. Boxes there and there.

May I ask you a question, Father?

Of course.

There are...

There are things I've done.

Many years ago.

What do you think, Stan?

Is it possible that Vivian died because of the things I did?

My soul is damned. I'll never see her again.

Aren't those the rules?

You see this praying card?

The man crucified beside Him is known by few.

A thief, a corrupt man of the lowest order.

And yet moments before his death, Jesus told him:

"Before dawn, we will dwell together in my Father's house."


I don't understand.

It's simple.

Whatever your sins are, they've already been forgiven.

If you have a heavy heart, we have the sacrament of confession.

Vows of silence.

Bless me Father, for I have sinned.

It's been

many years since my last confession.

And these are my...

These are my sins.

I've killed many men.

Some for a reason, some not.

Hey, what took you so long? You okay?

No, I'm not.

We'll talk about it on the way. I'm running late.


That's the car. Take them out.

All right.

Let's hurt them.

Here it is.


What happened?!

Oh my God!

Where did you get hit? He shot Mike!


Shoulder. Let me see. Let me see.

Just hold it. Just hold it right there. It's all right. It's all right. It's all right.

Here. Take one of these. Just hold pressure.

It's all right. It's all right. It's all right.

Listen. Did you see anything?



A car? A coat?

They were after you, weren't they?

I know what you're doing. I saw that gun.

Oh come on.

Who's next? Me?



I promise nothing will ever happen to you or Jimmy.

It just did.

Let's get him to the hospital.

But just to be safe, I want you and Jimmy to get to a hotel.

You're telling me the manager of a car factory is picking off Lemi K's crew?

From what my friend in the bureau tells me, he used to be in a very different line of work.

Black ops, special forces, the real ghost stuff.

Are you shitting me?

Your driver's ready.

Baby, give me a second. Will ya?

Still, he's just one man.


Apparently he's teamed up with his old partner.

Deal with it. Or you can forget about becoming Captain.

You'll be rotting in a jail.

Yeah? Right next to you and your son.

Don't you threaten me.

Look. We're gonna make this go away.

Yeah. I'm done with amateurs, detective.

You get me professionals to finish this job.

I don't care what it costs.

Oh, what a joke.

Her right eye's popping right out of her head.

Rich bitch.

Hey. Hold on for a second, man. I got to take this call, man.

Hold on for a minute.


You're jamming me right now. I'm trying to...

Shut up.

Why are we light, Chuck?

Where the hell is your 50K shipment from the tattoo parlor?

What? Hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Yo, we lost some staff, man.

No, we lost a shipment.

Now I'm not gonna accuse you.

I'm just gonna find you and jam a crowbar up your ass if that shit doesn't reappear tonight.

You understand me?

All right, just chill. All right?

Let me figure this shit out. I got this.

I got Charley's number.

All right. Let's chit chat.


What the hell?


Should we pick the place?

No. Let him. It'll make him feel safe.

Besides, I know that joint. It's got plenty of exits.

You still go to clubs?

Eh, I like Korean food.

What can I get you?

Scotch on the rocks.

Scotch on the rocks.

Mind if I join you?




I got to take care of some business tonight.


Call me!

Thank you.

You like that?

Yeah, I like that. That's great.

So, you gonna come?

Hey, listen!

Hey, you!

You can't come in here.

Everybody stay down!

You got three minutes.

Keep the stash, man! Everything!

I don't want it.

Well what do you want?

It wasn't an accident that I met you, was it?

If I tell you, I'm dead. I'm not fucking stupid.

Who ordered you to kill my wife?

Come on, man. It wasn't my decision.

Make that one minute!

Lemi K!

It was Lemi K!

Lemi K? Why?

Why did he have you kill my wife?

It's not my fault she's a nosy bitch!

Stan, it's time!

It's a flesh wound.

But to answer your question, yeah I've heard of Lemi K.

Okay, who is he?

Some Armenian douchebag out of Detroit.

Came to Columbus a couple years back.

Basically took over the drug trade one block at a time.

Yeah, but Charley Lawes and his gang kick up to him.

Yeah, well word is that Lemi K ate some dude's fingers in front of his crew.

He's obviously one of those dramatic types.

Good. Predictable.

Yeah. But dangerous.

I mean you saw the heat that he's capable of bringing.

Those guys tonight, they were pros. Now Stan...

You got the guys who murdered Vivian. Maybe it's time just to cash in your chips, head south, and stay there.

No, no, no. It's not over. It's not over.

Okay, you guys. Ready? Grandpa wants us to hurry.

Here. Jen, get him dressed. We need to go.


Aunt Jenna, it's your turn.

Thank you.

I don't wanna go.

I know.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Listen to me.

I'm sorry, little man.

But grandpa needs us to go someplace.


To a hotel. But you know what, you're gonna love it.

Because they have an indoor pool.


I know. And guess what?

I packed your bathing suit.

So? How'd it work out with your boss?

Not so good.

Well, what do you mean?

The Corner Turn Pipeline could be a boon for this state.

My office has commissioned its own environmental review to compare with the EPA's audit.

It's not my fault she's a nosy bitch!

Vivian Hill.

You have one unheard message.

First unheard message.

Hey Vivian, it's Glenn. Listen.

We can't submit those original numbers to the Governor.

I went over the implications with him. And we're gonna have to go with the revised figures I gave you.

We have to.

All set? Let's go.

Ugh, I forgot my phone again.

Stick around.

Who are you? What are you doing?

I'm looking for your father.

He's not here.

Get him!

Call now!

My phone is in the kitchen.

Go get it. Go get it!



You're next! Understand!

No! No!

Your father.

I want him here!



It's okay, baby.

Dennis, listen. She never texts me.

