Impostor (2001) Script

There wasn't always a war with the Centauri but in my lifetime, it's all I've ever known.

By the year 2050, six years after the first attack we'd lost so many things.

We'd lost the sky to electromagnetic domes to shield the Earth from frequent air raids

We'd lost the uncovered cities that the government forgot.

We'd lost democracy to global leadership.

We didn't expect peace anymore with the Centauri because we came to see that peace wasn't their goal.

Their goal was Earth.

The ultimate land war, with no boundaries.

When I was a boy, I built toy rockets.

I wanted to explore space and discover new worlds.

I've never seen a Centauri, but I knew what my father told me.

I Knew they were genetically superior, and they came after us with no mercy.

I also knew that was the last thing my father saw.

I stopped building rockets...

There was no need for them.

I build weapons instead.

And I know my salvation.

Her name...

Is Maya.


A little warmer.

That's good. Music on.

No, no. Something else.

Hooker, John Lee.

Ah, that's good!

Go, Johnny Lee!

TV on.

Watch the news for me, will you? News Channel 3.

Hoping to catch a glimpse of their beloved leader hundreds of people have thronged the Ballard Space Port as citywide preparations Spence, it's on! Music off.

Water off.

...last week's brutal Centauri attack on the Tolstoy Colony of Asteroid X-83.

What did I miss? Alighting from a recent briefing with high-ranking officials at Sector Eight the Chancellor visits our region for a secret meeting with government scientists.

Some secret. Tolstoy colony... was a bastion of peace and free expression in this grievous time of war.

Those who live there... Why do they leak these things?

They want us to think that she's Joan of Arc and not some warmonger.

Tonight, we'll both be shaking hands with that warmonger.

With one deadly strike Centauri stormtroopers annihilated this idyllic community.

Well, I hope she likes talking politics.

This war crime will be avenged.

Firefighter robots have finally extinguished the blaze which has devastated Sutton Wood.

Over 600 acres of forest were razed and authorities have closed off the area to all hikers and picnickers.

The cause of the fire is unknown but careless campers are most likely to blame.

Good morning, Mr. Siegel. Morning, Spence.

I don't think they'll get through the dome today. They can, and they will, sir.

They can and they will.

A mob of raucous anti-war protesters clashed with military troops, leading to 50 arrests.

The pacifists protesting Chancellor strategy...

Veterans Plaza . The station is Veterans Plaza.

I'll see you tonight. All right.


Good morning, Nelson. How you doing? I am "high quality".

So tonight's the big night, huh? Huge. Nervous?

No. Decided what you're going to wear tonight?

Uh, no. Don't overthink it.

Relax. I'll give you a tip. She likes to be called Chancie and when you get right up next to her cup her right buttock in your hand and jiggle it really fast. She loves that.

Tight security this morning. I guess Chancie's a little paranoid.

So how's my favorite girl? She's beautiful as ever.

We went camping this weekend up in Sutton Woods. She loved it. Lucky you missed the fire.

Who says we missed the fire?


VETERANS HOSPITAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT I want you to double the dosages on your order estimates. Yes, Doctor.

And I want a nurse standing by until he stabilizes.

Yes. How are we doing on synth plasma?

SR's still waiting.

Okay, well, I'll just have to contact Central Supply and see if they send some in the next run.

We're way over capacity, Dr. Olham.

If you want to keep inviting more wounded we're going to have to move the party to your place.

Ah, Dr. Carone, and I'm barely awake.

There's another evac on its way here from Tolstoy.

I'd like to know why you told them we could handle them.

What do you suggest I do? We could ask evac to reroute.

Oh, to a worse hospital. Forget it. I am all for the war effort.

I'm not interested in the war effort.

I just care about saving as many women as I possibly can.

Morning Dr. Olham. Please enter. What do you care about?

This morning I'm saying good-bye to my youngest and he says- I swear to God-

"Dada, when I grow up I want to be in waste management."

You tell me, should I worry? Little Joey's on the slow side, isn't he.

You know, I pray nights he marries well.

There she is.

Three years of hard labor.

And now, you are the proud father of an 80-ton baby girl.

