If There Be Thorns (2015) Script

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Hey! Freak-boy. Have a nice trip!

See you next fall!

Leave him alone, jerk-off.

Oh, or what?

You gonna kick my ass with some ballet moves?

Hey, get a life! Moron.

Don't listen to them, okay, Bart?

Hey, Melodie and I are gonna go for a hike.

I'll be home in a bit. Don't tell mom and dad, okay?

See you at home, buddy.

Hey, Emma.

Hi, Dr. sheffield. Here's your mail.

Thank you.

Hey. Dad.

Hey, kiddo.

This kid on the bus... why don't you give us a second, go inside and get a snack?

Thanks, buddy.

"Hello" to you, too, Bart!

You sure Cathy hasn't seen these?

No, sir.

I've kept it from her like you asked.

Miss Cathy, is it my turn?


Why's she here again?

Bart, sweetie.

Her mom's in the hospital.

The cancer's come back so she needs us right now.

Can't she stay with someone else?


Because there is no one else.

Don't eat too many cookies.

You'll spoil your appetite.

Okay, sweetie.

Show me what you did.

Stupid jocks.

See you tonight.

Emma tells me you've already sold all the tickets for your show.

Yes, I have.

I really think it's gonna boost enrollment in the studio.

You've already got a waiting list!

Well, I think that's because all the girls are lining up to dance with my very handsome assistant instructor.

Hey, peanut. Your babysitter's outside.

Okay. Go.

Say "bye" to miss Cathy. Bye, sweetie.

Bye, miss Cathy. See you tomorrow.

She's so cute.

Yes, she is.

Hey, Jory.

Where's your brother?

Oh, he's out in the treehouse, I'm sure.

Come on.

He's always in that treehouse.

He's 12.

Do you remember what you were doing at that age?

I think I've totally forgotten.

Really? Yeah.

Maybe I need a reminder.

Maybe I can help with that.


Hey, Bart?

Hey, you up there?

Where are you?

Come on. Clover, where is he?

Good boy.

Come on, clover.


Got ya!

You scared the crap out of me!

Hey, I found your girlie magazines.

That's not mine.


Relax! I'm not gonna tell mom and dad.

Where'd you get it, though?

In the basement of the Dracula house next door.

Come and see.

Come on, clover.

Come on.

This place is really creepy.

I wonder if people died here, and it's haunted.

Maybe that's why no one's bought it.

Hey, where are you taking me?

Oh, man. That's gross.

I know. How do you think they died?

Don't know.

Maybe they came in through the chimney and got trapped.

No! Clover! Bad dog!

You okay?

Yeah. Man...

Get out of here!

Go home, you stupid mutt!

Hey, hey.

Looks pretty nasty.

As soon we get home, you've got to let dad clean it.

No! Don't tell mom or dad.

They'll wonder where I got it.

Come on. Let's get out of here.

What are you boys doing in here?

This is private property.

Do you know what happens to trespassers?

Nobody lives here.

They do now.

It's been bought.

I suggest you leave right now.

Yeah. Come on, Bart. Let's go.

I just have to review for my midterm next week, and I'm set.

Good man.

What about you, Bart?

How'd you do on that geometry test?


Oh, come on. You know we have a "no secrets" policy in this family.

I got a "c."

Oh, Bart...

Now, now, that's okay.

I got some "c" s in my day.

You can work through that.

You just have to study more. Right, Jory?

You know what I think would really help me work hard?

Is if I had a pet python to help keep me company while I study.

Again, no.

Nice try, though.

Honey, no, I'm not having those things in my house.

Don't they eat mice and rats?

Oh, by the way, I heard that someone's moving in next door.

They are? Mm-hmm.

It's about time.

I hope they fix that place up.

As it is, it's really hurting our property values.

I'm sure they will.

Boys, if you're finished, why don't you help Emma with the dishes?

Yeah. Yeah.

Thanks, honey.

They're good kids.

We're blessed, aren't we?

We are.

Thank you, gentlemen.

That was good.

What's bothering you?

It's just thinking about little Cindy.

How is Melissa doing?

Not well.

The cancer's metastasized.

What happens when her mother dies, Chris?

There would be background checks, interviews, people looking into our past.

There are ways around that.

Melissa wants it, too.

She's offered to have custody transferred in her will.

Cathy, it's too risky.

Plus, we already have so many expenses.

The house, the car, the kids, Emma.

Please, Chris.

That little girl is all alone. She has no one.

Melodie, you're shivering.

No, we can't.

Your parents' room is right there.

Come on. This way. We're going to the attic.

Jory! What?

They're here.

She looks like a witch.

She must be rich, though. Look.

That guy's her Butler.

Let's get closer.


Where are my scrapbooks?

I can't see anything.

Yeah, but I can hear people.

I'll unpack them tomorrow.

Come on. Let's get outta here. This place is creepy.

It's okay, they won't see us.

You don't think so? No.

We weren't spying. We swear.

We just live next door and we saw somebody moving in.

Would you like to come in for some tea and cookies?

Bart! Put that down.

John Amos!

John Amos?

Tea and cookies at once!

Good help is so hard to find these days.

Is there something wrong with your face?

Bart, that's rude.

No, I like directness.

It shows strength.

My face long ago decided it would reflect my regret.

