I Vitelloni (1953) Script

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Music by Directed by Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival

This is our town pier.

And what you see here is the last party of the season.

The Miss Mermaid contest, 1953.

Nice crowd, right?

Outsiders, tourists, and there's even an actress who's come from Rome... to be part of the jury.

Everybody's here.

And, of course, we're here too... the young bucks.

This is Alberto.

This is Leopoldo, the intellectual.

And here's Moraldo, the youngest member of our group.

Look at the lightning, it's beautiful.

The tenor who's singing is Riccardo. As always, this is really his night.

And here's Fausto, our leader and spiritual guide.

Do you believe me now?

Do you think I'm stupid? Give me my shoe.

I will, but give me a kiss.

Let go. Give me a kiss.

I said let go.

Don't be so... Let go, you stupid idiot!

The nerve!

But you promised.

Promised you what? That before you left...

Yes, we all make promises, how many times have you promised Sandra?

Who cares about Sandra? What? Who cares?

With four of five votes, Sandra Rubini is Miss Mermaid, 1953.

My little girl!

You won and you didn't even want to enter!

Your little sister won!

Well done!

Go, my darling! Go!

Miss Mermaid 1953!

She's thrilled!

Ladies and Gentlemen may I have your attention.

...a famous actress who's come all the way from Rome, Lilia Landi.

She places the sash of Miss Mermaid 1953 on our very own beauty queen.

Here it comes!

A few words for your admirers.

I... Wonderful! She said "I"!

Could you fetch my cape?


Look, lightning!

I didn't mean to...

It's just a passing shower, stay in your seats, the party isn't over!

Your bill, Alberto.

Everyone's leaving. Don't mind them.

It's really windy!

Introduce me to Landi. Now?

Please, introduce me.

Thank you Madam. Not at all!

Allow me to introduce one of our most esteemed citizens.

The playwright Leopoldo Vannucci.

How do you do?

I've followed your career closely.

He's written a play.

He's also our resident poet.

It's great out here, it feels like the end of the world!



Well done!

You'll be in the movies now!

Thank you!

I want you to meet my little girl.

My god!


What's wrong, mum? Come here! Your sister's sick!

Excuse me, please. Get a doctor, quickly!

A doctor! A doctor!

Calm down, it's nothing. Is there a doctor here?


Calm down Mummy! It's nothing to worry about!

What's going on?

Let me through.

My little girl!

Make Way!

Let them through!

Make Way!

It's nothing, she just needs some air.

Poor Sandra!

It's nothing to worry about, Mum!

Leopoldo, call Fausto, tell him to come here!


Calm down!

It's nothing. Look at her!

May I?

Let me through.

Make Way!

Please Miss, make way!

What happened? Sandra fainted, she's not well.

Is she better?

-Mum? -Darling!

Oh my goodness Sandra!

I want to die!

What are you talking about?

You want to die tonight when they voted you Miss Mermaid?

No, dear, that isn't funny.

Doctor, what's wrong with her?

Please answer!

Come on, everyone out!

Stand back!

I need to go through!

It's you. Back already?

Because it's raining.

What are you up to?

I have to go away, I'm leaving now, it's business.

Remember that guy I mentioned in Milan who might have found me a job?

Well, I've thought about it, I'm going to take the job.

At this hour? What have you done?

Nothing, I got a job, aren't you happy?

What sort of job? It's some business he set up.

It's a serious offer.

Can you lend me 5,000 lira for the ticket?

I'll pay you back when I get there.

What have you done this time, you scoundrel?

What have you done? Nothing, I got a job.

Don't you believe me? I'm taking the one o'clock train.


Stay here, I'll go.


Hello, Mr. Francesco. How are you?

Hi, Moraldo. Come in.

Come in, come in.

Come in.

Excuse me, dad, you know...

You see the rain? Summer's over.

Want a smoke? You've only got one.

It doesn't matter, I don't smoke.

This will go on for three days at least.

Smooth, isn't it?

So you're leaving? Yes, I'm going away.

Will you be gone long? I don't know, it depends.

And Sandra? She was elected Miss Mermaid.

She'll be fine. I bet she's happy now.

Sandra's expecting.

Yes, I know.

That's why I'm leaving.

I'd like to do the right thing, but how can I?

I'm broke, like you. That's why I'm going to Milan.

I want to do something with my life.

Of course I'll come straight back once I get things together.

Don't you believe me?

I didn't say anything. You know what I mean.

I do love Sandra, I swear. I'll swear on anything you want.

You want me to swear on my mother? I really do love her.

It was fate.

Now be honest, wouldn't you try to get a job first?

I don't know. Well then?

Why don't you come with me?

What will you do here this winter?

If we don't find work in Milan we'll look somewhere else.

Didn't we always say we'd leave? Now?

I'm telling you, this is the right time.

Sandra will be thrilled, you'll see.

Let's talk outside.


Fausto? Let's go.

Turn off the light.


Excuse me, Moraldo.

Can I get that 5000 lira?

Why do you want 5000 lira? To do what?

To leave?

First you get into trouble then... I'll strangle you!


Shut up!

What are you doing?

I swear I'll... Out of my way!


