Immigration Game (2017) Script




Please help! Please, please!

Help Okay-

Please help me. Please!

Hey! Please!

My family. Please!

Please, please!

Hi my love.

Hey sweetie, how are you'?

Hey. I'm good, I'm good. How are you'?

I'm okay.

So, when are you coming home?

I had in mind to maybe train for an hour, or something.

I can skip it, too, baby.

No, if you really need to be Karate Kid tonight, you can, you know...

If you wanna lay... I don't know. Separate a few bricks, I don't know.

No, I can skip it. But actually my brother called me.

Oh really, he did?

Yeah, yeah. He wants to do a try-out session. Yes. Nice!

He wants to train with me. He want's to train martial arts now.

Good, I'm glad. That sounds really, really good.

Well, don't stay out to long, cause I have some exciting news.

What'? What is it?

I'll tell you, when I see you.

Oh, come on.

What is it'?

Nothing. Something good. Just go and train now and I see you when you gel home.

My love. I love you.

I love you, too.

Bye bye.



Okay, okay.

Hey my love.

Hey Baby, how are you?

I'm good. How was your session?

Yeah, was good. Was good. I think Alex is gonna be the next Bruce Lee.

Baby, with your training I'm totally positive he'll be good. He'll be great.


No, it was good, it was great. I was happy, that he was...

Maybe the fighting can be something, you and your brother bond over.

You think?

Definitely, definitely. So you're coming home? ls he still with you?


Okay, I'm gonna get dinner ready then.


Oh shit!

What's going on? What the fuck?

What you want? Go, go... go away! Joe?

Hey, hey. Go away!

Who's there with you? Joel The Hunters, they followed me, man. Come on!

Just a couple meters, man. Please!

Gotta go, go! It's not far! Please!

Don't let me die, man! It's not far, you go lo Alexander Platz!

Joe, listen to me, damn it! You better run, you better run! - Joe!

Run, okay? Run! You have to run!

Okay Karin, I call you back.

You can't hang up on me. No! Please don't hang up, Joe!

Okay, come in.

Come in fast!

Close the door, close the door!

Are you okay?

What happened?

What happened?

They stabbed me, man, they wanted to kill me.

Of fuck! Just get me to the tower. Just get me to the tower please.

I bring you near the tower, okay? I can'! bring you directly lo the tower.

It's... It's dangerous, I...

Fuck. These fucking Hunters.

Hey, hey, hey. Hey, are you here? You here? Hey what's your name? What's your name?

I'm Eric. My name is Eric.

Don't let me die, man. No, no, no, no, no. It's okay.

It's okay.

We gonna find him!

We gonna fucking "X" them!

Baby, I come home now.

Don't worry. It's okay. I brought him near Alexander Plalz.

I'm so relieved. Good. Okay, Joe'?

Just a s... Just a sec, baby. Just...


What are you doing? Eric?

Hey. Hey! Joe. just leave!

You almost did it. You see... you see the tower?

You see this'? You're almost there. You almost did it.

You almost did it, okay? It's just a few meters!

Joe, please. Joe, listen. Okay, okay.

Do not get involved.

You see?

Just go, around that house. Do not gel involved!

You stand?


Okay baby, I'm coming.

Eric? Eric! Okay, hey, hey, hey.

What are you doing?

It's gonna be alright, okay?



You need to leave him. You have to leave him now.

I'm sorry.

Okay baby, I'm coming.

Just gel into the car.



Slop the car.

Hello Mister Suit.

Please let him go, please.

Please let him go.

Who are you'?

They dress up casual and than they gel the credits. He's done, okay?

He's working in a bank.

Yes, Mister Volksbank.

Mister Volksbank.


He's dying. It's okay. You got him. You got him already, okay? Do we look, like we care?

Bu! he's not a Hunter.

Do you have muscles? Can you show me'?

How much?

Hundred Euro. I want your phone.

We found him first, right?

We want our price.

Come on, try it again in English. You can do it.

Not ten, thousand! We believe in you, Mister Volksbank.

He's no Hunter. Just a civilian.

So boring, come on let's do something.

Hey, hey!

What's up, old spank?

"Chick-a-boom“, I like this game. Haut ab.

Oh man!

Strong, ey'?

Come on. come on. Okay guys, I got this.

Take that, man.

Not had, not bad.

Pinky, my man. Come on.

Yeah, come on, leach him how to play.

Here we go.

Here we go, come on.

Oh, Jack, bam, ham, ham.

Get lost already!

Let's go, let's go.

Let's go.

Fucking wanker.

