In Darkness (2018) Script

Well, it's not bad, not bad.

Um, less vibrato in the strings.

Tuba, well, it's really not your afternoon, is it, Michael?

Okay, let's pick it up tomorrow.

Thank you for a good day's work, everyone.

Sofia, good work today.

Oh, thank you.

Um, cues 17 and 28.

Perhaps you could go over them for me?

You might hear something I can't quite find.

Of course.

I haven't had time to get the copyist... to have them transcribed into Braille for you.

Oh, it's okay. I still have your demo tracks on my phone.

It will be my pleasure.

See you tomorrow morning.

All change, please. All change. Damn! Excuse me.

Excuse me. Yeah?

What did he just say?

Someone has gone under a train at Oxford Circus.

That's the third one this month.

All off at the next stop.

Can I give you a hand?

No, I am fine, thank you.

Between 1992 and 1995.

Two coffees, please.

Over 10,000 people were killed... and 1.8 million people displaced.

And reports of genocide.

Rape is widespread in the region.

Tribunal hearings continue... on whether to revoke political asylum... for alleged Serbian war criminal Zoran Radic.

Radic was accused earlier this year... of using his charitable organization... to shield arms dealing...

Take away, right? ...and human trafficking.

Pro European groups in Serbia... To take away, right?


...have been calling for investigation... over allegations of human rights abuses during the Bosnian War.

Wagner. Overture to Tannhauser.

I'll get you the next time. Thanks for the coffee.

You're a hard one to find.

Has my new favorite neighbor been avoiding me?

I can smell you before I hear you.

It's such a beautiful scent.

I think I put too much on.

I can't smell anything at the moment.

Oh, are you all right? You do sound a bit bunged up.

A few days in bed sorted me out.

I didn't hear you in the apartment as usual.

I wanted to thank you... for agreeing to play my father's benefit.

You are not nervous, are you?

Oh, I am used to playing in front of people.

That is not what I meant.

I need the money. My father is sick.

So is mine!

You never asked me if he did those things people say.

Most people ask.

He's your father. That's for you to know.

You're going to make quite an impression.

What is that scent you're wearing?

That's my little secret.

Play Temp Thriller Cue 17.

I don't want anything from you.

I don't want anything to do with you.

Because I say so...! I changed my mind.

Don't tell me what to do.

You want me to tell my father that you said that?

I don't care.

We have talked about it... and then you don't have to deal with that.


Are you okay?


I found your scarf earlier downstairs.

Do you want me to bring it up?

No, no, not now.

Please look after it for me.


My secret scent... it's liquid gold.

Stay calm and be sensible about this.

Who's going to do that?

Why you, huh?

No, listen to me.

Why does it have to be you?

Anything could happen to you.

It is not going to happen.

Not the way he wants.

Not the way your sister wants.

If you could not touch anything, please.

Thank you, Liberace.

What's this? An AA meeting?

Get out, all of you!

You too, Nancy Drew!

Detective Inspector Oscar Mills.

Sorry, that's a habit - my I.D.

I believe you.

Um, listen, I know it's late... but if I could just ask you a few questions.

Did you know Miss Caval?


You weren't friends?

I didn't even know that was her surname.

How long did she live above you?

Well, she was here when I moved in.

I have been here nearly six months.

But you didn't really talk?

You never borrowed a cup of sugar?

Or had a girly night in with a bottle of wine?

No, I mean, I knew her to say hello to in the lobby... or in the lift, but...

Do you mind me asking, were you born blind?

It happened when I was five. It is in my family.

My mum was blind.

You can't see anything at all?

I'm light sensitive, like most blind people, but no.

Is it true that the loss of one sense sharpens the others?

That's what they say, but what have I got to compare it to?

Of course.

But you would be pretty sure about anything you hear, right?


You told the PC that you were in the apartment.

With my headphones in.

With your headphones in? So you didn't hear anything?


You're a pianist. Is that correct?


My daughter Lily plays.

She's seven, asthmatic, I think the playing calms her.

In the breathing, you know.

Sorry, Guv, forensics are asking for you.