What is that supposed to mean?

It means "time ravages."

Can't you fix it?


There's no point in trying to bring back what's gone.

I am but a nun.

Where'd you get all this money from?

Again, rude.

It's family money passed down from my father.

But money isn't everything, Bart, especially when you don't have anyone to share it with.

You don't have any family?

I did once, but not anymore.

Now it's just me and John Amos.

He used to serve Malcolm, my father.

John Amos, the polaroid.


Can I have a picture with you?

Why do you want a picture of us?

Stand over here.

You're both so full of life.

You remind me of myself when I was your age.

Smile for the camera.


What is that?

The painting.

That picture I told you that wasn't to be seen, you idiot.

It must have been the movers.

Put it in the office. Out of sight.

As you wish. Now!


Can I get another photo?

Stand right there.

Thank you.

This will be much better.

It's just darling.

I guess.

I'm going to keep this.

I want to see more of you in person.

Would you consider taking after-school jobs to help me unpack and tend to my greenhouse?

I have ballet classes, so that would be hard.

He has a girlfriend, too.


I'm sure the girls love you, too, Bart.

Not really.

Well, they will.

Well, what do you think about the job?

Well, we would have to check and make sure it's okay with our mom and dad first.

You mean Cathy and Christopher?

How did you know their names?

I was told by the realtor.

And I'm Mrs. Foxworth.

Well, we'd better get going.

It's getting pretty late.

Think about those jobs.


Come on, Bart.


Why don't you come back sometime?

Just you.

Just me?

I think you know how special you are.

And special people deserve special attention, and I do have a lot of money, like you noticed, but money has never bought me happiness, and what I really want is grandchildren to spoil with gifts.

Gifts? Like what kind of gifts?

Even a pet snake?

Eww. But yes, darling, even a pet snake.

Bart. Come on.

It's late.



Do you ever wonder about your dad?

Your real dad?


But, honestly, I feel like Chris is my real dad.

Julian is just, uh...

My biological father.

What brought this up?

I don't know.




My biological dad.

You don't remember him at all?

I was too young.

You weren't even born when he died.

All I really remember is Chris.

Why do you think we've never really met anybody in our family?

None of mom or dad's family?

You know why. Okay?

Mom's mom is locked up in the loony bin, and her dad's dead.

And dad's mom and dad are dead, too, so there's really nobody to meet.

There aren't any cousins or uncles?

Not everybody's family's that close.


Anyway... I'm gonna go meet Melodie.

Why are you doing, meeting Melodie so late?

She needed help with the take-home quiz.

I see.

Well, I don't think she could ask for a better tutor.


I heard you talking to Jory.

And all you need to know is that your father was a wonderful man.

That's why I named you after him.

But Jory is right.

Chris really is your father in so many more ways.

He supported me and you and Jory, he's been there for us since the beginning.


So let's just leave the past in the past.

You don't want to hurt Chris's feelings, do you?

By bringing up Bart?


Okay, then.

You should be concentrating on playing and school and girls...

Well, maybe not girls just yet.

Oh, Bart!

I'm so happy you came to visit with me again.

You know, without that thing on, your face doesn't look that bad for being 80 or whatever.

Wow! I'm not that long in the tooth, but thank you, I'm flattered.

You planted all of these?

John Amos did, but I instructed.

Have you thought about that job?

Yeah, I want to do it.

I wanna save up some money to get a bow and arrow.

My dad won't get me one.

Well, if they're not gonna spoil you, then I will.

Will you hand me that tray?


I see you've found your new little pet.

He's mine?

You got him for me?

What do I do with him?

I can't take him home. Mom and dad will get really mad.

They need to loosen up.

You can keep him here.

Why would you get a present like this?

You just met me.

Well, what if I told you I'm not a total stranger?

What do you mean?

What if I told you that we're related?

That our lineage is inextricably connected, like the rose to the Thorn?

You have your... your great-grandfather's ears and nose.

What does that mean?

I'm your grandmother, Bart.

Your mom takes after me, doesn't she?

So you got out of the mental institution?

I was never in a mental institution.

It was an outpatient clinic.

You make it sound like I'm crazy.

So why did you move next to us and not tell mom?

There were hard feelings.

Family is complicated.

Very complicated.

But nevertheless, family must always stick together.

That's why I was dedicated to finding you, and I'm determined to make things right.

You mustn't tell Cathy or Chris about me.

I'll tell them myself when the time is right.

My dad's come up with a "no secrets" policy in our family.

He did?

Oh, that's very ironic.

There's nothing wrong with a secret if it's a little one, and it's for the best.

You're old enough to understand complicated things like this.

We need that big, beautiful Foxworth brain of yours to make things right.

Lad? Come here.

Let me tell you something.

I've known your grandmother a long time.

She's a persistent woman.

She's come here to get her family back, and to make things right.

I have no doubt that she'll succeed.

In the meantime... I have something for you.

Now... please stay here for a minute.

I'm going to give you a lesson in the family history.

Your great-grandfather, Malcolm Foxworth, was a smart man.

He was a tycoon.

He built an empire.

And he was once one of the most powerful men in America.

And you know what?

I see the same qualities he had in you.

The same energy, tenacity, smarts.

You're just like him.

Your great-grandfather's journal.

One of the only things left of him.

