Il ritorno di Ringo (1965) Script





Jeremiah... Jeremiah Pitt!

Hello, Captain, what can I do for you?

What's the matter? Something wrong with your memory?

Don't you recognize me...? Yes, of course.

We met in El Paso, seven or eight years ago.

If I'm not mistaken.

Much has happened since then, you know.

Who can remember everything and everybody?

How about a drink or two, Captain?

Are you going back to Mexico?

I'm heading south.

Is there a town around here where I can sleep tonight?

There is Membres. It's about the closest place.

Though they don't have much of an hotel there.


I used to know someone who lived in Membres.

I think his name was Brown. Montgomery Brown.

But they called him Ringo. Maybe you know him?

Montgomery Brown? Of course I do.

But he's been gone a long time now.

As soon as the war broke out, he enlisted and went away.

No one knows what happened to him.

He never came back?

He was married, if I recall correctly.

Maybe his wife would like to talk with someone who remembers her husband.

She might even know of a place when I can spend the night, if I can't find a hotel room somewhere.

Mrs Brown's name is Hally, isn't it?

Who were these two and what did they have against me?

They worked for Paco Fuentes.

He and his brother took over the town, when gold was discovered around here.

They say it's Mexican territory, and no one wants to tell them any different.

What happened to Hally?


I need some herbs for a sick friend.

You said it was for a friend. Keep your money.

There's somebody lying out in the street. Looks like he needs help.

The only help he needs now is a pine box.

Hey, you! Where are you from?

From the mountains, sir.

Looking for a job? Not today. I've already eaten.

What are you, anyway? Gringo, Indian or Mexican?

That's his trouble with all those men tramping in and out of his house.

Probably his own mother couldn't tell you!

Welcome to Membres, my friend!

What kind of a job did you want?

Anything that's not too hard.

Then just ask for Fuentes.

They're out at the old Brown place. Now they give the orders out here.

If you know how to kill, they'll hire you right away.

But I don't know anything about guns, Sheriff.

Well, it's time you learned.

And you'd better start carrying a gun, if you want to live long around here.

Take my word for it.

You look healthy enough. How come you never packed a gun?

In my case it's different. I'm not a Mexican, I am an American.

An inferior race.

And when you are inferior, you live much longer in Membres without a gun.

What do you want? Work.

The sheriff seemed to think I'll find a job with the Fuentes.

A job? You've changed your mind already.

No, I haven't, but now I'm hungry.

You're hungry?

Then, eat.

Eat it. Come on!

All right. Now get out. I don't like beggars around my place.

Although it may seem odd, to my friends my name is Myosotis.

Yesterday the flowers weren't at all well, so I sat up with them all night.

Well, they're better. Now they're responding.

Do you like flowers? Let me show you this variety I bred.

It's named Brown for the leading family in town.

I owe all this to them. Especially to Miss Hally.

Are you just passing through?

Yes, I was, but now I've changed my plans.

You're staying here in Membres.

You like flowers, you don't carry a gun, and you want to stay in Membres?

You must be crazy!

Where are you going to live?

You can stay with me if you can't find anything better.

Thanks, that's mighty nice of you, Myosotis.

You can give me a hand, there's plenty of work to do.

Say, somehow I feel I know you.

That's because I'm so ordinary. I always remind people of someone.

Look at those flowers.

I left them for just a few minutes. They must be lonesome.

Hello, Myosotis. Good afternoon, Rosita.

Here's your rose, waiting for you.

What a handsome man.

Who are you? I don't remember seeing you before.

That's cos I've just arrived here. I'm a distant cousin of Myosotis.

Come and see me. I'll tell you what the cards say.

I can see what lies ahead.

What more do you want out of life?

Now I remember! Indeed!

My uncle Alfonso. Remarkable family resemblance.

But exactly how are we related?

Let's go inside, I'll explain afterwards. Sorry...

I'm sorry for you, but it can't be helped.

I've got to make a few more wreaths for poor Judge Barnes who got killed yesterday or he'll be completely forgotten.


You can help me arrange an important wreath for an important man, killed by people who want to be important.

OK, boss.

A splendid wreath!

Only, it has no inscription on it.

Put it over there.

I hear you've got a job now.

You'd have been better off with the Fuentes.

But you seem to prefer picking posies with Myosotis.

Doesn't show much ambition on your part, does it?

I'm still new around here and I'm entitled to make a few mistakes.

Nobody wants to die, Sheriff.

But to be afraid means dying a little every day.

A man who isn't afraid can only die once.

I don't have a gun. Would you shoot an unarmed men?

How has it all started?

Gold was discovered, that's what. Didn't take long for word to get around.

Once there's talk of a big gold strike, it brings men from afar.