I swear on your poor mother's grave this is the last time.

That girl's father is an honourable man, like me.

He's worked all his life, like me.

Like the fool I am, to support his family honestly.

I'll take you to church myself even if I have to drag you there.


What's happening, daddy?


Go back to bed.

You'll marry her. Mark my words, you'll marry her.

Hi, Fausto.

Yes, go ahead and laugh while my dad's crying.

So they got married, and it was a lovely wedding, even if a bit hastily arranged.

Riccardo sang Ave Maria and made everyone cry.

And the parish priest who had known us since we were children... gave a very moving speech.

My dear couple...

You've no idea what a joy it is for me to join you in holy matrimony.

And you, dear Fausto, and you, dear Sandra...

You see? It didn't take a second. Thanks.

Thanks. Thanks.

Congratulations. Thanks.


I told you I'd marry her.

My little girl.

My little girl.


Beautiful service!

Just perfect!

Smile for the camera!

Alberto, you're covering the bride.

Smile please! Thank you.

Don't quarrel!

And be careful crossing the streets in Rome!




Bye Dad!


The train is leaving!

Fausto! Fausto!


Oh dear!

Why are you crying?

It was nice, wasn't it?


Riccardo. Coming.

All you do is singing!

Listen, Lina...

Where to now? Let's go to Marina's.

Thank you so much. Bye bye.

Goodbye, Francesco. Thank you, Mr. Rubini.

You'll see, Fausto isn't a bad kid.

I know.

This must be your little girl.

She's a lovely girl.

Then we're agreed, Fausto will live with us... until he can support himself and his wife.

Good day.

Why does she treat him like that?

Take us home.

Can we buy you a drink, Mr. Francesco?

No, thank you, Riccardo. I'm going home.

Good bye.

Nine plus two, 11. 11 - 20.

You think you've won?

What do you think?

Two points for me, please, Leopoldo.


Why the long face? I'm feeling a bit down.

Forget about those two, they've gone.

I wonder if they're in Rome yet. What a drag!

Do you think it's that easy? You've got to know Rome.

If he'd gone with me it would be a different story.

A couple of phone calls and we'd have a ball.

And Sandra?

I mean if he wasn't married. If I got married...

I'd go to Africa, like Hemingway.

Free, in the wild, in a jeep. That would be good.

On the run in Africa.

I'd go with Esther Williams. Not Franca Marzi?

Franca Marzi, Ginger Rogers.

Well of course... No, no...hang on a second Remember the surveyor's girlfriend? The one who burnt her shoulder.

Ciuffini? Ciuffini!

In Africa with Ciuffini. I'd go to India.

India, yes.



Come over.

Hurry up when someone calls you.

Antonio You're always getting in the way. What do you want?

Say what you want but he's in Rome and we're here.

In this dirty village.

They make a nice couple. They're good together.

A nice couple? She's pretty, she's a beautiful girl...

But Fausto, with that face? No, he's tall, well built.

He's got a good voice. Voice?

So what? We've all got a voice.


Didn't you ever notice anything with Fausto and your sister?

Let's be honest now, Fausto didn't behave properly.

Fausto's a scoundrel. No, I wouldn't call him a scoundrel.

He's a passionate creature, driven by animal instincts.

What are you talking about? You think you're writing a play?

He's an animal, it would be like one of you dating my sister.

I'd date your sister any time.



Me! Me!

Come on, over here!

Pass the ball!

Oscetta Oscetta Alberto, leave her alone.

It's not fair!

That's enough, you scoundrels!

Go to bed!


Come on Alberto!



And now what else can we do?

Another day has come to an end and all we can do is go home, like every night.

Alberto lives with his mother and his sister... and he knows his mother won't go to bed until he comes back.

It's Alberto.

Riccardo, like every night, notices he's getting fat.

Coming back at this hour? Rascal! Goodnight dad, goodnight mum.

And Leopoldo, after having consumed the dinner his aunts left for him... gets to work on his new play.

He puts on his favorite record; 'Fly Into The Night'... and sits at his table.

Removing the cap of his pen, he draws a triangle... and watches his characters parade across the ceiling.


She's the neighbours' servant.

Hi, Caterina. How are you?

Not well, in this cold. And you?

I'm working. Yes?

What a lovely moon.

As lovely as you. Liar.

Why do you always play that song? It inspires me.

Just like every other night, only Moraldo walks the empty streets.

What if I left as well?

Hey! Hello!


Where are you going at this hour? You know what time it is? It's 3:00.

Aren't you going to sleep? Sleep? I just got up.

I always get up at 3:00, every morning.

Why? I go to work.

Work? I work there at the station.

Come here, sit down. What do you do?

What kind of work? I told you, I work.

Is this a railwayman's cap? Yes.

Tell me, are you happy?

It's okay.

Want a cigarette? - Yes.

I had one here...

No, I'm sorry. I have to go.


Bye Bye

How's the helmet? It's coming along well.

Will it fly? Sooner than my enemies think.

And they thought you were crazy. I'll come and celebrate with you.


Can you come down for a moment?

Do me a favour, I'll pay you back on Sunday.

Give me 1000 lira.

You'll pay me back? Yes.

