Immortal (2004) Script

Condemned to death by his peers for rebellion, horus from hierakonopolis, the god of heavens, has seven days to see the earth of mankind once more... the earth he helped create.

Seven days... time for one beat of the divine heart, not a second more, before being deprived of his immortality.

But even the gods fear death.

Heru. Meru.

Make the most of your last moments.

Seven days, horus!

Seven hourglasses. Not a second more.

Trust me.

I know you're there.

Hey! Look over there!

I'll zoom in on it!

What the hell? It's a naked guy with a birĂ¯s head!

Unbelievable! Hey, what's going on?

Pull up! Pull up!

Children... my human children.

I'm back.

I'm also in charge of the nano implants department but we concentrate more on synthetic skin.

No hard feelings, then?

Thank you for reminding me.

Can i take two?

No. Only one this time.

No hard feelings, but you're still tight-fisted.

Fuck you, elma.

You should be so lucky.

That girl's dangerous.

She must be on pretty powerful stuff.

She damaged her carrier when they selected them.

When they rounded them up, you mean.

That's why i'm interested in her.

You're involved in illegal medicine more than ever.

Resistance medicine. There's a difference.

You really like her, don't you?

I'm taking her with me.

I'll need antibiotics, even old ones.

And micro-needles.

Not so fast, darling.

I want a detailed report of all the analyses you perform on her.

And don't try to pretend you've "lost" the file.

You can have her, but i want the file.

Professor lubitsch to operating theater 212.

His mother's being treated at eugenics.

He's waiting for her to be returned to him.

How old are you?

Let's go.

But to openly accuse senator allgood of manipulating public opinion.

Did he organize the pyramid affair to get elected?

No, his influence doesn't run that deep.

It's obvious that the pyramid is extraterrestrial, like the intrusion zone in central park.

I don't agree with the view that intrusion is a matrix of dangerous mutants.

That rumor was spread by allgood to serve the interests of eugenics.

Scientists have proved that intrusion is a gateway to parallel or extraterrestrial worlds.

We'll have to accept we're not alone in the universe.

But in practical terms your program doesn't seem very satisfactory.

You put all the blame on senator allgood.

I'm also talking about the medical dictatorship that allgood has imposed on new york city with the active participation of eugenics.

I'm talking about raids, illegal experiments, unauthorized blood tests, and organ removal.

People going missing.

I'm talking about globus i.

You know what that is, don' t you?

It's the freezer used by the mad scientists that work for eugenics.

Don't you agree there's a real security problem?

That series of murders on level 2.

That's police business.

I have full confidence in the federal police.

What a bitch! What a bitch!

A bitch... but a fast learner about politics.

That's what i mean... a whore.

That's enough.

About those murders... how many have been reported so far?


Who's in charge of the case?

Inspector froebe, a specialist in the abnormal.

He thinks it's the work of a serial killer.

Froebe is no specialist.

Hunting is all he lives for, ever since he had his face chewed on by the dayak.

He's a real psychopath. He's a liability.

I don't agree, miss liang.

Froebe is a good cop. Anyway he's politically neutral.

Neutral? Neutral doesn't exist.

There's only men and women, humans and aliens.

The integrated and the rejected.

The whole fucking universe is split in two.

That makes five in less than 48 hours.

That's got to be a record.

Exactly the same m.o.

It's just as if the body had exploded from the inside.

I was told there was a witness.

He's right over there, waiting for you.

Back at my office in an hour.

I'll see you at froebe's, ok?

Are you all right?

Yeah. All right. I'll see you there.

Are you sure you're all right?

Unit 1-7, are you receiving this?

Unit 1-7, will you respond? Unit 1-7?


What can i get you?

He wants to know if they're diseased.

He asked you a question.

I'm fine, thanks.

All your organs?

I changed my lungs. They're a chinese model.

Not bad. Pretty attractive.

And i have a new bladder, too. No problem there.