It was very easy for the Fuentes brothers to come here. Mexico is next door.

Why hasn't someone tried to stop them?

They're afraid. You sense the fear?

Sure, they're afraid now.

But I mean when they first came to town. Why weren't they stopped, then?

There was nobody here. The young men were away fighting.

When the war ended, a few of them returned, but one by one they were murdered, even before they got chance to get back to town.

After that, there wasn't much point in resisting.

The Fuentes left no one alive but a few old men.

Some of them tried to fight back.

First of the brave ones was Senator Brown.

The last one was the Judge, and you saw what happened to him.

And did they kill Senator Brown?

Some say he died of a broken heart. Ah, it was broken alright.

They fired several lead bullets right into it.

He was brave, the Senator. Too bad his son never returned.

On the other hand, it's just as well this way.

It's all for the best. What do you mean?

There'd have been trouble. His wife wasn't exactly lonely.


Goodnight and sweet dreams.

My love, I told you to stay close to the carriage.

Yes, Mommy.

Whose buying the drinks?

Don't you like women?

Or am I making it too easy for you?

When a man refuses a woman, he isn't a man or he's thinking of someone else.

Sometimes it's better not to keep secrets.

The cards will give you away. They always tell the truth.

Esteban. I've just been insulted.

Please, wait a moment before you kill a man, Esteban.

A dead man won't be very amusing.

You can only kill a man once.

When we could have fun with him all day long.

The sheriff helped me to carry you up to my room.

Myosotis would probably have fainted if he saw you in this condition.

I can't quite figure you out.

Esteban was about to kill you. And yet obviously you weren't afraid.

You know, at first I thought it was on act, since most men are afraid.

I'm not sure I like such bravery.

You were badly outnumbered and yet you kept on.

You might have used the gun you keep under your shirt.

Let's find out what the cards say.

Your gun is in the top drawer. You may take it, if you want to.

But it will be alright where it is until the morning.

We don't have to make love, you know.

Here you are at last!

Where did you sleep last night?

What, in there?

Explain that. I'll explain afterwards.

Has someone else been killed?

Brown. A terrible loss. Montgomery Brown.

Ringo, the Senator's son. He came back.

Well, we've got work to do.

Paco Fuentes has ordered tons of flowers for the funeral.

Montgomery Brown is dead. We won't see him again.

May he rest in peace as we live in peace.

As the bible reminds us, we are all made of dust, and to dust we will return.

Bless your humble children, Lord, and bless the bread we are about to eat, given us by your divine grace. Amen.

Thank you, Myosotis, for the splendid flowers.

I'm happy that they pleased you, Hally.

An excellent job, Myosotis. We are both very pleased.

You and your assistant are invited to remain here for the fiesta.

Father, I have something to tell you. This Sunday I want you to marry us.

Now that we know what happened to poor Captain Brown, it's time that we made definite plans to get married.

We've been patient too long. Isn't that right, my dear?

One, two, three, four, five, six..., eight, nine, ten, eleven.

Who are you? What are you doing here?

Hally? Hally!

Where are you?

Darling, everyone's wondering where you are.

And I'm missing you, too.

I can't be without you even for a minute.

Let's go.

Paco, did you see anyone just now?

Upstairs? No.

Only a guest looking around. I don't like curiosity. Let's take a look.

I wouldn't leave if I were you.

Just hold it right here, friend.

There's more than flowers in here.

So you want to make a fortune without working.

Tradition is to cut off a thief's right hand.

That's what's been done for centuries.

However, today is a holiday.

We'll make an exception and be lenient.

Miss Hally, nice to see you.

I'd like to choose some flowers for the church ceremony.

Is he in the house?

Of course he is.

Tell me my daughter's name. Elizabeth, after your mother.

I had to leave her in the house. We're not permitted to go out together.

You must find some way to bring her with you tonight.

I'll be at the cemetery with two horses.

Before anyone even notices that you're gone, we'll be far away.

Leave town?

But that means all that's happened these last years is wasted.

Wasted? Why?

You waited for me to return. Now I'm back, we can begin living again.

And the others who've been waiting? How can you leave them to suffer here?

Those people are beyond help. They're already dead with fear.

Not yet, but they'll soon be dead, if you really abandon them.

Look at me, Hally. Count the Mexicans who are living here.

And what if the Fuentes hurt you? It's too much for just one man.

I've got an injured gun hand!

I've been expecting you to ask if there's anything between me and Paco.

It doesn't matter.

It matters to me. Please let me explain...

I already know.

You said at the cemetery tonight.

No. Not tonight.

I promise I'll come. Myosotis will tell you when.

Have you come back for me or for the cards?

