Il futuro e donna (1984) Script


For him, we don't exist.

He only cares about finding his wife.

She uses so much perfume that it'll be easy for him to find her.

It isn't just because of the perfume.

He's mad about her.

He only lives for her.

This game is similar to blind man's buff.

It is instructive, because it makes our hidden feelings arise.

Now it's your turn, Anna.

Come on, try it.

I don't like being blinded.

Don't be such a fool, it's just a game.

Put the blindfold on your face.

Come on.

I can't!

Hey, take it easy You don't want to, because you know you won't recognize me...

...I only exist if you can see me.

Refrain from puns.

If you misbehave We'll punch you in the belly


You're upsetting her

Hey, go away!

Get rid of them and I'll stay with you.

Do you want my help or not? Sure I do.

We can make an orgy Leave her alone, she's my friend. What the fuck do you want?

Leave her alone, she's my friend. Mind your own business.

This is one of them.

This bone isn't for the dogs, and I'm throwing it out just to make you happy But this bone belongs to the boss he found it.

Be careful, it may choke you.

Okay, I'll leave her to you. But you owe me a favor...

...I'm loyal, I always pay, but I also like to get paid.

Let's go, Anna.

Go away, your boss is calling you. Remember your debt.

Did you come here just to watch?

Hey, we disagree. Let's discuss the disagreement.

Who cares?, We'll fuck her another day

Where do we go?

Who are we going to fuck now?


Are we going home?

You can leave by yourself, I don't feel like going to sleep yet.

May I take the car with me? Sure, there are lots of friends here.

Are you gonna sleep on the floor? I'll find someone to drive me home.

Aren't you afraid of walking all alone with such a belly?


How many months is your pregnancy?

Five, six, I'm not sure.

Seriously, you don't know it?

Do you care? No.

May I sleep at your home tonight? I have no place to go.

Who was that pretty girl with Anna?

I don't know, I didn't lay an eye on her. How is it possible?

You walk by a goddess with a huge belly and you don't notice her?

You're such a weird person.

I'm going crazy, I'm leaving with you. What a miracle.

Let's go. Goodbye. Goodbye.

Why did you wait for me?

Where are we going to? I'm going home. And you?

So you're already here? The power of love.

Yes. Pretty girl, isn't she?

Yes, pretty She's moving with me. What a lucky guy Will I sleep here, then? Just for tonight.

He's Gordon, our chief.

Did you get so hot because of her?

No, it's because of you. I get excited whenever I see you sleeping

Hold on a little bit.

She looks like a wildcat.

Her name is Malvina.

She's six months pregnant.

Will she give birth at our home? She's not giving birth tonight.

She says you look like Marlon Brando. Yes, of course.

Does any of you want to scratch my feet?

What do you say, Marlon?

You know hot to do it well.

I want it too.


Is there anything to eat?

Both me and the baby are hungry I can feel his kicks.

Biscuits, jam.

And fruit for the baby Is it a boy or a girl? I don't know.

Whatever comes is welcome.

Anna, let's go to bed.

Do you like jam?

Bite me over here.

Bite me.

Come here.

Here too.

Behind the ear.


Take off your pants.

I want you.

What about me?

Idiot, why did you wake me up?

You'd better leave.

Do you really want me to go? Yes.

Who are you throwing out, me or my baby?

Both of you.

All children should be of the king.

Not of the poor who live in anxiety and fear.

I'm not merely the carrier of a child.

I have eyes, mouth, hair, breasts.

I know you have eyes, mouth, nice boobs, ...Beautiful hair...

...And all that is what I don't want here.

Can't you see she's looking for a place to bring him to the world?

I don't want to get used to see your belly here.

I would get attached to the baby And love him too much.

If you get attached to the baby, I'll give the baby to you.

You see? You're getting a gift.

And we'll accept the baby as a surprise.

Give me the car's keys. Where are you going to?


...I just want to keep sleeping.

Let's go.

I don't want you here.

I want to rock you.

Until you fall asleep all over again.

Where are the car's keys?

On the shelf, next to the white machine.

We hugged all night long, and now you leave me, Alone with those visions of yours.


You and your dreams, In this water that boils you.

What for do you want my body, my heat?

If only here, in your paradise I can see your lovesick face.

