Ildaeil (2014) Script

Production kim ki-duk film.

Produced and distributed by kim ki duk film.

But Dong-seok Kim Young-min.

Lee Dong-jo yi kyung Han Ji-hye theo in jo jae- ryong joong- kim ki.

Manufacturer kim sun- mo.

Written and directed by kim ki duk.


Mission accomplished, sir.

Well done.



Great job.

One on one (one on one).

One on one is what we are.

Bless you. Bless you.

So how is your new job? Do you like?

In short, is very boring. And your like?

I only do what I order.

But if you are ordered to do something very bad?

Well, I should do it anyway. Is the fault of those who give the orders, not mine!

But you'd be an accomplice.

As it would be an accomplice? I would just following orders.

People need to follow their own values.

Therefore, I refuse?

You know, it was hard to get a job.

And then gives me a living, so his orders, boss!

So what do you do?

A bit 'of everything.

I never say what it is, what kind of job is it?


Some other details, huh?

Yeah, but how boring! Change the subject.

We are together, right?

It is not right that I did not say anything about you.


All right?

Yes. Okay.

Congratulations, nice grip!

Is nothing.

You, do a little 'attention.

I'm sorry, sir.

Do you mind?

If it were not for me you would have spilled all over me.

Enough is enough!

Goes well, please.

I apologize.

That's it.

I have to go home.

I love you.

Call me when you get.

Say what.


What is happening? Is an exercise?



Come here, you bastard.

Here, idiot.

Death to communism!

To death! To death!

I beg your pardon, sir!

On the ground, immediately!

Yes, sir!

Bastard! We are at war, And you're a mess?

I settle, sir.

Then see to hurry up, you bastard.

Do you understand? Yes, sir, I understand.


Yes, sir.




Death to communism!


If you know my name, you know who I work.

You are making a big mistake. Who's in charge here?

Memories May 9 last year?

This should help.

Write on the paper everything you have done.

But who are you?

If you do not want to die, write. Minds if you kill the same.

Who's in charge here?

Commanded us.

Higher than you?

There is no one at the top. Write!

I can not.

We'll see!

Now we'll see!

Keep it!


Hold it, hold it down.


Want to die, damn you?

Yet, still. Down.

Piece of shit!

Put down, come on! Bastard!

What do you think? I'm an idiot?

Come here.

You're trying to get smart with me?



I have just a curiosity, but be honest.

Why did you do it?

I just did, What I ordered.

Are you serious?

This is just an excuse, bastard.

Is the fault of those who gave the order.

When one day you will go up in rank, up to you to give orders.

I just did what I was ordered. Even then it will repeat?

Remember this day.

And take it to the grave.

If you try to sing you're dead.

Do you understand what I said, right?

Do you understand? Yes.

Get him half a.

Here I am, I'm home.

I had fallen asleep.

I have business out of town, Perhaps a little 'I will not be reached.

Yes, I'll call you.

I love you so much.

Good night.


Cho Hun.

Do you like it?

I can help with?

How do you like the series?

In short, is very beautiful.

What do you want?

Tell me '.

What do you expect from life?

You are welcome?

What you would like most in the world?

I do not know, exactly. What do you want, sir?


Nothing! Life is too silly.

I would probably be kidnapped and beaten to death.

Says seriously, sir?

Huh, huh, I'd love to do it, huh?

I kid, kid.

No one would do it.

Bring a good wine and something to eat.

Cheese can go?

I always come here, boy. Bring the usual.

Because it insists with call boy?

So what?

I made you angry?

If true would be 20 million won.

But it is false.

What are you doing?

This is true. Take it.


Idiots like him never accept.

Too proud.

What are you doing! ?

Piece of idiot! What are you doing?

I apologize.

Learn to endure, stupid!

Vanne to take another.

What? Seriously spit in the pot?

I do not believe. Really?

How come you're not eating anything?

You know, these days I miss the appetite.

But you eat a lot.

I see you differently, these last few months.

You're always very anxious and you're smoking too.

But no, it's nothing. Is quiet.

Do you think I'm stupid?

Did you do something you hate.

And you just can not stand to do things against his will.

What happened?

Er, nothing.

You can tell me, what's going wrong?

Tell me and I'll help you, of. Come on, talk to me.

Me I see it, do not worry.

If you shake it hurts the child.


Can I help you?

More water, please.

Bon Appetite.

I'm sorry, sweetie.

But now I have to go.

Back soon.

Bastard! Are still.


Take this! Standing still. And this.

I'll kill you, you bastard!


