In Critical Condition (2016) Script

-Lemme tell you something, James Cagney is still the king of mob movies Get the fuck outta here man -Nah Man I'm serious Look at all the characters he's played and tell me he isn't the basis of every other mob character I ain't sayin' the man doesn't deserve any respect I'm just sayin' the people comin' up from behind are better Like who?

Gimme one person you think is better Hella people!

Like who? know - yea yea c'mon mister fuckin know-it-all Pacino.

Oh. You gotta be shitting me.


Fuckin' he's the man!

Are you serious?

He's been in almost every major crime movie in the past fifty years He always plays the violent one who curses and yells all the time that's it!

...He's the face of the mafia ah see...fuck that man Dude, his movies are fuckin' awesome The nigga ain't real though!

Name one person he'd play


C'mon dude have we not met the real mafiosos?

Have we not met the gasters before?


-aight then If our lives were bein' made into a movie, Ross... one person Pacino would play

The boss Who, Vincent? -Yeah.

Nah man you got that all wrong dude Vincent is way too crazy to be played by Pacino Then who would play Vincent?

Jack Nicholson.

Jack Nicholson!? -Yes Vincent is mothafuckin' Jack as Frank Costello

"As Good As It Gets" Jack Nicholson? -YES Now Johnny...

...that guy is somebody Pacino or maybe even DeNiro coulda played in their younger years Well which one of these handsom devils gets to plan ME?

You're more like a-like a Billy Crystal type Man fuck you man I ain't no Billy Crystal Yeah...

You fuckin' look like Chris Tucker

-but littler I'm with Ross, why?


N-now hold on where is that?

Yeah I got it. Nah, it's not far from here Yeah I know where that is man. -Shut up.

So you want us to get him... and meet back there?


-What the fuck man?

-That was Johnny Seems like we got some more collecting to do Hmm. His plan actually worked this time Little bitch finally got his shit together Bout fuckin' time.

-I know right?

Fuck, man He wants us to collect then tie up the loose ends.

Once we do that hopefully we be good.

You mean we gotta go fuckin...?

No shit man.

-What the fuck else have we been doing in the past for him?


Why's the boss tryina have us knock off everyone all of a sudden?

I don't know, I think it's because his experience is gettin' the best of him He's tired of stayin' all paranoid and takin' everyone's bullshit So you know what? He's cappin motherfuckers out.

I don't give a damn and neither should you we gettin paid for this shit...

Why doesn't Johnny do this shit man?

Jonny does what he's told.

You mean like us?

Just like us. Let's get the fuck outta here.

[engine starts]

-Shit man.


I must've...

What fuckin' now man?

Musta dropped my piece the last hit we did, dog.

Dammit son...

You know...we live a real dangerous life.

Shut up you dumb fuck! You got somethin' I can use?

One fuckin' small step, you get your ass either fuckin' blasted or in jail.

Stop talkin' shit.

It's all you fuckin do man. Gimme a damn gun or somethin' yo!

Here man, this is better than a gun.

This belonged to my great grandfather... - C'mon what is this man...

There you go man. W-What the - what the what the fuck am I supposed to do with this Ross?

Man we're going in manual today.

Man fuck manual man! Go real quiet.

What if he's packin' heat?

Man, I'm prepared.

Well then give me a fucking gun so I can be prepared man!

This little bitch ain't packin' heat man Shut up and act professional for a damn change man.

Don't fuckin' lose this one.

Yeah this is straight...

Voice Over: My grandba told me years ago, you really need few things in life.

A little love, a lot of money, respect, good decision making.

I got everything I need and then some...

Fuck it.

I hold stock in all the major black markets around.

Got a fiery ass lawyer in my back pocket.

You look out at this town, anywhere.

From that nice little coffee shop on the corner.

To the skaniest strip joints.

I own em' all.

Motherfuckers here live under my rule, in my territory, my way...

There's just one thing I've never gotten through all my years:

Job security.

There's always some asshole who thinks they can do what I do better.

Fucking rats...

Stefan. -Ah yes I forgot.

You know the drill, once a month.

I got his money.

Also came here to warn you.

Warn me?

Keep reaching further than your grasp, you'll have to start paying double.

-what're you talkning about?

Get back here you piece of shit

-you've been in this racket longer than I have.

