In a Better World (2010) Script






Does it hurt?


Name is?

MARY: Kareem Abdullah.

Kareem Abdullah. Good, Mary?

Fine. He'll be fine.

So, fine.

She has to keep it on for four weeks.


Even when the pain stops, she has to keep it on.

Four weeks.

Let's wrap it up in ten minutes, folks, please.

Ten minutes. Thank you.

Najeeb? Yeah?

We take two more each. Two?

Yeah, two. Okay, four, yeah?

Have four more.


She will have to give her a syrup for the fever.


Three times a day.



You'll have to come back again.

Najeeb! Stretcher, please.

Prepare to operate.

Easy, easy.

Come, come, come.

Come, come, come. Sir?

Can you tie it on the back?

I need help here.

Okay. Come on, she can make it.

Check her pulse, please. She can make it.

I need some light. Do you have any light?

Patient's asleep? Yes, doctor.

Swabs. Good.



How's the pulse?

The pulse at 33. Stable.

Okay, hold tight. Clamp.

Looks stable now.


I didn't think she'd make it.

I've seen that type of injury before.

That's the work of a local villain. Big Man.

I hear that this Big Man takes bets with his boys as to what sex a child will be.

Then he cuts the girls open to see.


CHRISTIAN: And Death gave back these treasures for a song.

The nightingales sang on.

It sang of the quiet churchyard where white roses grow, where the elderflowers make the air sweet and where the grass is always green, wet with the tears of those who are still alive.

Death longed for this garden.

Out through the windows drifted a cold, Grey mist as Death departed.

"Thank you, thank you," the Emperor said.

"Little bird from heaven, I know you of old.

"I banished you once from my land.

"And yet you have sung away the evil faces from my bed, "and Death from my heart.

"How can I repay you?"

"You have already rewarded me", said the nightingale.

"I brought tears to your eyes when first I sang for you.

"To the heart of a singer, "those are more precious than any precious stone.

"But sleep now, and grow fresh and strong while I sing."

He sang until the Emperor fell into a sound, refreshing sleep.

A sweet and soothing slumber.

She used to read it to me before I'd go to sleep.

I think it did him good to do it. I think so, too.

Hey, Hanne. This is Signe, my mother.

This is Hanne. Hello.

You're the one they'll be staying with? Yes.

I think Christian is looking forward to getting back home, right?

HANNE: It's so hard to believe she's gone.


I just want to say I think you did really well.

I'm very proud of you.

I know Mom would have been, too.

You don't have to keep saying stuff, Dad.

Still, we can talk, can't we?

You don't have to, for my sake.

Are you ready? ANTON: Coming.

Morning, Muhammad. Morning, sir.

Okay, let's go.

SIGNE: Hello.

Hello, darling. Hello, Grandma.

Welcome. Hello, Mom.

SIGNE: It's much roomier here than back in London.

Lots of peace and quiet.

I've had the Internet installed for you, and you get to pick your own room.

This is by far the smallest room.

It's fine.


You don't have to decide right away.

Do I get to pick or not?

Sure, but there's hardly enough room for your own desk and bed.

But sure, it's up to you.

It's all up to you.

The view's nice anyway. Yes.

Go ahead and grab it.

SOFUS: Good morning, Rat Face.

Got your tires pumped again? Lost your under bite?

Excited? Yes.

Want me to come along? No. Of course not.

Well, have a nice day, then. Sure.

See you.

Crawl through our legs.

BULLY 1: You look like a rat.

You are a rat, aren't you? ELIAS: Leave me alone. Let me through.

BULLY 2: Swede! BULLY 3: Ugly mutant!

Fucking rat!

Settle down.

Sit down.

Whose is this?

This is Christian.

Be quiet, will you?

Christian has lived all over the world and just moved here from London.

TRINE: Does he speak Danish?


Sure he does, Trine.

Anyway... Let's enter your birthday in the calendar.

When is your birthday? July 7th.

The same day as Elias.

Isn't that funny?

I think it is.

Be quiet now.

Christian, go sit next to Elias, then. STUDENTS: Oooh!

Stop that. GIRL: Poor you!


