Imaginaerum (2012) Script

That's it. Gently.

We should head back inside, Tom. Get you warm.

There's a big storm coming.

He looks kind of creepy, doesn't he?

I'll be right behind you, Tom.

E minor.

It's the right chord.

Hello. Ms. Whitman, it's Doctor Jansson.

I have some bad news.

What's wrong with you, princess? Why won't you spin?

We had to bring your father in again.

As we predicted, his episodes are becoming frequent.

This one looks quite serious.

Yeah... I understand.

Mr. Whitman Tom.

You have to come a distance, but if we could discuss this in person...

I'll be there as soon as I can. Bye.

Can you hear me, Mr. Whitman?

''Matthew knew it was hopeless.

Nothing mattered anymore.

Mr. White's body was melting even as Matthew watched.

The snowman could no longer speak The happy face Matthew had loved - now was nothing but slush.

Matthew stared up into the sky, - watching the winter's last snowflake floating down.

Some said its touch held the power of magic, - but Matthew had lost his faith in stories.

But when the snowflake finally touched Mr. White's outstretched arm, - a coating of fresh frost spread outward from it, - and the puddle of water under the snowman crackled - as it turned to ice.

Matthew's heart filled with joy as he watched Mr. White come alive The story of winter's last snowflake had come true.

The magical winter would never end''

Time to go to bed, children.

You're that new boy, Tom.

You made that snowman in the backyard.

I'm Ann.

What's that?

She's beautiful.

Can't you talk?

I can talk.

Are those your parents?

That's my mom. She got sick and She's dead now.

My dad's a pilot. Is he dead too?

He's not dead! My dad's Theodore Whitman.

And he's a hero.

He saved all his passengers from a tornado.

But he crash-landed.

And when he gets rescued he'll come and get me.

Nobody here has any parents. Lights out!

Good night, Tom.

Sleep tight, princess.

You'll melt for this.

Well, well, well...

Look who's here.

It's good to see an old friend.

I was just standing there in the backyard, - minding my own business, and I felt this sting on my arm.


I think it was that little thing.

Tom, let's you and me take a trip. See where it goes next.

Who knows? Maybe we'll bump into someone you used to know.

Encounter things you've only dreamed of.

I... I'm dreaming.

That's why everything is so weird.

So come on. It'll be fun.

You'll be safe with me.

Listen, buddy, if you're too scared to come along, I understand.

Maybe you're not a chip off the old block.

Don't worry about it, you can just go back to bed.

Or you can come with me and have an adventure.

It feels so real!

Ice and genuine oak.

Hang on, buddy. Let's go!

Now there's a sight for sore eyes

What's that? It's nothing, buddy.

Just a rotten pile of wood and steel.

Why don't we go take a look at it?

Look, it's your father.

Aren't you excited to see him?

It's just a dream.

This is as real as it gets for you, buddy.

Ms. Whitman?

Your father has multi-infarct dementia.

It's a condition caused by multiple strokes.

We've spoken about this several times over the phone.

Yes, we have. But given his current condition...

You want to pull the plug.

Well, it's not quite like that He's not on life support Though his heart did stop twice We've brought him back, but to keep doing it... -Where do I sign?

You're making the right decision.

It's best to let him go.

He's been living in a fantasy world for the last couple of years.

He's regressed to childhood. I just think it would be cruel to...

I can reach you at your father's if we need to, uh, speak.

I don't expect you'd be flying back in this weather.


Well, I'll leave you two alone.

Nothing has changed, has it?

I'm not even a memory, am I?

I'm just a blur. Like always.

You know, I waited so long for you to reach out.

This was a mistake. I've done enough for you.

Oh no! We need to turn back!

It's too late! I can't!

No! Help!

No! Help! Hang on!

What? What is this?

It's just you being you.

Hi, Tom. It's been a while.

Do I know you? Of course We've known each other since we were kids. -You're crazy I was. For a while.

Come here. Let me me patch you up.