July 16, 1945, at 05:29 AM. What?

Oppenheimer tests the first atomic bomb in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

3 weeks later, the weapon hits "ground zero" in Hiroshima, Japan... wiping out 140,000 people.

Oppenheimer sees the madness, and urges the UN to gain control of thermonuclear development.

The government turns around and calls him a Communist sympathizer.

And when it was all over, Einstein said...

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity...

And not sure about the the universe.

What's the matter with you?

Nothing. I'd say it's ambivalence.

I don't have that luxury, myself but then again, I see our people die every day.

Have we met? This weapon is a godsend.

It Will ensure the preservation of our race and our faith.


I work for the ESA. The ESA?

You're here because of the Chancellor.

I'm Major Hathaway. special unit enemy infiltration.

What's this about?

Spence! I have it.

What the hell are you doing? Are you insane? Do you know who this is?

Get off me! You're dead! Take him away.

Are you insane?

Hey, Spence, who are you?

You know who this is?

What I have, what I have, take him.

Good. You've come around. I've been waiting on you.

You'll be thankful for those drugs.

Spencer Olham was a genius.

At 15 he'd mastered differential and integral calculus.

Harvard, M.I.T.m Ph. D. in biochemical engineering Cavendish Laboratory, top subatomic physicist and all by the age of 23.


No military record. Father John Olhamm, fighter pilot, distinguished service.

Ship went down in historic Z-12 dogfight.

MIA case until they found his body at a Centauri P.O.W. camp.

He'd been flayed alive.

Young Spencer was eight years old.

Spencer Olham was a driven man.

I'm not happy about losing him...

And when I'm not happy, nobody's happy.


Do you like jokes? I have a joke for you.

Knock, knock. Why are you doing this?

I'll say it one more time.

Knock... knock.

Who's there? Not Spencer Olham.

Three days ago our Special Ops team intercepted a Centauri Intelligence courier.

This was on its body.

Centauri. Your native tongue.

Sounds like a wild boar on the make. we muddled through it and decoded your plan to infiltrate our installations using humanoid robots.

What, I'm a scientist.

You're a scientist. You know, you things are really something.

It's not a mechanical robot at all... but a genetic cyborg, evolved from synthetic DNA.

It breathes, sweats, bleeds... but right here, right now it seems to have no idea what it is.

Now this will really excite you.

A Centauri hit list.

Humans targeted for murder and then replication.

This morning we found your target Olham's name- on that list.

Wait a minute... This is a mistake. Now, I-I-I...

I know you think you know what's going on here but I can clear this up very quickly.

We have tests- "We"? methods- you can run a spiral core PET scan... We who? or DNA amplification using a... Oh, I see you've learned to patronize, as well.

Please, listen to me. DNA amplification... Your needle ship penetrated our outer dome.

You murdered Spencer Olham when he was most vulnerable. Somewhere outside the city.

Somewhere unrestricted. This is insane.

Where? Where is your ship?! Please, please listen to me.

I know you're a tool for assassination. You have no proof.

Your meeting tonight with the Chancellor that's when you would detonate.

I am Spencer Olham, you crazy fuck!

Do you know when my dog pleases me most?

It's when he displays human qualities.

Sometimes he cocks his head, puzzled.

You're not the prototype. We found this Cyborg... trying to pass himself off as an engineer at one of our Mars bases.

I'm telling you, my name is Jack Stoller!

I got a wife and two kids! Please don't do this! I'm begging you.

Please don't do this! I am Jack Stoller!

You're making a mistake! My name is Jack Stoller!

My name is Jack Stoller!

Stop! Please stop!

The Centauri U-bomb. Annoying, isn't it?

If I could blow us all to hell, then what are you doing here?

You're not close enough to your target. The U-bomb is programmed to coalesce at trigger phase.

Right now, you're just a useless curiosity.

Nelson... Jesus Christ, don't let them do this.

Please, tell them it's me.

You know it's me... Nelson...

Remember my... my wedding?

You got piss-drunk. You hit on Maya and you begged her not to tell me. Well she told me, Nelson.

I never brought it up; I forgave you.