Malcolm spoke the truth.

Maybe you can learn a thing or two, and avoid the moral pitfalls that have trapped so many others.

What does that mean?

It means you can choose a moral life, a righteous life, a great life...

Or you can choose to shy away from the light of god.

You cannot tell your parents about this.

You can't even tell Jory.

"July 12, 1943.

"Life is a solitary existence, "but out of that solitude, "with a little ingenuity, "and with the strength of god, I can bring about triumph."

: "Why?"

"Because I do not let" weakness and sin distract me from greatness.

"And sin originated from one creature."

"Nothing else has the power to drive a man" to do what is against his better judgment than lust for women.

A woman can make a man abandon his friends, abandon his morals, abandon his dreams.

"Women will make a man soft."

"It is up to a man to resist this seduction," this temptation, this sin, or it will destroy him.

And in time, "we shall pay for each of our transgressions."

"And our children will pay for them, too.

We will pay for these sins with our blood..."

"and our pain."

It was a fairly simple procedure, so I let him sew her up after I was done, and he stitched his sleeve to her arm.

He didn't!

Is it the same guy who threw up on the operating table?

Yes. Jory!

Thank god, she was unconscious for that, or that'd have been a lawsuit and a half.

Honey, that guy sounds like an oaf!

What is he still doing there?


Are you okay?

I'm fine.

I got it, Emma.

Who would be calling at this hour?

Probably telemarketers.




Hi, Marisha.

She never gets the time difference right, does she?

Jory, your grandmother would like to talk to you.


Oh, honey, don't tell your grandmother about the ballet recital.

Okay. Okay?

Hi, grandma.

Yeah, I'm trying to.

Of course.

Chris, I know she's eccentric, but why do you hate her so much?

You don't like her any more than I do.

What I think isn't important.

She's his grandmother.

He's allowed to talk to her.

Why can't I talk to my grandmother?

Your grandmother?

Your mom.

The one in the mental institution?

Well, Bart, that's, um...

That's very complicated.

I haven't spoken to her in years.

Not since before Chris and I met.

Honey, are you okay?

You look a little peaked.


Are you sure?

Yes, grandma.

Yes, of course, I'll tell her.

Okay, well, um, try and finish your dinner.

Can I be excused?


I'm sure I'll hear soon.

Yeah. Of course.

I'm gonna go check on him.

I don't need you to check on me!

What is it, boy?

Come on.




What are you doing here?

Nothing. I'm just cleaning up.

How long have you been at this?

A few days.

This looks a lot like the attic at Foxworth...

Chris, how can you even say that?

I'm not planning on locking anyone up in here.

I am not mother.

I'm not suggesting you're mother, but what are you doing here?

I don't know.

I don't know, I just want to keep our family safe, and if we adopt Cindy... if we adopt Cindy, it's not gonna help keep the family safe.

Chris, we have to adopt her.

She's just a little girl. She has no one.

She's just like we were... completely alone.


I hear you.

We'll adopt Cindy, but...

All of this...

It's just in case.

In case anyone finds out about us.

I couldn't stand the thought of anyone taking our children away.

Come on.

We are thousands of miles away from Foxworth hall, from all of that...

No one's going to take our children, Cathy.

I won't let that happen.

Oh, hey, Jor.


What're you up to?

Just finished the laundry.

Where's your brother?

I thought he was up here.


He's not downstairs, either.

Well, he shouldn't be outside.

I think he's coming down with something.

What is it? Bart's not in the house.


Let's not panic. Come on.

Let's go look for him.



Come on, Bart! Where are you?


Where is he? Where is he?


Bart! You out here?


Bart! Bart! What's wrong?

Mom! Dad! Over here!


Jory, where are you?


Jesus! Bart!

When did this happen?


Is he gonna be okay?

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god!

Okay, I got it. Get off of me!

Okay, Bart, just please... no! Get off of me!

It's okay, it's okay.

Can you hold him down?

Yeah, I've got him.

Take it easy. Let go!

Chris, what are they doing to him?

He's had an adverse reaction to the antibiotics.

What does that mean?

Means he's allergic to everything.


Why is he so weak?

His father wasn't weak.

I'm not weak.

This is all her fault.

This family is still paying for her sins.

No, no. That is not true.


I need a crash cart!

Open your eyes, see what is in front of you, for the lord said that you shall learn the truth, and the truth shall set you free!

Dr. Sugarman, line three.

My sweet little boy...

My strong little boy.

Please wake up.


It's mommy.

Here, dad.

Thank you, son.

Here, honey. Take one of these.

Oh, Chris, I don't need it.

It's just valium.

You're a nervous wreck, darling, and you need to sleep.

You've been up all night.

Hold on to this.

Okay, hon. Let's let him sleep.

: Okay.

And the truth shall set you free...

I am alone in my search for the truth...

And sinners all around me live with lies and deceit.

People looking into our past...

Do they not know the hellfire that awaits them?

There are ways around that.

If lying lips are an abomination to the lord...

Then secrets must be revealed.

And the sins of these lustful liars must be paid for.

It's Cindy's mother...

She's gone.

Oh, hon', I am so sorry.

Just... I just hope.

Bart's gonna be okay with it.

He'll adapt.

He'll have to.

A girl needs a home, and we made a promise.

Oh, I have never been so worried in my life.