You should know by now he only keeps the pigs off your back while you make an honest living.

Changing social circles, isn't part of the arragement.

Well what if I make it a part of the arangement.

He's always watching.

He's like...

Santa Claus except he brings lead instead of coal to all the naughty children

He hasn't got it in him yet.

He's getting a little bold though.

Too bold I'm thinking.

Yo Johnny, want us to do anything?

No, not now.

Ken's keeping an eye on Stefan for me.

Thatis the address of a loyal customer.

-I need you two to go over and collect.

Sure Johnny.

-And tell the guy if he's late again on a payment the boss'll make him pay double.

-He may be trying to go legit, -but that doesn't change the fact that you gotta finish giving back first Alright man, we got it.

I also may have one or two more for you later.


You sure?

Sounds like the boss is getting a little impatient, don't it?

Don't worry about it.

You just keep going as business as usual. and everything will stay Jim Freakin' Dandy But is it though?

-Do as I ask, and everything will be fine.

C'mon. Boss needs me back at his place.


-You almost gave me a fucking heart attack!

-Son of a bitch...

-So much for these relaxation tapes the ex-wife gave me.

They didn't work then and they still fuckin' don't.

This, however, does.

Ah, I see Stefan still knows his place.

-And it's all here.

If that little rat fucker wants to continue to do business in my town he'll pay the fuckin' toll.

Don't seem so concerned.

My ass is the one with the fuckin' target painted on it.

Have a drink.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

Sir? -Yeah?

Is there anything else I can-

Oh, oh. Yeah, yeah.

Someone I need you to check up on.

-Here's his number Places you can find him at.

-Looking for something? Hey!


Johnny, I-I'm in a real bind man!

Boss doesn't care.

Do you have any idea how important this is to him?

Do you honestly thing I would be here right now?

No-I know this is really I know you only do things whenever they're really fuckin' important Right!

And this is really fucking important -Yeah!

Cause you owe! And you owe big.

Boss says I can give you a few more days before you're toast.

Thank-thank you.

I got you a job.

Some new guys in town, they're looking for a gift basket from the boss.

You'll deliver.

Bones'll give you the details. You know the drill.

Y-Yeah I can do that.



Don't be looking for that sweet stuff when you should be looking for Vincent's money.

J-Johnny I, I don't do that anymore.

You know that.

Goodbye, Jake.

See ya.

-Here's your coffee miss.

Thank you.

So, uhh, where you going?

Sorry! Just-

No-no it's fine I...

I entertered in a trip for two today to Hawaii.

Ooh, nice, nice! Good luck!

-Yeah I've wanted to go there since I was a little kid so...


I mean my Dad used to watch those like Elvis movies with me when I was little so I always

...dreamed about picking up and going with someone.


Well I think you'll have fun.


I'd love to get out of here.

Yeah you and me both.

-Can I get you something?


Can I have the check please?


Hi honey.

About damn time!

Fucking where were you?

-I was at the salon. Where were you, here?


Y-You gotta answer your phone, okay?

I'm sorry, I left it here.

I-I'm in deep shit, okay?

-yeah what does that mean "I'm in deep shit?"

It means that I owe Vincent a lot of fucking money, and if I don't get it to him he's going to kill me.

Literally slit my throat.

Innards everywhere! -Okay, okay!!

So measure that -Okay! Just.. into your lifes equation. So...

Let's just take a breath, and,

What do you, what do you propose that we do?

I don't fucking know!

I asked Ken for money but he's a coke-head douche bag so he wouldn't give me any.

Um, I asked uh...

Stefan for a loan but he's still pissed a-about the mule job that I fucked up which, how the FUCK was I supposed to know that that dirty fucking JAP was a GOD DAMNED RAT!?

...Um Okay well then, um, I could take some more uh, shifts at the salon?

No baby, that won't work. We need money now!



Are you gonna fucking get that?

Let's, let's handle one thing at a time

-let's just let it go to voicemail

-I'll deal with it in a second.

[Voicemail]: Hello, Tiffany? this is Marty, uh, Mr. Maguffin.

I know you've done a lot for us and...

I'd love to thank you by taking you for some dinner?

Jamie loves you and I feel I should do this so if you could call me at my cell it'd be great.

Yeah I'm sure.

