In den Gangen (2018) Script


We're all on a first-name basis here.

Here, try this on.

No. Take it off.

What's this?

You have some paint on your skin.

Wear the sleeves long, okay?

Doesn't go over well with customers.

This one should fit.

Our basic kit.


Goes in your pocket. You'll need it.

So the customer knows... who he's dealing with.

Okay, all set.

And now I'll show you the hallowed halls.

This is the Foodstuffs section, and that's Sweet Goods.

Non-Foods is in the back.

You'll start off in Beverages. Report to Bruno.

Bruno, the new guy!

I'll leave you guys to it.

I don't need any help.

They must think I can't handle it on my own.

Well, come on.

The crates have to go in there.

That'll do. You've passed.

I'm going to take 15.

Norbert, walking pace! Yeah, yeah!

A fighting bloke needs his smoke.

It's actually not allowed, but...

Rudi smokes like a chimney himself.

Don't talk much, do you?

Not a problem.

C? Christian.


Bruno, I've been waiting weeks for your next move.

Yeah, I've been busy. They even sent me a new guy.

Christian. Night warehouseman. Careful, his 15 minutes are infamous.

I work for two. You're taking 15 minutes all day.

I work with my brain.

This is Jürgen. If you need help, he's got it all covered here.

Then come on in.

All right.

Now your time has come, Karpov.

My knight to E 3.

Mrs. Mursig, please report to the pay office.

Here are the gummy rings.

Coffee can go back up. Will you do it?

Hard at work, eh?

I finished off Jürgen. Check.

A long, drawn-out procedure.

Dear customers, it's 10 p.m. Thank you for shopping with us.

Welcome to the night, colleagues.

Now comes the time for tough guys.


This stuff always comes in handy.

For the empties.

Save it.

Go get the pallet jack.

Stack up the empty pallets.

Put them out in the aisle.

Klaus will pick 'em up with the power jack.

What are you trying to do?

My power jack is off limits for you, new guy.

You don't have the required knowledge.

Pull them over here.

Turn 'em around!

Go on!

Good Lord!

Now pull that thing out.

So how you doing?


Was all of that still on the first day?

Or was it already on the second day?

Or had several days already passed?

There was no daylight in the aisles.

And when I left the store, it was already dark outside.

Have a good shift.


Cleaning up is part of it too.

Always pull the items forward after a customer takes something.

Or else the shelf looks bare.

Just like that.

I'm more of a filler-up than a cleaner-up.

Hey, Irina!

Bruno. A cigarette will make that go away.

If I stop smoking I'm sure to get cancer.

She's in Sweets. A typical cleaner-upper. Like women are.

I heard that!

The truth may well lie in the middle.



Can I borrow your forklift?

We're using it right now, as you can see.

Five minutes, I'll give it right back. Sorry, Wolfgang.

But the one from Detergents is charging. Gerlinde took that one.

The Vegetables forklift is in repairs, supposedly.

Wolfgang, now really.

Then don't come begging again the next time you run out of juice.


Forklift conflicts.

It's not so easy sometimes.

One forklift per department.

We don't get along so well with Canned Goods. With Sweets we're fine.

And they're on a friendly warpath with Gourmet Foods and Frozen Goods.

For some reason, pet food is in Detergents. Who knows why.

They only have a small forklift.

Doesn't even have power steering. So no one wants it.

In Siberia... Frozen Goods, they don't even have one. It's too big.

That's why Klaus runs around with the power jack.

And he's sort of...

Well, he can't help it.

Finally, we're done.

Don't stand in the way, newbie.

Now it's time to down a couple of beers.

The old lady is asleep. It's gonna be a real party.

If that's all you have.

It was good working with you.

In two weeks you should be ready for the forklift.

Those ladies again. -Isn't it heaven, the feeling of cold beer running down your throat after work?

Don't you think? The first quenches the thirst.

Already took a shower, Klaus? At home.

You don't even have a shower.

OK, boys, I gotta go.

Then a shot, and the world looks good again.

Night is falling, Senorita!

I can't wait for tomorrow. Yeah, me too.

Who knows, I might bake a cake.

There's got to be cake.

Always the same crowd, right, Klaus?

You clown...

Have a good evening, Irina. Take care.

Bye. See you, Bruno.

Bye. Thanks.

When we would leave the store after it closed, everything outside was different.

When everyone goes back to their place.

It was as if we would all fall into a deep sleep,

only to come home the next day.

Good evening. Evening. Single trip.

You have to punch the ticket.

Good evening!

Always on time.