I was a nervous wreck. I really was.

We were all worried, Bart.

But now my boy is as good as new.

You know, nurse, I think I can take it from here. Thank you.

I bet you're excited to be coming home, son.

Well, what would you like for dinner? Hmm?

You must be famished.

How about, um... Pork chops?

With, um, applesauce and, um...

Oh! I can make a yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

Hmm? What do you think, sweetie?

I'm not "sweet."

People who are sweet are kind, and people who are kind are weak.

Where'd you hear that, Bart?

Nowhere. Why?

We just...

I... knew somebody who used to say that, that's all.

What about Emma's famous marshmallow pie?

Hmm? What do you think?

I think you talk too much.

Look who's home!

There she is!

Hey, peanut. Welcome home.

It's official.

Hey, sweetie! Oh...

My Cindy's here.

Oh! Aren't we lucky to have a little girl?

Oh, look who's there... it's big brother, Bart.

Hi, Bart.

Hey, Bart.

Go give him a hug, Cindy bear.

I'll take your jacket.

Oh... she's so cute.

Aww. She loves you, Bart!


Where are you going?

To work on my bug collection.


Let's get started on lunch.

I'm sure he'll be just fine once he gets back into his regular routine.

Come on.


I'm so glad you're feeling better!

I've missed you!

Come in. We must celebrate!

These are good.

Well, you deserve the best of everything, including your cookies.

How about a twirl with your grandma?

You listen to this old music?

It's not old!

It might as well be yesterday.

Well, grandma, I have a question.

You have a painting.

I have many paintings, darling.

This one looks kind of like my dad.

Not my real dad, but Chris.

Well, a lot of people resemble each other.

It must be a coincidence.

I'm told that I look like Jean Harlow.

It's in here, in the living room.

Where did it go?

Well, maybe the fever you had scrambled your brain.

Whenever that happens to me, I always take a cold bath.

My mom told me she met Chris after she stopped talking to you.

So how do you know Chris?


Please, tell me.

Why would he say he never met you if he did?

Tell me!

Or I'll think you're a horrible liar.

What could be so horrible?

Did you do something?

Something to make them both hate you?

They don't hate me, do they?

I'm a good woman.

If you're a good woman, why would he say he never met you if he did?

Why would you not want to tell me that that was a painting of him?

Because he's my son, Bart.

My dad is your s-son, and...

My mom is your daughter?


I think you understand.

It's one of my biggest failings as a parent.

And as a parent, you feel somewhat responsible, though you aren't in the least.

But still, despite everything, I love them.

As mothers do.

Why didn't you tell me?

I wanted to protect you, and there's nothing that this knowledge can do except complicate things, but you're very curious, and now you understand.

It's why they've kept me away all these years.

It's why I had my breakdown in the first place.

It's been awful for me...

And I can only imagine how awful it must be for you now.

I can't believe it.

Bart, you must promise that you will never speak of this to anyone, or it will ruin your life.

Do you understand me?


Did you know my real father?

Oh, Bart.

You are too curious, and, as they say, curiosity killed the cat.

Did you know him?

I'm feeling faint.

So... faint.

All I want is my family back.

Never mind the past.

I guess I should get going.

My mom will wonder where I am.

You hung that painting! You imbecile!

Now his mind is churning and asking questions.

I'm trying to handle this delicately, so I can win him, and he'll convince them to take me back.

I'm sorry.

It was a genuine mistake.

Get out of my sight!


Sins must be paid for.

But how?

You almost killed me, clover.

You know that?

Nice one!

Who knocked it over last time?

So, Melodie, have you decided which university you're gonna go to?

Father wants me to go to college in new england.

He says California universities are overrun by leftists.

Well, when you're finished, you should definitely come back here.

I mean, you're practically part of the family.

Mom! What?

You don't want to be part of this family.

Our blood is cursed.

I'm just kidding.

It's not like our family's plagued with dark secrets or hypocrisy.


Lunch is ready.

Let's all get washed up.

"Listen not to false prophets" who will try to bend you from god's will, from god's grace.

Know that such foul souls are everywhere.

Usually, it is in the guise of a woman, sometimes in the guise of men

"corrupted by women."

What's wrong with you? Huh?

Hey! I'm talking to you!

Why would you try and embarrass me in front of my girlfriend like that today?

Huh? And what the hell were you talking about?

What was I talking about?

Why am I so screwed up, huh?

Why do I have allergies, and why am I so much shorter than everybody else in my grade?


You're just different, okay? That's all.

We're all different.

No! When you live around a sin, it starts to infect you.

Why are you talking like such a weirdo?

What sin?

Why don't you ask them?

I think you need some sleep.




Come here, boy!

Mom? Dad?

Have you seen clover anywhere?

I can't find him.

He'll come around when he's hungry.

He always does.

I'm gonna go outside and look for him.

I think Bart should see a professional.

You mean like a psychiatrist?

It'll be good just to get confirmation that he's going through a phase.

Sometimes, things like an accident or a very high fever, for instance, can exacerbate an underlying psychological condition... something that's there, but remains dormant.

Let me ask.

Has there any history of abuse, inversion, deviance, or mental illness in the family?

No. No. Not at all.

Perhaps we can put together your genetic history.

His biological father is dead.