Just stop!

It's up to me.

It's my turn now. Come on, harder!

Son of a bitch! Hold!

Hi, head.

That's it.

Guys, calm down.

You like to work at night, huh?

Bring it here.


Get up, you idiot!

So, you're jung yi- if?

But you who are you?

Shut up, you bastard!

Give me the picture.

You're on. Pulled up. Pull it up! Put it in!

Check it out.

Family that you have, you son of a bitch?

And now, write what you did last May 9.

Who ordered you to do this to me?

That son of a bitch.

Agree. Tie.

Go, go! I do, get out! I do.

Writing or writing?

Piece of shit!


Now? Huh?



You're just a shit, huh.

You, come here.

You do? Please, no!


Do not!

Get out of the way! It takes more strength. Looks.

Enough is enough!


You write or do not write?

I write!

By smoke from me too.

Hey, any problems?

No, no.

But that is taken?

How do I know?

You'd have to write it when I asked you.

Go, go, go!

Also you did it because I have ordered?

You did not think it was wrong?

You are a shameless bastard.

And then you went out to celebrate with your wife.

So you think you bastards win.

Wait and see, huh.

Your despicable actions will be revealed very soon.

Your baby will be born, And you are not ashamed of yourself?


Are you crying?

Why are you crying, huh?

Do you think it was wrong?

The remorse you are eating?

Son of a bitch! Are you really crying because you feel guilty?

So I hope so.

Maybe one of you bastards has a conscience.

Bring it on!

Get up, damn!

So you're going to mess it up.

Why did not you obey?

I am a woman.

I never tortured a man.

Sorry but I felt really crappy.

Treasure you had to know it was so.

Yes, of course. But I did it anyway and I felt like shit.

You're engaged?

Had been told not to get personal.

Oh, sure.

So what?

Yes, with a bastard! Deserves to be brought here and tortured.

I know them people like him.

Give them a finger and they take the whole arm.

Dictators are not only the government. There are also family and they are also among the friends.

If you want to get rid of it you have to give up all the things that you depend on him.

There are none.

Think about it. There are necessarily. This is the truth.

Become slaves taking what is given to us. Living habits. Than you have to be afraid.

I joined up to you to punish them as they should.

But we're really overdoing it.

I want to go and leave it all.


We all stay together until the end. Otherwise your fate will be the same to them.

So do not get any ideas, you know?

You talk like that bastard.

Hello substance yun.

Dad are.

You're good and you listen to mom.

Passamela now.


I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, sorry.

Forgive me for everything.

I'm sorry.

Where have you been?

A walk.

With whom?



You want to make fun of me?

Do not have to unlock it, you know?

What are you hiding? Unlock it!

But it's my phone!

Would like to say is that your phone? I gave you the I.

Unlock before you kill yourself! Come on!

Now I do.

N min-ju. And who is he? A man or a woman?

A woman.

And who is he?

A friend.

Where do you live?



What did you do last night?

I saw a movie.

With whom?

So I'll go crazy.

Who's the bastard?

Tell me! Tell me who it is!

Can not stand you anymore! You are a fool! Stop it!

Tell me who you are going to have fun with my money!

I have not done anything wrong!

I took that bag down there.

This costs a lot.

Is a very expensive bag.

You think it's retarded?

An expensive bag!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

You spent the money I gave you! So what? !

I'm sorry!

I have lent to a friend.

Come here.

And move.

Really brought them?


But you're a good girl.

Soon is my pay day.

Enough to work at the store.

I'll give you the money.

You know how great is the love I have for you?

You're all that I want.

You can give away the money you want.

But not your heart.

I can not do more.

Why do not you let me go?

Say that again, bitch! Say that again!

Huh? You want to die?

Or do you want me to kill myself?

No! No!

If you try to say it again,

I'll kill you!

Come here.

Do you like it?

You'll be mine forever.

I'll kill you both!

I hurt you?

Because I love you.

Crazy bitch.

Really love me?


Did you know.

You'll be good from now on?

But what have I done wrong?

How much is a real bag?

Two million won?

Maybe even three.

These options.

And now not even thank me?

Thank you.

No money and no ability.

What would you do without me?


Congratulations, man!


Once you have promoted. What is your secret?

Just work hard, I would say.

But but what I do too.

Sometimes this is not enough.

You need to identify the key objective of the work.


Get there without waiting for the order. And sell everything on a silver platter.

Thanks. Good advice.

But if you order things you do not want to do in that case, do you?

Do what you gotta do.