Still don't want a drink?



No, seven.

Outside the bar. The witness.

The one i never got to see.

The giant. He's the seventh.

The agent who was supposed to bring him to you was the sixth.

Reminds you of the dayaks, doesn't it?

Cold-blooded carnage. Right up their alley.

The dayaks are extinct.

They were exterminated after the riots, 30 years ago.

Except the one that got you.

Thank you, sandy.

It's not going to hold, but i can't do anything anymore.

I did warn you.

Only 35% of your original metabolism remains.

You've modified or replaced the rest.

I have a contract with eugenics.

I had guessed that much.

Tell my colleague i sent you.

He's a specialist in nano-surgical repairs.

Don't leave it too long.

Thank you, doctor.

I'm so sorry, jill.

New yorkers all seem to have gone insane.

Where was i?

Ah, yes, the lapse in your memory.

I was wondering what you don't want to remember so badly that you're this blocked.

To put it another way... what are you trying to forget?

I can't remember anything. There's a subtle difference.

But it seems that you remembered to take strong doses of potentially dangerous substances as yet unidentified.

Do you have any on you?

Is your supplier on level 3?

In little paris? Amongst the non-humans?

What have you got against non-humans?

Some of them are very decent beings.

You, for example.

I have to tell you that, in 20 years of medicine, i've never seen a guinea pig quite like you.

I've never seen such a heart, lungs, or a womb like that.


You're built like someone born less than three months ago.

Maybe that's what you want to forget.

Or what you're not sure about.

When did you get to new york?

And how?

Some vertebrate animals on this planet shed their skin.

You are going through the same process.

Listen to my offer. Work for me.

Let me conduct a thorough medical examination.

Take some samples, test some medication.

If you trust me, you won't have anything to worry about.

You'll be covered and legal.

More importantly, i'll get you a card.

I have a contract with the western hysteria.

You can live there.

You're the greatest mystery of nature i've ever come across.

Danger for humans.

Don't step on level 3. Danger for humans.


i got picked up in a eugenics raid. We shot a carrier.

It could have gone very badly.

A human woman doctor saved me.

She offered me a job and legal housing.

Accept it.

As a guinea pig.

Apparently, my body is only three months old, and my organs aren't in the right place.

Not in the right place?

According to whose criteria?

You see that pyramid monument?

Do you think it's in the right place?

And me? Do you think i am?

There's something important you should know.

This planet is rejecting me, jill.

This atmosphere, this oxygen... it's burning me up.

I have to take care of you before it's too late.

I'm getting old, jill.

I've been around for centuries.

I'm confused.

Ok, let's go.

Oh, my god!


Hey, this one's empty.

Keep back! Restricted area.

A flying pyramid, a serial killer on the loose, and now, a chunk of prison falling from the sky.

Is someone out to sabotage my political career?

It's almost like a greek tragedy, senator.

All the elements will fall into place.

What are you doing here, inspector froebe?

I'm looking for three of my men who have disappeared.

Your serial killer, again?

I don't think so.

Here, a gift for you.

What is it?

You should know better than me.

Give me that! This is out of your league.

I haven't found the man who goes with this.


"remember the sight we saw, my soul, that beautiful soft summer morning..."

"round a turning in the path..." thank you.

"A disgusting carcass on a bed scattered with stones,

its legs in the air, like a woman in heat."

"Remember the sight we saw, my soul, that beautiful, soft summer morning.

Round a turning in the path, a disgusting carcass on a bed scattered with stones,

its legs in the air like a woman in heat, burning and sweating poisons,

like a fountain with its rhythmical sobs.

I can hear it clearly flowing with a long murmuring sound.

But i touch my body in vain to find the wound.

I am the vampire of my own heart, one of the great outcasts condemned to eternal laughter, who can no longer smile."

Am i dead?

I must be dead.

And you... i know you.

Horus from hierakonopolis, the god of the heavens.