I'd better get back up there... before they start moving everything.

Sharon here will take your statement.

Um, I would leave you my card, but...

It's all right, I've got friends with eyes!

Oh, yes.

If you can think of anything at all... please do call me.

Thank you.


Right, let's make this quick, shall we?

Marc. Marc.

I need you on this.

Can I have it, please?

She didn't have it.

It is on her person, or in her apartment. Go back.

Radic is a very important person to us.

He needs that USB back before the Russians get hold of it.


There was a woman in the elevator.

She saw me.

Take care of it.



Morning, Tanya!

Here, do you want the other half of this sandwich?

I'm not really supposed to be eating it, that's all.

He's chatty. Who?

I thought you were on a diet?

Well, it is half-fat mayonnaise.

Let's get started.

What are these?

Lithium pills, they were in her personal effects.

For the treatment of bi-polar disorder.

So external examination suggests that all injuries... are consistent with a fall from the second floor.

Multiple broken bones, back, neck... fractured skull, extensive bruising.


No signs of a struggle.

Tell me about the nose.

Oh, rhinoplasty.

Nose job, about a week, five days ago.

Now why would I go to the trouble of dying my hair... and getting a nose job to throw myself out of a window?

No! No! No! No!

You're not concentrating, Sofia. You're behind the beat.

Okay, let's pick it up tomorrow.

Okay, thanks.

Yes, all right, speak soon. Bye.

Pretty little thing.

Important little thing, too.

I just found out who Daddy is.

Call me once you've had a good look around inside.

Thanks, Tanya.

Earlier today, Zoran Radic was seen leaving the morgue... where he offically identified his daughter's body.

28-year-old Veronique Radic... fell from her apartment building in central London... in the early hours of the morning... in what appears to be a suicide.

Police are not treating her death as suspicious.

Protesters took advantage of this rare public appearance.

Accusations of human rights abuses during the Bosnian War... continue to be heard against Mr Radic.


Watch out!


Can you talk?

Go for it.

There were traces of cocaine and valium in her system.

Highly strung?

And there was something else.

She was pregnant.

How long?

About 12 weeks.

So she would have known.

No doubt.

All right, thanks, love.

Wait a second, have you told anyone else?

No, not yet.

Keep it that way.

The USB, it wasn't in Veronique's apartment... or her personal effects.

Maybe she had already given it to the Russians.

She hadn't. She has hidden it somewhere in that building.

It's there.

It's not, Alex. I just told you it's not.

I'll show you something I did find, though.

I want to believe you didn't know she was pregnant.

I really do.

Then... believe.

Veronique really got to you, didn't she?

Whether that baby is yours, or not is irrelevant.

Radic is a dangerous fucker who just had his daughter killed.

And you, little brother, were the hand that pushed.

Good evening.

I wanted to personally thank you all for being here tonight.

I am sure most of you have heard... that I lost my beautiful daughter Veronique.

These difficult last months... the only strength I have been able to manage came from her.

But also from the work of this incredible foundation.

Your help with refugees... and victims of global conflicts, is truly priceless.

I can tell you from the bottom of my heart... that Veronique would have wanted us all to be here tonight... continuing to fight that fight for that great cause.

So if you will join me in raising a glass of Rakia.

Ziveli. Ziveli.

Yeah, he's good.

You write that shit, too.

What about that other thing?


The woman who saw you.

That's not necessary.

She didn't see anything.

How can you be so sure?

She's blind.


I'll find it, okay?


I haven't heard it for a long time.

How do you know it?

Veronique, I am sorry for your loss.

Where did you know her from?

She lived above me at Blackheart Gardens.

Allow me.

Did you know Veronique well?

No, we were just neighbors.

She was always kind to me.

She was a very troubled young woman.

It's been difficult between us towards the end of her life.

She asked me to play that piece for you this evening.

She said you used to hum it to her when she was a little girl.

Please, if you would excuse me a moment.

Police are still calling it a suicide.

If anything changes, I'll follow up.

I have a contact at Scotland Yard.

I see you've been making friends.

Where did you find her?

She was a friend of Veronique's.

They lived in the same building.