We can hear all about London later.

That would be interesting.

Get out your textbooks.

STUDENTS: Aww. Just do it.

I'm sick and tired of fighting with you.

Oh, no!

Want to borrow a pump?

No, they took the valves as well.

They always do.

I'll just drag it.

Take some valves from another bike.

Then he'll have to drag his bike.

So it's his turn today.

Here. Thanks.

SOFUS: Hey, are you flattening other people's tires?

And who the fuck are you?

My name's Christian.


What are you doing with Rat Face?

Rat Face?

Look at his teeth, stupid. Can't you see he looks just like a rat?

No, but then I don't go around staring into other people's mouths.

You're supposed to catch, Christian.

Drag your bike home, Rat Face!

ELIAS: Are you okay? Yeah.

I'm really sorry.

Want me to help you clean up?

No, I'm fine.

Sure? Yes.

I'm really sorry.


It sure put up a fight. Hey, how many have you eaten?

Hi, sweetie.

Have you had a good day? It was fine.

Hey, look at me. Are you sure? Yes.

Are you sure?

If you're lying to me, you're in for it!

I want to play, too.

Leave me alone!

Just leave me alone.


I hate you.

Aren't you asleep?

I just want to finish this game.

Is that blood? We were just playing football.

Did you get punched in the nose? No.

We were just playing football. It was an accident.

Come and keep me company in the kitchen, while I get something to eat.

I'd like that. In a minute.

Hi, Dad!

Hi, sweetie.

It's so good to see you. And you, too. I've missed you.

Was it a good trip? Yes.

Long. But it was fine.



This is a present from Morten, in case you were hungry.

Did you cut your hair? No.

TEACHER: It was good to hear your thoughts, Elias.

Now we'd like to talk to your parents in private, if that's okay.


MARIANNE: What do you have to say?

Look, Elias keeps to himself, and that's a fact.

His tires are let down every day. They call him Rat Face.

We're pretty sure Sofus isn't the one letting down his tires.

It may not be him personally.

He's got his own little mafia.

He makes the others do it, but he's behind it.

Let's not give Sofus undue credit...

Other students get their tires deflated, too.

We're aware of the situation, of course.

To put it bluntly, all this isn't easy for Elias.

You travel a lot, Anton.

It must be hard for Elias to have an absent father.

And add to this the problems the two of you have.

What problems?

Your separation, Marianne.

Now you listen to me.

Butt out of our personal life!

It has nothing to do with this.

Don't. I'm appalled to have to listen to you talking about us in this way.

If this keeps up, we'll have to find another school, and that's just not fair.

It's Sofus who's a little sadistic psychopath!


If we try to take a constructive approach, what do you suggest?

Maybe you should get Mom some flowers.

Or maybe some chocolate.


BULLY 1: You're even uglier up close.

BULLY 2: Fuck off.

BULLY 3: Kiss my shoe to get by. SOFUS: Fucking loser.



Hey, Elias.

About yesterday. If anyone asks... I'm not going to tell.

Nothing happened to him anyway.

If you rat on me, you're dead!


Don't you ever touch me again!

Okay? (SOBBING) I won't.

Don't touch me or anyone else.

I don't give a shit if you die. Okay? I won't do anything.

ELIAS: Hide the knife. You'll be expelled.

Your new dosage may make you somewhat confused.

Did you eat anything yesterday?

PATIENT: I cleared my plate. Pork roast.

It was really quite good. You must be confused already.


Elias' school has called twice. You'd better call back.

What was it about? Your cell phone was off.

I don't have it on me.

Excuse me.

Why are you lying to us, Elias? I'm not lying.

Christian's confessed to having a knife and hitting him with a bicycle pump.

Why won't you confess? I saw them fighting, but no knife.

Well, Elias just told us you had a knife.

I didn't have a knife.


If everyone's lying, why don't you tell me the truth?

He hit me, and I hit him back.

But you hit him with a bicycle pump.

I had to.

He was much bigger than me. I had no choice. He attacked me.


This is serious.

He may lose his sight in one eye.

That'll teach him to leave other people alone.

Hi. Hi, Marianne.