How much do you charge for a reading?

Past or future? I already know my past.

That's strange, it's completely different. There are many changes.

In the future? No. It's you who are different.

A fearless man doesn't hope for anything anymore.

Only those who have hope really care.

And a man, who hopes, also fears, you see.

You are afraid now.

One moment...

Wait a minute. I haven't told you the future.

It doesn't matter. I know it.

I have some cash to gamble with, if you'll let me play a few hands.

You're just unlucky I guess. Luck? Nonsense!

The whole game was obviously fixed. What?

I saw it with my own eyes. I saw you cheat.

I don't believe my ears. You heard what I said!

I have witnesses that these two weren't up to the same tricks, but they're swindlers too...

Why don't you arrest them, Sheriff?

Cheating at cards is against the law even here.

You're supposed to carry out the law.

Or maybe a busy sheriff can't be bothered with petty crimes. Is that how it is?

Well, I wouldn't mind helping you.

On behalf of the sheriff and in the name of the law, I place you under arrest.

You must agree, it's not that difficult. Just make up your mind, that's all.

I'll even help you to take them to jail.

Maybe... Who are you?

I'll explain afterwards, Sheriff.

Montgomery Brown...

Esteban said not to wait for him.

Is that why you're here? The sheriff arrested him.

He cheated at cards.

Since the sheriff himself was there, he made the arrest and took him away.

When Paco hears that, he'll kill both the sheriff and Myosotis.

Not if Paco doesn't hear about it.

If you tell one of the other men...

...that they can get Esteban out before the sheriff knows what's going on.

You ought to be able to convince Esteban that he should forget what happened.

Poor Sheriff, poor Myosotis...

After all, I feel really sorry for them.

When Paco hears what I've done... He'll come looking for you.

And you'll have to defend yourself, unless you want to be killed.

We can't possibly hope to stop the Fuentes.

I've got my gun, that's one. You'll be with me, that's two.

Who else do you expect? Myosotis?

Alright, I suppose he's the third. Then what? The whole idea's insane!

Yeah, I know.

What are you looking for?

Dynamite. You got any?

This belonged to the judge, didn't it?

We could use some fresh air in here, Sheriff.

Sheriff, come out of there!

You've had your fun, Sheriff.

You'd better pray that Esteban's been enjoying it too.

Let him out now! Sorry to disappoint you, boys.

But the Sheriff likes having him around.

He'll be perfectly safe, till his trial begins.

Of course...

Do we leave them lying around like that?

Just for a while. But...

I'll explain later.

What are you doing?

What's that?


With your permission, Don Paco, we've brought a present for your wedding.

It's something special. I've saved you the best flowers.

Just be sure your helper doesn't cause any more trouble.

I almost forgot. Esteban and the others aren't coming back here tonight, because they began celebrating earlier today.

Let's get started.

I think we should put these plants by the door.

Flowers at the entrance always look inviting.

And we'll arrange the others inside the house.

I apologize, Don Paco. A whole family. Quite a tragedy...

We can postpone the wedding to tomorrow if you'd like.

I never postpone anything!

You stay inside, alright?

You promised you would remember. I trust you.

Hello. Come over here.

What's with the cartridges? What cartridges?

We are gathered here to bless the marriage between Don Paco Fuentes, our town's noble benefactor, and Hally Fitzgerald, widow of Captain Montgomery Brown.

Esteban! Esteban!

Rosita. When are you gonna get me out of here?

Francisco Fuentes, do you promise to love and protect Hally Fitzgerald according to the rites of the Holy Roman Church?

I do.

Hally Fitzgerald, do you promise to honor and obey forever Francisco Fuentes according to the rites of the Holy Roman Church?

Elizabeth, darling, he's waiting for you.


I have returned, Paco Fuentes.

I have returned!

I have returned!

I have returned!

The horses, they're gone!

Alex! Alex!

Why did you do that? You promised to forget, you miserable pig.

Let's go!

No one around here could shoot like him. No one!

He's dead because of me.

You can blame me for it.

We all make mistakes.

Now you cannot be afraid anymore.

Now you can only hide.

Fight for your life. Or die.

What are we going to do?

Take all the firearms. I'll explain later.

Hello. Hello.

Let's go!

Come on.

Let's go to the attic. Yes, sir.

Instead of "sir", call me Papa.

Why should I call you Papa?

I'll explain later, Elizabeth. I'll explain later.

Alright, Papa.

Shall I help you, Papa?

It's a big gun, Papa.

Now, play with these and you stay hidden.

Whatever happens do not leave this place.

Sure, Papa.

Or else those men will get me. Then your plans won't work out, right?

Where did you find that dress?

I'll explain later, Mama. I'll explain later.