>From now on, you get paid. Yes.

What a shame.

It's all still good.

Report to Bruno when you're done. And remember, no snacking.

If the boss catches you, you can hand in your coat.

Good sausage.

The newbie. Drinking coffee again?

Don't you want to invite me?

Black, or with milk? Cappuccino.

So, have you settled in?

You've got Bruno. He's a good guy.


What a chatter-box you are, I can hardly get a word in!

It's ready.



What do you have there?

Let me see.


A friend of mine did it.

Is he a tattoo artist?


You have strange friends.

Are you afraid of me, newbie?

I'm not afraid.

My name's Christian.

Miss Sweet Goods.

"Miss Sweet Goods"? She has to get back to work.

Cheeky Christian. Thanks.


Turn this switch once.

See that light? Now he's awake.

A foot on the kill pedal, or nothing happens. The other is the gas.

If there's a problem, just take your foot off.

Nice and easy.

Now you can drive.

Just get used to it.

Holy shit.

But you do know how to drive? Yes.

Relax. Don't be so tense.


There you go.

Keep going!

Don't break anything.

Slowly, slowly, this isn't figure skating.

I never saw how she left the store.

I would often stand at the window and look out onto the parking lot.

She was always gone.

Good morning. Morning.

Shall we get started?

The forklift, also known as the floor conveyor vehicle, is a safe work machine, comma, if some basic rules are followed.

Don't be a dork, lift that fork!

Car drivers follow the traffic code, we have association guidelines, in the form of official regulations. I have a copy here.

Here, for example, it says:

"It is strictly forbidden to transport another person in a forklift."

And why's that?

It leads to incalculable risk to that person's life.

Reading helps.

Now to the lever principle, parts 1 and 2.

8th grade physics, people. nobody?

It's just like at preschool. Take the seesaw.

If you're on the seesaw with a fat kid, you go up real quick and can't get back down.

What do you do? Hm?

Just imagine you're on the seesaw with a fat kid. You're up there, and you can't get back down. How do you get down?

Yeah. See?

Rock your chair. It's allowed.

Very good.

Okay, what does he do?

He shifts his center of gravity backwards.

He extends the load arm. Very good.

Just like the forklift.

Everyone ready? Then let's go.

All clear.

And then it happens! The pallet tips, loses balance, and crashes.

Everything that can slide has to be secured.

What, all because of that?

It's not like I'm all fingers and thumbs.

All right.

Time to wake up and get serious.

Get out your notebooks, it's test time.

Your company isn't paying for nothing.

There you go.

Load diagram, load distances, nominal load. That's right.

The clock is ticking, as of... now. Turn over the sheet.

I thought you forgot me, newbie.

Are you working all alone?

Bruno is with Jürgen. Ah, the Karpov Memorial Tournament.

I'm almost off. It's a shame, actually.



We could... If you want, we could... Excuse me?

Where do I find the M&Ms?

I'll show you. Follow me.

Get the chips up there to the right.

Up it goes.

That's too high. A bit lower.

Yes. And now, turn it slightly.

You've got the hots for her.

For a while now.


Sweet Goods Marion, that's who I mean.

I think she's nice, that's all.

Yeah, she is nice.

Up it goes now.

Don't turn yet. It's too early. Careful!

Always keep cool. We'll manage.

I can't do it.

Just stay cool. The longer you take, the better for me.

It beats the other hard work.

Now you can slowly bring it down.

Open your hand.


Close your eyes.

But no funny stuff.

Happy birthday.

Hey, newbie, going all the way, huh?

How did you know my birthday?

I just do.


Must've been Bruno.

Thank you.

Tastes good, your cake.

I wonder where you got it.

I heard you're having a hard time?

How so?

With the forklift.

It's no harder than driving a car.

I'm not having a hard time. No?

How would you know?

You never leave your Sweets section.

I'd give you a private lesson, but I'm off early.

I'm always here, Marion.

You're really something... newbie.

What would you wish for?

I mean, if you could.


Mr. Grunert, report to Foodstuffs. Mr. Grunert, please.

Work for real men, isn't it?

Nothing for a dainty thing like myself.

Come on, I'll show you something.

A bit of required knowledge, in case a customer asks.

Here we have tortellini.


Penne, penne rigate, fusilli. Those are like spiral macaronis.

Orecchiette. They look like little ears.

It all looks the same. Careful now. Those have ridges, and those don't. The sauce sticks to the ridges.

21 different kinds. That's just the Italian noodles, without egg.

Ortelle, for soup.