After you're done, remember that your coffee is on the table.

Good morning.

These are the house's keys, go and get yourself clean.

There's milk in the fridge, and you can find honey there too.

I'll go with you.


Wait, Anna.

Ask Ute for a ride, I can't do it.

A cappuccino and two buns.

Hello, how are you?

Today they're bringing the cinema stuff to the supermarket.

I hope it works It costed a lot of money

Why are you having coffee today?

It's not for me.

Your breakfast.

Is that enough for you? Yes, for now.

Do you need money?

I'm going to work...

...If you need me, call me. Bye.

Your attention please, the supermarket is now open.

Good morning and happy shopping.

Dear costumers, some music for you. "Give me the night"

Good morning, Greta.

Do you like them? Do they look alike?

Next to the screen? Yes.

Ah, it's you.

Finally found you. I've been looking for you for a while.

Can I have chicken?

The baby is hungry Why are you still here?

Haven't you decided yet where to go? I'm hungry and I have no money I'll eat, and then disappear. Greta, take this.

In the forehead.

In the nose, mouth, everywhere.

Finished. What have you done?

Why did you spoil the picture?

Because I give a damn for Greta Garbo. I exist.

You're not the only one here.

Are you drunk?

Take it easy, don't get mad.

Buy us the chicken, The baby is hungry

You have to come with me, to pick my baggage...

...I'm afraid of going alone.


If you come with me, I'll give you a present...

...A beautiful evening gown. Oh, yeah?

This man sells weapons. Really?

He said that if he ever saw me again, he'd shoot me.

So how do you dare to enter?

Because I'm with you.

I'll get the baggage, Stand in guard.

We're sorry to bother you, It'll be quick.

I used to stay here, It's a nice place.

Here they are.

How wonderful.

These are for you. Thanks.

Which one do you want, this one?

Or this other one?

Look how beautiful, in red. I'll take the black one.

This one? Yes.

It's brand new.

Okay, it's yours. Thanks.

I've been at the Geo before, but someone always drove me there.

And I don't understand this map.

Where do you think we are?

We are lost. I wonder where that place is.

Excuse me, we are lost Do you know the way to the Geo?

Excuse me...

Pardon the inconvenience.


What are you doing? What if you get caught?

That's a fine belly

We are the baby sisters.

Where do you think you're going with such bellies?

We are not prepared for baby deliveries.

Don't worry, We are professionals.

Have you ever been to America?

Did you visit the cataracts, the falls?

Let's get out of here, babies need oxygen.

Don't touch her.

Nicola, can I have my jacket and my purse back?

What are those glasses for?

I'm traveling incognito.

Thanks. Can I have a glass of water?

Be kind to pregnant women. Is the blonde girl giving birth?

What are you doing? They'll Think we were fooling them.

I won't allow that.

Hurry up, we've got to go.

Let's escape!



Where's the baby's father?

Do you want me to tell you my story?


I was on a boat.

A storm broke upon...

...And the boat crashed against some rocks.

And them...

...I thought I would get hit in the head and die.

Glu, glu, glu...

But then I crashed into something soft.

I was suddenly on the shore.

And When I opened my eyes I saw a face coming nearer, and nearer,

Like trying to enter my head. What happened next?

The face was so close I could barely see it.

Then I felt a tongue in my mouth that tasted like salt.

I wanted to hug him

But he had already left in a red motorbike.

He left a son inside of me.

Did you like the story?

Too bad it isn't true.

It's a nice story Sometimes I see you like a little girl.

You're well rounded. Over here...

And Here.

Go on.

We have to get back home.

That's too bad.

Let's have a drink upstairs...

...Let the time pass by, drink, talk...

No, I'm too worried. It's late.

Anna hasn't returned yet and it's two in the morning.

I need to relax, exercise. It's three, in fact.

That's even worse. Come with me.

I'd rather be alone. Are you sure?

Don't worry Well, I'm leaving. Goodbye. Goodbye.

What are you doing this late at night?

I live in that house. Put your hands on the car.

Hey, don't touch me. Keep quiet.

Did you find something?

This is no time for playing Go to bed.

Come on, don't get angry

Do I look like a criminal? We're doing our duty



At last, we're eating something.


I know it's late, but we have encountered many adventures.