Hope to hear from you soon!

The fuck was that?

That's that um, that dad of that girl I babysit like three times a week.

That rich little brat?


He's so fucking weird, man he keeps on like, like trying to get with me and he does't seem to understand that I'm like way too young for him like, like twenty years too young and I'm already dating-

THAT'S IT! -oh my god!

That's fucking it!

Seduce him.


N-n-no! Seduce him and then ask him for money, and he'll give it to you and then we'll be free and clear I'm a fucking genuis! -stop, STOP!

I'm not going to go fuck some other dude for money.

I'm not going to go fuck some other dude for money. -No, shh!

No I'm not saying fuck him. God!

Just, just seduce him and ask him for money, it's that simple.

Stop, no, I'm not gonna do that.

You need to do this. It's, it's gotta work.

Okay? Baby? Please? You owe me.

Thats! -Whenever you left home I took you in.

Um, um that time that I fucking bailed you out because your clepto-ass couldn't stop- Okay, okay, okay!

I fucking..I, I get it.

I get it just, just shut up.

C'mon baby please, okay?

I love you.

I love you and...

I don't want to die.


..please baby?

-I think I'm being watched

-Yeah by who?


Put him down.

Now explain to us how you being watched by the cops.

This morning, when I was at the coffee house I-I peeked outside and I-I saw a cop car just parked there, you know.

J-just sitting there-

Stop fuckin' mumbling and get to the point.

How you know it was a cop?

T-the guy's a regular you know?

He's been driving the same car for two or three years.

I thought maybe he was just on the phone or somethin' but I saw him again on my lunch break. only this time He was in an unmarked car with two other guys. when I got home I recieved a call One of the young waitresses said a detective came in and started asking questions about the management.

I-I hung up immediately when I heard this! I-I I didn't know if I was bugged or-

You're coming with us.



-No, no, no, NO!

You stupid, slimey fuck.

-You know I oughta rip your fucking heart out.


How could you let this happen?

You know I oughta just-

Hey, hey! Just relax, he's nervous.

There's nothing wrong we still have our connections.

Now I can figure this out.

-I don't think it's that simple.

I just got this, this morning.

I think you have yourself a rodent problem Vincent, Quite possibly a large one.

The fuck is this?


Apparently someone's been sticking their nose in your business and they've given a wiff to the dogs.

-Who gave you this?

Luckily Vincent still has well placed spiders who catch these things in their little webs.

-Is this?

Enough to arrest him? No.

It is enough to push for a search warrant though.

Do we have anything here or at the coffee house that they-

There's some books and other shit. BONES!

Go there, clean house, make sure you leave nothing for the fuckin' feds to find.

Right away, sir.

Hey! Tell Ray to do the same here.

Yes, sir.

I may have something These emails were sent from someone's phone.

Whoever sent them missed making it anonymous.



Who's number is this?

I don't-

Who's fucking number-

Just relax, I'll handle this.

Do you know who's number this is?

Wait, let me check my phone.



Tell us you fucking shit!

-I-It's Primo's boy.



Who the fuck is Sal!?

Calm down or we'll never figure it out.

Are you talking about the guy they found dead in November?


You're telling me it's that man's son?


He's only worked for me since December.

I-I don't know. I just wanted to help him.

So what the fuck is he doing?

He must blame you Vincent.


-That makes sense.

How the fuck does that make sense?

The shooting, down at the docks. Crazy Cameron thought we had the feds there that night.

I remember Primo's funeral.

That kid had a look in his eye, just like you do now.

So Vincent,what I think we should do is-

Fuck it, kid. Paulie you know what you started this fuckin' shit. Fix it.



-Vin Fuck me.

Look, Vin-

All of you fuck OFF! Get the fuck outta here!

-A word?

-Which speaking of money, I'm going to need some more.

How much?

Hundred thousand should clean up this mess.

Do you know who made you? -Yes.. and I would like to keep it that way.

Hundred thousand.


I may need more.

Fine, what the fuck ever.

Let me take you home, sir.

We'll figure this out later.

But I am in the middle- -Come by tomorrow.

Do not leave me out in the cold.

I won't.

Don't forget about the fucking Mexican deal.

I'm already on it.

-I don't know what Maurice could have told you.

