I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013) Script

For two? Right this way.

Is this okay? This is great. Thank you.

Your menus.

Thank you so much.

You must get asked to do this all the time.

You know. You've been there.

Yeah, it's my pleasure.

Well, I really appreciate it.

So... what do you think?

Look, I wouldn't be helping you if I didn't tell you the truth.

To get an agent here, you're gonna need to get a new portfolio.

Your photos feel very... Midwestern.

Yeah, of course.

Can you recommend a good photographer?

Well, yeah, sure, but they don't come cheap.

You're looking at a couple of grand for one session.

Okay '

Listen, you have a look.

You have poise.

I noticed you the first day that you started working here.

You just need to get that on film with a little more style than what's in here.

I get it.


Look, I need to get back to work.

Keep me posted, yeah?


Have a good evening. Yeah, see you, Katie.

See you tomorrow, guys. Thanks a lot. See you tomorrow.

Eh. Where'd you go, you little shit.

Come on. Show yourself.

Come on!

Show yourself!






Hey, Jayson. Oh, hey.

How's it going?

I think he's long gone.

What? How'd you know?

He nearly knocked me over on the way in.

Probably hailed a cab uptown by now.

You know, some years are worse than others.

It's rats. It's New York.

Sort of is what it is.

What are you doing?

Setting a trap that will work.


Okay, a little hobby of yours?

I know how to catch me some vermin.


Yup. Learned a lot down on the farms of Missouri.

Are you aiming for my job, Katie? You betcha.

Well, I'm not gonna mess with you.

Hope not.

I got it. I'll clean up the rest.

Let me know how it works out.

You know, if it works, you're gonna have to teach me how to do it.

It'll work and I accept cash, jewelry...

How 'bout beer? Deal.

I still need to fix that dimmer.

Already took care of it.

Hello. You are calling for photo shoot, yes?

Yeah, I was just, um... You are model?


Um, yeah.

Great. Text picture to us now, please.

Excuse me?

You want free photos, we need certain look for our portfolio.

You know, for promotion. This is how it works.

Oh. Who am I talking to?

I'm Ivan.

Your name is Katie, I see here on my phone.

Yes, that's right. Katie.

Nice to meet you, Katie. Now, please, text picture.

Thank you.

Okay '

Yeah, here it is. Just drop me by the door.


Great. That's beautiful.

And smile.

Okay. Turn around.

Can I help you?


I have an appointment at 10 A.M.

Miss Katie, of course.


Ivan. What?

Miss Katie's here.

My next appointment's here. We're done.


Yeah. We spoke on the phone.

You are much prettier than picture. Thank you.

Guess that's why I'm here.


You brought some clothes?

Yeah. Uh...

Okay '


No. No.

Ah. This one.

Georgy. Georg!

Yeah. It's cool.

Great. Where do I get changed?

Right here.

We are all professionals, no?

I'm joking. In the back. Georgy will show you.

Where is other girl?

Nicky, go back to sleep. Do not hurt yourself.

And, please, um... do not forget photo release form. Sure.

This way. Go.

Okay Nicky. What, man?

Off the box.

Hey, will you help me with this?

Of course.


How do I look?

Like dream.

Let's hope the pictures say the same.

Um... look at me. Good.

Tilt down a bit.

Yes, yes.

To me, to me.

Now down the lens.

On the model, Georgy.


Is everything okay?

Yeah, it's perfection, yeah.

Maybe something different, huh?

The long lens, please.

Do you want me to try a different dress?

Maybe. Maybe, um... maybe try more... skin.

You know, something sexy and sensual.

Something a little more lower cut.

Yeah, maybe, but, please, maybe try take this one down a bit.

This one doesn't come down. It's either on or off.


Maybe off, then?

You know... No.

I don't know.

No? It's nothing. Listen.

A lot of girls to get different jobs, they... they show a little more.

Especially in Europe. It's normal.

I'm sorry.

I didn't... that's not what I was expecting.

Oh, she wasn't expecting.

And what is it you were expecting?

You are a model. You are professional.

I'm not gonna take my clothes off so you can sell the photos on the Internet.

If that's what you guys want, we have a real misunderstanding.

She's fucking prude.

Shut up, Nicky.

But, um... you want free photos, yes?

Not that bad. Sorry.

I'm outta here.

Waste of time.

Listen to me for a second.

I don't wanna listen to you!

I'm tired of listening to you every day!

I rolled out of this house at 4:30 in the morning.

You were still lying right here asleep.

Oh, let me get a thousand violins to play for you.

I didn't do anything all day long, what's wrong with you...

Look at this place, it's a fucking disaster!

Don't you start with me! Don't you start with me!