Eight-forty-nine in sector eight. Confirm elimination.

Stop it!

Bring him in for assessment. Stop it!

Fuck, man. Oh shit!

You know the rules.


I'll kill you, ah'?

Dispatch to Transport twenty-four.

Transport twenty-four here.

Pick up body in sector B.

Runner Number seven, four, seven. Confirmed elimination.

We're way down in C. Isn't there someone else?

Mobile phone. Keys.

Mobile phone.


Sit down.

No, the phone is turned off. No, you can't call him, because I can't...

The phone is just simply fucking turned off.

Damn it.

And I just watched the fucking game on TV and I don't know...

Please Alex, there has to be a way. There has lo be another way.

Come on, he's a German citizen, he's just a good person.

He just wanted to help someone.

I don't understand.

I don't know if what they're showing is what's happening right now this second or if this happened an hour ago. I don't know.

About his path of redemption. Will he go to prison, or will he join the Game?

In cases like this, our statistic shows, that...

It's our rules. Listen up!

You and the other runners will be abandoned in a place about thirty kilometres from Berlin.

From there you will have to make your way lo the television tower to Alexander Platz.

If you accomplish your mission alive you will be set free and receive an unlimited residence permit in Germany, unless... like yourself, you already are an German citizen.

Every German citizen may attack you...


Alright, every German citizen may attack you. The attacker may also be attacked...

This only applies, when they have actually carried out attacks with the desire to kill.

German citizens, who do not meddle into play, may no! be attacked... you may accept the help of German citizens, but these citizens may then in turn be also attacked by the Hunters.

Timeout to achieve the goal is twenty-four hours.

Continuously transmitted via drones and hidden cameras, it's recommended not to stay in one place...

Do not break any laws or steal things.

And it's recommended not to use public transportation because there are just too many passengers that could betray or attack you, and there wouldn't be any way to escape anyhow.

All right. Let's start.

Can I see Karin now?

Not too sure about that. Perhaps you could give her a call later or something.

I'd strongly recommend you to just join in the Game since otherwise you'd be sentenced to jail... for at least twenty years.

Come on, buddy.

We're waiting, Joe.

Joe, that's quite an unusual name for a German boy, isn't it?

Are you called Joseph'?


Have you been on telly before, Johannes?


Very first time on television?

Are you excited?

Listen, can I make a phone call? Just before we go" do you have a... Looking forward?

Okay, just do me a favour Joe. You just stand in front of the green screen please.

Position yourself on the mark.

There you go. This is Joe, one of our new contestants.

He is going lo be featured as a Runner. Hey Joe.

As a runner, fantastic! Yes, indeed.

Is he an immigrant?

No, he's one of the good Germans.

Can you show me your hands please? Just higher, higher. Yes.

Show me your profile please.

Turn around.

Very good, not as much, not as much. No, no, no. Just like this. Just like this, Joe.

Are you excited? You're perfect for the Game.

Look at his arms, look at his arms. Yeah, yeah.

It's gonna be amazing.

Come on ya, a little bit excitement. Higher, higher. Like He-Man.

Yeah, I don't wanna...

Do you remember He-Man'?

He looks like He-Man, doesn't he?

Smaller version. Come on.

I don't wanna do this, I'm...

We're working here. You're excited, cause it's amazing, you're perfect. Can I make a phone call please?

Just position yourself on the Mark please.

Just a second. We're working here. Then you can do everything you want, okay.

Can you just give me a lighter pose, please.

I don't wanna fight... I...

No, no, no... you're not gonna fight, you're just gonna run!

Don't worry about anything. I know you're shy, maybe a little bit nervous, bu! this is gonna be good.

You look good, you're perfect. You have a very good body.

It looks like you're in form. Trust me, it's gonna be fantastic, man.

Three eighteen come in.

This is three eighteen.

It looks like the location of today's drop point leaked again.

Oh, come on guys. Who's the whistleblower?


We know it's one of you guys. Just admit it.

If we find him, you'll be the first to know.

That would be a first.

So, we're still going'?

Yes, proceed with caution. Release the runners at arrival.

The board likes to lake risks, eh? Roger and out.

Do you know what's gonna happen next? What's gonna happen now?

Nobody told you'?

Don't worry my friend. I'll take care of you.

We must slay together.

If you all stay together we can make this.

We will gel out of this alive. I promise.

We will make it. Trust me.

They will be waiting for us outside.

My friend...

You go first.

It's our best chance. I'll be right behind you.

Get ready everyone.

Opening doors in five, four, three, two, one.

What you gonna do with her'?