I mean isn't that something we do?

Uh huh.

Yeah check with him on that.

I gotta go.

You seemed a little anxious in there.

I was beginning to think maybe you were too busy.

I'm never anxious.


They haven't shaken since Vincent gave me his first job.

Alright Mister no shakes.

-What about you?

Why were you so serious back there?

I take my business very seriously.

Oh I have not behaved like this since like high school.

Were you one of those future business leaders of America?

No, I was a lazy lazy smart kid.

So a cheerleader?

Captain of the cheerleading squad.

Oh yeah?


Hey, hey, hey, playtime is over I have to get back to work.

So, who were you? Were you the nerd or the jock?


I actually did my school work and then I went to work.

See it was only my mother and I at that point and she wasn't making rent.

Well that's no fun.

You're tellin' me.


You know sittin' alone with a cooler seems odd.

Yeah well, what would you have me do?

For one I wouldn't send you by yourself.

Do you have something for me?

Do you?



Get in.

It's all there.

How do you know?

Because I checked.

You can never check too many times.

Am I good?

You're better, not good.

I-I-I did everything you told me.

Shut the fuck up!

This covers half.


Boss had me take care of things between you and Stefan.

For that, he wants double.

Yeah b-but Johnny, th-those two don't make double.

There's a helper's fee.

We'll contact you again when we have more work for you.

Why don't you take a cue? Get the fuck out.

[Door Knocking]

Gotta go.


Dude, what the fuck are you doing here?

No, I just, I-I-I-

N-nah nah. You've done enough already.

Our involvement with you is over.

I want to work for Stefan. Look Dude you're a fuck up. Stefan's tired of your shit.

No I-I know I ha I know I'ma fuck up.

But uh I-I, I can help. I can- I can do whatever you need me to do just, I need I need I need something.


-Ross, what are you doing?


Why you sitting here like this place is open?

I don't know man, I'm just visualizing.

Visualizing? Ain't even no fuckin' stripper on the pole.

I wish there was a stripper on the pole.

Have you seen maurice?

Nah man I ain't seen him anywhere.

Well you dumb fuck let's go see him then.

He's probably here in the back.

Why the fuck are you wearing sweat pants?

It's easy access for the ladies.

Ain't no fuckin' ladies around here!

-So have y'all already made y'all's schedules?

Yeah, I turned mine into Frank last night.

Yo! Maurice.

Hello ladies.

Sup Ross. What's up.


What's up man.

How's it hangin?

Hangin' low like my dick.

Whatchu call us up here for?

Look, I think you two guys needa stay away from here for a while.

Man, don't take this booty away from me. - Ross, Ross.


Look you know Vincent has that cop perched outside just waiting on me to fuck up.

What cop?

Cause Vincent don't send no police after his bitches man.

That's our thing.

Well it's funny that the car started showing up outside right around the same time y'all started hanging around here.

So I think y'all need to go.

Man you're making a mistake.

Man, we think you bullshitting.

Y'all need to take y'all's asses home.

Fuck you.

This some straight bullshit.

Can't believe this, man.

Cannot fucking believe this.

I know, man. All those fuckin' titties and asses, man, left alone.

Can you stop thinking about your tiny ass dick for two fuckin' seconds? Hello boys.

Taking in the sights in there?

Hey, you two better keep your fucking heads on straight before they're chained straight.

So you're the pig he was talking about, huh?

Watch your mouth you little shit.

Better stay out of trouble.

Or else.

Adios, motherfuckers.

You know something?


The man's too small to be messing with us?


I think it's time we do a little recon on Vincent's bitches.

Get in.

-What the hell were you thinking?


I told you, the boss dealt with Stefan for you and your job is to work for me.

Johnny, I do work for you.

If you are then why the fuck were you meeting with him?

I didn't even meet with Stefan. I-I only saw Solo.

Why? It was taken care of.

See, Johnny, I-I think this is where I can help the boss.

We need a guy on the inside, right?

I understand but you need to keep you head on straight and you do what I say, you got it?

Got it.

You're on thin fucking ice right now so don't bite of more than you can chew.

I know.

What'd he say?

Solo, what did he say to you?

Oh oh.

He said uh, if, if I wanted to work with Stefan I need to sweeten the deal somehow.

And how are you going to do that?