And when Josh had an emergency appendectomy I sat with you all night and I asked you if you ever regretted having kids in this miserable war, and you said, No, because they made it all bearable.

They made it all worth it.

It's me, Nelson.

It's me. Please help me.

Memories... senses, knowledge- you pilfered them all.

But there was one thing you couldn't take from Spencer Olham.

Do you know what that is?

"When the solution is simple...

God answers". I'm quoting...

"Einstein" I know who said it, I want the answer.

Can God give you an answer?

What was it that you could not steal Spencer dead body?

His soul.

I forgave you, you son of a bitch.

Gentlemen, let's ge started.

That's right, let's get started.

Hathaway's a bit on the slow side, isn't he?

Oh, too bad, he's a little dim!

Hey, I have a joke for you. Here's my joke for the day:

Knock, knock. Who's there? Hathaway. Hathaway??

Hathaway, the real target.

You thought it was the Chancellor.

Fatal Error.

Trigger phase activated. Countdown, 30 seconds:

Tick... tock... tick, tock.

When the solution is simple, God is answering.

Strap him in the Vivisec.

That's right, you drill me. You drill me real good. We'll all go out In a blaze of glory.

Long live the Centauri!

Target lock- Kaboom!

Kaboom! He's playing with you. He's trained to do that.

Strap in the robot. Watch your fingers.

10, 9, 8...

Get back! Put the gun down!

Get back! Clear the room.

Get back!

Attention, all ESA units. Enemy infiltration in progress.

Enemy infiltration in progress.

I don't see anything! Move! Run around that corner!

Double-check that quadrant! Yes, sir.

All clear at 19-6!. Move back here!

Omega Six. Status.

Omega Two-Niner-Six. Status.

He's on his way to the surface.

Nelson... Nelson.

Hold on.

You're going to be all right. Listen. Listen to me. You're not going to die.

Veterans Hospital. How may I direct your call?

Olham, Maya Olham. I will transfer you.

Maya... Hi, this is Dr. Olham...

At Veterans Hospital. Please leave a message.

If this is a medical emergency enter code 2112. You'll have 30 seconds after the symbol.

Maya, Christ, I need to know...

Spence? Maya, God, Are you all right?

What did they do to you? Where are you?

Tell me what they told you?, The ESA. They told me that you've been arrested...

For treason... They think I'm someone else.

They said that you're a spy. Maya, please listen to me.

Why you? They want me dead!

Listen. There is a test in the hospital, It's something they missed. I took it three years ago.

A test? What does this have to do...? If I can run another one... comparative for proof... to try...

They will see... It's comprehensive. It's undeniable. You can't come here.

You're not listening to them, are you?

It's not safe.

Spence, I need to know where you are.

Locking down A-sector now. I'll come to you.

You'll be thankful for those drugs.

Move! Go! Go-go-go!

Get down!


So the first question I have for you, Major, is this:

Why are we having this conversation? I take full responsibility.

Effective immediately I'll hand the matter over to Captain Burke.

He's a good man. Pick up your weapon Mayor.

A good man is not what I need.

Is the replicant still pursuing its target? We don't know.

What is the range of the bomb? We don't know.

Is there a secondary trigger? We don't know.

Given that the Chancellor is landing in four hours, is there anything you do know?

We know it's either in the evac tunnels or out in the Zone. I recommend you evacuate the city immediately.

You recommend... that I set off a mass panic and you can't even show me an X ray?

Mr. Secretary... the Centauri are well ahead of us in nanotechnology.

The bomb, it eludes standard detection. The explosive parts coalesce at trigger phase.

That's when you'd hear...

A big Boom!

Don;t screw with me, Major.

Now, tell me how we deactivate it. We shoot it.

We can't shoot it, because you can't contain it.

It believes it is human.

It wants to live. It knows fear.

It will make a mistake.

In the genius lies the defect.

Lucky for us... it bleeds.

And how many innocent men bled for your mistakes before you uncovered the first replicant?


You don't lose any sleep over those dead men do you, Hathaway?

We lost ten and saved 10,000.

I sleep like a baby, Mr. Secretary.

533rd Street and Tyler Avenue. Old Grid.

Census Bureau reports CimCode hit on Spencer John Olham.