She called her son Joey, not Jimmy. No, something's wrong.

I got you. Give me the address.

All right. Let me forward it to you.


Look at me. You be my brave, brave boy. Okay?

You're not gonna get hurt. I'm not gonna let anybody hurt you.

You be mommy's brave...

Come here. Chicks and kids.

I hate this shit!

Drop it!

Drop it!

Kick it over.

Hands up.

Abbie, I got you.

Man, you're a pain in the ass.

Is your daughter so hard?

I so want to kill you.

I'm right here, bitch!


Get him upstairs. Get him upstairs.


There is no reason on earth that my wife would have anything to do with a scumbag like you.

So who's behind this?

Who is behind it? Who?

It's, it's... You wouldn't believe me.

It goes right to the top.

The governor?

Did Meserve order this hit?

Did Meserve order the hit?!

He always did have a big mouth. Freakin' tweaker.

I guess the cat's out of the bag, Mr. Hill. Bad guy's dead.


You and I work together, maybe we can put this all behind us.

So how do you want to settle this?

The easy way or the hard way?

The hard way.


Well that's your call. But fair is fair.

I should tell you I brought my own backup.

So did I.

All right.

Let's rethink this.


Maybe there's an easier way.

On come on.

Can he even breathe back there?

Exactly how do you figure this is gonna play out for you, Mr. Hill?

I dunno.

What do you think?

You come after me and my family.

But there are drug dealers and murderers left on the street.

You let my wife's killer go.

You think I don't want to clip those assholes?

Why was Lemi K untouchable?

It's a party.

Lemi K, he gets the whole thing on video.

Including Jr.'s underage girlfriend seizing up and dying from some bad crystal.

So Lemi had him on the short leash, huh?

Yeah, well it cuts both ways.

Lemi does shit for him too.

Like murdering my wife?

Listen, I had nothing to do with that. Neither did my partner.

Well you do now.

How much farther?


It's just right up ahead. That's it.

You make this work.

Hide those cuffs.

You don't think he knows you'd try this?

That's double the normal security out there.

That's not your problem.

Don't be stupid. Just un-cuff me.

Let me talk to him for you, and we'll make all this go away.

Hey! Hey! Let me out of here!

Hey! I can't breathe!

Shut up!

Let me figure this out!


There's a cop out at the south gate. South gate report!

Don't move!

You must be Stanley Hill. Black ops turned car guy.

How many more are there?

I'm alone.

What do you want?


Wrong branch of government.

You had my wife killed because she wouldn't cover up a report.

I used to be a bottom-feeder like you, Stanley.

Following orders instead of giving them.

But then I learned the way the world works.

The trade-offs that must be made for the greater good.

Your greater good.

Who else knows about that report?

Everybody knows.

Guys like you, they fly too close to the vest.

No. This time I made sure.

Who the hell are you?

I am wrath.

Oh my god!

It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you.

It's over.

Stanley Hill.

We know who you are. Drop your weapon and raise your hands.

Drop your weapon or we will open fire.

Just check his vitals for me.

Okay, your father's condition has stabilized.

Okay, I've gone ahead and given the approval for him to be transferred in the morning.

What do you mean, transferred?

Umm, perhaps you need to discuss that with your attorney.

What is going on? It's been three days.

When do I get to speak to him?

The DA'S office has filed a gag order.

Of course they have.

The DA's probably just as guilty as the rest of them.

They're going to transfer your father directly to a federal prison hospital.

This is crazy.

I thought your firm could help us.

He hasn't even spoken to a lawyer.

Because of your father's background, this case has been declared an issue of national security.

Oh my god. He'll be tried in a fisca court. No jury.

No lawyer.

What? I'm sorry, folks. Visiting hours are over.

So what? I just never see him again?

We have our orders.

What do you mean, visiting hours?

We haven't been able to visit him at all.


Ma'am, I need you to come out here right now.

I love you.

Okay, okay. Okay.

Get off of me. I got it. Fine. I'm sorry, officer. We're leaving.



Hey. What's going on, guys?

It's been a long day.

Here to relieve you for the midnight shift.

I appreciate that.

Why don't you run and grab us a couple coffees?


Mr. Hill.

It's time to settle the score for what you did to me and my partner.

You know after I shoot you for trying to escape, I'll be the hero.

They might even let me be a detective again.

I got to wonder what's going on in that mind of yours right now.

I was thinking about my daughter.

How much I love her.

Ma'am. Ma'am, I need you to come out here right now.

I love you.

How much I love my wife.

And you.

And your partner.

And that you're just punks.

Is he dead?

Well he's not looking that well.

What were you thinking? I had him.

Please. From where I'm sitting, he had me first.

No. I had him, Stan. And there's no need to thank me.

But next time, do me a favor. Just hold your fire.

Thank you for what?

For the rescue.

The rescue? That's... You're too late for a rescue.



Really? What was... What was your plan after you emptied your clip from a hospital bed?

You gonna fight the cops off with your bedpan?

It was a one step plan.

That's all I'm sayin'.

Fortunately, I have a multi-step plan.

And I packed a little bag for you.

Where are we going?

Well hopefully anyplace but a federal penitentiary.

You got three minutes.

Got a jet waiting for us in Cincinnati. We'll fly south, gas up in Ixtapa, and keep going.

I saved your ass last time in Ixtapa.

No, I saved your ass.

Security, there's been a breach in ICU Ward 3.

Repeat. Security. All stand by orderlies report immediately.

Thank you.

You're a wild man.

I'm not wild!

Yes, you are. You're a wild man.

No, I am not! No, I am not!

My darling Abbie, I'm alive and well, thanks to you.

You truly are my daughter.

Until we meet again, my heart is with you and Michael and Jimmy.

Love, dad.