You've been working all night. He'd better give you a pay rise.

I'll tell him. I've only got 500.


Thanks, Olga.


Good morning!

Massimo and Leopoldo are off to the racetrack in Bologna.

They gave me a sure win. Why don't we put a bet on it?

1000 would cover it. I've got 300, how much have you got?

Now, even on Sundays, the beach is deserted.

But we'd still go there to look at the sea.

If someone offered you 10,000 lira would you go in?

I would.

Shall we go?

Let's go and watch Giudizio fishing.

Come on, Riccardo.

You know who Leopoldo looks like? The parish priest.



Don't tell mum you saw me.

You said you were finished with him.



Leave me alone!

Quit staring, guys.

Well? Shall we go and watch Giudizio fishing?

Hi, Alberto.

Listen here. You can't stay away.

You made me look like a fool in front of my friends.

Like your friends can talk. Yes.

You've got to break it off with that scoundrel.

What do you expect?


I don't expect anything. He's got a wife!

Don't shout, mum's asleep. He's got a wife, he's married.

I know, but they don't live together. So what? Will he marry you?

Will he marry you? Stay out of my affairs.

I can take care of myself. No, you can't.

Because you're my sister. Get your hands off me.

If you make mum cry...

Get out of here!

If you make mum cry...

Then, one fine day, when we'd almost forgotten about him...

It's Massimo! Guys, Fausto's here!

Fausto is back?

He's got a moustache!

Let's go and see.

Here he is!


Hi guys!

Hello! You are back!

How are you? Good, thanks.

How is it going?

Hi, Alberto! We've been waiting for you.

I've got something amazing to show you.

Come over here!

What's that? It's a gramophone.

We saw Wanda Osiris.

Yes, she wasn't bad but let's not go overboard.

She came down this really long staircase...

Quiet! Just listen to this mambo.

There was a guy who danced like this.

Can you teach me? Yes, it's easy.

It's good, isn't it? Are you happy?

Yes, very.

Things would have gone on as usual... if Fausto's father-in-law hadn't come up with a crazy idea.

Praised the Lord May the Lord be praised.

My dear friend, you get younger by the day.

How are you?

This must be your son-in-law.

Yes he is.

My congratulations, a bit late but it's the thought that counts.

You're a lucky man, I tell you.

Very lucky.

What's your name? Fausto Moretti.


Listen, Fausto, let me be absolutely candid.

As you can see, this is my business.

Modest, because it's modest. You call this modest?

All built through hard work.

Frankly, what I really needed was a shop assistant or an odd-job man... to do the dusting, unloading, open and close the shop, climb shelves... but I'd rather give you the job.

You hear that? Thank the man.

Thank you. There's no need.

I'm pleased to give a young man a start in life.

Feel right at home. When can you start?

Right away! Right away?

So you can start learning the ropes.

Giulia, this is Sandra's husband. He'll be working here now.

The truck's here. I'll be right there.

Shouldn't he buy one of those? A work coat?

I'll lend him my spare one for today.

It's better to wear a work coat, you know.

Giulia, wait a moment, please.

Try it on.

There you go.

Your mother will make you one.

It fits.

What is it? It's been washed, it's clean.

There should be a belt.

Yes here it is.

Button it up.

Looks like it's tailor-made. It fits a treat.

Now, young man, to work.

Go outside, a load of crates have arrived, unload them.

Get the receipt from my wife.


Go on!

Keep an eye on them, if you're not careful they'll break everything.

It's very fragile stuff.

There he is. What's he doing?

Oh! He's handsome!

Come on, let's go. You'll make him lose his job.

Bye Pablo!

Sandra, how are you? Welcome back.

You look great. What a pretty hat.

When did you get back? Yesterday morning.

How's married life? Where's Fausto?

He's got a job.

I'm going to get him. You're wise to keep an eye on him.

Why? Fausto's a good boy. He's just a little fickle.

Do you like your new place? We're staying with my mother.

Of course, you had so little time... Everything was so rushed.

You're hardly showing at all. It's still a long way off, right?

I'm sorry, but I really have to go.

Let's see each other some time with Fausto.

I came to get you. Great!

Watch this.

You see that? Bravo!

Are you crazy? People can see us.

You're my wife, aren't you?

Guess what I did today. I sold a statue this tall.

Really? Yes.

That's great. You and me are going to the cinema.


Have we got the money? Yes, I've got it.

Good girl!

Here! There!

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Come here.

You like it here? Can you see okay?

What a lovely fridge! We'll get one as well.

How lovely!

Looking for your cigarettes?

Thanks. I've got matches.

You know daddy likes you.

This morning mother called me, she said Sandra, come here.

I went to her and she told me dad wants to build an extension.

But we have to pretend we don't know anything.

A light, please.



Then we can all be together.


Then we can all be together. Of course.

Please don't listen to him. Really? Should I trust you then?

I've always suspected foul play.

Good, aren't they? Yes, very.

Excuse me.

Excuse me for a moment.

I'll be right back. Don't you feel well?

I'm fine, I'll be right back.


Excuse me.

Good evening, lady.

When can I see you? What do you want?

Your phone number. Who do you want to call? Go away.