I didn't know Veronique kept friends.

You played beautifully.


Thank you.

Miss Gordon... not now.

And well done to you.

You concentrated on the charity, like I said... and what with Veronique's death... it can only be viewed sympathetically.

And the tribunal?

All of this helps.

The war is long forgotten and I am working hard.

I hate to be a party pooper... but I think you need to be out there... using this exposure to be seen grieving.

Not seducing the blind piano player.


Lets people see you have feelings.

You're a businessman and a philanthropist.

Leave the rest to me.

Excuse me.

I am very sorry, Sofia.

I have to get back to my guests.

I understand.

But I would love to see you again.

Would that be possible?

Well, you know where I live.


Leave it, please, it's only champagne.

Nina will see you out.

It's been a pleasure.

Thank you.

How do I look?

Like a million dollars.

Nice shoes!

Do you know what, I told him last night, don't come back.

Because if he does come back.

What do you mean? Don't listen to that.

Shut up, bruv!

You're really pissing me off these days.

Whoa! Look where you're going! Sorry.

You fucking blind or something?!

What's going on?

Fucking hell! She is blind! Fucking hell!

Go on, girl!

Please, just leave me alone.

Just leave me alone!

Please, I have some money. You can take it.

Do we look skint to you?!

Test she can't see you.


Hey! When was the last time you got fucked?

Been a while, yeah, because I could show you.

Easy! Whoa!

There's no need for that.

Yes, that's a bit mean, girl. You little sket.

Whoa! Whoa! Where you going? No!

On your knees already, love?

Don't hurt me! I won't.

Do you usually hang around street corners fighting crime?

I work for my sister.

She runs a security consulting firm.

Does she boss you around?


Yes, me and my sis, we came from nothing.

Mum was a druggie, Dad wasn't around.

Sorry to hear that. How is your Mum doing now?

Oh, she's dead.

Mine, too.

You sure you don't want to report this to the police?

Oh, no more police for me this week!

Why, are you a troublemaker?!

The woman in the apartment above me... she fell from her window last night.

Detective said it was a suicide. Detective?

So you were questioned?

What did you tell them?

I told him I didn't see anything.

I told him I didn't know her.

But you did.

Not well. We spoke every once in a while.

She seemed kind of lost.

This is hers.

You can still smell her on it.

There's blood on this. It's mine.

I tripped on it in the lobby yesterday morning... and I cut my finger.

I didn t want the police to think I had anything... to do with it, so I kept it.

It's silly really. It's just a little bit of blood.

You don't have to say anything, you know.

I mean, if the police think it's a suicide... they are probably right.

What do you think happened?

I don't know. I had my headphones in.

Thank you for saving me.

If you ever see that man again, play something by Satie for me.

I want to take away everything he's built.

I want to destroy him! I want to destroy him!

I want to destroy him! I want to destroy him! Destroy him!

The Russian Ambassador has urged the British Home Office... to revoke political asylum for Zoran Radic.

The Serbian national's relationships... with prominent members of Whitehall and the city... have always ensured that calls for his extradition... have been refused in the wake of his daughter's death.

The government seems to be sticking... with its sympathetic stance.

Veronique Radic was born in Serbia... but sent to London to be educated... and later finishing her education in the U.S.


I wanted to thank you for agreeing... to play my father's benefit.

I found your scarf earlier downstairs... do you want me to bring it up?


Please look after it for me.

My secret scent... it's liquid gold.

Miss McKendrick? It's Detective Mills.

Good morning.

You're an early riser like myself, are you?

Morning. Yes, sorry to interrupt.

I thought you'd paused. I was listening upstairs. Beautiful.

Thank you.

I could hear you surprisingly well through the, yeah...

These old buildings, the sound really carries.

Yeah, you haven't had any more thoughts about the other night?

I'm sorry, Detective Inspector.

Oscar, please.

Why would a pregnant woman throw herself out of a window?

You didn't know?

Oh, of course, she is a mystery box.

What do you mean?

Well, she's a suicide, and then we find out who she really is.

Who her father is.

I'm sure you've heard the news.