I work all fucking day, I gotta put up with all this stuff!

When I come home, I want a fucking hot meal.

Is that so difficult for you to understand?

What's wrong with you?!

You are what is wrong with me!

No wonder we live in a fucking pigsty!

Who is it?

Hello, Miss Katie.

What are you doing here?

I come bring your pictures.

I don't want those. I told you that.

I know... because you were very upset.

But I do this favor for you.

I'm not bad guy.

And I'm not upset. Now, please.

The pictures are great.

You can use them.

Okay, okay. I got them.

Really, I appreciate it, I do.

Now, I have work to do.

What is with attitude?

Look, I know you're trying to do something nice... make up for your brother, but I assure you, it's okay. Okay, then.

And I wiped all the pictures off the drives for your privacy.

Thank you. That was really nice.

I appreciate it.

Thanks, Georgy.

I hope this helps.

Have a nice day. Okay, bye.

Miss Katie.

What are you doing?!

You're so nice.

So beautiful. Come, sit down.

We'll talk.

In three seconds, I'm gonna scream so loud.

Why are you doing this after all I did for you?

Leave now.

Please, come, sit down.

We'll talk.



Shut up. Shut up.

Shut up.

Don't move.

Stop moving.

Stop moving.

Stop moving! Stop moving.

Shut up and don't move.

Stop moving. Stop moving.

Katie? Katie?!

Are you okay? I'm coming in.

I'm coming in!


Oh, my God, Katie.

Tell me that you like me.

Tell me that you like me.

Say I like you, Georgy.


I like you, Georgy.

Say that you like me.

I like you, Georgy. I like you, Georgy.

I like you, Georgy.

That's not necessary.

You will like this.

I'm sure... I'm sure you'll like this.

Be cool... be cool. You will like this.

I knew you'd like it.

Tell me that you like me.

You like it, I know.

I know that you like it. You like it!

Say that you like it.

Say it. Say it.

Yeah, you like it.

Bro, I fucked up again.


I fucked up.


On the sixth, yeah.


Holy shit, bro.

She hit me with the Taser gun.

Put these on.

Here. Take.

Nice job. He just came in.

He was not supposed to be here. And you were?

You know what this means, right?

Do you know what this means?

I know. I'm sorry.

Shh. We can clean this place up.

It goes away. It goes away.

We have calls from her to the studio.

We have dead lover boy on the floor here.

You have your prints all over this place.

Do you have your gunk inside her?

Yeah. There is no cleaning this up.

Do you have your ketamine?



Give it to me.

Now give me the knife.

The knife. Knife!

Hey! Hands.

Touch it. Touch it.

Touch it.

Good girl.

Get paper towel and cleaner and wipe down everything you have touched.

You know, you are one sick fuck.

You know that? You are one sick fuck.

And you're so perfect?

We are never cleaning up after me, though, are we?

Father is going to love this one.

Please, don't tell him.

Please, bro. Father doesn't need to know.


forgive my brother.

He cannot help himself.

But we all have our vices, eh?

Open. Open.

Come here, come here. Open. Open!



Shut up. Swallow it.

Good night, Katie.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


Now, Nicky, go get the box.

Stop. Stop!


Come on, come on! You junkie!

What the fuck, man?!

She doesn't even know what's happening. She's wasted.

All right. You still in the K-hole, darling?

Do you know your name?

It's just a dream, see.

One bad fucking dream.


She speaks, man.

I'm thirsty, please.

I'm thirsty. You're thirsty?


Drink up, baby. It's refreshing, isn't it?

Hey, bro!

Stop it! The both of you.

He was pissing on her!

Is that so?

What's the difference? She's a piece of trash.



You might want to get some sleep, yeah?

You're going to need it.

Help! Help!


Somebody help me!


Somebody help me!


Wash yourself.

Unless you want me to.

What do you want from me?!

I want you to wash yourself.

Fuck you!

Let me do this, bro.

You're gonna give her more shit.

I cannot have her kicking and screaming all over the place when Valko gets here.

Just hold her down for me.

No. No.


No, no. Will make you very happy.

Open your mouth.

Open your mouth.

Open your mouth.

Now swallow like a good girl, all right?

You know how to swallow, don't ya?


Good girl.

She'll be very happy in 15 minutes, all right?

Shh. Get away!

Be cool.

Be cool, be cool.

It's better, huh?

So I'll go get some clothes.

I'll make you real pretty.


I told you I will make you pretty.




You're tired.




Now it's shoes time.

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop! Stop! Stop!




Please, help me! Please, help me!

Please! Help me! Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Please! Help me!


I don't understand!

Help me.

Where am I? Where am I?

Where am I? Where am I?