Forget right and wrong if you want success.

You're right. About one notices today.

No matter by what means, it is important to do it.

Another thing tell me.

If you are put in detention, into a corner knees and begs.

Apologize and say do not do it again, sir. I swear, sir!

But it is a bit 'too humiliating?

That you care! You just pretend. But they have to believe.

Has a nice pimp.

Always faithful!

What are you doing!

In! Move it! Walk!


It is you who controls?

You know who you are?

You fools think you get away with it?

Remember what you did on May 9?

What? !

Write up there, All you have done.

But with whom you think you're talking!

Just a cop wants to give me orders?

To do what?

Leave it there.

But what do you want? Ah!


What the hell are you doing?

Give me your hand.

Write? Write?

Enough is enough!

I beg you, stop!

Write whole or in hand to the other hand.

Yes. Yes. I write! Enough is enough!

Why are you out?

Is too violent.

Are bastards.

If we were not violent, not ever confess.

Jung yi- if he committed suicide.

I saw the news.

Putting his hand.

So what? How do you feel looking back at what you've done?

I'm sorry.

Are you sure?

I beg your pardon.

What did you do wrong?

All! I was wrong everything!

I'm sorry! You're not talking seriously!

It's all my fault! I'm so sorry! Really! Forgiveness!

You're just trying not to take other.

I know them bastards like you.

Loyal like dogs but ready to flee at the first danger.

Live righteously.

Bring it on!

You remain. Come on, take it off.

Why did you stop me?

You were too violent.


Those bastards are violent.

What are you doing? I want me to hit you?

I did plan and is very bad.

You're too emotional, perhaps you do not have to be here.

Ah, I'm not emotional. It is human nature to feel pain.

Anyone who gets weak in the face of violence.

What do you do?

I live behind my brother.

So why did you take part in this?

Because I'm a shadow, and I wasted my childhood.

Where you studied, boy? Speak better than the others.

I studied abroad, thanks to the money my brother.

But they are nothing, and can not find work.

You're not the only one, all are part. this shit. You understand?

Now I'm just a fucking parasite.

Who wastes all his money.

The fact of having to justify always makes me want to kill.

And then? That's why you joined us?

Police: to serve and protect the country.

I thought that I would be vented, but slaughter all these people, it does not solve anything.

More I get, the more I begin to appear.

You're right, feel sorry.

I wonder how much effort it took them to become so devious and cowardly?

People become cruel when it is hungry, do you understand?

Especially these guys. They do not deserve my fucking lose!

Why did you become so violent?

This is a really good question because I've become so violent?

I mean you look aggressive, but there is something sad in you.


In my future there will be much sadness.

Leaders never an easy life.

You know jeong yi- if he committed suicide?

He felt guilty for killing.

No! We have killed him.

From that fucking side are you on?

I do not know.

If I went too far, you denounce.


In this case, I will kill you.

Honey, are you hurt? What happened?

Nothing. Nothing.

Like, no? What was it?

I said it's nothing. Let it be.

Not true, tell me! What happened to your hand? Love, answer.

Please do not ask for anything. I have to but I.

I have to leave for a while '.

Where to? And why? What's going on?

Please! Do not ask me!


Just now enough is enough! Enough is enough! Enough is enough! Bastaaa!

My love! What happened?

Enough. Stop. Stop!

Tell me please!

Byeon ho- seong jin gu oh-oh jeong- taek gwi- choi hwa jung yi- if oh hyeon.

Byeon ho- seong jin gu oh-oh jeong- taek gwi- choi hwa jung yi- if oh hyeon.

Oh jeong- taek.

Where did you go?

I wondered where you went!

What do you care! I take care of myself, brother.

You need to mind your own business.

How dare you answer that? Treasure, please.

Stop it! Stop it! Go inside, strength.

But you look at this idiot!

Since dad died, I broke my back to send you to college.

I also sent in the United States, and for what?

The brother of a friend of mine came back from there and now he is a professor.

The problem is not just the money. At least get a job, dammit!

Dumbass! If I had studied so much work in the Silicon Valley, now!

You're just a shame!

My friends boast of their brothers and I have nothing to say.

I am ashamed to show me around!

Found a real job! Or something like that.

Stop once and for all to live on my shoulders, parasite!

You're always on the computer, as if you would pay.

You think you can suck blood and then inherit all this?

But I give everything to charity, rather than leave it to you.

Fuck you! I do not want from you any money, brother!

I do not know what I did wrong.

I did nothing but study for a lifetime!

I studied the Ivy League, I graduated and for what?

