I, Frankenstein (2014) Script

I was cast into being in the winter of 1795.

A living corpse without a soul, stitched, jolted... bludgeoned back to life by a madman.

Horrified by his creation, he tried to destroy me.

But I survived and found my way back to him.


A life for a life, that's what I wanted.

I took that of his beloved new bride.

He pursued me to the far north.

I was immune to the cold.

He was not.

I buried him in his family cemetery.

It was more than he deserved.

I thought it was the end, but it was actually just the beginning.

We have been waiting for you.

You will come with us.

Stop! Naberius wanted it brought back alive!

That was the last of them.

What do you suppose it was?

I don't know.

Never seen a human kill a demon before, and with such strength.

It's been a long time since I've seen demons this far north.

There must have been something special about it, something Naberius wanted.

"Victor Frankenstein."

The rumors are true.

H's alive.

It's alive!

Your Majesty!

No more than a wild beast, Your Majesty.

Destroy it and be done with this.

So, you understand reason.

Where am I? How did I get here?

The creatures that attacked you, what did they want?

I don't know! We heard them speak of Naberius.

Seems he wants this thing alive.

If Naberius wants it alive, all the more reason to destroy it.



"Him," not "it."

My name is Leonore, High Queen of the Gargoyle Order.

This is Gideon, my most trusted warrior.

You were attacked by four demons under the command of a dark prince called Naberius.

Fortunately, Ophir and Keziah were on watch nearby.

They realized who you were and brought you here, to our home.

The Gargoyle Order was commanded into being by the great Archangel Michael.

It is our sacred duty to wage war against the demon horde.

666 legions of hell-spawned creatures unleashed by Satan after his fall from heaven.

Humans think of us as mere decoration.

They do not know, nor could they conceive of the brutal, unseen war being fought around them every day.

A war that may one day determine the very fate of all mankind.

You have now been drawn into this war.

I care not for the world of man.

Yes, we've heard the stories of you.

Shunned by your human creator, lost and alone.

You would be welcome here.

Until we learn why Naberius wants you, I ask that you stay with us, safe within these hallowed walls.

I go my own way.

Your Majesty, this thing murdered Victor Frankenstein's wife.

All in the heat of passion, driven by emotions he was never taught to control.

He may be more human than he realizes.

I understand Frankenstein never offered you a name.

I should like to call you Adam.

I promise you this, Adam.

Each of us has a higher purpose.

Yours has simply yet to reveal itself.

These are but some of the scapulars of our fallen brothers and sisters.

We have always been outnumbered in battle.

Now, after many hard-fought victories, our ranks have thinned.

Demons, however, remain strong.

To help you survive against them, the Queen has asked us to provide you with weapons.

Demons can only be descended by sacramentals, blessed objects such as the crucifix or holy water.

Any object can be made sacramental by marking them with the blessed symbol of the Gargoyle Order.


When a demon is killed its spirit descends to hell, where it remains trapped for all eternity.

How do you descend a gargoyle?

We are sacramental beings of light and good. We ascend.

And only at the hands of godless creatures that have no souls.

You do not want those. They are blunt and crude, and far too heavy to wield.

Adam, you have strength and speed and stamina far beyond that of any human. You would use those gifts.

Take sides in a war that you are already a part of.

I do not care how many demons it descended.

You should've let me destroy it.

I am not blind to the risks.

The fact is, Adam is alive, and all life is sacred.

It is not human born. Neither are we, Gideon.


Lock this in the vault.

It must never fall into Naberius' hands.

It is but a book, Your Majesty.

It is written proof that God is now no longer the sole creator of man.


If ever you should change your mind, you will always find refuge here.

Trusting others is a mistake you only make once.

And so I resolved to seek out the farthest corners of the earth where no human, demon or gargoyle would ever find me.

So many years passed, I lost track of time, yet I did not grow old and die, as humans do.

Victor Frankenstein's final curse.

I thought Naberius' demons had forgotten me.

But I was wrong.

And I unleashed all my rage upon them.

I had hidden long enough.

Now I would hunt those who were hunting me.

I returned to the place I had left so long ago.

The human world had changed in the time I had been gone.

But some things had not changed.

If the demons could find me in the wilderness, it was only a matter of time before they found me here.

Which is why I had to find them first.

Naberius, where is he?


Put down your weapon!

Good evening, Mr. Wessex.

Where does life begin and where does it end?

Tonight's experiment represents the culmination of three years of work...