We take care of her.

Give it to him. Now.

Sorry, can I make a phone call please?

No phone calls.





Hey sweetie, it's me.

Hey, how are you?

How is your arm'? I saw everything.

Okay, okay. I'm fine.

I'm good sweetie, how are you?

I love you! I miss you, what the fuck? I love you, too.

I miss you, too.

What the fuck!'? What the tuck!

Okay, how is your arm? Did you put bandages around, do you have a sweater?

You know you need to put something around, to stop the bleeding, you understand me?

It's okay, it's okay. It's not so deep. It's okay.

Really, It's okay. I'm on... I'm on the edge of the city.

I just have to make my way through the city to Alexander Platz.

Just leave the game. Just leave the fucking game and come back to me. Don't... Don't worry, babe. Babe. Hey!

Hey! They put me in prison for twenty years, if I don't do this.

You don't know that. Are you sure'?

Oh yeah, I'm sure. I'm sure.



I love you. I love you so much.

Could you maybe call into work and tell them, that I'm sick?

Of course!

I don't wanna involve anyone.

But it's... it's too late. People are already calling me. They...

They saw what happened and they are willing to help you.

You're not alone in this. Please.

Tell them, I'm gonna be back. Everything is fine.

And don't... And don't gel anyone involved, okay?

No it's too late for that, everybody has already seen you on TV.

Please, listen Joe, listen.

Professor Wagner called me and he is super impressed by what you did for the runner and he's willing to help you.

He's willing to meet you on the way to Alexander Platz and help you with your arm.

Please, this is important.

So he's willing to meet you. He said just "Cookies".

How appropriate, Baby.

So I think that's a good sign. Listen, listen, listen.

He's gonna meet you there and he's gonna take care of it and everything is gonna be okay.

Thank you baby, thank you baby. I love you so much. -Okay?

Please, I love you.

See you tonight. Promise to take care of yourself, okay?

I will.

Please call me, promise you call me, as soon as you can.

I love you. See you tonight. Okay.

Baby, bye.

So that's it?

Hey, here he is!

You're lucky day, Buddy!

Ja Renn!

Let's go! We get him!

We have to jump. Come on, it's the only way.

We got to get to the train station.

Are you okay?

Yeah, it's fine.

I know a place, where we can go.

A contact.

A friend of mine.

He's a doctor.


He can help us.

Why should anybody help?

He's a friend.

Enough, you idiots.

Let's go.

Let's go, let's go.

Let's go, let's go.

Come on!

Getting tired there'?

There's a door.

We gotta reach that door.

It's 200 meters, okay?


Okay, go.

Hey, here they are.

DO it!

They're stuck.

It's gone.

My name is Joe.

Thank you for your help. We're better off alone.

Good luck.


I think we're a good team, no'?

Let's go together.

Let's go.



How are you'?

Sit down please.



Are you hungry?


Thank you.

I know Karin from university.


Very good.


Can I see her hand?

I left my bag in the car. I'll be back in a moment. You'll wait here?

Okay. Good.

Thank you.

Two minutes.

Where is he going'?

Just get some stuff. Some medical stuff to help us.

Some people are on our side, it's okay.

Trust me.

It's okay.

Just wail a second, okay? I'll be back.

Let me gol

Let me gol

Let me gol

Time to wake up!

Did you miss us'?

We missed you.

Open your fucking eyes!

Look at me.

Look at my fucking bloody eyes!

You know what's gonna happen.

No happy and for you my friend.

It's gonna be along and painful day.

You know? You killed one of our family.

Look at those strong hands.

Index finger?

Put your weapons down.

Put down your weapons!

Put them down!

Hey guys"-


Stand up! Release him.

Untie him! Want to lose another one?

DO it!

Slop crying. You can'! escape anyhow. You know?

Either we gonna kill you. Or someone else.

And it's not going to be nice.

Get out.

Get out.

Let's go.

You're okay'?

It's okay.

Can you move him'?

We have to go.


Just a second.

Where are you going'?

Yeah, come on!

You'll gel fucked right now.

“Chick-a-boom“, I like this game.

There we go. Here we gol Come on!

Okay, come on.

Come on, yes!

What an awesome game.

So scared?

Hey... Hey!

That's right!

Okay, let's go.

This direction. Come on!

Here, that's good.


Ah, okay.

He's gone.

Careful with the knife.

Hey... hey.

Oh shit.

We gotta leave her, Joe.

You can drink?

Try to drink.

Okay, you wanna eat something?

Did you get hurt'?

It's okay.

It's okay'?

It's okay.