Where's Elias? They're talking to the police.

MARIANNE: The police? What happened? A very nasty assault.

Involving a knife. No way.

I can't imagine Christian with a knife either, and they haven't found one.

Did Elias hit Sofus? We don't know yet, Marianne.

When the police have talked to them, we'll know more.

Has Sofus gone blind?

The police said so.


He's going to have a headache, and he'll probably get a scar, but he'll be okay.

Still, it could have ended much worse.

CLAUS: Why didn't you tell me he hit you?

We could have talked to him and his parents.

Everybody saw it.

What kind of answer is that?

If I hadn't hit him back, everyone would think they could hit me, too.

Just tell me if he had a knife. I promise not to tell.

He didn't, and stop asking, okay?

If you hit him, he hits you, and then you hit him, and then it never ends.

Don't you see?

That's how wars are started.

Not if you hit hard enough the first time.

You don't know shit.

All schools are like that.

No one will dare touch me now.

I'm not going to ask you about that knife again, okay?

And I want you to know you can tell me anything.

Do you understand?




ANTON: Hi, it's me.


Were you asleep? MARIANNE: No.

What are you doing?

I'm out clubbing with the Laudrup brothers, Anton.

What do you want?

I just want to talk.

It's so drab without you.

Did you talk to Elias? Sure.

I miss you.

Don't do this.

I've said I'm sorry.

And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

I was so proud of us.

I really was.

Proud that we didn't give up and get a divorce like all the other idiots.

Proud that we loved each other.

But we still do.

But, Anton...

I made a stupid mistake.

I've tried to explain how I could get so lost, and do such stupid things. I've tried to...


All you could think about was her when you were home.

That still hurts.

Everything we shared...

When you were here, it was all a lie.

Pure make-believe.

I love you.

I want to forgive you, but I can't.

That's just how it is.

Good night. Wait, wait... Don't hang up.

I consider the matter closed now.

You've all made mistakes.

But you were all to blame.

And you've learned that nothing good comes from fighting.

No, you're right.

It could have gone much worse. Yeah.

Now, Elias and Sofus, shake hands.

I'm sorry, Elias. Sorry.

PRINCIPAL: Christian and Sofus, shake hands.

BOTH: Sorry.

PRINCIPAL: We'll see each other on Monday as good friends.

Are you excited about Project Week?

The entire school is upside-down.

What are you going to make, Sofus?

I'm in the weapons group with Buster and Gustav.

We're making muskets.

Of course you are.

How about you, Elias?

We're making the Round Tower.

I can't wait to see it.

Want to walk together, Christian?


Let's go, Elias.

It's here.

Do you want it?



CLAUS: Christian.


I'm off. Okay.

I'll try to make the 4:00 flight tomorrow.

I'll call you.

CLAUS: You're welcome to stay for dinner. Thanks, but I have to go.

Maybe this weekend, then.

Just go, Dad.

So long, buddy.

Take care, Elias. You, too.

Where's he going? London.

Where's your mom?

She's dead.

My mom and dad are getting a divorce.

How did she die?

She had cancer.

At first they thought she'd beat it, but she didn't.

She was cremated. Okay.

Burying people is filthy.

The corpses rot and seep into the groundwater.

I want to be cremated when I die. Don't you?


I haven't really thought about it.

Where are we going anyway? Up.

You can go up there?


CHRISTIAN: Let's go.

Wow, this is wild.


CHRISTIAN: I always went up here when I was home on holiday.

Where's your house? My house?

Somewhere over there, I think.

It's a long way down.

ELIAS: There...

We went up on top of this silo at the harbor. It was a long way down.

You can't go up there.

Christian goes there every day.

You can see our house... I know. Stay away from there.

It's not a playground. It's dangerous.

Promise me not to go up there again. Hmm.

Don't "hmm" me.

Promise me not to go up there again. Where's the pump?

Promise. Yes.

What do you promise? Not to go up there again.

Let's pump it.

Put it down here, boys.

ELIAS: Can we have an ice cream?

Sure. Be careful.

I want to go on the swing.

ANTON: Thanks a lot.