Time is fleeting, Dr. Wade. I'd ask that you not waste mine.

Commencing reanimation sequence.

Patch clamp amplifier set.

Pulse generators calibrated.

ICD wiring in right ventricle.

Energy output set to three joules.

For the record, subject's heart is currently dormant.

Firing current in three, two, one.

Clear and shock.

Muscle spasms in the upper torso and legs.

Looks good.

Detecting intracellular electrical activity in both atria.

We are in the ventricles.

We have an atrial flutter. Watch out for ectopics.

Irregular ectopic beats have begun on schedule.

Ventricular fibrillation. Subject's going into cardiac arrest.

Up the current to 50 joules.

Current raised to 50.

The heart rate's spiking. There's no defibrillation.

Double it. Current set to 100.

Pulse is fading! Terra!

Double it again!

No, I can't! I said double it!

That'll kill it!

It's already dead!

200 joules.

Come on.


There's a heartbeat.

Switch to life support.

Life support functioning.

Sinus rhythm established.

It's breathing.

Sir, we have a situation.

You're certain?

No, sir. But the way it attacked, strong and fast, like a gargoyle.

It descended seven of us. I managed to fight it off.

I think I wounded it. I think it's wounded.

It descended seven demons, yet you escaped?

Well, I thought you'd want to hear this.

Yes, you presumed.

You presumed to know what I want.

Well, considering how long you've been hunting the creature...

And you thought I'd want you to tell me about the creature rather than capture it yourself.

That's the choice you made.


It's interesting.

Do not ever presume to know what I want.

Is that understood?

Forgive me,

Prince Naberius.

Ophir, if you think...



When do you begin the final stage?

Uh, Mr. Wessex, our bodies are the most complex living organisms in the universe.

Animating a simple rat is one thing, but a human is still far out of reach.

Is it? What do you know of a scientist by the name of Victor Frankenstein?

Frankenstein is a myth.

A horror story made up to scare children.

All scientists are skeptics, Dr. Wade.

However, I would've suspected that a scientist in your particular field would have to wonder if such stories just might have some basis in fact.

Well, electricity couldn't be harnessed in the 1790s let alone channeled into a... A human subject.

And where did he go? Why did he disappear?

If he really animated a human corpse, why not share his technology with the rest of the world to save lives, cure paralysis?

Perhaps he wasn't as magnanimous as you are, Doctor.

Every scientist keeps a record.

Even when their experiments end in failure.

Look, there ought to be at least a record of his work somewhere.

Drawings or a set of notes. Something.

Just because something is yet to be found, does not mean it doesn't exist.

But if Frankenstein was real, if he really did animate a human, would it help you to study it?

Well, yes, absolutely.

But, Mr. Wessex, it would have to be over 200 years old by now.

There would be nothing left but a few brittle bones.

It's the first and only one of its kind, Dr. Wade.

Who's to say how long such a subject might live?

Ours is a war that must be fought in the shadows.

It is not an open battlefield for you to do as you please.

I'm descending demons, aren't I?

Do not pretend that you are doing this for us or mankind!

You care only about yourself, Adam.

Do you know a human was killed in that alley tonight?

I didn't kill him.

Your actions led directly to his death.

I'll be more careful next time.

There will not be a next time.

You will remain here until the Queen decides what to do with you.

You cannot keep me here, Leonore.

I can hardly risk unleashing you on the streets of this city.

My life is my own. You will not take it from me.

Your life was not granted to you by the grace of God!

It was fabricated in a laboratory!

And until you learn to use it wisely, I will do what I must!

Then you are no better than Naberius!

When I met you, my first thought was to have you destroyed.

But then I looked into your eyes, and do you know what I saw there?

Not a soul, but the potential for one.

Now, all I see is darkness.

I know of no other way.

I am not human, nor a gargoyle, nor a demon.

I am like none other.


How do you plan to remove the creature from the cathedral?

The gargoyles will protect it like one of their own.

Yes, I shall be counting on that.

Our casualties will be high, but necessary.

Zuriel, none of my legions ever had so worthy a commander as you.

Would they have sacrificed themselves so bravely, so willingly for anyone less?

You know what this could mean for them.

Do not forget.

Now, bring me Frankenstein's monster!

Demons are gathering outside the cathedral.

How many? Fifty or so.

By the power of God, descend into hell, Satan and all evil spirits.

Secure the creature!

Now! Ophir.