I'm flattered, nikopol, wretched human.

Anubis can't be far away.

The guardian of the tombs, the god of the dead.

Don't ever speak that jackal's name again.

You understand?

Only my name. Only me.

Ok, ok.

My leg! Where is my leg?

You can see you're not dead.

The dead don't feel pain.

The dead don't bleed either.

Yeah, i'm alive... and i'm bleeding like a pig.

Listen carefully. I won't say it twice.

For two of your days, i have been looking for a host body, for reasons that go far beyond any human concerns.

I need a body to welcome me and serve me.

You... you seem to be suitable.

I've tested seven humans and rejected them all.

But you... your body is clean.

You come from the past. 30 years of hibernation.

Your body won't reject me.

We are compatible.

What year is it?

Who set me free?

2,095 after your jesus christ.

Your release is an accidental escape.

I was supposed to be out in 2,096.

I was released a year ahead of schedule.

I've gained a year, but i've lost a leg.


Forget the old one.

Here's a new one.

Yeah... thank you for calling.

That was the forensic scientist from globus.


The leg has been identified.


Well, it belongs to... nikopol.


There's no way!

This thing... weighs a ton.

I'll never be able to move.

That's right.

Without me, you won't be able to move.

And, by the way, from now on, you won't be able to do much of anything without me.

I accept that i'm not dead now, but i hope i'm dreaming this. God, let this be a nightmare.

Let this all be a nightmare.

You believe in god?

I don't even have that to fall back on.

I suggest you believe in me, nikopol.

Do i have a choice?

I'm afraid not.

Now, rise... and walk.

I've relinquished control, nikopol.

You can have a bit of autonomy now.

I want you to know everything is going perfectly well.

Your body is comfortable and tolerates me beautifully.

And, above all, you're most elegant.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Elegant, famous, and subversive.

Just what i like.

It seems you're the instigator of all this fighting that's been going on without you.

Not bad, for a human.

Would it be too much to ask for a bit more autonomy?

I'd like to choose my clothes with the free will i have.

Your happiness is my priority... mr. Free spirit.

How is dr. Elma turner?

Never been better.

Welcome to the western hysteria hotel.

39th floor, room 12.

Any friend of dr. Turner's is welcome.

Por ti ketro.

That's for me?


What's your name?

Willy-katarakado-willy... willy? Ok.

I'll call you willy.

And you can call me jill.

Temperature 44.2.

Number of teeth: 37. All incisors.

No mammal dental plates. Profile unknown.

Thank you, jill. Now you can make the food test.

With the list getting longer, 8 victims, all male, in less than 72 hours, a macabre new record.

This just in, senator allgood has announced he will be on the zeppelin when the delegation and leading egyptologists make another attempt to contact the inhabitants of the pyramid.

The hydrometer rate is down in brooklyn again.

On intrusion, however, no change.

Snow, ice... temperature 23 below freezing.

12 attempted break-ins have been recorded.

There are no survivors.

Do not approach the central park area.



Everybody down!

Watch out! Move! Move!

Are we cheating or not, bastet?

We're cheating, anubis, we're cheating.

You don't understand. Nikopol is alive.

Maybe not. It was reported he was shot by a security guard and fell 100 meters.

But they couldn't find the body... you're telling me the man can fly?

Huxley is froebe's right-hand man... thanks, jonas. You can leave us now.

Right. Get the hell out of here. Beat it!

He knows everything!

I know he knows everything.

His phenomenal memory is stuffed with enough evidence concerning your late father's financial dealings and his illegal experiments on alien populations to cause eugenics some very serious problems.

I'm aware of that.

Until now, we've had the spirit of nikopol to deal with.

But now we have him, flesh and blood.

No one's ever come back from globus.

Well, he has.

Why wasn't he executed 30 years ago anyway?

Are you crazy?

Make him a hero? A martyr to the lousy revolution?

What do you want? Riots? Assassinations?

This is the last prototype of the "hunter" version.