Well, you know, then what I propose, is that before we start him on any medication, we continue to monitor him.

Bart is a very bright, but also a very...

Sensitive young man.

Adolescence can be even more difficult for somebody like him.

This could just be hormones.

But I do believe that, in time, Bart's gonna be just fine.


I want to pay you for today.


Please tell me about my father.

Did you really know him?

If you insist.

Your father...

Bart... Bart Scott Winslow... he was a good man.

As you probably know, he died tragically in a fire before you were born.

And my mom introduced you to him?

I knew him long before your mother did.


I don't want to go down this twisted road.

I fear it could complicate things even more.

But look...

I got you a gift.

John Amos? Bring it here.

I think you're really gonna like it.


How did you know I wanted one?

Because you told me, and I listened.

Now, you should play with that in the barn, and away from the valuables here.

Let's go.

Why do you think grandma gets so upset about my dad?

It's a...

A twisted...

Twisted web.

I don't know much about it myself.

Let's try this again, hmm?


Watch your feet.

Do the Archer's "t."


Elbow up.

Put your forefinger to the mouth.

String to the nose, and...

Wow, you're a natural.

Let me tell you something, Bart.

You have the potential to be very powerful.

Malcolm wasn't born with all of this.

No one expected him to amount to anything.

He was small, but he thought big.

I don't want anyone to take advantage of you.

You're a good boy, but you must look out for yourself.

Like Malcolm?


You have to Blaze your own path.

The righteous path!

And there will be people that will stand in your way.

And women will try to undermine you at every turn, and use the evil that they have to get you to do their wicked bidding.

And you can't let them.


See? Keep up with your practice, and one day, you can be as graceful as miss Melodie.

Class dismissed.

Guess what?

I have my mom's car today.

I want to... i want to, I really do.

I just have to get home, okay?

I'm sorry.

I just have this feeling that...

Bart needs me.


Are you up in the treehouse?



Bart! Come on.

Clover? Clover, is that you?


What are you doing in here?

Entertaining myself, since you were... busy.

Where'd you get the bow and arrow?

Grandma got it for me.


Bart, look...

I want you to stay away from this place, and stay away from that woman.

Okay? She's not your grandmother.

You don't want to see what's in front of your own face, sometimes, boy.

You let your feelings dictate, and it's made you weak.

And a man who feels is weak.

I found clover, Bart.

He's dead.

Do you know anything about that?

You think I killed him?

I could never hurt an animal!

If you don't stay away from this place, I'm gonna tell mom and dad what you did!

You'd lie?

You want me sent away, don't you?

Like they sent away grandma!

I'm looking out for you, okay?

You're just worrying me.

If you say anything, I will tell them that you are fornicating with Melodie in the attic.

You didn't think I knew?

I saw you!

Doing it.

It's a sin out of wedlock, you know.

It's why we're not friends anymore.

You disgust me.

You're not gonna say anything now...

Are you?

Why are you being like this?

Isn't it obvious, or are you blind?

Mom and dad didn't meet the way they said they did.

They lied to you about grandma.

They lied to you about everything.

Bart, you're acting crazy.

"Crazy" is denying reality, boy.

It wasn't an accident.

The wire was wrapped too carefully around clover.

Who would do such a thing?

It's just awful.

I don't know, but I'll talk to the kids and tell them to be careful.

Emma, if you could keep an extra eye on the kids, too.

Of course.


What are you doing here?

It's late.

I don't want to go home.

Are you okay?

It's nothing.

Are you sure?

It's just...

If you do love me, like you say you do...

You're the only one.


You and John Amos.

John Amos?

He can't love you, he's... he's just a servant.

But a smart one.

Not really.

He said I could be just like Malcolm.

Malcolm? He told you that?

He told you about... Malcolm?

Oh. Darling...

As much as I would love to have you stay here, your parents will be wondering about you, and you should be getting home.

What have you been telling my grandson?

Nothing, ma'am.

How does he know about Malcolm?

I don't know. I thought you...

I don't pay you to think!

I pay you to do! What have you told him?

I've told him nothing, ma'am.

I believe he mentioned reading an old journal of Malcolm's.

I assumed you gave it to him in an attempt to reveal the truth, as you said you would.

I did no such thing.

Bart is very impressionable!

And I can't have him falling subject to the wrong influences.

Now find me the journal and get it back to me immediately!

As you wish.

"Dearest Cathy, "I love you.

"So much.

"And truly, it's the only consolation of being locked in this prison together."

"One day, when we're grown, "we can leave this behind, "and start a new life together, "and never look back.

Happy 13th birthday."

"Love, Chris."

You're so tense.

But massages are good for development.

And you're maturing nicely.

When are you going to tell me about Bart?

My father.

Who was he?

He was my husband.

I don't understand.

Your mother was very angry at me, irrationally so, and so she seduced my husband, your poor grandmother's husband.


I don't know.

I don't know why they hate me like they do, just because I want them to lead decent lives and do the right thing.

Can you blame me?

But listen to me, for all the pain, and the trauma that this has caused me, you're the result, and I wouldn't wish it to be any different.

You're here, and you're alive.

You remind me so much of him.

You're the son that I was meant to have, more or less.

Oh, Bart.

Promise me that you'll never leave me, like they did.

Promise me?

I never will, grandma.