You're wondering where you are...

I'm in a dream. With a crazy woman.

If I am, it doesn't reflect well on you.

In all sorts of ways.

Actually, I used to be your voice of reason.

God knows you needed one.

You were very good at a lot of things.

But dealing with real world wasn't one of them.

None of this makes any sense.

It should.

I'm just saying the things you expect me to.

Buddy! Hey! Where are you?

Hey! I'm here! Quiet.

He'll find you.

Oh! Leave it. It'lljust remind you of him.

You're nuts. Leave me alone!

Selfish and rude. Yep, that's the Tom I know.

The Snowman isn't the best tour guide, you know.

He's not what he seems.

Don't let him steal the rest of you.

I can 't see you, buddy!

I'm.... Give me a yell, loud as you can!

Wretched brat, you're hiding!

Not so nice now, oh, is he?

Hey, you!

Be careful out here. Those tracks are unstable.

A lot of them could collapse on us at any time.

Why is this thing here? Beats me.

Somebody thought it was a great idea to build it on this godforsaken place.

Hey! Wait!

Do you know where that music's coming from? I've heard it before.

Kid, we've all heard it.

All day, every day. Same damn melody.

Makes me sick.

Aaah! Come on!

Dammit! Why do I even bother?

This thing can't be fixed!

What do you want to do, Gem?


Just leave it. It's lifeless.

Yes. Thank you Let it rot.

You be careful.

Song of myself...

Worthless brat! I let him out of my sight for a minute!

And all this bullshit shows up!

The little runt's more trouble than he's worth.

Ah, dammit! Oh, woopsy! I missed a spot.

What are you doing?

Nothing. I was just looking for you.

And now, I found you.

Come here! Let me take a look at you!

What? What, this?

Just took a bit of a beating in the storm, is all.

Don't worry about me.

Hey! What do you say we have some fun, huh?

No! What's wrong with you? First, we fall, now this!

This dream's stupid. I'm leaving. -Hey! Hold up, pal.

Relax. I got something for just the two of us.

Two tickets to the circus. It'll be great, buddy.

It's right around the corner. Let me show you. -No.

Leave me alone! You're making this too weird.

Don't you walk away from me!

Get out of there!

Come see what they've got! Go away!

It's okay, I'm not mad.

Come and share - this painting with me.


No! What happened? What have you done?

Unveiling of me, the magician that never failed.

This deep sigh coiled around my chest Hi, Tom. I'm glad you got away.

What did you do with my Arabesque? You used to call it your princess.

Tell me. Could she really spin like you said?

Or is that just another stupid lie?

Sorry. Another story.

A silver platter!

Did you really think fixing it would fix things with her?

No. You didn't really want to fix things, did you?

I don't want that! It's broken.

What are you doing? It's mine!

I'll have what she's having.

Ice-cream castles, lips-to-ear rhymes A slumber deeper than time

Who are you?

Slow, love Slow Only the weak -

are not lonely

Slow Slow, slow

Slow, love Slow

Slow, slow

You used to play so beautifully, Tom.

You had a song for every little thing in your life.

It's a shame it had to end.

I understand.

Would you quit calling me Tom? You don't even know me!

It's you who no longer knows people, Tom.

And it's your own fault. For feeding him.

Don't let him take all of you!


These doors of yours aren't going to keep your secrets safe from me.

Dad. I had a bad dream.

What are you doing? Nothing.

I'm doing nothing at all.

It's bedtime. Go back to sleep.

But Dad... Is this about your mother again?

The circus...

It's not until tomorrow.

Just go to bed.



Are you scared?

How can you be scared of it if you've never even seen it?


Look. It's just a bunch of clowns.

And trapeze artists ...wearing tights...

That's all.

Alright Buddy.

Back to bed now.

Thomas... Yes, sir.





... the snow storm is still escalating, and the temperature is falling fast.

Our friends in the weather department are forecasting record-breaking cold, - so it's a good idea to stay indoors, especially for the elderly.