Don't shut the door, I need to talk to you.

Are you out of your mind? I know you.

You wore a white bathing suit this summer, remember Alcuza?

I know you as well, you were at the cinema with a young woman.

Me? No. When will we meet again?

Go away. What are you thinking? I'm a lady.

My maid's upstairs.

Meet me, tomorrow night? No, never again.

The day after tomorrow? No.

When then? Until we meet again.

Let's leave it to fate, farewell. No, wait!

I've got something important to tell you, come here.

I've got to speak to you. Go away.

Sandra, you're here! Where have you been?

I forgot, a friend was leaving, I went to the station.

Am I late? Has the film finished already?

What a pity, damn it.

How did it end? Did she die? No, she didn't die.

They got married. She's a really good actress.

Remember we saw her in that film in Rome, what was it called?

Sandra, are you crying?

Yes, you are. What have I done?

I'm scared.

Scared? Of what?

I don't know, I'm scared.

I'm sorry.

Don't be like that.

Don't worry, I'm being silly. Something came over me.

No, that's not true. Why?

I love you so much.

Give me your hand.

I feel better now, darling.

I can't stand to see you cry.

I won't cry anymore, as long as you're by my side.

I'll always be by your side.

Take me home. Yes, let's go home.

In the months that followed, the most important events were... that Riccardo, imitating Fausto, grew a moustache and Alberto, sideburns.

Fausto, on the other hand, had shaved off his moustache.

His father and sister would sometimes pass by the shop to watch him work.

Just like every evening, Leopoldo also worked, he grew a beard.

It's scary.

I thought you'd like it.

And, at last, the eagerly awaited carnival season arrived.

It's a good carnival this year. People want to enjoy themselves more.

Add a beauty spot on the other side. No, one's enough.

Is my dress ready?

Now leave me alone or your mother will shout at me.

I still have to finish all the sheets.

No, they need to be bigger. I put some padding in the front.

Look at the state of him.

Do you like Alberto? Nonsense.

She's in love with you. Yes, mother's noticed as well.

Is she really rich? Why, do you want to marry her?

Elvira, my hat?

I haven't got your hat. Who's got it then?

You're still here? I'm ready to go. I'm not coming.

Then give me your hat.

You know I don't wear hats. What am I going to do?

You're doing it on purpose, when someone wants to have fun no one helps.

Look in the trunk, you'll find something, but don't make a mess.

What happened? You're crying and she's...

What's wrong? Nothing, just a slight headache.

You and me are going to have it out.

Come and look, it's full of stuff. Just don't make a mess.

I think I've got it, watch me.

Who's the guy with the beard?

That's my poor old man.

Leopoldo, look at these photos.

Here's the hat. You see? I found it.

Have a look.

Look at Alberto!

Shall we dance? Yes, dear.

We're going to dance. Be careful.

Have you ever seen the rafters in this theatre?

No, and I have no desire to.

Leopoldo, wait! I'm coming down!

You had the same idea as well, China.

I love you so much.

Me too, my love.

Why are you squeezing me? It's the Chinese way.

I'm going to get a drink. The bar's that way.

You know what I think? One day you'll be here applauding one of my plays.

I like variety shows.

What are you drinking? An orangeade.

An orangeade, just a second.

Have you ever seen the rafters in this theatre?

Don't you recognise me? Sure!

Are you alone? No, I'm with my friends.

Your costume's very pretty.

Excuse me.

I decided to come at the last minute. I'll dance with you later.

Gisella, wait! Who's he?

A great writer. He's my neighbour, you know?

Whiskey, darling? Whiskey? I want a sandwich, a big one.

Antonio, a sandwich. Here you go, freshly made.

Isn't this fun? A glass of milk.

Right away Sir Fausto.

A ham sandwich at this hour?

But it's nice. You're always eating.

I'm hungry. It doesn't look good!

What a nice nose you have!

May I dance with my sister?

Leave that.

I'll show her the rafters.

Cognac, Giulia? No, I'm feeling dizzy.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Having fun? Yes, lots! Aren't you?


They're playing the Sioux Mambo. Yes, it's a great song.

May I?

Actually, I'm not alone.

Let's go to the other buffet, it's too crowded here.

Two orangeades, Antonio! What's up with you?

Did you see Michele's wife? No, who?

My boss' wife, she's a classy one. She's my type, you know?

Put it on my tab.

No, Michele, I don't think you're doing it right.

What a pro!

What are you looking at? Nothing.

Where are you taking me?

Check out the view. It makes me feel dizzy.

Then don't look down. Now what?

Now, nothing. Tomorrow we'll go for a nice walk.

Yes? Who's coming? You are.

Let me kiss your neck. Go on, just once.

How boring!


That's enough.

Get out of here! With that trumpet.

Come on, my big head.

Anita, come on let's go to mass.

Why won't you believe me? It's true.

Alberto, what's wrong? Feeling sick?

I'm fine.

I'll take you home. I'm fine, go away.

Go away! I'll take you home.

Go to Beijing. Come on, let's go.

Leave him alone. I can't, he's my friend.

Leave me alone. Let's go home.

Let's go swimming. Yes, but let's go home first.