No one gives me an interview, I do not know what to do!

I'm a fucking cripple!

Not speak to me in English! You were cursing me, right?

How dare you?

No, darling, stop! Shut up! Stop wearing me out!

There is a limit to what we stand!

I studied like a robot all his life, and had not a moment's rest! Fuck you!

Now stop that to insult me - forward, come here, come on! Forward!

On, come on! Accommodated! Honey, calm down! Enough is enough!

You, get out of there!

Strength, move! Ungrateful bastard!

Come on! Come on, get out! Do not come back!

Then, listen to me.

I have to talk myself.

Because I have to work for two when I only married one?

You know what I do to clean and cook?

Kitchen and laundry done alone! You need to get busy!

Is the only family you have left, do you understand?

Your brother is not an investment. Stop talking only of the money spent.

Financed his education to brag?

Is madness as some parents force their children to study how the machine.

How do you think those children will become?

And you do the same.

Therefore, Let him live in peace.

Have your whole life ahead yet.

Have a little 'patience and trust.

Is smarter than you and speaks good English.

You can do it, you'll see.

What happens?

Who are you? What do you want? Let me out!

Loyalty! Always!

Stops. Noooo!

Then, you idiot, you want to move? Yes, sir!

And he's straight! Yes, sir!

You hit it really? Of course!

Seriously? It made me sick.

Be quiet! Open!

Open it. Let me out!

And who are you? That is the basis?

You know who they are! ?

Pull it out.

What the hell.

On May 9. Write what you did that day.

We know all. If you lie, you're dead.

Tell me why you want to know.

So what? Begins.

What do you do?



Piece of shit!

Bastard! You think I'm an idiot?


No, no! I write! And the whole truth! I swear! I write everything! Right away! Yes, I am writing.

Write everything, you know?


So what do you think of what you wrote?


The way we did we would say controversial, but.

I am convinced that the basic intentions were good.

Damn bastard!

Bravo! Have your unjust convictions!

Have worked honestly for the country.

Be loyal to the system is not the best thing for the country?

Not if you work for a system that is rotten and corrupt in.

That cute daughter.

Never mind my family, got it!

You want to die?

Or do you want to live with your children?


Not to say anything to anyone and do not even think to be a hero.

Always remember the fear.

Take him away.

Go to help them. And you, come here a minute.


Why did you join us?

I thought it was funny. And it seems right.

You always have a strong smell of oil type lubricant for machine. Please mechanic?

No, why?

Certainly, it is clear. The work is shame.

The world goes on thanks to the workers. You need to have more pride.

Yes, you try to crawl under cars all day. You'll see how much dignity.

You're not your job. Do not have to humiliate you ever.

Are bastards to be ashamed.

Remain united until the end, everyone.

I'm afraid.

You have no reason. The big boys have a very low pain threshold.

Just touch and collapse in a moment.

I do not speak for them, I'm afraid of you.

Think I'm crazy? They are dangerous lunatics! Despise workers like you.

And fuck all as he pleases.

So tell me, why do you fear?

Uh, work hard!

Well, nice work.

Then who is?

Ho- jin seong, I. Is their team leader.

But it is not dangerous?


Hey, after the fear that we did, I do not think they're going around to tell.

This is not a game.

If we behaved as wimps for sure we would discover. Be careful.

I think one thing.

We could kill one of them.

With this. Right here.

A hit here, with no way out.

Not there. The point is this.

Wait, wait! Enough is enough! Enough is enough!

Are you ready? Let's go.

You hit me seriously. I was playing.

Move. Arrival.

That bastard.

Sir, how are things going?

Who are you?

That's me.

She would not want to kill them all?

I was also tortured.

Yi- if he died because of them.

Sir, there's nothing to it.

It's all make-believe, sir!

Last night, kidnapped his head Oh Yun-daik just like us.

Are just idiots weak and resentful.

For their inferiority complex!

Listen, sir.

Are buffoons.

Disguising themselves with uniforms.

Have made fun of us.

I was also terrified at the beginning.

Bloody bastards. We must stop them.

We should denounce.

We can not.

Believed to have taken over our torture?

Was a fiction.

You too.

you wrote?

Yes. Then we can not.

We can show. Restore all that we have now.

I will not. Because?

Regret in life that I did.

What are you saying?

I was going crazy.

I do not sleep more.

I had the chills.

But thinking back to what I did,

I deserved this punishment.

Afraid of what they can do?

Are just impostors, sir. Weak and poor. Will not have a chance with us.