You shouldn't be here.

I said you shouldn't be here.

Attention, all inhabitants. You have 30 seconds to comply.

This man is a prison escapee. Take a good look at him. Have you seen him?

Burke, give me an update! Zero read, sir-- either the masonry's too thick or they still have lead paint up there.

All right, bring it out.

All right, let's go. Move it out!

Switch it on.

Sir, we are draining 25% of dome power.

Ready yourself, gentlemen!

One floor at a time, Sergeant.

Burke, we are up, and now scanning the building.

I make four holdouts ground floor, and a fifth on the second. Second floor.

Command, this is Alpha T. We've got the holdout on the second floor.

I've got another one. Third floor.

Looks like a runner heading upstairs. 78% probability by body mass.

That's fourth floor, Burke. Identify runner on the fourth floor.

5th floor.

Target is not moving.

There must be old motors up there. Goddamn it, Sergeant, give me a fix.

Getting magnetic interference, sir

It's topped out. Go slow, Burke. Your target is now on the roof!

Sir, I am picking up...

Got him! Got him! Target-lock: Eight meters Go, go, go, go.


Identify your target, Burke.

Target appears to be...

...a little girl, sir.

We're bringing her down.

Next building, gentlemen.

He's too fucking hot. We shouldn't have brought him here. What are you talking about? The hotter he is, the bigger the bank, you know that.

He's wanted by the ESA.

Just let me see if I can trade something for him, okay?

Spencer, John Olham.

Married. No wants or warrants.

No history of infectious disease. Work record...


Now that jacket and this full-auto Glock 18 say ESA.

But everything else about you smells like a shit backed-up civilian waiting on a heart attack.

Which are you?

Look, those troopers will be back and they may not miss this place next time.

If you're smart, you'll just let me go. Get up.

Get up!

So where would it go if it was thinking like Spencer Olham?

Sir... Next quadrant.

Yes sir.

This way, come on. This way.

This way.

BORDER INTERDOMO Border Patrol. That's right.

They pay good cash for runners like you.

You're going to turn me in to the ESA. Life's a tragedy. Move. whatever you can get, I'll triple it. It's too late.

House allocation, food rations...

I can get you all of it. Come on, help me out. Too late!

See that dome right there?

A government program built that after...

We were bombed by the Centauri. After we got turned into the Dead Zone.

See, that's how you G-fucks always deliver- too goddamn late.. Now, get up.



Walk! I'm not going back to them.

I won't die like that.

You can kill me, but I'm worth a lot more to you alive.

You're useless to me. Drugs.

Narcoanfetaminas, adrenoesteroides. Pharmaceuticals...

What? Jump, delirium...

Anything you want. So, what you think?

You think you know me? All Zoners are junkies. Right? Right?

No, that's not what I meant. Not you. You know, I don't like you. You keep saying all the wrong things.

Then listen to the words. I'm not saying "junkie, "I'm saying "payoff."

I'm offering you a real trade.

Punch in this CimCode: 746-218.

Come on. Just do it.

Do it!

Maya June Olham.

Pretty girl.

35. No wants or warrants.

Associate Director... Associate Director, of Veterans Hospital, Central City Sector. She's my connection.

And she'll do anything... to get her husband back alive.

Now, I know... that you can run me into that city underground and I can... get you inside that hospital supply.

In and out, clean.

So, what's it going to be?


Dr. Olham...

I'd like to convey my... my deepest regrets.

I had... great respect for you husband... his work.

We all mourn with you.

I'm Major Hathaway. Yes, I know who you are.

We haven't found, your husband's body yet But... every effort is being made to locate his murderer this "Impostor"...

Don't you think I'd know my own husband, Major?

I think we'd all like to believe that this never happened.

And when did it happen? This "switch"?

While we slept? While he showered? When? We don't know when.

Oh, so, you don't know for certain then, do you?

We know that the replicant poses a real threat to the public, Dr. Olham.

And since it believes it is your husband it will likely contact you, turn to you for assistance, or may have already.

Do you have a wife, Major? Pardon?

Do you have a wife? Yes.

Does she know you very well? She knows I'm a human, if that's what you mean.