Yeah, then I find out she's pregnant.

Another mystery box.

Thanks, Miss McKendrick. I'm sure we'll speak again.

I got your card.

You need to disappear.

The police questioned you?


Detective Inspector Oscar Mills.

Divorced, one daughter aged seven.

He's dedicated.

He'll be checking you out.

Your background, your identity, everything.

You're not taking your medication.

You look tired.

And whisky doesn't count.

Are you sleeping?

Nightmares, huh?

I was interrupted.

Yeah, well, you didn't take it.

The Kremlin want his head on a stick They can do it, you don't have to.

I have another way in.

I'm being followed.

For this.

That USB leads all the way back to Radic.

Whoever wants it, can get me in front of him.

I've waited too many years, come too far.

That bitch planted it on me.

I don't know what's on it... but whatever it is was worth killing her for.

You don't have to do this.

You're not a killer, Sofia.

Poisoning someone is one thing... using your bare hands is another.

Don't you dare change your mind.

I carried you through that mile-long hell-hole... under Sarajevo airport.

So you could have a second chance.

That second chance was so I could do this.

You know what he did to my family, my sister.

These people kill every day.

Live your life. You never did.

There was war where I found you.


This... this is more...

Personal? You tell me what's more important than that.

I have to finish this.

You, above all people, know that.

Give me a few hours to look through the USB.

There'll be a password.


It's Veronique's perfume.

Niall, how's Oliver?

Oh, you know what he's like.

Arthritis. His leg's still giving him gyp.

He's as tough as nails, that old cat.

Yeah, I know someone else like that.

Good girl. Good girl.

Where is it?

The USB, she gave it to you, where is it?

Come on, it's okay.

I can't hear.

It's okay.

I can't hear. Shhh!

Hold on to me. I can't hear.

If you don't tell me what you're doing, I can't help you.

I know Veronique gave you something.

I don't have anything.

A USB, you need to stop lying to me.

Who's lying to who? How long have you been following me?

Look, this won't stop until they get it back.

We need to move, or...

Or what? You're going to kill me like you killed Veronique?

I heard you with that old man by the river speaking Serbo-Croat.

Is that what this is about?

Revenge against Radic for the war?

You don't know anything about me.

I know whatever game you think you're playing... you just stumbled into someone else's.

Your only option is to let me help you.

Did you give it to the old man?

I don't need your help.

Did you give it to the old man? I'm trying to help you.

Why? Who are you? Why are you always saving me, hm?

You're the one in trouble... if you don't know why you're helping me.

Help! Help!

The first time I hummed that to you...

I could lift you with one arm.

I don't have much time.

You were right about the password.

This USB is everything someone would... need to know to take over his operations.

All his business interests, his commercial assets... that he got on the cheap... after NATO bombed the shite out of them.

Veronique wasn't betraying her father on her own.

There's communications... two aliases.

Serebro and Zoloto.

Silver and Gold.

Veronique was Gold.

They were using this information to betray Radic... to the Russians, to take him down.

You find Serebro, you find your way back to Radic.

I've always tried my best for you.

You're everything to me.

You can't stay here.

You've got to get strong.


Your clothes are in your locker on the right.

What kind of a mystery box are you, Sofia?


Listen, can you call me when she wakes?

Yeah, sure.


She said you'd know where to find her.

Was she standing here?

Tell me what happened.

I heard a struggle... and then her heels run over to the window.

I was sent to kill her, but I came to help.

She wouldn't listen.

She was scared, making plans to leave.

Veronique wasn't well and she never really was.

She was standing where you are now, crying.

She asked me to go away with her.

Why didn't you?

When I was a little girl... my father used to sit me at the piano with my sister.

And he'd blindfold her, so she couldn't see, like me.

And that was how we learned to play... together.

My father, he went out of his way... to make sure that we were equals...

to make sure that my sister knew what it was like to be blind.

Now you see what I see.


I'm from a village outside of Bijeljina, North East Bosnia.

My parents knew Radic. They were neighbors for years.

My sister and I used to play in his garden... before the war started.

One day, Serbian para-militaries came to my home... and they killed my family.