Fast, ferocious, and totally illegal.

He'll be quicker than froebe and his men.

Are you sure?

No. But it's the only solution... apart from your protege.

No, not him.

Let's try this way first.

Come in.

You're early.

We have no time to lose.

Is he ready? Have you reactivated him yet?

No. I'll need about an hour.

I wanted to make sure you really wanted him.

We do.


What's this?

What happened?

Nothing of any importance, really.


Do you like women?



My most beautiful and most important creation on this planet.

Your story doesn't make much sense.

You're looking for a blue-haired girl with white skin.

How do you know she comes here?

In the same way that i knew i'd find her on planet earth in new york city.

Intuition, nikopol. The intuition of the gods.

So, what's so special about her that warrants such a display of talent?

Is she miss universe... or what?

You don't think i've come all this way for a mere human being, do you?

Now i'll know more about you.

Why are you doing all this for me?

It's a political and social fight.

My spirit of nikopol coming out.

Besides, your case interests me.

I think you like me.

Isn't that what you were thinking?

You could say that. How did you guess?

Do you read minds, too?

You could say that.

I do like you, and i feel close to you.

Whoever you are... mutant or whatever, although you are beginning to scare me.

Let's try an experiment to test your talent.

I'll think of a question, and you'll answer, ready?


I've asked the question.

You want to know if i've started testing the foods you prescribed for me, if i took a blood test, and if i took notes.

Answer: Yes.

I did everything i was supposed to do, and i found everything absolutely delicious.

I'm a professional guinea pig.

You tasted everything?

For dinner, yes. I ate it all.

Everything at once? In the prescribed quantities?

I weighed everything.

I just changed a couple of the recipes.

I didn't have anything to cook with, so i ate the monkfish raw.

And the lamb, too.

They're not bad together.

How many meals do you have a day?

Two a week.

She's not bad.

Not surprising, you idiot.

She's the one.


Come, jill, come.

You'll be my last and most beautiful intrusion.

Listen carefully.

For thousands of earth years, i've been introducing people into the four corners of the galaxy... people misplaced by the vagaries of the universe.

You're a misplaced person, jill.

And i'll never know your origins.

You appeared deep in the heart of intrusion.

That's where i took charge of you.

The blue pills stop your past from emerging and let the present invade you.

Your metamorphosis is on the verge of completion.

From now on, your place is on this planet.

What about you? Aren't you staying?

I'm a passer at the end of his cycle.

I'm already dreaming of a void.

I'm afraid.

Afraid of what?

Of becoming human.

Tell me about your job with dr. Elma turner.

Can i buy you a drink?

Don't you think i have enough already?

I don't see any cognac or sake, tequila... slivovitsa... i'm working. Do you mind?

A vodka. Make it a tarkovskaia, please.

I like your hair. It's very nice.

It goes very well with... white skin.

Is it a new thing in make-up?

Kabuki style, maybe?

You must be an actress.

You're expecting something from me.

The answer is no.

You're going to need someone to take you home.

What makes you think that?

You have no other choice.

One for the road.

I like... this one.

How about you, young lady?

We are going to get along fine.

It's very important to have the same tastes.


We've got more important things to do than fight each other.


Western hysteria hotel.

You are inspector john emerson huxley, and you have a black box in your brain.

Give it to me, please, or i'll have to go in and take it.

It goes very well with... white skin.

D it's june in january d d because i'm in love d d i'm really in love d d but only because i'm in love with you d d so in love, so in love d d so in love, so in love d d and i can feel the scent of roses d d in the air d d it's june in january dd

i don't have a room.

Which level are you from?

I'm above levels.

This is level two, and the hotel's full.

The hotel, maybe.

But your bed is not.

Ladies first.

Control, miss. Your papers.

My papers?

Your card, if you prefer?

Thank you. Miss.

Do you have any weapons? Explosives?

Any history of violent conduct?