They thought I could tell them what you're up to.




Nothin' just confirms what we already knew.

Wait. How did you know that I was over there in the first place?

Connections my man.

They can make or break you in this business.

-Happy birthday, Grandpa

I know what I'm doing?

Says who?

Do you like it?

I love it.

So. How are your parents?

Good. I haven't been home much lately, but they try to keep things the way they used to be.

How so.

Well, they don't want me to grow up and they don't want to move.


Well, neither of them is getting much work lately.

If you want I could-

No, no no. They wouldn't want me telling you.

I won't tell. Besides, they barely speak to me anyway.

It's alright. I better be going.

Wait. How's your dancing going?

It's really great. We've been practicing a lot lately.


Sorry, this is important.

It's okay.


Thank you for having me grandpa.

What the fuck?

I didn't mean to- Spit it out.

Paulie's dead.

Hello, Mr. Vitti.

Hey Sal, is your mother home?

No, why?

Well actually I wanted to talk to you.

Sal's gone missing.

I'm not sure what the kid is planning, if anything, but I think we should be prepared.

He shows his face again, put a bullet in his fucking head Sir, I understand but it's not that easy.

It's much simpler. Okay?

No time for bullshitting around; if he shows his fucking face again, he's fucking dead. End of discussion.

Besides we've got bigger fish to fry.

Like what?

Like Raquel.

You have got to keep an eye or two on Stefan.


He's buying out the right people Your people.

My people? Yes!

I keep more and more through cracks at the D.A.'s office.

Cops, lawyers, judges all working for him.

-Hey Ken. Where the fuck is he getting his money? his business can't be serving him that well.

He musn't be working alone.


Well shit could it be Bones or-


Do not forget that Solo is not some Jo-shmo from Idaho.

He's been keeping busy.

It's either him or one of those suits of yours. They have the funds right?


Which speaking of money I'm going to need some more.

I'm going to call her.

Oh I did.

Raquel wants more money. Big fucking surprise.

Seems soom wise asses are nosing around asking questions, and she's trying to dodge them while being watched.

You know what? For all I know maybe she's the one fucking us.

Let's just think this through.

Enough dicking around I'm too old to sit on my fucking ass thinking.

Oh fuck me, what?

We talked to Pincher.


Talk you little bitch!

Fuckin' speak!

I got this.

[Gun cocks]


I said fuckin' talk! Alright, alright!

Okay. Alright, we want out.

What people?


Everyone wants out, okay? We're sick and tired of paying tribute We want our own racquets, and no more Vincent getting his own cut and having to feel like we gotta look over our shoulders all the time. Alright?

Give me fucking names.

Alright I'll give you names.

Damn motherfucker headbutted me.

What happened to him?

I fuckin' shot him.

A nigga's gotta react to survive, man.

Enough of this bullshit. Okay? Enough.

You know what's going to happen?

I'm gonna cloud up and rain all over these fuckers, okay?

They're gonna pay me what they fuckin' owe me.

And I'll remind them who the fuck is boss. We Clear?



Clean this fucking shit up.

You got it?

Clean this fuckin' shit up now.

So what now, Johnny?

It's okay. I'll handle this.

Need some help?

Yeah. It just died I think.

Did you check under the hood?

No, I just called somebody. I figured it would be easier that way.

Here let me try.

But you don't even have a car.

No I do, I just prefer to walk.

Trying to save the earth?

Trying to stay in shape.

So what do you do for my grandfather exactly?

He never really told me what you do.

I just...ya know. Help him out.

Get him places, make sure work is serving him well.

Ya know, keep things in order for him.

That's good. Somebody probably should be doing that.

You know how much you mean to him right?

Yeah. I do.

It's not easy with my parents disowning him and everything.

I wish we could all hold hands and sing Kumbaya but the world doesn't quite work that way now does it.

No, it doesn't.

You're out of anti-freeze. Just need to get more.

Alright someone's probably on their way.

Well here let me wait with you.

No, I-I couldn't impose.

No I insist.

Well then by all means.

So what do you do in your free time?


I don't much free time.

My grandpa overworking you?

No, I like my job.

Running someone else's errands?

Keeping someone's things together for them.

-Voicemail: I feel I should do this.

So if you could call me at my cell, that'd be great.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Getting ready for my night shift.