We must take back our confessions.

And why would the weak and poor?

TI because if you committed suicide?

Ai- if it was an honest man.

Was suffering a lot.

But he often said he did not want.

We just followed orders.

Yi- if those people did not die because he was tortured.

He killed himself with his own hands.

For the guilt.

Is not true, it's all the fault of those people!

Torture have clouded the mind. In this world is only punishing himself.

Are terrorists, sir. We have to catch them.



That's me.

I do not.

Boss! Sir!





Are oh hyun comes out.

Are those crazy impostors.

We can take them.

Not worth anything, sir. His friends in high places.

Could help us fix.



What the fuck you doing, sleeping?

I'm sorry, boss.

Lazy bastard, You have not changed the oil in the off-road?

The owner is furious.

I was working on the benz.

What time did you leave yesterday?

It was about 17: 00.

I had to go out with a friend of mine.


Do not pay you to go around!

Go to change the oil and hurry up, you piece of shit. Do not make me repeat myself. Get it?

Hello, I brought the coffee.

Come on in. Come.

Why are you standing there?

Wait, grab a coffee before.

Forget him, he has to do.

Hold, drink it. Is looking hot!


Do not trust that, it's a bastard.

Quiet, I love only you! I'll see you tonight.


Enough! Just what?

I already have a boyfriend.

I'm not jealous!

I do not want to kiss me, stop.


No kissing, please.

Only one.

I will not, stop!

I think it's time?

Come on, let's go eat.

I have to take the cups. Leave them there.

Son of a bitch.

Is allowed? Working tirelessly here?

I can show the lighter?

I do not need anything, thanks.

Aspects, at least give a look. These are found only in the United States.

Or at least in Japan. How about this?

No, I like this one.

This? Yes.

Well, they will be!

This is American. Beautiful, is not it?

How much does it cost?

Is very expensive, sir.

Not if you can afford it, but I can give you fifty thousand won.

I asked how much this.

Do you want to insult me, perhaps?

No really, believe me.

But given the work he does, it seems too expensive.

Why do not we do that I can give this to forty thousand.

That's too expensive.

I asked how much.

Are five hundred.

Oh yeah?

Take this for forty.

No, I take this.

Check it out.

One of these is worth five hundred.

Is the replacement for a luxury car. Two together cost a million.

In a store you buy them for no less than eight hundred thousand.

Okay, done deal.

Because it does not work?

Why are not you at work?

I came to take a piece.

That bitch, eats and goes.


Where are the coils?

We have not fitted the audi the other day?

In the workshop there is only a bmw, you take me for a fool?

Trying to tell me the truth, are worth more than your salary.

I'm sorry, but I do not know anything.

What's this?

Maybe he forgot a customer here.

Is false. Is yours? It will not be that.

You gave two coils in exchange for this lighter?

Bastard son of a bitch!

Stupid idiot, you've also made fool!


What do you want?

Is against the rules.

For this I put my glasses.


Sit down, there's no.

How is it going?


How much you pay.

I hate those who do not do their own business.

I'm doing your own business, we're just talking about.

Where are your parents?

I do not know.

I do not know how it would be?

It means that I do not know.

Repressed anger is the worst enemy of those of us. You need to eradicate it.

And you've eradicated your own?

That's why I do all this.

This world is now in ruins.

Repressed anger as yours, bubbling waiting to explode.

And those who have ruined this world, continue to do so undisturbed.

That's why we have to fight.

And that is what we are doing.

Will not work if you die trying.

Chances are, if I only. Alone is not no.

OK, now back to work. Back home.

All right, I'll see you tonight.

Walk asshole!

To death communism. To death.

You bastards! Are ho- seong jin.

Who's in charge here?

Shut up, bitch!

Death to communism!

Who are you?

You who commands here?

You know who I am?

Yes, I know, jin sung ho-.

How dare you say my name?

You are part of some agency?

Even the president knows who we are.

Survive any government.

There is no agency that I do not know!

And certainly.

You're not the Anti Communism.

And I'm not a traitor!

Shut your mouth.

You know who this is?

Write here all what you did on May 9.


Disgusting pigs!

Just bullshit. Write all the bastards who engineered this shit.

Try to lie and do a bad end.

Let me make a phone call.

Electric shock burns the nerves. The damage could be permanent. Think carefully.

Writing or writing? Bastard!

Forward! Surrender!

Then write?

I write!

I will not torture you again.

Tell me the truth and get it over.

Believe that he acted in good?

If I tell the truth.

I let it go?