Yes, let's go home first. Then we'll go swimming.

We'll go together.

Who are you? Moraldo.

Who are you? Moraldo.

You're a nobody. You're all nobodies, all of you.

What do you think you're doing?

Nothing, nothing. Let go of me, you make me sick.

If I let you go...

Let go, I want to go by myself. You'll hurt yourself.

I want to go alone, I'll be okay. You're a nobody!

You'll fall. You make me sick.

Please, let's go. I can't just leave him.

Can I come now? Then come.

What do you want with me? Nothing, let's go home.


You know what?

Listen, we've got to get married.


We've got to get married. Have you seen Fausto?

He settled down. He's happy.

He has a house. We've got to...

You've got to get married, Riccardo. You've got to get married!

Okay, bye. You see? I told him as well.

You know what we'll do instead? We'll leave.

We'll go to Brazil.

Just think, Brazil. Let's take her as well.

Yes, right.

We'll take a steamer.

I won't fall. Let's go home.

You're leaving me here? I can't leave him, come with us.

You're home, do you want me to take you up?

I'm not going home. What am I going to do there?

I've was waiting for you.

I wanted to say goodbye.

I'm leaving, Alberto. Forgive me.

But I can't stay here anymore.

Take care of mother.

I'll always think of you.


Farewell, Alberto.

Try to behave.

Olga, where are you going?

Where's she going?

Mother, what's going on?

You saw, she's gone.

How can my own daughter do this to me?

After all I've sacrificed for her.

Don't cry.

I'll stay with you. I'm not leaving.

She'll come back, you'll see. If she doesn't, fine.

What does she think? That those few pennies she gave us...

Good riddance!

I'll get a job, I will.

Really, Alberto?

Have you found something?

Have you found something?


Good morning. See what that lady wants.

What lady? That one.

I'd like two candles like the ones from last year.

I wasn't here last year.

She wants two candles like the ones from last year.

Then get them.


Excuse me.

Did you enjoy yourself last night? Try to get here earlier.

It's 11:00, we open at 9:00. Alberto's sister ran away.

It happens every morning and you always have an excuse.

And a toothache... Go.

Giulia, see what he's gone and done.

Sorry. Look at the craftsmanship...

What have you done? They fell.

Leave it, I'll do it. Sorry.

Just paying you back.

But carnival's over, I think.

Madam Giulia.

You should always dress up like you did last night.

Bring me the receipts in the drawer.

Which drawer? The drawer under the counter.

Here are the receipts. Thank you.

What are you doing? I didn't sleep a wink.

I waltzed with you in my dreams, all night long.

Put these away. Give me a hand.

Then I'll do it myself.

What a temper! Only last night I realised you're a real woman.

You're drunk!

Yes, drunk with you, your flesh, your scent.

Enough of that nonsense!

Why? Don't tell me you don't like it.



Just be quiet.

It's sunny outside but it's cold...

Good morning. Could I see some angels, please?

Goodnight, I'll go out this way. No, one moment.

Why don't you join us for a glass of vermouth?

It's our wedding anniversary. It's been fifteen years.

Congratulations, but I wouldn't want to intrude.

No, on the contrary.

If I'd known, I would have brought some flowers or something.

There's no need.

We live upstairs. It's very convenient.

Please. Thank you, very kind.

Allow me.

Come in.


Giulia, please bring some vermouth.

Giulia, the vermouth. Yes, Michele.

Have a seat.

It's lovely. You like it?

Really lovely. Modest, but I like it.

I need to get a place of my own. Right.

That's an antique boat, right? Yes.

Here's the vermouth.

Congratulations. I heard that today's your...

I've got to finish up next door. Yes, go ahead.


My wife's a good woman, right? Yes, very good and...

And? Good.


We're not so young, but we still get along well.

We don't have many friends so we spend most nights at home.

In this room here.

We also play cards sometimes.

Now you may laugh. They play cards!

Or, I don't know... I read a good book and my wife knits.

And we're not bored. You know why?

Because we love each other.

But you wouldn't understand. I understand completely.

No, you don't understand.

Yes. No, you don't.

I really pity you.

And I pity your wife even more, poor thing.

What do I mean?

Here, your month's wages. Make up an excuse for your family.

Say you didn't like it, there was too much work, whatever you want.

You're good at making up excuses.

Why are you firing me? To teach you how to live.

I treated you like a brother and you behaved like a scoundrel!

Now go away before I wring your neck.

I never expected this from you.

No, leave her out of this.

Fausto's leaving, he won't be working for us any longer, he quit.

Then I don't have to come tomorrow? No.

Good evening.

Look, I was just fooling around.

I lost my job.

Yes, because of that idiot boss of mine.

Which idiot?

She fell in love with me and because I wouldn't look at her...

Also out of respect for Michele.

Besides, she's an old lady, you think I'd...

So she put me against her husband and he made up an excuse to fire me.

What excuse?

He can't just fire you like that. No, he can.

Then he said, make up an excuse for your family.

I have to make up an excuse. That's crazy, you shouldn't have left.

Didn't he give you any severance pay or anything?

He should have at least given you a month's notice.

No, he didn't.

A month at least, he can't steal 30,000 lire.