But honey. Jamie's still at summer camp and...

We got the whole house to ourselves.

I got you these.

Thought we could spice things up a bit.

I have to go to work.

Well I hope there's leftovers in the fridge.


Hey where are you? I'm at the apartment.


Wait what?

Wait who are they?

What things?


Hey Gill?

Tell me you got something good.

Hey babe I was thinking about order some uh, some food.

Maybe lo mein, would you want anything?


You serious? You're not hungry?

No, I'm not hungry.

I'm freakin' starving after all this cray cray shit going down.

Oh my god don't say that.

You okay?


What's wrong?

Can we just go? Can we just go, please?

Can we just pack up our stuff and, and leave?

Look, we need, we need to take care of this stuff.

We can't just leave it hanging it will follow us wherever the fuck we go.

Did you meet with Johnny?

Yeah uh, He was a little skeptical at first, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be able to unfuck us. So...

That's good.

Some good news.

Um, did you uh...

Meet with the old guy?

Yeah, it was great.

He took me to dinner and-

Um, is, is he gonna help?

I mean I-I think so.

It's really, it's really complicated So his wife...

Okay, let me just start over.

His wife has these like family jewels, and she's, she's been holding onto them for a few years.

She inherited from like her grandparents or her great grandparents, I don't know.

But she spent like three fourths of it on like clothers and jewelry and a bunch of stuff. And now that she's got like this little portion left, she doesn't want to get rid of it because it's got like sentimental value.

So she keeps it in this safe that they have somewhere in their house.

Wait, so you're gonna have to steal the family jewels?

I mean, that's-that's what he wants to do.


Have you thought about it?

Well uh, yeah I-I've though about it but I mean w-what what am I supposed to do? I'm not a-a theif per se.

I don't know how to break into somebody's safe in their house.

But think about it though.

I mean as soon as I get done with Johnny's errands... and...

And If I do this, then we can just go.

Yes, we'll have the money, e-everything will be all tied up I wont owe anything to Vincent-

And then we can move and change our phone number and get a puppy and have a yard and a porch. I want a porch.

I don't want a puppy.

You don't want a puppy? I'm sorry I like cats.

You can like bowl a cat.

You can't, you can't cuddle with a little kitty.


I hate you.

I hate you too.


So did you do as you was told?



They've got a shipment coming into the warehouse tonight.

They wanted me to help them unload.

And what about Solo?

He'll be there.

What about fucking Stefan?

Stefan stays back at the headquarters running numbers.

It's true. It's true.

They wanted to cut Vincent out of it and that's why we didn't hear anything about it.

What about the money?

Jake's got a plan.

She'll get him the money.



Tonight? Tonight?

Yeah fucking tonight! It's simple. h-he's got the access, and-and the wife won't be there.

Jake you know what happens if you don't deliver right?

You gonna be ok?

Yeah. Johnny knows that I can deliver.

Does he?

You know Imma send Colin after his ass if I don't get it right?

Yeah, he does.

Well since you're so sure you're gonna come with us.

Let's roll Ross.

Take a seat.

She's still practicing. The rest of them knocked off a half hour ago.

She won't quit.

Supposed to do some kind of dance routine at a convnention in a couple weeks.

That's nice.

Yeah I suppose that some big time dancers and choroegraphers'll be there.

I hope she does well.

Oh she will.

I've seem them rehease this fucking thing two weeks already.

You go to all the rehearsals?

As many as I can.

Never know when it'll be my last time watching her.

Just look at her. She makes me so proud.

You know when she came to me and told me she was gonna do this, I saw that look.

Fuck the world this is mine look, you know?

I couldn't help but get behind her.

Unlike my good for nothing worthless ass son.

Swear he's his mothers.

Best part of him ran down the crack of her fuckin' ass on the night of conception.

Not my doing.

Anyways she came to me a few months back asking if I had any empty office space she could use for rehearsals.

I know the guy who owns this place, he owed me fuckin' big time.

So I took it from him.

Does she know?

Course not.

She has no idea what I do and I'd like to keep it that way.

I'm not explaining what I do to her.

She only vaguely knows how I got to where I am.

How's that?

By doing whatever it takes. Not stopping.

You know, like she's doing.

Like I've seen you do with that fuckin' look.