You have my word. Speaks!

Was a legitimate act.

I acted for the collective good.

You said the collective good?

I have made an order that was given to me.


I acted in the right.

And for the good of the community.


Everything you do again?


You are a bastard! Damn asshole, motherfucker criminal!

Let me!

Are bastards like you who ruin the world.

Just, you said that you would not have hit.

Take him away.

Get up, asshole.

Are you crazy? How dare you? Who do you think you are, telling me how I should act?

And what the hell are you doing? Is not your personal vendetta.

You're saying?

You're just a crazy criminal.

Damn bitch!

Stop it! Calm down! Enough is enough!

Do not lose your head.

Did you hear what he said?

For the good of the community.

Maybe because for them it really is that.

Each has its own scale of values, just like you.

You're really overdoing it.


This is nothing compared to what he did that bastard.

I'm pissed off like you. That's why I'm here.

Only that there are limits.

Limits? You have other ideas to punish those pigs?

I do not know.

But I do not think more just like it seemed to me at the beginning.

You are not sensitive, but just stupid.

They would use any means without remorse. If you feel sorry for them, you'll lose like an idiot.

I'm not an idiot! You have to control themselves, not to be like them.

What do you control?

Listen carefully.

From now on will seriously.

The next target is another accomplice.

We must be credible, or we will all end up in jail.

If we have his written confession, his boss will not have a chance.

Okay even though I'm afraid.

Who will play?

Maybe gangsters, all well dressed.

Or better yet, the National Intelligence.

I've had enough, I'm going.

You can not.

This is too important.

Here there is no place for traitors.

And you want to do? We are free people.

Try to give up, and find out.

Well then let's go have a drink? So we talk about it calmly.

No, I barely two. When it is over, we will return strangers.

Clean this place.

Mom, what are you doing?

Just watering, there are plants.



Eat a tangerine.

No. Yet?

Sit down, mom. There is no place where we can go.

Go get some rest '.

Force, mom.

Here, good.

Good night.

Why do not you listen to me?

How many times have I told you to get out of here?

What the hell is all this stuff?

I'm sorry.


Give me a few more days.

You will find the money somehow.

Sure, right, just wait a few more days.

Here demolish everything to build new palaces.

And why would it be?

Please do not have another place to stay.

This is your problem. If something happened, I'd be ruined, do you understand?

Will soon cranes and demolish everything. You understand?



You want?

Open the gate.

I do not think.

I would like to put their hands on him again? Tell me what you want.

I need my money.

I'd give them to you, if I had. Unfortunately, my wife has taken them before escaping to America.

And this house, then?

This is for rent.

You felt like you make me such a thing?

Look I know that divorce is just an excuse to steal money.

Please, I need.

I too would. All because of that bitch. I think it ran away with another.

I do not answer the phone and do not even know where he is.

Agree, enough with the bullshit, okay? Huh?

Give me back my money and that's it. You're ruining my life!

Come on, do not do these scenes.

Force, kill me just. Will you?

You're just a liar, cheater.

I think that I considered a friend.

Please give me the address if it is true of your wife. I'll talk.

Now she's gone, surrender.

Sue me, if you please. If you enough money.


You son of a bitch!


You are a crook of shit!

You do?

How dare you?



That mean?

Remember the May 9?

May 9?

You recognize it?

Must have been an unforgettable day.

Write here all what you did that day.

And what would I do?

Six complicit in the murder of a girl and you have to admit.

I have sacrificed for this country for thirty years.

Are the corrupt and evil soldier of an army rotten.

Has besmirched the honor of real soldiers.

I want to know who's in charge here.

I want to talk to your supervisor!

What do you think?

Then just do not want to understand.


Is' still!

You do?



You're inhaling toxic gas.

Write or spend the rest of his life in the hospital.



Increases again.



So what?

Writing or writing?

You want to write or not?



Now enough with the violence!

Stay calm.

Calm down!

What do you do?

You have to stop.

What the fuck are you doing?

Continues to write.

But who are you?

Are not agents.

Intelligence agencies do not act so.

Who cares? Go ahead.


Now you tell me.

Who is your boss.

Not important.

What matters is that you are guilty of a crime.

The National Intelligence.

Have nothing to do with you!

And that's pretending.

You son of a bitch.

I have worked with guns all my life.

I distinguish steel from aluminum.

You think you can shoot a gun aluminum?

Ahead, try it!

Fuck you. What?

Who are you?

Because you want me to write a confession?

You bastards!

You have it with the government?

Waste like you, undermine society.