I've been attacked.

I've been raped! I've been raped!

I've been attacked!

Please, help me!

I've been attacked! Speak English!

Are you okay? Come with me.

Everything will be fine. Please, help me.

Come with me. I've been attacked. I've been raped.

Everything will be fine. Please...

I've been kidnapped. I've been attacked.

Watch your head.

What's happening, what's happening, what's happening?

Are you American?

Yes. I've been raped.

Okay. Okay. I've been attacked.

Where am I?

You don't know where you are?


You're in Bulgaria.

No! No! No!

Now you remember?


I was in New York!

I was raped in New York!

I don't know how I got here!

_ okay! Okay " No! I.

Everything will be fine.

Georgy, you finished playing house with your girlfriend?

Fuck, man.

Ivan! Ivan!

I say it again, you need to see doctor.

I'll take you to clinic.

No one's going to touch me.

I just wanna go home.

Yeah, first, I finish report.

So three men broke into your apartment in New York.

I've told you already.

Forgive me, this is a strange story.


These men, you knew them?


I've told you already. You should be looking for them.

You're hurt, but you won't see doctor.

I think you take drugs.

That's why you refuse doctor because drugs show up in test.

I wanna go to the American Embassy now.

I'm not gonna answer anymore of your questions unless you're gonna charge me with something.


Please, let's speak English.

Okay. This is Katie.

Katie Carter. She refuses to see doctor.

Detective, please, get me a coffee.

Two coffees.

Oh. Sure.

I'll be back in a minute with two coffees.

My dear, dear, girl.

My name is Ana.

You are Katie?

I run a shelter.

I help women who have been hurt.

I know what you have been through, believe me.

Will you take me to the...

to the Embassy?

Yes. Of course.

Are you hungry?

I'm not hungry.

I wanna go to the Embassy now.

I understand.

I have same experience.

I know.

We get you some clothes.

Maybe you want shower.

Then we go to Embassy.

But first, we get you out of here.

Hello. My name is Ana Patov.

I have a young woman. She needs help.

Yes, she's American.

Her name is Katie Carter.

May I bring her to you?

Yes, okay.

Okay Thank you.

I must warn you, you don't just go on plane.

They make report, ask questions, make sure who you are.

It takes time.

I can give you clothes and money.

Money is what you need most.

My house is near Embassy.

Very close.

We can stop for clothes, bandages.

Just a few minutes.

Yes, please.



It's okay.


Come. This way.

Come. I keep extra clothes downstairs.


Something will fit you.

Please, down here.

Welcome back.

You tried to hurt my family.

No! No!

You almost got away, yes?



No more running for you.

You think this hurts?

You just wait.

Just wait.

Please, don't hurt me.

Hold still.

You want to move, yes?

Come, I make you...

Pain is good, yes?

You like this, yes?

Open or I shock your face.

Pain wakes the body.

Makes everything feel better.

You understand my English?

Now you move.

Move or I shock you.


I'm done.

You all right, bro?




Don't worry.

I wouldn't fuck you with Nicky's dick right now.

You're disgusting.

You should see yourself, Katie.

You're not so pretty.

You're not so proud.

You want to touch me?

Good. Good.

I will touch you, too.

It's deep enough.

You could put a truck down here.

Shut up. Keep digging.

I've hit rock.

Solid rock.

I can't dig anymore, man.

It's deep enough.

Let's get her in.


The box is ready for you now.

You remember it, yes?

You're a sick fuck.

No, Georgy is a sick fuck.

I'm not. He's a crazy, sick fuck.

Nicolai is just sick.


I'm just fuck.

And you think that if you take your clothes off for me... in New York... none of this would happen.

Maybe, yes?


Here you go, bro. A present.

Let's go.



Goodbye, Miss Katie.

If you want, we put you in the box, too.

You can be together. Fuck off.

Hold on. Hold on.

No, “Oh, no, no, no, no.

Please, God, don't do this to me.

Now, put it.

Help me.


God, help me.

Don't let me die, please.

Not down here.

Not like this.

Not down here and not like this.

Not down here and not like this.

Not down here and not like this.

Not down here and not like this!


So maybe we go out tonight, huh?


Come on, Ivan.

It's finished. We have some fun before we go back, huh?

We're never going back.

What? We can't go back, ever.

Is too risky. Thank Georgy.

Need to lie low. Split up.

Go stay one of your bitches, huh?


She talked to the police. Is all of your brain gone, Nicolai?

Where is he, anyway? Crying over girlfriend?

I'll make him cry.

Fucking asshole.




Can anyone hear me?

Stay away from me.

Oh, are you American?

Don't come near me.

You have no need to fear me.