Are you okay, Jory?

What's wrong?

I don't know.

I guess I'm just worried about my brother.


He says these crazy things.

Like what?

I don't know.

Some stuff about my parents.

It just doesn't make any sense.

Why don't you ask your mom?

It's probably nothing.

Want to watch my Dolly swim?

Mommy gave it to me.

You know what?

She's not your mommy.

And I'm not your brother.

And you're not a part of this family!

Bart! What are you doing?

Stop! Get off!


Oh, my god! Honey!

What is wrong with you? Huh?

What is going on with you?

Why would you try and hurt Cindy?

Why do you hate her so much?

She's your sister! You should love her!

No! I shouldn't!

Brothers shouldn't love their sisters.

Isn't that right, Chris?

Alright! That is enough!

Let's go!

Come on!

What's happening? Cindy had an accident.

What's going on? She's okay. Just take her.

Sweetie, you're gonna be okay.

Shh, it's okay.

Go on. Get off of me, Chris!

Enough of that!

You get in there.

You stay in there until you calm down.

You're not my father!

You're just pretending to be!

What are you doing?

He needs to calm down a little, and we need some time to think.

You're devil spawn!

You're a sinner! And a hypocrite!

Fornicating with his sister!

Cursing this family!

You deserve to die!

You all deserve to die!

How does he know, Chris?


I don't know!

We'll figure it out.

God knows we've been through worse.

What are we doing?

What is wrong with him, that he's like this?

Dr. Phillips ought to know.

We can't take him back to Dr. Phillips!

What if he tells her what he knows?

He's unstable, so she'll think he's making it up.

And what if they want to lock him up, Chris?

I will never let that happen.

Chris! Please.

Just... just give me a moment.

Let me out!

There you are, Jory.

What's going on?

Your parents...

As you know them, are more than what you think.

"More" how?

It's very difficult.

No child should have to hear this about their parents.

I want you to be strong.

Can you be?


Tell me what happened with your sister.

She's not my sister.

And I'm not Bart.

Then who are you?

Mr. and Mrs. sheffield.

I'm concerned that Bart is displaying features of a schizophrenic disorder.

He said he didn't hurt Cindy, that it was somebody else.

An old man he calls "Malcolm."


That's impossible.


What are our options?

We'd like to take him away from here as soon as possible.

Well, there's been some major advances in electroshock therapy... what? No! No. Absolutely not.

I agree.

Alright. If you insist.

We can try medications, but I'd like to keep him here at the hospital just for a few days, for observation.

But I'm afraid, if that doesn't work, our only option left will be shock therapy.


Well, the tranquilizers have calmed him down considerably.

So, Dr. Phillips, when you were speaking with Bart, did he say anything else strange at all?

Nothing worth repeating.

I'll stay here tonight.

Oh, no, no. That... that won't be necessary.

I'm his mother. I insist.

And I'll stay with her. Thank you, doctor.

Morning, Jory.

Where's Cindy?

Emma took her to the park.

Your mom, uh, is still at the hospital.

Bart's still resting.

Everything okay, son?

Bart say something crazy to you?

About what?

I don't know.

About the family?

About this family?

I don't know, Chris.

What could possibly be wrong with this perfect family you've created?

What could Bart be so upset about, huh, Chris?

Listen, why are you so angry?

And why do you keep calling me "Chris"?

Why don't you ask grandma?

She's living next door.

Ah... Dr. Dollanganger.


Ah, yes. Of course.

Do come in.

There you are.

All grown up.


Call me "mother," and give me a hug.

Don't touch me.

What are you doing here, corrine?

Haven't you done enough to Cathy and me?

I was hoping that you could forgive me.

Cathy won't, but you've always loved me more than she did.

So you come here and you manipulate Bart into hating us?

No! I only wanted to love him the way that a grandmother loves a grandchild.

I wanted my family back.

But he knows, corrine.

They both know.

You've poisoned my family again!

If your family loves you based on a lie, then they don't love you at all, do they?

Oh, you should know, shouldn't you?

But I've changed!

I can help them have a normal life.

I can raise them properly, and if not both of them, then just Bart.

He's such a special boy.

A "normal life?"

Does any of this seem normal to you?

There is nothing "normal" about you or about what you think might help them in that fetid, rotten head of yours.

You stay away from my children, corrine, or so help me, I will make it my life's mission to see you locked back up, for good this time.

I'm a doctor.

I have those powers.

And I have a lot of friends.

Yes, but they don't know your secret, do they?

Stay away from my children, corrine.

Chris, I need to talk to you.

I was out getting some last-minute things for the recital, and the charge card was declined.

It was? Yeah.

Must've forgot to pay a bill.


I went to the bank to withdraw some money, and there's hardly any in there.

Cathy, uh, don't worry yourself.

Chris! What is going on?

You're a doctor, you earn good money, you work all the time.

Why on earth are we having financial problems?

Darling, please, don't distract yourself before the show.

I'm taking care of everything, okay?

Chris, I'm on my last nerve here.

I know you're angry at Chris and Cathy.

I know you want them to pay for their sins.

But you have to hold back until the time is right.

Malcolm was a smart man.

He knew that, sometimes, you have to pretend to be what people want you to be in order to prevail over them.

You have to disguise your intentions, so they suspect nothing.