Give no quarter.

Take as many of them with you as you can.

You're our last line of defense.

This is your sacred duty.

This way.

Ophir, give me a weapon! Let me fight for my life!


Keziah. I'll do what I can.

No! I wish to be with Ophir.

It was forbidden by the Order.

It will not be so anymore.

Quickly, go help the others.

Where's Naberius? They're expecting you.

What do you mean, expecting me?

We knew the gargoyles would do everything they could to keep you out of Naberius' hands.

But in the heat of battle, they left unprotected their greatest treasure.

All we had to do was lure Gideon and the others away.

This one has a message for you.

From Zuriel.

Tell me where Zuriel took her.

What do you care?


You going to rescue her?

She locked you up! She despises you.

You are nothing to her, but another grand human mistake!

Where is she?

Walton Theater!

Gideon is to bring you there in exchange for Leonore.

Descend in pain, demon.

The light embraces and protects thee.


What are your orders?

I beg you to reconsider. There's no time.

Items in the vault are sacred.

You cannot remove or replace anything.

Then I shall accept full responsibility.

You have not the authority to do this. None of us do.

And the Queen has expressly forbidden it.

Authority is not the problem.

It is dangerous. You must know this.

Of course, I know!

But Leonore is the spiritual leader of the entire Order.

Our only direct link to the archangels.

And without her, we're but a dying flock of vigilantes with no hope of ever being reinforced.

Is that what you want?

May God forgive me.

Stay where you are, Gideon!

Your Majesty.

You should not have come. Weapons!

I am unarmed. As you instructed.

Where is Frankenstein's creature?

I no longer know.

When I returned to the cathedral, it had already escaped.


I've brought something else.

Gideon, no!

This is the private scientific journal of Victor Frankenstein.

We found it on Frankenstein's body the night we rescued the creature 200 years ago.

It contains, in detail, how Victor Frankenstein conceived, and then constructed his unholy abomination.

And I pray that it might save my Queen now.

Gideon, I command you, take the journal from this place, and let me ascend.

This one came in just this morning.

Morgue sold him to us.

The liver was ruined, but the other organs are healthy enough.

Store it with the rest.

What is that?

It looks like Victor Frankenstein's handwritten account of how he brought his creature to life.

This is better for us.

This is everything we need to bring back our fallen.

We'll let the humans decide that.

You asked for Frankenstein's creature.

I bring you something far more edifying.


You said there must be a record of his work somewhere.

Uh... Where did you get this? Is this real?

You tell me.

We lost 16.

Good warriors, all of them.

I should never have held him here.

This was the creature's doing, not yours.

If it had not come back...

Was I wrong to keep the journal from him?

Everything you do is for the good of humanity.

There is no wrong in that.

However, now that the creature knows of the journal's existence...

Why must you call him that?

Now that "he" knows, what are you prepared to do?

Find Adam!

Call every gargoyle you can spare.

Post them on every rooftop.

And when we find him?

Do we bring him back here again?

Sacrifice even more of us to protect him?

Or do we finally put an end to all of this, and deny Naberius his prize, as we should have done long ago?

God may not have put Adam on this earth, but he did allow him to live for over 200 years against incredible odds.

It is not for you or I to deny God's purpose.

Well, sooner or later, Your Majesty, you will have no choice.


What was that?

Electric eels, that's where he got his power from.

You know, it's actually a fish...

Six electric eels generating 500 volts each.

That's 3,000 volts.

That's enough to kill an elephant.

How long did he hold the current for?

Three bursts of five seconds each.

That's 15,000 joules.

Makes you wonder how long that thing lasted.

Think of it, all that energy coursing through its veins powering its heart, lungs, nervous system.

Well, if it survived that at birth, what would it take to kill it?

Look at its eyes.

The way they hold you.

It suggests a certain level of intelligence.

Maybe Victor Frankenstein just drew it that way.

I want to re-examine our cellular reproduction formula.

I think we've missed something.

Leave him be!

My apologies for the zealous nature of our security.

Perhaps if you'd simply knocked on the front door, this unfortunate awkwardness might have been avoided.

Who are you?

Charles Wessex.

And you must be Frankenstein.

My name is Adam.

We are all the sons of our fathers, are we not?

Denying who we are only means that we are lost.

I am a journeyman, a partisan of progress.

Like your father, I too seek to unravel the mortal coils of life.

This is Dr. Wade.