I hate violence.

Are you comfortable here?

Yes, fine.

Yes, i hate violence, but i do like to caress myself with bird feathers.

Preferably, black ones.

It's a bit small, isn't it?

Don't you have a bathroom?

No. No bathroom.

I've decided never to wash again.


Who are you? This is my bathroom!

What are you doing in my bathroom?

Who are you?

We had a drink together last night.

You had several. It's not surprising you can't remember.

Alcohol has no effect on me.

What's happening here? What about the door?

That door wasn't there a moment ago.

Did you do that?

I'm no carpenter.

Be careful. Those things can go off by themselves.

Shut up, human!

What happened last night?

What did you do to my body?


What did i do to your body?

We had sexual intercourse, you and i.

Well, maybe not just the two of us alone.

What do you mean by "sexual intercourse"?

At times last night, you gave the impression you knew perfectly well.

I wi... i could tell you the truth.

What truth?

Bloody fucking god! What did you make me do?!

Fuck you.

What are we waiting for?

The answers to the questions i asked him.

He can hardly talk anymore, but we may be able to piece together recent events from his subconscious.

Can he be... repaired?

He can be treated.

A dayak?

A fake.

A replica of a dayak, humanized.

We found some synthetic red epidermis... signed eugenics... under his fingernails.

Leave us now.



You made me commit rape.

She consented.

We gods have physical appetites, you know, which we have aptly demonstrated for thousands of years.

You really are a piece of shit!

You think everything is yours for the taking.

My body... that girl's body.

All those you murdered.

We'll do it your way next time, if you wish.

Next time? Do what my way?

Next time we make love to her.

We must make love again with that young lady.

No way!

Don't you like her?

I'm not sharing my body anymore. Is that clear?

Not for fucking or anything else.

That's the end of the line.

You go your way. I'll go mine.

Nikopol, nikopol... you're talking as if you had the choice.

You can walk perfectly normally, if i want you to.

But if i don't...

don't forget this either.

Fuck you!

Right. But let's fuck her again first.

Can you describe him?

Rather average.

From what i can remember. Human looking.

What about his... penis? Human looking, too?

Have you had relations of this nature before?



Human... social?


Intercourse... i think you've experienced it, but you don't remember.

The drugs, the pills. Whoever's treating you, it shows. Even your organs are positioning themselves correctly.

Thank you for trusting me.

I trust john.

Only john.

Are you testing me? Is that it?

That's him. I recognize him.

And that's the girl.

This is all we've kept of her.

Her lachrymose secretions.

That should be enough.

This kind of dayak has olfactory capabilities

500 times superior to ours.

My favorite moving molecular lab.

He's a real hunter.

You taste good.

I'm proud of myself for having found you.

Tell me where i can find the one who's with you.

Who are you talking about?

You'd better know who i'm talking about.

Shhh... jill has been through some difficult moments.

I've had to erase them from her memory.

We must protect her and love her.

We must impregnate her.

So that's it?

Can i count on you, nikopol?

I knew i could.

"Ceaselessly by my side moves the demon.

He swims around me like impalpable air.

I swallow and feel it burn my lungs and fill them with eternal desire and guilt."

Already here?

You really don't have anywhere else to go.

I really don't have the choice.

I only have you.

Are you feeling all right?

Shouldn't i be?

Been in a fight?

There's a blank in my memory.

Maybe you're the one who hit me.

Why did you spend 30 years in hibernation?

Afraid of growing older?

How do you know that?

I can mind-read a bit, but i don't understand yours.

I know you raped me last night.

But i can't find the memory in your mind.

To be honest, it's not clear for me either.

We should do it again and try to understand.

You owe me that.

I was sentenced to hibernation for trying to protect people like you.

No one is like me.

I'll go along with that.

What do you read in my mind now?

Ok, i'll buy you a drink.

I'd love a bottle of bordeaux. It's been ages.

Never heard of it. and time...

...who are you?