Do you understand?

Good boy.

I don't revolt you, do I?



I'm sorry.

Hey, there.

How are you feeling, Bart?


And how is Malcolm feeling?

He went away.

Oh, he did, did he?


And I don't think he's coming back, either.


Cindy, honey! Hurry up.

We don't want to be late for the recital.

Hi, Dr. Phillips.

Yes, the medications have worked tremendously.

No. No more episodes.

He's been perfectly stable and happy, and completely abandoned this fictitious "Malcolm" character.

Thank you. Yes. I'll, uh, be in touch.

Bart, honey, are you sure you don't want to come to the recital?


See you there.

Bye, darling.

Bye, Cindy. Bye-bye.

Break a leg.

Thank you. Thank you, and welcome to the sheffield dance academy's fall recital.

We are so excited to show you what we've been working on, and we hope you enjoy it.

So without further ado, let's begin.

And arms in first position...

And in fifth...

And open.

And... up.




Don't move your leg.

My knee... Shh, shh...

Chris, Chris, my knee!

Oh, god!

You're fine. You're gonna be fine.

Oh, god!

Son, go get an ambulance.


Oh, Chris... my knee.

You're gonna be okay. I'm here.

Chris, I'm fine.

I can manage.

I'm gonna have to, if I'm going to dance again.

Hi, sweetie. It's good to be home. Mwah.

Hey, honey.

Does she know she's never gonna dance again?

They told her at the hospital, but it hasn't sunk in yet.

Mind your leg.


I think it's a good thing.

You know, I can, uh...

Ooh. Focus on myself, my beautiful family.

Where's my little Cindy?

Emma put her to bed already.


Wanna come give me a hug?



Jory, darling.

Your grandmother is here.

Look at you!

My luggage... it's in the trunk.

I'll get it.

Thank you so much, Amy.

"Emma." Indeed.


I was so sorry to hear about your accident.

The moment Jory told me, I knew what I had to do.

You came. Of course!

Who else is going to teach your classes?

Amy? Do you have sugar for the coffee?

Still "Emma."

It's my guilty little pleasure.

Well, I see you haven't lost your joie de vivre.

I just hope I have mine when I'm your age.

So, how long were you planning on staying with us?

As long as it takes to put Jory into tiptop shape.

He has a bright future ahead of him.

He does.

I've taught him everything I know.


And now with your knee and your delightful little girl, I can relieve some of your burden, and take Jory even further.


Why don't you take your grandmother's bags upstairs?

To the guest room.


I'm sure you'd like to get settled in, Marisha.

I'll just finish my coffee.

Christopher, you startled me.

A ballerina who smokes?

We all have our unsavory habits, don't we, now?

Haven't I done enough for you?

You promised to stay out of our lives.

The arrangement we've made is no longer working for me.

Chris? Honey?


Are you okay?

What is it?

It's Marisha.

She knows about us.

A couple of years ago, her studio wasn't doing well...

She came to me for money.

And when I refused...

She threatened to turn us in and take Jory away.

She's blackmailing us?

Chris, you should have told me!

I didn't want to worry you.

I'm gonna kill her.



We have to play this smart, Cathy.

She has all the leverage.

Don't do or say anything rash until we come up with a plan.

It's the hospital.

I got to go.


We'll figure this out.

I promise.

This family means everything to me.

Cathy, darling.

I'm looking for the reduced-fat mayonnaise.

I want you to get the hell out of my house, or I'm calling the police.

I beg your pardon?

I know what you're doing, and I will never let you have Jory.

He's mine.


I know how a mother feels about her son, and how protective she can be, but this is for the best.

You're not taking my son.

I'm looking after his best interests.

He has a future, and back in New York, he'll no longer have to participate in this putrid farce.

It's damaging him.

Look at what it's done to your other boy.

He's nuts, and no wonder.

Oh, Bart, honey! Don't listen to her.

She doesn't know what she's saying!

Bart? Bart!

Oh, dammit.

You think I'm afraid of you? Well, I'm not!

But you're afraid of what I can tell everyone, aren't you?

Do what you're gonna do.

I just don't give a damn anymore.


Hello, Bart.

I know I'm supposed to pretend like it's all okay, but their sinning makes me sick.

Their hypocrisy... all of them.

Well, if sin and hypocrisy don't sit well with you...

I'm not sure if, uh...

If what?

I shouldn't say anything. It's not my place.

It is your place.

You're just a servant, John Amos.

You don't get to decide what to tell me and what not to tell me.

I'm just saying that if sin and hypocrisy don't sit well with you, maybe you shouldn't be with your grandma either.

What does that mean?

Are you saying...

I'm saying that she pretends to be all high and mighty...

But she's a sinner, too.

No, she's not!

How dare you?

Listen to me, Bart.

Don't you think that Chris and Cathy learned their behavior somehow?

Where do you think they got it from?

Some years ago...

I discovered that she had had relations with her own uncle.


That's how your mom and Chris were born.

So I'm paying for their sins?



Oh, my god.

Jory, she can't come to the phone right now.

Can I just please just talk to her?

I can't.

Melodie? Melodie!

I-I know you're there.


Jory, there's something I want to discuss with you.

About what?

About your so-called parents.

Grandma, I know already.


I am so sorry.

They're ill, Jory.