And how does she know that?

Because I'm not on a Centauri hit list and I'm not walking around with a bomb in my ribcage.

And for every second that we debate known facts, we are closer to mass murder So, I need to ask you a couple of simple questions.

Has it contacted you?

No. Do you have any idea where it might go?


I'm sure if something occurs to you, you'll let Lieutenant Burrows know immediately.

My men will be escorting you home... to grieve.

I have six wards running at twice capacity, Major.

I'll grieve when my shift is over.

Nelson Gittes is dead.

Murdered by the replicant along with two of my men.

Oh, I'm sorry for them too.

Take off your jacket.

There is a big difference between you and me... And I'm not talking about the obvious.

See, me, I ghost in and ghost out of the city. you...

You, the ESA will pick you off at the first census post.

You're going to strip my CimCode? Like I said, take it off.

He's going to need a knockout. I don't have that much.

Whatever you got, keep it topical.

Already got enough shit in me to embalm a horse.

Government-issue Mercury Pentothal, my guess. Hmm, powerful drug. Give you bad dreams.

Yeah, I've noticed.

You got anything to flush it with? Adrenozine, maybe, but if we had that this would be a real hospital, and...

Uh, I'd be a real doctor.

Watch his spinal cord.

You sure you don't want to be out for this? Oh, shit. This hurts.

Well, now nobody's going to know you when you're visiting.

Hey, put this on. And get rid of that G-coat.

No, I'll, uh... I'll hold on to it.

Could be useful.

Don't worry about the CimCode.

She'll shred it. Now let's go. I'd like to keep it.


TUNEL BLUE LINE - 22:00 hours.


Wait here.

Wait right here.

I think you've got some things you forgot to share with me...

Spencer... What did they tell you?

Because if we don't have honesty in our relationship we have a dead relationship.

I'm not what they say I am. Then what are you?

Just tell me what they said. No, I want you to tell me.

I want to hear it from you... you tell me.

They told you... that they couldn't surface because it's too hot up there.

There's too many military looking for someone With my face... and my name. What else?

Doesn't this seem a little off? Your friends... know I'm public enemy number one, that I'm worth something and then they just walk away.

Does it seem like your friends?

How about a trade, Cale? Let's talk trade.


Where'd you learn to fight like that?

What's your name?


Is there anything else you want to know?

No. Well, being that we've become so goddamn friendly why don't you tell me what I want to know?

All right, Cale.

The ESA think I'm a Centauri robot.

They think I have a bomb inside my heart and that I've been programmed to kill the Chancellor.

Let's get moving.

ACUEDUTO "C" - 22:30 hours.

WANTED. Fugitive, SPENCER Olham


VETERANS PLAZA - 22:50 hours.

Through this plaza, swing east, another few blocks, we're there.

You know, when you say it fast like that it doesn't sound so bad.

He sees me. Easy, easy.

Come on, get up.

Come on... get up.

Come on... get up.

What the hell is happening to you?

It's the drugs, The ESA gave me psychotropics. I can't carry you.

I need to hear that you're with me.

They've gotten in my mind.

I can't tell what's real. They want you to think that.

They're wrong about me. I've done nothing. I'm a good man.

I didn't know he was in there.

My best friend.

The doors opened ...

I think I killed my friend.

How many do you see? ESA? Exactly eight too many.

I'll just be a minute.


Check the log! Negative, no outgoing transmissions.

How about incoming?

One incoming within project sector... Going back how far?

Data confirmed as of 0700 hours.

All right, it's time to jerk the leash. I want a house arrest, with a 24/7 watch.

No, no, no. you keep all your men in place until you hear from me.

I'm telling you, it's still prime stomping ground if it still believes... it's Dr. Olham.

Code-Sim detected. In place of veterans. Sector South, ranked No. 497.

That's behind us. Affirmative, Mayor.

How long ago? Which direction? Stand by, Major.

Patch it through to Burke, tell him to get over here and turn and burn some bodies immediately. Get me Burke.

VETERANS HOSPITAL - 00:15 hours.

I just... Listen to me. I don't care if you're crazy, Dopped up... or you want to fuck somebody because they hurt your feelings.