ELIAS: It was fun to go kayaking.

MORTEN: Hey, don't! Stop it!

Hey, what are you...

Morten, stop that. What are you fighting about?

He took my swing.


And then he hit me. Why did you hit him?

I didn't. Why are you fighting...

Hey, what's going on?

BOY: He started bugging me on the swing.

Did you push him off? Well, don't.

They're just arguing over a swing.

Don't touch my son. Get it?

Do you get it?

I didn't touch him.

Get lost!

Get lost!

LARS: What the hell is your problem?

Look at me! You always pick fights!

Whenever you go to the playground, you get into fucking trouble!

MORTEN: I'm sorry, Dad. ANTON: Hey, you didn't do anything wrong.

MORTEN: Does it hurt? Do you need a doctor? No.

I'm really sorry.

Aren't you going to call the police?

ELIAS: Christian's right. Call the police.

No. He hit you.

ANTON: Let's go home. You can eat your ice cream in the car.

Let's not talk about it anymore.


Christian, we shouldn't be here.

Why not?

What do you want up here? Just to be here.

I have to go home.

There he is. Who?

The jerk who hit your dad.

Let's go.

Write it down.

ELIAS: He's coming.

We'll find his address online.

What the hell are you doing? Run, for fuck's sake!


Hi, Dad.


Come over here, sweetie.

Is everything okay? Sure.

What have you got on your mind? I came to give you this.

I know where the guy who hit you works.

How do you know that? I just know. He works there.

Sure, but how did you find out?

Me and Christian saw him, and he had the address on his car.

Did you go to the silo again?

No. Well, Christian goes every day.

But not you? No.

Sure? Yes.

Aren't you going to do something about it?

What do you want me to do?

Go beat him up.

Are you serious? Well, yes.

Are you afraid to?

That's not the point, and you know it.

You can't just go around beating people up.

That doesn't help anything.

What kind of world would we get?

He's a jerk.

If I hit him, I'm a jerk, too.

And if I go to jail, you'll be left without a dad, and he'll have won.

I bet Mom would love it if you weren't such a wimp.


I promised Mom to be back by 9:00, so I'd better go.

Now, who's the wimp?

You are. (CHUCKLING)

Bye. Say hi to Mom from me.



Hello. Hi.

I'm looking for Lars. What?

Do you have a Lars working here?


Lars, Sweden's calling.



Remember me?

My name is Anton. We met at the playground.

You slapped me across the face.


You bet I do.

What do you want?

I want to know why you did it.

Just keep your hands off my kid.

I broke up a fight between two kids.


But now I'd like you to stay away from me and my son.

And then you won't get hurt.

Do you hear?

Want to know why you did it, Lars?

No, I just want you to shut up.

Go back to Sweden.

Nobody understands you here anyway. Okay?

You hit me because you could.


Maybe you should put a lid on it, Lars.

Want me to hit you again?

Jerks like you get a kick out of thinking you have the power over others.

But you don't. MECHANIC: Stop it, Lars!

Don't worry, boys.

What do you want, huh?

I think I came to show these children that I'm not afraid of you.

You can't hurt me.

Okay, so you're not afraid of me?

And I can't hurt you? But I can.

I can hurt you.

I think you'd better go home now. Take your kids and go home.

These children... You scared them when you hit me.

They got so angry, they found out where you work. That's why we came.

Well, fucking good for you that you found out where I work.

Well done.

But you're such a big jerk, you can't even apologize in front of them.

You just keep on hitting me.

What do you want? Let's go home.

LARS: Want some more? Dad.

Go back to Sweden, you fucking faggot.

Everything's fine. Don't be afraid.

Let's go. Thank you for letting us in. You're welcome. Bye.

It didn't hurt.

Don't worry about it. It was all he could do, and he lost.

He's just a big jerk.

Do you understand?

Understand what?

That he's an idiot not worth wasting any more time on.

What a jerk.

I don't think he thought he lost.

But he did. I don't think so.

Let's go. What a prick!

Yes. Get in the car.

MORTEN: He was a giant asshole.

A great big fucking prick. That's enough.

A great big fucking prick. That's enough, do you hear?