You can't just fire someone like that. You've got a job, a position.

Isn't water great?

Weren't you thirsty?

Listen, can you keep a secret?

I don't know. Why?

You said Michele should have given me notice, right?

Well I'm going to get what's mine, then we'll split it.

I don't understand.

You scared to climb a roof with me? Which roof?

A roof.

I don't know, to do what? Are you scared or not?

No. Come on then.

Let's go.

Quiet. Move out of the way.

Where are we? Quiet, don't talk.

This is the courtyard.

Careful with the matches, it's all straw here.

Where are you? Over here.

What are you doing?

Isn't it beautiful?

What is it? It's an angel and we're taking it.

You know how much it's worth? At least 40,000 lire, I saw the bill.

It's antique wood.

You want to steal it? Let's get out of here.

It's not theft, no one noticed when it was unloaded and it got left here.

It's been two months. Didn't you say they owed me?

We'll take this instead. It's stealing.

Listen, I have a family now, I need this money.

I've got a lot of things to take care of.

If you're scared, tell me. I'll do it alone.

At least give me some light here.

Isn't it beautiful?


Tell him to be quiet. Giudizio, cut it out!

Good morning, sister, is Mother Superior in?

What for?

I've got something that might interest her.

What is it? She's in the chapel.

Let's go.

No, show her. It's a real beauty.

Show her.

It's an angel, all solid wood.

It's been in our house, but we're forced to sell.

So we thought we'd offer it to the Ursuline convent, it's a real bargain.

Just look at that expression.

Beautiful angel, beautiful angel!

No, don't be afraid, he's harmless.

We have enough angels.

Sister, listen...

A brother, up there!

What do you want?

How are you? Care for a cigarette?

Wait... Catch it.


It's great here. This is the life.

Sorry, what's your name? Father Felice.

Is the abbot here? No.

Who's in charge when he's away? I am.

Great, I've got a real bargain for you.

Can I interest you in a truly magnificent statue?

Colourful, perfect for an altar. Do you have it there?


Show him.

Beautiful angel, beautiful angel!

Isn't it beautiful? Look at the expression.

Where did you get it?

We had it at home, we haven't got anywhere suitable for it... so we thought we'd offer it to you.

We don't need anything.

They were unable to sell the statue that day... and when evening came, Fausto and Moraldo entrusted it to Giudizio... with a thousand instructions.

Dad's here.

Good evening, daddy.

Moraldo, come here. Don't make me come after you!

What did I do? You really have to ask?

Out of my way! Wait till I get hold of you!

I haven't done anything. What's the poor boy done?

Poorboy? He's a monster!

They've shamed us forever! All of us!

Thieves! Out of my house, both of you!

What happened? They stole a statue!

It's not like that. Yes it is! Be quiet.

You stole it with that layabout there.

I had to beg him not to call the police.

Yes, the police, in my own home.

And that animal tried to force himself on my best friend's wife.

The shame!

They told you a pack of lies and I'm shocked someone like you believed them.

Don't raise your voice.

I will! You treat me like a five-year old! I'm 30!

You can keep your cutlets! You'll never see me again! Never!

Sandra, it wasn't his fault. Giulia came on to him.

Then she lied to her husband.

Are you listening to me? Really?

Yes, it was her, because Fausto wasn't interested.

Because Fausto wouldn't even look at her.

And they didn't want to pay him.

So we thought we'd take the angel.

He really didn't make a pass at her? Yes, I swear.

Come on, don't cry.

Where has he gone now? He's down in the garden.

I'm waiting for Moraldo.

Tell dad he won't see me again. I don't want to be a burden.

What are you saying? Moraldo told me everything.

Everything? Yes, I'll tell dad.

It was that woman who was being stupid.

Let's not talk about it. No, they have to know.

Here, your cutlet. You haven't eaten a thing.

Damn it...

Why did you take the statue?

Did you need money? You could have told me.

Why didn't you? We should tell each other everything.

We need to be close, all we have is each other.

Mother's very kind but... she treats me like a baby, and daddy's so busy.

He doesn't even know me.

You're all I've got. If you leave too...

Don't be like that.

Do you still love me? Yes.

Do you love our baby? My Sandrina, our baby.

So you'll stay with me?


Then come on, let's go home. Let's go see dad, come on.

So Fausto was forgiven and slowly started looking for another job.

They didn't pay much attention to him once the baby was born.

So handsome!

He looked like mum, dad, his aunts, grandparents, and even Moraldo.

He looks like my maths teacher. He's ugly! He's a martian.

Sandra was happy, and one day, almost in secret... she paid a visit to her father-in-law to show him little Moraldino.

The coffee's on the stove. Good girl.

Moraldino, why are you so fat?

Yesterday he said "blue", I wonder what he meant.

Has Fausto found a job?

Yes, it looks like it. It's just a matter of days.

Excuse me, dad, I'll finish off the coffee.

No, I'll go. No, I'll do it.

Can I hold him? Yes, but be careful, don't drop him.

Handsome Moraldino, give your auntie a kiss.

No, dad, you don't know how to hold him.

Not like that!

I don't know that one.

Is that the farthest one? Yes, it's called Sirius.