And pappardelle, that's those wide noodles.

And then we have... vermicelli, farfalle, rigatoni, trenette...

You think Sweet Goods Marion is cute, don't you?

We drink coffee together.

Marion wasn't born yesterday.

But don't hurt her. No.

Understand? I don't want to.

She really likes you.

But she's married.

Don't turn yet. It's too early.

You're too early again!


And start over.

Not so hectic.

Now let them down, nice and slow.

That's it, climb out.

I can see dead bodies coming up with you.

Don't worry about it.

I once had a whole pallet come crashing down on me. Not pretty.

I know what's going on.

You're forklifting like a lunatic because you're in love.

You really know how to pick 'em.


I remember like yesterday when she started.

Huge attitude, towards us all.

Marion could use someone being really nice to her.

She has a husband. Didn't stop you from giving her a cake.

I like that.

I saw him once. Her husband.

At a company party.

That was a few years ago.

Back to work.

Wait a moment, so nobody sees we took 15 together.

Do we need anything else? Toast



What are you doing here? Dude, you work here?

How did you get in? Through the door!

Your mommy let us in!

We're shopping. Ralf gave us his card.

Nice and cheap. It'll be great. How about it?

Are you in? Are you with us?

I have to work. You turned respectable, or what?

Dude, why don't you call me anymore? You lose my number?

Or maybe you've met better people?

Come by again sometime.

Or else we'll come by.

The respectable Christian, eh?

Let's go. Oops.

Hey, cleanup on aisle 6, dude!

All this used to be VEB truck transport.

Just imagine.

Rudi and Wolfgang, they used to work here too.

And Klaus.

Did you use to drive a truck?

Then things took their course. The place shut down, the company came in and took us over.

Winners of reunification.

F6. Trucker cigarettes.

When you passed the tobacco factory in Dresden, on Highway 6, that's when you knew you were almost home.

Where did you live?

Right around the corner.

On a little farm, with some chickens, a dog.

My wife took care of it.

Still does today.

It's half an hour from here.

Other side of the highway.

You can come by sometime.





We'll turn a blind eye this time.

Congratulations on your forklift license.

And I'll see you at the refresher course in a year.

Okay, next.


And then it was almost Christmas.

There was a lot of work to do.

Big pallets full of Christmas stuff were arriving.

For eating. And for setting up.


We snacked. And snacked.

Like crazy.

Without regard.

Just don't get caught.

Klaus too.

The shifts in the store were rotated.

Marion had the day shift in that period.

We no longer saw each other so often.

Sometimes, in one of the aisles, I'd get the feeling she had just been there.

Have a nice evening. You too.

I still have a while.

So how was your day?


And yours?


Sausage or meat?

Here's a fork and knife.

Merry Christmas.


Grab a beer.

Things are crazy at my place.

The kid's losing it.

You mean your son? Yeah.

He wants to go to college.

I say to him, "get your craftsman diploma first, then you have a solid foundation."

He's totally losing it.



Get rid of that meat, it's expired.

It'll keep.

We should've marinated it!


Good job, Jürgen!

Power? Women's restroom.

Really cool. I got it just for you.

Piece of meat, Jurgen?


What's this? Yes, yes, yes!

Get naked, Klaus!

The evening is reaching its first climax.

That's it, Klaus, take it all off!



Just like Ibiza!

You've never been there, Klaus.

And I don't want to, either.


One, two, three...

Stay here, you skunk! Get away!


Now we have you!

Come on, bring it on!

Well, look who's here.

Hey Marion, I thought you're off already.

I need the overtime, you know that.

Yeah, yeah.

What can I get you?


What did you do before you came to us?

I worked at a construction site.

Really? Helmet and everything? Yeah.

With my banger.

What's that?

A hammer.

A big hammer.

I was gutting apartments.

Taking out furnaces.

Demolishing roofs. That kind of thing.

There were eight Portuguese as well.

They lived in the boss' house, in little apartments in the cellar.

They could hardly speak German.

But we got along all the same.

On my last day, I found a pigeon cemetery.

Up in the attic.

One was still alive.

It sat there, didn't move, just looking at me.

It was waiting.

At first I wanted to kill it.

We had to demolish the roof.

But I couldn't.

And then?

I called the Portuguese.

They got rid of it.

We didn't feel like working after that.

They fired me that day.

Why? The boss was mad about us not working.

He said I was...


That's when I hit him.

What did he call you?

A lazy Pig.

I'm not a lazy pig.

Then it was Christmas Eve.

She went home, to her husband.

I sat at home, waiting.