Are not different from the Communists.

It seems that you two were mixed together without really knowing why.

Take it if you want to avoid jail.

I will think about dropping the charges against you exonerate.

I have friends in the services, the police, judges and politicians know.

Now take it, then get rid me.

Promise that leaves us free?


You can not believe him, you're mad?

How dare you speak again? Force, take it!

Shut up, you bastard son of a bitch!

Not worth the stars wear on the shoulders. Yes, this is fake.

But what's the difference? Do you think it will not hurt?

What do you say, motherfucker? It hurts, right?

Pronounce your last words.

Do you think you kill me using that toy?


Tell me you're sorry.


I'm a soldier and faithful.

I do not know the regret.

Are you sure that this is fake?

You are fake, you bastard!

You killed him seriously?

But as.

Is dead! You killed him really.

But what happened?

Oh shit!

Is dead?

Why did you do it? Did not have to kill him!

Stay calm.

This is nothing compared to what he did.

You say that this is nothing? You have just killed a man!

Accursed murderess!

But then.

Your Weapon is true.

Why? Where did you get it?

Mine has always been true.

But what are you doing?

You think to change the world in this way? Killing people?

You are the evil.

I'm going away.

You have something to say? Huh?

Now if we gave, we would take.

In cold weather, approached.

I'm fine.

Come with us.

Cabbage cold. Freezes!

We settled. I do not find them no.

I also pull out.

Kill a general, it means trouble.

Where are you going?

Hey, who cares, we will do the same, right?

Come on, come on. What the hell!


I need to talk.

I came to ask.

If you thought.

I do not trust you.

If you want to kill me.

That do not suffer humiliation and violence six pathetic!

Longer endure it, the greater the amount.

That's how you want to live?

Is bearable. Maybe it's better with him.


Are you going to sue?

You're dangerous.

I know it well.

Denunciami, go ahead.

After this, I'll kill you anyway.

Hey, open.

Give me two more.

Not you bought enough? Shut up and give it to me!

And mind your own business!

Mr. Lee?

Mr. Lee?

I am coming!

Good evening.

I need another week.

Listen to me.

If i receive the money even today, my boss will take it with me and kill me.

Yet another week.

You think I'm kidding?

You see this? I have caught him just yesterday.

All because of people like you who do not pay the debt!

Therefore see to pay, you bastard!

Another week.

What? But then you are deaf! Pay and that's it, asshole!

Wait, can not you see he did not understand the concept?

That's going on here?

And who are you?

Asshole! Fuck you, you bastard!

Still, do you?

A week and that's it, understand?

All right?

Eat well, as long as it is hot.

The poor are fucking desperate, while the rich are getting richer more.

As you know where to find me?

Why did you take money from those lenders?

My wife.

Is in intensive care.

Has cancer?

Is on a ventilator, they say that we have no more hope.

Soon I will have to decide his life.

Putting all of this stuff.

You will help.

Why did you come?

I was in these parts.

You want some '?

No, I do not eat cooked food. Finish well, eat.

The noodles are ready a strange food.

For the rich are just a snack, while the poor are the main course.

We must fight to destroy these injustices.

There is nothing I can do.

No, you're not the problem, the system to be rotten and corrupt.

Do not give up, fight by my side until the end.

The isis fights with al-Nusra Front against the government of Syria.

The decision of the Saudi government to label the rebels as terrorists, fear the worst in Syria.

Patricia Durrant, a man was charged with murder in the neighborhood Llandysul.

The chief of suspended from his post after the scandal lawrence.

I have a terrible thirst, could you give me a bit 'of water?

Save us oh mighty Buddha.

Hey wait, stop for a moment.

You did the navy pohang? Kim yu- six minutes?

I am a soldier, but do you remember me?

I remember.

I remember that I always beat.

Yes, here I am sorry.

After military service, I am sorry.

Maybe it's late, but I would like to apologize.

I always hoped to meet you to do it.

Although I was hoping there more.

That cold!

Hello, head.

Come on, come.

I have come to say good-bye.

I do not like the most.

I'm out.

Whoever wants to go away now.

We are, head.

And then this is the last time.

After which we shall never meet again.

Whom should we leave today?

Byung gu ho-.

That piece of shit!

He is the brains of the whole operation.

I'm afraid.

You do not have. Massacriamo as the others.

From what disguise?

No applause?

Good evening.

Who are you? Still, what to do?

Tell me what the hell does this mean?

You want, garbage collectors?

How dare you treat me like this?

I have taken to the trash?