Are there people living there? I don't think so.

Would you live there? Yes.


Will you walk with me? Sure.

The evenings were getting warmer. Spring was in the air.

And now, a man whose heart is as big as his name.

He's brilliant. Listen.

Mr. Sergio Natali.

I shall recite The Dreams of Youth.

Is that Natali? Yes.

He's so ugly.

Grandpa, when is daddy coming home?

Little boy, your daddy has already returned.

He's here among us, lost in the crowd.

He sees you, he smiles at you, he brushes past you.

And you, little boy, you don't feel a thing.

Why not, grandpa?

Because you're innocent.

Because daddy left in the spring, just like your grandpa.

As a lieutenant, with flowers... songs and a flag.

It's the evening Leopoldo has been dreaming of.

The great actor has read his play... and will see him in his dressing room after the performance.

His big moment has come.

Even we grasped the importance of this meeting... and we were as excited as Leopoldo.

I see you've brought company. Please, come in.

Bring some chairs. It's okay, sir, we'll stand.

Forgive the candle.

But they always steal the light bulbs in these second-rate theatres.

Don't worry about it. May I offer you a cigarette?

They're domestic, you know.

Because the American ones are very dangerous.

I'm a great admirer. I saw you in I due Foscari.

You know, they cut the best parts out.

Have a seat while I finish removing my make-up, if I may?

Sir, I've admired you for years.

The first time I saw you was in Bologna, in 1943.

It was an unforgettable evening.

You introduced me to Ibsen. Ibsen, those were the days.

Feels like yesterday.

My dear friend, it's hard work being a lead actor.

And they see me here during a break which I'd like to call a holiday.

It's temporary, of course.

My dear friend, I have some great ideas for next season.

I want to put together an amazing cast.

A cast that will make history.

I'll have Ferrati and possibly Gassman.

You hear that? Ferrati and Gassman.

And I want young playwrights, first of all, for the grants... and then for the challenge.

Speaking of which, I've read your work.

Well, I've flicked through it. You understand, I'm always so busy.

The theater is a tyrant.

But you've got it.

You really liked it?

You've got it here... and here.


"I'm a product of my time. I am, alas, powerless.

Do you understand, Frida, the writhing agony of my soul?"

Frida laughs.

"I understand, Roberto, that you are consumed by pride..."

Salt. Roberto laughs.

What more damage can pride do to a soul already ruined?

Blind man! Only fear could save you."

Blind man! Only fear could save you.

Brilliant! But that was Frida's line. She goes on.

"In the silence of your desert, don't you hear a voice calling you?"

Robert, sarcastically: "Your voice, Frida?"

"No... God's."

So ends Act ll.

Great! Isn't it great?

Sir, may I start Act Ill? Continue.

The door!

Did you eat well, sir? Great, thanks.

Keep reading. Act Ill, scene I...

What's a Roman omelette? The one with all the fat on top?

Ask Mr. Natali to introduce us.


They'll be represented by two figures clad in white... and the dark lighting will give the scene a nightmarish quality.

The sound of the wind will lead into the cry of the seagulls.

As if shaken by a sudden shiver, Frida turns, she's tired, aged.

Frida approaches Luca...

I like you, baby, and damn you to hell if you won't drink with me.

Can you do Gary Cooper? Alberto, do the saw!

I do a good saw. Close your eyes or it won't work.

Quiet, listen!

I'll do an impression, my grandma!

Granny, I'll never leave you.

Can't you do impressions? Why are you so serious?

I like this dark-haired boy. He's got class.

Yes, it's true.

"Even murder, nothing scares me anymore, yet I still remember..."

Hey, there's a radio here. I'll turn it on.

That's a naughty thing to say.

Leopoldo, where are you going?

I'll tell you later. I feel poetically inspired.

An idea worthy of a genius!

Ocean breeze, nocturnal wind.

Sir, my friends... Your friends have disappointed me.

He who cares not for art cares not for life.

Is the beach that way?


Your Frida is wonderful. A perfectly sculpted character.

Perfect for Ferrati! Perfect!

I'll write to her tonight and I'm sure she'll accept.

If Act IV is anything like the first two...

I assure we hold all the cards, my boy!

What's your name? Poldo, sir.

Leopoldo, in two months you must come with me to Milan.

Really, sir? Are you serious? Call me Sergio.

Are you serious? Come, let's read Act IV.

You've no idea what this means to me.

I was ready to give up on all my dreams.

The beach! This way.

Sergio, I can hardly express... This town is blind to art.

It's hard being so misunderstood.

My friends don't understand me. They only care about material things.

They live their sordid lives, thinking of women and money.

I feel so alone, and the winter's are awful.

It's endless in this town. I'm so full of sadness and anguish.

At midnight the town goes dark. How can an artist feed his demons?

How can he live in this silence?

The years go by, then one morning you wake up.

Yesterday you were a boy and now you're no longer young.

My hat!

Sergio, where have you gone?

The wind has died down. Is that the pier?

Come and read me Act IV.

Where are you going? We'll find a spot down there.

But it's dark down there.



You aren't afraid of me, are you?

Poldo, where are you going? I was joking!