...i think you like me...

...what are you doing to me?

...i'm confused...

...can't remember anything...

...i'm a guinea pig... ...a human woman... can call me jill...'re expecting something from me...

...the answer is no... it's cold!

It's my leg. I should have warned you.

It's a bit icy. Not much blood circulation.

It would be a shame to let a few degrees of temp...

...temperature interrupt us.

Sorry, jill. Sorry.

Calm down, jill. Calm down.

Something in the air's changed since last time.

Don't you find?

Central park, intrusion zone. Risk of death.

Central park, intrusion zone. Risk of death.

John, i'm scared.

John, please... i'm here, jill.

It's too dangerous to cross over now.

It's not ready yet. Neither are you.

Tomorrow, i hope.

Intrusion is a gateway which will close behind me and disappear with me.

It will reappear somewhere else.

Other passers will come, but you'll be the last creature to use it.



I've met someone.

Good. Your life as an earth dweller has begun.

Meeting humans, feeling desire, being in love.

One of the most beautiful feelings you'll experience here.

But i love you. You first.

Iove is a very different thing here.

What should i do?


Whenever you feel the need, just cry.

Where is she?

Where the fuck is she?

I told you... she went for a walk.

You're right to want to hurt me.

Even if i don't feel a thing, hit me!


You piece of shit!

Your objectives are shit!

Your filthy rapist god ambitions are shit!

You're full of shit!

Coming from you, remarks like that don't mean much.

You're damaging that girl.

You're damaging jill.

You're destroying something beautiful.

You don't destroy what you love.

You shouldn't have let her go.

She'll be back.

We have to make love to her again.

It isn't over yet.

Oh, right... the impregnation.

I nearly forgot the minor detail.

What is this obsession of yours?

An obsession about how little time i have.

I really feel for you.

I'm dr. Elma turner.

I'm looking for one of my patients.

Few people come here looking to be cured.

Jill told me she was a regular here.

You must know her. White skin, blue hair.

I don't know any humans. Personally, that is.

Jill isn't really human.

How much do you know?

You must be john.

You must be elma turner.

I've something important to tell her.

I'm pleased to meet you.

I need to see her.

That won't be necessary.

Everything is happening on a different level now.

What do you mean?

Where is she?

At least tell me she's ok.

White skin? Blue hair?


Let me introduce myself.

Inspector froebe.

You powdered your face for the occasion?

It's none of your business, lily.

My friend... my dear, dear friend.

Kyle, it's been a long time.

Too long... i know.

I still feel the tension inside you.

The hubris.

Like five years ago, when you sneaked out without my permission and took a bite out of inspector froebe.


Do you need something from me, kyle?


Have a taste of this.

Find him... and finish the rest!

Still alive?

I know this split personality is not an easy thing to deal with.

But i'm the one responsible until proven otherwise.

Are you alone?

So he's gone?

The rapist who lives inside your body and forces me to have sexual intercourse?

I think so, but i'm not sure.

Above all... i don't know.

That wasn't a very smart thing to do.

The blue of my tears stains human skin for good.

I feel blue... for you.

I should have shot you the first time we met.

There's still time.

Thank you, nikopol.

Thank you.

Shhh, she's asleep.

Young women like her are rare.

Extremely rare.

There are only a few in the universe.

No one knows why they appear.

They don't even understand their own power.

What power?

The greatest power of all... the power to procreate with gods.

I got it. I'm just the empty shell.

The vehicle delivering the divine seeds.

That's not going to alter my opinion of you, horus.

I don't want to go. Jonas can represent me.

Don't let me down, kyle.

Don't prove to me what i already know you are.

This is your fault.

You're the one who dragged me into this.

Have you just figured that out?

Sure, kyle. You're the pawn, and i'm the player.

But i've got news for you, you little bitch!

You're a pawn, too. Eugenics' pawn!

And who is eugenics? Huh?