We got lost.

We saw a dead man.

We also risked getting shot.

And then we went dancing to forget about everything

Don't you eat.

How come in this house one can't eat or sleep?

I exist, right?

I do exist.

She's now more important for you We're not sharing anything anymore.

I'm tired of playing alone like an orphan.

What do you want from me? Why don't you withdraw from me?

What the fuck are we doing as a couple?

We're not a couple anymore

You don't miss me anymore.

You don't even notice me.

It's been four days since I last took all these clothes off.

I feel guilty that you argue about me.

Please forgive me.

Now I know why you were so hungry You have to eat for four people.

I prepared a stew.

What about me?

It's six and a half.

It's six and a half.

What are you doing with my wife?

She's not yours, but mine.

I belong to both of you.

Help me waking up, I have to go to work.

What kind of job do you have?

He used to be a doctor at a hospital, but now he heals plants.

Is he a gardener?

More or less, he moves trees.

I don't feel like going to work alone, like a dog.

Are you coming with me? What am I going to say to my boss?

Make up an excuse.

It's strong, ain't it?

If I were a father, I'd like to make love to my daughter...

...And not get my nose and ears cut off as punishment.

If I were a mother, I'd devote myself to my husband and daughter.

And, as a daughter, I'd want to be loved by parents like you.

Behold the miracle Father, mother, daughter, lover and loving.

I love you both.

Watch out!

Children, teachers, lovers.

Here's a good tree, it'll make you remember other trees.

Those whose underground rooting ensure the mountains.

Shelter from the rain and give shade.

We should be thankful to this tree...

...Because it keeps war away..

...with its magnificent foliage.

What do you want?

Police. Looking for Mr. Donadoni.

He's not here, I'm alone. It doesn't matter, open the door.

I can't, I'm naked. That's even better. Open it.

First show me your credentials.

Ah, it's you.

Hello. Get dressed.

You're naked. Hello.

Hi, sweetheart.

While I was away, having fun, She's been working.

Enough of such animism.

The teacher always criticizing.

Our General Demetriu's passion is excessive.

His fierce eyes that used to shine at the sight of his battalions...

...Like tose of a furious Mars...

...Are now humble and devout to a vulgar tanned face...

...His leader's heart has become a fan... refresh the lust of a gypsy..

...His leader's heart has become a fan... refresh the lust of a gypsy

She was absent in our past...

...But she's now in our present...

Let's celebrate together our future.

Wait a minute don't feel offended, but nobody has asked us for an opinion.

Are you against her? And what if so?

What are you going to do? Will you put a beating on us?

Giovanni is right.

You're using a paternalistic tone I really don't like.

What's this supposed to be, an uprising?

For an uprising to start, there must be a leader.

He I like him as a leader.

You're always thinking of yourself. Whom else should I think of?

What's next?

...A bow as we accept the leader and his two whores?

No, wait, take it easy Wait, I have an idea.

A great idea. Let's get outside, we need fresh air.

Do you like tango? Don't move.

Take this all away You'll see how wonderful.

Let's make one big room.

Throw me a hand.

Seems alright, eh? Do you like it?

Come on.

Well, he reads Plato. Let's open the dance hall.

Back to the old-times' grandeur.

You are very short.

Hello, darling.



Why don't you let me participate in your little games?

No, listen to me...

What do you see in Gordon? Who knows?

I look just like you, don't you think?

Why are you wearing that?

What do you want from me?

You wear my clothes, my shoes, You imitate me.

You take hold of my life.

You occupy my place.

How about me?

Where do I go?

You and your son have seized the whole house Where do I go?

You don't let me breathe.

I can't stand this game anymore.

Hey, that's not a cushion. Malvina...

This is becoming a nightmare.

I'm leaving this house.

Forgive me, Anna.

Where should I go, to hell?

I'm prisoner of yours, of myself, of everyone.



Anna, let's talk.

I'm going to destroy this whole house...

...I don't want to have anything, much less both of you.

...And I don't want anyone not even myself.

Go away!

Would you please leave this house?

My dress.

Here's where the city ends and the country begins.

Do you want me to leave you here?

Do we have some coffee and then start looking for a room?

No, let's go on.

Stop here.

What are you going to do now?