Radic was their Commander.

I was the only one that survived.

Who sent you to kill Veronique?

My sister.

Alexandra Gordon.

She didn't tell you Veronique was pregnant, did she?

"It was yours, wasn't it?"

Killing Radic won't change a thing, you know.

It won't bring your family back.

You think that darkness inside of you will heal? It won't.

Your soul just gets a little darker, until...

until there's nothing left.

I didn't kill Veronique.

She jumped.

I want to meet your sister... alone.

I was trying to think of somewhere neutral... for us to meet.

Slightly unfair choice I admit, but I do love this place.

I love the silence, but I also love the smell.

I thought you'd at least appreciate that.

Well done, in using my brother to get to me.

And it seems we both used Veronique to get at... the same thing, albeit for very different reasons.

Only one of us killed her.

You have something that belongs to me?

You came all this way for a photograph you can't even see?

Did you copy it?

Of course.

Do you have the USB?

Why didn't you hand it over when you were having your fingers... broken in the back of the van?

Well, I'd only just realized what its true value was.

You've no idea of its true value without the password.

I love this painting.

I used to come here and sit for hours staring at it.

What is it?

The Death of Actaeon by Titian.

In revenge, for surprising Artemis... while she bathed naked in the wood.

She transformed Actaeon into a stag.

He galloped off into the forest seeking refuge... and he was hunted by his own hounds who didn't recognize him.

They attacked and killed him... as he looked at his own reflection in a pond... and saw what he'd become.

Do you ever stare at your reflection?

What do you want?

Liquid Gold.

Excuse me?

The password.

I wasn't much into art when I was a little girl... as you'd imagine.

But I loved chemistry... and I learned all the elements off by heart.

Where I come from, silver is 'serebro'... but the element is the same in the period table... wherever you're from.

AG, Alexandra Gordon.

I want to be alone with him.

Well, why would I put you alone with Radic... when you could just as easily tell him who I am?

Well, what other choice do you have?

And I'd be doing you a favor. My enemy's enemy is my friend.

I can only imagine how awful... this must have been for you all these years.

Living in the dark... dreaming of the day you'd be face to face with him again.

Did he do that to you?

We both know he has a penchant for blind girls.

If he saw this photo of your family... he'd know exactly who they are, wouldn't he?

You copied the USB?

Of course.

You're going to take me to Veronique's funeral today... and you're going to make sure that I am left alone with him.

And if I walk out of here and end up in the back... of another van, then rest assured... that USB will find its way to him before you do.

You are way out of your depth.

Maybe, but I'm not afraid to die doing this, are you?

Marc... he's a good fuck, isn't he?

You're a murderer! Murderer! Murderer!

Good day, Sofia. It's Radic.

Thank you for coming. Pleasure.

Please... come with me.

We are having a little reception at the house.

They want me dead.

All of them.

If they could open the door, they would pull me out into... the streets and do to me all of the things they accuse me of.

But would it make any difference?

Would it change the past, Sofia?

When I was a little boy...

I used to play hide and seek with my mother... and I'd cover my eyes with my hands... and think that no-one could see me.

Did you ever play hide and seek when you were a little girl?


Where was your favorite place to hide?

There was a wardrobe in my bedroom.


The reassurance that can be found in dark places.

You know, I don't believe anything of you.

I think you're lying.

And you are weak. Yes, you're weak.

And it's not your father's weak, Bosnian blood.

I can tell you that. You know why?

Some time before the War, I lived in a small village... and there was a blind woman, a Catholic woman... and she was married to a Muslim man... and they had a daughter... and I thought I was in love with that woman.

I came across her one day on the road outside the village... and we were friends, so she knew me.

I led her into the forest and I raped her...

and she never said a word.

She never told anyone.

And she became pregnant and she had a little girl.

And a few years later, that little girl became blind.

They never told you, did they?

Now, I left before the war broke out... but when it broke out, I went back to that village.

You remember?

And I went to your house again with my men...

and I raped that blind Catholic woman again.

Then my men raped her.

All I remember is her dead eyes looking at me... and I knew in that moment, she knew who I was.