The authorities are warning of possible blackouts, so take extra care.

Maybe get yourself some batteries and candles - and keep an eye on for your elders.


Well, well, look at you!

You're beautiful! Ann...

Of course. How did you get in here?

It's a magic trick. I can't reveal the secret, - but it involved a brick.

Well, it's nice to see you.

What happened to "you destroyed my life, you old bitch"?

Nobody destroyed my life. You people just did what you wanted.

Everyone for themselves, right? That's unfair.

It wasn't like that. Really? What was it like?

Because the band, and the tours, and the money - and all that stupid crap...

That seemed more important to my dad - than anything that had to do with me or my mom.

And even when he was home, he was never here.

He was always lost inside his own mind.

Anyway I don't care.

You may have unresolved issues with Tom. I don't.

Oooh, yeah. I can see that.

Well, it's not like I've ever been a part of his life, so...

You were always the most important part of his life.

There. That's better.

I don't know why he had to put the bad ones up too.

He just could never let go.

How cute!

You used to be a happy kid.

I used to be. All thanks to him.

All he ever wanted was... was to forget everything.

And move on with you.

Of course, it didn't work out.

You know, Ann, it was a long time ago...

You really should just let it go.

When you get old enough, you don't fear death anymore.

You wait for it. And after a while, you hope for it - even if you don't admit it. Do you know why?

Because losing your mind before you go is worse than dying.

You hope you'll check out before your brain turns to some mush.

Yeah, well, you still seem pretty sharp.

I'm talking about your father.

He's in a dark place right now.

Doesn't it bother you not knowing how he remembers you?

No. I think it bothers you more.

If he remembers me at all, it's as something that was broken - and then put back together.

And he was never really good at fixing things.

He did the best he could.

I'm tired.

You oughta be more careful, buddy.

Or else you're going to turn this into a nightmare -No!

You're hurting me! You know I would never do that!

I want what's best for you.

Oh, now this is the real deal.

Hey buddy! What are you doing over there?

Come here. They're starting.

Sorry! Now I get it. You're part of the act.

Oh, I gotta see this.

Once upon a time - in a daymare Dying to meet you, little child Enter, enter this sideshow Time for bed the cradle still rocks

13 chimes on a dead man's clock Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock


The bride will lure you, cook you, eat you Your dear innocence boiled to feed the evil in need of fear Burning farms and squealing pigs A pool of snakes to swim with, oh sweet poison Bite me, bite me

Ladies and gentlemen!

Be heartlessly welcome - to Cirque De Morgue!

And what a show we have for you tonight!


Mr Thomas Whitman!

A composer and a poet!

A bad, bad father.

With a bad, bad memory!

No, please, stop!



Restless souls will put on their dancing shoes Mindless ghouls with lot of limbs to lose.

Illusionists, contortionist, Tightrope-walkers tightening the noose Oh, look! This one's about your wife.

Just about nothing left of her, I see.

Hardly. Worth the effort.

Memories. It's not like you have any real use for them.

We all lose parts of ourselves bit by bit - by bit


What the hell? That's not how it turns out!

Stop! That's all wrong! Don't change it!

You're wrecking it!

Thomas. Yes, sir. -Nothing.


How many digits do these things usually have?

I don't know.

Just don't try to break it. It won't work.

We need to get this stupid thing open.

Why, Ann?

Cause when Tom locks something away, it's important.

Well, he didn't have any money. You guys pissed all of it away.

A little bitter, are we?

About having to pay for his care, actually, yes, I am.

You did a good thing.

You let him stay here, at home, with his memories.

Not so bad for somebody who doesn't care about her father.

What were my options?

It was either that or have every goddamn family friend drown me in guilt.


This family has been out of friends for at least a decade, sweetheart.

I wonder why. What with Tom being so famous for caring about people...

I keep telling you.

He cared.

Another magic trick!

He picks something that he knew he would never forget.