Waiting... for our store to open again.

In January, people don't have any money.

There wasn't much to do.

Sometimes I would see Marion in the aisles.

But nothing happened.

It was as if the Christmas party had never happened.

You want a coffee? No, no coffee.

What's wrong?


What did I do wrong? Nothing!

Who says it's always about you!

Then she was gone.

I didn't see her in the aisles.

Not at the coffee machine.

Not by the changing rooms.

She was just gone.

Hey. Hey, big guy!

This is your stop.

Tough shift today?

I'll stay on today.

All right.

Dude! Go for it!

Chrissi's back!


You know what, Chrissi?

We'll play next game! Okay, Chrissi?

The two of us. I'll kick your ass!

Chrissi's back!


You can't pull this.

Five minutes late, no problem.

But an hour?

Peppermint liquor?

Here, have a candy.

Two minuses equal a plus.

Okay, the boss won't know.

But this was the last time.

You're still on probation.

Pull yourself together.

What's with Marion?

She's on sick leave.

Something serious?

Forget about it.

Come on, tell me.

If you like her, don't ask.

Come with me.

Been here before?


We call it the ocean.

They swim here until someone buys them.

About Marion...

It's her husband.

He's an asshole.

Doesn't treat her well.

So I heard.

Does he hurt her?

Sometimes it's messed up.


Matthias, is that you?

Your move.

Moving beer all day makes you thirsty, doesn't it?

I get hungry sometimes too.

When you get home from work, you able to sleep right away?


Not usually.

Me neither.

You got kids?

None of my business.




See you tomorrow.

Get in!

Come on, we'll have a beer at my place. It's not far.

We have to be a bit quiet. My wife's already asleep.

She gets up early.

Sit down.

How long they'd lock you up for?

You did time.


We've been working together for a few months now.

We see each other every day.

We don't have to talk about it.

It was a long time ago.

Me and some friends, we'd do a couple break-ins, break into cars, that kind of thing.

I got two years for that.

They're not my friends anymore.

How did you get the job at the store?

I was a juvenile offender, so it's taken off the record.

I'm sure she'll be with us again soon.

Then what?

Once she's back, then... you have to be there too.

For her.

Chin up.

You're a good man.

Everyone thinks so.

We're a good team.

Back when we were in trucking, we'd all stick together too.

Those were wild times.

Then came reunification.

Then they hired all of you.

Yeah, exactly.

We were still young.

More or less.

I went from truck to forklift.

I miss being on the road.


Everything under control, newbie?

How long do I have to work here before I'm not a newbie anymore?

Help me and I'll tell you.

Marion... Well, are you coming?

I have to work.

I'm on my own. Where's Bruno?

He's not here.

Okay, fine.

I can ask someone else.


I'm coming.

I'll help you. Okay.

Come on.

No, we have to go to Siberia.

I'm subbing in Gourmet and Frozen Goods.

We have to get a few things for the freezers.

Just imagine if they locked us in here, by accident.

You wish!

We'd have to haul meat all night just to not freeze to death.

Hold it, that's enough!

I heard full body tattoos make you get cold faster.

You heard, huh? Uh-huh.

Is that true?


Who told you that?

Are you tattooed all over?


Thanks for the flowers.

Do you know how Eskimos say hi?

Should I show you?

Now I know.


Hey, Boss. I'm looking for Bruno.

I'm in Beverages today, right?

You'll be in Beverages for a while.

Bruno's not coming anymore.

Why not?

Bruno's gone.

He hanged himself.

Nobody knows anything.

I've known him forever.

Nobody knows anything.

You take care of the beverages, okay?

We all have to pull it together.

What, now there's no wife?

All alone out there the whole time.

You're bound to lose it.

I'm alone too. I don't go and hang myself.


It's true.

He... he could've said something.

Now it's too late.

Will you make me one too?

Black as night, you know me.


Bruno always said, "Christian is alright."

Oh, well...

The show must go on.

You've done well.

Your probation period is over.

That's the word from upstairs.

You're the new number one in Beverages.



Thanks for the coffee.

You're to report upstairs tomorrow to take care of paperwork.

I heard this isn't allowed. I heard you got a promotion.

Stop here for a second.

Okay, extend the fork all the way up.

Why? Just do it, please.

Bruno showed me years ago. I just think it's nice.

Now let it down again, nice and slow.

And now? You have to be quiet. Really quiet.

That sound.

Hear it? Like the ocean.

Now I hear it.

She was right.

Why had I never noticed it before?

It really did sound like waves in the ocean.