ANTON: Let Morten try.

Wait. Here you go.


Perfect! MORTEN: Yay!

ANTON: No, you have to let go at the same time.

MORTEN: Like this.

Has the treatment gone well?

What is it? Okay.

Well, that's perfect.

There he is.

He just walks around scaring people, and no one does anything about it.

I'll find something for the grating. Yeah.

Come here.

My grandad must have bought it.

We shouldn't have it lying around.

It could blow up the entire house. It's just fireworks.

It's loaded with gunpowder.


You could make a huge bomb.

You could? Yeah.

I'll show you how on the Internet.

He just kept hitting your dad.

Your dad may not have been afraid, but he just kept hitting him.

If we got back at him, it might teach him not to behave like that.

Is it going to be loud?

Won't someone hear it?

Not out here.

Grab the bomb.

Do you want to light it?

You have to run fast. You do it.

Don't you want to?

Just remember to run right away.

Fuck, man! Awesome!


It's going to be wild when we make one out of a big pipe!

His van will be blown to pieces. What van?

That jerk Lars.

You're going to blow up his van?


But we'll get caught. A van is expensive.

Your dad would be pleased.

I don't think so.

It doesn't matter, because we won't get caught.

Are you with me or not?

I don't know.

If you're not with me on this, I want my knife back now.




Let's go. Easy, easy.

Stretcher! Stretcher!

That's it. Keep on moving.

Check pulse.

Move along.

Up, up, up.

So, prep the patient, put her on IV.


ANTON: Thank you.

Patient asleep yet? Yes.

Okay, let me take a look.

Swab. Thank you.


Swab. Hand me that, please.


ANTON: Tell him she's alive.


We've done all we can. Now we must wait and see.



NAJEEB: Thank you, doctor.

Ask him what happened.




NAJEEB: People get in cars.

His wife could not run fast because she was pregnant.

The Big Man cut open two other girls who died.

We'll know tomorrow.





What have you got there? Nothing.


Then let me see. No!

Mom, you can't just do that.

Elias, it's a knife.

Did you lie to me and the police?

Are you insane?

No. What the hell is going on?







What the hell were you thinking?

Stabbing someone with a knife?

Do you want to ruin your life? Look at me.

Look at me, Christian.

Look at me.


I love you, but this isn't easy for me either.

We have to be able to talk.

Did you kiss her?

Did you kiss Elias' mom?

Why would you say that?

You want to. And so does she.

This kind of behavior won't get you anywhere.

You said you wanted to talk. Stop that right now!

And stop talking rubbish! It's not rubbish!

Yes, it is. Is that why you're so angry with me?

I'm not angry with you. You're just a big liar!

Mom knew you lied. Everyone knows!

Look, Christian.

If Mom could see you now, it would break her heart to see what you've turned into.

How can you say such cruel things? What the hell have I done to you?

I don't care who you kiss.

Just don't tell me what's right and what's wrong.

This is wrong, and it's illegal. Don't ever bring a knife to school again.

Never again, is that understood?

You wanted her to die.



And don't tell me she is at peace now. You all say that, and it's bullshit!

She didn't want to die, and you gave up.

And I can't be bothered with people who give up. Okay?

Hi, Sofus. See you later. Have a nice day.

I didn't tell on you.

My mom found the knife and freaked out.

Don't you believe me? I don't want to talk to you.

And stop texting me.

He said it hurts all the way into his hand.

Ah, I can imagine that.

I'm going to give him some pills.

And it will get better.




Easy. Easy.

Stay calm.







Are you doctor?

Yes, I am.

Then you'll fix my leg.

I want to keep it.

I don't want you to cut it off.

I can try.

Can't have any weapons.

They can't.

I decide that!


I decide that.

Weapons and cars got to be far away from the camp.


Speak, man.

He's the one that cuts the pregnant women.

He's a monster.


Cars got to go away.

Cars and weapons got to go far away from the camp.

Otherwise, I can't treat you. You might lose your leg.





MAN 1: Doctor! MAN 2: Doctor!


NAJEEB: Don't treat Big Man. He's evil.