Where do you come from'?

From Syria.

How did you gel here'?

Classic way, not like you.

Tried lo survive at home, but I couldn't. So I had lo come here.

Now I continue to fight, to live.

Just people do horrible things to each other.

You try your best, to...

Eat, and sleep, and live.

Why are you in this game'?

Because I helped a runner.

I killed one of the Hunters.

Was an accident.

Joe, we have lo leave her somewhere.

We're too slow, really.

We have to take her with us. I mean this...

Can't leave her here...

My knife, my knife.

Fast, fast, fast.

Okay, let's go.


Oh yeah.


We have to leave now, we have to leave.

No, we can't.

We have to. They will gel us!

We have lo leave.

We are leaving her, now!

We have to leave you. We take her with us.

Joe, they will gel us. I'm going now.

Joe, Joe, hey!

It's Karin. Okay, come on. let's go.


Are you crazy, are you crazy?

You can't come here! Are you okay?

Are you alright?

It's okay.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Where you taking us? Go!

You're in the game now!

Go. go!


I told you, not to come. I told you, no! to come.

You're gonna be pan of the Game. I could not leave you, I could not leave you.

I don't care, I don't care.

Who's this?

It's family, it's okay. It's okay. I wanna go home, please.

Push this down.

It's not stopping.

Push hard, you gotta push hard.


Okay, okay. Focus! It's okay.

I'm not gonna leave you!

I think they gonna hunt you, they gonna kill you.

I don't care. I'm not gonna leave you. You know what they're gonna do to you?

You don't know, baby.

I'm not gonna leave you.

You don't know, baby.

I'm not gonna leave you.

So what's our option?

We go lo the shelter.

Okay. We have to go there.

Gel armed. And than. Maybe we can survive.


No, it's the same as the doctor. We have to go the other way.

He knows the place. It's okay, it's okay. It's a shelter. It's a shelter.

We were so close.

The shelter is for the... It's in the Game. It's in the Game. It's okay.

We'll be there soon.

I love you.

Get out.

Okay, go!


Are you okay?

What the fuck?

He was on the bus.

Where's your friend?

He's dead.

I'm sorry.

The doors.

Hey, stay with me, slay with me.

I know that it was you, who saved him. I know that.

Anything you need'?

Yeah, get some water, gel some water. She needs lo drink up.

Just a second, just press down, okay. You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine.

Slay with me, look at me, look at me, look a! men. Sit up, sit up!


What now?

We have to find a way, to make it through the Hunters.

And then we have to split up.

I'm gonna... I'm gonna go with her. And with him.

And you'll go.

And go where, and go where. I thought that's...

I thought we came here for what? -You can go.

You two will go. No.

Yes, of course.

I'm not gonna leave you. He has to make it lo the finish line.

You didn't kill anyone, they can attack you, but you're free to go, baby.

Maybe we can split up. I take care of you. And you make it lo the finish line.

I'm gonna go now. I'm gonna go now. No, no. - Karin!

No, no! - Yeah, we have to split up. We have lo.

No, no. Are you fucking kidding me'?

No, I'm not leaving you.

I might die tonight. No, no.

No, I'm not gonna fucking raise a kid alone.

I'm not gonna leave you, I'm not gonna leave you, I'm not gonna leave you.

You have to go.

No, I'm slaying. No, no. Please.

No, I'm slaying.


Okay, okay.

We need weapons.

Baby, you slay by my side, okay?

You just slay close to us, or behind us.

You take a slick. I check, I check the other boxes.

And baby, you go for the head. Okay?

He's one of the killers.

Here are knifes. Knifes.

It's okay, he's my brother.

I saw him, he's one of the killers.

No, it's okay. He saved us.

Who drove him here, who brought him here? How he know the save place.

He was driving. It's okay.

He's one of the killers. I saw him.

I don't even trust you, man.

Alex, Alex!

Joe, Joe please. Joel Joe.

Slop, stop, stop, stop.

Stop. Stop you two, stop!


If you're one of them, you can help us.

Just tell them, there are enough other people to hunt, they don't have to hunt us.

What are you saying. Go outside!

It's not gonna work. We have to... We will have to fight.

You get your weapons?

Here, all the time here, like I showed you, okay?

You go for the head all the time.

And you'll stay with ma. All the time.

You focus and you slay behind him. He will protect you, but focus, okay?

We'll take the front, okay?


You're ready?




Who's not for me is against me. And who's against me is my fucking enemy.

You're ready?

Hey, let's go to run.

No, stay!

Go back!




Come on, gel up! Get up, get up, get up, get up!