How stupid I've been driving you here.

Anna, shall we return?

Why are you covering your face?

I've lost her. Don't you make everything even harder.

Let's make love. No!

You'll see how you'll let it all behind. Stay with me.

I have no time left, I think I'm leaving...

...Look, I'm walking backwards just to keep watching you.

It was you who kept me here...

...But not anymore. It's over.

I'm strong, I'll help you Trust me.

Whenever you've been gone you've been back, I've waited for you.

Don't leave me alone.

Go back and bring me...

Go back and bring me the baby

Go and get the baby back, I don't want the darkness to fall over him.

I don't know what happened to me, Go and get her back.

Let her go her way It was not her choice Go after her.


I find it so hard to leave you.




What do yo want?

Anna isn't here.

She isn't here.

She was taken away

What do you say?

I saw her at the window and...

She was all blue.

She took veronal.

I think it was on purpose.

See how I found her? I've brought her back for you.

I don't feel like leaving you. For me, it's even worse.

Then come with me.

"The Blue Angel".

Can't you see that this adds nothing to the supermarket?


We don't sell culture, we sell food.

80% of our revenues come from meat fish, cheese, eggs, fruit...


...10% come from clothing 5% come from sundries...

...And only 0.5 percent come from your culture.

Are you laughing at me?

No, I'm listening to you.

Forget about your vanguardism fly low.


That's a marketing device.

Pretty, don't you think?

A good idea.

You can eat it, if you want.

It can be eaten. How funny Men will love it.

Fly low.

Miss 0.5 percent.

I'm flying low.

One can't hardly breathe in there.

We want to get in! We want to get in!

Maddalena walks down the Avenue...

...At night in the city...

...With his beard well hidden...

...and a taffeta skirt...

Maddalena crawls...

...between Chanel perfumes...

...guards and criminals

...and hotel rooms.

Maddalena is a ship...

...that has no crew.

A very beautiful song. Yes indeed.

Everyone here is so young Where the sun never rises.

Maddalena can stop by... she walks down the avenue...

We want to get in! We want to get in!

We want to get in! We want to get in!

Let's get out of here. Come on Anna, get up.

Anna! Let's get out of here! There's going to be trouble.

I'm so afraid. Get her out of there!

The baby! Malvina can't move.



Evacuate the wounded people.

But when will the ambulances arrive?

The dead stay dead, take care of the wounded.

Beautiful, isn't it?

I made it.

Do you want some ice cream? What flavor, strawberry or cream?

Kiss me.

I've become a fortress.

Because I'm so afraid of death. I'm here with you.

He'll look just like you.

Because he's been staring at you so much.

You've scared us.

I feel a little lonely

Can I get in there?


Be good, go away.

Let's go.

I hate this house, I hate it.

I don't want to cry anymore.

Why don't we go to the beach?

Goodbye, tree.

When you grow new leaves, we'll be back.

The air is smelling really good here.

I'm leaving as soon as it gets cooler.

I'm glad I met you.

You're the mother I wanted for him.

I'm not hungry Come on, eat.

Once I played Virgin Mary in a movie.

Look, what a pretty dress.

It was a present given to me.

Why are you crying?

I'm afraid of dying.

I'm right here, standing guard.

And I have death at bay, you know it.

Look, the moon is about to appear.

The moon is our friend.

Undress and offer your belly to the moon.

Look, it's appearing now.

The moon loves us, don't you think?

It has the face of a mother.



I feel the baby coming, take my hand.

Why are you yawning?

...Are you sleepy?

I have to tell you something very important...

...and then we'll get to sleep.

Anna will take care of you, She's a better mother than me.

I'm a warrior and I'm leaving.

Leave us alone, I'm talking to him.

So what, do we have an agreement?

Just like that, in bed, in the middle of us.

Come on here.

Come, come.

That's it.

Do you know that I won't see your face anymore?

And he won't see yours either.

I haven't had enough time to fall in love with his face.

I'll feel very nostalgic.

But I'll get over it, I'm a warrior.

Will you go far, far away?

Does it matter?

I'm just wanting to know where you'll be.

You've gotten me into the most wonderful place Your mind.

It was hard to get in, but now I'm there and I'll never ever leave.

I'll miss you.

I'll miss you so much!