You're English is good.

Oh, I study philosophy in London. Your English is better.

A young American girl scurrying around underneath of here... why?

This I would like to hear.

Please, come and sit. Eat.

No, thank you.

Don't be foolish.

I want to help you.

I don't need help.

Okay Take the clothes, take the shoes, and the food.

You do not need to steal.

Little mouse.

I'm pleased to find you here.

No closer.

Someone did very bad things to you, I know.

I can call the police.


You can't run from this forever.

I'm not running.

Merci, merci.





Father, tell me, what could not wait?

There is a woman.

A vagrant. I think she needs help.

She's American.

American? Mm.

I believe she has come into the worst kind of abuse.

Like what? I don't even want to imagine.

I gave her some food, some clothes, and...

What can I do?

I'm worried.

I'm afraid she's about to do something terrible.

Terrible? Yes.

This is the Bible I gave to her.

She left it open.

"Vengeance is mine;

I will repay, saith the Lord."

This American, what does she look like?

In her early 20s.

About this high.

She weighs about as much as a leaf dripping wet.

She has long brown hair and... she's beautiful.

Father, what do you think this woman is capable of?

I've been asking myself the same question.

Please, Katie, release me.


It's okay.

It's okay, Georgy.

I'm going to take good care of you.

No. No.

You like me now, yes?


This feels good, yes?


I could castrate you.

No, "Oh, please."

Or I could slit your throat.

But you are a sick and diseased bag of flesh and that is how you deserve to die.

Rotting like you left me.

If I were you, I'd get some antibiotics.

Wouldn't want infection to set in, would we?

Why are you doing this?

Please, don't do this.

Please, Katie.

No, no.

No, please.

I'm making you look pretty.

Real... pretty .

No, please.

Katie! Katie!

American Embassy, please.

Thank you.

Still in the K-hole, darling?

You don't even know what's happening, do you?

We killed you.


See, this is all a dream!

One... bad... fucking... dream!

Are you thirsty?

Take a big drink.

Second course.

No, no!

Put it in your mouth and swallow.

You know how to swallow, don't you, darling?!

Don't you?!

Fucking whore. Katie, you fucking whore.


Help! Help!

Help! Help!

No one can hear you down here.

Scream all you want.

It ain't gonna work.

Trust me, I tried.

You like me now, don't you?

I'm sorry, Miss Katie.

Answer me.

Tell me you like me.

Tell me! Tell me!

Tell me you like me. I like you.

I like you. I like you.

I like you, Katie.

I like... I like you, Katie. I like you, Katie.

I like you...

Suck on that.


Please... don't do this.

Now... you move or I shock you.

You like electricity, don't you?

What are you doing?

Please... I beg of you.

No more!

No more?

I haven't even gotten started.


A little foreplay.


Is the pain waking your body up yet?

They used to use shock therapy to help the mentally ill.

Since you are so sick, you, Valko, need a great deal of therapy.



My dear girl.

Believe me, I know what you're going through.


NO! Oh, no!







Ana, I must talk to you.


No. No.


What the fuck?


I must talk to her.

The American.

How do I find her?

Do you know her? Who is she?

Katie. Her name is Katie.

She came to me for help not too long ago.

And did you help her?

I thought so.

Now I'm not so sure.

So she's down there.

Help her.

This time, you must help her, Kiril.


My God.

Georgy. Georgy.

Welcome to the party.

You said it best, didn't you?

What was it exactly?

Oh, yeah. "We all have our vices."

Take a look at mine.

Oh, fuck me!


Now... Let me out!

Mother's calling.

Get me out!

Oh, shut up, Ana.

Please! Ana, shut up.

Now, Ivan, you shouldn't talk to your mother that way.

What's so funny?

She's not my mother.

Father didn't stop raping her until after Nicky was born.

I told you she was a sick fuck.

You're the sickest of them all.

How many others did you sell to animals like Valko?

How many more like me?

How many?!

No. No.


No, please!





Killing you would be too easy.


I want you to have the same experience as me!

He's not a sick fuck anymore.

You're fucking dead. You're fucking dead.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

For the first few days, I wished I was dead.

Now... I don't know.

No. No. No.

No, no, no.


You think that hurts?!

You just wait!

Is that too tight?

Yes. Yes.

Let me loosen it for you.


Wrong way.

Fucking whore.

You fucking whore.

Want some more?

You let me know when it's tight enough.

Guys like it tight, right?


You should see yourself.

Not so proud now, Ivan.

And to think... all of this could have been avoided if you weren't such... an asshole piece of shit!


Don't move.


Hey! Let her go!

I said let her go!

Let her go!

Stop it, God damn it!

I'm sorry.