I got you here, remember that.

I put everything on the line for you. and I want my end. You'll get it.

Olham... Look, I said you'll get it.

You know... I'm beginning to think that the ESA got it right.

What do you mean? I mean maybe you are a bomb.

Just don't blow up in my face.

Comm Center. I'm at Post 4-9-7. I need an update.

Census Bureau reports target crossing your location 20 seconds ago. Target heading south.

Lieutenant, take your men 1,000 meters south from here. Go!

You told me the hospital would be clean.

Just wait. In and out, right? Why don't we just do what you did?

Bump up against them and ask them to dance.

Just give it a minute.

Must go 1000 meters.

Let's go!

Okay, so now you got me interested. And I won't work half blind, so tell me right now.

What's in there for you?


For them or for you? They even have a name for where we are now?

It's called "Reallocation".

The military took finishing funds away from the hospital.

This way.

Attention, all medical personnel available.

Code three-three-three. Emergent Medivac Unit arrival imminent on Med Dock Five.

Countdown: five minutes. Stand by.

I got another way.

Second level, east side. Go!

Comm Center, I am now at Post 4-9-6! Stand by, Major.

I need men up on the east side roof. Target passed your position 15 seconds ago.

Here? Affirmative, Major.

It's Here.

It's Right here.

Emergent Medivac Unit arrival imminent on Med Dock Five.

Medivac Arrival.

No, go back!

MEDICAL PUERTO South - 00:40 hours.

Medical beds in SICU-4!

Anybody got a top sheet on this one?

Keep all your men in place until you hear from me.

Target crossing your location.

It still believes it's Dr. Olham.

...passed your position 15 seconds ago.

STORE PHARMACY - 1:19 hours.

Hey, Olham...

Olham... What?

Make me a giraffe.

Somebody's coming.

Come on!

Hurry up!

Come on.

Good evening, Dr. Hall. Please enter.


Only now would I call this a good day.

Get what you need, and get out. You don't want to be here inside five minutes.

Cale, don't waste your time there.

The stuff you want is on the third level.

You're into the immunomeds now. That's all...

Macro antibiotics.

I heard you. Yeah well, that stuffs worth nothing to you unless you got Thaipox.

The woman in the Zoner hospital.

Is for her, isn't it? And the others.

Looking for something called Omnicillin.

It's a big gun. The military uses it for Thaipox and everything else.

Now, you got about two minutes to do your damage and get the hell out of here. Right now, you can leave through the front door.

After that...


Don't shoot yourself.

Check station.

So, drill me. Drill me real good. We'll all go out, In a blaze of glory.

Long live the Centauri.

Target lock.


Major, If I can suggest...

So... when we were running in idiot circles, when did we pull troops?

Captain Burke... I pulled about a third of my detail from the project site, sir.

What about the chancellery? In place- full complement.

Lieutenant Burrows... how many men do we have at the hospital?

Attention, all personnel.

An efficient hospital is a cooperative hospital.

Please remove all medical waste materials and dispose of materials in waste containers.

Busy night. 15 hours straight. Thank Administration.

She sends another evac every five minutes.

That's not very nice, Dr. Carone. She speaks so highly of you.

I'm sorry.

Where is she? I don't know.

Where is my wife? I don't know.

She left with the ESA maybe a half-hour ago.

You know what this is?

A data spool. For?

Molecular-core PET scan. Very good.

Now, I want you to run a comparative test for me and no...

I don't have time to schedule an appointment.

Where is the alarm? We don't have one in here.

Look, this has not been one of my better days so, just give me my five minutes of machine time.

Lie still.

Call security. Spencer Olham is in the MPS room. I'll find ESA.

STOPPED READING DATA... Recalibrating...

Olham!... Walk away.

Right now!

Don't move! Do not move!

No, no, the orderly's with... The orderly's with him!


Security alert! Security alert! There is a security breach in east wing Pharmacology.

All security personnel to the east wing...

It's him! There he is!

Hold your fire! Don't want cross fire.

He's got nowhere to go.

Let's move! Come on, move up here!

Don't you move!

Get down! Move it!

Move it! Get down!