Listen to me.

You have such a bright future ahead of you, but you need to get out of this mess.

I'll book a ticket.

We can both go back to New York.

We could leave first thing in the morning and never look back.


Hello, dear.

I've come back.

So it was you at the recital.

I want you to stay away from my children and leave us the hell alone!

Cathy, I may never get another chance to say this...

I prayed!

I prayed that you had died.

I prayed that you'd died in that nut farm!

Oh, Cathy, if only you knew how it hurts to hear you say those things after all these years.

I only came here to be near you.

I don't want you near me!


Go away! I hate you!

Please, give me another chance.

This time, I can be the loving mother that I should have been to you and Chris.

You gave up our love!

You gave up our love for money, and for this... for damn jewelry!

You locked us in an attic for three years!

Cathy, I always manage to make the wrong decisions.

I think they're right when I make them...

But they never prove anything but wrong.

You stole my childhood!

I've made terrible mistakes.

Everything is falling apart, because of you.

Everything is falling apart!

My life!

Everything Chris and I have worked to build!

Did I damage you both so deeply that you can never heal, Cathy?

Do you really love your brother?

Yes, I love him.

You made me love him.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm putting an end to the affliction that plagues this family.

Are they alive?

Watch them.

I'm going to get the wheelbarrow.

We're taking them to the barn.

Be strong, boy.


Oh, darling...

What's happened?

Get me some rope. Now!

John Amos.

Have you gone mad?

Yes, I have.

From wasting my life serving you, you weak, undisciplined wretch!

You're a servant.

It's your damned job.

What have you done to my daughter?

Do you have any idea how hard it's been, tying my life to yours?

To serve a once-great family that's gone down the path of sin?

That's tarnished its name, and through its name, mine?

We're not really family.

You're an employee.

I thought that, perhaps, you had learned something when you gave these sinners up.

I thought that you had rejected the sin you had created, and moved on!


You wanted it all back!

You and your children.

And your children's children!

All tainted!

All the devil's spawn.

You sound insane.

Just like my damned, crazy mother.


What are you doing?

You're weak, corrine.

But I am strong.

I have been given the strength of the lord, and I will break this cycle of abomination, and make you pay!

I will set this place ablaze.


I must.

These women must pay for their sins.

The lord whispered it in my ear.

There's nothing of the lord in you.

You're just...

A false prophet.

Don't you mess with me, Bart, or you will end up just like your damned dog!

Bart! Run! Run!

You little bastard!


No! Let go! Get off of me!

John Amos, stop it! Stop it!

You'll never get away with this!

Oh, I believe I will.

The lord protects his own.

Don't, don't, don't...

Bye, corrine.

Jory, what are you doing?

I'm going back with Marisha.

Son, listen to me.

I'm tired of listening, about all of your lies, okay?

I promise, no more lies.

We'll get everything out in the open, right now.

Where's your mother?

Next door.

Oh, god.

Just, please, stay here.

Oh, my god! Oh!

Mother, what's going on?

John Amos has gone crazy and he's locked us in here.

What? Oh, my god! We're gonna die in here?

I may never get another chance to say this to you... how much I've loved you, I've loved all four of you, and I'm horribly sorry for everything that I've done.

If I could take it back, I would.

Can you forgive me?

Dad, mom and grandma are trapped in the barn, and the barn's on fire!

Take me to them.

They're in there! Hurry!

Get out of here! Stay low!

Cathy, are you in there?

Cathy, can you hear me?

Oh, my god! Chris!

Please take her!

I've got you, Cathy. I've got you.

Hang on, baby.


Come on, grandma! Get up!

Go, darling! Go!

Little beast! You'll get burned, too!



You are the gateway to my hell.

Go, Bart! Go!


Dad! Go back in there and save her!

I saw the smoke. Are you okay?

Jory, take him.

Jory, let go!

No! Grandma!

We can't just let her burn!

Oh, my god, Chris. Mother.


Are you okay?

Oh, my god!

I saw the smoke, and then I couldn't find you, Jory.

Marisha, this is not the time.

Dad! Dad.

I got her. Don't worry.


Are you okay?

I'm fine.

This family is insane, and you must come live with me.

No, grandma.

What do you mean, no?

You want to continue to live here with these mad people?


They might be crazy, but they're my family.

And I love them.

I'm staying here.

And if you even think about turning Chris and Cathy in, I'll never forgive you.

I'll never speak to you again.

I think it's time for you to go home now, grandma.

I'll see you next Christmas.

Hey. Come here. Good girl. Good girl.

Want to go get it?



I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

I told you that you could be honest, that you could trust me, and when you did...

I freaked out.


That doesn't change the way I feel about you, Jory.

It doesn't?

Oh, I've missed you so much.

You have?

You have!

What did you miss the most?

I can show you.


I want to see, I want to see.

Is he chewing the mouse?


They're just playing.

Are you sure they're just playing?

Yes, Cindy.

I'll be in my room.

No, no. Young lady, snakes are icky.

We're going to go to the park.

Dr. Phillips is a miracle-worker.

Yes, I think he's back to his old self.

Amen! Our boy is back. Now let's go get some worms.

Well, I'm gonna get some of that pie.

We are blessed, aren't we?

To have such a wonderful family?

Yes, we are.

Jory? Come on.


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