What did you think I meant? Come here, Poldo!



Cover yourself, it's cold outside.

I'll come to the station in the morning to see you off.

What are you doing here?

I was waiting for you. Thanks.

I think it's better if we go home together.


What a woman! Extraordinary!

You know what she told me? If I could sing, she'd hire me.

She'd take me on tour with her. It wouldn't be a bad life.

You travel, you're free, you have fun, no worries.

Surrounded by women all the time.

What about you?

Me? Nothing. Why? She wasn't bad-looking.

What's wrong?

Nothing, I was just thinking... About what?

About Sandra.

What about Sandra? Are you going to preach to me?

So that's why you waited for me.

Answer me.


Clean yourself, you're covered in lipstick.

The other side.

Sandra, aren't you asleep yet?

Look at that little face. Don't touch him!


Are you crying? Go away, get out.

Leave me alone. You'll wake the baby.

What have I done?

That morning, Sandra left the house at dawn without saying a word to anyone... and at noon she still hadn't come back.

Here comes Riccardo with dad's car.

Hi, Riccardo. Come on.

Moraldo went to see Miss Rossi, Sandra's old teacher.

She might have gone to see her. That's right, Fausto.

I think she might be there.

Shall we go to the school first then her grandmother's?

How far is her grandmother's because the petrol...

What happened? Did you quarrel?


She hasn't seen her.

Come on, get in. Let's check out her grandmother's.

No, you go. I'll look for her on my own.

What happened? Nothing, lady.

Forget about him. Let's go.

Why don't we grab a bite to eat before we leave town?

We could grab a bite to eat before we leave town.

Shut up!

I've got a feeling we'll find her at her grandmother's.

It makes sense that she went there, to show her the baby.

Yes, I agree, she went to show her the baby.

Did you have anything to eat before you left home?

Nothing? No, I'm not hungry.

A sandwich? I'm not hungry.

Where do we turn around here? Let's get out.

Let's ask someone. There's nobody here.

There's a house down there.

There's no one there. This is a wasteland.

Fausto, where are you going?

Watch Leopoldo. Go on!

You could have hit me. It wasn't me, it was him.

Quiet. Do you hear the lark?

What? The lark.

That's a robin. Robins sound like this...

What sound does it make?

Robins sound like this...

But Sandra wasn't at her grandmother's either and Fausto was getting scared.


We have to go back right away. The car won't start.

We're out of fuel.

Can I borrow that bicycle? Yes, take it.

It's Caesar's but he doesn't need it today, be careful.

Would you like something to eat? Where are you going?

Let me go. Listen, Sandra's at home.

I'll bet you anything that she's at home.

Now you're scared, what about before? Out of my way, idiot!

Worry about that sister of yours who never came back!

Coward! Asshole!


You mentioned an omelette? Yes.

With bacon? Yes.

Leave me alone.

With bacon?


Where is everyone? They've gone to the police station.

They're looking for her in the sea.

Why the sea?

Why the sea? How do I know?

What should I do? Shall I prepare lunch?


You see? We meet again.

It's fate.

What's wrong? Why haven't you shaved?

Where are you going in such a hurry? The cinema?

I'm going home.

Would you be a gentleman and carry this for me?

No, I'm sorry, I can't.

Is she back?

If she doesn't come back I'll kill myself.

You'll never kill yourself, you're a coward.

Moraldo, listen...

Mr. Michele.

What's wrong?

Sandrina's disappeared.


Stupid workers!

What's up with this car? Why are you stopping?

Open the hood. Do something.

Let me out.

They're coming.

We were joking!

What happened?

Me? It was them, I was asleep.

I'm a socialist.

Are you looking for Sandra? Yes.

She's here, she's been with us all day.

Stop right there!

Sandra, do me a favour, take the baby in the other room.

Dad, it's alright. Please, go next door.

Go next door with Sandra. No, dad, let me stay.

What a day!

What are you doing?

You hear that? No, I can't hear a thing.

He's beating him, let me go in! No, it's just men talking.

He'll hurt him!

Leave them be, they're just playing.

Let me go in. Can't you hear them yelling?

Don't worry, it's nothing. Mirellina, he'll kill him!

He's beating him to a pulp. No, he isn't hurting him.

On the contrary...

Hold him for a moment, I have to go in there.

Daddy, stop!

May I? My name's Michele Corti.

It's an honour.

You really gave me a scare. Did he hurt you?

No. Are you okay?

Goodnight, dad.

I was so scared. Don't you do that again.

If you make me mad again I'll beat you like your father.

Even worse.

I'll beat you senseless.

That's how I like you!

Let me hold him.

Don't let him catch a cold. Mirella's by the window.

Bye, Mirella.

Fausto and Sandra's story ends here for now.

As for Leopoldo, Alberto, Riccardo... and the rest of us, you can imagine what happened.

We always talked about leaving... but only one of us, one morning, without saying a word to anyone... actually left.

Are you leaving? Guido.

Yes, I'm leaving. Where are you going?

I don't know, I'm leaving. All aboard!

What are you going to do? I don't know, I have to go.

I'm leaving. Didn't you like it here?

Goodbye, Moraldo!

Farewell, Guido.

The End.

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