What a cliche!

What's in there?

"but all I am is smoke and mirrors"

It's about him.

There's a shock!

"Miracles come in small packages"

"It takes so little to turn a child into the most fortunate being in the world"

No! Stop!

Leave me alone! I hate you!

Wait! Who are you?


So. Satisfied now, are we?

Yes. Because this... this is what I grew up with.

Scattered pages, songs, words of wisdom.

Fairy tales all around me.

You see that thing? His precious arabesque?

His princess. He said the dancer inside would spin - if I managed to play the chords right when I was learning the piano.

Look, Gem... No!

His idea of raising me was to feed me these endless pipe dreams - and weird monologues.

Because everything was a performance to him.

And he did the same thing to my mom. Strung her along.

Kept making and breaking promises. And she always believed him!

Always! And he always disappointed her!

Because you, you came first!

And then, she ended up dead because of you.

I hope it was worth it.

Ouch! Shit!

Bonjour, mon general!

This. This is how small I was in his magical, musical world.

D'you know he'd written songs for everyone around him?

Maybe even for this little bastard here.

But never... never for my mom or me.

Un, deux, trois, quatre!

Bonjour, mon general! You were fortunate to find your way.

What's happening? Where am I?

Why the battlefield, Sir.

You've fought in this room for many years. Ha!

I'm ashamed that I wounded you so grievously. And for nothing.

I don't know what you mean. Please, Sir, don't spare my feelings.

It was a mighty blow I struck. I can only beg for your forgiveness.

I stepped on you. Tut-tut! I ambushed you.

But, Sir, my motives were pure.

It was a brave attempt to stop you from going with the accursed snowman.

That evil pig!

It's the memories, Sir.

He takes them! Takes you further in the darkness.

But why? You got old!

Still, you've got the best of him... at least for now.

The best memories hurt him.

You've chased the very best one.

That girl... Yes! Your daughter!

What a girl! What a memory! Ah, c'est magnifique!

You remember best through the things you both shared as children.

Like myself or the pretty mademoiselle - within the glass bubble.

Hm, yes You loved us well and so did your daughter.

I don't remember her Ah, well...

There's nothing to be done then C'est la vie!

This is as far as we go.

No. -Sir

I need your help.

I need to remember her.

I need to find her!


En avant! Marche!

You still have memories that were precious to you.

You hid them. We know where It's not too far.

I don't think I have many left. Oh, no.

I don't even know who am I anymore.

We all take wounds, Sir.

I'm sorry about that. Don't be, Sir.

I'm a mere soldier. Just a casualty of war.

You could have disposed of us Instead, you handed us on, - and you told your daughter how important we were.

Hourra! Hourra!

We have to hurry, Sir.

The night your mother had the accident...

If Tom had gotten home earlier, things might have been different.

He was with you, Ann! It's not what you think.

Back then, my life was out of control.

Things were crazy, with the band, with everything.

It got too much for me.

I took some pills. But I didn't take enough, because I woke up.

And then, when I did, Tom was there. I didn't plan it that way.

I don't want to hear this. He stayed with me.

But he would not look at me, not after what I had done.

I bet that little stunt really screwed with your precious band.

No, no. Yeah, it was the end of the band.

True, but no, you see, what I'd done was.

Ah, I don't know, too personal for him.

You don't know. Know what?

Oh, Gem, honey.

You don't know that Tom's father killed himself?

Yeah Theodore Whitman shot himself in the head.

And Tom watched it happen.

What I did was hard on him.

And that night, your mother had the accident.

That's what broke up the band.

He didn't care but he knew he was going to lose you as well.

Why are you telling me this?

Because I don't think you know your father at all.

He worshipped Theodore in spite of his dark moods.

From what Tom told me, he could be really mean.

So, when Tom felt himself going down the same path, - he pushed you away.

I know. He pushed very hard.

We have arrived, Sir.

I remember...

Yes, I locked them away! They're here!