Tell me your serial number.

Call the manager. Right away!

I am ho- byung gu.

If I touch a hair.

I will kill you and your families!

You should untie.


Why did you kill her?


I did not kill her, it's fake!

My men.

Are my men who have done everything. I did not kill her, I swear.

You want to do?

Do not kill me, please.

Oh my God!

Oh God, help me!

Enough, please!

I beg you, stop!

Stopped now. So you kill him!

He's right, that's enough. If you kill us in the shit.

Let me, you bastard!

Just as he said he's sorry.

Do not touch me, you idiot!

Let me! Waiting for this day.

Have you forgotten what he did?

He has to make a painful death.

You can not kill him.

Apologized, really sorry.

This is why this lax and useless pity.

That the world is falling apart!

Will die if you go.

You do not have enough of suffering? Please stop kneel.

In front of the abuses and injustices!

This time it's really too. I'm leaving!

Me too.

Here I knew it, you're like the bastard.

If you do not want to stop, we should stop us.

Then stop me, because I have broken the back of this.

No, that's it! Let me!

Let me!

I can not believe.

But they are doing?

Let me go.

Deliver me, you bastards!

Let me!

That's it. Damn!

Deliver me! Deliver me, motherfuckers!

Do not do it!

We have done enough.

It's time to stop.

Now I understand.

You want to remain subdued.

You do not know what to do with freedom.

I am writing to you on a silver platter, your freedom.

And if you do not take advantage now, you will be forever slaves.

Do not talk as if we were their accomplices. We still believe in hope and strive for this.

How to fight? Allowing thieves to guard your homes? Crazy!

I least I tried.

But not alone I can do.

I can not because we have involved in this thing?

You, with your words of hate, you've dragged this far.

You sucked our souls in this your evil plan!

You also think so?

Yes, I know that our society is not perfect, but North Korea is worse than that.

But why?

How did I not know?

People are pathetic, it is true.

You are pathetic!

All human beings are.

Do not speak as if he did part of it.

Life is really hard and cruel.

You're not better than us.

No, in fact.

If you put fish in an aquarium by themselves, will not live long.

But if you add a predatory fish, the other fish will try to save his life.

They will stay healthy and live more.

That man sitting over there.

Is a real threat to us, but it keeps us alive.

Our fear.

And our torture each other, is what keeps us alive.

If there is nothing we can do, why did you have to fight?

Because this is my role.

Are your anger, hatred, desire for revenge.

The pain of defeat.

I have given you only.

A stage.

A stage?

With costumes and set design.


I think that you.

Differing opinions.

But this does not mean that we are on your side.

Yes, I know, thank you.

As I listened, I realized.

That his intelligence is very dangerous.

Everyone knows the truth.

If we cling to it, the world would end.

Like he said.

I've only played my part by predatory fish.

And I thank you all for letting me live this agony.

But I finally realized the truth.

I learned to play my role.

Your character leaves the stage at this point.

Deliver me now.

This is my scene.

It is the turn of the fish predator.

Let me recite my part.

I do not know, what do you think?

Let's talk it out.

But what happened?

So what do we do?

Perhaps ho- byung gu is right.

Maybe just because I said so vacate.

We need to make the right choice. He is ho- byung gu.

If you help him, it could save your life.

I do not know what to do.

Wait, please do not do it!

Shut up, you damned traitor!

All right, boss?

Now I'll kill him, the bastard!



Is over. That's it.

Back home.

Why? I want to do it!

Back home to your family.

It's all over.


Get out!

Perhaps live.

Life can be hell.

Take care of your kids.

Whenever you can.

Uses your money and your power.

To give them a better life.

And who are you?

I'm the one who carried out the orders.


Is ho- jin seong who sent you?


You stupid incapable.

What the fuck have you done for me to get into this shit?

As soon as I get out of here, you fuckers are dead!

Now untie me now.

First I have to ask you a question.

Fuck you, first untie.

Ouch, that hurt.

Because I have ordered?

What the fuck.

How dare you? You want to die?

The idiot wonders why! The subject must carry out the orders. Untie me and shut up!


No, what are you doing?

I want you to tell me exactly why you made us do that!

To survive.

That's why.

I did it to save my life.


I was going to die I.

And did not think of us?

Yi- if he killed himself for the guilt.

Others do not have a soul.

What will become of us all?

I care?

These are your problems.

I gave you a good job.

Now untie me, come.

Who was.

In order to you?


But are you serious?

I know you want that?


Your role ends here.


You're you're doing!

Who am I?