She's one of the world's most respected electrophysiologists.


I have been trying to replicate Victor Frankenstein's stunning triumph for quite some time.

What I've read of the journal has already been extremely helpful.

Be reasonable, Adam.

You are a living miracle.

You contain the answers so many seek.

I seek my own answers.

Of course you do.

Stay with us.

Help us understand your father's work, and, together, we can unlock those answers and more.


Victor Frankenstein gave you life, but he could not restore your soul.

Could he?

There's no sign of the creature. He could be anywhere by now.

He will find a safe place where he can study the journal, then it will come back here.

Come back?

I've been pursuing the creature for the better part of 200 years.

It will come back. For what?

Mr. Wessex.


How can I help you, Doctor?

Well, you can start by please explaining to me what is going on.

We had a break-in. It's a simple security matter.

With all due respect, sir, but Frankenstein's creature is alive.

Why don't you go home and get some rest? Look, just who are you?

This gentleman works for me.

A sort of extra layer of security, if you will.

Well, your extra layer of security just blew any hopes I might have had of analyzing that creature.

Didn't you hear what it said? It wants answers!

And I am the one who might've been able to provide them!

The only one!

You may be right. You look tired, Doctor.

It's late.

You really ought to get some rest.

Rest? Mr. Wessex...

We've lost both the creature and the journal, Doctor.

What more can you do tonight? But, Mr...

I will notify you should we recover the one or the other.

Go home, Doctor!

"I am not recording the visions of a madman."

My methods and reasons are scientifically sound.

Succeeded discovering the cause... and generation of life.

A graveyard has furnished the few raw materials I required.

Tonight, I gather my instruments... shatter the ideal bounds of life and death!

Thank you.

How certain are you it will come for her?

It needs someone to make sense of the journal.

Only she can do that.

I'm not going to hurt you.

Come with me.

Why are you following me?

How close are you to re-animating a human corpse?

I can't tell you that. Would this help?

Oh, I haven't had the chance to finish it yet.

What if you examined me?

Back at the Institute?

Not there. Somewhere away from it.

But all my equipment's there. My notes, my research!

You don't know who it is you're working for.

Mr. Wessex?

He's not who you think he is.

There's a war... A war humans don't know about.

It's been going on for centuries.

It could mean the end of all mankind.

Between who?

Gargoyles and demons.

I think your boss is a demon prince called Naberius.

A demon prince?

Been hunting me for over 200 years.

Now, I think I know why.

We have to get off the streets.

Come on.

Naberius is storing human corpses underneath the Wessex Institute.


No, we're still years away from human trials.

I've seen the bodies.

There's enough to animate an entire army of monsters like me.

What did you say that your name was? Adam?

That's the name the Gargoyle Queen gave to me.

Look, I understand you probably suffered severe brain damage during the reanimation process given the level...

This is real! All of it!

I'm sorry. I...

I just don't believe in gargoyles and demons.


Oh, shit.


This ends tonight.

I've seen the bodies.

You'll never be able to control them.

Control has never been the problem.

There are millions of demon spirits trapped in hell waiting for the chance to possess a human body and return to our world.

What's this got to do with me?

What's in hell that's got to do with me?

You have no soul, and a demon spirit can only possess a body that has no soul.

No. No.

You know what the best thing about having the journal is?

I no longer need to bring you in alive.

I need it alive!

I need to study it!

Bring it back to the lab and...

You can read the journal and study its corpse.

Its corpse won't show me how its organs function, how they respond to tests.

Let me bring it back to the lab where I can open it up, but keep it alive while I run my tests for Mr. Wessex.

You can destroy it when I'm done.

The journal!


It's okay. Come on.

I'm going to take your coat off now. Ready?

Look in the cabinet.


Sit down.

Sit down, please.

It's okay.

Please, it's all right, you can sit down.

We can't stay here long.

Okay, hold still, please.

Demons will be looking for us everywhere.

We have to get to Leonore, the Gargoyle Queen.

She's the only one who can help us now.

You saw that thing. You saw what it was.

I don't know what I saw.

They'll come for you.

They need you to help them. Help them do what?

Animate an army of corpses to take over the world?

Corpses possessed by demons. It can't happen. It won't.

First thing they'll do is wipe out the Gargoyle Order.

There's so few gargoyles left, they won't stand a chance.

Then Naberius will launch a war on humans.

Kill most, enslave the rest.

Your world will end.

And what will you do?