Course, I leave out all the murder and shit.

Makes no difference in my opinion.

There's something else.


Raquel's getting really paranoid She says there's a judge that's really close to signing a warrant for your arrest.

Someone's talking to the feds and she can't find out who it is

Ken, let's get this fuckin' thing going.

Yeah I'm working on that.

No, no I'll let gill know.


What do you mean?



We got work to do now man.

-Done. I've had enough.

What do you mean you've had enough?

Life's too short to be worried about rats and all these little fuckers talking to the wrong people.

You don't get to where I am without making enemies, alright?

But I can't, fuck it I won't, leave my granddaughter.

So what? You're just going to kill everyone off?


And no one's gonna get in my way and you know there's no way around it.

You're fucking serious? There has to be another way.

I can fix this without bringing the whole world down upon our heads. You just, you just gotta keep your emotions in check.

Think about the heat that it's gonna put on this business.

Enough, enough. This, okay? This is how this business get's done.

Or have you forgotten?

I haven't forgotten shit. I know exactly-

Shut-shut your fuckin' mouth.

Look kid, you don't want to get knocked down from here any more than I do, so fucking fix this.

Now fuck off.

Assholes and elbows, get going.

-Eve was fuckin' great today.

She's gonna kill down there.


Where we head now, sir?

Home's fine. But you'll have to stay on.

After tonight, the fucking world changes, and I ain't getting smoked in my sleep.

Hey what's up?

It's done.

That's good.

Son of a bitch fought another battle and came out on top.

Always had a good feeling about that kid, first time I met him.

I'd seen him around some.

His dad was a degenerate fucking doper and his shit caught up with him so ended up locked up.

I never really took a good look at the kid till that night.

Fifteen and a fucking man already.

Never saw a kid hold up like that.

Yeah, I can see that.

Shit I told him that night come work for me.

He wanted more than a job type fucking job.

So we kept in touch through the years.

He went on and got his M.B.A.

He's fuckin' genius.


Wasn't long till I realized what he was made for. and what's that, sir?

Getting shit done.

My old driver, the dead one. brought me there to his graduation.

So he was doing all this fucking song and dance, you know, graduation ceremonies. It took him a while to make his way over to my car.

I let him in, he handed me his diploma without a word.

I still got that motherfucker.

He's a god damned beast like me.

But he's smarter.

It's why I brought him into this business, to inherit it.

Him and Eve make me so fucking proud.

It's nice to see shit shaping up for a change.

Hey Vin, I've been meaning to ask you something.


If you could do this all over again, even after all this shit, would you?

Even with all this shit...

Fuckin' A, I absolutely would. And fuck em' all!

When push comes to shove it's either put up or shut up.

So I put up, and they shut the fuck up. Simple.

-Did you bring what I asked?


Now, I've parked down here so my wife won't hear the car.

Don't worry, I've seen this done on TV, it'll work.

Besides, my wife's like the worst cop ever, so, she won't even notice.

[Voice] -Oh my god, Marty?!


Yeah baby, it's me. Umm. I'm sorry I'm not home yet but ah, I-I just had to take care of a couple of things for the boss.

Thinks have just got a little bit crazy, people are uh, umm, doesn't matter I'm fine.

I'm fine and we're gonna get out of here and I'l-I'll be home soon t-to get you and, and things are gonna be great, okay? So uh, Yeah.

I love you, and I'll see you soon. Bye.


Ross tells me you did well.

I did what you told me to do.

Good, cause we got more work to do.

What do you mean we have mo-

Jake shut the fuck up!


Time to take care of one more witness.

Who? Who, Johnny?

What other witnesses could there possibly be?

Your girl.

Now uh-

I'm sorry Jake but she's seen too much.

What do you mean? She-she- hasn't done anything she's not a threat.

What do you want me to say, Jake?

It's our job in this business to keep the heat off our business so we have a job.

Sometimes we gotta make sacrifices.

Sacrif-What sacrifices have you made you fuck?

I understand that you like her, but you're in the wrong business.

Like? She's my girlfriend.

That's the way the dice rolled!

Just take care of it.

Fuck you.

You know, isn't normal for enemies to share secrets.

They say there's a monster in this house.--

-They say he has scales, large fangs.