And then? Then I killed her dirty Bosniak... and burned her house to the ground.

You know, Sofia.

People have seen me and the things I've done.

But they are just copies of me.

Just shadows.

But that woman, she saw me.

She really saw me.

And you look at me just as she did... seeing without seeing.

Cut me, Sofia.

Just stop me.

Do it.

Do it!

Do it now!

You want me dead more than they do.

They've already made up their minds... and you can't decide?!



Someone close to you was betraying you with Veronique.



Can I help you?

I need to talk to...

Sorry, love. I can't hear what you're saying.

I need to speak to Detective Inspector Mills.

D.I. Mills isn't around just now.

Is there something I can help you with?

But I... yes, he gave me his card.

He said if I need to talk to him, I can talk to him, I...

Right, oh, right, just wait one moment then please, love.


Can I speak to Niall? Is he there?

I'm afraid that's not possible.

I really need to speak to him.

Belma? Is that you?


He passed away last night.

He arranged a way for you to get out.

He said he was sorry... but he wasn't strong enough to carry you any longer.

Thank you.

Belma? Belma?

I heard you were looking for me.


You can't help me.

You came to the police station.

I haven't committed any crime.

Not telling you who beat me up is not against the law... and Veronique, whether you like it or not, was a suicide.

So, as far as I can tell, we have nothing else to talk about.

Last time I checked, identity theft was against the law.

Sofia McKendrick died when she was three months old... along with her mother... in a car crash just outside Glasgow in 1985.

Her father, Niall McKendrick... ex-SAS, was away on tour at the time.

That's who was with you in the hospital last night.

You stole Sofia McKendrick's identity.

So, who are you?

I don't know any more.

Daddy, I pressed the wrong button and my game is gone.

I thought you were going to wait in the car like a good girl.

Here you are.

Go and choose a cake... and then sit there where I can see you.

Sorry, my wife's away on business.

I had to pick her up from school earlier.

She has bad asthma.

Yeah, you said.

That's Saint Rafael... the patron saint of the blind and travelers.

It was on your bed in the hospital.

No more lies.

I'm an orphan.

Niall McKendrick adopted me.

Not legally. He wouldn't have been able to.

Let me tell you what I think.

Veronique was using you, manipulating you.

I've looked into her background and her father Zoran Radic... did a lot of very, very nasty things during the Bosnian War.

With no doubt that had a marked effect on Veronique.

He seems to like women like you.

Blind women.

Maybe she was happy to throw you into the pit.

Maybe she was, what of it?

Well, maybe you were using Veronique... to get closer to her father.

Maybe, he hurt you and your family during the War... and now you want to hurt him.

That's what I think.

Do I look like someone who could hurt him?

I'm tired and these painkillers are wearing off.

I am sure you're going to find out everything you need to know.

Nothing you do is by chance.

Even when you lie, you tell the truth.


I had no idea.

Try my béarnaise sauce.

It's the best you've ever tasted.

I'm 45 years old and a size 10.

Does it look like I eat dairy?

That's a pity.

Let's talk about the blind girl.

Is it finished?

It will be tonight.

Oh, if you need my assistance in any way, I can help.

That's what I pay you for.

So, why did you call me over?

I have some papers I wanted you to witness.

Of course.

Oh, I'd forgotten how simple your signature is.

AG, like silver...

Serebro. Yes, you are.

That little girl became blind.

They never told you, did they?

Stop me, Sofia. I want you to stop me.

You know where I live.

He knows.

What of it? Sofia?

All of it.

Marc, it's too late for her... but it's not for me, for us.

I'm a dead woman if you don't help me... get out of here right now.

Get to the airport, you'll make it.

Please, blood is blood.

You can't turn your back on that.

Blood is blood.

I never came here when Veronique lived here.

Two daughters living under and above each other.

Both plotting to end me.

You're not scared of me?

I've been killing you every day for the last 24 years.

There's nothing to be scared of.

It's not going to end that way.



I had him. He was mine.


You'd have regretted it for the rest of your life.

No... there's no time.

You can't save everyone.

Don't let me see you leave.