NAJEEB: Why do you want to help Big Man?

Because I have to.


NAJEEB: He killed all my babies.

I'm so sorry.


NAJEEB: He's evil. I have to go.

You're a strange man.

I think it's malaria.

I will give her some malaria treatment, and you give her the pills.


She will be well in two, three days.


I thought we agreed upon only two here at a time.

Take it easy, Doctor.

See what they've brought me.

They leave now.


Still bad.

Why is it taking so long?

Well, it's a bad infection.

Takes time, okay?

I have to regain my strength.

You see Omar over there?

He want to take my position.



Are you my friend?

No, I'm not.

But I'm doing my best to help you.

Everybody has killed here.

Men. Women. Children.

It makes no difference so long as I don't kill you.

We could be friends.

I can be a very powerful friend.

Answer me!





Bag. Anton.


She's gone.

Bag. She's gone.



Check her pulse, please. Check her pulse. Bag.

Stop. Stop!

Anton, Anton, stop. Stop.

Stop, stop. Look at me.

She's gone.


She's gone.

Help me, please.

(WHISPERING) Thank you. Thank you.

Little pussy big knife.

What did you say?

Little pussy big knife.

Are you done with her?

Maybe Omar can have her.

Omar likes things that don't move.


(LAUGHING) You go.


Out! Get out!

You leave! Leave! Leave right now!

If you can stand up, you can go!

Go! Go!


You leave! You go!


You go!

You're not sick! You leave the camp!


Leave the camp! I've got enemies all over.


Not my responsibility.

You go now. You're not sick anymore.










Hi, Dad.

Hi, sweetie. Great to see you.

Did we agree to call today?

No, I just felt like talking to you.

It's been a busy day so I couldn't remember if we'd agreed to call today.

You know Christian?

His grandad died a long time ago.

He had all these fireworks in the barn, and no one ever noticed.

Can you hear me? I have something really important to tell you.

Christian made a bomb, and he's going to blow up a van.



I'm right here.

I was thinking...

I've had a stressful day, so could we talk tomorrow?

At the same time?

Are you okay?

You seem so strange.

I'm just fine.

Let's talk tomorrow, okay? I have to go now.

Okay, Dad.

Okay, Son. Love you.

I'm with you.

I want to make that bomb.

Let's bomb that son of a bitch's van.

You're right.

He deserves it.

Let's get to class.

ELIAS: What about the cars next to it?

They're going to be wrecked, too.

And a whole lot of windows.

What if any people pass by?

They won't.

How do you know? We'll do it early in the morning.

If we do it early Sunday morning, no one will get hurt.

But I have a game then.

Not at 7:00 in the morning.

Are you chickening out again?

You can't back out on me now.

We're doing this. Sure.

Hold this.

All done with your computer game?

If I died, would you stay here?

Christian, I don't want to argue. Stop looking at me like that.

You're not going to die.

I might.

You never know.

Would you move back to London or stay here?

I don't know. I'd be too devastated to live anywhere.

You'd have to live somewhere, even if I wasn't here.

You never give me a straight answer.

What do you want me to say?

As if me dying would make you homeless.

Why do you always lie? This is crazy. I don't lie.

I've never lied to you.

Look at me. I haven't lied to you.

You said Mom was going to get well!

You said she wasn't in pain!

Look, I'm just as unhappy as you.

No, because you wanted her to die.

I know you did. Admit it! You wanted her to die.


You're right, I wanted her to die. At the very end.

Because she wanted to.

I couldn't take it anymore.

And neither could she.

She cried out in pain every night, and the cancer had eaten her brain.

She kept asking me to help her end it, but I knew you'd be devastated.

And if that's giving up, then sure, I gave up.

But that doesn't mean I wanted her to die.


Are you sure about this?


You made it bigger.

Come on.


We've got a minute before it blows.

Just walk calmly back to the bikes. Okay.

Don't look back.

No! What?

Elias! Stop!

Get back! There's a bomb!


Call an ambulance!





DOCTOR: What have you got for us?

EMT: 12-year-old Elias blew up a van. (MARIANNE SCREAMING)

How is his condition? (SOBBING) Elias!