I heard about what you did to the doc.

It's all over the news.

Couldn't have done it better myself.

Let's kill him.

He deserved it, you know?

I told you, we meet again.

There's no point in running.

No, no, no, no. Alex.

You can't save them.

You can't even save yourself.

Face what you did, and what you'll become.

Are you ready?

Good fig ht.

Bu! you won't make it lo the end.

You have to take pleasure in violence.

That's the way I won the last game.

I scared them to death.

Bu! we're different, you and I.

See, I had nothing to lose.

Bu! you... your family... is your weakness.

Go on, do it!

You can't do it.

You can't do it.

You gonna lose your life.

They gonna kill you.

I saw you on TV. You were the bomb, for real!

You wanker!



Kari n?


Fuck you!

Joe, Joe, Joe!


We have to go, Joe.

They are on top of this months ranking, because you put them there.

You love them, and I love them. They are our new Hunter dream team.

I'm so glad, they're here tonight. Faizah and Joe. Welcome to the show.

How are you guys'?

Hello Marty. I'm great, thank you.


Thanks for having us here.

Good to have you.

I mean Joe, the return to the show brought us the most violent, the most fun hunts ever.

Everyone who saw your epic run six month ago wanted you back on the show, so my question to you...

I think, everyone is asking themselves, what made you decide to become a Hunter?

You know...

There are many reasons, to become a Hunter.

The excitement, the money...


But you know for me it was a personal decision.

And that's what it always comes down to, eh?

Personal decisions.

Exactly. I had to learn it the hard way.

You know, before I sold insurances.

I remember that, but an insurance can't protect you from a life lesson, god has in store for you, am I right?

You're right Marty, you're right.

You can't buy happiness, you can't buy security.

You only can do what you're best at, right? What you're really good at.

And I'm a fighter. And I'm really good at it.

Oh you were good at it, Joe. Wasn't he good at it? I mean, he was so good at it.

Let's have a look at Joes highlights.

Right there, that was just incredible.

I've got one word to say to you, Joe: Wow! Just wow.

Thanks Marty.

And Faizah, what made you decide to save Joe in the first place?

I mean he's a good-looking guy.

My mother taught me, that the strong have lo protect the weak.

Well, that's admirable, but...

Being a Hunter now you now have to kill in order lo protect society.

How does that affect you personally?

It's never easy to take a life.

Some critics recently called the show inhumane.

Some of them even said, it's a fascist fantasy, and I'm quoting this here.

A fascist fantasy of a Darwinian world of survival, to separate the strong from the weak.

Now that is quite a strong statement. How do you feel about that?

I don't think that's true.

Now they have to understand, this game is about democracy.

And why is that'?

Cause democracy is about participation, right?

Only through the act oi participation of the people... we're able to remain democratic.

So... being a Hunter, to get this right, is a democratic act?

No, no, no...

It's not about being a Hunter, it's...

See if you wanna be pan of this society you have to show your willingness to participate.

And this game, as hard, as it is... ls a test of this will.

Surviving the game made me an active part of society, and... and everyone can do this.

Everyone can. So can you!

I do it every day.

Joe, your brave intervention didn't save the Runners life.

Instead it brought you into the Game, and changed your life forever.

So in hindsight, how do you feel about that?

'Nan You know I was... kind of living a false life.

I didn't recognize what was happening around me.

To inter... to intervene was my first step to participation.

That was, what I learned about myself, and...

I will never forget that. I'm thankful for that.

And... how about the two of you?

Are you... just a team'?

We found each other in a time of personal crisis.

Very diplomatic of you to say.

But, ah... well.

I'm sure the audience, you at home and me as well, we will all remember Joes darkest moments.

You know, sometimes you need a human being to lead you through the darkness, right?

Oh I feel you. I'm right there with you.

So what are your plans... for the future?

If it's true what they say, it's gonna be a cold and long winter and there won't be many refugees taking part in the Game.

So yeah, maybe we take a break. Go on holiday somewhere.

Or on honeymoon?

I'm just messing with you guys. No, really.

It was great having you on the show and...

I mean I don't know about you, but I know that I will be sleeping save and soundly at night because I know these two guys will be protecting my life of small dreams.

So, Faizah and Joe, thank you for being my guest tonight.

I see you brought your gear. Maybe you can put it on?

So the audience can see you in full glory, the way they love you?

And you stay tuned for the upcoming live-feed of tonight's episode of "Immigration Game".

Thank you for watching.

Alright, thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

All right. It's a wrap.

This way, someone will help you.

Bye, bye.