It has nothing to do with me.

Of course, it does.

You're as much a part of this world as anybody.

No, I'm different.

You're not that different.

I'm a dozen used parts from eight different corpses.

I'm a monster.

You're only a monster if you behave like one.

I've never had to thank a human for anything before.

Well, we have our uses, I suppose.

Look, Adam...

The journal is not here, sir.

How are you feeling?

I've been through worse.

What happened to Victor Frankenstein?

They say he vanished after his...

Wife died.

I killed his wife.

He hunted me.

I would've killed him, too.

But he froze to death.

I hated him.

Have you killed anyone since?

Only demons.

I finished reading it.

Seems he refined the process significantly after you.

I mean, his science is still incredibly, wildly out of the box, but, um, I think I can reproduce it.

Perhaps even improve on it.

Frankenstein promised to make you a companion, didn't he?

A promise he broke.

Is that why you came to me?

You want me to fulfill Victor Frankenstein's promise?

Carl! - I got your message.

Thought you'd be asleep by now.

Carl, listen to me. I want you to leave Wessex right now.


And I want you to meet me at the train station.

I've still got all the data crunching to do.

Carl, please.

Please just trust me. It's about the journal.

All right, I'll be there in 20.

Okay. Bye.

You shouldn't have done that.

Well, he knows as much about the re-animation process as I do.

If what you say is true, then he's in danger as well.

We don't need him.

This isn't about what you need right now.

I'll go with you, look after you.

You go talk to the Gargoyle Queen.

I'll meet you back here in an hour.


That way you can just look after yourself.

You're good at that.



I'm sorry.

What? They made me do it.

I had no choice. They made me!

Behind you!

You have work to do, Dr. Wade.

Release him.

You lied to me.

Yes, I did.

But I had a higher duty to protect the human race.

Do you understand what that journal is to me?

It's the chronicle of how I came to be.

Who I am.

What I am.

You are a unique, lonely being rejected by both your maker and the rest of humanity.

And, as a result, you are filled with rage.

You do not need a book to tell you that.

Naberius has found a way to summon every demon you've ever descended.


Possession, in bodies that have no souls.

Only the dead have no souls.

What is the use of possessing a corpse? There is none.

Unless you could animate that corpse.

Naberius has been planning this for centuries.

Victor Frankenstein just made it possible.

How do you know all this? I've seen the bodies.

There are tens of thousands of them.


We are your friends, Adam.

We will never try to control you again.

But if you have Victor Frankenstein's journal, surely you see now that it must be destroyed.

My circumstances have changed.

I have someone with me now, a human.

A scientist.

I have to protect her.

What would you have us do?

Get us out of here.

Then I will tell you where to find him.

Retrieve your scientist, come back here, then we shall take you where you wish to go.

I've made too many mistakes with you, Adam.

I'll not make another.

You put your emotion before your sacred duty!

Follow him, Gideon.

As soon as you have the journal in sight,

destroy him.


Remember... I have no soul.

God will surely damn you.

He already did.

I know who you are, and I know what you want me to do.

And I won't do it.

I'd rather die.



Do you want him back?

Show me how.


Thank you, Dr. Wade.

My Queen!

We found the creature.

Sir, it's here.

"Him," not "it."

This is the place.

He led us here.

Leave him to me!



How good of you to come back.

I've come to destroy you and this place.

The Gargoyle Order must survive and mankind with it.

You cannot destroy me, and I have many other places such as this all over the world.

As for the Order and mankind, nothing can stop their demise, let alone a monster like you!

Too late, Dr. Wade.

We already have everything we need from you.

I am a demon prince!

You will kneel before me!

I know what you want, Adam. What you've always wanted.

I will make hundreds like you.


I have been gathering human corpses for centuries, each one a host for the legions of demon spirits I will now summon from hell!

You will be the first. You will be one of us.

And you will no longer be alone.

Your Majesty, the moment they awake, they would be possessed!

Destroy them. Destroy them all!

Welcome, my son.

You have possessed a truly remarkable body.

I am not your son.

And this body is mine.

No, it's not possible!

You have a soul!


I know.

Then, why did you save me?

Because you finally found your higher purpose.

Where's the journal?

I don't need it anymore.

We do not ask for the lives we are given, but each of us has the right to defend that life.

I have fought to defend mine.

And when the forces of darkness return, you shall know that I am out there fighting to defend yours.

I, descender of the demon horde.

I, my father's son.