EMT: His circulation is affected.

Someone take care of his mother.

EMT: He's got a large open abdominal wound and several cuts.

DOCTOR: No other injuries? Stay here.

We'll dress his abdomen with gauze and examine him from top to toe.

Christian, what you did is bad.

But if others are involved, it's an entirely different matter.

I need to know there aren't. Do you understand?

I made everything by myself. Together with Elias?

It was all my idea.

He just did what I told him to do.

I planned everything.

So you haven't talked to anyone on the Internet and gotten any ideas?


I've only been to the websites I told you about.

Another officer is going to ask you the same questions all over again.

NURSE: How is your other son doing?

He's at my mom's. He doesn't know anything.

I'd like you to stay.


Just be here. Sure.


Marianne, a boy called Christian would like to see Elias.

Can I send him in?

How is he?

Why aren't you at the police station?

I have been.

My dad picked me up.

Where is your dad now?

I wanted to see Elias by myself.

You shouldn't be here.

Do you understand?

You killed him, you little psychopath!

You killed him.

I did?

Stay away, okay?

Stay away.

You killed him because you're a spoiled brat who thinks he can control other people's lives!

You shouldn't be here!

That's enough. Stop it!

Come along.

Marianne, we've got the CT scan results back.

No cerebral hemorrhage.

Very little free fluid in the pelvis.

And no other troubling signs.

Thank you.

OFFICER: That wraps it up. Thank you.

What's going to happen to them?

I can't really say.

Can they take him away from us? No.

I'm sure they'll take the mitigating circumstances into consideration.

It's a case of harsh vandalism, so I think social services will take over.

Plus, your son did save those people.

Good luck with him. Thanks.




I'm just going to remove this.

Look who's here.


I'm sorry. MARIANNE: Sweetie.

Don't be angry with Christian. Later.

We'll talk about that later.

It was my own fault.

I wanted to do it.

I talked Christian into it.

We'll talk about it later. You need to rest now.

What the hell got into them?

MARIANNE: I don't know.

He's going to be fine.

He's going to be just fine.


I'm going to drive you home and then I'll go to the summer house.

I don't know what to do.

She said he'd wind up hating me.

Do you think he hates me?

She was so cruel at the end.

She was so very cruel.


I don't know how to make everything right again.


He's my little boy.


Yes? CLAUS: Marianne?

This is Claus.

Christian's dad. I'm sorry to wake you, but I can't find Christian.

I looked everywhere. I thought he might be with you?

No, he isn't here.

What was that all about?

Christian has disappeared.


I called you.

I've looked everywhere.




It's Elias' dad.


Step away from the edge.


Step away from the edge.

Elias is going to be fine.

He's going to be just fine.

Do you think I'd be here, if Elias wasn't going to be fine?

Don't you think I'd be with him then?

He's going to be fine.

You have to believe me.

So I didn't kill him?


I thought he was dead.

He's alive.

And he's going to be just fine.

I couldn't picture him.

I don't know if children look younger, as well.

When they're dead?

Grown-ups look like little children when they're dead.

At least my mom did.

She looked like a little girl.

As if she'd never grown up.

As if she'd never been my mom.

I miss her so much.

Sometimes it's like there's a veil between you and death.

And that veil is pulled away when you lose someone near and dear to you.

And then you see death ever so clearly for a brief instant.

And then the veil drops back into place.

And then you move on.

And things get better.

You think so?



Elias' mom is here. She wants to talk to you.



It's not funny. Don't!

No, don't! (LAUGHING)

Morten... Okay, that's enough.

Take it easy.

ANTON: Give him a break.

Morten's bugging me, Mom.

Morten! Are you okay?

MORTEN: Look, he can't do a thing. ELIAS: Don't!

Let's go to the cafeteria.

I want a Coke. You can have a small Coke.

I want a large one.

Doesn't it hurt? No, I'm on painkillers.

I told the police the whole story.

So did I.

It's weird.

I've been sleeping for days, but I'm still tired.

I want to apologize.

You don't have to.


I've been a real jerk.

It's okay.

I'm looking forward to when you come back to school.

Me, too.