And yet, No one can ever find him.

Is there such a man who has seen this bloody beast?

Think you should stick to your job. Do as your paid.

Thank you.

You've done a service for both your community and for this man's career.

Say hi to Vincent for me.

You're more like, like a Billy Crystal type.

Hey fuck you man! I ain't no Billy Crystal.

Hey, Gill?


You fucking look like Chris Tucker.

But littler.

I'm with Ross, why?

Babe? We gotta go.

Hey! Baby?

C'mon we...

Yeah this is straight...


What number is it?

Think he said 210 You think or you know?

Yeah look for 210

Man I'm hungry, man.

Go to Bojangles after this?



[Vincent Voice Over:] There are two fucking important choices in life.

Either do, or don't.

And I've seen too much of the latter not to be in on the former.

And for that, these people here know me pretty fucking well.

And the trick to it, isn't the choice you make.

But what choice you can live with.

These sons of bitches know what I'll do if they screw with me.

I mean I've done it time and time again and another time won't fuckin' kill me.

It's what I know.

Not love, but fear and passion.

This passion gave me the strength to do what others wouldn't do.

I mean fuck it, it got me what I wanted.

But you see the difference, I mean the real difference between me and every other cunt isn't that I don't have regrets.

I mean, I got my share.

It's that I can live with them.

Despite those other cunts.

I mean most people I've associated with are either dead or on their way out.

Don't matter to me because I wanted something I could call my own apart from the norm.

And I got it, I shit you not.

This drive I have will live on in Eve, my perfect angel.

Who'll use my talents for good.

You know, despite everything, I wouldn't change a thing even if it meant living another thousand years.

I've tasted grateness, now I'm full.

I'm finished. and I ain't sorry.

If you think that makes me a monster...

Fuck you.

Let's take you in now.

-I think he has to walk...Yeah.

Better, not good.

But I did everything you...

This only covers half...


We gotta cut, we gotta cut.

But-uh I-I can do more, I uh...

Yeah start over.

Think you should stick to you-

Bout damn time. Where the fuck were you?

I was at the salon.

That was a great catch!

It's the choices you can live with.

And I just went completely blank Is it further than your tiny di-

I cannot fucking believe this, man.

I know, I was about to bring that big ol' ass home, man.

Can you jus-

I know man, all those big asses and wet pussies man I know man all that fucking wet pussy in there.

I know man all those fucking nice sweet titties, man.

I just wanna suck on em'

Man I was about to bring that big ol' ass home.

Man I was about to get my fuckin' dick wet in that wet pussy.

Ah man all that fuckin' wet pussy in there.

I know man, all those fucking titties and asses, man, left alone.

I know man all that fucking wet pussy just fuckin' sitting there without us.

Man all those fuckin' titties and asses, I feel like we're being kicked out of paradise.

I know man that fucking pussy was so wet I was about I was about to fucking take that butt home!

God damn I wanna suck on those fucking titties, dude.

Looks like playtime's over for me too, see?



And do as you're paid.

Thank you.

You've done your community and this-

And this man's service- and you've done it all!

Yes! Done it all!

Get the fuck out!

Ah fuck I had my seat belt on the whole god damn time.


I thought maybe he was just on the phone or something, but Then I saw him again on my lunch break.


And if I don't get it to him, then he is going to kill me.

Literally slit my throat He...

Don't tell me what Vincent will or won't do!





-Cool, cut.

-Ooh yaa....



Just relax


You know, it isn't normal for enemies to have secrets.

Go back.

Cause they don't have secrets they gotta share secrets!

-I was good with it!

Fuck! No! No.

Yeah bitch I'm alive!

Ah shit.

My bad.

Fuck, line.

Let me tell you something, man.

Shit, it's locked.


-Let's start it at one.

Look I think it's best you two guys needa stay away from here for a while Man this is the only booty I ge- Wait a minute, why?

Well I know this it's the only booty you get coming here, but y'all...

Aw you, damn! Damn!

You got it!


Sup, man?

How's it hangin'?

Hangin' low down near my dick.


Let's do it again.

Don't pay him no mind. Don't pay him no mind Maurice.

Hey take a cue, get the fuck outta here!

I-I let me do it again.

I'll turn this way.

So did you do as you were told?



They've got a wa-sha-...