You're right on that one, but i'm a superior pawn.

Your superior pawn. You understand?

Now get up off your fat ass, move into your xxxl clothes, say a prayer that your dayak finds your nikopol and go and negotiate with ancient egypt!

Move it!

Could you forget me if you had to?

What sort of question is that?


If you had no choice, could you forget me?


Well... i might forget you... against my will... without wanting to.

What are you trying to say?

Things will happen to me that are out of my control.

I've already been through that.

But i can control the future for two... or more.

You're pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?

How can you tell?

When you say "two," who do you mean?

Are you thinking about you and me, or you and him?

The one inside your body? The rapist?

I'm thinking about us.

Wouldn't he be jealous?

Right now, for instance, i know he's here.

I can sense him.

The rapist says he will never do that again.

When i kiss you, am i kissing him, too?

When he raped me, did you enjoy it?



What are you waiting for, inspector?

An old friend of mine.

Suspect's vehicle crossed 49th and madison.

All patrols on alert.

Repeat, all patrols on alert.

We're wasting precious time, inspector.

Jill's in danger.


The engine's highly tuned.

Just like you.


I'm on their tail.

Who's shooting?

Hold your fire.

Who's mortal in here?

Who can die a violent death?

Well, i feel somewhat mortal.

I don't think so... mister?

Mister... horus.


Where's the pyramid? Where's the senator?

It's here. Come on.

It's here, jill.

It's time.

We're in the heart of intrusion.

The dead center.


Your time has come.

This red pill is the final stage of your treatment.

It will make you human for good.

A human woman.

Will i forget everything? Everyone?

You'll write yourself a new story.

Swallow it.

The void, jill. The void.

Forget me.



Horus! Where the fuck are you?

I need you. I need you now.

You must be anubis. I admire you so... you fucking bastard!

You'll never speak that jackal's name again!

Be patient, brothers, i'm coming.


You have been much more than a body to me.

I wish i could do more to thank you... but you're running out of time, i know.

I sincerely hope your life as a human is a happy one.

You will no longer feel the burden of your leg.

You'll see, there will always be a little bit of me left inside you.

I don't know how i should take that.

I will never be far from you, jill.

Ever again.


Do i know you?

I'm back. Were you bored without me?

The sentence is binding.

I'm ready to face it.

Without delay.

Now, then...

nikopol, serial number n-7.

You are under arrest for attempted escape.

You have one year left on your sentence.

Sorry, but he was in there, wasn't he?


The killer. You must know a lot about him.

Yeah, he's a friend.

How does he kill?

I'd give a lot to know the answer to that.


New york officials announced the opening of central park's intrusion to public access... today's temperature is unusually low... take a break! New orbital holidays!

Forget archaic politics... say 'yes' to liang's new projects!

For you who can still read, there's "spirit of nikopol," by the man from the past, nikopol himself... thanks for your book.

I couldn't put it down.

What about... her?



Do you like paris?

Oh! I'm sorry. He's so cheeky.

Did he hurt you?

No, not at all.

He's just fine. Couldn't be better.

I'm terribly sorry. My name is jill.

I'm... nikopol.

Do you like this planet?

It has its charm.

"Mais tout cela ne vaut pas le poison qui decoule de tes veux, de tes yeux verts.

Lacs ou mon ame tremble et se voit a I'envers.

Mes songes vienned en foule pour se desalterer a ces gouffres amers."

But all that is not worth the prodigy of your saliva, jill, that bites my soul and dizzies it and swirls it down remorselessly, rolling it, fainting, to the underworld.

"Mais tout cela ne vaut pas le poison qui decoule de tes veux, de tes yeux verts.

Lacs ou mon ame tremble et se voit a I'envers.

Mes songes vienned en foule pour se desalterer a ces gouffres amers."

But all that is not worth the prodigy of your saliva, jill, that bites my soul and dizzies it and swirls it down remorselessly, rolling it, fainting, to the underworld.