Get down.

Get out of the way!

Burke, where is it? Is it down?

I had a bead on it, sir. Is it down?!

It was in my sight, sir I need a crash cart, now!

We lost this one. Move out! Find me a body!

Give me your weapon.

Just go straight back! He went that way!

Eyes open!

Lieutenant, get me two men up there. Two, go.

Burrows... Take a good look at this.

If you had this kind of tenacity you'd be a general by now.

I need a status report.

There's 80,000 square feet down there, Major. We're still searching.

Of course they are.

As reported earlier the Chancellor was scheduled to return to the city for a function at the Defense Bureau earlier tonight but that event was canceled without explanation and the Chancellor's precise whereabouts are unclear.

That blaze in Sutton Wood seems to be finally coming under control.

Fire-fighting robots are said to have 90% containment as of this hour.

Investigators are still unable to declare an official cause of the fire. but they say they are taking seriously eyewitness reports about an electrical anomaly in the Sutton Dome just a few hours...

They went camping this weekend up in Sutton Wood.

Dome Authority has already ruled out a lightning strike...

Lucky you missed the fire as the cause of that anomaly.


Are they still there?

Are they right outside?

Maya, listen to me.

If it's safe, then meet me... Don't say any more.

You've got to trust me. Spence!


If you still believe in me... all I ask is that you... you meet me.

Meet me where we first met.

That's all I ask.



Keep walking.

Where are you?


Oh, God. Did they follow you?


I know you're afraid. I know what they told you.

That some ship got through the dome and landed somewhere outside the city.

They were right in theory but they made one crucial error... I don't understand.

The ship crashed.

You see, that's what- that's what caused the fire.

They miscalculated. The Centauri never got to me!

I know the ship is here. I can find it. I'll show you.

Do you believe them?

You're bleeding.

Do you believe them? I don't know what to believe.

They were in the house for hours.

They said you killed Nelson.

They searched the house.

They-they... they went through our clothes... Did they hurt you?

No. They kept grilling me...

Asking me for proof of God.

All I could think of was you.

I don't expect anything from you.

I just wanted to see you again.

No. ..

What? I don't believe them.

You're the only one I can trust.

I love you. They'll kill you!

Spence !

We got to find the body.

We got to get inside! We got to find the pilot!

Maya help me!



You were wrong! Yes, I was wrong.

You were wrong! I know that now.

You listen to me.

You need to come over here with us.

Spencer listen to me!

Spencer listen!

We decoded more of the Centauri hit list. Cryptography had it wrong.

You need to come over here with us, Spencer.

It's moving. Listen to me.

Go ahead, shoot me. You do not want to see what's in there..

You stay back! Just shoot me. Go ahead.

You do not want to see what's in there.

Spencer... it wasn't you who they wanted.

You were the link to the Chancellor. Please.

It was her target.

You were just a decoy, a dupe. Spencer, please, don't believe him.

That is not your wife.

That thing...

Murdered your wife.


Look at me.

Come to me.


Steady, Spencer.

I didn't know.

I... How could I know?

This morning, we...

Get away from her! Sir, sir...

Get away from her!

All right, get back!

It would've massacred us all.

You know that, Spencer. Major!




Oh, God...

If that is Olham...

We've been able to accelerate your regimen in the past two weeks but I need you to keep coming back, huh?

You're not all better yet. Now this is the medicine I need you to take.

Observable from space this is the blast as seen from a defense platform 14,000 kilometers above Earth.

And it is now also confirmed that among the several thousand casualties were Major D.H. Hathaway of the Earth Security Agency Dr. Maya June Olham of the Veterans Hospital Administration and Dr. Spencer John Olham, with the Defense Bureau.

Spencer Olham had been wanted in connection with espionage charges, which came as a shock to many who remembered him only as a deeply-principled and patriotic man.

We lose lives to progress. It's a necessary sacrifice.

As a layman...

I want to see peace in my lifetime.

Dr. Olham, if I could just get you to elaborate just a little bit on...

No. No. You'll excuse me.

I, uh, I was just on my way home to reacquaint myself with my wife. Thank you sir.

You knew him?

I'd like to think so.