May I say, Sir, it has been a pleasure to serve you and yours.

"Miracles come in small packages.

It takes so little to turn a child into the most fortunate being in the world"

"It wasn't much of a circus. It was cheap, shabby and rundown.

And she was enchanted by everything she saw, - laughing and squeezing my hand.

The first time I felt like a father, watching her smile"

Why couldn't he just told me this?

He did tell you, in his way, the only way he knew.

Oh man, I was always hoping there might be something - that would make it all worthwhile.

Not this nonsense. Oh my God!

These aren't just scattered thoughts or feelings. Look!

Mon dieu! A l'attaque!

Some of this is complete, but the rest...

His words stop or just trail off.

Gaps, spaces...

"She's a true reflection of her mother, my broken missing love.

So small but as wise and as beautiful as she was.

I am proud with love.

Now I push her away"

"She must not share my darkness.

I hope she'll understand one day"

So this is where you stashed all the good stuff, huh?

What? This? I just took a bit of a beating, is all.

You should see your little friends.

I know what you've been up to. Congratulations.

What did we learn, huh?

Your daddy had his fill of you, took his own life.

The songbird tried the same trick.

Then there's your little girl... She hates you.

Nothing left if you ask me...

It seems like you don't have much left either.

I've got one thing:


Light brings darkness. What sweet irony.

It's your world, your rules.

Now I wonder who dreamed that up.

And here it comes.

It's like watching your greatest fear come alive.

A crow flew to me, kept its distance Such a proud creation I saw its soul, envied its pride But needed nothing it had.

An owl came to me, old and wise Pierced right through my youth I learned its ways, envied its sense But needed nothing it had.

A dove came to me, had no fear It rested on my arm I touched its calm, envied its love But needed nothing it had.

A swan of white, she came to me The lake mirrored her beauty sweet I kissed her neck, adored her grace But needed nothing she could give.

Ann. Ann!


That's your dad for you.

Yeah, but just look at it. I mean, he did all this by hand.

There are spaces, things he didn't finish.

He started writing things down - when he realized that he was losing his mind.

So where is the last page?

What was it?

All these fragments, memories...

It's his life.

Oh great. Hold on, I'll check if it's a fuse.

Yep, it's the power: Of course, the phone's dead.

I'm going over there.

Oh! Goddammit. I can't call a cab.

Hey, I got a car. Really? Let's go.

Sorry, old man.

Your daughter's not picking up her phone.

Must be the storm.

No! Not yet! I'm not finished!

It's nearly over now!

What are you gonna do, outmaneuver me?

You're on a track, you idiot!

I know what's down there, and you're not going to like it!

I won't let you do this!

You won't get that lucky again!

E minor!

I was right She did spin!

You hurry right in, I'll park the car.

Go! I'll be right with you!

I've got you now. I'm all the future you'll ever have.


No! You won't take my life from me again!

But I am gonna make what's left of it a living hell But why? Like you don't know.

All your music, all your hopes, they're just ruins and blank canvas now.

I'm all that you can bring to mind You tell me why!

I can't help it! You always knew I was poison!

You could have chosen her if you'd cut me down to size.

But you built me stronger every year! I had to!

I never wanted to lose the memory of you!

I've wiped you clean of useless dreams and memories, - you weak little brat. Dad, please!

I'll drag you down with me! You always knew I would:!

Dad! Stop!

I have to let you go.



Thanks for the ride.

Sleep tight, Princess.

I'm here.

I'm so sorry.


Is this what you want?



I'll hope to hear the chords played again one day.

Without them I'm lost in this nothingness.

Wandering after far off music through a desert of ashes.

If a tune had a colour it would be a mixture of pink and red

Constantly afraid of it fading away Terrified of the silence that may come.

My final memories are pulling me towards the end of a black alley There 's a door in the darkness...

I struggle to find my way through the door.

I can hear it clearly now.

The most beautiful melody ever created by man.

I enter the room...

And there forever remains -